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Greyhound customer service is ranked #848 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.07 out of a possible 200 based upon 662 ratings. This score rates Greyhound customer service and customer support as Terrible.


643 Negative Comments out of 662 Total Comments is 97.13%.


19 Positive Comments out of 662 Total Comments is 2.87%.

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    • 643 negative comments (97.13%)
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Posted by Valeria Bachledova

Waited from 1-6 am b/c bus broke down in the middle of nowhere. We stood parked outside in the rain while our driver did nothing. Worst nightmare ever because we were driving from Chicago to Nyc... which is a „17" hour drive... and its 5 am and we arent even halfway done with out trip when i have a 2 pm appointment at the Consulate General of Slovakia to get my passport renewed. I had to prepare for this nightmare because there is no Slovakian consulate in Chicago, only in Nyc. LIKE HELP ME NOW!!!! Dont ever travel w greyhound... this is my first and definitely last ride w them.

Posted by Anonymous

i recently took greyhound from losangles to Atlanta and there was a major accident that delayed the bus for 5 hrs, Then after that the bus caught a flat while i was using thier restroom wndni notice the bus start shaking like an earth quake i was thrown i to the wall and i sustain an injury to my right shoulder and arm . I notied the greyhound bus driver with several.witnesses as well conducted an incident report and was told it will be 4 addittional.hrs until the tire is changed and w nee driver shows up . i bought a round trip ticket right now pain and plan to see a hospital asao i also called 911 and make a report i plan to sue .

Posted by Anonymous

Service Is Terrible And The Bathrooms Are Filthy. The Chinatown Bus To Nyc Is Cleaner And That Is A Understatement And They Have Free Wifi Too. I Would Recommend Anyone That Has To Travel Take The Chinatown Bus For 30.00 Bucks To Nyc And Then Catch Another Chinatown Bus To The City You Want To Connect Too. Way Cheaper And Faster. Greyhound Your Days Are Numbered.

Posted by Anonymous

On the 10may I booked a bus ticket to19may on Saturday to plattsburgh from new carroltton station and the bus is not coming i have to wait from 4:30pm to 10:05pm and bus have to arrive at 5:50 pm he is not show up I called the customer service and told them everything i have to stay in rain with my kids and i want my money back please is much $301

Posted by Colleen

Never use this service. My bus was cancelled at the last minute; I was very upset, but reading this comments, it seems I got off easy! The customer service was shockingly bad; apparently I had "nothing to complain about" as it states on the terms and conditions that the schedule is subject to change at the last minute. Why would a transportation service be subject to change at the last minute? That makes no sense.

Posted by FLORECE

My name is Florece Lofton on Friday I was supposed to leave Athens Ga @11:55 & be in Atlanta Ga @125 . We left Athens @ 12 something got to Atlanta @ 2:30 couldn't leave Atlanta until that night @7:15 . I'm very disappointed @ Greyhound. I wa to get to Detroit @6:45 I got here @ 1. I was coming for my Brother funeral

Posted by Anonymous

4 months and still waiting for Refund. Getting the run around similar to the comments below. Many many calls into their customer service - I am exasperated Greyhound - your refund procedures need serious updating. Can I get my refund please - like your promise!

Posted by albfromoxnardca

Greyhound gave me the run around for 6 months to refund a refundable ticket! The last conversation with Greyhound ended with "please check back in a week if you don't see refund." I said "I am not going to call you again. If I don't get refund in a week, I am filing a complaint against you with Better Business Bureau". After I filed the complaint, I got the the refund! (minus $19). I will never do business with Greyhound!

Posted by Anonymous

I booked a trip with greyhound for 15 people and the agent booked the tickets to the wrong location as well as are refusing to return the money for the case. I have been calling them since march 29th for a refund and they have refused to refund the money and the customer service is horrible

Posted by Frustrate Upset Old Man

View Complete Greyhound Return Policy Does Not Work!!!! Oops That Page Couldn't Be Found!

