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H2O Wireless customer service is ranked #673 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 26.38 out of a possible 200 based upon 72 ratings. This score rates H2O Wireless customer service and customer support as Terrible.


70 Negative Comments out of 72 Total Comments is 97.22%.


2 Positive Comments out of 72 Total Comments is 2.78%.

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Terrible Overall Customer Service Rating

  • H2O Wireless

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 26.38 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 70 negative comments (97.22%)
    • 2 positive comments (2.78%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 2.4 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 2.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst company I have ever delt with. They are wireless Nazi's. My phone was stolen. They have no stores within 100 miles of me that carries their product. Won't allow me to port my number to a new phone unless i get a sim card of theirs put in another phone then they will text me my account number which will allow the change. DId that and still more hoops to jump through...that was my business phone...this is ruining me and they barely speak english...so dis satisfied. I would never reccommend them or use them again.

Posted by Dont go for it... particulary wi

They are doing a number port out from last 18 days. still H2O cannot complete it. they got my money $30 and not doing properly. when i ask for refund since the port out is not successful they are ignoring it for no reason. because the reason is their policy. now i have to pay $30 to them for no service provided. i am frustrated.

Posted by DannyBoy

This company has great plans cheap, but the customer service is about as bad as I have ever dealt with. Especially if you want to port a number...what a nightmare. Heavy foreign accents, agents who are polite but know nothing.If you don't care about porting, they are fine.

Posted by Anonymous

The short-n-UUNSWEET ----------- Customer Service experienced is TERRIBLE.
We're seasonal residents in California, and have not been able to call Canada since arriving in Oct 2016.
Numerous suggestions/recommendations/promises have not resulted in enabling this advertised service.
I must have made 8 >10 calls (& Similar number of hours) regarding this issue: Promises to call back within 2>24 hours have not been kept.

Posted by Cheated

H2O Wireless customer service is near non-existence. The automated phone message goes to dead end easily. There is no one to pick up and answer questions within the service hours.

Posted by Kevin

H2O wireless stopped working from last Friday. Called 800 number, no one answered after 30 min wait. On line chat does not work. what a alwful experience!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been attempting to contact a live person at this company for several days for help.. And I have not been able to in contact by phone or on any of the web sites.. My phone has stopped working and I can't figure out why.. Please contact me at Alex .. Is very important.. Thank you

Posted by Lynn

I've spent about 8 hours in the past 2 months on hold with h2owireless. At least they have decent music, but no message stating how long you will be waiting. The agents gave me wrong info many times, the worst being in the past few weeks. Got the text message Dec 14 & 19 that I needed to upgrade my device or lose my service by Dec 31. I called, reluctantly, and they said I was fine. After New Year's my phone doesn't work anymore. Call back, agent has me remove my sim and reinsert it, then says an agent will call me. Didn't hear back. Call again yesterday. Agent says my phone isn't compatible with their 3G system and so I lost service. IF I had called before Dec 31 they would've sent me a free compatible phone, but now there's nothing they can do for me. I ask for the supervisor. He's even worse. Sorry, there's nothing we can do for you. I ask, "So even though I called, and your agent told me I was fine, and yesterday's agent also couldn't pinpoint the problem, and here it is, only Jan 5 and you say, Tough luck, you didn't call before Dec 31, there's nothing we can do for you? And the ONLY notice you sent out were two text msgs Right before Christmas, and I am a merchandiser of Christmas products- Very Busy time of year... and now you say, SO LONG CUSTOMER? You lost your number, your airtime and you're not our client anymore????? Absolutely unbelievably bad service!!!! So after finally speaking to the supervisor's boss, he took care of me and I got the phone by ordering online. I don't want that phone- I like the one I have. I'm looking for a different provider!! Too bad because I liked the options of pay as you go when I travel overseas and am not actively using my US phone no.

Posted by Eagle

OMG KEEP GETTING CHARGED TWICE EVERY MONTH HAVE to wait for hoursan hours and hours to get through hangups over and over keep calling back never did give me back my money

Posted by sk-31310

The product I purchased is not working as advertised. When I called customer service 4 different times, no one ever responded . So, I went to their online "Chat" area to get assistance. But while there I was but in a queuing system that told me that there were 23 others ahead of me. When the que count down finally got to 0, no one responded to my questions. I will NEVER PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT AGAIN!





This chat session may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes.

Please click the "End Session" button upon ending the conversation

Customer Relations Department: 800.643.4926


Thank you for contacting H2OWIRELESS please wait for the next Customer Relations Professional. 21:00


worst cell phone company ever! 21:01


no answer just garbage so far 5 hours 21:01


and its like thousands of customers being treated the same way 21:01


worst ever! 21:02


holding on phone over 5 hours hung up more than 15 times 21:02


time message counter does not even work 21:03


terrible 21:03


worst ever! 21:03


????????????? 21:12


still waiting lat time just closed auto 5:17 ca 21:12


6 hours need phone on went and bought fat act card wtf 21:13


will return to best buy and use lyca 21:13


are u there ? 21:15


says 0 again 21:15

Posted by H2o is losing customers 2016

I have 20 plus numbers with h2o wireless.

The customer service used to be 2 out of 10.

I have had to deal with them a lot since up to ten lines.

Now this company is really bad i would say -10 out of 10.

Thats being real a paying customer with a lot of phones active.

I can not understand why the company has declined to this point near the end of 2016.

No number connects as of 12-10-2016 for two days 611 not connecting.

Very bad non existent customer service.If you ever have to call customer service be prepared to leave this type of review.

Not really sure how this company even exist with no support even when trying to pay thru they just hang up after 45 minutes of holding wtf is wrong with this company ceo,press.,vp,accounting, any employee needs a reality check or some college courses!

