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243 Negative Comments out of 258 Total Comments is 94.19%.


15 Positive Comments out of 258 Total Comments is 5.81%.

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    • 243 negative comments (94.19%)
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Posted by Watered down gravy

After waiting 35 mins to get my breakfast biscuits and gravy and two pork chops biscuits,I get ho.e and find out they must have been running out of gravy so the watered it down which tastes like S#@T.this is the first in 15 yrs of going to hardees.

Posted by Spangie

I am not happy with my visit today. Greasy hashbrowns, uncooked bacon and a hard biscuit was what I had. The hardees in Lenoir, NC has lost my business.

Posted by Anonymous

Hardees should care more about the kind of people they hire! Bad choices cost business! I've been doing business with people for over 30 years, we do business with each other and follow each other. Right now, business has gone down the sewer at your Bear Creek location in Columbia, TN because of most of the staff and their reputation and behavior - and they're about to push your biggest moneymaker employee out the door. IF I go, there are hundreds of customers that vow to never do business with ANY Hardees again. And they wont, either. What's even worse is them saying corporate has told them to do me dirty and push me out! I'm entertaining other options,and will not continue to be intimidated and disrespected by pure evil and jealousy from some of the sorriest choices ever employed; it's bad enough now that I know something bad is going to happen because of poor choices of hire, and one of us innocent will get hurt. In my 51 years, working by choice since I was 9, and thru many careers, I've never worked anywhere for any entity that's so disgraceful and doesn't want to better, save, or improve!

Posted by Dadiamond

The Hardees on Norwood Ave in Jacksonville Fl. Is the worst place to eat in the world. They attitude is so bad. And she had on a manager shirt. The cashier was the only inside the store was nice.

Posted by Snake

Bought the 5 pack of tacos
There was hardly anything on them
I have a pic of the tacos
Pretty sad
I would never ever go. Ack again
Such a rip off. I put 4tacos together just to make one.
Basically we m just eating a taco shell..
Terrible service and very disappointing very unprofessional staff
It was in Stanton Ky
Port management

Posted by Marvinhensley

I wish to say your Hardee's in Cumberland ky. Is a great example of bad customer service first of all anytime you go through drive through you are told to pull into parking lot and they will bring your order to you and they do 15 or 20 minutes later second I went there this morning to get breakfast I sat in line at least fifteen minutes when it was my time to order a guycwalks out and changes sign guessxwhat they wouldn't serve me breakfast you havine got a manage pulling everybody to side to make drive through time look good and a group of employeesc who could care less if something doesn't change they will p7t that store out of business soon you forever lost my business 5oday and I can assure you its not only me

Posted by Melissa

Darlington Store is the most unfriendist store. I HATE visiting, yet went for the third time due to it storming outside and its so close to my home, only too get two large milkshakes. I placed my order and the girl repeated it, like I was a bother, I said yes that is correct, and she said drive forward, so I said ok thank you and she come back very fast with a your welcome in a complete different voice not nice at all. I get window, she opens it all mad, guess she don't want to be working. She walks off, someone else brings the shakes and he ask if she gave me straws, I replied no or my receipt. The guy prints me one hsdit to me, as he is walking away from window I say thank you, he just keeps walking. This store customer service is horrible, if the person doesn't want to work send them home, don't put them up there to deal with customers, they are running us off to other fast food places. I will drive four or five minutes further to not have to visit your store aamymore... No more chances... Too many people need jobs, hire people that want to work, not these with the nasty attitudes. It screwsup everyone's day..

