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HBO customer service is ranked #647 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 20 ratings. This score rates HBO customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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    • 20 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by ray

i have had hbo for many years but never could under stand why you only had one talk show on bill maher has never been funny only a liberal hack i never watch his show because he always disrespects normal people and the President of this country who was elected by a lot of deplorable Americans who use use your service after all you have a service business and should be (A) political do i need to say any more !

Posted by Anonymous

Hey to who this may concern I should get a full refund on the past 2 months bill, cause there is not one thing new being played on any of your channels!! For real !! From the 70's to 2008 really those are free on so many other channels!! Please thake the time and find who sets up the programming for HBO !! I'm not paying for so many older shows that Is being played that is free!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to cancel my trial subscription and i'm having no success. It needs to be canceled by 10/22/16

Posted by heavensgates27

Are y'all going to ever update your movies?? Y'all show the same thing all the time I pay all this money to watch movies and Y'all show the same thing at the same time on about 3 of your channels!! And they show over and over all week!!!! PLEASE UPDATE SOME NEW GOOD MOVIES... Why offer about 5 different HBO channels when your just going to play the same movie at the same time on all the channels.!!!!!!

Posted by ginger10203

I've been a customer of direct tv for over 16 years and it's become the worst satellite network out there. the pricing and the channel selections or should i say the scheduling. I was a customer when prime star was bought out by direct t.v. and now they have got rich off of people submitting reruns after reruns on week after week. and then movies that are 30 years old. which aren't bad once in a great while but then they leave it on for two months every week. and then they charge outrageous prices for this crap. i pay 120.00 a month for reruns. I think I'm going to talk to a lawyer and see if there are some kind of illegal consumer fraud with them not giving services that the customer paid for.

Posted by Tootiw

I pay over $17 a monrh for your channel and rhwre is absolutely nothing on. You run 15-20 year old movies, and rhe same ones over and over. What happened? Your channel used to have all the newest movies!!
I am considering dropping it off my cable in 2016 if things don't improve

Posted by kenny

I cancelled my subscription before the 30 days were up and they still billed me and withdrew funds i didn't have available now i have a 35.00 charge on top of my 14.99 charge that i cancelled. Where is the numbers for HBO NOW?!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I Am Not Surprised That Hbo Now Only Got A 2.0 Rating. I Signed Up For The "free 30 Days" And What Happens The Next Day .... They Have Taken Out A Monthly Service Charge Of $14.99. What Happened To The Real Hbo? The One That Had Customer Service Available 24/7? Oh That's Right, That Was A Very Long Time Ago When It Was Run By People Who Cared!!! Now They Are Closed. Well Thank You Very Much, What Could Have Been A Perfect Birthday For Me!!!! Boy I Hope I Get An American On The Line Tomorrow When I Call To Complain And Demand My Money Back. Then With A Fire Stick, Good Luck Trying To Pick Out Something On Your Watchlist That You Created. You'll Be Able To Watch Anything On Your Watchlist But What You Want. Someone Will Be Returning My Money Tomorrow And They Better Be Able To Understand Me And Vice Versa.
One Pissed Off "paying For Crap, Customer"

Posted by Anonymous

I want to cancel this order I did not tell y'all to get money off my credit card so I would appreciate if y'all put my money back on my card ASAP thank u Teresa Jackson

Posted by bigvic39

Don't do it! In my opinion, HBO NOW takes a few clicks to get your "free month trial", but takes research,determination, persistence, anger, trial and error, drilling down, etc etc etc to get the darn thing turned off...HBO blames their partner ( Apple or Google Android) for the problem shutting the free service off which has cost me $75 so far....I blame them all as partners, making it easy to get but very tough to figure out how to stop them from charging my account. It's like those tv ads that give you a free trial but you have to give them your credit card and you have to cancel if you dont like it. When you try to cancel, no one answers the phone. Not the same but similar...

Posted by Chris

As of October 4 I tried to cancel my HBO now. I called and coykdnt get through. I tried changing in iTunes.

I would like you to give me a refund for October 4-November 4. I have managed to turn off auto renewal for next time.

