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    • 41 negative comments (85.42%)
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Posted by Michael

I just got my hair cut at great clips in Hampton Village St. Louis Missouri, & i have never had a more rude stylist in my life. I didnt get her name, she was a black girl who seemed to have an attitide with me from the word go. She ask me how i wanted it. It. I said sides & back short top left longer so I can do stuff with it, she,said " like what" what do u want to do with it, you a guy. I said yeah and ? She said " SIT DOWN. She took the clippers and it, then cut the top, a lot shorter than I wanted, she took a blow dryer and blew the hair off me which was all over me I might add, she,said anything else, I said could u gel It? She took the cape off and totally ignored my request to gel my hair. I'm telling you this, I will never go back to this location again, with somebody so obviously hateful. I just thought you should know.

Posted by Anonymous

I just went to great clips in Kaufman. I had my hair cut and the bangs were not right I never raised my voice and ask to try to change it. They ask me to leave. When I left the manger told me as I was leaving in front of everyone there that my bangs were not right because I was bald. I suggest you do not use great clips in Kaufman.

Posted by Anonymous

I took my husband in for a haircut,beard trim.he had a coupon. They wouldn't let him use the coupon,good thru Sept said they gave him the senior discount.WE DIDN'T WANT THAT.WE COULD HAVE SAVED MORE MONEY WITH OUR COUPON.THE GAL GAVE HERSELF A TIP,WHICH SHE DIDN'T EARN ON MY DEBIT CARD.I AM SO MAD.THE HAIRCUT WAS AWFUL.I GOT RIPPED OFF.I WON'T RETURN TO THAT STORE AGAIN.she was too busy trying to use excuses to be the one to RUN TO THE BANK to get out of working,her words exactly. When I confronted her upon p sting she was rude,I stayed calm saying give me back my coupon then if you won't let me use it. She refused to do that also. It's be refreshing if great clips would apologize and make this wrong,right. But it's clear that great clips doesn't care about customers. My husband is mentally challenged and I do feel that he was taken advantage of,and I was ripped off. This happened in Ankeny Iowa on Delaware,Aug.12,2017 at 9:19am ticket#682115 by Holly.we sure miss Sam,she moved to Calif.she was so good to my husband.she always treated him good and gave great haircuts.Holly is a far cry from Sam.can you please make this awful experience a better one? I just wanted aa good haircut for my spouse,who's heading to the Mayo Clinic on Monday,he dooesnt deserve to ber mistreated nor can I afford to looose my coupon. this haircut,trim cost over $18.01 my COUPON was a haircut for $7.00...a very unhappy customer.Rick and Linda Dawson.

Posted by NicoleSummers

Great Clips
7025 Sheridan Blvd, Westminster, CO 80003

Walked in and stood there for almost ten minutes without anyone acknowledging me. The one stylist was like 8 feet from me cutting someone's hair, saw me right in front of her, and completely ignored me. I finally said something after standing there having to listen to her strong political views for so long. She just snapped at me. I asked her if they took appointments and she just said "no" and rolled her eyes. I said a few words about how I thought she was being unprofessional and she was just going to continue to be confrontational so I left. Pretty bad. I've been to a few other Great Clips and they have always been great. I did not have any other contact with any other employee, so this is my opinion based on the one stylist that was there.

Posted by Anonymous

We came into the Charleston, Il Great Clips with 3 climatologist & 1 of them brought their 2 very young (under 4 w/1 in diapers ) children to work with them with all the noise & running that childen at that age do.From the talk between the employees its a regular thing, WOW

Posted by Anonymous

I went into a Great Clips in Leawood, Kansas and the only thing said was "did you sign in on-line"? The stylist walked to the desk and put the name in. No greeting, no smile -just it will be 20-25 minutes. There were two stylists. I observed both of them with 2 clients each. No smile, no warmth, zero conversation and no eye contact. It was like a morgue!!!!!!! Very uncomfortable. My granddaughters cut was good. She did not want to get in the chair. There was not one ounce of encouragement or kind words to the child. The only thing she said put your chin down about 10 times... VERY NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE. I feel sorry for the owner. Those girls obviously HATED their jobs and will take the owner down with themselves!!!!!!! 1-18-2017

Posted by Cheryl Olsen Hurt

Discrimination against anyone without a smartphone because they are unable to "check in on line" and have to wait until everyone who did so gets done first. Waited over an HOUR and they wouldn't take my 90 y/o mother because "people will be coming shortly!" People should be able to call in! Outrageous!

