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    • 40.39 Overall Rating
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    • 50 negative comments (86.21%)
    • 8 positive comments (13.79%)
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Posted by MMM

Declined check!!!!!! No apparent reason CERTERGY WAS NOT HELPFUL I was told to use another method of payment! If I had wanted to do that,I would have in the first place. Very embarrassing at the checkout line. Manager was no help!
What is the deal? Checks are no longer excepted at HEB? We normally shop there at least once a week.

Posted by Anonymous

I am super upset that the gift card my parents gave me has a zero balance on it even though I never used it! Because apparently HEB charged a fee on it every month! And how was I supposed to know that when its on the back of the card that was in an HEB gift card envelope taped up!? So now my parents paid $25 dollars for a card O never even got to use!!! Super disappointed with HEB!! Since when do gift cards expire and get charged? I want my card replaced!

Posted by twiceover

Rockport TX, and not just Rockport rise beer price overnight about 25 to 30% Social Security gives us a 2% cost of living raise this year and none last year. Yet Walmart HEB top competitor Didn't raise their price at all? Being raised in the grocery business and actually worked for HEB at onetime I ask them a number of years ago why does the price keep going up when nothing changed? The reply was because of the cost of gas getting the product to us cost more! Sounds good, but when gas price went way down the price don't go down?

Now I know the companies sending the produce can increase the price and HEB like any retail store has to raise the price to make a profit. I noted of late many price jumping way beyond cost of living what I believe is happening the economy is getting better and they are greedily gouging people because the can and no one complains because there no place else to go but Wal-Mart if that.

This is the terrible corruption our entire country has gone into where retailers unless they have lots of competition take advantage every time they have a chance. I hope competition comes in I will support it just to despite HEB they have gotten to big for their breaches

Posted by Anonymous

A young man working in the deli department at the HEB in San Marcos was extremely rude to my daughter in law. She was ordering but the man refused to speak to her, actually looking to me for the order. She said this is a common occur ancestors here. She feels that she is treated this way because she is Japanese. This problem should be addressed because that is. No the way to treat a fellow human being. Thank you, for addressing this problem.

Posted by Customer Service Scoreboard

On August 16th, I purchased a small 2 pk of Energizer 2032 batteries for keyless car entry. The small package never got bagged and put in my grocery cart. So today, August 17th, I went to pick up some other items and asked a manager if they would replace the item that I never received. She quoted me the store policy that since I did not have a receipt, they would not give me another battery package. The item cost was $4.46 and I spend about $1,500 a month at that store. This was a single incident, never did this before. I think surely a manager would have the ability to extend some "good will" to a loyal customer.

Posted by Will not shop their

I never can get anyone to wait on me. There are signs up that say do not climb on the shelves to get an item. Why do you put certain items over 6 feet up?!!! Also, why do you put items on sale when you don't even have the product in stock. and REFUSE to give a raincheck? You are always out of the brand name products forcing everyone to buy your AWFUL store brand. Plus, tell some of your checkers not to discuss their love lives in R rated detail at the register! TMI!!!

Posted by Customer

Some of the cashiers or so called baggers wait to see if the customer will start bagging their groceries. I have shopped at Sack and Save before where the customer bags his/her own groceries (this is why they get lower prices on all their groceries).

Posted by Yahoo

HEB Management does not honor price on shelf. It is a question of principle and not cost saving of a few cents.

Posted by Anonymous

If there was a negative star to rate experience, I would have done it. I want to rate -1000 starts for the experience at HEB. I live in Waco and HEB is the main grocery store. I have no choice but I have to shop here at HEB. I do weekly grocery shopping and every time I go there, I run into a problem. Flowers go bad in one day. I stopped buying flowers. Fruits just go rotten in 2-3 days. I stopped buying fruits except bananas. Even with bananas, there was one time I bought bananas that weren't completely ripe. They were green color. They actually never went ripe. I waited thinking they would go ripe in 1-2 weeks. They stayed hard and green for a month and I ended up throwing them away. There were so many times I bought avocados and molds developed in 2-3 days. One time I bought 7 apples and all of them were rotten inside. I didn't know until I was eating the apple and tasted sour and disgusting. After that incident, I stopped buying apples at HEB. Cashiers messed up my orders and didn't include items I bought. I had to come back and grabbed them. There were many times I asked the workers where I can find certain items. They said they would come back and help me but they just disappeared and never came back.

