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HR Block customer service is ranked #269 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 41.03 out of a possible 200 based upon 43 ratings. This score rates HR Block customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


38 Negative Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 88.37%.


5 Positive Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 11.63%.

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    • 38 negative comments (88.37%)
    • 5 positive comments (11.63%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Good thing I walked out. When I saw the price the "Professional" tried to dodge and explain half-heartedly, I left. When the idiot tried to say I was committing a crime leaving, I said go call the cops. I'm not stealing anything because I'm not obligated to stay if I don't like the service. Don't go to them. They're extortionists.

Posted by Anonymous

Disgusting jerks. There'd be more to say, but it'd be all profanities, so I can't. All I can say is that there's a good place in the place of religious fire of punishment when they die. You literally need no soul or ounce of good in order to work there. Just being a customer to get taxes done, how cavalier they treat other people's sensitive tax returns is cause for alarm itself. Not for me anymore. Anything but H&R Block.

Posted by Anonymous

I filed my taxes with H&R block and did the refer a friend with two people but only received one of the $25 dollar gift cards they said they sent two (after I complained about not receiving the second one) and they will not issue me the second card so I will not refere any one else to H&R block and I will never file my taxes there again

Posted by Anonymous

I chose the 23.99 for my son who is a student .By the time I was done they wanted to take about 89.09 out of my sons federal refund. So iI chose no to file electronically . First of all I was charred 29.99 plus tax . The site I started on said no code needed. Another thing if I new you needed a printer I would of never never went with H&R block . Their for I feel I have been ripped off. Because his taxes are actual

Posted by Anonymous

I have used H&R Block in Charles Town, WV for years and have always been pleased. I moved to Raleigh, NC this year and as always chose H&R block to prepare my taxes! HUGE MISTAKE! I checked my IRS refund status weeks later and it appears the person who prepared my taxes never filed them. The receptionist said it was a "software udate" that interrupted the filing. Why did no one check to see if all taxes had gone through that day? Luckily, I then checked my state taxes and found that the same person had transposed my address on 3 of the pages. Don't these folks proofread and follow up???? Called to ask for help and got NO help. They just kept reciting what I could already see on-line. Never again!

Posted by Anonymous

Had my taxes down with a very fine person, however since H & R Block has gone corporate ??? The fee I was charged of $360 was outrageous. After 10 years I will not return next year nor will I refer any of my friends to H&R Block and you have lost a very good client with a lot of referrals. My income was $21,500 for the year Marie L Kosich

Posted by Island Rose

The COUPONS of $25 they give you or given by some of their clients?? Jeeze, it meant nothing. Just some marketing Strategy,. They do not even scan the bar codes!! DO NOT USE H & R!!!

Posted by Island Rose

I have been living in the US since 2009. I asked other people to do my Income tax returns where I just paid between $120-150 each time (between 2009-2011) and they were very good.I got married and he had a CPA friend who did it for Free. But my beloved husband passed away March last year and I am left on my own tackling all the documents done. I thought it would a good idea to consult an H & R Consualtant. Whoaa! I got charged $360 (after begging Archibald, of 2407 Kirkwood Highway Wilmington DE ) that I am a ne widow and I am not expecting to pay this much. I inquired with 2 other people who said their fees are $120 and 130 with the other guy. I dont know why I went to H & R, as recommended by an old colleague.. And that I was on the way to that area where the H & R Office is... I even emailed this Archie before I went there for an appointment, telling him that I am a widow who just lost my husband and I have enumerated the kind of documents I was bringing. Also I asked how much would that be. When I got to his office at 1 pm, he right away did my taxes which is good. But MY GOD!!! He said that I am being charged $425 ! That is for just an hour work!!! It is ridiculously expensive! NEVER Again! the following day, I went on YOUTUBE and listened to some lectures. As a widow, I should be given the deductions as a qualifying widow for the amount of $10,900. I have emailed Archie right away.. Waiting for reply.. I dont see this amount on the form I came home from H & R Block..I dont know this tasing system here in the USA.. I am learning the hardest way!!!