Posted by destmo

I went to Great Clips in Harborcreek PA. I took a picture with me of how I wanted it. I told the girl I wanted it just the way the picture was. A short shag look in the back with lots of layers with layers on the top and sides and told her the length I wanted no shorter than. She repeated everything I said even asked questions to make sure we were on the same page. At the 1st cut in the back I thought ok she's got the length right. Then she kept cutting. The WORST cut ever. I did not end up with a short shag but an inverted bob instead. The type of cut I hate the most. The hardest type to grow out without having to have multiple cuts in the process of waiting for it to grow out. I didn't get the layers on the top and sides that I asked for, partly because I was so mad at what she did to the back I was afraid to let her go any farther. My hair is totally ruined. I went to a couple different hairdressers in the area that told me there wasn't anything that could be done to fix it until it grows out unless I want to go shorter. I never ever go to or recommend Great Clips to anyone. Everyone I come in contact with and mentions I got a hair cut I tell them the story show them the pictures of what I wanted and they look and say wow you sure didn't get that! I feel devastated and so uncomfortable that this cut is not who I am.

Posted by cameodolls14

i went to great clips in clarksville, in. i took a picture of the haircut i would have liked to had.when she got done with me i had a mans haircut it is so short i cant even get a curler in husband went to a barber the same day and his hair was longer then mine.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm trying to reach a stylist, named Kimberly. She worked at the Piney Orchard Great clips about 6 months ago. She is a brunette and about 30-35 years old. She did a wonderful job cutting my hair, which is very fine, and I wld like to see her again. Very few stylists can do a good job with my hair, and it is frustraring. My name is Janice and if you locate her, you can give her my # which is I would like to go to wherever she is cutting hair now.

Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Cornelia ga store on 61216to get a cut they were two attendants two in the chairs the lady sgined me in one wating. Another person came in and she took them first said they were on line this went on for about forty five minutes I ask the lady how long did she signin she said about 10 min's before I left. And will not be back if you are on line only just put it on you sign. This is not fair as my time and money is not important. Maybe you need to adress this problem as you will loose more customer

Posted by Emmanuel

You guys suck. You need to gob back to school to know how to cut hair. GO TO A BARBERSHOP SCHOOL, YOU GUYS REALLY NEED IT. If not, you guys should hire people who been in a barbershop. You guys are freaking terrible, I was not satisfy with my cut. I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO THAT PLACE. You guys don't give what I ask for. I ask for a normal haircut and you guys gave me a buzz cut, Don't yall know the differences between a buss cut and a normal cut. I am sorry, yall need to close and reopen when yall know how to cut. I need this was gonna happen but it even worst than my expectation. Now i have to fix my hair and restart my waves process again. My haircut is really bad and it suck. The stylist there or whatever you guys call it, couldn't even say this is a good cut. Yall suck, you worse than terrible, and yall need some serious help. The great clips I went to is the one close to vons in las vegas 89113.They got a gas station and a little ceasar over in that area too.They suck you guys. Don't ever go there in your life. Don't go to any great clips in you guys life.They are not great, they are terrible. They should call it terrible clips. This my advice to you as well as my review. Have a good life,"Terrible Clips."

Posted by BlakeL

I got my hair at Great Clips at Lakeside Plaza in Salem, VA a couple weeks ago and I wish I hadn't. The workers there were scary, like they were found in an alley. I didn't want to prejudge the lady who cut my hair but turns out I was right because she gave me a very strange haircut.

I contacted Great Clips corporate but they said since it's a franchisee that it's out of their hands, yet on my receipt it says service and products are satisfaction guarantee. So obviously Great Clips does not stand behind what they promise. BS!