Posted by Anonymous

WE went into a Hardees on July 9, 2017 in Grandy NC #1834. We have eaten at the restaurant numerous times and have always been pleased until this time. There was a customer there waiting on his food and they cashier had rung up his order incorrectly. The manager came out from the back and started yelling at the customer and told him that was what he had ordered. Of course that was incorrect. He waited until they fixed the correct order at which time the manager tried to charge him again all the time yelling. He refused to pay twice so the manager told him he needed to get off of the meth (this guy was working and trying to get lunch). So at this time we received our food and our order also was incorrect. (the same sandwich the other guy had ordered) I took the food back to the window and she asked for my receipt which was someones else so she (Wendy the manager) started yelling at me. I am a 57 year old grandmother who does not do drugs and again she started with the meth comments. I have never been to a restaurant and been treated so badly. I will NEVER go back to this Hardees again and recommend that no one else does until they get rid of a very rude manager.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Hardees on 7/9/2017 at 1:44 pm Drive thru #3068 / 3255 in Indianapolis IN on Brookville Rd. Ordered the new Baby Back rib burger. Had to lift the bun to find the Rib meat when I got it home. Two extremely small slivers of meat on it. Very different than the advertisement pics. Called the store three times before someone picked up. Manager was extremely rude. Tried hurrying me along as I tried to discuss the problem. Called the other franchise store to get a complaint phone number. The girl that answered the phone ( Southport Rd. store Indianapolis) was just as rude. Claimed she was the manager, and had no clue about her franchise information. Was talking to others while I was trying to speak with her. I then found out she was not the store manager as she claimed. I then asked when the store manager would be available, and she responded by telling me she could not give out that information. Hardees is going down hill fast. I will no longer patronize the restaurant. Food is going down hill, customer service is terrible. Managers are rude, and the employees have no clue what is going on. STOP THE FALSE ADVERTISING. If your gonna advertise with pictures, sell what you advertise. People are sick and tired of it.

Posted by Dkstevenson

I went to hardees in rutherfordton n.c. today it took me 31 minutes to order then another 27 minutes for my food &when I got my food it was as cold as ice why are you people not hiring enough the girls that work there are great I dont blame them I blame YOU ALSO EVERYTIME I GO TO HARDEES THEY ARE OUT OF SOMETHING . THIS IS ERY UNCOMFORTABLE FOR THEM I DONT SEE WHY YOU CANT RUN A SIMPLE FAST FOOD PLACE PS. WHILE I WAS WAITING IN LINE 13 GUEST WALKED OUT. YOUR BUSINESS IS THE WORST SHAPE I HA E EVER BEEN TO

Posted by Carol Lee

Sun june 4,2017 2friends & I went to ur restaurant at 1:30 pm on Hwy 14 in Millbrook, Al. When we entered we were told the computer was down and it would b about 15 mins before we could order
We said no problem. Several people came to the locked door looking in. A young woman sweeping the floor said "I don't have to tell them the computer is down because the door is locked." They could see her sweeping the floor but she wouldn't look at them. We were at a table having a meeting they asked us several times if we were going to order although the computer was still down. We told them we were having a meeting and asked them if we were bothering them. They said no but we're waiting on a manager to get here. We left and went down the highway to Jack's and received exceptional service.
It's not the first time we have had a problem but it will b the last. After reading all the complaints, Hardees probably won't b around six months from now. That's a shame because I love ur quarter pound burger. Gwin must not b there anymore. Things went a lot smoother when she was. Bye bye Hardees!!! It's a shame because I used to really enjoy going there.

Posted by Hazel

Yes I'm very upset at the hardees on mount pleasant road in Chesapeake va it's Sunday at 7:12 pm my fiance went to get a family chicken meal deal now mind you the parking lot is empty they tell him they have no white meat or biscuits because they were busy and trying to recover and basically blew him off I think something should be done about this I'm expecting a reply either by phone or email it's Sunday june 8 2017

Posted by betty

They are very unorganized, they really dont have many people/ staff their on mondays and it gets so backed up orders get mixed up, and i never see the manager step in and help. Needs better management.

Posted by Leesonit

On my lunch break I visited the restaurant ordering a beer battered fish sandwich combo. I was informed it would be a 5 minute wait, which I didn't mind. When I got my order the fries were oily and the fish sandwich that I wanted so much was hard. It was the worst fish sandwich I have ever tasted. I was very disappointed in my order and will not be returning

Posted by Anonymous

4/817 went to the store #150654 in Easley, sc. Ordered the biscuit and gravy combo. when I received my package there was no fork in it. I told the woman I needed a fork. She responded look in the bag it's there. I told her I had already looked and it was not there. She said then you need to look again because you can't see. I moved forward and waited for my husband who had gone in to use the bathroom . when he got in the car he informed me that they would not let him use the bathroom unless he bought something from the store. When he told them that his wife was in line in the Drive-Thru they said no she's not. They then proceeded to argue with him about using the bathroom. Said that he had to buy something first before he could use it. To begin with this is a flagrant violation of any kind of decency or cleanliness. Many people wish to wash their hands before they buy food. Other than that he has a bladder condition and if he can't use the restroom at certain times he is going to be totally embarrassed. They finally call the manager who very reluctantly let him into the bathroom. When he got in the vehicle I said see if there is a fork in your bag. He said there was not so I went inside and told her that I needed a fork that she was wrong there was not one in the bag because she did not put it there. They were very rude very condescending and acted like they really did not want to be working and certainly did not want to wait on clients. This has left such a bad taste in my mouth I don't care if I ever go into another Hardee's in my life.

