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HTC customer service is ranked #512 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.07 out of a possible 200 based upon 412 ratings. This score rates HTC customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


387 Negative Comments out of 412 Total Comments is 93.93%.


25 Positive Comments out of 412 Total Comments is 6.07%.

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    • 387 negative comments (93.93%)
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Posted by GenoDoesNotCare

In early November of 2017 I began having difficulty with my HTC 10 in keeping connected to WiFi. By mid-November I could not connect to WiFi at all. No problem, I had purchased the replacement protection, so I contacted customer support on November 22, 2017 for a swap.

On November 23, 2017, HTC sent me tracking information for my replacement phone along with instruction on what to do once it arrived. I waited. I see a hold charge appear on my credit card. I waited. Waited a little more. I check the tracking number on December 4, 2017 and see the replacement phone hasn't even shipped yet.

I call customer service who says they don't know what's going on and say they'll hand this over to an expediter, a guy named GENO. This GENO will be getting back to me with details. Ok, fine.

A week goes by. I call customer service. They tell me that only Geno can help me, and that they'll bang him off an email to contact me. Well, 5 days after that Geno does call me, gives me the "we're a bit back-logged please be patient, I will personally make this right." Fine, thanks GENO, keep me updated when you can.

Long story short, I have been calling HTC 2-3 times a week now for the last 45-DAYS trying to find out where my replacement phone is. All I get is "GENO is aware. GENO will be getting back to you. GENO is handling this case", etc, etc, etc. Where's GENO?? I don't know. I'm beginning to think that one and only communication I've had with GENO was a figment of my imagination.

I have been hearing for 45-DAYS now that Geno will be giving me a call, an email, a carrier pigeon, a back-rub, whatever. NOTHING.

Zero communication from HTC, which is really all I'm asking for. Zero Customer Service. It's so disappointing. I've been a loyal HTC customer, along with my immediate family, since 2009. I've sung their praises, recommended their products, and thought I had that whole mobile phone thing covered so long as they continued to make them.

No more. I'm done. Over two months to get a replacement phone and still waiting. No communication, everything has been generated on my end. It took them two seconds to charge my card and then they just sort of swept the whole thing under the carpet.

This has been on of the worst customer service experiences with a defective product I've had in recent memory.

Buyer Beware.


HTC is bad i bought mine a couple months ago and out of nowhere the phone screen just freezes out of nowhere

Posted by Fed up

My husband purchased what HTC thinks is the best thing since sliced bread, the fabulous U11. Truth be told it was the biggest and most expensive piece of garbage to hit the market. This was his 3rd HTC phone, never had any issues with prior phones. This one stopped working within weeks of receiving it. Instead of exchanging it or refunding it we had to send it in to be repaired. It has been 2 months and from what I can gather it hasn't been diagnosed yet, let alone undergone any repairs. You can call and call, but you get no information and no returned phone calls. I've called call centers and the corporate office with and still don't have any info and no idea if they will even call me back. I think it's headed to small claims court. They have basically stolen almost $700.00 from us because we have no product and no assurances from anyone that we will have a phone anytime in the near future. BUYER BEWARE. I'm not rolling over on this one though. I don't care if I have to call every 15 minutes of everyday. Crooks

Posted by Andre

Horrible service - faulty phone has been repaired 4 times and still not working they want to repair it again

Posted by Blaffer

This has been a complete and utter Sh*t Show.

I started trying to contact HTC Support to get one of my HTC VIVE controllers repaired two months ago, so I sent them an email. After waiting a few days and getting no response, I tried the live chat, but it was closed, so I sent another email. Then another. Then another.

Finally, after two full weeks, I got into a live chat, and got a ticket started. They noted my problems and got my information, then proceeded to ask me to pay for my own shipping, which would be fine if it wasn't $30.

I had a tracker on the package (Which was only $2), and saw that it arrived on the 30th, the deadline for my ticket, so I waited.

A few days later, with no updates, I sent them an email. Then another. Then another. Finally, 20 days later, the live chat was open, so I went into it and started talking to a support rep. After a substantial amount of talking, they claimed that my package arrived on the 31st, one day late, so they decided to just set my package aside and forget about it.

Frustrated, I asked the service rep to get it repaired ASAP because I just wanted to play with my Vive, which I had spent f*cking $800 on, and they told me that they would move it on as soon as possible.

Fast forward a week, a box arrived at my doorstep containing my controller, which was still completely broken and unrepaired.

