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Harbor Freight Tools customer service is ranked #319 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 38.29 out of a possible 200 based upon 26 ratings. This score rates Harbor Freight Tools customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


24 Negative Comments out of 26 Total Comments is 92.31%.


2 Positive Comments out of 26 Total Comments is 7.69%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Harbor Freight Tools

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 38.29 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 24 negative comments (92.31%)
    • 2 positive comments (7.69%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
    • 4.1 Reachability
    • 3.0 Cancellation
    • 2.6 Friendliness
    • 3.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by bumblebee

Harbor Freight's policies and customer service are about the worst I have ever encountered. I don't plan to ever shop there again. They are arrogant and don't care about their customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been shopping at the Harbor Freight near my house going on four years now and have only been somewhat pleased with your products. But with that being said I have not attempted to return any of the items even though they have failed to perform even for home use. But around a week ago I did mention to one of the employees at the store I shop at, about a set of supposed Titanium Drill bit I purchased awhile back and they keep breaking on me. All I have used them for is to drill hardwood so metal.
The young black woman with whom I was speaking to said for me to bring them back even though I told her its been awhile since the purchase and I doubt I can locate the receipt. Today, March 7th 2018 I attempted to return the drill bits, and I didn't even have to be given my money back, store credit would have been fine. But the young man running the register told me that if I didn't have my receipt then he could not help me, he said he needed proof of purchase. I didn't appreciate being treated like a liar or a thief, these were the only two things this young man could have been assuming. The product case has Harbor Freight as the product producer so if I didn't purchase them from one of your stores then where else could I have come by them. I have purchased many items from you guys, table saw, band saw, bench sander,hand held belt sander, electric drill, and many smaller items, I find it very wrong for me to have been treated in the manner in which I was. I even showed the young man that most of the bits had not even been used. I will never shop at any of your stores again, I would rather pay the higher price at home depot where I have never been treated so rudely. I will be instructing all of my friends, the hobbyist, craftsmen, carpenters, and mechanic's to no longer support your company by buying your products, I and all my friends are kind of like that, if were done wrong we stay away.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I was shopping at your Gaithersburg MD store. I had to use the bathroom. I asked and employee. He rudely said no. I explained that I had to use the bathroom and he said it�s for employees only. I kindly stated that by law a public retail establishment must provide an bathroom if a customers ask and I needed to use the bathroom. I asked to speak to the manager and she said I couldnt use it because it was their policy. I asked kindly as I needed to use the bathroom. She again said no. I left the store and now will never shop at any Harbor Freight again

Posted by Anonymous

Today I was shopping at your Gaithersburg MD store. I had to use the bathroom. I asked and employee. He rudely said no. I explained that I had to use the bathroom and he said it’s for employees only. I kindly stated that by law a public retail establishment must provide an bathroom if a customers ask and I needed to use the bathroom. I asked to speak to the manager and she said I couldn’t use it because it was their policy. I asked kindly as I needed to use the bathroom. She again said no. I left the store and now will never shop at any Harbor Freight again

Posted by Anonymous

I just left the lovely harbor freight store in Merrit island Florida, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! 3 people including the supervisor, (jessi) was handling more then a couple issues the cashiers had going on, due to joking, laughing, talking about what they did the night before, we had told them we purchased a 12000 pound wench that broke after pulling a lawn mower, they said if we had the receipt they would do an even swap, sounded good, however they never did the swap, again because they were too busy carrying on about their Buisness, we had told them 5 times that all’s we wanted was a swap... still couldn’t get that right, the cashier did the refund (without the swap) and then asked for 406.15$ we both looked at each other saying this was suppose to be a swap, she (the cashier) said oh... I forgot.. then called the supervisor up, and said yeah “nothing we can do” your gonna have to pay for it, we were both in shock! Never again will this place get my Buisness again! Very poor management!! And how they handled everything!!

Posted by Angry

I spent 660.00 bucks for the 8750 generator after 6 months the engine locks up so I took it back and exchanged it for another one it only lasted 3 months same issue valves burnt up, so I took it back to get my money back they won't give me my money only a store gift card and a new battery for there generator that broke I don't need a gift card I need a generator that will stay running, this is a bunch of crap now I'm setting in the dark with my gift card and a new battery, unbelievable what has happened to business practices! Big conglomerates pushing the mom and pop businesses out was the worst thing that ever happened.

Posted by Roger

Your BIG SALE add has an Earthquake air tool on front page!!! I drove 60 miles one way to be told they only get one in at a time at the store. Could you not have said that in your add.i saw several items on sale no stock. Horiible businesd ethics...wasted 120 miles and time. U should buy local. U will be money ahead in the long run!!!
This is just not good business!!!
Call before you go to the lafayette, Indiana store.

