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Hampton Inn customer service is ranked #124 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 54.26 out of a possible 200 based upon 130 ratings. This score rates Hampton Inn customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


106 Negative Comments out of 130 Total Comments is 81.54%.


24 Positive Comments out of 130 Total Comments is 18.46%.

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    • 54.26 Overall Rating
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    • 106 negative comments (81.54%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I called requesting a 2 night stay from Monday June 4 and leaving on Wednesday June 6. I have stayed at that hotel for the last six years and never ran into a problem with any reservation. I am unable to book a reservation too far in advance due to health restrictions. This hotel has over extended themselves in the past. We always requested first floor. They arranged two rooms next to one another and accomadated me with early check-in so that I would have access to a refrigerator for medication. This year I attempted to book a reservation and was told there was no availability for 2 nights but there was only availability for three nights. Why should I have to spend the money for an extra night when it is not needed. If you have three nights availibale, how is it that I cannot book for only 2 nights? The person I spoke with told me in no uncertain terms that I should go elsewhere. I really do not think that your satisfaction scores are high based on the issues I had with your personnel. Based on the above, I have no reason to book another reservation in the future since my encounters with your company were unprofessional and certainly not welcoming. Should you not be able to rectify this situation, you leave me no other choice than to seek my accomodations elsewhere. Should you need to reach me, my cell phone number Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. I will look forward to hearing from you regarding the above. Have a nice day.

Posted by ktea

I visited the Hampton Inn located at 10740 Westside Parkway Alpharetta, GA on 2/5/17. After checking out the next day, I sat in my car in the Hampton Inn parking lot (which quickly turned into 3 hours) to fill out job applications prior to leaving the premises. In doing so, I received responses back from potential employers. For some reason, I had a bad Wi-Fi signal and could not reply back.

I went back inside in hopes of getting a better signal. One of the employees named Mohnish kept staring at me so I let him know the reason why I was there (I wasn't sure if he recalled me checking out earlier) and that I hoped to resolve it soon since it was passed lunchtime. He grabbed a few snacks and a drink. I sat in the common area to figure out the Wi-Fi issue.

Before I knew it, he walked over to the common area by the window and insisted that I sit over there (as if the signal was better at that location). Mohnish had different intentions. I did not know what his intentions were until he touch my back, my face, my hand, and asked me if I was on the phone talking to my boyfriend. I asked him if he talks to the women in his family that way. He tried to smooth things over (knowing that he had literally just SEXUALLY HARRASSED me) by saying that "We are family!"

That man is old enough to be my father! He is nasty and gross! I asked for the manager. He refused to get the manager by saying "I am the manager." I immediately went to the back office (that I noticed from going to the ladies room earlier) and spoke to two of the managers on duty (one of which I ran into in the ladies room) about it. They said that the General Manger was away in a meeting, but that they will give him all of my information.

The General Manager did NOT contact me in any form about this matter. So, I went back to explain everything again (with the same lady present) and after 30-40 minutes stated that he had people look at the video and that they "Did not see anything" he asked me "So, why are you here?" I have emailed, sent a letter, and called management and corporate with no response for 2 months.

As of the week of 4/10/17, I spoke with the counsel. He immediately stated that the General Manager looked at the video and did not see anything, so I asked to see the video footage myself only for him to say that he doesn't know if it was "saved". He asked me "What do you want?" I asked at least 3 times in that conversation "What do you do to employees that sexually harass customers!?"

The counsel also stated the week of 4/17 that the General Manager was just getting back from vacation. I still have not heard back from the counsel nor the general manager. I was given the run around many times. This is unjust in that I was sexually harassed by an employee and I am being ignored.

Posted by KristenMarie

Stayed in a Hampton Inn in Omaha Nebraska. Went to pay my credit card a couple of days later and was an addition $250 charge. I called the motel at least 8 times before ever even finding out what this was for. Managers were always not on duty, in a meeting or gone to lunch. Finally had to file complaints with the BBB, Attorney General and Consumer Affairs before anyone would return my calls. Currently fighting them over a smoking charge to my room. However - this room wasn't smoked in. My daughter was with me and can attest to that fact. I did go outside and smoke a few times and I think they either saw me go out, or the housekeeper needed a smoke (as my check out time shows 2 hrs. later than I actually left) or they just placed a bogus charge on my card knowing I was a smoker. I asked for proof of this and they sent me an undated photo of some white sprinkles on a brown background. Could of been anything. Also no proof that it actually came from my room. Today I am still waiting on my receipt that I signed that gave them free reign of my credit card. In looking thru other reviews from them this seems to be a pattern. Don't stay here folks, the room was filthy upon arrival (water bottle cap on bathroom floor - mold around the shower). Proves to me this room wasn't cleaned properly in the first place.