I assumed that it was just an error, but I had payed for shipping, so I was p*ssed, to say the least, so I started sending emails every single day, just trying to get in contact with somebody, until 5 days later, I finally got an email. It was confirming that they received my controller and were preparing to send it back.

I was furious at this point. Not only was the controller just sent back with no repairs without my consent, but they also explicitly decided to just ship it back instead of actually looking at it first. I kept sending emails every single day because the live chat was STILL completely unavailable, until I finally got into one today.

Today, they told me that they A: couldn't guarantee that they would pay for shipping the second f*cking time, and B: told me that I now have to WAIT TWO MORE DAYS before I can even get a response to a F*CKING LIVE CHAT.

I'm extremely P*ssed off at this point. I paid $800 for my HTC Vive, and I paid $30 for my own shipping, and they didn't even have the decency to look at the controller, which I've been without for 2 months, and I'm just right back to square one.

I still haven't even gotten a response from the emails I sent 2 months ago.

If you have a choice, go with any company other than HTC. I don't care how good their products are, their support is some of the most horribly unacceptable bullsh*t I have ever seen. They don't seem to care about your time or money, and don't seem to care even slightly about their customers.

Posted by hb081886

HTC does not get any star ratings from me there phones are a piece of crap my husband had the phone for 1 month and it started HTc phone there are so many bad reviews out there

Posted by Ben

I sent my phone in the first time on Apr 7th and it took three weeks for me to receive my replacement phone, which is a pretty long down time but at least it came. However, the replacement phone received was a defective one with a very loose charge port and malfunctioning speakers. I had to send that phone in again on May 1st and I have been waiting for my replacement phone since. I've tried contacting HTC 5 times since and no one is able to offer me anything other than, "We are waiting for the replacement phone". I was promised this time the turnaround would only take 5 business days but it has now been 7 weeks since. They are not willing to do anything about it (send a new phone to me instead of a refurbished one) or compensate me in any way and I am just stuck waiting. Obviously, I have already purchased a replacement phone. This is the worst warranty/customer service experience I have ever had with any company. I have had 3 HTC phones over the last 7 years and I will not be buying another HTC product again.

Posted by Hannah

This is a detailed review to show how unprofessional these employees are! You have to go to customer service chat to ask questions and receive a ticket to send your phone. There is an email option, but you will NEVER get a reply. I had to switch between a few representatives because none of them wanted to help - they didn't reply in chat, wouldn't put a ticket in, poor English, or they dared got an attitude. I finally got a rep that cooperated, so I sent my phone in early January. Waiting several weeks later, I get an email of the payment quote in the middle of February. First, they coded my phone in as an M8 when it was in fact a One A9. That seems suspicious to me, how can the repairmen code a phone in wrong when they are going to FIX it? I will not pay $300 for them to repair my phone as something else, which the price is also ridiculous for a motherboard that I can get for $10 online. I sent an email when I received the quote (at 3 AM, chat not available), and asked if my phone could be held because I could not pay at the time. No reply after 3 days, but I receive an email stating that my phone was being send back. (You have two weeks to send the phone in & pay when you receive the quote). I went to chat with another rep about this issue, but she was of no help. Surprisingly, they mailed my phone back fast! Their packaging was just a thin plastic container with tape to secure the phone from moving, no bubble wrap or anything to protect the phone from damaging. Why can they NOT communicate between each other? Why can they NOT be clear with their actions? This company is deceiving and sketchy. You pay too much for what their phones are not really worth.

Posted by Starz

I purchased a HTC 10 through Sprint with one of those leasing plans in July. My phone just stopped working for no reason, so I thought the Uhh Ohh protection would be a great idea. So I sent my barely used, in perfect condition phone to HTC. Last Saturday I received back a Frankenstein phone, spent 5 hrs on the phone with sprint trying to activate the phone. The meid and imei were completely different numbers instead of being one number off. I finally talked to a 3 rd level engineer and he said no way this phone can be added to sprints database because even though it boots up and says sprint it is a gsm phone not cdma, he told me to call htc and tell them so send another phone. So I did and they told me their rma dept was not open until Monday. Instead of shipping me a new phone. So I called first thing Monday and they submitted a ticket to their escalation dept and told me I would hear back in 3-5 days!!!! No I am not joking any other company would have next dayed a phone because they screwed up. Not HTC!!!Oh and the lady asked me if I bought my phone at Walmart and if it was prepaid no it was a sprint phone that's what I sent you. What you sent back is not my phone at all.It is now a week later and I still have not heard from them, I still don't have a phone that works and I am still paying for a phone. Anyone have any advice???? This is ridiculous, how does a company treat its customers like this?