Posted by not sure what you want here

Here in Phoenix AZ at 35ave and Bethany your cashier are talking about doing drugs with you management around customer's I will not be back in your stores ever and the management work harder on trying to flirt with the worker's more then their job not a store I want to take my kid's you guy's should drug test everyone in that store

Posted by Haydn

After purchasing a trailer that ended up missing parts, I was told they would be here in 4 months! Now I'm being told another month!!!

Posted by A pay

Been to Harbor freight two times in the last two months very very bad customer service seems like all the employees in the store gossip one cashier particular don't like me because I placed a complaint against her with her manager due to bad customer service so the next time I came in the store she told all the employees around her who I was pointing me out and left the register next thing you know a large Mexican mail started making jokes about throwing people out of the store that comment was directed towards me due to the fact she went and pointed me out that is not the way to treat people and that makes my point exactly she does not need to be in customer service later that day I called up to the store and told the manager I have nothing against her and I don't know why she was still being that way all I know is I feel like I'm discriminated against when I walk in there and that's not a good feeling long time customer will not be back in the store I'm talking about is off of North first in Abilene Texas the only Harbor freight in town I have spoke to the manager twice and I can tell he is a good person but I do believe this needs to be addressed because if she has done this to me how many other customers to has she done this to

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped at the new store in Troy, Ohio yesterday. The cashier was very helpful and informative about how their discounts and coupons work. The acting manager, as he called himself, Ivan was very rude and condescending to the cashier. There had been misunderstanding about refunds and who was talking on their walkie talkies. He made sure to say to her rudely in front of customers that He was acting as the manger in the store right then. I went to my car and had to find a receipt to feet an additional discount on a prior purchase. I waited in line. A lady a head of me wanted a tools cart. The cashier called for a staff member over the walkie talkies to assist her. Ivan again came up to her and rudely asked for the pull ticket. He General attitude and looks he was giving her was like She was beneath him and could talk down to her. I spoke up when he walked away and told her how rude he was.she said that that was mild compared to how he treats her. If this is the attitude allowed, I won't be shopping at this store much.

Posted by DIANE

After spending 7 days I was released from Moffitt Hospital. We determined that I would need a reached device to be able to survive the next 6 weeks. I remembered seeing your flyer on my table at home. Our be safe we called the store to make sure they were in Stock. On the way home from Moffitt I sent David in to the store. He can't walk & was on a knee scotter. He also just spent 7 days at my bedside. He waits his turn in line.the clerk is busy. She does not greet him just ask for phone. He is confused by coupon on his smartphone. She has no empathy. Tells him to go to the back of the line. Who tells a handicap 60 year old man to go to the back of the line? He finally buys his two grabbers gets the discount and leaves. After giving 40 years of me giving great customer service why couldn't our first experience at harbor freight been a more positive one.

Posted by Salt lake city

What a joke. Had to talk to a forgeiner . Our local store was so filthy. I would have been better off going to a homeless ha out.
Too bad they don't care

Posted by Indyguy

I'm trying to get taken off of their 'what's your phone number' question at checkout. Called and reached someone offshore who told me I had reached sales. I told her that 1. The Harbor Freight website only gave this number and 2. The Automated attendant didn't give me an option for 'plain jane' 'generic' customer service so this was the best fit. She wasn't amused. After going back and forth about the subject removing me from the cashiers list of questions she told me she couldn't do anything and told me to call Corporate. I told her that the website didn't reveal that contact info and even if it did I wasn't going to call, that's her job. She wasn't amused again. Talked to an offshore supervisor that told me a district manager would call me 'during normal business hours'... I told her I worked during 'normal business hours' so I could afford to buy their products and wanted a call after normal business hours. Guess we'll see how it shakes out. I guess in the end if they don't call after 5:00 pm EST or continue to harass me I'll just move on to another supplier...

Posted by Anonymous

Just left the harbour freight in Winterville, NC and the manager was very rude and condescending. I shop there all the time, well as of now, I use to. I will not spend my money where someone speaks to me that way when ASKING about a return. Reference day, June 12, 2016 near 6 pm

Posted by Anonymous

I have bought merchandise on the corporate level and a personal level for years. I occasionally get requests to rate and review products I have purchased. In general the product rate well. The one major thing for years that is a negative with your products is the labels not being properly and securely placed on the product. As an example on your 12 volt jump start units the label was coming off within 2 days after coming out of the box is mostly lose it looks like a five-year-old device sitting on the shelf. The same for the grinder that I just bought and my compressor from about a year ago. There must be something better to use rather than flour and water as many of these labels do not stick to the larger products.

Posted by contact help

Harbor freight will send a mailing label to mail the generator I bought to corporate, then mail me a different generator with a different product number which is the generator that can accept the high altitude kit. All this even though my generator had an instruction sheet for a high altitude kit for the generator I bought.

