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Posted by Janet

We are unable to turn off the second dary audio on our Hannspree TV! HELP

Posted by HannsG HE225DPB

Disgraceful warranty and replacement policy. The company is uncontactable and it is necessary to deal with 3rd party drones in the UK. Apparently, if something goes wrong with a screen after 1 week, you have to accept a refurbished model, despite like me your monitor is only 8 days old. Never again and this time I'll be reporting them to Trading Standards. I've dealt with a lot of crap over the years but this lot takes the biscuit.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had my tablet for a couple of years now. I turned it off like I was suppose to do. Two weeks later, I turned it back on to find a message and six options for Android System RecoverY. I have completed all options and rebooted the tablet numerous of times. I have had a previous tablet that quit working as well. WORST PURCHASE EVER!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

This number does not work rings once and then a busy signal how the hell can I contact you if your number does not work and I have a piece of crap hanns spree device

Posted by Dennis

No response to emails and the phone, well it appears to be off the hook - rapid busy! Now that is a modern response.

Warranties are only good if they are honored and here it appears as there is no intent to do so. So instead of filing a legitimate warranty claim for a failed monitor (according to web sources, as result of a common power failure). I will buy another, guess what brand I wont be buying....

Posted by Anonymous

Sent a 2 month old tablet in for repair for my customer,they received it January 14th per their email.It is now February 24th and no tablet...no return phone call...and impossible,I say impossible to get ahold of. I have sent 2 emails also with no reply...DO NOT BUY THEIR STUFF!

Posted by jrhill

how do i get customer service on my computer ? my tablet stop wroking and i can not get in touch with you by your phone # and you have not anwser my emails

Posted by Anonymous

My Hannspree tablet HSG1279,switches on but does not open the screen.
I am getting fed up with all the excuses given to me by customer services, and that is when you actually get through to someone.
All I want is someone to either fix it or replace it.
Surely this is not hard to do,you are quick enough selling this load of crap and taking my money for it:

Posted by newnanpc

Worst customer service ever! They have had my 27" monitor now for two months. Every day they give me the same canned response.. We will escalate it... I will never buy another Hannspree piece of equipment again!

Posted by Roland

I purchased three brand new IL273DPB 27 inch I-Inc computer monitor made by Hannspree on Amazon on March 23rd, 2104. I sell them built into arcade machines and keep them in stock sometimes for a while before they are being used and sold. This was the case with one of them which stopped working only weeks after installing it and selling it to one of my arcade machine customer early 2015.

I contacted Hansspree within the one year warranty period and received an RMA return authorization number from them. On March 17th,2105 I received an email stating "This e-mail is to inform you that your unit has been received by a Hannspree North America Service Center. Your unit should ship within 7-10 business days via FedEx or UPS Ground."

To make a long story short... they apparently didn't have my part in stock to repair it and Raymond from the technical team asked me to wait until the end of the week to provide me with a resolution when I contacted them on March 30th.

On March 31st they told me the case had been escalated and that it would take 2 to 3 days to get an update from their "warehouse".

Nobody contacted me with any type of resolution or update so on April 17th I contacted them again. Same story, nobody knew anything, still waiting for parts. To make a long story short, I spend hours on them trying to get them to speed things up or to send me a new replacement unit instead with no avail.

Basically, the hotline number connects you to a team in India who have no direct connection with the repair team who are supposedly located in California. They cannot make direct phone calls to them and have to rely on internal emailing systems only.

I was basically strung along until early June, basically 3 months after I had sent in my monitor for repair when they finally told me that the missing part had arrived from China and that the repair team was working on it.

On June 18th I received my "repaired" monitor via FEDEX in the original box which had not been reinforced at all for shipping and had sustained numerous blows. I had hoped that this would be the end of this horrendous customer service experience but when I opened the box, the monitor's bezel has been severely scuffed and scratched by their repair team. This monitor had never been in direct contact with the outside world since it was installed inside an arcade machine that features a glass shield in front of the monitor.

It is unbelievable to me that a company of that size would even dare shipping back a repaired monitor in such a deplorable shape.