Posted by Frustrated Angry Old Man

Fuming! Upset! I bought a flexible ticket in February 2018. Due to health reasons I requested a refund in March 2018. Greyhound's site requests a written letter requesting a refund which I supplied with all pertinent information and all the printed ticket information. I mailed this
packet by certified mail 03/19/2018. I was informed by the USPS that my packet was picked up on 03-23-2018.
I called Greyhound 214-849-8966 requesting information on refund. I was asked for Name, Address, Credit Card number and Phone number. A lady told me that it would take 7-14 business days before a refund was issued and she gave me a reference number.
I called Greyhound and spoke to Evin on 04-06-2018 requesting an update on my refund. He told me that I need to wait one more week and then call back because they needed more time.
Trying to get a refund from Greyhound is like pulling teeth! Why in the world does it take your company so DAMN long to refund a ticket. You definitely need to update your system for an easier way!!!! Hell look at all the negative replies but you probably already have and don't give a damn.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a ticket from greyhound way back in Nov 2017 -the ticket agent where I purchased the ticket charged twice on my sister credit card (whose fault is it?),I've been calling the costumer international service since after Dec Christmas 2017-giving me the same answer "stil processing I have to wait and wait patiently it will be mailed to my address after it has been approved,called again today, same answer I spoke with 2 Supervisor Mario and Eduardo,I've been told to wait patiently it will be sent to my address and stil in the processing, I told them why would I suffer this long if the greyhound employee is the one who made a mistake to charge TWICE on my sister credit card ? And now I can't get my OWN MONEY? eventhoug it's not my fault?
anyone ? For $210 dollars this is happening wt greyhound?any suggestion ?
All they have to do is to reimburse? It's 5 month already greyhound stil telling me to WAIT PATIENTLY ???

Posted by Brd320

I was going to take the greyhound from Chicago to Columbus after an audition, but because I got hit by a car as a pedestrian I had to cancel the whole weekend. Asked for a refund on the ticket and they asked why, and I explained to them that I got into an accident, and they said no. Why would they ask in the first place if they dont take ANY excuse as an exception?

Posted by SOLtimesTwo

I am traveling hours away from my abuser and am in protective custody so I can escape such extreme abuse. I am laid over only because the bus terminal in Kansas City Missouri neglected 2 hire another bus to take the rest of us to our destination. There is 10 of us stuck here in a city we do not know because of clerical error per se my abuser stomped my head in is just one of the incidences of the extreme have you my X has done but worse my phone he has a track on me

Posted by claire moreno

Greyhound is on my phone frequent contact list. It saves time when making my weekly 30-40 minute calls to check on the refund of my Flexible Fare ticket. I cancelled mu trip in August 2017 and submitted the letter and request and documentation required to get a refund of $48.50. I paid for flexibility because it was the total eclipse of the sun and traffic was an issue in Oregon and I figured I might have trouble making it to Portland Bus Terminal. Its now March 2018 and no refund. I'm told by phone Perhaps flexible means wait till the next Solar Eclipse for your money back.

Posted by Lauren

Very upset. My mother purchased a ticket for my husband to go to waco tx from Wausau wisconsin and was unable to get to the bus due to a family emergency and they wouldn't help us at all. Told us we we're basically out of the 174.00 and we can't transfer the ticket for a different date or time nor can we get a refund. I am extremely disappointed in a company that is international and has no sympathy for emergencies. I will no longer purchase from this company and will let everyone I know how disappointing this company is.

Posted by Cris y Sergio

Me and my boyfriend are from Spain and living in Toronto now. Yesterday we've taked a greyhound bus from Toronto to Buffalo. After that, at 10:10am we've taked a bus from Buffalo to Cleveland but at 11:30, give or take, the bus broke on the middle of the road. After that, 5 minutes later the driver drove the broken bus until a waiting area. We wait for two hours in that waiting area (any other bus come for us and the driver never talked about the situation with us) Finally, the driver decided to drive the broken bus for 20 minutes until the Erie Greyhound bus station (On these 20 minutes the bus stopped on the middle of the road like 10 times). My boyfriend and I had tickets for an NBA game in Cleveland at 3:30pm. We missed that game. We were going to Cleveland just for the game. And now they don't want to pay back for our tickets... The worst experience ever.

Posted by No more bus

Worst experience ever, depart from New York to DC,delay for 2 :30 hrs no noticing from the compary,I arrive on time and found that my bus got delay.clearly could not make it to the destination on time, so I decide to drive and discard the ticket. Horrible customer service since I bough non refund ticket, I could not get a dime back due to their delay, so pissed and tired!!!

