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Groupon customer service is ranked #519 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.91 out of a possible 200 based upon 1703 ratings. This score rates Groupon customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,633 Negative Comments out of 1,703 Total Comments is 95.89%.


70 Positive Comments out of 1,703 Total Comments is 4.11%.

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    • 30.91 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,633 negative comments (95.89%)
    • 70 positive comments (4.11%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
    • 2.5 Reachability
    • 2.1 Cancellation
    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by DeeDee

A long time ago I had no problems with purchasing Groupon goods so I thought I was safe this time. WRONG! This has been a nightmare and I will NEVER buy from Groupon again. I wanted to return an item and they kept sending me a link that doesn't work. I keep getting an error message instead of the label. They are basically putting me off until the time will expire to return the item. I have tried sending the return label link to my friends to try with their computers. No one is able to get it. They keep getting the error message too. This is so unacceptable. I asked them to send me an address and I would pay to ship it back. They totally refused to send me an address. One person actually told me to "Trust" them and then sent me a bad link again. I have literally had it with them.

Posted by Pissed off

I purchased (nearly $300) three snorkel packages. I searched for near me. Within 10 minutes of purchasing, opening the voucher and realizing that it's on a different island (Kona) instead of the island I'm on (Oahu). I contacted them within 15 minutes of purchase and they said it's final sale and basically too bad. We keep your money. I said this is a rip-off. The price wasn't even discounted. It was the same on TripAdvisor. Also, I checked 15 minutes before start and the same number of tickets were still available. How did Groupon or merchant suffer? I will never, never, purchase anything on Groupon again.

Posted by Delores Arthur

the jean I got from Groupon is tobig

Posted by Anonymous

Outragious the way this is set up for returns. For the life of me, I can't get to print a return label. Was even promised a pdf from the chat forum in customer service and never sent. Will never ever order from Groupon again.

Posted by Margaret Morgan

Order turned up today but missing 2 plastic nuts cannot find any contact to ask about having the parts reported or to arrange parts to be sent out to me as nothing on your site that is easy to find leads me to anything.
It was my latest purchase of a soft close toilet seat and cannot be fitted until I have the parts sent.

Posted by Military member

Groupon somehow booked me twice for the same event. Than, they said they will give me a refund but, only to use in Groupon again. I informed them that there system booked me twice. I have used so many other sites and have never had a problem with booking. This company is poor in services and now I am being forced to use them again.

Posted by Anonymous

It is near impossible to find information on how to contact customer support. They give you deadlines on returnging items, but no way to get ahold of them to do so. Where is this "Live Chat" they speak of? Very frustrating.

Posted by Anonomys

Surprisingly 2 large kitchen items showed up at my door. Never ordered these products, nor even browsed that item on the Groupon site. I only ordered a ladder. My credit card was charged for all these items. The refund policy states these items are too large to return! HELP. Of course can't find a telephone number to talk to someone at Groupon. This is ridiculous. I'm afraid I will be stuck with these 2 very expensive kitchen items I didn't order.

Posted by Kristie67

Impossible to get in touch eith

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a new customer to Groupon and I got my first shipment while my husband was in the hospital and I wasn't able to return the dresses in the 7 day period and when you got the money from my card you charged me for 3 $24.99 dresses. You only sent me 2 and I can't wear either one. I needed you to give me a refund of one the dresses. I will eat the other 2 but I not paying for one I didn't get. My name is Edith M. Trent and I live I was told that you might send it later so waited till now to ask about. I really only order 2 of these dresses. Thanks in advance for your help in is matter.

Posted by Anonymous

Real Deal Ckeaners whom I paid to clean 20 windows through Groupon, never came to clean my windows . They were supposed to be at my home on May 39 and cancelled, rescheduling for July 11. I have been calling them and they are not returning my calls. My name is Anna Lindholm, and Please call my daughter, Vicky Lind, who is handling this for me at one of the phone numbers listed here. Thank you

Posted by Sherri

I received a Groupon for a mani/pedi for Mother's Day. Have called the number five times, always get voice mail and leave a message, but no return calls. Will advise Husband to never get a Groupon again.

Posted by [email protected]

It's so good to see that so many people are having the same problem as me. I have trying to print a return label and can t do it. As I said before, why do you make it so easy to order and so difficult to return something. I think this will be the last order for me.