Posted by Pmcfadden26

Been going to h&r block 10 years ... never again will I go back and I'll be sure not to recommend anyone there either

Posted by Arigby68

There always seems to be an issue with H&R Block! They are more than happy to take your money( which should be half of what they charge) but when their filing is screwed up don't bother calling because they will always put the blame on the IRS. They e-filed my taxes on the 19th and they were excepted on the 21st and mine along with other H&R Block returns are being delayed. I filed my sons taxes a week later using FREE Turbo Tax(yes mine was also EZ) and he has received his refund. I will NEVER use H&R Block again!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had my 2012 and 2013 taxes prepared and both years the state taxes were done incorrectly. We received a tax bill back from VA stating we owe almost $3000. Have been getting the run around saying that because we didn't purchase POM they were not responsible for the errors, even though they stated that it was the computer software error. I asked to have the preparation fee reimbursed as it was their error and nothing has been done. "Out of their hands" Can't speak to anyone above the original tax preparation person.

Posted by REFFJM

So, I moved from NYS to Tennessee and have never filed taxes with H&R Block before. Being a "Nationally Recognized" company, I figured what could go wrong. Well plenty did and I have had no resolution.

So here goes:

My wife and I go into the Dandridge TN H&R Block office to have our taxes done. We meet with Dave Mcadoo, employee of H&R Block. He looks at our paperwork and W2's. He inputs all data into the computer and states that we are getting over $6000 from the feds. My wife and I are excited. But then in the same breath, Mr. Mcadoo states that he was wrong, we owe the feds over $6000 dollars. Our hearts sank and we went on like this for a few minutes. Then Mr. Mcadoo states that he should fix the errors on the form that were highlighted. The errors are fixed and we are now getting just over $900 back from the feds. What a roller coaster ride. The federal side of the taxes are now complete and it costs me $260.00 dollars. For the NY State side of the taxes, they have to be completed by Vito, an H&R Block representative in NC, who is licensed to complete NYS taxes.

So my state taxes are sent to Vito. No extra costs were discussed by Mr. Mcadoo so I figured that the $260 dollars I just paid encompasses all taxes. I was wrong.

After a week, I get a call from Vito in NC and he needs my credit card as I am to be charged another $74 dollars to have my NYS taxes done. I am slated to get a return of $94 dollars from NYS. So after stewing over this, I have to pay the new fee to have my state taxes done.

In the meantime, Mr. Mcadoo calls me and states that he has to file an amendment to my federal taxes as he forgot to add my state taxes into it. So for the first time ever, I have to file an amendment to my taxes. With the corrected error I have to go into H&R Block and pick up the amendment and I have to pay to have the amendment mailed, even though this was not my error. Why do I have to mail the taxes, what am I paying H&R Block for. So I have to pay almost $10 dollars to mail my amended federal taxes.


No being happy at this experience thus far, I file a complaint with H&R Block via phone. I am given a complaint number but that was it. No phone call, no resolution, nothing. No one called me and I had to follow up with them four times. Finally I was given the answer to contact the H&R Block branch that I filed my taxes with. I will get to that issue soon.

So my taxes are done. I have my federal money and I am waiting for my $94 dollar state return. That $94 dollar return never comes, instead I get a bill from NYS tax and finance that states I owe them $712 dollars in taxes and fees.

I call H&R Block immediately but now it is off tax season so I cannot reach anyone.

So now I have to do leg work myself. I call NYS tax and finance office. What I find out is unbelievable. I have my state tax form that was completed by Vito. Speaking with NYS tax and finance, we compare the form that I have and the form that they received. The state tax return forms are different, from the one I have and the one NYS has. WHAT. Boxes and values are different. MY states that I get money back and NYS states that I owe them.

Now I am steamed.