I didn't know grocery shopping could be this hard until I started shopping at HEB. I wish there were other grocery stores for me to go, but I am stuck here at HEB. I am not going to stop filing a complaint. They should be responsible about what they are selling.

Posted by Rocandro

I shop at my locate HEB and we have had some problems in the past. First and far most we are a family of 5 so when we purchase food we purchase alot. I have come to realize that you have to check the expiration dates of all dairy and meats. I can guarantee tht you will find that the expiration date is within 2-3 days only accept for Milk. Well any how this pass Sunday we did our grocery shopping and Tuesday noght i got ready to cook my dinner i had all my veggies prepped and ready I got my steak meat out to get ready to cut it up. The top layer was bright red and pretty and when i lifted the first piece i notice the meat under was half Grey. The part you could see was red but the part hidden by forst piece was Grey not brown but grey as I peeled the other two layers of meat back it was the same thing. I was very upset. Its 7 pm and i am ready to make my dinner and the meat is bad I was not going to serve that to my family. I had to get in my car with meat in bag and drive to HEB at customer service the Manager Linda was called she claim of this never happens we us the best quality meats and so forth. I explained this is not the first time i had to return a pack of red meat to the store because I realize it was brown and the expiration date had passed although I purchased a day or so in advance. I am confused why advertise fresh ingrediants if its not true. The fruit and veggies have very short shelf lives we hve to eat them in day or 2 tops if not they are going bad and we are talking about watermelon that cost $5-8 the one cut up by store. I stopped buying that stuff because they charge alot for it and unless you eat it the same day or by next day it goes bad and you badically throw away $$$$$$$. Any how the steak meat I had purchased had a expiration date of 10/19/16 and I purchased on 10/16/16 and attempted to cook 10/18/16. Meat was not frozen i have a brand new fridge and it was in there for a day and half not nearly enough time to turn grey. Again my point is you have to check expiration dates on the chopped and bagged veggies of green beans they will have an expiration date of 10/21/16 and today is the 19th. So another words if your not watching you will buy food that will last a week and like me i dont buy food to cook daily not for a family of 5 I do not have the time to run to the store everyday for dinner. So if I buy it today but have dinner planned for Saturday or Sunday the veggie is already bad and expired. So my point is why advertise fresh ingredients if that is not true? That is false advertisement and you can get people sick!!! I feel like I have to check the expiration dates on everything in your store in order to be safe and if it is meat i have to be careful with the expiration date not being accurate, like what happen according to your package expiration date i still had a whole day before expiration and yet it was already Grey!!!!!! I did snap a picture because it was gross and it smelled. So your meat department packed that meat hidden under a nice pretty piece of red meat and still attempted to sell to a consumer knowing it was probably already on the brown stage and by the time I opened it was grey. Very sad and your company should be ashamed. I plan to splash the information to as many people as I can to make sure they are not serving bad food to thier families and not just trusting the big name brand because you make commercials with JJ Watt.

Posted by bdaviswsd

I had an idea for HEB stores. Sometimes I am wondering around looking for an item, and someone that works there.
My idea is: If HEB was to have an app ready and available to use with the variety of electronic hand held computers that if
they were looking for location of an item, such as Isle number they could type in the product and it would come back with what the isle number is to find the product they were looking for.

Posted by BringBackBrands

Bring back my brands Burnet HEB. It is terrible, many many folks here have to drive to Marble Falls - another 15 to 20 minutes just to get well know brands... Ziploc, Butterball, Wrights bacon, Pepperidge Farm, Pilsbury, Boboli.... it is ridiculous. More like shopping at a 3rd rates grocery store. Ugh!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear HEB: we've tried both the large and small versions of the santa fe style ready pac salad and have the same conclusion: not worth the effort. Great taste but: TOO much lettuce for the amount of "toppings" which are the cheese, dressing and very small amount of chicken. Conclusion, too much $ for a container of mostly lettuce. Great taste combo just not enough of it from the nonlettuce items and too $ for a bowl of mostly lettuce. Thanks, would buy it otherwise.

Posted by Anonymous

Your main website has not been accessible since at least this weekend. I have tried to access using multiple browsers. I typically use an iPad but also tried from my laptop using ms explorer and chrome. If I don't get fliers, I use your site to access fliers for my store of choice. I am not willing to make a trip to a store to get a flier and try to plan from there.