Posted by Kristen

I was at you Pearson,Ga location and I am disgusted at the behavior of both the management and staff . The door handles and rails and window seals where wiped down with baby oil witch is not only disgusting to touch but also very dangerous for any elderly or disabled person I told the lady that was working the window and she says I know I just did it then proceeds to yell to the other staff including the manager that I interrupted her conversation and white people should know better that to interrupt black peoples conversations she does all this while myself and my teenage daughter are waiting to order then there are 5 team members standing at the counter during her rant while we are waiting to place our order including a manager and none of them offer to take our order then finally she come and takes our order Rudely I might add then her co worker the man that she was conversation (energy) was his name got with earlier proceeds to gawked my 15 year old daughter who was dressed appropriately for her age and says repeatedly teeter totter making her very uncomfortable and to top that I ordered number 11 big hot ham and cheese and I get the smallest one I have ever saw on a tiny bun

Posted by Dorothy

I was going to have breakfast at your store in Mount Vernon Kentucky this morning as I walked in they were yelling going on with foul language being used from your management Debbie Delaney. This is not the first time it has happened, They have been several quit there jobs over the way she treats her employees

Posted by marjsch

On 3/11/17 I ordered at the Watertown Wi Hardee's drive thru on my way to work. Part of my order was 2 fish sandwich with not tarter sauce; why no tarter, I have a severe for allergy to many processed condiments. If you suffer from food allergies you know that you are very careful when ordering. It turns out that the staff are either poorly trained or poorly managed because they have no concept of food safety. I started to eat about a mile from the restaurant and took a bite from the sandwich. My tongue and lips immediately started to burn and I wretch out the food. I could not eat or drink the rest of the night because my lips felt like they were sunburned and my tongue was swollen. I completed a customer complaint on the Hardees/Carl Jrs website and all I have received is this response -

I truly appreciate you taking the time to write me, and I apologize for any frustration you may be experiencing.

I assure you that every effort is being made to address this situation. I have contacted the appropriate management regarding your experience at this particular restaurant and have requested that appropriate management follow up with you.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to address your concerns. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call (877) 799-7827.


Jorge Sandoval

Carl's Jr. & Hardees Guest Relations

Please voice your displeasures with Hardees by calling the number above.

Posted by Sad mushroom

Ordered a mushroom Swiss burger.
Watch entire line of 7 people after me get their food. Ask if she forgot me. She said no I ask for a manager and waited another 10 min. Once manager arrived she offered no explanation or compensation. Thirty minutes for fast food is not acceptable nor should I have paid full price.
Store is in Christiansburg VA

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the Hardiest in Chaokee, North Carolina
and the store is so dirty, we did not eat there.
There was grease and food on the floor. Tile missing
in front serving center and over all dirt. The help didn't
seem to be attending costumers in back talking.

