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Haier customer service is ranked #795 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 22.58 out of a possible 200 based upon 229 ratings. This score rates Haier customer service and customer support as Terrible.


224 Negative Comments out of 229 Total Comments is 97.82%.


5 Positive Comments out of 229 Total Comments is 2.18%.

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    • 22.58 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 224 negative comments (97.82%)
    • 5 positive comments (2.18%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by sashi

I bought a haier washing machine and I had problems thrice in less than two months. Service is pathetic and the technicians never come on the time they specified and they are always rude. Never buy a Haier washing machine.

Posted by Abror

my air condition is not working already 2 week. i am calling to Haier service center every day. They came first time after 5th day from my first to repair it. However they did not repair it well so. it is not working well again. Haier service center informe that they would send my home master again 3 days ago but master still could nt reach my home.

Posted by Anonymous

I need help figuring out the temperature I put it on one that put it on 7 all freezes I don't know what's going on

Posted by Haier

I am From pkistan, and t am very disappointed from haier company, very cheeped company,

I am purchased new Ac But almost use 1 month or two month properly, and he was still not working

Posted by stacey

I bought my autistic son a Haier9" Tablet-HG9041.He has only used it for 2-3 months and now it will not charge by any means.When I try to charge it it just gets burning hot.Not sure what can be done to remedy this.Very disappointed with this item.

Posted by [email protected]

BOUGHT over the stove microwave works okay BUT attempting to set clock comma between numbers blinking continuously called support line lady could not find answer how to stop this blinking & was to call me back Well that was 3 days ago. so much for customer service

Posted by Linda Jones

I purchased a haier bottom freezer counter depth refrigerator from hh gregg. The basket in the freezer has a broken piece but worse the whole side where you close the doors came completely off. Had to glue it but still is crooked. When it comes off you cannot close the doors. Awful experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Your company do not help. Just found out my washing machine was not manufactured after2014 that explains why a local plumber wouldn't touch it had never heard of 0800 repairs until 2015. Always had problems with the spin cycle now I know why faulty machine

Posted by Helle B-L

In June 2016 I bought a refrigerator type HRF-628IW6 (American fridge)
for our house in Spain (Nerja). In October (19th) it began freezing everything in the refrigerator. I called the Haier service center in Spain, which was very difficult because the Haier service section in Spain they do not speak English. They promised me that they would come latest Friday to repair it. They did not come. I have talked to Haier many, many times. At once a service guy came after 14 days, spend 15 minutes and told our caretaker, that the problem was now fixed. It wasn't. We rent out our house for holidays and over the last month I had to pay discount to the people renting for more than 500 Euros. Last Friday at last a repair man came. Checked the refrigerator and told us that the air ventilation in the refrigerator was not working. He did not have the spare part, but would order it and call us Monday. Now it is Friday and we haven't heard from him. I have called Haier again to day and a guy in their service section had the audacity to tell me that Haier do not take care of the warranty issues. He told me, that it is the reseller, who are responsible for that!!! According to European law you cannot sell anything within EU if you do not live up to the warranty regulation, which tells that the manufactor are compliant to warranty.
Also in the refrigerator there is a list of all the Haier service no. We feel absolutely ignored by Haier. 1 month and 1 week without a refrigerator not working.
DO NOT BUY HAIER - Tell everybody.

Posted by Anonymous

Do not buy haier washing machines, have a recall machine but after being modified has totally packed up

Posted by Anonymous

Have a haier washing machine modified last year. The machine has totally packed up 4 months ago. Total rubbish. You should not sell faulty models like mine and need a replacement if not will put this in the press not to buy your products

Posted by Anonymous

Called to get help with my TV because the hdmi ports aren't working. Lady was rude told me I had to pay for repairs didn't offer any advice nothing. wouldn't recommend this brand to anybody

Posted by gaterhouse

I purchased a portable ac unit 18 months ago. The condenser fan burned out. It was out of warranty and the cost to repair would have exceeded the cost to buy a new one. I am an HVAC engineer and discovered the reason that the fan failed. There is no filter on the condenser coil inlet only a series of louvers that draw in room air. THIS IS A DESIGN FLAW. If this louver had a filter behind it the coil would not plug up. There is a filter on the evaporator coil (the room air coil). In time the condenser coil will fully clog up as it did in my case. My advice is to "only purchase a dual hose portable ac unit" and make sure there is a filter on the inlet hose connection. If not add one yourself.

