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    • 42.16 Overall Rating
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    • 60 negative comments (88.24%)
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Posted by Jody P.

Greetings. Dropped my bike off at Tyler Texas Harley around Feb, 2018 for some cosmetic repair and paint. They still have my bike and have not completed the job. I keep getting the run around about waiting on paint. Would appreciate some assistance.

Posted by MisterKyle

Bought my Harley BRAND NEW.
After less than 100 miles, the exhaust fell off, without as much as an apology for the dealer.
A few miles later, metal fatigue (on a new part), resulted in a similar situation, OVER A YEAR TO DATE, still awaiting spares on a minor part.
Wait an average of 3 WEEKS to have your bike serviced.
Wait an average of 2 months for ANY minor repair.

Harley Davidson- NEVER AGAIN.

Posted by Ferret

Purchased a 2014 Ultra Classic Limited new in 2014. Even got the extended warranty with it. Rear has chrome peeling of in many places. Warranty wont cover even with the tire and wheel coverage. The sealed LED Head light got moisture in it and burnt out warranty wont cover it. This is my 3rd Harley but will not buy another Im going Gold Wing.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to speak to a customer representative asap... I'm on the verge of filing a defamation of character lawsuit. This is not a joke .

Jesse Edmond

Posted by JLMN

David L Morrison

2014 Street Glide.

Need to update GPS also.


Posted by Anonymous

I bought a new street glide in 14, really do enjoy it. We rode a 17 thinking maybe do an upgrade? Very nice! This was in July. Still waiting on our free tees. Any updates would be appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you. Thx!

Posted by Anonymous

Some time ago I mentioned about my gages fogging up. I was told even replacement gages would do this. How about replacing speedometer with Harley replacement that has the tach and all together. Saw one on a shelf at Harley dealer in Tulsa. I have a 2015 Low Rider with a Harley extended warranty. Since original gages will keep doing this, it would be an alternative. Otherwise I'll just let Harley replace them every few months until the warranty expires in 5 years.

Posted by Anonymous

Harley Davidson Big name but small service and staff full of negative attitude and rudeness

If some one want to spoil hapiness buy harley davidson and go for service

I got to know about this in last 3 months

March 2017 brought Harley davidson fourty eight 1st visit to Harley showroom was good after purchase got to see true colours of Harley davidson

Harley davidson Bike looks great from outside but inside you will find all negative things of Harley staff

Dixit patil
rajesndra jaiswar
dhaval shah
and many more

I Regret buying Harley Davidson seriously pathetic service and behaviour from Such a big brand and Company

Now No Hope just thinking What to do With This Harley Bike i Brought.

Its Been So many days i Have emailed my concern No reply from harley davidson

Hopeless people not concerned about their Clients

Posted by Anonymous

This is a story of my dreams coming true. I have been a Harley Davidson owner for around 13 years and in January 2016 I bought a 2016 Fatboy. I road this bike for 8 months when my wife decided we needed to upgrade to a 2017 Ultra Limited. We road the Fatboy to the dealer were I bought it ( Chesters of Sunrise and that is were the nightmare began. We test road the Ultra Limited and I was sold on it. We went in to do the deal and that's went the salesmen tried to bend me over the desk, so we walked out. The next day I went to another dealer and made a deal I could live with here's were the problems began. I had to go back to (Chesters Sunrise) and cancel my extended warranty so I did. I was told it would take up two months to receive the check the cancelation was done on October 29, 2016 it is now February 3, 2017 and no check. I have emailed and call every person I can and still no check. I'm a very loyal person and I don't believe the founding Harley Group would be happy to see what has become of there company.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I had the most incredible trip this past summer from Northern Illinois through the Smokey Mountains. My husband likes to collect stickers, or at least a poker chip from each of the places we stop. Unfortunately, only one dealership we visited on our 1800 mile trip had a sticker. In an attempt to recreate the trip I called all the dealerships we stopped at to try buy a sticker or chip and give them to him for Christmas. My experience was so frustrating that I am writing this letter.

•In order to purchase by credit card I will need to fill out a faxed authorization form first. What!!??
•Shipping for a sticker would be $14. Seriously!?

