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    • 60.82 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 92 negative comments (85.98%)
    • 15 positive comments (14.02%)
    • 3 employee comments
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Posted by Anonymous

You people are ridiculous I cannot stand last man standing or whatever this for houses what happened to stories that's why we watch him pay for your channel were tired of this go back to movies in the afternoon at least give us something else please I can't take this

Posted by Anonymous

I'm watching the movie Enchanted Christmas, and I see a Hispanic lineup, now I'm wondering where is the black Christmas movie with predominantly black actors?

Posted by Anonymous

I am registering my intention of abstaining from future purchases of Hallmark cards or products. The reason for this decision is due to a Hallmark commercial that shows a male proposing to another male. This is contrary to God's word and is anti family and undermines the sanctity of marriage.

I will also encourage others to do the same.

Posted by Anonymous

with re. to your tv ad showing a male proposing to another male I find it very insulting and do not want young children thinking this

I have bought your cards for years but will no longer do

Posted by Disappointed in LaHabra, Califor

Joy's Hallmark in LaHabra, CA -- I was just belittled and berated by Rebecca at that store in front of probably 100 customers. I guess the customer is now scum and not needed to keep business going. I have had a Gold Crown card for at least 20 years and shopped there longer.

Posted by Shirley Farr

Dear Hallmark, I love your channel and watch it regularly. I am a woman of color and would to like to see your movies become more diverse, right now they are very white. While watching with my grandchildren it would be nice if they were able to see people that look more like them. Thank you, Shirley Farr,

Posted by Anonymous

This is not a complaint but a request for your assistance in obtaining a 2015 ornament for a married couple's first year of marriage. I completely spaced out buying one for my eldest granddaughter last year and I am in big trouble!

Thank you for your assistance.

Cheri Sommerfelt

Posted by Anonymous

A couple of years ago I came to this site to complain about the loud music plus it is played during the dialog and saw that due to so many complaints Hallmark was going to correct that problem. WELL??? STILL NOT CORRECTED!! How is it that the "powers that be" either do not notice this or just don't care? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....correct this problem!! Is ANYONE listening??? I am 82, recovering from cancer surgery and Hallmark movies give me a lift. Have not spoken personally with customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

You display as a number for Hallmark ... IT DOESN'T WORK. I get half a ring and then SILENCE. I tried numerous times. WHY DOES HALLMARK MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT TO CONTACT THEM. Google displays the following: as Hallmarks's number ... lots of prerecorded messages BUT NO WAY TO LEAVE A MSG OR SPEAK WITH ANYONE. WHY DOES HALLMARK MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT?!Do they think they are too popular they don't need customer feedback?

Posted by trish

do you seriously think all of us want to watch christmas movies 24 hours a day for 2 months solid, NO WE DONT, I love Christmas but I also love, One man standing,the middle,golden girls and Frasier,so when you start your Christmas movies which most are just not that great, (you try so hard that you over do)I just switch to different channel while you do this. It saddens me to think you would want to change so many of us daily programs to run your movies 24/7, why dont you run them on your second hallmark channel and leave the one alone, let us have our daily shows back, this is getting irritating to go through this every year now...I want my other shows back, good thought, take "home and family" down to 1 time 1hr per day and run a couple movies then, but please dont remove "little house or Waltons either", these shows keep me going, your movies irritate me.

Posted by Anonymous

i think Christmas movies in july and now in October is really out of context.
there is no good reason to show those moves now. in December you still fill the channels completely with Christmas movies so why do it in july and October, makes no sense to me.

Posted by Anonymous

First I would like to say I'm disappointed that the mystery channel is participating in the Forever Christmas movies it's not even Halloween. I enjoy the mystery shows and to know they won't be back until January is frustrating. Secondly, the continuous repeating of advertising for one certain movie over and over and over again is quite annoying it actually prevents me from watching this channel on many occasions

Posted by Thurbes

Tried numerous times to contact your customer service by phone number and all I got was a menu every time I press one to leave a comment I was directed right back to the main menu it is not user-friendly and it does not get me to what I want. I want to register a complaint regarding the series Golden Girls. It aired for numerous years all I am getting are repeat episodes every week of the same episodes that have already been previously seen I do not know why you cannot start at the beginning of the series Without repeating episode after episode after episode.

