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Hamilton Beach customer service is ranked #442 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 33.52 out of a possible 200 based upon 162 ratings. This score rates Hamilton Beach customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


155 Negative Comments out of 162 Total Comments is 95.68%.


7 Positive Comments out of 162 Total Comments is 4.32%.

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    • 33.52 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 155 negative comments (95.68%)
    • 7 positive comments (4.32%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
    • 3.4 Reachability
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    • 4.0 Friendliness
    • 3.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Priyanka Atale

Hi, we purchased Hamilton beach Icecream maker through amazon India . The product got delivered but in the first attempt itself the motor got burnt . I am looking for a repair center in Mumbai, India, as amazon people are not ready to replace or repair the same . Waiting for your advice . Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Just bought a deep fryer. Literally plugged it in and it didn't work. Hamilton beach is GARBAGE, don't ever buy from them.

seriously. it is ghetto.

Posted by Anonymous

There is no such thing as customer service. I bought one of their toasters and it lasted a matter of weeks. I could not reach anyone at customer service. They ignored my email and the hold time is 24 minutes. There must be a lot of angry (former) customers waiting to speak with them.

Posted by Anonymous

I had bought a Hamilton beach blender which is used in cake. One of the area where we put in the strokes is broken and that's the reason my strokes doesn't fit in well . Want to repair. Plz help have tried many times to contact you, but no response from your side

Posted by lwils

I bought a Hamilton Beach Flex brew coffee maker for my mom for Christmas. We found out that one of the parts that is supposed to be included with the coffemaker, the basket needed for K-cups was missing. First off I called customer service and was on hold for 20 minutes. When I finally got a real person I asked if they could ship the part to her seeing as it wasn't in the box. I was told that they needed to know if it was under warranty??? What does a warranty have to do with a part that was missing when the unit was shipped? All I need is the part and she can finally use it. Very rude customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I had purchased a Hamilton Beach Iron Model #14505 and the water container has never closed properly, in fact it does not stay closed at all, consequently all of the water which you want to use for steaming, pressing leaks out onto all of your clothes...
It is uncalled for that you purchase a brand new iron and immediately it is unfit to be used. I read the same complaint from several other customers and you had the idea that we shoudl pay to ship it back and then pay to have something sent to us..like a part...that is ridiculous.
I can assure you that I will not be purchasing any Hamilton Beach products in my lifetime again.

Posted by sandipub

i have a Hamilton Beach stainless steel can opener model it is absolutely the worst one ever if you have a 30oz can will totally not open it bad bad bad

Posted by Anonymous

I helped a lady and her family move from our senior apt. to a nursing home I thought great they gave me a box (Model # 35030DI) 12 cup deep fryer, I had wanted a fryer for sometime but have limited income as I am also disabled . To my dismay this beautiful fryer was separated from the cord and heat control panel and element . I cannot find one (the latter ) I did find the cord on a parts sight . Help if you can find the heat.on/off part . Hate to put this next to new in the trash Help if possible,

Posted by TOPGUN14

I have purchased (2)Hamilton Beach crock pots and (2) coffee makers from Kohl's each of which had a Hamilton Beach rebate on them. I mailed all (4) REBATE forms and included all the information as directed well before the deadline for submission. I was told that (3) of the submissions did not meet the guidelines and were rejected. I spoke with the rebate dept. and told them that their explanation was not correct because all (4) submissions were made at the same time. I was told to resubmit the information which I did. To date, I have received one rebate and I am unable to find out what is going on with the other (3)rebates. I find this to be totally unacceptable from a reputable company (I have thought that it was until now). I need help from someone to resolve this matter!

Posted by Google

Greetings from Tennessee.We have a HAMILTON BEACH electric can opener,Model and if you could tell me when this was purchased? I think it was about in 2013 and we don`t use it much as we eat mostly raw foods not canned goods however due to the infrequent use I think this is not acceptable for this to last! We already bought another HAMILTON BEACH as I am confident that this first unit was not like most if the appliances you make.If you would like me to mail it back to you so possibly they can determine a better way of making the parts so they don`t fail so quick? Roger Groot

Posted by Anonymous

My husband bought a Hamilton beach 2 in 1 brew station, used 1 time had 2 return/exchange. 2nd coffee maker the single serve quit working, & now the craft side leaks. Junk!!! Will not buy Hamilton beach products again!!