Posted by Impatel

Your customer service is garbage
I tried 3 hours but did not reply

Posted by Anonymous

Hi All,
I have ported my number from TMobile to H2o Wireless today. It is good as per calling. I am using Iphone. But unable to enable Wify Calling in Phone. It is showing error message. When I called customer care. It took total 52 mins in couple of assistance waiting. Last Technical person informed me be in the line. I need to verify with Teachnical person (may be L2 or L3 support person). But after 20 mins, Calls again start with provide your number and blah blah..... They are not thinking about resolution and customer timing. Disgusting.

Posted by Duong Nguyen

There have been many negative reviews on H2O wireless customer service that I think it may be redundant to add another one. However, I think adding a bit of truth is no harm and may be informative to some people who may consider this provider.

Pros: Cheap. Work with unlocked iPhones.

Cons: Customer service is unacceptable.
+ My problem: I could not recharge my airtime balance with the PIN. I have to email the customer report for help. My balance would not be updated several days later. In the meanwhile, I could not make or receive calls from others.
+ I spend time to write emails to the customer service to report my problem, and ask them what happened, how can I prevent the problem in the future. I think every service could have issues and customer service would help users to resolve the problem.
+ Their responses: among 5 responses from H2O, I am just able to recognize a single one written by a human. Others are just copy and paste of an automated answer that boldly state
"Having looked in the relevant matters, it would appear that all has been previously resolved and no additional actions are warranted. As such and unless you indicate otherwise we will consider these matters closed".

I think this really disrespect the users and further emails with them is just a waste of time. Perhaps my problem would be heard better with this review.

Posted by Samsung

Sam. Their services leaves much to be desired. I can't send or receive picture messages. YouTube is a total mess. TuneIn radio never works smoothly lots of interruptions. I ve been begging them to fix to no avail. I pay $60 a month for nonsense. I will move to another server. Am sick and tired of this rip off.

Posted by SimonB

Cell Service is good.
Customer Service is terrible.
Phone selection is terrible. Phones are over priced crap.
Their online website is difficult to navigate.
Their rewards program doesn't keep track of reward points.

Posted by dori

Your company is a JOKE!!! I've have been on hold for over an 1 hour just to find out what is going on with my phone that just updated it self! And now will not let e use my internet or my text messages are not coming threw! And your customer services just hung up on me! Worst phone company ever! I will go find another phone company first thing tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!

Posted by iadude

This company is a real mess. CSRs have heavy middle eastern accent- guessing India. And they don't seem to know one department from another.

I had the $30 monthly (with auto renew). Life changes and decided to down grade to $10 pay go (auto renew) and port in favorite number from Ring.to. (VOIP forwarding service)

Called them on phone, finally they understood info, and they emailed me confirmation to verify. Everything was correct. Auto renew lady was U.S. based and said could not set up auto renew until after number ported in.

Finally after 7 days number ported but could not make any calls. I texted to them this time. Text is better than calling if you don't mind waiting an hour in que. Now they tell me I need to setup payment. I told them I had old number which they put $30 in account not $10 as requested. They claim cannot transfer $30 balance from old number to new number account. But I can use old number until December when due date expires.

I ask for supervisor twice before he asked for call back number. And said manager would be calling back soon. 3 days later have not received call from manager.

They are deceptive thieves. Their accounting system is nothing short of fraud. Not to mention I have been lied to twice.

I since have started a port on my favorite number to Consumer Cellular and should be active in a couple days.

Posted by Victoria

I signed for auto charge on August 18, and I got messages my next due date September 17, but today, customer service send me a message, you will charge me on September 16, you trotting my date of charge, please look my phone 646-404-4513, and correct your mistakes!
I just spoke with Tara, she told me, this plan auto charge working only for 30 days, it's mean you give me 10%,and take 1 day of my cycle! Also she told me I used all my data, which is NOT TRUE!

Posted by Anonymous

H2O customer service is so horrible!!!!!! I requested talking to their supervisor, and the person just hung up on me!!!

Posted by Anonymous

H2O service has the worst customer service i have ever encountered except for the garbage company. Cheap plan, no directory assistance.. Good coverage and cheap. can't complain to much can I?

Posted by H2ODeceived

This is broken company with disgusting customer service. You have to wait in the queue for atleast 20 mins every time you want to talk to a customer support agent who have no knowledge of what they are dealing with. I lost my 1 year old number and now even they new number taken 10 days back wont work which was activated after 2 days of struggle. Lost $10 for SIM and $30 for recharge. What a rip off!!!

Posted by Non

Your customer service is very bad I was waiting on line for 2 times and each time about 10 min then they hang up on me .my phone jimmy

Posted by shaifali

The customer service is so bad.they don't care if they might by loose the customer or not.I had $40 monthly plan when I ask them for how to check my data they said its unlimited.second month after i pay my bill they disconnect my phone number when i asked them, they said because you used too much data and i know i didn't used that much.

they don't have any explanation.

the worst part is i lost my number. :(

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Posted by Anonymous

Overall H2O is ok, but they still have a long way to go. If you are someone who wants to send pictures this may NOT be the company for you. I don't understand all of this but I do have an iphone 4S, which was unlocked so the transfer was not too bad but after the fact I shortly found out that I can only send pictures to other iphone users, this alone stinks... I was told that it is because of our service provider. So,i believe it is high time that they fix this issue or they are going to loose a lot of business just from this feature alone. Do you know hou frustrating it is not be be able to send a picture when you so desire?

Posted by Eson

actually I was having technical problem with my phone... I called them and I get the solution very fast... probably I was talking to a indian but at the of the story I got a good customer service....5.... im not satisfy with the holding time... i got what i wanted ...

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