The list goes on, but I am done. Frustrated. Disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

Jai Jagannath and like to complain that myself Mr. Ajay Agarwal, PGS,Puri (Odisha), I had purchased one motor cycle vide model No. Iron883 and it runned 1600km or complete of one month for which no response is received yet after repeated calls and thanks

Posted by Disappointed and mad

BUYER BEWARE! It's back to the 70's. They are making an inferior product and won't stand by it at all. It's a shame. If you're a motorcycle enthusiast and you want to enjoy your time riding, stay away from Harley!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Keith

I have a 2012 Harley road king with throttle by wire .. The plug that goes to the throttle servo keeps oxidizing and loosing contact .. I took my bike to the dealer on rt 10 in Morris planes n.j. .. (They couldn't figure it out (or just played stupid ) told me it was the fuel pack ant talked me into a stage one down load .. It acted up on me in pa by my parents .. My brother figured it out in 5 minutes .. We put dialectic grease in the connector and it fixed it .. The problem is it still acts up ocaisionally .. I have to pull over unplug the connector and put it back on .. I know Harley knows there is a problem because they changed the plug design on newer models .. The parts guy says he can't get the part .. I want to fix it myself .. Can anyone help me ?? My name is Keith my cell number

Posted by John

Hi I purchase a 2012 ultra classic the first year I put 10,000 miles on it. Then I had some health issues and I've was not able to ride it. I have sense gotten that health issues straightened out now and I've been able to ride this summer. So I started having some trouble with my dash lights going out loosing radio and cruise control basically electrical problems. I stop by the Harley dealership where I'm living now and they pretty much right away new what the problem was. He explained to me that the voltage regulators were defective on many of the 2012 models. He also explained to me that there was a product recall. Seeing how I hadn't rode mine much in the last few years because of my health issues it obviously didn't show up right away. So I called the dealer that I bought it from which is in another state where I was living at the time and they said yes they would honor it and replace the part if I brought it out there that's 400 miles away. I called the local Harley shop here where I'm at now and they said yes there was a product recall but that they were not honoring it now. I guess my question is or what I don't understand is whether it was a year later three years later whatever if it's a defective part and Harley is a very reputable honorable company that they're not replacing this part is it $240 part. And the Harley dealerships are all intertwined with Harley I know there are privately owned. The Harley dealership that I bought it from will honor it and by the way they are an awesome dealership family owned and that's probably the main reason they are honoring it. But I think that anyone of the dealerships should should be replacing this part and Harley should be reimbursing them.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Steve Holland I recently had to have my 2012 Switchback towed to Landers Harley in Little Rock Ar.the rear wheel bearing went out after I got a new back tire from them it took 10 days for this repair. Yesterday 16th it was ready picked it up road it for a short while and tried to use rear brake it did not work then back wheel locked up in managed to pull in to a gas station and while I was parking bike brake cappular fell off bike.they picked it up today I called a few hours later they said would haft to order part and it would be Tuesday service manegers was very rude c L a med I was lying that they didn't cause this to happen!!! I said I would call police and a lawyer this isn't the first time this dealership has made a mechanic error once they didn't adjust cloth properly and it burned out another team after servicing bike they failed to tighten bolts on transmission this is the worst dealership in the US!!!!!!! They are very dishonest unscrupulous a disgrace to Harley Davidson!!!!!

Posted by Alex

Battery warranty expires in October 2016 Because i do not have a slip i have tried 3 different Harley franchises with no response

Posted by Anonymous

Bought 2016 Harley Davidson Breakout CVO this year, first of all I bought after market exhaust street sweepers, Vance and Hines power tuner and speakers and it took two weeks to get it done. Now the bike won't start with only 650 hours on it. The service center tried to find the issue, 5 days later to say it was a battery. Excuse me Harley I do believe I paid $26000.00 for this motorcycle. you mean to tell me that your customer service sucks this bad. Your proud of your bikes but the poor smuck that buys your bike is still having to make the payments on a new bike that is broke. This is why America is doing so badly. You do not stand by your product and it is American made. I was proud when I bought it because it was American made. My friends all told me to buy a pick up to haul it around in, because it would break all the time and so far they must be right. Thanks for the heart ache, bad service, and rubbing the salt in the wound of someone that took a chance and got laughed at in the end. You can keep seeing those stocks drop for all I care When I am able to sell this bike no more Harley's will be bought and all my friends will hear the story. This was my second one.

Posted by Anonymous

Brand new over priced under powered just flat awful motorcycles !!!
All the other manufactures figured it out a long time ago . it's time to hire some new engineers with fresh ideas and give up on that b.s. your producing now .the new 750 dark motor showed some promise but what does Harley do, they rap it in sportster clothing ! Un frikin believable !!
Look at apilias dorsoduro 1200 motor, clean smooth incredibly fast reliable high tech very serviceable.
Look at the victory octane .
Look at the Ducati multi strada.
Look at ktms lc8 line of v twins.
Look at suzukis v strom 1000s.
Look at what Eric buell was building for harley?
How frikin stupid is Harley . the Harley demographic group is getting really old and the younger motorcycle crowd won't put up with Harleys head in the sand mentality for long !!!
Its time for a 90 degree high tech
Smooth powerful reliable v twin based on modern motorcycle design with the clutch mounted behind the cylinders where it belongs not more brand new antiques.right now all Harley is producing is an insult to the modern American motocyclists intelligence..
I'm in my late 50s and it would be really cool to see an up to date v twin from harley that i could purchase and be proud to own before I die but I'm not going to hold my breath I guess I'll have to buy a 2018 victory octane sport touring model when it's released if I want a truly modern American motorcycle.
Thanks : s.kusanovich