Posted by Angry and Disappointed

Several years ago, I bought a 10,000 BTU air conditioner (HWVR10XC6). The fan worked, but the compressor would not turn on. I called Haier and was told that the unit needed to be on a dedicated ciruit. I had an electrician come out and install a dedicated circuit, but the compressor would not work. When I called Haier, the girl with whom I spoke immediately told me "the compressor is bad."

However, even though it was within the first year, they would not honor the warranty. I sent Haier all of the bills from the electrician, but they still would not honor the warranty. They also would not honor the five year warranty for "sealed parts."

I had to purchase another air conditioner. Unfortunately, the only ones available were Haier. This time, the model number was ESA410J-L. The unit worked fine for a few years, and then the fan motor failed. The five year warranty will expire soon, but Haier will not replace the parts.

This company is horrible, and so are their products.

I have not seen Haier products in the stores for the past two years. I guess the stores are sick and tired of dealing with angry customers, and the high rate of returns.

Haier has purchased GE. As a result, GE products are now poorly made and they are not standing behind their warranties, either.

You may sell more products than any other company, but what good are your sales records, if you neither build quality products or you don't stand behind your warranties?

Never again.

Posted by Anonymous

We have a Haier 12000 BTU model #ESA412K-L air conditioner and it does a good job cooling the rooms, but I would never by a Haier air conditioner agian. It is just sooooo loud we can hardly hear the t,v. that we have to turn the volume way up. And it is not fair to our neighbors who are very friendly,nice neighbors who never complain about our tv being up so loud. I feel terrible about the situation. I did research on air conditioners and I wish I would have done that before we purchased the Haier because I never would have purchased it. The research said that Haier a.c.are known for being so loud but people are enticed to buy them because of the pricing of the units. Your company may just want to try and make a Quieter air conditioner. I went and bought a different air conditioner from another company.

Posted by [email protected]

I got a haier refrigerator with two door freezer the refrigerator part shelves none is able to fit a gallon of milk and the sides are to small this is my only complaint so I have lost one shelve space

Posted by Client

I had called Haier customer care as I wanted to get my Ac dismental n thn again to install. The agent who spoke to me asked me the details of my Ac wether it is split or window??? I told him it is spilt then, I asked him about the charges to pay, he said dismental charges are rd 450, I again asked him do I have to pay any service charge apart from rd 450??? He replied no madam only pay rs 450 to the engineer who comes. I was shocked when the engineer told me to pay him 450 as service tax n 600 rupees for dismental. I called Haier customer support thy gave me their service manager Mr. Malay majhi's number wen I called him without understanding my complaint he puts my call to other agent in customer support department. I had to repeatedly explain the issue,tat your agent on call told me tat I have to pay only 450rs to dismental the Ac but y is ur engineer asking for 600 more??? He had a long pause n then suddenly he replies tat I have to pay service tax n 600rd as told by the engineer. What I have understood tat haier employees need training be a manager or an agent???? So tat thy stop on cheating, fooling n try to pull out more money from customers. Disgusting experience, such reputed brand company and employees are harrasing clients.


I Purchased Double Door Haier Refrigerator On 20/05/2015 From Prithvi Electronics, supela, bhilai, Bill No 855 Model No Hrf - 3303psl Complaint For 7 Times In 10 Days Not Attended Any Company Engineer,worst Experience .

Posted by Anonymous

I need a phone call from a customer rep. Re a product I ordered online. Your phone number not working from this area.

Posted by Anonymous

I have just bought on 22-04-16 Haier fully Automatic Washing machine ( HWM60-10).The demo and commissioning is awaited and expected by Tues the 26th April.
I have gone through the Customer Service review and very disappointed to note that After Sale Service is very poor. I only hope that currently Haier has strengthened this weak area and would ensure proper after sales support incase unfortunately it is required during or beyond the Warranty period.