Horrible customer service! Called to complain about the flex brew coffee maker. I was told in a very condescending manner that I needed to stick a paper clip through the brewing needle to unclog it (after less than a month's use). I am a mom...I have 3 sizes of paper clips. I asked which size and was told to use "just a regular size, what else is there??" in a tone NOT at all appropriate for customer service. I was also told that it was too bad that I had to remove the full pot carafe from the warming dish every time I brewed a single serve (the warming dish gets hot despite it not even being the side the coffee is being brewed on). Horrible service, horrible coffee maker!!

Posted by 4eyedoc

Purchased a Hamilton-Beach combo coffer pot with the 1 cup & 10 cup side. I have used it for a few months and now I can'f\t get a cup of coffee out OR a pot of coffee either. I get about 3 ounces on the 1 cup side and less than a cup from then 10 cup side. I tried putting Vinegar in to clean it out to no avail. I hope I can get some help from the company. Im will call customer service tomorrow.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a coffee maker from Hamilton and loved it the first month. Push the cup to it it was awesome now it leaks coffee and water all over. Not impressed and this was an expensive coffee maker. Well if your product lasts only a month I won't buy again

Posted by not perked

I purchased a ProctorSilex drip coffeemaker on Dec. 3, 2015, with a one-year warrantee. Now it is not perking the hot water up into the filter basket well. Yesterday I phoned your customer service department because it was still within warrantee and was told that I could mail the coffeemaker to you (I no longer have the carton) and it would be repaired or replaced for $10 s&h. I feel that this is an abridgment of the one-year free warrantee as the cost of mailing you the coffeemaker and then paying $10 s&h for a replacement may exceed the original purchase price.

Bruce Cameron

Posted by har152

I purchased a HB FlexBrew a couple years ago and it had an awful smell and taste that i could not get rid of and so HB replaced the machine but not parts. So i figure i got a refurbished one because the second one wasn't any different. We cannot drink the coffee. I am so disappointed in HB coffeemakers. Will never recommend them or buy another one again.

Posted by rodger

this has to be the sorrrest company i have ever delt with/ they just pass you around to tellmarkets. i guess we know not to purchas hamilton beach any more..

Posted by Anonymous

Why is it so hard to give you a compliment? Searched high and low for a place to do it.
Baked a cake today and realized that your hand mixer, Model 79, purchased about 1962 or 1963 is still running full bore. Every time I use it, I am amazed. I felt like letting you know that you built some really good products. Keep it up.

Posted by Anonymous

If You Buy A Hamilton Beach Product And It Breaks While Still In Warranty. They Will Not Fix The Product Or Honor There Warranty. Why Because The Product Was Bought In Canada So Its Ok To Sell In Canada. But If They Product Was To Break They Want Nothing To Do With It. When You Look At The Warranty Booklet In The Box It Does State Hamilton Beach Warranty But They Will Not Do A Thing About It. Dont Buy If You Live In Canada Lesson Learnt

Posted by Anonymous

I love my coffeemaker but when I purchased it the key for it was not in the box - where can I get this key?? and let me know- thank you

Posted by Sevendy

I paid $22 for a Turbo-Twister Mixing Stick that lasted six months before the switch failed, and now they want me to pay an additional $11 to send me a replacement under warranty? Which will probably last only another six months, at which time I will be out $33? Good-bye, Hamilton Beach!