Posted by H t c desire 826ds

Hi I m in kuwait my h t c mobile screen problem I give in series center 30 august I call but no reply my receipt no our advises not good service in kuwiat plz do something and help me

Posted by Anonymous

Worst mobile and worst service I never seen before.... 20 days over till am not getting frm service centre. I bought a new mobile phone, but atleast one month also not worked worst phone htc 828.

Your HTC Device Ticket is getting ship out today to service centre. Exp transit time 2 days. We will SMS you once delivered at centre. Thanks

Am given 7/9/16 to servicing, but till am not getting my mobile. Don't buy htc mobiles. No service avail

Posted by Skymelvin


Called up HTC to complain about the purple camera issue that just prop up on my M7.

They say will change free.

So bring to HTC service center.

They say must pay S$32.10 for service fee.

Took the opportunity to change battery as well since it's S$50+ minus the S$32.10 service fee.

HTC service center called me disnogis must change whole motherboard.

I say my board no issue just camera.

They say must psy S$295 to change motherboard then they will cahnge the camera.


I asked, ok, i don't change anything, can i just take back my phone.

They say they will check.

Oh My God!

I almost went ahead to buy M10 thinking their service so good.

In the end, got fooled around so professionally by HTC.

This will confirm definitely be my last HTC related phone!

Posted by Rakshit

I have htc m9+ finger print sensor is not working however they are asking for 8 to 10 days for. I have already kept my phone for more then 15 days for repair work. I do not wish to keep my phone for more then a day. So I would like to make complaint against this fraud company... htc service centres sucks

Posted by Nakul

I have been using HTC one M7 its battery back up was worst. I have been going to all HTC service centres to resolve this issue but they said they wont provide service to HTC one m7 models. I dont understand why they r selling mobiles when they wont provide service. Such a worst experience and its a worst brand better dont go for it.

Posted by Anonymous

When my m8 looses power and I power it back up the home sense feature stops working. This has happened 3 times in the last few weeks. It's time for me to upgrade my phone in which I was aiming for the m10 but after this last error I'm done with HTC. I've lost so many projects because of this stupid phone.
Lost all my notes time and time again.
I wish I never ever purchased this phone. I'm usually a loyal customer to whom ever company I choose but I can't deal with this hectic company/phone anymore thanks for nothing.

Posted by No your concern

I recently completed a hardware update on my HTC. Prior to the update everything was functional, now the things I like most DO NOT WORK.

The vibrate no longer functions, the words disappeared on volume control not to mention half the options. The changes I made to save space by uninstalling programs gave been installed and can't be removed. What the f%%k how do I get the older version back . It also took away the remove all on the navigation page the little circle with an x. This sucks. It all was there prior. I am very unhappy no I am f%%%ing furious. I want all the the way ur was.

Posted by HTC doesn't treat their customer

My phone had some issues and required a reset.

I backed up all the data using "backup now" - did it several times to make sure.

When the reset was done and tried to restore, it stated "no back up data". It lost everything!!!

I called the phone carrier and they couldn't help. I called HTC and the rep told me that he did the same thing himself and it worked perfectly. I asked him where the backed up data went and he did not answer - all he said was that since it says no backed up data, then there's nowhere.

It is their back-up service and they even cannot tell where it went, or if it's working correctly. He even said that everything is fine and I was the only one who encountered such problem.

I asked his name because I wanted to escalate the issue. As soon as I asked his name, he hang up. Hang up! Is it a customer rep? Why does HTC even hire such irresponsible rep?

Posted by Caroline Joel

My phone crashed after updating the marshmallow software that HTC has released.. Called customercare spoke to an idiot called Naresh who was of no use and extremely rude.. Pathetic service from HTC.. Third rated

Posted by Don't have one

I bought a HTC desire 610 in June of 2015, I loved the phone. I ended up in the hospital for emergency service, I had my phone with me. Well the phone died. By this I mean it would do nothing. I am the hospital so my daughter took back to where I had purchased the phone please keep in mind the phone was still under warranty,however the salesman said their was nothing he could do, however my daughter could buy me another phone. She did that because she trusted the salesman even though that was handled in the most improper way. After my release I tried to handle this matter but kept getting the run around from the place I bought it. The worst is yet to come you your company HTC were of no help to me either. The warranty run out in June so you took no responsibility for the product that you make and sale.I paid $300.00 for that phone which didn't last one year. I took very good care of that phone it looks brand new. Not a single flaw could be found on the phone. I want to the you for your kind and caring service