WELL I, had the pleasure of going to HEB, ON ALDINE WESTFIELD an I LOVE HEB STORES, well went in store an had to use bathroom OMG IT WAS HORRIBLE, IT WASNT FIT FOR A ANIMAL TO USE THE RESTROOM,IT WAS AWFUL AN DEGRADING,an when I told worker he just brushed me off I was so upset I had made groceries an like I said I love HEB, BUT I COULDNT EVEN PURCHASE ANYTHING WAS VERY SADDEN THAT THEY TAKE SUCH LITTLE PRIDE IN keepin store restroom up top code,a lady had to hold her daughter up to use restroom it was that FILTY.UNHAPPY CUSTOMER

Posted by Anonymous

The Pharmacy at the HEB in Granbury,Tx is terrible. They don't fill scripts right and when they are to apply vendor coupons they say it won't it accept it and will not call the number on the card like it says for them to do. I was charged for something I shouldn't had been today and if they would have taken the time to call the number on the card, I wouldn't be out of the money I spent today. I deserve a refund after making the appropriate call myself and the drug maker saying yes you shouldn't have been charged and they the drug store should have contacted us. I will never use this place again or shop inside the store.

Posted by poorlilme

Heb stores period are all of poor design especially heb plus (minus) in Schertz. Could you of considered a p/u drop off zone. And I have never been in any city in which a store simply monopolizes! All I need is simply a grocery store not a city. More disabled spaces would be nice. If anyone truly reads this and cares make a change please. I simply hate the store did you guess!

Posted by DR RICARDO

I just left HEB in Leander in which I asked a young kid in the seafood department for 3 pounds of crab legs at 6.97 a pound. It looked very small than usual so i had the guy at the register weigh it and it came to 2.43 pounds. It's sad when our can't calcite weight when their using a scale. TERRIBLE, JUST TERRIBLE.

Posted by B

H-E-B Refusing enfamil coupons.Cashier being very rude.I had correct non expired coupons which I have used in Target number of times.
Manufacturers coupons+Catalina coupons from H-E-B.

Posted by Yvonne

I never knew anything could be worse then Walgreens pharmacy. Here it is..your pharmacist at your Marbach store is very rude and do not know there job! The pharmacist kept saying "I am telling you" and they do not know how to bill insurance. The billed my sub insurance as primary when they should bill medicare. I was just told by your pharmacist Shawn to take my business somewhere else. Very disappointed I have lived here for over 40 years in this community. The keep blaming the doctor for the errors when I have a copy of the prescription. DISAPPOINTED.

Posted by Anonymous

HATE the new HEB application. I went to the Alon store last night, and spent a lot of time shopping. I saw a lot of coupons advertised on the shelves of items, so I picked them up as they were on sale (impulse buys). I thought I could just "swipe" something from my new HEB app to get the discounts. When I got to the register, I was told I had to select the coupons in advance. When I opened the app to look for the coupons, then the gentleman behind me in line (who appeared to be the husband of an HEB employee as they were together checking out) rudely and impatiently made a comment that I should have done that in advance. Then the cashier told me even if I select the coupons it would take 30 minutes Before I could use them. It was all so confusing, I walked out and left the groceries behind. To me, False advertising.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently turned 65 and went to my HEB in Atascocita Tx to the pharmacy to get my prescptions changed over to my mail order pharmacy. I was told they would have to be contacted by the mail order pharmacist. I then called them on the phone and stepped up to the desk to ask the pharmacist on duty Vera to please speak with them on the phone and she refused to do so. She stated they needed to hang up and call her on her phone. I have been a customer for over 18 years and was appalled at this behavior. Also, I have been very unhappy with the way the pharmacist and employees can hide behind the high counter that as you walk up to the window, they choose to ignore the customer because they cannot see you walk up, or you have to lean way over on the counter to get anybody's attention. Why, after so many complaints can they not make this pharmacy like all your other ones where you can see the person face to face. This is not the first time I have had a complaint. I am very disappointed that our local HEB seems to not care about the customer anymore!

Posted by Anonymous

From the time I met Howard Butte, JR., I have been impressed with the Buttes. Moving from Kentucky-Indiana to be near my children in Texas, I have encountered the HEB stories and their other activities and I am very impressed with quality and good intentions.