I finally get a hold of H&R Block and speak with a representative. They are amazed. So now another amendment has to be done to correct the errors, and guess who has to mail it to NYS. Oh yeah, me again.

So now I go to the Dandridge TN H&R Block office and finally meet with the franchise owner, Jeremy. I go into my story with him, advising him or how messed up my taxes are and how disappointed I am. As I spoke, I realized that I was wasting my time and breath as Jeremy rolled his eyes about four times. When I finished, his response is that its a computer glitch and he stated " your taxes got done"

What a mess and corporate should be very disappointed at their franchise for this mess. I am very disgruntled, disappointed and will never use H&R Block again. I will make sure that I am very vocal about this experience, as I have yet to speak to anyone from the company that actually gives a hoot. I have had no resolution and still wonder what I spent my money on. I also question the quality of H&R Block employees that are suppose to be experienced and skilled.

Feel free to have someone of value or higher position to give me a shout back if they would like to discuss this further.

Joseph Reff


Posted by CUSTOMER

I have a great idea! How about giving your supervisors phone numbers!! And have your district supervisors read some of the reviews about the uneducated, idiots you have working for you in your local offices!!! And put a working number on your web site!! You can contact me by phone; 214-998-6569 or email; I also have an active ( LOL ) case with customer service CID# 1079025, that initiated on March 28th and is still unresolved and I have yet to hear from anyone!!! I have made so many calls to your 800 customer service number that they know my voice!!!!DO SOMETHING, ANSWERE ME, GET THIS RESOLVED!!!!!! And PS to anyone out there, DO NOT USE H&R BLOCK FOR ANYTHING, UNLESS YOU ENJOY DEALING WITH INCOMPETENT IDIOTS!!!

Posted by Jince

I came to US only in August 2014 and my case is a perfect example of the level of knowledge H&R has in Tax return preparation.I filed my Tax Return with the help of H&R in salt lake city UTAH. They made a mess of it. At first they filed my tax return along with the ITIN application, you won't believe without my Spouse's name in the Tax return. Then when the ITIN application was rejected, they created a new Tax return with my spouse's name in it, but they didn't file it as an amendment. They just created it as a new return and IRS treated it as duplicate. Now IRS asked me to wait for four months to get my Refund since the duplicates will be worked on manually. Irony is that person who did my tax return boasted of years of experience. If that wasn't enough they didn't tell me that I have to send in a separate TAX return copy to State tax department as well, which I later found myself that there is such a process. Al together a night mare experience with them.

Posted by transpose

Today is 5/9 and this is my second call to HrBlock Customer service. Both calls went for 60mins+ and the second one just dropped dead while the supervisor was talking to me. I have been a regular customer of H&R Block for 6 years, using their premium version for past 2 years. I had bought their tax software and my box went kaput when I was not around and I called to get a refund for it. They created a case id and told that they would call me and after a month I called and they seem to have deleted the case since th days had expired. I had already told the expiry was due to m being absent and my box going kaput and they could be considerate and excuse and refund the money for a software that I am not using. But they stuck to their own story of how one dept is a case creator while other dept is supposed to act and I need to call the other dept. They can circle back, call me or email me when they have all things about me and here they are just making you feel frustrate and give up. This is what you get for being regular customer.I am going to ask all of you regulars to leave this company and switch since you get no good customer service by this company. It does not know how to handle good customers.

Posted by Rod manis

I was trying to file an extension last nite your online tax service keep saying the deadline to file was april15 and that deadline had passed. It was9 pm on April 15 since I live in Alaska I had 3 hours left. Was very dissatisfied with this problem in your system

Posted by NewYorkCityStorm

OMG....I'm tired and frustrated and I have gotten absolutely nowhere.

Today is 4/14/15. Taxes are due tomorrow. I brought in my tax return a bit over a week ago. I have heard nothing in return. I have called 3x, I have stopped into the office. Each person has said they will call me back and let me know what the status is. NOTHING!!