Posted by contact help

Santa Fe store at least had some nice employees. However, most of them are not very knowledgeable either. (Amarillo store is the worst[3800 feet])I bought a generator which requires a high altitude kit to operate above 3000 feet (and which was sold at a location above 3000 feet) and to not void the warranty, which an installation sheet was included in the owner's manual but no kit was supplied. After an hour on the phone and being disconnected once and transferred twice and going from regular customer service to corporate customer service, nobody can do anything for me. What a racquet!! :-(

Posted by Danny

I went into store and arrived to cashier from behind standing in line and the manager that was at the cashier said to the oncoming customer can I help you to the customer that arrived to register about 10 seconds after I arrived. I started to ask if this where tool and at the moment he used a loud tone of voice with me stating that I should get in line. I told him I was there first and the other gentlemen that arrived said for me to go first. I was very upset at the treatment and when I finally arrived to cashier with the professional manager he said well I didn't see you. I thought you both were together. I told him really, you pretty much just told me to "get in line." I also told him there was another product that did not work and I would just buy it now and return other tomorrow. He said you can come tomorrow. So I went to get the product and came back in line again!!!!! I don't understand how he became manager when he treats customer rudely and does not have the capacity to say ok get the product and I will help you. No, I had to wait again. He does not deserve the title manager and he never even apologize. The day before I had another bad experience. I really do not want to return to this store again.

Posted by Anonymous

I am so so upset! Harbor Freight Winston Salem NC was the rudest people I have ever met. Been in there shopping lots and never had service like this. We was in there prolly 3 1/2 hours deciding on a welder. Needed much help so we got help from customers. I finally got asked help when I realized they were closing. Had no idea they were already closing at 8pm? Wow! So the mgr props up on boxes and stares my husband down while the girl at the door is puffing! As we leave after spending 400.00 not one could say thank you have a good night. Instead pulls the door shut and runs! Hmm never again for me there. And we were great shoppers there! How rude

Posted by Anonymous

hi my name is luis americo bastidas.

i was over u store in westg palm beach fl, location 10 Av an congress,u guys has the words storage manager female,her name is terry if im not wrong,terrible way to help people,ohh sorry she can't help.

her can said Good mornig,she seid, WHAT U NEED VERY LOUD,really no nice.

my email

in case u have any question.

Posted by Amadeius6

I live in York Pennsylvania I bought a battery charger from your store in York I haven't used it I want to use it yesterday and it didn't work and so I called the store to get a replacement and they said I had to have my receipt well I don't keep receipts for that long so I have it but they won't return let me return it and get one that works so from now on I am NOT getting anything from Harbor Freight

Posted by Anonymous

First time buying anything at Harbor Freight Tools in Clifton, Colorado, used coupon, wasn't sure if I could use 20% off, free item & coupon for 61%,. The Cashier used 2, which saved less, so after asking she told us cannot stack coupons, we asked to use the 2 that would be a better deal, i indicated I would like to get it right, she gave me her mean look and said I will get it right.
Sorry if she is unhappy, perhaps she took it personally.
For my first time there, I can tell you it was a less than good customer experience. may want to visit that store for better
Training, or perhaps customer service isn't important at all!

Posted by Diamond Head

The people that I dealt with in corporate customer service just don't know how to conduct business. Here are their names ( Miriam ) and especially Karin Moon. I purchased a 72 inch tool box over the phone. Everything seemed to be moving along smoothly until I got a call from a shipper that I am using. They called me and told me that Harbor freight delivered a my box to them but the crate looks damaged. I told my shipper that I would contact Harbor freight to pickup and replace this damaged freight with a replacement. This is Karin moon's exact words when I asked for a replacement box, " no ! That is why we don't deal with freight forwarders, communication is really bad. " The reason that communication is bad is because of people like Karin moon working for Harbor freight. First you talk to a call center in a foreign country, they tell you that they will email your concerns to customer service, the email floats around in space ( what they refer to as their traffic center ) until someone in customer service decides if and when they feel like doing their job. Then you get someone like Karen Moon to talk to you with a rude and unprofessional tone of voice to lie to you and tell you that Harbor freights policy is to not use freight forwarders. You be the judge! What a bunch of losers. Mr. Harbor freight CEO, I suggest you check your customer service department out before business takes a nose dive. This is advice for anyone else who has a vested interest in this company.

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Posted by Anonymous

Benjamin at the Tulsa 21st and Sheridan store is amazing great customer service and did an awesome job today I was looking for a transfer pump I've been calling all over no one had when I went in he found one for me he made my day I hope that someone will let him know that he is an awesome employee.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted you t know that RANDY located in midwest city oklahoma helped me Judy Black He was so so helpful, he has a GREAt CUSTOMER SERVICE and very kind to me, he RANDY is so knowledgeable in all departments. I just want to thank him!! HE RANDY owuld make a great manager!!

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