I grew up on a farm and was a 4-H international exchange student. I believe I know a good deal about produce. I have been very dissatisfied with the sweet corn in the stores because it all comes in too mature. For those of us with discerning taste, why can't some be less mature? Also, I have asked and not received an answer whether or not the strawberries are gassed like tomatoes to look ripe when they are not.

Posted by Mike

I would just like to add a comment about the HEB in Bastrop. Since it became an HEB Plus it has steadily gone downhill. There are never enough lanes open regardless of how many people are waiting to check out and the checkout lanes have been narrowed so you can barely get one cart through them. Even though they have the same employees the store is not the same as it was and it is not a pleasant experience shopping there. I have started using Walmart more and more since it takes twice as long to get in and out of HEB. I would also like to add that they have quit stocking B&M baked beans which was one of the reasons I went there. Get it together HEB!

Posted by Gloria

I was totally appalled at the fresh produce, i.e celery, green onions, lettuce, green beans, etc. Looks like the stockers are just loading the new produce in & not cleaning out the excess that people leave! The vents were clogged with so much old debris, you didn't know if you really wanted to purchase it or not! This is the HEB on 646 in League City TX! This has been my favorite store for over 6 years, but will not shop there anymore!

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Posted by A Very Happy Customer

Exceptional customer service in bakery at Barker Cypress/290 77433 today.!! Susie went above and beyond by offering to make me an edible cake image using my photo for my mom’s birthday cake - she actually went in the back and found a cake that MATCHED the colors in my photo - it was beautiful !! My mom and the rest of us just loved it. Susie was very busy and handling lots of customers by HERSELF but she offered on her own anyway - was overwhelmed by her kindness and thoughtfulness - what a wonderful employee !!!

Posted by Anonymous

went to laredo on guadalupe in laredo texas on friday july 1st was told by the ex ast mgr of the now closed heb store downtown as i was talking to another employee there ALFREDO came up to me and said there aint no deals here (mark downs) if want for mev togo to another store because that was a se3riouse store and for me to shop else where at another heb not his .first you close3 store downtown then when we come to shop at the nearest stor you guys tell us were not welcome in your store

Posted by Kenneth Harker

My wife has been shopping at HEB for years. During the last year we have been extremely unhappy with the produce that is being supplied from Mexico. Within a couple of days of purchase, the produce begins to rot and develop black fungus on lettuce for example. Green bananas are very bruised inside and rot quickly. Your produce from Mexico is not up to your normally good standard.

Posted by Brownie

Cashier's and bagers need to be trained. How would you like your cookies packed in the same bag with a heavy bottle of dish soap. All the cookies broke. dog shampoo packed in the same bag with my fresh ground beef. I separate my food for them but their to busy talking about their personal life. Please train them.

Posted by Mindi

I odered the Thanksgiving "Feast" from the deli department. The picture on the website looked and sounded wonderful. What is not revealed is the dried out turkey and microwaveable, prepackaged sides dishes. I could have made the sides for a lot less money and tasted better but my husband didn't want me to cook this year. If I had any idea they were just prepackaged meals I would not have chosen to buy this "dinner". It is partly my fault for not asking if the side dishes were fresh made. Should have gone to Lubys! In spite of the non-appetizing dinner, the customer service was very good!

Posted by texryan

I usually shop at the Heb on Adams avenue in temple Texas and I want to say kudos to the excellent customer service. I wouldn't get this at a Walmart, for sure.. last night, I was like a dollar short since I'm waiting for my new bank card. Crystal the cashier, used some discount card so I'd have enough to complete the amount I had to pay..
I'm so appreciative of that extra cs step. Thank you!

Posted by mserica712

HEB bakery products are AMAZING! Their cakes are right up there with any mainstream bakery BUT at amazing prices! I buy from on every occasion from my children's and grandchildren's birthdays to their graduations. Sometimes we buy a cake just because:). I'm from Philly BUT this is the Best store I've ever shopped at!

Posted by Anonymous

That Crazy Jumble Of Letters Wehave To Try And Read Are A Total Disaster. Five Of Us Tried Awhile Ago And Did Not Have A Chance. Been A Customer For Years And Will Continue So But You Need To Make It Possible To Send You An E-mail.

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Posted by singledoutemployee

I am an employee with HEB, I fell in the store due to their negligence. I went to theit doctor and was out in restricted duty. Those restrictions were not honored by the leaders and departner manager. I still had to do the same duties. I guess I messed up their safety bonus and have been alienated by them. I work in a corrupt store.


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