Posted by teeter

RE: HTC Desire 626 S cell phone

Our daughter has Autism. She accidentally pattern locked her HTC 626S Desire phone. We called our service provider, TMOBLE who had recently changed the cell phone number - and subsequently had us reset the phone - walking us through each step. Unfortunately, Google would not accept that new cell number change and we then it caused Google to "locked up" - no matter what we tried, Google wouldn't accept the new cell number and the Tmobile never warned us we needed to remove that Google account or update it BEFORE the reset so it was really locked but good. Tmobile then called Google and after hours on the phone, on hold and explaining, we were told to wait 48 hours and try again - all would be fine. Well it wasn't fine at all. The phone was still in a Google lock. We then were told to call HTC and after hours and 4 separate phone calls to HTC we were told the only option was to send the phone in, to have it unlocked by HTC, they could do absolutely nothing to unlock it or help otherwise. At this point we had already been unable to use the phone and were out of the phone for over 30 days. We set up a ticket to send the phone in to be unlocked per the HTC instruction and received a label via email to return the phone to HTC. I also called back to complain to our service provider, Tmobile, because I was angry that they had actually caused this issue by neglecting to tell us, as they walked us thru each step, about a possible Google lock situation. They had the tech at Tmobile try once more to unlock the phone and In less than 1 minute Tmobile had the phone unlocked and operating perfectly.
I then called HTC to tell them we no longer needed to send the phone in, and asked HTC why it was that Tmobile could walk us thru unlocking the phone so quickly - yet HTC couldn't? HTC makes the phone, so I didn't understand that aspect at all. I was also upset that I had had to wade through 4 separate calls to HTC, initially to attempt to even correct the issue - including endless time waiting on hold. The horrific customer service - with thick accents, so I was barely able to understand them. With the language issue, they didn't fully understand why I was even calling. They did not listen fully to what I was saying before they assumed the wrong conclusion. They were not helpful at all in any capacity. What made the entire experience even worse was the HTC outrageous MUZAK that is played during the long "wait on hold" time of over 2 hours, with each call, and the last call where I had to wait on hold over 4 hours!!! That music is completely mind numbing techno, it just made it that much more agitating, plus I got nowhere with tech support after all that time! Once I finally had reached someone, and I finally got the message through that I no longer would need to send the phone in to be unlocked, I told them about the 4 HOURS on hold time that day, and how ridiculous that was. I asked about a model number or order number for a new charger and cord for the phone, the HTC Desire 626 S cord and charger we had was not working. I asked about the price and told them it is not available on their website at all. There are actually no charger and cords available on the HTC website. I told the tech at HTC that I had found chargers and cords for the HTC Desire 626S on Amazon, but the reviews, from customers, reported that the charger and cord that is sent from Amazon is in fact NOT a factory/OEM cord and charger and does not work correctly. I wanted the OEM cord and charger and asked for the price and part # to order one.
This customer service tech from HTC, named "ES ROLL" who I finally reached, stated they were so sorry for all the trouble I had in trying to resolve the issue, and they were going to send me the charger and the cord I was asking about, "completely free of charge for all the trouble I had". They would be sending a "confirmation email and she was ordering the cord AND charger now". I would be getting the confirmation email, "within 24 hours". I did get an email stating that someone would be contacting me soon, in fact 3 of those same emails...but no other contact, no confirmation other than that, and no phone call. I also got No cord and charger either by the way.
I called again on the following dates, AND emailed each and every time too! On: 04/14/16, and again no confirmation so I called back on 4/15/16, and 4/29/16. On 5/5/16, after 3 hours on hold and then a person who kept saying I need to send the cell phone in because it needs to be unlocked and no matter how many times I explained it, their accent was so thick and the language barrier was so bad, I finally got angry and hung up. I called back on 5/6/16. This time after 3 and one half hours on hold, I reached a tech. The tech apologized again, found in the notes that the cord plus charger was supposed to be sent. The tech could not figure out why it was ordered, but never shipped. He said they were sorry and it would be shipped out tomorrow! He said they had no answer why it was ordered, but never shipped. I thanked him. On 5/29/16, I called again because IT NEVER WAS SENT! NOT THE CORD OR CHARGER!!!! I called in again. This time they said they saw where it was ordered, and ordered a second time, but again, it was never shipped they would have a supervisor call or email within 24 hours..and guess what? NO CALL-NO EMAIL. I called again on 5/30/16, 6/1/16, 6/5/16 and 6/10/2016 NO CONFIRMATION EMAILS, NO PHONE CALLS FROM ANY SUPERVISOR AND NO CORD/CHARGER!
Today is 06/17/2016. Keep in mind the original date of this ordeal was 04/14/16 !!!!! It has now been over two months!!!!! I still have NO CORD, NO CHARGER and NO ANSWERS! Today after being on hold over an hour, I got a snarky customer service person on the phone. She went through the entire story even though I kept asking for a supervisor. She then switched me to her supervisor and I again waited on hold one hour and a half. She picked up the phone and said she was now switching me to her supervisor, I waited for another 40 mins. She then picked up the phone, listened, and I could hear her breathing. She then HUNG UP ON ME ! After all that time on hold !!!
Then I called the corporate office and that phone wouldn't even ring. So in conclusion, after today's call to HTC, I am convinced that the horrible music that is played, while the customer is on hold, is played purposely to aggravate people and make them hang up. This way HTC doesn't have to deal with its customers! THAT tactic and ignoring me - will not work for me. I am a fair person and THIS treatment is UNFAIR! So this is offer to you and your company. CALL ME BACK IMMEDIATELY, AND RESOLVE THIS ISSUE. If the world was flooded with piss, and HTC was the only tree salesman in the world..I would drown first!