Today, I called and was insistent to get information. I was told "make an appointment." I was asked if my taxes were finished. I was told, "the only way you will find out is by coming in." What the......

Is this all part of a great trick to extort me for a great fee? If I don't like what news I get, what is my recourse? PLEASE - don't tell me that I should have brought in my taxes earlier. If that were the case, then H&R Block should never have accepted my tax preparation.

H&R Block talks a big talk. Results are non-existent.

I'm really aggravated. I am very, very busy at work and do not have the time to fight this right now.

I now have an appointment for 4:00 PM tomorrow - 4/15/15. I'm not sure if I am going and getting results or not. No one will return my call and no one will tell me anything.

I just received a confirmation of my appointment for tomorrow. You'd think that I were a new client and coming in for the first time. It confirmation tells me what to bring to have my taxes done.

AVOID all this. There as GOT to be a better way. I like my tax preparer, but the people that answer the phones and supposedly handle Customer Services are totally STUPID.

Do I get a discount for your stupidity?

When I get the bill what choice do I have but to pay it at this last minute?

I think the word is extortion.

I tried to contact a supervisor. Left a message. NO REPLY. Gee...and would I have expected something else?

Posted by kprovost19

If I Could give this place negative stars, I would. I'm not one to yelp, or do online rating, but my experience with this specific location, as well as H & R Block customer service to resolve this issue has been horrifying. I made an appointment with a gentleman who was supposedly an accountant for H & R for ten years. When he called me back to his cubicle he asks me "Am I doing your taxes?" I was thrown back considering my appointment was specifically scheduled with him. In the start of my process he didn't even acknowledge when I told him I was referred (because they have a referral program) AND that I was there for the 50% Off Last Years Tax Cost promo. After almost THREE HOURS of me helping him throughout the computer system, suggesting the RIGHT buttons to click, my taxes were $2,000 less than they have ever been in previous years, and he charged me almost $600 just to file there. When I asked him to explain the drastic differences between this years and last, he told me he couldn't because I didn't have my taxes done there the year before, EVEN THOUGH I brought everything I had from the year before for the 50% off I never received, I was dumbfounded. Because he was the only one left in the office by the end of my "experience" I payed and left, it was obvious he wouldn't be able to help me resolve and of my issues or concerns, figuring I'd call the 800 number the next day to get help. I was told they would send me a refund, to wait 3-5 days for a follow up call. It's been 3 weeks! After a few check in phone calls, where I'm told they are "still investigating" I have heard nothing. Worst tax experience of my life, and I still have to pay someone else to over look what he did and figure out why I received 2 grand less than ever before. Biggest mistake and regret going to this place!!!! Don't do it!!

Posted by joshsitter

Hello H&R Block customers my name is Josh and let me tell you a story of how horrible H&R Block treated me, a loyal customer of 22 years... SO i am an author and a traveler so I left Canada for five years to write my first book. How to Grow a Mask, so when I came back I went to my "Tax Specialist" the woman Tatiana who works at the H&R Block on the Drive in vancouver. Misinformed me about my GST, and didnt talk to me about the Student Loans warning that came up on the screen from the CRA. at the end of the time together she then needed me to help with tech support as well as calling into the help desk line of H&R because she didnt now her own systems.

SO 6 hours later and 640$ to file you would think that this was bad enough, however this is where H&R block really showed how they dont care about the customer after they get their money.... Well i I went home and called my student loans (the next thing on my list to get my self all caught up with everything) and while making arrangements with them, the lady on the line said "I hope you havent filed your taxes your yet, because you should call us first and make arrangements so we dont take all of your refund." You would have thought that your "Tax Specialist" would have informed you of this... mine didnt... I was paying for the tax preparation with H&R by their new system called Pay With Refund. SO knowing that there may not be any money going into the account that they set up. I (because i am a good person) went into the office on the Drive, to inform them that they may not be receiving the payment. Because it was the right thing to do, while there Tatiana started to get worried that i would not come back to pay, when I informed her that i would not have come in today if i was planning on not paying H&R, remember i have loyality to them for 22 years. where she then said, "I hope not, because if you dont we will put u in collections" and in not so little words accusing me of trying to rip off H&R Block... So i walked away from the office.