Posted by [email protected]

This is the worst app I have ever used you cannot contact customer service. They said there is a live chart on their web site that is not true. You are suppose to stop orders 24 hours in advance mines was not up to 24 hours and I never had a place to stop the orders. They just want to sell things but does not care to see whether itâs convenience or not. I tried contacting them a couple of times by emetic send them my number but no one ever called me. They are just ready to process your order and take money from you

Posted by Kj815

Purchased a Groupon getaway on May 8th. Made the reservation for July 26 at the destination. Have friends joining us from out of town. This week I get an email telling me they were very sorry but they overbooked and are cancelling my trip. Really??? Very poor way to do business. Won't be using groupon in the future. The small savings dont outweigh the aggravation this has caused.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered ink cartridges 4 out of 5 were correct but I can't reach anyone so that I can return the incorrect one for the correct one...HELP HELP HELP HELP! Just need the right cartridge size.....

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to use the voucher again today and it said it was expired but when I look on my groupon account this is what it says: . Expires On Jul 12, 2018 22 days left Printerpix Purchased Apr 13, 2018 I will have to ask for a refund. This is not the first time I had problems with the groupon and Printerpix. Had that problem before and I guess I will not use groupon because it doesn't work. I guess I will just loose my money. Thanks Bernice

Posted by Anonymous

I have not received order sherr I berries don't know how to complete the rest my order for June 13 bold credit card last johnny young

Posted by Kites20

Dont use Groupon, i purchased 2 large items of furniture. Firstly one item was delivered but this was only part of that order. Secondly the rest of the order has never arrived and my other order has not arrived either. The response from Groupon had been abysmal, nobody takes responsibility. I am now chasing my money back which is becoming a nightmare..

Posted by Anthonylunajl

I received the wrong item. How do i get the right item i ordered?

Posted by Debbie

Good morning

Debbie Feeney here

I ordered and received a pair of ladies grey 2 strap pumps but they are too small so I need to return them but am not having any success in getting the return slip

Please will you email the return slip to my email



Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to return a clothing items that is the wrong size
I can' get a return label to ptint, there is no customer service number or person to speak with.
This is the worse. Internet experience I have ever had

Posted by Kathy M

Groupon sucks from start to finish. I will never purchase a Groupon again!! They take no responsibility, make it difficult too redeem, and have nobody you can talk to. It's all online. Total rip-off!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to print a return lable for the items I ordered. I have followed the instruction and I can't print a return lable. It is June 4th and I need a reply and better instructions please.

Posted by norlandls

We booked the Peninsula Island Resort & Spa on South Padre Island for a 2 day stay in Feb 2018.
When we attempted to check in, the clerk asked for a $25.00 per day "room cleaning fee".
This charge only applies to Groupon customers. It apparently is hidden in the fine print. It also totally negates the Groupon savings from their regular price. No amount of discussion would convince them of a refund. We did not stay so also lost thw $150.00 pre-paid for the room. Absolutely horrible attitude by hotel and useless talking to Groupon!

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Posted by GARY

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Posted by Stephanie

Awesome customer service! I called and was able to get a representative on my first try. My computer was having technical difficulties not allowing me to purchase a deal. The Groupon site kept sending me back to the Log in page instead of allowing me to make purchase. The representative was able to log onto my account and purchase my deal for me. I was very pleased with their customer support.

Posted by mccar

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Posted by rodeogirl

There was an error with an order and after a couple of days GROUPON corrected the situation.
Unfortunately there was some confusion on both sides and I am pleased to say that the situation was dealt with and I'm pleased with the out come and will stay a customer.

Posted by Capplestein

The email service leaves something to be desired but phone service was excellent. Got a live person immediately after calling and she helped me cancel orders that weren't available for cancellation online.

Posted by L. L. Wright

The lady that assisted me was fantastic and patient. I was not looking forwarded to making the call due to my experiences with other companies over the phone and/or in person. This was my first purchase with Groupon and will not be my last due to her kindness. I had purchased a 12-mounth Xbox Live Gold Membership for one of my grandsons.

Posted by Anonymous

great! they were quick to answer and helpful. solved my issues. friendly

Posted by Marcia

A huge THANK YOU to the kind woman I spoke with who helped me with a Groupon problem.
I regret that I failed to ask her name to thank her personally. I literally had tears of relief after our conversation. She gets a gold star for customer support!

Posted by Anonymous

Just waited 30 minutes for a person to change my email address. The young lady that helped me was very courteous and helped me completely. Kudos to her!!

Posted by mccart



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Posted by Michael Z

I always have great experience with Groupon. Amazing service, reliable company and very professional.
will buy again and again. Totally trust.