Posted by artrie43

this summer we stayed at the hampton inn san bernardion ca and my van was damaged. went to review the security tapes and there were none. Incredible that a chain that charges this much would not have security cameras.
last weekend my fiancee wanted to go back and spend a night. i really disagreed but she paid for the room and we went. During the night her car was broken into and several expensive guitars were stole. same old story tough luck since they did not have cameras. So i think she has finally realized that these con men don't care about the safety and security of their guests. just the money that is all. Please remember this and avoid hilton properties to prevent having the same kind of problems we have had.

Posted by Anonymous

Stay 7-24-2016. Don't stay at he Hampton In. In Van Horn Tx. They had aroken door front the last time we stayed an it still was not fixsed November2015. The room had a show that dried all night plus the oor in the back was still broken an you could not get out the door near the handycap parking space. That door stuck from the inside an you could not get in that door. I had to walk all the way around the building to the front. Good thing it was not a rainy evening. I will not stay at that place again. I'll drive not her 50 miles if I need to. This hange of hotels use to be the best. Now it's like hotel 6 at the bottom of my list. When you drive over 500 miles a day you want a good not sleep.an the breakfast was BAD! it tasted like it was a day old...

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Frederick

My complaint is I rented a room for three days at your Hampton Inn in St Louis Mo downtown area. July 12-July 14 2016. I called the front desk on July 13, 2016 to request one additional night which would have been July 15, 2016. I was told the hotel was booked for the weekend. I understood that. The desk clerk told me to keep calling because people cancel all the time. I called constantly but no luck. As I was checking out on July 14,2016 the clerk stated they had a King room available. I told him that would not work for me because I had my wife, grandchild, and Handicapped son. The clerk told me to keep checking back. I called a couple hours later and behold a Double had come available. The desk clerk remembered me as I approach the desk. We begin the transaction only to find out the price had went from $149.00 a night to $210.00. I stated to the clerk that I had been calling constantly and I believe that wasn't fair. The manager stated that the prices vary from day to day and the price for the room is $210.00 do you want it or not? I was angry and disappointed because I stay at that particular hotel when I visit home. I understand about the business of making money. The only thing the clerk had to do was tell me the room would be a different price for an additional night.

Posted by Anonymous

I was at ur hotel on 6-18-16 and had an incounter with Fatima Hopkins. This lady is unprofessional very impatient. This about the 439th or 5th Family reunion we've had here and never been treated so rude. She acted like she didn"t want to be there. The $200.00 that was put on the credit card wasn't explain and she said she doesn't have to give a spill on that because it's on the paperwork. My name is DavID Frazier also my wife was charged for an additional room that my daughter paid for. After everything was checked out and there was a mistake not even an apology. Why do u have folk like her working in a front office operation. She need to be in the back so she doesn't have to deal with the public.

Posted by Ginger

Stayed at the Hampton Inn from May 15 to May 15th. Traveled 2 hrs, to find my hotel room dirty! Had to wait another 20 min to speak to manager, and actually, had to go to him at the front desk to speak with him. It took another 30 min for room to get cleaned. The breakfast was iffy. Not sure how those eggs were made. The only positive aspect were the 2 valet employees, Shelton and Bertram. They wererofeaaional and helpful. They even kept an eye on my brother, who suffers from slighjt dementia, every time he would walk outside.This Hampton Inn is in need of another associate manager, at least, a better housekeeping supervisor, and better cooking staff.

Posted by MR

The experience our family had at the Hampton on the 2 nights spent here. We had to cut our stay short here and go to another hotel, the employees seemed to be trained to say and repeat the same thing, over and over, to try and convince people everything is o.k. when it’s not. My family of 3 arrived later in the evening on 3/25/16, booking a room after 9:30 p.m. It should’ve been a red flag to leave right there an then when a man came down from his guest room to complain about the television and remote control not working. But it was late and we were exhausted. I will try to make this short, the reason for our stay at a hotel was a bathroom faucet broke, flooded the bathroom, 911 had to be called, the furnace and water had to be turned off. But I never expected this hotel to be a nightmare and more broken than our home having problems. I have never needed to write a letter of this kind, but it’s really upsetting to know we complain and had issues and nothing was done or any apologies were issued, I found some of the employees lack customer service or how to talk to people.

Here is a list of everything that we experience from the moment we arrived and what was wrong with the room we stayed in, which was room #314.
-From the get go the key card didn’t work to open the door, it took 2 or 3 times putting in and taking it out just to open the door.
-Our television didn’t work, it didn’t turn on and on the second day when it did turn on, most channels didn’t have voice, and it was all broken in the back, which I mention to the girl at the counter, the very next morning.
-The mini fridge made a horrible loud sound constantly, and it wasn’t even getting anything cold.
-The microwave button when pushed, stayed pushed in, couldn’t close the door, it just wouldn’t close, we had to keep pushing the button, to get it to close.
-The handle from the shower was completely broken, comes off easily, (I have videos and pictures of mostly everything written here, let me know if I can send them to anyone).
-Our neighbors from room #312 were very loud, we let this go because we don’t let much bother us, and we just ignored it, like everything else, which we really shouldn’t of, because it just got worse, and if anyone has ever lived in apartment buildings knows it’s loud with all sorts of people.