Posted by Anonymous

Dearest Hallmark,
Im sure by now you know your "hero dog harley" has passed away...
They tens of thousands of followers that still continue to follow...
This weekend is his "celebration of life" ceremony. I would think at hallmarks
best you would go film this event!! And show some clips of it during the next hero to be. Especially sense he died before his year being hero ran out...
Thousands have agreed with this..
Sincerely a forever harley follower!!!
And a huge fan of Hallmark channel and products.
Karen Ann Larsen

Posted by Ed

The cashier at the Hallmark store on Church rd refused to wait on my daughter because she was wearing a St. Louis Cardinals t shirt is this is this the usual way Hallmark workers are trained? The worker made quite a scene.

Posted by Susan

Do not like the new man introduced into Cassie's life. He is s problem. Please ferris of him. Hate him!!!!

Posted by Amelia

I wanted to send one birthday card in February and signed up for a ONE month subscription (or so I thought). I did not see the fine print that said I would be billed monthly until I cancelled my subscription! Buyer beware!!! I certainly don't like this very misleading way of doing business.


I'm not a viewer of what used to be one of my favorite channels since you betrayed us when you PROMISED to bring the WALTONS back at their regular times after the 2015 Christmas movies were done.In January 2016 NO WALTONS,last man standing is GARBAGE!!!!!Bring back THE WALTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I love to watch Hallmark movies. They are not only intertaining, but they stir pleasant emotions as well. I have one suggestion. I am 82 and I have trouble hearing the dialogue clearly because of the volume of the background music. I have no trouble hearing otherwise. I am not sure the music adds any quality to the plot, but that aside, I am sure there are many other elderly people who have the same issue with the background music. Thank you for providing wholesome family enterainment.
Dorris Reece

Posted by Anonymous

HMM is my favorite! So nice to know that I will always be able to enjoy programs that the whole family can watch together. I am getting older and having some problems, especially with background noise. The other night I was watching a movie, but could understand only about half of the conversations because the "background" music was so much louder than the conversation. Even my hearing aids didn't help. Is there any way the background sounds can be made softer so they really are the background? I realize that background music and other sounds add to the mood and cause us to enjoy the watchigof programs more enjoyable. Thank you.

Posted by Hallmark

why did Hallmark movies switch to Sunday evenings? Sundays I watch Madam Secretary, the Good Wife, et.

I always looked forward to a Hallmark Show/movie on Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. est.

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I love your Hallmark movies. The Christmas and Valentine movies especially. The only comment is, please stop the back ground music during the dialog. You cannot understand what they are saying. We have to put on the closed captions, which in it self is annoying.

Jeannie & Al Rossi

Posted by Anonymous

was just at yourstore the younger girl working at 2:30 pm on 2/5/16 was a snippy unprofessional person who shouldn't be in the public. Older lady there was very nice, said hello as i entered and helped me with a question but the younger girl that rang me up was a little b....there were pre bagged gummy bears and other pre bagged candies with ribbons on them sitting on the candy counter and I took one and put it with my other purchases and she very rudely 'there not for sale'....not "I'm sorry they are not for sale but ill be glad to get you your own bag' she needs further training

Posted by Hallmark.com

Hallmark Agent, Bernadette, was knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Very satisfied with my encounter.

The verbal survey at the end of my encounter needs attention. Every time the automated system asked me a question I responded with a 5 and was told that that was an invalid answer. It repeated the question a second time and accepted my answer of 5 the second time around.

I give Bernadette a rating of excellence and the automated survey less than satisfactory.

Posted by Anonymous

After the disappointing Christmas movie season, especially the Yule Log on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The year 2016 is so disappointing. Get back to being a movie channel, enough of diagnois murder, hart to hart etc.! Also, cut down on the mystery stories, all actresses are not cut out to be detectives, they need to stay in the family type movies.