Posted by Calmride

I know Harley Davidson has become Corporate, Is it to late to take care of your own. I have a friend that was promised a job when he got to AZ to attend MMI per Harley Davidson. He has to keep his grades up at MMI or he gets stuck with the bill. Why would HD send him to school and not do what was promised in a job when he got here...Failure isn't an option, but HD you have failed to man up and do what was right by and employee that gave up security to come here and get training to do a good job for you....Please make this right. You should be able to find out who this is without giving names....May 21 2016

Posted by Anonymous

I brought my bike to black widow harley in port charlotte they had my bike for two and a half months n when I complained ten times they had it done so they said the carb leaks gas n they said they cleaned it but jets were plugged n they chipped my custom paint all over all I got was excuses n speedo was not connected n I had transmission flied leaking out when it never leaked n my throttle cable broke so don't get bit by black widow like I did not I'm putting her in a good garage thunder seem better n get a lot of bikes they worked on so all I can say is don't bring your baby there they are not Harley macanics

Posted by Eddie

So i was at Scottsdale harley i bought my 16 softtail everybody was osome then a week later i took it in for my 1000 mile service nobody told me that it was going to cost me 300.00 dollars so i went to pick up my bike and the service guy tells my must be nice to ride while we all work he acts like i dont work im up and off to work by 3 am he was rude and couldn't tell me about the promotion for the gift card its not my fault that i work far away from home and put alot of miles on my bike so if anyone ask me i will have to say screw harley.

Posted by Anonymous

I took my custom bike to black widow of port charlot for new tires n turn signals n carb cleaned n had a new wire harness it costed me 3500 n when I showed them they charged for the parts I payed for which was 575 they came back with 142 n said he forgot to charge me for time I about peaed I took my return n left then when I got it home after 75 days road it around the block n parked it I had a leak in my trans case that the bearing out of my tyranny was loose n my speedometer was not hooked up so I payed for storage n a half ass job I will never step foot on a harley dealership again over priced n workmanship n I thought the brand could compete with the others but not like this n I was gonna buy a touring n pay cash but my money will be for an Indian or BMW from what I hear they won't damage my rear-end

Posted by wtf

fox river HD st charles il called to see if they had a part they said they did drove over a hour they said they didnt have the part thanks for nothing

Posted by Connie

Took my 2015 trike in for service on a engine cooling light issue to Chandler H. D.
Was informed parts would have to be ordered from H.D.
8 days later I got my trike back with an additional 1600 miles put on the trike and an totally empty gas tank. That's one hell of a test ride.
Who is the dealer lying to besides me, were their parts ordered, was the warranty charged for services not rendered. Who took the trike for a joy ride? All HOG riders will be hearing about this issue.

Posted by rocker710

I bought a new harley breakout 2016 off the floor with 0 miles from neidengards cycle in wintersville ohio.in oct.of 2015. I decided to have it stored in their store for the winter months. I spoke to the service manager before I took it out there about the pitting on the front wheel and also sent him the pictures of it before I took it out there. He stated that he will look at it and see what is going on and replace the wheel if it is a defect. Well what the hell is that. They picked my bike up in the 3rd week of January 2016. I have stopped out there several times and he said he looked at it in the garage and could not find them even though he can see them in the pictures. I have been there just the other day and was told the same thing. They have yet to take it in the shop an put it on the lift so that they can see it. They have had more than enough time to get this problem resolved and it needs to be done before I pick it up from storage since that's why I put it there in the first place so that it would be done in time for riding season. Has only 79 miles. A harley is like a BMW or Acura or Lexus you are paying for quality and that is what you expect. That is why they cost so much more than other motorcycles.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Just visited the Black Sheep Harley dealership in Huntington, WV. Great floor display, service dept., and very helpful employees. Nicest, and biggest, store I have ever visited. If in the area be sure to stop by. Nice and very knowledgeable people. Greatly impressed.