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern:

I purchase a slow cooker some time in February, about two months later was cooking a pot roast. while watching TV a loud noise came from the kitchen, I looked at my daughter and lady friend and said what was that I went into the kitchen to check things out when I noticed the glass cover on the slow cooker had cracked and spider webbed. I have never seen this happen before. unfortunately I had to throw my food away did not want to take a chance eating

it. I have no complaints about the cooker I just want to let Hamilton Beach now

what has happened. I cant find my receipt but if I have to purchase a now glass cover I will not do it. the cover should have never cracked. I am still

using the cooker I just cover it with aluminum foil it's not what I want to do

but it the best thing I can do at this time. I would like to have you e-mail me and let me know if this has ever happened before thank you. I don't think you will do anything about this because I cant find my receipt, all I can say is I will never buy another slow cooker of yours after this one dies.

unhappy the Glass man

Posted by Not Happy

To the Hamilton beach company, It hasn't even been 12 month's sense I purchased a countertop oven with rotisserie. I noticed back in January it was not heating up like it should it was taken to long to make any thing in it. I took it a part and seen that the switch for changing it from bake to broil, Rotisserie and conv. oven. The place were the blue wire was melted almost all the way through the plastic housing. I feel that that switch should have been made better so it can last longer than it did. For the first couple months it was great, but after that it seem to not to be as good as I thought. I am just glad it didn't start a fire or give me one hell of a shock. I think some one should really check this problem out to make sure that no one ever get's hurt because of that badly made switch. Now I am not sure if I even wont to chance on buying a nother product. Then when I went to try and buy the switch nobody had or could get it I figured it was that your company just wonted me to just go out and buy a new one, well figure if that is the case then I would just try a different company maybe I can fined one that last a bit long than ten months. (It all started after I used the rotisserie) Thank You for your time.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst customer service site I have ever dealt with! I am 75 years old. My slow cooker is a year old. It has been used 5 times and no longer works!! I have called three times now. First time a lady took my info and quickly cut me off. This morning I left another message about 10 AM. Never got a call back and at 4:30--the office was closed!!! I am now going to contact Amazon where I bought this slow cooker and give your product and customer service a scathing review!!!

Model 33967A

Series A3641DJ

Posted by Anonymous

I received a Hamilton Beach food processor 30 yrs. ago for Christmas, and still using it, although I've had to hot glue some parts. Do you think it would be possible to get a discount on a NEW one, my granddaughter thinks it's time.

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Posted by Adairco

My Hamilton Beach flexbrew coffee maker is beginning to steam a great deal when making single cup servings. It still makes the coffee but creates a lot of steam on the front panel. Can you explain why?

Posted by Anonymous

I want to say that I am so happy and pleased with the way Hamilton Beach handled my recent problem with my crock pot. I will further purchase your products because I know that you stand behind your products! Thank You for a job well done!

Posted by Tanya McMullen

Hello, my name is Tanya McMullen and I am writing to let you know that about 28 years ago, my Dad purchased a 4-cup coffee maker (Proctor Silex - Type A10, Model A8004)I just want to tell you that 3 generations later, my Grandson (12 yrs)is making coffee in the same pot. I have not replaced any parts, and it works GREAT!!! Amidst the many complaints you may receive, I just wanted to share what a great product you made...Looking forward to 28 more years!!!

Posted by MaxiB

My experience with HB service has been very good and responsive. I have had a problem with two Scoop single coffermakers, but your representatives have been very helpful and courteous. We are still in the process of an outcome, but I have been treated very well.
M. Brooks

Posted by Krows Solitude

Reading other reviews on Hamilton Beach literally gave me nightmares. However, when I contacted them, I spent less than 2 minutes on hold and the representative that helped me couldn't have made it any easier for me (I think his name was Seth).
While I would have preferred not to have to pay the shipping cost to receive a replacement blender, it wasn't an unreasonable amount, and I expected that I would need to pay it.
The complaints I've read I'm sure are valid complaints, I'm just relieved that I didn't have the same experience.

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by BooBooBear

We also had a problem with a leaky brewstation because of the tank. We could take the unit back to BedBath Beyond or pay the $2.99 shipping for the tank replacemnt, It was worth it to me to pay the 2.99 vs the hassel of going back to the store. We received our tank in just 4 days. We love the brewstation but were disappointed in the faulty tank. HB must have had union workers in the US that forced yet another company to go to China. However, I learned customer service is in north carolina. They speak English and were polite.

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