Add your review!

Posted by Treva

Dear Hallmark.I have been watching your Christmas season's movies and Love the wholesome image and Love they bring.I am a Very Depressed African American woman.Your channel has positively embraced me this holiday season.I have noticed how your channel is trying to be more diverse in the actors,and I applaud you in acknowledging the change in America.I would love for you to feature a hallmark movie during the Holidays about an African American couple that is positive and sends a positive message,the way all the Hallmark movies,I watched so far,helps me overcome my deep depression!!!!.. Thank you Sooooo much, this Holiday season...HAPPY HOLIDAYS,Thanksgiving,MERRY Christmas and a Happy New Year's!!!!!ðŸË?Â?.


Posted by larmarbarber

Home and family TV show has replaced Christina without a proper goodbye. This is unacceptable especially for Hallmark viewers who anticipate that Hallmark will rise above the unfeeling antics of corporate America. It would probably be back peddling, however, I do believe you owe Christina Ferrare your gratitude and a proper send off if viewers are going to trust you fully. Your show will suffer. I like Debbie & change is good when done well. I'm from corporate America & I want to represent!


Posted by Disappointed

What did you do? I loved watching Home Improvement on Friday night and now you took it off and put on The Middle. It is already on so many channels. I rather watch Home improvement. It was one of my favorite show back in the days. There are so many shows on already that are on other channels. Very disappointed.

Posted by [email protected]

you need to make a Christmas ornament part 2 it was by far one of the best Christmas movies I have ever seen I would definitely like to follow the progress have a Christmas tree lot and especially the Christmas cookies like abby is going to make I would definitely recommend making a part 2 and definitely try to use exact same cast that movie was absolutely fantastic I regret to have movie at 10 out of 10 I'm fine I watch it constantly

Posted by Sweets

This is a general comment. I love the Hallmark channel. The Christmas movies are my favorite. I agree with other viewers that, yes you had new ones but you have so many classics that you didn't show. Starting Oct 31st _ you had plenty of time to show old and new ones. I also wish you would have more cast members of color (which actually have a lead role).
I watched The Bridge and it was slow but turned out very good. But, I was very disappointed when I found out that part 2 would be back in January and on another channel (Hallmark Mysteries channel) that everyone can't get...

Keep up the original shows. I absoultely love Where the Heart Is..

Best Regards

Posted by Ladylawson

My dream is to one day watch one of my novels turned into a Hallmark movie, but honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if it would be a good fit, because I never see African Americans in leading roles on the Hallmark Channel. Why is that? Please, I've been watching your station since I was a girl and now, thirty years later, I'm still not seeing myself represented. Open your options, Hallmark. Your ratings would soar if you'd just start adapting some African-American novels for TV.

Check out "As You Wish" and "Time Will Tell" BET Arabesque Division-Harlequin 2004 and 2005 by author Francine Matthews for starters.


Posted by Anonymous

hallmark holiday movies have been tremendously wonderful to watch this year!!
I am thrilled to have found the station of hallmark holiday shows and have been watching them nonstop since Christmas day.
I can"t express my gratitude enough to hallmark for making such beautiful,wholesome,witty,funny.romantic,educational,and spiritual movies about what is really important in life!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

The Christmas movie's were outstanding.
Deciding that Halmark Channel wants to go back to Matlock reruns and Hart to Hart in which that show began back in the late 70s till 1984 is really back pedaling. Move on. Keep the movies. Throw out the old reruns.
Your much better off and the rest of us will be too. By the way. Murder she wrote is way out of date. You at Halmark have made my Christmas bearable. Please make what time I have left bearable also.