Please tell me what I can do to get money back? My cable company is offering it cheaper so I will still be a consumer but can watch in big screen

Thanks fir grilling reduce local monopoly prices.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Att Uverse With Hbo. Multiple Attempts To Activate Roku For Hbogo Over 14 Hour Period Keep Getting Try Again Later Error Message Please Help. Very Lame And Aggravating To Have Purchsed Hbo And Cant Access Hbogo. Deborah Smith

Posted by Ilse

Waited. For more than half an hour to speak to a rep. Finally gave up. HBO is not seriously interested in my business.
After forever as a cable subscriber to HBO, I stopped the subscription about a month ago, programming had become geared to younger people. Excellence is devoted to serials whose content/stories that do not grab my interest..
I have now cut the cable altogether and set up my Smart TV.
For Bill Maher and an occasional special Iwill probably subscribe again after I get over the useless telephone effort to find out about how each program works. HBO or HBO NOW. Please advise which one to get for TV .
Also my home in Vermont is my second home and I spend lots of time in Canada. Will I be able to login there as I can on Netflix?
According to what I have read online, it seems that only the program taken by my iPhone or iPad can travel for use in Canada.
That sounds like HBO anywhere or NOW but can you see that on your wirelessly connected TV too?

Posted by Cchristian1927

This was suppose to be a 30 day free trial but my card was charged the 16.99 and once I registered it keeps saying something went wrong in red letters and I haven't been connected yet. Why was my card charged and how do I get my money back. I repeatedly redid my email and password but still not connected. I want my money back .I'm not paying for something that doesn't even work.

Posted by Josh

I clicked DO NOT AUTHORIZE AUTO RENEWEL.... I still got charged. Is there anyway to get this fixed? I canceled it for this reason and yet I still get charged with practically no one to help or fix this problem for me.

Posted by Anonymous

I moved to a new location and have WIFI through satellite EXEDE HBO will not stream, i called customer service and they said we are working on the problem as we can not determine your location with the satellite service? in the mean time i continue to pay for the subscription but can to see any programs?
HBO is totaly UN HELPFULL IN THIS SITUATION and does offer any remedies. the Customer service person said they would call me back in 5 days (of course this did not happen) i am very disapointed by this way of handling the business. I will seek refund for the time i paid HBO and could use the programs.

Posted by Anonymous

Followup to the wrong items delivered comment:

I finally got through on the phone and was told it was the wrong phone number (so the first point of contact from the shipping list -- [email protected] -- gave me wrong information on the 2nd points of contact). After the 70 minutes on hold, I was given the correct phone number for shop hbo.

The customer service by this point was quite good (quick response time, very friendly, knowledgeable, got the problem solved -- assuming the right items ship this time).

Unfortunately, 1 of the items I ordered is sold out now. The cost is being refunded, but after the long wait and hassle, my wife won't get all of the things we've been waiting for. I also need to make a trip to the post office to return the bogus shipment (although I was told to do that at my leisure or not at all).

I'm glad things are (hopefully) worked out now, but I won't be so quick to purchase things again (not a smart move on hbo's part -- lost impulse shopping).

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered things from and received the wrong items. The order confirmation email shows the correct items I purchased, however, the shipping list shows my name & address, but completely different items than what I ordered.

I have been through 2 rounds of emails - the point of content from the shipping list -- then through [email protected] -- the 2nd point of contact given by [email protected]). In BOTH CASES, I received what appears to be an automated response (after the automatic confirmation email) that DIDN'T EVEN READ THE SUBJECT of my email that mentions the wrong items were shipped and what the order number and shipment number was.

I am now trying to contact the other point of contact -- a non-toll-free phone number -- that is only open M-F 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM. I've currently been on hold for an hour. In another 35 minutes, they will be closed and I will have to try the whole process over again...

If you buy anything from better hope their system doesn't glitch like it did with me, or else expect a lot of frustration and wasted time...

Posted by Anonymous

No one answering the phone while you rollout HBO Now?? Brilliant. You have sent me around 40 emails saying I am registered. Clearly I am not.

My rmail:


I am already a customer with Verizon that supplies HBO and Cinimax. I am a paying subscriber to both of those optional channals. It would be nice to have those channels on my streamlining computer. I can watch the Netflix movies on my tv and computer. Can I do the same with HBO and cinimax without paying extra fee for those service?

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