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HSBC customer service is ranked #834 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.79 out of a possible 200 based upon 558 ratings. This score rates HSBC customer service and customer support as Terrible.


548 Negative Comments out of 558 Total Comments is 98.21%.


10 Positive Comments out of 558 Total Comments is 1.79%.

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    • 20.79 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 548 negative comments (98.21%)
    • 10 positive comments (1.79%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Had some coins to pay in today ( Saturday) so visited our local branch only to find it closed. Decided to take the trip into town ( Sutton Coldfield) as I thought this was sure to be open. Thankfully it was however on approaching the paying in desk found this to be closed. I was approached by a member of staff ( one of several who were wondering around watching customers using self service machines) who told me the paying in desk was only staffed Mon - Fri and I would have to come back on one of those days. I told her that this was very difficult for me due to work commitments and as I was off on holiday in the next few days I needed to pay the cash in. Her only recommendation was to try the bank in central Birmingham ( have you ever tried getting in and out of there on a Saturday ? ) or to use as paying in machines in a supermarket where commission is charged. I returned home with the cash having paid a parking charge of £1.40 so you can imagine how I feel about the bank right now. Come on HSBC - if you are going to open your doors on a Saturday a facility to pay in coinage is a basic requirement. My advice is to take one of the staff off the entrance lobby as most of the time they are chatting to each other or the customers or standing watching them and put someone on that desk. That way you might get a decent rating for giving customers the service they are looking for.

Posted by HSBC's Nightmare

I could probably write a whole book of complaints against HSBC's bad service for being with them up till now after a decade+. Yes I will definitely close my account/s with them as soon as my autopayments with HSBC gets completed this October. For the most part their incompetence is beyond me. They seem to be trained to get the customer to do their jobs for them so that their lives/jobs will be easier. They excel at making sure the customer gets so angry before they do what they are supposed to do. My recent one with them is the delivery of my phone banking pin to an HSBC branch from Philippines to China. Of course they would insist that it's their security rules to deliver to their Branch instead of directly to my address they have on me in their files. Funny thing is they said that I should give them their HSBC Branch address her that it should be delivered to. Whats the security there? Shouldn't it be the other way round? So then after more than a month of following it up someone called me finally. To my surprise it was the Courier service delivery guy not the HSBC Branch. He was asking which floor I was in the HSBC building. It was hilarious at first and told him I am a customer not an HSBC employee. I directed him to just deliver it to them and tell them to give me a call when to pick it up. But he said they don't want to accept it because they do not know me. At that point it wasn't funny anymore. Specially when I tried to inform/remind the HSBC officer that it was they their SOP/rules to have documents like these delivered to their branch and they should accept it and tell me when I can pick it up. But she replies to me oooh sorry I am not HSBC HR I do not know the rules. Wow... just wow!

Posted by Anonymous

There customer service centre is always busy. Trying to reach them since past 1 week. Worst bank experience i ever had!!!!

Posted by Dissapointed

Worst bank i have come across. I went to one of their branch in malaysia to open a basic saving accounts as i need to deposit hsbc cheque issued to me. What a shock when they refuse to allow the account. The way treated me is like i stole a cheque n trying to deposit it. Really sucks. I have account in maybank n their service is excellent n they know how to treat their clients. Hsbc should have well trained n polite staffs.

Posted by Pissed Customer

Incompetent and disgusting bank.
89% excellent customer service? Eat a bag of coal.

Signed up for a credit card and a 5k loan approval. Got the credit card but man was the 5k difficult.

1st week: "We've approved your loan. Expect the money by next week."
2nd week: "Experiencing problems with the system. You should get the money by this week. Recheck often to confirm."
3rd week: "Expect the money at the end of this week."
4th week: "Your loan of 5k was declined. Please try again in 3 more months. Would you like anything else?"

Yes. Please shove your poor customer service up where the sun doesn't shine. I'd rather use Maybank. I'm cancelling the credit card soon as well because nope.


Disgusting Bank.

Hsbc Singapore Do Not Honour The Commitment Of Its Agent, Customer Service Officers. How To Trust Further Conversation And Promise By Its Customer Service Officer. It Make You Wait For More Than 3 Months. Upon Complaint, Have To Wait For More Than 2 Weeks.
The Customer Service Officer Does Not Know Who Its Ceo Is.
They Do Not Know Reveal The Contact Tel Of The Custoer Service Managers.
What Nonsense Are They Are Taling About Meeting Customer Service Commitment And Achieving Service Excellence.