So i started to call in to the CRA to watch the process of my return, because when the refund was received i could apply to have half given back to me. the "Tax Specialist" during my preparation, Tatiana informed me that i was getting my GST rebates. So when i found out that because i was not living in the country that i did not qualify for the GST. I asked Tatiana while i was there about the GST an she informed me that I was going to get it, I believed her because she was my "Tax Specialist"...

the next day i went back to the office (4th time now) to complain and show how i was not happy about paying over 600 dollars for them to do my tax preparations and have so many issues. the branch manager Keith then told me that he understood my frustration and to call the head office. so I went home and did just that. after being on hold for 10 mins i got through to a woman that took all my information and complaint, she informed me that a regional manager would call me in the next 1 or 2 days.

I waited for the call.. after 3 days i decided to call back. i started to talk to this lady... and i was now starting to be really frustrated and annoyed by H&R block. I told her that i called a couple days ago and that i was to receive a call that i ever did. This just continued to add to my annoyance. after expressing my annoyance for H&R block, she got angry and hung up the phone. this did not make me happy not one bit... I did as all of you would i called right back....

And guess who picked up... yup the same lady... With out even giving my information again i asked for a manager, because the last CSR hung up on me. The lady on the line realized that it was the last call and she told me that there was no manager on then after realizing that it was the person who she hung up on, magically pulled a manager out of her.... hat.

so this is the first time that I spoke to Gloria... She informed me that she would help me resolve this and that she would take care of me... so after listening to me and my complaint. she informed me that she would be passing the information on to the Regional Manager and the District manager. She promised me that they would call me that day, and if i had any problems to call her directly and she would be there to help.

well the evening came and went, the next early afternoon i decided to call Gloria back... the first call she was away from her desk, so i left my name number and reference number. the CSR told me that she would call right back... Almost 2 hours passed so I called again the next CSR told me "she isnt here, i just got back from lunch and i dont know where anyone is at the moment" (very professional) so again i left my details.. the third call that i did after not having my calls returned. the CSR tells me she is in meetings. mind you this is now in the later afternoon and still no call from the regional or district managers.

Then out of the blue I get a phone call, I think Great i can get this finalized now. I felt, as i still do, that i did not receive the service that I paid for and i want my money back or for at least the 3 years that i was not getting my GST for. so when I answer the phone who it is!! Keith the store manager that i had originally spoke to that gave me the number to the head office.... H&R Block had put me in a giant horrible customer service loop, if any of you have been in customer service you know that this is an immortal sin... And what is he offering me as compensation?.... a discount on next years taxes.... WOW really... So if u go into a coffee shop, and get a coffee soo bad that you actually complain about it. The last thing you want is a discount for another ****ty coffee for the next time u come. Not even a free cup but just a discount... Well I informed Keith that this was not good and that i was promised that a district or regional manager would be calling me. (Just a long list of broken promises delivered to me by H&R Block) Keith apologised that the managers didnt call me and then told me that he would inform them that I was expecting a phone call from them.

more hours pass and no call from Gloria or a district/regional manager, so i wait... I decided to call Keith back and see if he even contacted the Manager. So i was on hold again (I am now in the hours wasted on hold now because of this whole fiasco) finally when i got through to Keith again he informed me that the manager knew and would call. so i hung up and then saw that i had a missed call of 2 mins before i hung up. i quickly listen to the Voice mail and hear the district manager tell me that he tried calling and would call now in the morning.... I called the number back asap.. no answer...