The next morning we went to eat, we were ok, except for the amount of people getting food, there was barely any seating, I stood up the entire time while feeding my son, also I found it ridiculously absurd that there was only one waffle machine and we had to wait in line and wait while others make theirs, this should be already made, it would be quicker and less messy, every time I went to check, there was 4 people waiting in line, it takes about 4 minutes to fully cook the waffle, do the math. The people over serving themselves, taking most of the food or dropping them on the floor was purely disgusting, I know the hotel has no control of these ignorant people, but the food, table and floor need to be checked constantly. Food was all over the place, it was gross and dangerous.

Later I went to the pool with my 5 year old son only to find more ignorant people, adults with their kids jumping, diving, splashing and doing flips, my question is why have a camera and not come and make them leave, there are rules for a reason, we could’ve gotten hurt, after 30 minutes we left. We did not enjoy this at all, having water splashed into our ears. There should be more signs and an employee to stop the behavior and remove these types of people so everyone can enjoy themselves.

Has the ice machine on the third floor been fixed yet? It seems a long time to be broken, it’s a hassle needing to go to another floor just to get ice. I hope it’s fixed by now.

The night of 3/26/16 we were very disturbed by the chaos going on next door, again room #312, all I can say it sounded like we were in the “ghetto”, constantly knocking on door, people running back and forth in the hallways, doors slamming, and the language used was just unbelievable, we tried to have the t.v. as loud as we could so we wouldn’t hear them, but no such luck, you can imagine the language used, it went something like this “mother f!*er this and mother f!*er that, Fu*k this Sh!t”, etc. Lots of laughing, arguing, I can only assume they were drunk and didn’t care to be considerate, this went on for hours, from around 11:30 p.m. until after 3 a.m. in the morning, we tried to call the service desk, but guess what else didn’t work?, if you guessed the phone, that is correct, we couldn’t even make an emergency call, the entire phone didn’t work, completely useless, I have a short video on this if you need to check it out. I don’t think it was safe coming out of our room with a 5 year old to complain about a bunch of drunk, disorderly people at 12, 1, 2, or 3 o’clock in the morning, do you? But someone (a man) did knock on their door after 12 a.m. to tell them to keep it down, so it’s hard to believe that when my husband complained early morning the next day, the woman behind the counter told him, they had no complains. I’ve seen people complain, about other things, but complaining, I also saw and heard 2 maids speaking in Spanish complaining about a man, and how sick and tired they were of him, I’m Hispanic, and it’s funny how people assume no one is listening, especially in other languages they think no one understands. The next morning of 3/27/16 when my husband complained and said we were checking out, at 7 in the morning our internet was cut off, this I’m sure was out of spite, it would be a few hours before we left and my husband works all day in the computer, that is his job, the lady said, it was automatically cut off, we were having problems with internet since day one here. He had to make many trips from the 3rd floor to the desk because the internet was bad. I’d like to mention that I hope the phone is thrown out and replaced with a new working phone in room #314.

We have stayed in other states (Ohio, Las Vegas, Georgia, Colorado, Canada), and have never encountered such a disgusting hotel, more broken than anything I’ve ever seen before, bad customer service, and an overall terrible nightmare of experience, we couldn’t stay another day, we went to the Hyatt next door to spend the next 3 days and 2 nights and it was heaven compared to the Hampton, it was quieter, much more spacious and cheaper, and for breakfast, the waffles were already made, a higher quality of everything, including the customer service.

The young lady my husband complain to and the person I spoke to about the t.v., was often on her cell phone, and seemed bothered if she needed to answer a phone call or having to get up to talk to a person, this took valuable time away from her cell phone, which by the way they should be banned from work.

This past week, we have been dealing with house insurance, plumbers, HVAC, cleaning crews, adjuster, phone calls speaking to people, and we have a long way to go. Just an idea of what we have been doing, and why this letter has been delayed, the hotel should’ve been an oasis, to escape what we were dealing with and going thru a lot, losing a lot when the flood occurred, instead it was the complete opposite, we know that we will never stay at a Hampton, (this one especially), it will be a Hyatt, this hotel should be ashamed of themselves for high prices, terrible, broken guest room, and poor customer service. I would like to mention the young lady my husband spoke to wasn’t wearing a name tag, and if she did, it was not wearable, because neither one of us knows her name, unlike the other girls name tag was big and clear. In the future when a guest complains, instead of making excuses, trying to hide or lie, try to find other accommodations to find a resolution, and apologize with sincerity, this way guests may want to stay instead of running away. It seems like we are wasting time knowing nothing will be done, I am thinking of submitting a complaint to the BBB.