Hopeless,Trashy,Crap.DO NOT BUY HTC CRAP.DONTbother emailing support.0 customer support.2 months of emailing.not one acknowledgement from them bar computer generated message immediately after sending to them.almost impossible to right messages with word suggestion etc on.never had a problem with any other phone.never had to enter so many basic words to dictionary.even when you write initials it changes it to different initials.write a name like changes it to senses.its like theres a little htc halfwit in my phone making sure they screw me over every way possible.then theres the not one person has given it the thumbs up and it screwed my phone up when i first downloaded it.i had to do factory reset to get my phone to probably would have recommended that if there was i just get bombarded with thennotification of it.tried force closing it by holding finger on notification to bring up on that brings up app settings but notification tick is greyed so only option is force close.slows down the notification coming thru but why would they insist on trying to get us to download somdthing thry acknowledge is crap.maybe to blame there substandard crap on the update.think htc still back in times of the first windows phone.they should have picked the diamond window

Posted by Jeff

I loved the HTC EVO and when I heard HTC 10 was being released I couldn't resist but buy one.

Never will I ever buy a phone from HTC again. They are a bunch of liars and cheats.

I pre-ordered my HTC 10 and got myself a 100 dollar discount as well as planning to send in my old phone for a 200 dollar return. It was a great deal.

A month later, I saw online that pre-orders had shipped, so I got excited and waited for my email that had my tracking number. A week later I still had nothing so I contacted Ted HTC about the problem.

I was told that there was an issue with my payment and they had to cancel it. I asked if I would still get my 100 dollar discount and they told me yes but I had to contact sales.

So after my order was cancelled, I called the sales department and told them the situation. Unfortunately they couldn't give me the discount because my order had been cancelled.

So I was a little salty about that, and ended up reordering the phone without the discount.

A few days later my order shipped. I checked my bank statement and saw that not only did I pay for one, but my payment for the first phone had processed 2 days after my reorder.

I contacted HTC and told them that that order was cancelled. Apparently it was never cancelled and payment was in fact good.

I told them I didn't need 2 phones and the issue that was prior.

They ended up giving me my 100 dollar discount and said they cancelled the second phones order. Which ended up being false because it still ended up shipping the next day.

I contacted HTC and started complaining since they lied to me. They told me they couldn't refund me but they could open up a case that could end up being a refund.

As of now, the second phone was shipped back which ended up being money out of my pocket because they wouldnt pay for shipping, and now I wait to see if I get my money back.

I just wanted an HTC 10, but that seems to be too hard for HTC to do for me. Never will I buy from them again.

Posted by prabu

Dont buy htc desire 526g+
My phone automatically android update and full corapte. Asking to customer service center. They said your ram closed. So your phone die. So please dont buy 526g+.

Posted by Anonymous

Been waiting for an unlock code for over a week after phone main board was replaced. No one ever calls back and get the run around every day. Very frustrated.

Posted by Ella

Honestly I bought a HTC Active headset from HTC. It broke after 3 uses and when telling HTC. I get the usual ping ponged about departments. Creating multiple requests for the same thing, only to be told you have a 14 days return policy regardless if the HTC is faulty.