a little while later I see another missed call, i listen to the voicemail once again and hear Gloria she tells me that she is leaving the office in 15 mins... so i quickly go through the cue and start speaking to her once again. When i tell her about how H&R block decided to put me in a giant loop back to the original person that i spoke to. She was obviously shocked that this happened and informed me after apologizing for breaking her promise of being there for me, she informed me that she would speak to her manager and fix this and call me in the morning to keep me updated. that was yesterday.... I also informed them that i was about to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, on the site they BBB tells you to give the proper time for the company to resolve the issue, so i told her that i was giving them the ample oppertunity to resolve this issue before i were to lodge my complaint. that was yesterday....

so this morning i waited for the call (again another broken promise) that never came.. so again i called in to talk to Gloria an again she was not in the office... so i again left my details and waited... when she finally calls me this afternoon. she informs me that they are willing to give me a discount for next years taxes... the same thing they offered me the day before... its was still unacceptable because this is the last year in 22 years of having my taxes done at H&R Block i will be now doing my taxes at Liberty Tax Canada or Softron Tax - Get your money NOW, she informed me that the tax return was filed correctly and that gst is a estimate (nice way to say that they can make mistakes and misinform you but its not their fault), and that they were not in the wrong.... I then began telling Gloria every thing that H&R Block had done wrong and that I am now more ***sed off about the lack of customer loyalty and the lack of customer service. I told her that H&R Block advertises that they are "Tax Specialist" and have strong ethics in satisfying the CUSTOMER... this is the service i paid for... i did not receive it and i do not think i should have to pay for it... well CRA is putting my returns into the account that H&R Block set up so they are getting paid..

Now that H&R Block refuses to do the right think and reimburse me for the 3 years that had made mistakes on and because they offered me something that is not acceptable. Now i will lodge a complaint to the BBB and also going to be posting this review on all the review sites. i am saving this post so if u delete it then I will repost it.

Posted by Very unhappy

WE went to get our Taxes done and waited for over 30 min.. With four people(employee's) walking around doing nothing .. The three woman were in a cubicle gossiping and the man was walking around with hands on his pockets ..there were two other employees that were working with customers.. when I asked the Manager why we had to wait so long she said cause we only have two people to work on Taxes.. And she was the Manager .. shouldn't all employees of H&RBLOCK know how to work on Taxes ? Ours was a simple short form..We left and had our Taxes done at a compeditors office, which charged us 192.00 and gave us a 100.00 Gift Card .We had, had our Taxes done by H&R for years .. no more they lost a customer and possibly another cause the other people waiting left too..

Posted by Anonymous

Have the hardest time with HR block went first time get home paperwork is different from what they said been trying for 2 DAYS NOW STILL NO HELP GIVING UP AND GETTING PAPERWORK BACK TODAY AND. JUST PRAY MY REFUND IS RIGHT!!!!

Posted by [email protected]

H&R advertise on TV that they can get your money back,and they will do your return for half what you paid last year, well I paid $200.00 last year and this year with H&R I PAID $369.25 and it was the same thing as last year, no deductions short form, I can't beat the standard deduction. I pay all year and pay quarterly and still owe money. Then in 60 years of paying IRS refused my return because your person that did my return screw up. I don't know how you get away with it, but when you spend millions on advertising someone has to pay.

Posted by jennyp

I received the cd in the mail. I thought I would give it a try, since it was $15 cheaper than purchasing somewhere else. I tried to install, but kept getting error that it couldn't connect to the internet. It provided a number to call if I kept receiving error, which I did. I called in and after routing through the IVR, was told to check online. I went through all of the trouble shooting and still received the error. I called in the next day, a Monday, and waited 30 minutes to connect to a live person. After 30 minutes, I hung up and purchased the download from Amazon. I called around noon. Seems like I should have gotten through.