Posted by Heisenberg

Battle Born Harley Davidson- Carson City, NV
During a cross-country trip, I decided to skip riding through the San Francisco area and have my bike shipped from Eureka CA to Battle Born HD Carson City NV. Marco in service was fantastic. He treated me as a regular customer. No, he treated me like a friend. He eased my mind immediately by assuring me that he would look after my bike until I could get there almost two weeks later. He stayed late to receive the bike from the shipper and made sure my bike was taken care of. He arranged for an oil change and when I got there, the bike had a cover on it. It was in pristine shape.

This is tremendous customer service. What could have been a glitch in our trip turned into a wonderful experience. I love meeting good people from around the country. Thanks Marco, and Battle Born HD. It is a great comfort to be treated like family.

Posted by Heisenberg

Taboo Harley Davidson- Alexandria, LA

During a cross-country trip, we had electrical problems in Natchez MS. We had to get the bike transported to Alexandria LA as that was the closest HD dealership. We rolled in as Taboo HD was opening. I explained my problem to Mr. Jay D. in service. Being on the road, not making our next destination would really mess with our plans.

Mr. Jay D. told us they would immediately look at the problem in hopes of getting us on our way. I also explained that my mirrors were stripped and not functional. My hand grips were also in need of replacement. I asked him if they could install those as well. He said they could. We visited Ms. Brew in parts and she took the time to show me different parts and how they would look on the bike. I bought new mirrors and hand grips and brought them back to Mr. Jay D. in service. Then my wife and I went to get something for breakfast. When we got back from breakfast the bike was sitting outside with the new mirrors and hand grips installed. They had found and fixed the problem AND installed the new parts.

Mr. Jay D. and Ms. Brew at Taboo were amazing. This exceeded any expectations I had. We were able to continue our trip without a blip. Thanks to the folks at Taboo HD for a great experience. This was above-and-beyond all my expectations. They really saved us.

Posted by Made bobby

Boughta2017 street glide off showroom floor radio makes a crackling sound.took it to tilleys harley Davidson on Friday tried to upgrade it but didn't work.so I went back Saturday and left the bike. They called me 3 hours later and said bike was ready come pick it up .get on the bike ready to go pull out of the parking lot it's doing the same thing so I turn back around and take it back.now I have take it back again for 3rd time Friday. Not very happy about it. That's why I boughta2017 a new bike so I would not have to put it in the shop every week.

Posted by Anonymous

This is my story of how customer service should be:I am a Proud Harley owner.... a new bike with 7 miles on the bike. I had a long distance delivery of the bike. As the bike rolled off the truck I noticed a note taped to the head light. " no keys" so called the dealer who advised me that it would be 10 to 15 days before we can get you some keys cut. After many days had passed I called customer service on Juneau ave. in Milwaukee Wi. Harley's HQ. spoke to Jamie. Things started looking better and better from that moment on. You talk about a man that fulfilled the definition of customer service. Jamie has been a HARLY employee for over 20 years. The long and short of my story the keys to my bike are no longer an issue.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my 2015 Blue Street Glide from Republic Harley in Stafford Texas. My sales person was Don and he was very helpful in the purchase of my new bike. I traded in my old 1998 Honda Ace and they gave me next to nothing for it but I accepted that because I did not want to have the hassle of selling the bike on my own because I tried and had too many looky loos. They gave me a good knock down on the original price because I was looking at a 2013 for 17,000 from a private owner and I only had to pay another 3 grand for a new 2015.

My experience so far has been excellent. I have put almost 3000 miles on my bike in 2 months. I purchased the service plan from Republic for 2500.00 but that covers all service for the first 20,000 miles or 4 years...I think will complete 20,000 in under 4 years. This includes oil changes every 2500 miles. At the 20,000 mile point I will switch to synthetic oils and go to the 5000 mile system at that time. I will also get a set of brakes and tires in that deal.

You will have good and bad experiences over a lifetime and hope so far that my experience will still be the same for years to come. I will update you next year if I am still a happy Harley owner.

Posted by Gasman

I am writeing you today, to just give a word of thanks to the old school Harleys.Iam now in the process of ripping down my 1994 1200 Harley sportster XL.It has already survived 136,thousand and sum before its first tear down,What was done in the older days on these awsome bikes hopefully you will cary on on the near future with the same quality.I am taking the bike to Sturges for the first time this year 3100 hundred mile,s round trip.And as tuff as this old bike is Im sure it will make it .Before i ever trade this bike in i am going tto make sure it has a million miles on her,Shes old but i had a few friends with 2000 and newer bikes die before mine ? told them not to buy fuel injected and return to the old carb days.

Posted by oldkaty09

Spoke to Wendy this a.m.,she is a great gal. Answered all my questions great.
Wendy, you go girl......
Thank you,
[email protected]
"In The Wind "

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