Posted by Needyjack13

Store #1501845 Springfield,TN.
3/06/17 9:35 am ticket#4118/4581.
Watched food sit 5 minutes plus under warmer. Asked 2 employees to hand me my order. One said wait a minute, cashier oblivious to surroundings. I ask if I could just step around counter and pick up my order. No acknowledgement, in fact ignored. I asked twice more as I began to walk around counter to get food. 2 Orders food mixed from both on plate. Bacon undercooked, sausage very overdone -black and greasy. Biscuits full of flour inside still always takes 15+ minutes to get any type of order here. BAD SERVICE, employees here, but don't care. Just here to suck the clock. Needs manager desperately.!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I visited the Hardees restaurant located 508 E Baruch St, Denmark, SC 29042 about 2 weeks ago on either February 8th,9th,or 10th. We received poor and disrespectful customer service during our visit. On this day myself and two of my co-workers stopped by to order lunch. We ordered all of our food at the same time. They received their food before me and I'm guessing because I ordered chicken strips and they ordered burgers. So, I stood there waiting on my food for about 10-15 minutes until I noticed other customers that came in after started receiving their food before me. I kindly walked over to the counter to let the cashier know. She then walked over to the area where the food is placed on for bagging to speak with the manager on duty that placing the food on the food slide. She asked the manager to come near her so that she could tell her something. I'm not sure what the cashier told her because dhr whispered something to herbut, all of a sudden the manager threw my box of chicken strips on the food slide and because of that some of them fell out and the cashier began laughing hysterically. Then the manager just said "here use this one" with an attitude and placed another one on the counter. I asked who was the store manager because at the time I did not think it was the lady that threw my food up there like that. So the cashier kept her mouth shut smiling trying not to say anything about the incident. My co-worker asked what was the problem and no one said anything. The manager never came up to address me waiting that long or how she had an attitude with throwing my food. I told the cashier before I left that I would be filing a complaint and nothing was never said to me. To top it off my co-workers both ordered specialty burgers but, when they checked them after arriving back to work they were not prepared the way they ordered them so when one of them called the manager that we encountered earlier named Katherine answered after bein asked for and told my co-worker "well that is what the receipt said how you ordered them" instead of apologizing for their mistake. Im not sure what Katherine's problem is but, she did not act like a manager during our visit and she had a bad attitude to the point of us not eating from there anymore. Ive also noticed on other visits of here not being frirndly. That was not great customer service and someone needs to do something.

Posted by Mary( the service crew name)

I'm really disappointed with that staff of Hardees In Dubai miracle garden.first she doesn't greet us when we reach the counter 2nd when she is asking our order she is not polite to communicate with us I feel like she doesn't like her job 3rd is when she said come back after 5 min she doesn't even inform us about the numbering or token to collect our food so I Mary shall I have receipt for that collect my order she just say" why you need your order now?? I mean c'mon I feel like we are stupid then I realized that there is number on the bottom of my drink where I put my drink she is rude to communicate. I hope she get training for Customer service on how to handle customer.

Posted by Sroses

I went to Hardee's in Smithville Tennessee went to the drive-through I told the lady that I forgot I had a coupon she tell me that it slowed her down for her to re-enter in the coupon that I had you're going to tell a customer at slows you down I will never go back to Hardees in Smithville Tennessee and get my breakfast no more that was very rude

Posted by Anonymous

Something needs to be done at the Hardee's in Jonesborough,TN. Managers, assistant managers both come into work on the breakfast shift yelling and screaming at their employees . They are not professional at all.i am there every morning.food is OK but how they treat their employees is a disgrace,it's no wonder some of the employee s walk out.and or don't bother to answer when they need help.i wouldn't want to be treated like crap for crappy pay would you? Y'all need to look into this or at least take a look at your camera's.yall are loosing business due to the fools treating employees and customers like crap.

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Posted by Misty

I went to hardeHar in Stanton and thier where two rude girls one name is Amy about 30 blonda hair other is kaylaen brown hair look no more then 19 years old ...they both where rude to other employees they where talking dirty about employees working there ....while I was there both girls when outside same time and sit in car watching traffic pile up to drive through and inside they just sit and laugh ..I never in my life meet so disrespectful employees at a job ...they also told me to make sure I don't ever step back in the store again . Something don't happen soon I will get me a lawyer hope you get this rude disrespectful employees out there also whoever Roger and Jesse is both girls was saying nasty stuff about them too bad for me to tell u very nasty

Posted by John Doe

There is one of the greatest employee that I have ever come in contact with, located at the 9th Street & Jamison Ave. Hardees in SE Roanoke, VA. Her name is "Brenda," and I have never seen anyone who can run that store and handle the public there like her. While managers come and go, she has been there forever as THE ONE CONSISTENT. She is always pleasant and CUSTOMER FRIENDLY & SAAVY, knows how to handle every situation pleasing to the customer, as well as the company. I always tell her that she is the one reason why I come there and spend money there. She always know how to make the customers comfortable, feel welcome and wanted, and appreciated there. If there was is one person who deserves to have their face next to the Hardee's Star Logo in SE Roanoke, VA, it is definitely "BRENDA," and has been for years and years. She definitely deserves all the raise money you can afford to give her. Potential emergencies are defused and don't become full-fledged ones with her around. Her pleasant presence and interaction with the public is an invaluable deterrent to potential negative occurrence that happens elsewhere, viewed on the news, and I've watched her do it by herself, as times, for years. Please do something nice for her. Even if she turns it down, as she talks as if she is prone, or likely, to do. Her kind don't come around often, so appreciate and celebrate her while you are fortunate enough to still have her around. I don't like to flaunt my pedigrees, but I have been through a number of graduate programs, and if I were coming out of a business program, applying to a corporation looking for upward mobility and verticality, and watched her talent and ability not be rewarded, I would be reluctant to apply to within you corporation, sensing that my labor might go unrewarded, as well, no matter how exemplary it has been, over an extremely long period of time. I would like to think much more highly of Hardee's Corporation than that, and do. THERE IS NO ONE WHO HAS EVER BEEN THERE BETTER THAN BRENDA. BRANDI'S GREAT, TOO, BUT SHE ALREADY A MANAGER. THIS IS ABOUT BRENDA BECAUSE SHE DESERVES IT, AND IT'S WAY PAST TIME THAT SHE RECEIVES WHAT SHE'S DUE! (I TOLD HER I WAS GOING TO DO THIS FOR HER ONE DAY.) SHE'S JUST GREAT, A DOWN-TO-EARTH, MILD-MANNERED WONDER WOMAN, AND IF SHE FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS, WOULD BLUSH AND WONDER WHO YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT.