Posted by Michael

The transportation, that's what they call it. I doubt even in federal prison people get transferred like this place named greyhound. The security is acting as an information person and the information person is total lier. Would never travel with this company again. They should learn how to treat people they way they deserve it. They sell the ticket online and cancel the bus whenever they want. Never give a damn about your connection and the driver treat you like you are a pig. I wouldn't definitely blame the driver and the rest of the staff who has to work here for minimum wage. It's the company's poor management that causes all of this anarchy. People are saying there is no costumer service. That's so obvious when whoever works in this company treat you however you want. This would be my last miserable experience with this outdated, not responsible and totally disrespectful company. I wish there were more regulation on bus transport like airlines. I couldn't find any legal act which defends the passengers right.

Posted by Treadedongram

I am a very disgruntled disabled passenger from Greyhound bus lines. Their refund and reasons why they can't refund are ridiculous especially when your driver threatens 2 kill all the passengers at at train stop, causes a very long overlay, felt like talking on the speaker phone all the way not concentrating on his driving, and many more complaints to my case. I was offered $10 compensation for the hell I went through at 58 years old. The customer service needs much much much improving they treat they treated us so terribly it was ridiculous I and many other passengers that we were not treated fairly or right. I said I would even accept a half half half part compensation for my ticket and they only offered me $10 and then an hour and a half later 30 does it seem fair yes my ticket was $300 aproximately but what I went through was hellacious. They failed to recognize me as a disabled passenger when there are many disabled disabilities mental and physical mine is a mental one plus a physical one yet it didn't seem to matter to them. A refund of at least half refund I would even feel fair offer. Yet went from $10 virtual voucher, to $30 1½hrs. I did not accept,, & felt insulted. Oh I called corporate office & they transferred me to a "offshore" customer service rep!! Oh I got a c.s. rep in Honduras that didn't know of S.Calif fires to answer my concerns!

Posted by Anonymous

As a "Common Carrier" (public transport), you have a higher duty to clientele than other concerns do. The so-called "manager" in Visalia, CA, is so rude and unprofessional, she is off-putting. I purchased "Flexible" tickets on-line (2 free checked bags, which was accommodated in San Diego). When I asked for tags reflecting my return-trip San Diego destination on them, she insisted I got only one bag free ("I'm n ot going to argue with you"), and charged me $15. I presented my Visa card, and she said she c/n take it b/c her "machine was down." I d/n have cash, so she pointed down the street to B of A (ATM); I had 4 bags w/me. What was I supposed to do? No apologies, no offer to keep an eye on them for me. Then she spent 15 =/- minutes on the phone and never looked up while I waited to pay for the 2d bag. She is awful.
In L.A., there was a minimum 2-hr. delay each trip. When an announcement was made, it was unclear, yet when we asked several nearby employees, they all said they hadn't been listening, so no one knew whose bus was late. Non-priority ticket-holders were allowed to shove ahead of priorities. Bus bathrooms have no hand cleaners, and Hepatitis A is a huge concern here. The tix are sold as "express"; they read that Bakersfield is the sole stop up to Visalia, yet we stopped at many other towns.
I do a lot of traveling, but I will NEVER again ride your buses, and I will advise everyone I know not to, as well. Bah.

Posted by Adub10

DO NOT RIDE ANYWHERE WITH GREYHOUND. This company needs to be shut down. Poor customer service and raggedy buses. They lie and say that the buses have WiFi and outlets. That's a lie! Find a cheap plane ticket or drive to your destination.


We stranded in Tallahasse for 8 hours.Our bus from Tampa arrived at the terminal in schedule. At first they told us the bus was broken, then they told us that the driver was tired, or just didn't show up . just listen to this ! We spent the night at the station until we departed for Mobil Alabama at 7:00 Is funny cause, this is the second time they do this to me.
Unprofesional bums, who treat passengers like cattle . Rhey should be reported to some authority