Dealing with live chat doesn't make the situation any easier for,

Chat Transcript

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...

You are currently at position number 1 in the queue.

You have been connected to Ella.

Ayman el sawy: Hello

Ella: Hi Ayman, thank you for contacting HTC Support. How may I help you today?

Ayman el sawy: Can you advise me on the case I have open

Ella: I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your device. Can you describe the exact fault in a bit more detail, please?

Ayman el sawy: Hello ?

Ella: Can you describe the exact fault in a bit more detail, please?

Ayman el sawy: .....

Ayman el sawy: The headset is not working.

Ayman el sawy: Read the case.

Ayman el sawy: All the information is there.

Ayman el sawy: Its faulty.

Ella: Could you provide me with the IMEI number of the device? You can get the IMEI number by dialling *#06# on the device or it will be on your original box. On some models the IMEI number is printed on the SIM tray and on models with a removable battery, IMEI number can be found on the sticker underneath the battery.

Ella: I am sorry but I am not part of the email team

Ella: Can you please give me a short description of your case?

Ayman el sawy: Hello ?

Ella: Can you please give me a short description of your case?

Ayman el sawy:

Ayman el sawy: Headset is not working

Ayman el sawy: Headset intermittent.

Ayman el sawy: I don't know how else I can describe a faulty item

Ella: Could you provide me with the IMEI number of the device? You can get the IMEI number by dialling *#06# on the device or it will be on your original box. On some models the IMEI number is printed on the SIM tray and on models with a removable battery, IMEI number can be found on the sticker underneath the battery.

Ayman el sawy: Why do you need my IMEI ?

Ayman el sawy: Its a headset

Ella: To find out if I can arrange a repair for you

Ayman el sawy: No I don't need to provide that

Ayman el sawy: I bought a headset from you

Ella: Without IMEI number, I cannot proceed with the repair

Ayman el sawy: That doesn't make sense

Ayman el sawy: What if the purchaser bought it without buying a HTC headset ?

Ella: We are HTC support, so we are only dealing with HTC devices

Ayman el sawy: Ok I bought a HTC headset from HTC 1st of March 2016

Ayman el sawy: It's not working and I want a refund.

Ayman el sawy: Where is the confusion with my request ?

Ella: We do everything according to the limited warranty that comes with the phone and it is for the phone not the owner. We have not sold you the phone we are the manufacturer. You can find the warranty in full on this link:

Ayman el sawy: Yeah it says Im covered for 12 months on accessories.....

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Posted by Val64

I mailed my phone into the repair center in Memphis Tn . 2 days later I check status knowingithadnt been repaired but to make sure it had arrived. Well the information wasnt correct so I called. I start to get the run around until I inform them that I know its there due to UPS and whom signed for it. Then the person wanted me to make a new repair ticket claiming I had missed my 30 day repair ticket, Once I ask if I should email him my email from the repair center showing dates, he saidhe had to clear this through main office. So I just let him know about all the bad reviews that I had read and my phone better be repaired at no cost due to it was only 10 months old. So needless to say after all that my phone was repaired at no cost to me and in a quick manner. I mailed it with UPS on 11/12/2015 it arrived at repair center on 11/13/2015 and I got it back on 11/18/2015. It works like a new one and I am very pleased. I love HTC phones and didnt want to go toany other. Thanks HTC.

Posted by Anonymous


How're you lot doing today?

I'm a huge fan of HTC and have bought numerous HTC phones in the past; Legend, One X, One M7.

You guys have fantastic designs for your phones and seem to create a sturdy construction with quality materials.

Even the Iphone 6 has copied the HTC one M7 design (for the back anyway); that should give you an indication that you're doing a great job with design. Big fan of HTC Sense; don't screw it up! All the other Android skins are crap except for the native android feel.

I really want my next phone to be a HTC phone. I'm looking for a phone with not a good, but great camera. But am thoroughly disappointed that in the current landscape it seems you don't have a phone that can compete to the other offerings!

What are you guys doing?! Seriously, what do you base your success criteria on for a flagship phone. It MUST meet at a minimum the following:

- No lag in using any aspect of the phone!
- Great design
- A camera that performs Great, not good, GREAT! People will pay for this, so put the damn thing in!
- Keeping the phone up to date with releases
- Minimum 32GB of memory standard, In my opinion the MicroSD card is not required as long as you have 64/128gb offerings.

I'm sure there are a lot more criteria, but these certainly are the main ones!

I'm at a stage where I can choose between getting a stand-alone camera or a high spec'd phone with a better camera. I'd prefer to get a high spec'd phone with a better camera.