This was from the Hampton Inn & Suites
Hoffman Estates IL 60169

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I stayed two nights at your inn off Seminole trail north of Charlottesville while my daughter had spinal cord surgery at uva. We stayed Monday and Tuesday nights in room 500. We had ac heat heart problems both nights. Sounded like the fan blades were striking the cage. It was available for repairs ask day Tuesday.we did not return until 9 pm. At 1:30 am it started again, blew cold air, but we just endured the problem. Yesterday at checkout I brought it up so that the next occupant would not have a problem. I am filing this because of what followed that did not alarm me until I had a decent rest at home last night. The desk clerk apologized-told me I would get a refund for the second night, and told me to just sign this form, which I did without reading, maybe since a guy standing a little behind me started talking about how he would fix it if it took all day. In the confusion I walked out to get to the hospital. Now I realize I never got a checkout statement nor a copy of what I signed. The possibility occurs to me that I was scammed.
Would you look into this, send me my statement with the refund noted, and a copy of whatever I signed. If you detect any fraud let me know so that I can change my credit card number before any damage is done. Thank you.

Posted by mnv2008

Made reservation thru bookit.com for Hampton Inn s.r. 50 in clermont fl, try to check into hotel and get told that my reserv. Was cancelled due to card declined...my card wasn't declined It clearly showed on my acct that the money was paid, front desk asked mgr who is in back room and mgr said I can get a 1 bed room with 5 people for more money, I said you want me to pay more $ for less. My 3 kids on the floor. No way, and magically my phone dings with refund to my acct for the price I paid when reserv was made....they totally scammed people and booking.com just so they can charge walk ins more money as it was new years eve and all hotels were booked solid for almost 50 miles. So i was in convinced by rude front desk, and manager, not to mention I had to go almost 1 hr drive just to get hotel that didn't offer breakfast, so I will never recommend or stay at Hampton Inn again, very unprofessional. And if my card was declined why did they issue a refund??? Total bull on their part...they aren't just handing out refunds to declined cards!

Posted by Unhappy Hampton Guest

Hampton Inn Grand Rapids north has very poor management. Reserved a banquette room over 30 days advance and when I arrived I was told reservation was canceled. No phone call or email from the hotel. We had two vehicles loaded and 30 guest on their way. Keep in mind Christmas Day so very stressful. When front desk gave us keys for banquette room it was a disaster. Trash everywhere from prior party. Had to wAite 45 minutes for staff to clean up for us. Oh yea we helped also just move things along quicker. Front desk Robert was professional apologizing for ruining the start of our Christmas party. Even after all this I still was charged full price. Called GM of this hotel this morning and still waiting for call back.

Posted by Anonymous

On Saturday Dec. 19 we called the Hampton in Dumfries Virginia from New Jersey for a reservation. The young lady on the phone was very nice. We explained that we were about 2 hrs away and needed a room with two beds as we are handicapped. She told us there were plenty of rooms and an elevator would second floor be alright.Told her yes. Arrived about 7 PM only room available one bed third floor. I asked her what happened to our room second floor? I explained the one bed was not acceptable. She left for about 5 minutes came back with I assume a male manager.He yelled in my face DO YOU HAVE A RESERVATION? I said yes. He said NO YOU DO NOT. We did not have a great conversation after that. All I can say is this manager is in the wrong profession. No people skills,no personality,nothing.Never had a bad experience at a Hampton before. My wife and I like the Hampton Inns.

Posted by Anonymous

Booked a room through expedia on august 29th for a one night stay for sept 5 for my cousins wedding. Arrived at hotel around 3:30 to find I didnt have a room. Hotel tried to blame expedia but i had made this reservation a week before. Had booked a room for 3 adults. Said they could give me a room with a king size bed. No rollaways available. Had to take the room because it was labor day weekend and I had to be at a wedding at 6. Called expedia when i got to my room and they said it wasnt there fault because there were plenty of rooms available when i called. Expedia called the hotel to talk to them and they apologized and gave me 50 dollars off my bill. Which i feel like was not enough! I called down and ask for manager but he would never get on the phone. I had my 86 year mother with me and my sister and it wasnt easy sleeping in the same bed. I felt like they real didnt even care..very bad experience and i will never ever go to that hotel..and there manager is a coward...