Posted by Last Time

As I write this I am on hold AGAIN waiting to try to get my software to work (it keeps demanding that I update the Federal version but WON'T LET ME ACTUALLY DO IT).. and over the past week I have spent about 8 hours (3 of my lunch hours!!) listening to the stupidest recordings and getting nowhere toward getting my issue resolved. After I finally get this resolved and file my taxes this time around (I am an eternal optimist), I vow I will not use H&R Block software again. This is unacceptable, if not inhumane, to make me endure this.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to download software to my laptop for several days, constant problems, cannot connect to internet. Internet is working or I wouldn't be leaving this message! 800 telephone numbers are zero help. On screen message tells me to call an 888 number, zero help. If I can't load this software soon, I'll be forced to try TurboTax, I don't want this, do you?

Add your review!

Posted by Non-negative nelly

In response to negative comment:"Posted by Anonymous 4/10/16 5:07PM" You mentioned being charged 29.99 plus tax. The H&R Block free filing says: "Best free online tax filing for a simple FEDERAL tax return." It is clearly posted that the 29.99 fee applies to "each state return filed". You can prepare the Federal tax return and choose not to do the State return. There are literally hundreds of "free file" sites available online and everyone of them charges for the State return to be prepared. The solution is to visit the .gov site for your applicable State tax authority. There you can use their free file option using the figures off your Federal return. The increase in price above the 29.99 is because When filing your Federal or State taxes you can choose to receive your tax refund proceeds, minus tax preparation and processing fees, by selecting to use a tax refund-related deposit product provided by a bank which partners w/ H&R Block. This option has additional fees similar to the following as posted on H&R Block' website: "Federal RAC Fee $34.95"; "State RAC Fee $13.00"; and an "(Additional $25 fee for a paper check)". RAC stands for "Refund Anticipation Check".
You were not ripped off. You've just misread or misunderstood the free file option & it's disclaimer said

Posted by Non-negative nelly

In response to negative comment:"Posted by Anonymous 4/10/16 5:07PM" You mentioned being charged 29.99 plus tax. The H&R Block free filing says: "Best free online tax filing for a simple FEDERAL tax return." It is clearly posted that the 29.99 fee applies to "each state return filed". You can prepare the Federal tax return and choose not to do the State return. There are literally hundreds of "free file" sites available online and everyone of them charges for the State return to be prepared. The solution is to visit the .gov site for your applicable State tax authority. There you can use their free file option using the figures off your Federal return. The increase in price above the 29.99 is because When filing your Federal or State taxes you can choose to receive your tax refund proceeds, minus tax preparation and processing fees, by selecting to use a tax refund-related deposit product provided by a bank which partners w/ H&R Block. This option has additional fees similar to the following as posted on H&R Block' website: "Federal RAC Fee $34.95"; "State RAC Fee $13.00"; and an "(Additional $25 fee for a paper check)". RAC stands for "Refund Anticipation Check".
You were not ripped off. You've just misread or misunderstood the free file option & it's disclaimers

Posted by Peach

H & R Block got me the best refund compared to other tax pros, i have been going to them for over 10 years and wouldn't trust anybody else to do my taxes, the woman who has been doing my taxes for the past few years knows my tax history knows me and doesn't just treat me like another customer she takes pride in what she does listens to my concerns,questions and does everything possible to get me the biggest refund .

Posted by MK

Excellent customer service. Efficient, patient, and thorough service members.



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Posted by Anonymous

I used to work for them. They had no scruples. Enough said. Alot of what they did was quite depraved and also illegal. So glad I'm gone. And doing this in my own little way, amongst others, to fight against them.

Posted by ihate h&Rblock

Well for one I used to work for this company for 3 years and then all of a sudden they let me go due to a customer complaint .But the office leader at the central city blvd office in galveston texas steals from the company doesnt know what she is doing she cant even do a 1040ex by herself. SHE KNOWS NOTHING and as an office manager WOW what a mistake. She illegally puts in the peace of mind without asking anyone if she wants it or not. They charge ya a fortune and get new tax pro's there that know nothing at all . BEWARE


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