Posted by Ms. O

I brought a round trip ticket to Salisbury leave Norfolk at 6:30 a.m. and arrived to the station at 6:30 a.m. and was denied boarding by the driver. And he was so rude too. So I went inside to the counter and the clerk charged me an additional fee of $20.00 to change the departing time to 7:45 a.m. So I was in the station for 1 hour and 45 mins. And the bus finally came. After all that I finally made it to Maryland, Md. But-the next bus to Salisbury never made it to Maryland (my bus),so they promised me a refund in 7 -10 days. Mind you I was already booked at a hotel! So, I lost $100.00 on the hotel because I never made it to Salisbury. The hotel refused to switch the reservation to another of their hotels in the town where I was stranded until 6:45 a.m.on the 24th. And now I can't reach Greyhound for my refund here in Virginia. Thanks for the memory of the filthy bathrooms, over-priced snack machines, filthy buildings too and really rude drivers and counter staff. Such a ridiculous lost and found department is a card board box sitting in a corner with no dates on any items! Wow SMH. So unprofessional.

Posted by Never take the bus again

Never again. Got on a 7:30pm bus to Toronto from NYC at 8:30pm, bus was boken 2 hours away from NYC because driver cannot see clearly at night, that's understandable. But waited for the second bus to come take 4 hours.After got on the second bus for 45 mins, the bus broke again in the highway and needed to be towed. Waited another 4 hours now and still waiting on the third bus. Not even mid way to Toronto yet. We are supposed to arrive 6am in the morning, but now its 9am and no news for us yet. It's stupid and crazy. Can't believe a bus company cannot arrange another bus quicker and stuck the customers in the bus for that long.

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Posted by

This my 3th terrible experience traveling Greyhound's...but,i was reassured by the area Amarillo,tx to continue traveling with greyhound busline.ðThank you an kind word goes an long way

Posted by Eric

Not possible to get the refund online

Posted by Anonymous

I, an old man,live in Canton OH planned first ever to have a ride of grey hound for a tour of the city of Columbus OH sometimes towards the end of this month, Nov-2016, so, felt to know about Grey hound services from its a to z. Over customers' desk phone number I could get hold of one,named Mr. John; how wonderful his dealing,delivery and detailing!I'm highly served, updated and informed by his unique talent of salesmanship and human quality. Thousand kudos to John and sincere good wishes to his health, happiness and professional success! S.A. Samad

Posted by Ruby

I would like to thank the Operations Manager (Juan M.) @ the Greyhound Bus Terminal in Houston TX. for his assistance in resolving a ticket matter I was having on Saturday February 14,2015 . He was very professional and very helpful.

Posted by Peter Laird

Hats off to the Terminal Manager Stuff Smith and his team in Champaign/ Urbana, Illinois for finding, researching, and returning my lost cell phone! Thanks Stu!

Posted by naza

I took the Greyhound from Toronto Canada to Las Vegas....most of the trip and drivers were excellent...BUT the last driver who took us into Las Vegas on Dec 19 2014 the last stretch of the trip was HELL, he was RUDE & IGNORANT... he threatened to leave us at all stops... if we didn't get back on the bus in like 5 minutes....he laughed to his co-pilot driver about once when someone he had left had to run & jump over a fence to get back on his bus!!! I am a disabled women & I was SICKKENED to listen to his BS..etc SHAME on HIM....And I hope he will be checked up on!!!

Posted by Francis Poldiak

I had arranged to fly from Denver to Manila, to spend Thanksgiving with my Filipino family. Everything depended upon catching the 7:35 p.m. bus out of Trinidad, Colorado so as to get to Denver in time for my initial flight to LA. I arrived around bus. I called their Help Line but got a recorded message saying this line was "closed until 5 a.m." I waited around until 11:30, when a bus did show up but it was going the wrong direction. When I asked the driver if he knew whether or not another bus would be arriving soon, heading north, he said he didn't know....and dismissed me.
Consequences: (1) Missed my flight and as the ticket is nonrefundable, I can only get credit for another, future flight at considerably more expense. (2) My wife had to cancel her own travel arrangements, which cost us another $250. (3) She also had to cancel hotel reservations, at another expenditure of $150. (4) My family, which I have not seen since mid-summer--now I won't be able to see them until June of 2015. (5) My little girl, age 6, keeps asking her mother why daddy isn't coming. (6) Christmas and birthday gifts I had with me, I now will have to mail at my own expense. (7) Health food products which my wife requested I purchase in America since she cannot find in the Philippines and which she needs as she is not in the best of health....these too, will have to be shipped.
DO NOT USE GREYHOUND seems to be the logical message of this experience. Oh yes, and when I tried to call Saturday (today) to talk to someone about this, I received a recorded message that no one would be able to assist me until "regular business hours, Monday."
I plan on posting as many complaints as possible about this "bus service" which seems to have as much concern about its customers as your typical dope dealer ("Hey, man; he's wasted? No problem. More where he came from.")