Posted by Lisa Brian Dugan

We are from okc and came to Mulvain KS to stay at the Hampton at Kansas star casino
We were excited to stay at a nice hotel
I had checked with the hotel previous to getting here about the breakfast and if it was the brunch in the casino I was told yes it was
When we checked in we were told it was not
We came here planning on watching the noter dame game and relaxing in our room
Nbc would not come in on the tv in the room
I called the front desk and was told to try the channel in ten minutes
Still wouldn't come in it was however come in in the breakfast area
We had to watch the game with noise from kids running around in the area
The chairs were uncomfortable and the TV was blurry
We are so disappointed as we don't go out of town much since its expensive and I am handicapped
We both wanted to have a quite comfortable stay and neither happened

Posted by Debra

We stayed at the Hampton in Oklahoma City down town . My husband has copd ant the air was not working right and we reported it the night we checked in about 7:30pm and they came to fix it at 9:30 the next morning. The rooms were about have the size of all the others we had stayed at and the water pressure was terrible.

Posted by Anonymous

I feel that your policy of charging a full night's reservation fee in cases of unavoidable cancellations is very unfair. A nominal fee would be totally acceptable, but to charge the full amount is taking advantage of a customer's misfortune. The room is available for let immediately, and there is little doubt that it will be taken. That means that HI gets paid twice for the room. Not good!!!

Posted by cynthia

I recently stayed at the Hampton Inn in Bedford Nh. I checked in at 930 pm. At 5 am I woke up to black bugs crawling over me and on the bed.
When I called the front desk she stated that maintenance doesn't arrive until 730. I had to suggest changing rooms!!!
Then I was told I had to go to the front desk to check out. What??? She told me she couldn't leave the desk as it was policy.
Room 104 has bugs!!!!
I can't believe that I have been treated so badly. Then she video ed me ON HER PERSONAL PHONE!!!!!

Posted by Montsha

I had a reservation for a month. The day before my stay I received an email saying my credit card was invalid. The same card I used for the reservation. When I called the person who answered the phone refused to identify herself. She couldn't tell me what invalid meant. Plenty of money in the bank so I don't understand what is going on.She just kept saying we need a credit card. I kept saying I don't know what invalid means. There is money in the bank. She says I am cancelling your reservation we don't want your business and hangs up in my face. I call back to speak to a manager. She won't tell me the managers name and hangs up in my face again. Rude employee and horrible customer service. Not a way to be in the world of hospitality.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently booked a reservation with Hampton Inn in Columbia TN. I asked the booking agent twice whether or not my card would be charged he said no it would be charged at the time of check in. Your booking agents lied. And there is no where on the website that states this is a pre paid booking. This is very shady business practices.

Posted by JAllain

We recently spent two weeks travelling and stayed at Hampton Inn on 6 occasions. On our last night we stayed at the Matmoras PA location. Two days after getting home I checked my credit card and found that my card had been charged $250, not knowing what it was I called the hotel. I was told it was a charge because housekeeping reported our room smelled like smoke after we checked out. I told the person I was speaking with that we didn't smoke and that that was just not correct. She then suggested that maybe we had lit candles. I then informed her I was 65 years old and my days of lighting candles were long gone. She then insisted there was nothing she could do that that was what housekeeping reported and that was the policy. I then started to loose my temper because she would not even listen to me telling her that we DID NOT SMOKE. She then said she would have the GM or head of housekeeping return my call by 5PM on Sunday 2/1. It is now 2/4 and I'm still waiting for a return call. This is an outrageous practice and the fact that she wasn't willing to admit that a mistake MIGHT have been made is unacceptable. She did not even want to acknowledge that I was tell her we DIDN'T SMOKE, and that quite possibly they had the wrong room and that there was an apparent mix up. They just assumed we smoked and charged my CC. We are and have been loyal customers of Hampton Inn, but this is unacceptable to us and I am really upset about a $250 charge that is in error and I am being made to pay for, while the true culprit gets off free. My husband and I are both adamant non-smokers and to be charged for this is outrageous. I am so upset by this that I can't help but be angry. Please have someone look into this for us. It is grossly unfair and I don't have that kind of money to throw around.

Posted by Anonymous

Just stayed this past weekend 2 nights at Hampton on Flores St. in San Antonio, Texas. Was disappointed to learn that after 1:00 Am there is only one staff member on site. At 2:30 am a drunk lady was banging and cussing at my door. Called front desk took at least 30 minutes for the staff which was a lady to make it up to the 3rd. floor. Took her at least another 15 minutes to talk the drunk lady in to going down stairs with her. Learned the next morning the police were finally called and the lady was arrested for being drunk. I understand things happen but I don't feel safe knowing only one person is there to do everything. There needs to be better security than that. We stay in your hotels a lot and have always been pleased but I will be checking about security and if there is only one person at night I will probably choose another place to stay. My safety must come first.