Posted by Anonymous

we just have to comment on the outstanding personal interest of the hardees manager in grand rapids,mn. he was very attentive to all of his customers, seeing a need before you asked for it! his name is wade. we just thought you should know.

sincerely, michelle

Posted by Anonymous

Bobby at the princeton wv Hardee's is doing a great job. Keep up the good work. A very polite and courteous person. Thank you bobby

Posted by Anonymous

The Hardees in West Frankfort Illinois and in Carterville Illinois is all around five stars -good food-nice peoples and very clean inside and out.And i enjoyed eating there.That means very good managers Larry Hensley

Posted by Anonymous

MARCH 23 2017 i PURCHSED TWO FISH SANDWICHES, ONE WAS FINE, GOOD SANDWICH. the SECOND SANDWICH APPARENTLY HAD fred EARLIER AND THEN REFRIRD AGAIN. iT WAS SO TOUGH AND UNTASty that i THREW IT AWAY. VERY DISAPPOINTED. My wife and I had eaten little thich burgers earlier in the day and they were good. Just tell your people not to cook fish ahead of orders and not refry it. Tough & taste BAD this happened at Hardees store

Posted by Happy Consumer

The store was spotless, the gentlemen at the counter were courteous and timely. The food was delicious. Everything was spot on! This store changed my mind about Hardee's. Love it! I even asked the general manager about the comment cards and he was very nice.
Unit #1500403 Independence, MO

Posted by Mark

The cashier/server is very nice I asked him how long he's been working he said three weeks and he is very professional and has outstanding service he really got the hang of it really fast :)

Posted by Anonymous

My husband David and I enjoy breakfast for the last year at store Every experience has been friendly and timely.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to Hardees at 21st and post road Sunday morning had excellent service the facility was very clean the representative Quadalope was very pleasant she should be commended for her work ethic.

Posted by Anonymous

Yes I live in Hillsborough nc I visited the hardees and went through drive thru and my food was not right so I went on the inside and the manager was a black woman I wish I New her name but she was the most kind respectful lady I have ever met she handled the situation herself and I was very impressed I wish every one would be like her I have never commented on anything before but she needs to be recognized for her service I visited the store on August 20th which was a Saturday around 3pm

Posted by Howard

Hardee's 1501796 255 S. Lowry St.
smyrna, Tennessee Robert Burton and his staff emulate the true quality service with Southern Hospitality. Robert's staff are sincerely friendly and so personable to everyone who walks in for service. Totally professional, yet with a flare of having fun. This staff really enjoys their work and it shows. At 76 years of age spending over 50 years in the hospitality industry, managing restaurants & hotels it is such a pleasure to dine with this particular Hardee's location

Posted by Anonymous

I went through the drive-through today, 9 June 2016, and received the some of the absolute best customer service that I've received from any fast food restaurant in a long time. The woman's name that was working the drive-through window is Samantha. The Hardee's location was Hanceville, AL. I truly appreciated her assistance today. Please tell her supervisor that I said that she did a Great job. I will continue to go to that location as long as she is working there. Lastly, my cell phone number is -- please ask her to call me if she wants to -- I would like to thank her personally. Thank you for your time.