I really want you guys to succeed and i want my next phone to be a HTC phone!

You've let me down and now I have to look at crappy other brands, because of the camera side of things.

If you've ever seen the movie Jerry McGuire; "help me, help you!"!

Dude lebowski,
Big fan of HTC, but very disappointed that you guys haven't delivered!

Posted by Davezx6r

Ive just received my HTC One M7 back after 5days, sent in for repair due to the pink/purple camera haze issue...communication was great, collected the phone nxt day via UPS, fixed the issue and returned via UPS no problem... Id like to say its my first ever experience with HTC and im very very happy with the customer service I received. Thankyou HTC

Posted by Deemu Ch

lost my mobile

Posted by Anonymous

My family was checking into new cell phones in the Sprint store in Gurnee,IL. on May 27. Did not get the HTC man's name but his wife's name is Ann or Annie. He was extremely nice and very helpful. Will continue to buy HTC products. My family,mom and brother left with total of 6 HTC One M 9's.

Posted by Former HTC Customer

HTC has the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. I mean it is comical, I was not even mad. I just laughed. You want a good laugh? Try to have HTC fix serious problems with your


Let's start with the initial problem. HTC's stupid phone update is faulty. It took months for the update to mess up my phone almost completely. But, guess who got the word out about the faults in the software update? HTC? Nope. My phone company? Nope. It was people on Facebook and Twitter and various forums telling flipping s**t over how badly the status of their phone was deteriorating. FRIENDS! I thought to myself. We figured out the update installed an app that was not only faulty, but was not even used. There were no instructions about how to even use the thing when the update came, I didn't even know it was there. But, it gets better.

So, now my phone is at the point where I can't call anyone. I press the call button, and MAYBE 20 minutes later my phone will call the person. So, I go online to try to talk to HTC. I hate talking to representatives on the phone, so I decided to use more advanced ways of connecting with representatives. I tried to do the live chat; hours 8AM to 1AM. I don't know if those hours work backwards, but I went on at noon, 3PM, 5PM, and 10PM, and live chat was UNAVAILABLE. I went to Canada and Singapore HTC live chats. UNAVAILABLE. So finally, I got England. IT WAS AVAILABLE. So I click the "Chat Now! :-)" button all excited. "No representative is available for live chat at this time".

Okay, so fast forward to today. I e-mailed them that day by the way, I still have not received a response 3 weeks later. So I finally get into a live chat with someone. YES! I tell her my problem and guess what? She has to be the laziest and most irritating representative I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with in my life. This woman had the audacity to tell me to basically do everything myself. Factory reset your phone, go check for updates. I told the freaking woman that the reset did not work and the updates were the problem. Solution. "We don't have any more updates for you. Check with your carrier to see if they have any updates." CAN YOU FIX MY PHONE OR NOT!?!? Of course, I never said that to her. I was respectful throughout, but she seemed anxious to end the session. I soon learned why.....

So, I had enough of her. She provided no process to actually repair the phone In her mind, I was at fault because I wasn't hip to the all the updates. So I logged out of that chat to hopefully get a new representative in a new chat. What happens. "LIVE CHAT UNAVAILABLE".

So how did I eventually solve this issue? I walked straight outside and threw my phone at a tree. Yup, currently in the works of getting a new phone. Never HTC again, ever....

Posted by OD3N

First time I had to use htc customer service was when the charging port on my htc one quit working. I called customer service and was greeted by a friendly male voice that spoke good clear English "a rare occasion now" he took my information and sent a shipping lable to my email 2 days later I was told that I had to replace the screen "it was cracked but worked fine" for them to fix the charging port and the bill would be 180$ so i called customer service and said I couldn't afford 180$ the person said I could dispute the charges so I did and got the screen and charging port fixed for 100$ htc rules I will be a customer for life

Posted by Anonymous

I got assisted by a wonderful lady named Nora who was helpful and willing to go the extra mile. Problem was solved and I am very impressed!

Posted by chase

I have had to contact htc a few times now (about 5) and every time they are always very helpful and definitive. if they do not know the answer to my question they always forward me to a specialist in that position who knows what they are doing. the people also have always been a pleasure to work with

Posted by Anonymous

i am using htc one mini this one i buy before 7 month after 2 month its showing body cover complaint then i give for servicing in technocare dubai then they change after one month agen showing like that ...i fed-up with this

Posted by Alan

Only came here for a rant on Samsung UK,but then I'll have to give a plus comment for HTC.Most people come in here to report the bad parts.I had a HTC Sensation a couple years ago,bought second hand from ebay(still a few weeks old).After about a year of ownership,software problems.Looking online for a fix,found HTC customer service and without even intending it phone was booked in for them to pick up and have a look at it as it was in the 24 months manufacturer guarantee.After a few days,phone back,all good and working.
As for Samsung,they don't even bother to answer my emails/phone calls,phone collection was arranged but never heard of them again,and that was a few months ago.