Sickening Bank.- Pooor Customer Service, Poor Marketting, Poor Managers And Not Delivering On Promises.


Hsbc Singapore. Bank Claimed To Achieve Service Quality. Achieving Service Excellence.
Nonsense. Disgusting Bank.

Waited For More Than 3 Months. Cheated Of Spend With Its Card And Not Honouring Of Giving Its Gift.
Terrible Customerr Service, Terrible Email Service, No Customer Service Manager
Ceo Couldnt Be Bothered.

No Wonder Negative Feedback Of 98%. Bank Need To Learn From Local Banks In Handling Complaints And Even Foreign Bank Like Standard Chartered, Citibank!
Disgusting Hsbc


Hsbc Terrible Service. Bank That Does Not Honour Its Word.
Customer Service Unable To Address. Email To Direct Also Hopeless.
Email To Ceo, No Acknowleggement.
No Customer Service Manager.

Been Cheated By The Bank. Disgusting Bank


Hsbc Do Not Honour What They Advised To Customers On Their Credit Card. At Promotion Advised On Min Spend Of $500. Upon Receipt Of Card, Confirmed. And After Spending Again Confirmed. Told To Wait For Few Months.
When Redemption Not Followed Up, Upon Calling They Went Back On Their Words And Change The Amount To Be Spend. Each Call Need To Wait For Weeks And Still No Outcome. How To Trust A Back Like Hsbc When They Do Not Even Honour Their Words. Their Customer Service Is Horrible. Not Call Back Whatsoever. Asked For Email Id Of Ceo But Cs Unable To Advise And Also Appropriate Person To Talk To
Look At Their Phone Message. Disgusting Back!

Posted by Trish

Ridiculously long waiting time when calling the under paid & clearly under-staffed people at the call centre.
Is HSBC too poor to afford more than the bare minimum skeleton staff?
They should prioritise callers whose payments they block for random fraud checks. I would never choose to call you banksters unless you forced me to.

Posted by Betty

I've called HSBC to issue my stolen ATM card. I was greeted by a person whose English was impossible to understand due to strong accent, who asked me to verify myself using the phone banking pin. He then informed me that the system is not working and he needs to ask me some verification questions:
1) The first question was the expiry date on my card! I told him the reason I call them is, I don't have the card anymore, so he took this as I failed to answer.
2) Second question was if I have any recurring payments on my account and I said yes. Then he asked what account? I was confused and asked him what he means several times and then read my account number again.

Spending 30 mins on the phone trying to make sense of the so irrelevant questions was very frustrating.

Posted by Racerx

i had a personal loan with them and it is impossible, I mean literally impossible to talk to a living person at this place. if and when you get a live person they transfer you to the wrong place or provide incorrect numbers which starts the chase all over again.

DO NOT Take a auto loan from these peopel you will chase them for ever to get your title once paid off.

Posted by Anonymous

My spouse died and trying to get the mortgage squared away has been a nightmare. I have the appropriate documents 4 times already and nothing has been accomplished. They keep putting me off as a possible foreclosure date draws ever nearer.

Posted by Disappointed

For over 5 years I've been trying to close an account with HSBC makes no difference if I visit the branch, phone them or write to them they will not close my account. When I first asked them to close it my balance was around 500 is now down to barely 200 dollars because HSBC keep applying dormant account charges to the account. Meanwhile it's over 5 years since they last sent me cards to use so I can't access the account to use it.
So HSBC is preventing me from using my account but charges me for not using it.
My advice to anyone considering opening an account......DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER HSBC.