Posted by Anonymous

Hi customer in Virginia Beach Virginia and I went to a Hardee's restaurant on Lynnhaven Parkway the service was excellent the people were so friendly quite early in the morning it was very joy able I experience and I just wanted them to know what a good job they're doing

Posted by keimaster

I absolutely love Hardee's burgers and was really disappointed of the false advertising that was portrayed with the "Mile High" bacon cheeseburger! I have to steady myself & do not eat from there that often, but here in Rocky Mount, NC, if its not the absolutely slow service that keeps me from going there as often as I would like, it's the false advertising. The commercial has a stack of real bacon, not crunched up bacon bits, down here in North Carolina & I don't know if that is how it suppose to be but I am disappointed!! Also, can they serve it without cheese? I had gotten all the way home before I noticed the sandwich, which I normally check before pulling off because people are sick these days!!

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Posted by Richard

Well I'm understanding but this is trash worked Hardee's in cottondale 6 hours been waiting three weeks my lil pay from some big corporations funny cause all manger there are kids we are adults lol McDonald's gives no problem even if font work out 3 years saw everyone get paid no matter difference or what happened really need make change cottondale Fla bad business know Hardee's better this 6 hours three weeks will file complaint however adult always do right thing

Posted by Fairisfair

Nepotism is alive and well at the Hardee's in Crawfordville,Fl. Manager treating her daughter like she is the only employee that matters. Gives her overtime hours when she is not even full-time. You also do not ignore long term employees for any newbie, especially when they do not know what they are doing! Last time I checked a family member is not supposed to be your direct supervisor at any job. This woman is not even a good manager. The higher ups really need to check into this situation.

Posted by Thatoneguywhosnameyoudontknow

I used to work at Hardee's, and I have to say, it sucks. My boss & her daughter worked together, and refused to give anyone a raise but themselves. Favoritism at its finest, not only that, a friend of mine worked there, and got fired because my boss's daughter kept prank calling us and he kindly told her to stop. Apparently that's "disrespectful". Not only did she fire him, she did not forget to mention what a lowlife no good kid he is. My boss was making racist comments to other employees, and refused to give me vacation time. She did not even have the decency to tell me I'm fired, she made another coworker text me. She is currently telling people I "quit" which I did not. She is beyond unprofessional, and cares for no one but her & her daughter. She had a minor working over 40 hours, and another employee working over 90 which is ridiculous. I had been there for over 2 years, as a shift leader, STILL not making even 8 dollars. I hope, this Hardee's, on Green Bay road, in Wisconsin fails (which It will considering over 6 people quit after the bs my "boss" was pulling) just like her sad, miserable life. They are some stuck up b!tches. Rant. Over.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't like how manager treats employees besides mark he treats them right

Posted by Lost

To Whom This May Concern,

My Name Is Lamar R. Bennet I Once Was Employed At Hardees Store Location North Charleston Sc For A Period Of 12/29/2015 - 1/20/2016 I'm Just Trying To Find Out If I Qualify For A W-2 Form This Year.

Posted by R.Ray

I was employed at the Fulton Ms restaurant I am sure that black mold and rain pouring through the ceiling in the kitchen is not healthy, safety of employees is no concern as they must flip breaker's to turn on equipment,which is in need of cleaning and maintenance. Broken tiles, holes and standing water .I quit on good terms, but the work environment was hostel,

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Rochelle Roach, i worked at Hardees in waukegan for alittle over a year, I wanted to know if you so sent the W2 forms out yet, that's all, I really enjoyed my job, I wish it was still here!

Posted by Anonymous

It isnt any better in Somerset Nj store. They treat us just as bad if not worse for the great pay rate of $8.50. Yes thats right and your lucky if you get 2hr shifts. I have been getting that for a month before i turned my uniform in. Oh yeah i worked for over a month without a check cause i was told tht on boarding wasnt working in our store

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter has worked for Hardee's for about 1 year. She has three children to support. The manager and shift leader has treated her with such disrespect. They make racial remarks. She is white with predominantly black co workers. Her lead manager ask her to clean a toilet without giving her proper cleaning supplies nor would she provide her the key to supply closet to get them herself. Shift leader proceeded to write her up for not following directions. Manager told her that she was replaceable. That she needed Hardee's. Hardee's didn't need her. It is a disgrace to have management like that. She's taken mistreatment repeatedly because she has a family to support and manager knows that.I wonder what local news would do if they new about this. I also wonder what a lawyer would advise. This is in newberry sc


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