Posted by Michael D

My only comment deals with the cancelling of I Love Lucy, in order to show all night and day an
array of Christmas Holiday movies that become so boring and never ending after one day of viewing. It was basically unfair to just cut the historic and enjoyable I Love Lucy Show with no notification of when or if it will start again!!! I Love Lucy is a staple show for The Hallmark Channel, so it seems. It has a definite viewership I an sure. Christmas is next month, at the end of the month. Show some Christmas movies and go back to the 5 AM I Love Lucy slot until 7 or 8AM. No one would miss those relentless Holiday Movies for 2 or 3 hours, I am sure. Think about it please!!
Michael of NYC

Posted by J. Warner

I would like to commend the employees Sandi, Natalie, and Monica at the Meadows Mall in Las Vegas, NV. I purchased some cards, which came to $2.00. I gave the clerk a $20 bill, and she handed me $18 in change. At this same time, my cell phone rang....and I apparently laid the $18 on the counter while I answered the call, then forgot to pick up the change. I realized it when I got back to the car. I called the store and they did not see the $18 on the counter, but took my name and cell phone number in case they found it. The next day, I got a phone call telling me that they had found the money, and had it in the safe until I could pick it up. I was so very pleased in the honesty of these employees, and want to commend them on returning this money to me. J.Warner from Fort Wayne, IN

Posted by squattybody

This weekend hallmark channel ad Hallmark Movie Channel had the exact listings. And, there were errors o both. was there a reason for this? Or, did the TV listings wrong without your knowledge?

I love the two channels and watch them daily.

Is there a chance you might play "Crazy in the Heart" with Christine Lottie and Cheach Merion again soon? I really like that movie.

Thank you so much

Donna Shannon

Posted by Anonymous

I received great service at the last Hallmark store I visted, but they did not have the specific sympathy card which I had purchased at another Hallmark store before. Reasonable; maybe you no longer carry that sympathy-in-the-loss-of-your mother card. I didn't find it & had to select something else. I also would like to see a better selection of men's birthday cards - something with meaning written inside and something different on the fron pther than a sailboat, mountains, wildlife, golfing, etc. For that special uncle, nephew, male friend, cousin, I like a card with more imagination as to message & my relationship with that person - not just something funny or bland .
Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to go on Hallmarkvisit to complete a survey but I am unable to find the website. I visited the Glastonbury, CT store the past two days looking for birthday gifts and the staff was wonderful. The store is huge and beautiful and it is a pleasure to shop there.
Thank you, a Happy Customer!

Posted by Anonymous

I had an exceptionally wonderful exprience, on 01/02/2012, at the Cumberland Mall Hallmark Store #74. I was running late on purchasing a rather unique gift and card for a close friend who was being honored for service at his church. Rather than waste time trying to find something myself I thought I would ask for assistance. Though very busy, one of the store employees saw me waiting and asked if they could help me. I explained what I needed and she led me to the gifts and cards that were the perfect fit. Actually, two ladies helped me. Their names were Geri and Donna. They were great & I know where to go when I need friendly, quick, and competent customer service. Thanks so much for making my shopping so easy. Chuck from Hopewell, N.J.

Posted by Anonymous

this is a great store to shop in there is always a variety of cards to choose from

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Posted by Max R.

I worked for Hallmark 4 months. I have barely been trained. I learned more by myself and with employees of the stores I served. Everytime I did mistakes I got yelled. My manager constantly try to embarrassed me with my European accent asking me to speak English. I did complain to our superior but she didn't believe me. This job experience was awful.

Posted by BOSTON

The tuesday before Valentines Day I took my girlfriend for a management interview to the store in Towson Town Center. She was a little nervous because she had over 30 yeaars in retail experiance all Hallmark and Carliton cards and yet they were putting her though a number of interviews,just like jumping though hoops. As she waited outside the store for the interview I went inside just to check things out.I walked around the store for approxamently five minutes and just what,even though their were four people in the store no one, I repeat, no one ever came over and asked if I needed help. I did I mention that this was the home store for the District Manger, the same D.M that had the first interview with my girlfriend. I also worked for Remembering You Hallmark in Columbia and had a great experience. I believe that minds were made up. I question whether age was an issue and whether they truly want people who can think on their feet or as it semms withl this D.M or younger folks who just go YES.

Posted by Anonymous

great company to work for

the cards are beautiful


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