Francis Poldiak

Posted by wmo168

Greyhound Package Express shipping!!
At first I look at all the review online and very worry about having an item I got from ebay shipped from Sacramento, CA to Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was quoted 9-10 days $80 but it arrive in 6 days across the USA.

Tracking was a bit slow but calling the 800 # give me exact location on where the item is.

I track it using the bus schedule and indeed it arrive in the afternoon and got a call from the station. Fast easy pick up...

VERY HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE. I guess don't ship expensive items and make sure package the item well...

Posted by Anonymous



Posted by Anonymous

Recently I travelled with Greyhound bus from silver spring, MD to New York, it was raining and we had a safest journey for me and most passengers. Thanks to the bus driver who was very cautious on the road, i will continue to use Greyhound buses. GOD BLESS!!!

Posted by Anonymous

called the terminal got right through to a very nice person who was a big help setting up my trip to visit brother in oregon. very easy, hope the ride is as nice on the way out. 5 stars



Posted by Felicia Dove-Dingle

I purchased a ticket for my brother by using my credit card. Needless to say, he didn't use it. I wanted my credit card refunded however, this is not your policy; instead I can receive a voucher. I called today (14 Sept), your representative inquired and found out I can have this transferred to my sister if I send your company an email with the voucher number and her name. Please inform me when this transaction is complete. The voucher ID # is: 1712321 my sisters name is Beverly Booker. Her address is 56 E. Mitchell Ave Cincinnati Oh, 45217. I can be reached at 703-967-2851 or 703-221-0061.

Felicia Dove-Dingle
[email protected]
703-221-0061 (H)
571-231-2801 (W)
703-967-2851 (C)

Posted by Felicia Dove-Dingle

I purchased a ticket for my brother by using my credit card. Needless to say, he didn't use it. I wanted my credit card refunded however, this is not your policy; instead I can receive a voucher. I called today (14 Sept), your representative inquired and found out I can have this transferred to my sister if I send your company an email with the voucher number and her name. Please inform me when this transaction is complete. The voucher ID # is: 1712321 my sisters name is Beverly Booker. Her address is 56 E. Mitchell Ave Cincinnati Oh, 45217. I can be reached at 703-967-2851 or 703-221-0061.

Felicia Dove-Dingle
[email protected]
703-221-0061 (H)
571-231-2801 (W)
703-967-2851 (C)

Posted by tracy

my son traveled from cloumbus oh to salisbury nc . rude driver lost baggage drity buses drity bathrooms in there rest stop . with even crappier coustomer sevice in there reststop. if you r thinking of saving some cash by useing grayhound . please save youself the pain of traveling with grayhound book a flight or a train!! hell hitchhike!!! i joke not.

Posted by wxwatcher

I have to say that after reading all of the complaints on here I was terrified to get on the bus. Something to think about is people are many times more likely to write a complaint than a complement. So keep that in mind. I am sure some people have had terrible experiences just as with everything but here is mine.

I was on the 1:50 am bus out of Tremonton UT, on Tuesday June 28th. The bus arrived at about 1:35 a.m. Immediately about 18 people got off and milled around. Many of these people to me looked very scary. One guy kept falling on the ground and doing weird things. I thought great here we go with the nightmare. The guy that kept falling down at first left the bus then after about a 15 minute delay came back on. His seat was already taken so he tried to sit next to a young lady (20's) immediately, even before he got a chance to sit down a bus security person came back and told him there was no way he was going to sit next to her. People were rearranged a bit and he sat in his own seat seemingly without incident. At the next stop he was told to leave the bus. He did with no incident. They make it very clear that if you drink either on or off the bus at a stop you will be removed. I don't know what was wrong with this guy but he was removed.