I am now asking them to replace it completely or refund the money.

Do NOT purchase I-Inc or Hannspree monitors! Customer service is badly organized, you can expect huge delays, and even damages to your monitor while being repaired.

More importantly, if you ask one of the customer service reps to take concrete action they have no decision making power and cannot even call HQ or the repair team directly. Customer service is located in India and are unable to prevent what happened to me.

Posted by disappointed customer

The worst tech support with any product that I have ever purchased. The first thing that they require is to restore tablet back to factory settings and lose everthing which is stored. Second thing they require is to have the tablet sent back to them to determine if there is a problem with no real resolution.

Posted by hannspree stinks

After several go arounds with customer service my son was allowed to return his dead tablet. Upon receiving the tablet they notified us that the screen was now broken. Very suspiciously there is little to no damage on the box, they now informed us that we owed money for the repairs as this was not warranty. DO NOT BUY HANNSPREE!! JUNK PRODUCT. JUNK SERVICE!! And they stole the power adaptor!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had nothing but problems since my tablet stopped working. I have ins on the device and called to get an RMA number so that I could send it in and have a new one sent. Three months I've been fighting with these people who are no help what so ever! Finally I threatened to call the better business bureau and have the morons responsible for this fired and I think I got my point across. I am still waiting on the shipping label and have made no progress with these people. I've given up being polite and just speak to supervisors now but I'm also in contact with the owners of the company. Hopefully something will come of this.

Posted by Anonymous

\\\\\\\\\\\\\please can you tell me where I CAN I buy CASE COVER forr my new Tablet 10.1"#

I have not set Table with email address etc. yet

Hopong you can help me


Posted by Anonymous

My Hannspree model HSG 1279, S/N 3396WIDS00354 will not turn on, when I turn it on I get a fully charged green battery, and it goes off, I turn it on again and the battery is empty. Was working fine till a couple of days ago. Also you literature and web site say you can call between 6AM and 9PM PST. NOT SO. Please get back to me with a solution or replacement.

Thank you

Posted by worst tablet ever

I can't find the words for describing that tablet, either the costumer service.
Only remembering my experience with that product and these people gives me headache.

Posted by JPUY

I have called several times to your company concerning my tablet that I bought on December 4,2013 . To please send me a return slip. Its not working no more it does not turn on. The people from your company said that they will send us a return slip since last week. They haven't send anything. My name is Norma Sanchez, but my husband Anselmo Venegas is the one that call. . Thank you Norma Sanchez

Posted by Anonymous

Bought 40" tv and it just stopped working 12 months to the day after purchase.
Did not have original box for shipping so they charged me £10 for a box. Arranged delivery pick up, they did not turn up. After TV was eventually fixed they sent it back without letting us know so no one was home. Arranged delivery for friday 4th Oct and took day off work as they could not give a time for delivery and were not willing to leave with a neighbour. Waited all day friday,guess what didnt show up. Contacted them Monday 7th Oct said they not prepair to leave with neighbour, after lengthy argument agreed to leave with neighbour Tueesday 8th October, guess what didnt turn up, spoke to them again to arrange delivery, they couldnt deliver because van driver was ill,rearrange delivery for Thursday 10th Oct and it turned up today 9th october. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE, HANSPREE ARE CHEAP TV'S GRANTED,BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, PAID PEANUTS AND GOT MONKEYS.NEVER EVERY AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE FROM THESE COWBOYS!!

Posted by RIO

Customer Service Zero. No Answer To My E-mail Sent Jan.15th 2013.
Tv Only Approx. 18 Months Old Hardly Used & Now Totally Dead. Disgusting.

Posted by RobFog

Purchased 55" Hannspree in Nov 2011 April 2 2012 it stopped working. Contacted Hannspree same day they said it would be repaired in 2wks. After many calls and almost a month nothing has been done. I am at wits end their cust service is in India and has no clue they just keep giving false promises telling I will hear from a tech. This is the worst company I ever dealt with and will never buy anything from them again. Thay sell junk made in China

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