Posted by NoMoreFisherandPaykel

I won't be buying Fisher and Paykel again. Its serviced by Haier and their service is deplorable. Waited for 2 weeks in Sydney, NSW for a technician to look at our refrigerator and they rang up on the day they were due to visit to say they were sick and would need to reschedule. No empathy that we'd been without a working fridge for this period of time and are living out of a bar fridge. Next time when I purchase an appliance I will look at what the service contract feedback is like. This company is a shocker...tell your friends who are considering a Fisher and Paykel purchase.

Posted by Jay

I brought a haier TV a week ago. And now it will not even come on. I .ow have to wait another week for someone to come look at it. Very inconvenient for me.

Posted by marina

engineer came out to look at our broken washing machine, arrived with bit of attitude as if we'd put him out. Told us was a waste of his time coming out could have said what was wrong over the phone. Said he was going after 5 minutes and would put a report in and that we wouldn't hear anything till after christmas. Recieved a phone call today asking if repair had been done. This is first i'd heard since christmas no call to tell us to send proof of purchase so new machine could be sent out. Total lack of correspondance and the call centre gave us incorrect email to send proof to, that and we couldn't understand him.

Posted by Muhammad Salman

The company itself ranked to a leading company worldwide where as reality is completely opposite of what they are saying.

I my self a victim of this company and its products and a completely dissatisfied customer and regret why I purchased such an expensive pathetic home appliances of Haier and getting nothing except of sheer wastage of money and time only and nothing else.

1) There is no after sales service. 2) Pathetic customer services.
3) No work on repeated complaints.
4) Their service center them-self not having their product parts to service.
5) Their technicians are "Great Thugs" and busy in looting innocent customers who are already under burden of facing too much trouble after purchased of their poor products.

My new refrigerator is out of order since last many days but no action has been taken even after log so many complaints and emails. While, their technician charged amount and problem is not resolved yet.

Please please please never ever purchase product of Haier because whatever I'm facing I don't want face others. Sheer wastage of money, time and regrets you'll get (God forbid) if you'll purchase Haier Poor Products with Extreme Pathetic Services.

A Victim of Haier

Posted by front door washing machine fully

i have bought haier washing machine on 10th jan 2014, because of high voltage fluctuation and lightning we got many electrical appliances damaged at out home. we got repaired all the appliances of different companies within 2 weeks of complaint but only this washing machine is left out because of haier's bad customer support and services. i had filed complaint and they came to see the problem within 2 days took serrvice charge of around Rs.450 and told the board has been damaged and have to replace it and they will order the board as it has to come from delhi and we are in siliguri. one month passed now nobody is responding properly and they are behaving rudely in phone whenever we have called them to enquire about the part. i suggest others please.. please.. please.. don't purchase any haier products as the service is below worst. they are concerned only for money they get as service charge when they visit first time. Friends Be careful while purchasing!!

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Posted by Chynna

I for one am now a true Haier customer!!!!! Their willingness to make their customer satisfied went beyond what I expected. I haven't had service like this from some of the other big name brand retailers, so for me whatever has Haier on it and i'm in need will be purchased. Great Customer service......

Posted by Anonymous

Haier customer service is best. i have experienced two times in lahore. it is best and within 24 hours they come to check ur products and i lkie their product.
wish u all the best haier

Posted by Anonymous

I bought haier TV from Om electronic,Singrauli(MP)after some days red patch on my TV screen i made this complain to TV shop after regular follow up reapair man came to my house and insure me i will come between 3 to 5 days and sought your problem and today i have got message from Haier your problem is resolved and reference no is 122090016 is it good satisfactory servise provide by HAIER?


Posted by Anonymous

If you were to call the parts hotline they will redirect you to the appropriate customer service department. They were friendly and answered the phone quickly.

I, however, don't speak very highly of their air conditioners.

Posted by gonzoa

I needed a replacement cord for my air conditioner because y dog destroyed it. I managed to find the number for Haier parts and services, and it is as follows: (800)313-8495. I ordered the new part within a matter of minutes.

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Posted by Mr Ma

As an ex Haier employee, I can tell you Haier cares nothing about customer service or products. All Haier cares about is printing money. They change their product line more than a hooker changes her underwear. Parent company in China has no clue how to make relationship with retailers/resellers. Most Haier employees hate there job and don't give a damm. Most managers do the blame game to China and all of a sudden, good employees are fired just to send a message. Most Haier products do not work past 1 year (right when warrantee ends)


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