Posted by Anonymous

Very Unhappy discovering I have been charged $50 for incidentals. The hotel clerk acknowledged I had no incidental charges when I checked out. Why have I been billed for incidentals? It is now 21 days since I was charged. That charge still has not been credited back to my account.

I will avoid staying at Hampton Inns from now on.

Posted by Anonymous

Typically I do not have to use my personal credit card for incidentals when traveling on business. However this is the second time I have and have been charged $50 on my personal card when I have not used anything considered incidental (no phone, no internet, no TV, no wake-up call). So what are you charging me for? You admit I used no incidentals but charge me anyway. Why do I have to be hassled to get my $50 back? Do you think this is good business?

This is criminal. You charge somebody $50 for services not rendered and keep that money unless they call you and fight for it. I know it is $50 and who is going to take you to court for $50 particularly when they are from out of town. But I have stayed in Hampton Inns maybe 20 nights this year on business. I can stay somewhere else.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst Hampton we have ever stayed, small room, very over priced for the value recieved, an absolute disgrace for the Hilton chain. Never will stay here again nor will I recommend it.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

We stayed at the Hampton Inn, Mount Dora, Florida over the Christmas Holidays. The staff and especially Quesa, the Guest Service Manager and Robert the Assistant General Manager were most helpful and plesant. It was so nice to see them greet everyone with smiles. Both of them went out of their way to help us find Restaurants open during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. When in the area again, we would stay here.

Posted by Pihackettlady

We just wanted to say a big Thank You to your wonderful staff at your Hampton Inn, 16201 Swingley Ridge Road, Chesterfield, MO. 63017. Jason Bradshaw and Cindy Witengier were so kind and courteous to us. We called the hotel on 1/20/2016 to see if we could check in earlier than 3pm as our furnace went out completely and it was 8 degrees outside. We waited for the furnace technician and got the bad news and had to have a new furnace installed the next day. Jason said to come over as they would have a room. It was about 1 pm. and we checked in. You also have a very nice General manager, Chuck Meckfessel.

Thank you again,
Patti and Mike Hackett

Posted by Anonymous

I am completely and totally pleased with my stay at the Hampton here in Selma -Smithfield nc. Ms mate and her trained staff are phenomenon. Like Manger -like staff.
I've been so amazed as to each and every morning going I see the manager out in the lobby assisting the guests here in getting good hot food out to making sure of clean area ; you name it she took at part in it. I make mention of this because 90% of my stays at the Hamptons, the managers have been in their office or at the front desk playing the paperwork business. Nothing wrong with them doing their business just to consistently see the dedication and devotion given to guests from this manager is worthy of nofication
Without it appearing that I'm loading it on too thick im just totally pleased with my customer service that Ms Barbara Maye and her staff have given in my 3 days stay.

Posted by Cookie

I would like to let the Hampton Corpration know how much the staff went out of their way to help me while my son was in the hospital at Livingston. Texas. I have never meant such caring people. Kristen helped me get the last available room because my son was in ICU. She worked her magic and had a great shoulder when I checked in. The maid staff was exceptional. I got real dizzy trying to go to my room, because of the stress, of my sons condition. Melanie helped me get seattled into my room. She checked on me to be sure I was okay. Her compansion was excellent. The service here has been the best I have ever had. I would recommend this hotel to anyone coming to Livingston. You have wonderful, caring, outstanding personal and I feel they needed this well deserved comment.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a reservation for 02/22-23/14 at the Mesquite, Tx Hampton Inn. Due to travel changes, I called and requested a room for the night of the 21st as well. I was told they had a room and it was added to my confirmation#. Cost of the room $125.00. When I arrived at the Mesquite location, I was told that they didn't know who I'd talked to but that I didn't have a room for the night. A women named Piffany (sp?) got involved and immediately made me extremely mad due to her attitude. I showed her the changed confirmation on the phone email and the number I'd called to receive the change. She said I must have talked to someone in reservations (who cares who I talked to, your folks confirmed my stay with an email to my phone). She made no effort to review the situation and try to determine what happened. She insisted I didn't have a room and when ask what they would do about it to help me out finding another place, she said nothing, it wasn't here responsibility. After 12 hours of absolute travel hell, she provided exactly what I didn't need -- an extremely poor welcome to a normally fabulous stay at the Hampton. After I left, my wife returned as frustrated a I was, only to find out that our status went from not having a room for the night to having two -- and I was told they were sold out (which I don't contest giving the event going on here). Bottom line is I'm staying at your hotel and appreciate being here. I really don't appreciate the service at the front desk and the attitude with which I was received. I travel some with my company and am just a Silver card holder, but my company, Hunting Titan, travels extensively using your services, with many, many professionals worldwide. Personally, I've had your competitors recruiting my business (I don't have to use the Hampton Inn if I can get the same discount) and they are willing to meet or exceed your price structure. I will be communicating my experience here with them and discussing my next stay options upon my return to work Tuesday. When my wife got us booked in and started to leave, a gentlemen stepped to the desk and ask if your motel had a room for the night. Your booking agent had given me an extra room (2), and I only needed (1), which is a net (1) available once our transaction was complete. Your receptionist turned the man away -- lied to him. (Maybe that isn't lying to you but to me it is). I
sincerely hope I'm the only person who has a bad experience in Mesquite this weekend due to your reception staff. It would be ashamed to ruin the stay for more because of an amateur at your front desk.