Posted by Pushkar Tripathi

three day express delivery
like it

Posted by Pradeep

I had good success with HTC. I am facing screen display problem. HTC Customer care in India(MS) helped with replacement of display doing warranty service on within one week. I have read many bad report of customer care, but not in my case. Too good service from HTC CC,Kolhapur, Maharasthra India

Posted by sweetcoley

I just got off the phone with Justin from internet technical support. He was extremely nice and helpful, he even sounded pleasant considering it's a Saturday night and I'm sure he'd love to be anywhere else but at work. His attitude and patience made the 24 minute wait completely worth it. Thanks Justin!!!

Posted by Anonymous

It's nice to speak with an actual american who understands what you're saying. HTC was able to help me with my old Sensation 4G (even though it's out of warranty) and every person I talked to knew exactly what they were doing. HTC is a million times better than Indian support (Dell)

Posted by jewles

In july last year i brought a HTC desire C and by late november a crack had appeared in my screen. so i phoned HTC customer service service centre. After getting connected straight away i was speaking to a friendly and helpful advisor. After explaining what happened, he told me that my phone would have to go in for it to be repaired at my own cost but i dident mind cause it was my own fault. within a day my phone was picked up from my house within two days a repair quotes was sent to me at a very reasonable price and within another 2 days my phone was back with me working brillantly ! so i found htc to be helpful, understanding and brillant with the promise of a quite repaire !! thanks htc :)

Posted by Claire

just to say a massive Thank-you to HTC customer services for a very speedy, professional outcome to my daughters mobile phone. Her phone of just 2 months old wouldn't switch on or off !! We were sent a courier to pick it up ( free of charge to) the mobile was fixed an returned within a week. I was very impressed an will be eternally grateful to HTC for coming up trumps!! well done

Posted by John

I had a very positive customer service experience with HTC, so positive that I was driven to post it on-line (I normally don't bother either way).

My son's EVO tablet charging port broke, rendering the device unusable. We had purchased it a some deals site on line almost one year ago and had no original receipt, just the e-mail.

HTC mailed us return packaging, fixed the device, and mailed it back -- all within 10 days and totally free.


Posted by elh

We've had good success with HTC. They helped with an upgrade and are doing warranty service on a tablet.

Posted by Billy

Absolutely Fantastic! phone crashed and got stuck in recovery mode when updating, got on the phone to them they tried to help me over the phone (unfortunately nothing was sorted) however they sent a courier out the next morning (Tuesday at 9) got the phone back on Friday at 9. Will be sticking with HTC for a long long time i think! 10 Star customer service!

Posted by kabir yadav

I am using a htc wildfire.It got locked because of using the wrong guy's helped me a lot.They just fixed the issue only on the phone.i didn't need to go any where or at any service center.keep up the good work guy's.....kabir yaduvanshi.

Posted by Anonymous

Well where do i begin. the first thing is that it got me to a representative really fast which i liked. second thing is the help was very much needed and well gotten. lastly everything was great overall best ive seen BUT i couldnt hear them that well. my phone volume was all the way up and my phone goes super loud hope you can fix it thanks!

Posted by oomike

HTC is a respectable company for releasing high quality phones and quickly responding to customer questions.

Posted by aj

Great service took ten min to get a replacement .. when I called an American answered and took care of me asap replacement is on its way .. keep up the good service Thankx HTC .... Arkansas

Posted by Alex B

Purchased an HTC EVO back in October. Had some issuse setting up Microsoft outlook work email. Call tech support and the problem was resolved in minutes.

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Posted by HTCdoesntcare

I worked for HTC Tech Support in the US and I feel bad for customers that call in and I cannot resolve their issues or help. The supervisors are lazy and not at all helpful, they rather an agent send an email then take a call from customers. If you call in with an issue, expect to call in repeatly, provide the same info and maybe get a answer. Management is disorganized and not all agents are on the same level or even provided with the same information making it very hard to know what to do and what procedures to follow. Worst company I have ever worked for and I would NEVER purchase a HTC device because of the service and issues.


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