Posted by rachel

I am standing on line at hsbc in Georgetown Brooklyn ny for more than 4 minutes waiting to make a deposit and there are 18 people behind me and 4 in front of me.People argued,complained about the situation.It is only 2 clerks at the counter.Please this is abuse to the customers. Abuse to these 2 employees.please hire more people to work.Hsbc,please stop causing pain, suffering

Posted by Anonymous

I very disappointed with HSBC.I had cleared all my credit card outstanding balance and cancelled my credit card on 8/4/16.I had called up their customer service and credit card center to make sure all debt cleared.All of them told me that all outstanding cleared and no more credit card account under my name.I request to have cancellation confirmation of letter and they promised will mail to me.Guess what,I received hsbc credit card statement after 2 weeks and ask me to make payment!!And I not yet receive my confirmation letter!so I called up hsbc,that person told me he will transfer my issue to another department to check, he said may be I no need to pay that amount.May be??why should I pay seem i already close the account and he asked me to wait for 3 to 5 days for their reply!!I feel so upset and I will never sign up anything with hsbc anymore and thinking to close my saving account also.

Posted by Tammy

yes, there is probably no one in 24/7 customer service or they are multitasks. You cant talk to anyone.. i mean anyone!!! You can only left a message at their website for them to call you within 24hrs. If it is not urgent why we hv to call? If I can wait for more than 4hrs its not urgent anymore! What kind of customer service is this? The worst experience i have.

Posted by Anonymous

I think I'm going to have nightmares because of this tune. Since you're rude enough not to hire people that can actually help your customers you could at least have good taste in music...

Posted by Anonymous

I'm really starting to feel that noone actually works at customer service anymore. You could just say that on your website "We no longer hire humans and you will be left alone holding onto your phone while we play you a horrible tune for hours on end without being able to ever sort out whatever issue you might be trying to sort out". Starting to feel a little bit like a Kafka novel.

Posted by Anonymous

It's now been 1h waiting for a human voice to come up from the other side of the line. Thanks for the amazing service. Please do keep me on hold for a bit longer because I haven't got a job to go to or a life to be lived.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been waiting for 40min to get connected to customer service and I'm still waiting! What's going on? I haven't got all day for this!

Posted by richtormey

I sent a letter on the 9th. of march 2016 and have not heard anything back? I send it to the research department regarding my loan in 2008 with beneficial. That loan should have beeen paid off by you because I had three insurance coverages.And you only paid for because of this my credit score has been affected for year's.The loan number was .Look at it and straighten it out please.The loan was sold to someone else and now second round has it.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been trying to reach a live person at HSBC for the past 2 days
Even after it says to hold once you have a rotary phone it kicks it back to where you must press a button or it will hang up on you!
I hate that everything is so damn impersonal with every branch hiring less tellers and more ATMs! I'm on my 40s and I hate having everything automated
Can't ask a damn machine a question !!!!

Posted by HSBC RIP

Today is my last dealing with HSBC. My FD, Current, Savings and only credit card with HSBC for more than 10 years. paid all my credit card auto debit since my start of getting HSBC credit card though their credit limit sucks compare to others.

Last 2 years, came when I needed most, my dad was dignosed with stomach cancer and requires surgery the next day and was admitted. I called HSBC to extend my credit card limit as stated its for hospital deposit, waited 3 hours and no news, called them and they say still processing. Pursuade hospital to admit my dad first while I rush out to withdraw my FD from HSBC. On my way, what pisses me off is my credit rating, I don't owe HSBC, I make full payment each time, and my FD is enough to use as collateral, yet no one call. But owing at that time priority is my dad, I rushed out, 2 hours and back to hospital with a bank draft. after 2-3 days, HSBC called up and say my credit card limit is approved. WTF !

Sadly my dad cancer spread too far and after 2 weeks, he passed away. I called HSBC credit card center to verified if the credit limt extended and they confirmed, hence I paid the funeral with HSBC credit card.

after the funeral, 3-5 days later, HSBC collection center calls and insist I paid these funeral fee as it way pass overdue. I ask them to check with approval center whom approve and extend my credit limit, else how in the first place will the card transaction went thru ? next day or day after, another collection center call and SMS me sametime asking for the balance payment to be paid. I told them, HSBC have approve my credit, secondly, when HSBC next statement comes, it will be paid OR should I say auto deduct the full amount.

It seems HSBC collection center and approval center do not talk to each other and make us customer to suffer. I even told them the extension of credit is not to buy a designer bag, expensive electrical items BUT for hospital.

I decided thereafter to cancel all my account with HSBC with balance 1 savings account which my dad open for me, 30+ years ago. and today when I went to perform a bank draft, it was an unpleasant experience and will definitely close my savings. If my dad is able to haunt someone, it will be HSBC.