Posted by Betty JG

I heard from the general manager at the Hampton Inn, Hilton Head Island, 1 Dillion Rd. They will not charge me for the two rooms and have reimbursed my credit card.

Posted by Andi

We just stayed at the Hampton Inn on Mountain Ind Rd in Gerogia.My family and I would like to thank everybody there (especially Dale at the front amd Barbara in housekeeping) for going way above and beyond to make sure our stay was wonderful.
The manager every time we saw us asked if there was anything we needed. The security guard at night was so friendly and helpful. It truely felt like staying with family. The rooms were very clean, the breakfast was great and there was always fruit and coffee. Thamk you again Andrea Richardson

Posted by Anonymous

This is a complement to Sarah and Marcus at the Hampton Inn Lancaster,Pa. From the time we walked in to register till this evening when we said goodbye and thank you, these two employees showed a professional side of themselves that would make any guest feel at home even though there not.Sarah and Marcus, the two desk clerks on the evening shift are an asset to this Hampton Inn and should be rewarded for excellent service. They are considerate and they care about the customer to an extent that they remember their name which shows how much they pay attention to the customer when they check in.
You know that customer service is the first thing in any business,well these two employees know how important.
They greet you with a smile, they ask if they can get you any thing and they offer their help if your carrying packages or getting someone to help you with them.You don't get this kind of service in other hotels. These two are gems to your company and they should be complemented by your companies managers,district managers and even the CEO should complement for their attention to customer service and he or she knows that .
They were nice to us and we will tell our friends and business associates that this Hampton Inn on Greenfield Road,Lancaster Pa. Is the place to stay if they have to be in this area for their business or pleasure.
Thank Sarah, Thanks Marcus for a nice experience.

Posted by morranch

On a recent trip to Va.we experienced car trouble about 25 miles south of Lumberton,N.C. on I-95. We made it to the Hampton Inn in Lumberton,N.C.,with expectations of finding a room for the night and subsequently getting our car to the Ford place for repairs the next morning. We were disappointed to find out that there were no rooms available, and as we tried to leave, our car would not start. We were tired and pretty stressed out by this time. I was calling AAA when the night mngr. Nico, extended us all the hospitality possible in this situation. He suggested an inn (within walking distance) that had a room available and ushered us into Hampton Inns lobby,where we were given refreshments until AAA got there to tow our car. Nico made an uncomfortable situation bearable for us. And for that we wanted Hampton Inn to know. Hampton Inn is our first choice. Sorry I did not get Nico's last name. Denise and Lemar Morris; Metter, Ga.

Posted by Mary

We stayend at the Hampton Inn Mulvane Kansas. The room was very nice, bed so confortable that we slept late and missed breakfast. The people at the front desk made every effort to make our stay absolutely the best and it was. Had one problem tho. I nestled in in the lobby with a good book. The lush leather couch in front of the blazing fireplace coupled with the drizzle falling outside made me entirely to relaxed. I could not stay awake and am afraid I dozed off and may have snored a litte. Oh well. Great stay.

Posted by fcdistler

My wife and I would like to commend Gail Dakota for the positive manner by which she treated us on 9/15/12. Upon going to our room we found it as not what we had reserved. I ret;urned to the desk to seek correction because we could not accept a smoking room. It was a busy Saturday with all or most rooms booked. Ms. Dakota in a very professional manner made a room changed for us. Even though she was not one who had confused the reservation, she worked very graciously to fix the problem.

So after seven hours of driving, we were able to have a relaxing evening and start the next day fresh. A thank you was not enough. Sincerely, Fred & Carolyn Distler

Posted by Python1914

We have traveled all over the US for the past 40 years and have tried many different places but always go back to Hampton. It's true that we have had a not-so-wonderful experience in one or two but they by FAR are the best that there is for families like us who can't afford the rich and famous style. We still get a good taste of that style in Hampton. We just stayed in the Embassy Suites in San Diego last week but will travel to Hampton today. The Embassy was way over-rated and didn't have near the comfort that Hampton has.

Posted by Anonymous

I met 7 of my high school girlfriends (we are all turning 70 in the next year) at your Richmond South location at 4300 Commerce Road. We had a wonderful stay thanks especially to Jeff & Matt. They were both fantastic putting up with our requests and wants. They should be commended for going above & beyond. We all thanked them but it would be great if they could get some recognition from the company for being excellent customer service ambassadors.