Posted by livin the dream

I've been a groupon shopper for a long time and have never had any issues resolving a problem. Recently, I tried to contact them by phone and did get the "one hour wait time" message, however they give you an option to enter your phone number and not lose your place in line and they will call you back, so I used this option and got a call back within the hour time frame. Issue was quickly resolved - I have no complaints over this process.

Posted by anonymous

I ordered a Groupon for a 8x10 canvas print. When I went to place my order, the amount I would owe would not be covered by the Groupon. The Customer Service Representative, went to the website, and walked through the ordering process and found out where the problem was.

Although I have had other experiences with Groupon customer service that were not good, this one was excellent.

Posted by boatturn

very courteous and helpful - wait said was 8 minutes and was on before 8 minutes. I would give u a 10 rating. I just got an ipad3 4 months ago and am learning how to use it. Groupon in
s one of my favorite things.

Posted by Groupon

Have always recieved curteous and professional service. They always take of my problem. Thank you Groupon!

Posted by ess507

After reading the comments about their service, I was pleasantly surprised that JO came on after about a minute and walked me thru the problem then had me talk to Chad. Chad explained to me what the problem was and that was it .I spent a total of 15 minutes on the phone with Jo, and Chad. So I was very happy with Gropon customer service. thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had a great experience with Groupon refunds. They have given me Groupon credits in two situations. They took care of it quickly with little hassle.

Posted by tiffanystrinkets

I ordered a child's rocker on 10/5. I had a choice of a pig a dragon or a horse. (The horse was $10 cheaper then the other two.) I picked the pig. On 10/8 I was surprised to see my package had arrived! Amazing shipping time right? I opened the box to find i didn't get the pig but the horse instead. I checked my email for my confirmation. It said i ordered the pig. I had also received a shipping notification also saying i had ordered the pig. So after much searching i found the contact info... I emailed them. Hours later i received an email that seemed very fake and scripted. So i waited for business hours and called them. I got through in less then 3 mins. talked to Tim. Told him i would keep the horse but wanted a credit to my account for the difference . He agreed and promptly added it to my account. mistakes happen but i feel he made it right without much hassle.

Posted by Robert Bergman

Today I called your company and felt so fortunate to speak with John N. This gentleman was so helpful and patient that I felt as though I should compliment you on hiring such an outstanding employee. Thank you so much.

Posted by corez43

I had to call groupon regarding a refund. It didn't take very long for them to answer and the customer service rep was very nice and handled my issue right away. Thanks Groupon!

Posted by jenneerae

Had to return another Groupon because I didn't need it anymore. The only problem I had was that I emailed customer support and someone responded that same day with "How would you like me to resolve this problem?" and I emailed him back the next morning saying I just wanted a refund to my card. He didn't respond after two days, so I ended up calling and the lady returned it within a matter of seconds. Very helpful. I advise people to CALL FIRST. They are very easy to get a hold of- call, press one button, then there is someone there very quickly. Also, they always ask first to credit it back to your Groupon account. If you want it back to your credit card make sure you tell them to credit it there and NOT your account. Overall, they were very helpful on the phone, and not so much online!

Posted by Josh

I had a great experience with their customer service. My order was not able to process, and I only had a few minutes to try and put it through before the offer ended. I called their customer support phone number and the guy helped me put me correct the error in my order and put it through with a few minutes to spare! I have never had a problem with Groupon!

Posted by Lorriris

I have ordered many things from Groupon. Experiences have been so positive that I have to pace myself. I can't believe the number of negative remarks....
Had issues with vendors and Groupon either refunded me or gave me credit.

Love love love

Posted by Anonymous

Well..I guess I'm just lucky. I did have to be patient and wait a few minutes (welcome to the world), buy my representative couldn't have been nicer. She corrected my issue in less than two minutes! Groupon still rocks, IMHO!

Posted by CS

I just want to say that I had a FANTASTIC experience with groupon's customer service! For my friend's bachelorette party we decided to go on vacation and have a spa day before the party. We all bought a groupon for the spa experience (10 of us) and when we went to book it they said we couldn't use the groupon until July ( we were going in May). We emailed or called right after (I emailed) and each and every one of us got our money back to our credit cards. My representative was named Anthony M. and he was amazing. He was prompt ( he got back to me the same
day), courteous and very understanding of the situation.I love groupon and use their services all the time. I will continue to because of their wonderful customer service.

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Posted by Anonymous

I bought 3 ultrasonic honey comb deffuses from you gave them as Christmas gifts. my friend just put it together today & the moter doesn't work . I would like a replacement or refund. order . I've never had a problem with anything i bought. So let me know what to do . I know how your refund works but these were Christmas gifts.


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