Posted by Vivien

I am a customer of HSBC and visting your branch at Beach Street Georgetown, Penang Island Malaysia on 16.02.16. There a quite a long queue and less staff servicing at the counter but you have 3 female staff standing at the numbering counter (ticketing) to press ticket for the customer, for what 3 staff there, is useless, we as a customer we know and we understand what to selection to choose and you may need 1 staff to standby there. I have already explain to the staff what i need to do and still she guide me to the wrong section and wasting my time waiting over there.I am so disappointed with the service and looking forward for an improvement of your service field in near future.

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Posted by HSBC - Thank you Surin

Glad to have spoken to Ms Suring Kaur and Balan. They made good effort to address the issue faced by the customer, listening and and making up for the tiring experience of the customer after a long ding-dong of almost 3 weeks.
However communication between the Marketing team and Customer Service need to be much improved. Where Marketing team who made the decision are not answerable to the customers, it leaves the Customer Service at the mercy of the Marketing team and in a dilemma to wait for its response and thereafter convey the decisions of the Marketing team to the customers. More empowerment should be given to the Customer Service team.

Posted by Andrew

Having dealt with a number of 'professionals', on the telephone, - throughout this tough week - speaking to Sajal at HSBC was a breath of fresh air. She was both professional and warm in her approach to dealing with my call and I felt assured I was understood and that she was doing her utmost to assist. With a renewed sense of loyalty in Hsbc business banking. Andrew

Posted by T*KH

Wow, jz within 1 hr I dropped complaint form to HSBC, their customer service representative had called me. Everything were getting done now. Hooray!
I cant pronound the girl name, anyway, thanks for your courtesy n fast action. Luv u...
For those who facing same problem, u may try to contact them by drop them a feedback/complaint/general enquiry form (visit HSBC website). They will response to it.

Posted by Hari

My loan was rejected. Credit Sudhaar was my choice. Initially they were slow. But their counsellors were able to handle all my queries. I will give Credit Sudhaar a positive review

Posted by a happy customer!

Banked with HSBC for years. Never had a customer service problem. Always excellent fast service. Last month handled a problem with check account in under 5 minutes. My hats off to Sarah B.

Posted by A. Smith

I needed to contact a live person to see about having my name removed as an authorized user on my ex-husband's account. This was adversely affecting my credit score. I used the tips on this site to get a live person in new accounts and he transferred me to the appropriate department where I received fast, friendly service and my request was immediately taken care of. The direct number for HSBC credit card accounts and the Capital One accounts that they also manage is 888-385-8916. Hope this helps!

Posted by Kalab

I recently had a problem with my account. Thank you to Dan B. in the Buffalo office for his help. He was great and cleared the problem fast and easy. I appreciate it!

Posted by Anonymous

I have nothing but great things to say about the service I received recently trying to track down a BillPa payment that never got where it was supposed to. True, I had to resort to subterfuge to reach the HSBC Pres. office but once there, a Michael Hainz handled the matter with total professionalism and dispatch.

J. Miller

Posted by Patel

I am shopping frequently at Bergner's in Galesburg, IL. During my shopping I came across following employees:
a) Bridgett Teel
b) Margaret Lindsey
c) Sherry Williams
d) Betsy Clark
These employees made my shopping experience very pleasurable and because of them I am keep coming back to shop at Bergner's. These employees are great and more valuable asset to your company. They have shown real professionalism towards customer expectations. They are more knowledgeable and very helpful. Their customer service and knowledge is impeccable. I highly praise them for their excellent customer service and job well done by them.
I, my self is a business woman and I know how hard it is to get a good employee. You have these four GEMS in your company and they deserve KUDOS for job well done.

Posted by Anonymous

Always very very good

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Posted by Anonymous

Some of the Team Leaders at HSBC Call centre do not know how to treat the sub-ordinates under them.They insult them so badly or even are not concerned about helping the employee itself, that there is no scope of performance of the employee itself.

Posted by rrraaawww22

i am a customer service rep for HSBC in the UK, and i believe that we are all wrongly labelled as 'useless' etc..
our centre has a fantastic 89% excellent customer service figure...
you should all think twice before slagging us off, we're not all as bad as you say.


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