The people on the bus seemed friendly there was a little bit of chatter but not much. Everyone kind of watched out for each other. As for people being left behind. I am sure it happens. You are told exactly when to be back and if you are late you will be left behind. I saw one exception to this when a lady that was about 85 got off the bus but was late getting back. The driver went and helped her back to the bus. Very gentleman like. All three of my drivers were very nice. They explained everything going on very well. As for lost luggage I did not hear any complaints of lost luggage. You need to be vigilant with your bags. Simply watch and make sure they get on the bus. I watched mine shuffled around 3 times and each time they were put on the right bus.

Overall I think it was a good experience. I would do it again.

Posted by olsondan5

Arrived in Billings Montana, waited for our connecting bus and were told that there was a problem with the driver, he wasn't certified. They called around to find an on call driver. None available. Then we were told at 1:30 AM that it would be 2:30 PM the next day before we would be able to get a bus out to our destination. We don't blame your staff, but we are concerned about the repeated lack of interest in offering more reliable service to your customers. I really hope that Greyhound Corporation heads will get together to offer a reliability that isn't relative to undeveloped nations. I believe this is possible.
No more delays.
preparation for possible causes of delay and solutions that answer the problem getting customers on their way.

I really have confidence that if you want to you can solve these minor issues to a valuable service.


Posted by tiikeri00

I was not thrilled to be taking the bus all the way from Minnesota to Memphis as it was going to be a long trip. My original bus was cancelled but they placed me on a different bus right away. There were very friendly people at the terminal in Miwaulke. And from Chicago to Memphis I got to ride the new buses which were very nice. I accidentely left my phone on the bus, and tried getting a hold of someone at the memphis terminal. It took me a long time to talk to a real person and they didn't have it. When I gave up hope I got a call from the chicago terminal saying they found my phone and they shipped it to me with no charge!

Posted by CanDoc

First, was a Personnel Supervisor for Pacific Bell's Chief Engineer's Department and I wish many of our people could Emulate the Wonderful Attitude of Your Caring Staff!

Wow, have not ridden a Greyhoung in 40 Years and it was a Wonderful Experience! Traveled from Redding at 5:40 PM on 12-27 to Ocean-side, Calif. From my initial contact with the Ticket Reservation person through several stops and the Bus Drivers it was Really a Fun and Rewarding Experience! The 1st driver had to put up with a Disability Rider and I was amazed of how he handled that passengers "Extremely Disruptive Mannerism"! That driver demonstrated a Caring Attitude that was "Way Beyond Fantastic"! The last driver from LA to Oceanside was also a Wonderful and Caring person that treated "Each and Every Passenger as They were his Only Customer"! Again, rode for 1/4 the Cost of Flying and it only took about three hours longer and was a lot more rewarding!

Keep up the Great Job of handling your routes and Treating US the Customers as Number 1!

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Posted by Nickie

Horrible Horrible Horrible service.

Was scheduled for a 7am GLI 2504 bus from NYC to Boston. No bus driver scheduled. Bus driver who is scheduled to drive a 8am bus is now requested by dispatcher to take scheduled 7am passenger. Now driver is PISS. Me not realizing I'm starting in the wrong boarding area lines gave him my ticket and he told me I'm at the wrong line number so I said to him every time I take Greyhound every one have so many different rules and grey hound need to enforce it rules. I moved over to the line I needed to be with my daughter. Her the driver says to me go upstairs and change ticket because I'm not going on his bus. Have not been any threat to this bus driver of bus 87642 but I'm not allowed on the bus with purchased ticket after the bus was late already because of NO driver. Is that the customer service of greyhound drivers. Thankfully another driver saw this and allowed me to get to Boston on his bus but now I'm delayed because of this bus driver and have to hear back to New York after dropping off my daughter and don't know what I will encounter when I get to the agents in Boston. Greyhound your drivers need a course on customer service and hire some more drivers so your employees would not feel overwhelmed and pass it on customers. WILL NEVER RIDE GREYHOUND AGAIN. NASTY CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Posted by Mike23

I work in the Columbus Ohio terminal. If anyone ever has any problem while here please do not hesitate to ask to see me or any of my co-workers. We try to do our best here to make sure any and all of our customers have a safe and enjoyable trip when traveling Greyhound. Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Thanks, Mike J


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