Posted by bakunkel

Recently had two stays at your Akron Hampton Inn. I have NEVER had service like this. My sister died and I felt like your whole staff cared. I would truly like to speak to someone to whom I could relate the "above the call of duty" reception I and my whole family received.

You couldn't buy the PR that your personnel exhibited!

I am Barbara Kunkel

419-824-6031 (Please call me)

Posted by Anonymous

The only reason I have noted this comment as negative is for the viewer to read it. Overall experience with Hampton Inn's is good except for a couple issues.

Hampton Inn, while a very nice hotel for vacationers and low-budget traveler, isnt a great hotel for working professionals. Most of the Hampton Inn's do not have reliable internet. During many of the hampton stays I have had very slow to no internet speed. Also, there are no electrical outlets beside the bed or on the side stands. The only outlets, if ever, are found close to the desk or behind the TV set. I like their service, and the quality of their bed's is above average. However, I think I will slowly stop staying at the Hampton's and start to focus more on the Doubletree's and Hilton Garden Inn's.

Posted by Anonymous

Mr. Javed Rao, Manager
Hampton Inn
999 Bob Arnold Boulevard
Lithia Springs, GA 30122

October 4, 2011
Dear Javed,

Our stay at your Hampton Inn in August for my boyfriends birthday was awesome! What a
truly memorable experience. Your rooms are so nice and fresh. Breakfast at your inn was
delicious, with a huge variety of choices. The staff at Lithia Springs Hampton Inn were
prepared, helpful and professional.

I’m a smoker, so occasionally I go have a cigarette in my car. Once when I was doing just this,
staff came out to check on me. It is reassuring to know that you watch out for your guests.

This was our fourth stay at your hotel, and your accommodations are the only ones we’ll
ever use. Keep up the AWESOME Job Hampton Inn Lithia Springs . Thank you for the Great
Hospitality We look forward to our next stay with y’all.

Thanks Again
Diane walke

411 Maxham Road . Suite 1200Austell, GA 30168

Posted by Satisfied guest

I try to stay at the Hampton Inn's when I travel. Eight out ten visits are very satisfactory, the other two are OK. But overall they are good for the $$$. The beds are super comfortable and clean. I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. Most have good security arround the premises, clear water pools, good fruits for breakfast and good customer service.
Compared to other Hotel chains with similar prices Hampton Inn's are much better.

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Laura Geary

My husband and I recently stayed at the Hampton Inn in Sheridan, Wyoming. I was impressed with the "ecological" efforts the company is making with regard to energy use and recycling. Thank you!
Laura Geary, Helena MT

Posted by Anonymous

We stayed at your property in Mansfield, Texas, and I want to compliment you are your outstanding staff! We stayed in Mansfield for several nights while visiting family, and we were consistently impressed by what we saw at your hotel. It was perfectly maintained, spotlessly clean and professionally staffed.
I would like to especially comment on two of your staff in particular. The first is the woman who sets out the breakfast buffet. The coffee was always full and fresh, she was sure that the buffet was full and the eating area was clean. The second was Karina who worked at the front desk. She is quite an ambassador for Hampton Inns. She greeted us every morning, was pleasant and helpful and answered any questions that we had. My husband (who is a Hilton member) remarked that she is extraordinarily professional in her demeanor and her friendliness.
Since we have family in the Dallas area, I suspect that we will be staying at the Hampton Inn in Mansfield whenever we visit.
Please be sure to convey our high regard to your staff in Mansfield.
Virginia Colangelo
[email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

On 12/28/2010 to 1/1/2011 I was a guest at the Hampton Inn in Clermont,Florida.I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience we had.I found the room to be very clean & spacious.Your staff was polite & very accommodating.Your hotel manager Angie went above and beyond the call of duty.I would highly recommend the Hampton Inn to my friends.Thanks for making my stay so special.

Bonnie J. Kosonovich

Posted by bslyons88

I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Lima, Ohio while taking my son to an open house at the University of Northwestern Ohio. The staff at the hotel was very profession and we enjoyed a clean, comfortable room during our stay.

I have never had a bad experience at Hampton Inn. When booking a room for a trip, this is usually the chain I look for because I can count on a good stay.

Posted by Paul

Made a reservation sight unseen at the Kalispell, MT, Hampton Inn. Stayed 4 days and 3 nights and wished it could have been longer. Great breakfast bar with clean spacious rooms, good customer service, and a reasonable rate. Hope to return soon.

Posted by 10

All the Hampton Inns we have visited have been clean, had friendly concierges and the breakfasts were very good. Hampton Inns are our hotels of choice while traveling.

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