Posted by Anonymous

Was the the worse most expensive hair cut I've ever had... She had no knowledge what so ever. I asked if she could straighten it and she informed me that she couldn't get it slick straight which I know is not true with my hair. I paid 50$ for something I simply could have had my 12 Daughter do... Horrible will never return to a great clips again

Posted by sharo huson

The worst experience since I became disabled n on 24-7 oxygen I have gone to same place for years plenty since on oxygen but this younger girl was stylist bad word for her anyway hi ask where did she prefer I put my tank on what side or whatever so she tells me put it on my lap or between my legs n jus hold the nose piece with my hand up to my nose while she's cutting well you can IMAGINE how I looked at her in disbelief then she told me it was for liability I said so was the oxygen for my life!!!she said what if she caught the cord with her comb brought it up n cut the cord excuse me then your not getting near me with scissors rite it became such a deal I called my son for ride told her stop laughing or I would slap her of course they told me to leave but I was way ahead I was leaving my son was in front as I walked n will.never walk back in of course they are trying all to get me back no never to 've treated so rudely n uncalled for on person with a disability is horrible this happened at the great clips in st louis no on telegraph by the Wal-Mart never again

Posted by Jones

I requested a certain cut the lady said yes she could do that and I look horrible my hair is a half inch all over my head as a women I have cryed for 3 days I will never return and know for sure I will tell every one

Posted by 123

I went to get a hair wash and a haircut when I came back home and checked in the mirror my hair was oily.And my haircut... one word horrible its a waste of money.

Posted by willneverevergoback

Had been a customer to Great Clips in California and never had nothing but great service. Moved to Texas and had the worse experience ever with there Kensington Square in Corinth. Manager horrible customer service. Stylist couldnt do simple boy cut and they were interested in socializing than getting to customers waiting. Will never go back, not even if I got free hair cuts for my entire family, and there is a total of 6 of us.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been to the Great Clips Indianapolis broad ripple site a few times . I was very disappointed at how, assume, management treat staff. I own a small business myself and I think is very unprofessional for management to confront staff in front of customers and other staff. It seems to me that it is about controlling staff rather than guiding and helping. It appears to me that management could benefit from training on how manage staff and treat customers.

Posted by Lyn

Had to try this new opened salon in Arena Blvd. Sacramento. I am so frustrated with this Jacqueline, she let me go out with my hair still dump from spraying it water for trimming, had to ask how does my side layered looks like since its still dump, she blow dried it but not the other side. Didn't say anything because it is a common sense to finish everything she started. My hair was in better shape before she gave me a trim. I'm not going back there.

Posted by Anonymous

I took my 11 year old daughter to Great Clips in Dover,Ohio to get her hair trimmed. When we got home I noticed how uneven and choppy her hair was. I not a beautician had to fix the mess up!! I spent $ 15 to get a haircut that really should be a very easy cut! Very unsatisfied and will never go back!

Posted by sherrie

I went to great clips in harborcreek erie,pa today I've been there several ttimes always diff employees I've been there 4 times this yr I've had 1 deceit haircut this lady butchered my hair and of course she was fresh out of school I hate paying for a haircut that is not wth I want! I even told this to the girl. I've even went to diff 1s around town if I find 1 that does a great job boom of course they r never there wen I go back. I am very disapointed!

Posted by Anonymous

You have lost my business. I came to a store was waiting and two people walk in supposedly having registered on the Internet. after having waited for 10 maybe 15 minutes these two people just came in and took the next chair directly in front of me. the lady who was working there just smiled at me like it was best thing she's ever seen happen really upset me I'm talking about the great clips on the corner of briar forest and dairy Ashford in Houston Texas I have noticed the quality of the staff that you have there has diminished quite a bit. I won't go back there ever again. What a low life thing to do.

Posted by Anonymous

3 weeks ago i went into Mauldin SC great clips to get a haircut. This is my fav great clips mind you! The employees are allways nice and you can tell they enjoy working together. Well this day was diferent they were not cheerful as they usually are.and the new manager,was rude to the girl checking her customer out. I thought it was the owner, until someone asked who she was and stated it loudly across the room. I really felt bad after i left .how dare she treat employees this way. Esp in front of customers. Where is the owner????

Posted by Curtis

Great Clips at 300 3rd st S St. Pete Fl 33701 (University Village)
I have been going here for 8 months. I had Tammy and was great. Went in on 7/24/15 and had Michael. It started out when I noticed he was not in a good mood. I was real friendly with him because he was going to cut my hair. I was in the chair maybe 5 mins and he said "All Done" I said really? This was the worst haircut ever! I noticed he did not trim my neck, around ears and missed a lot of spots. I went home and showered again and WOW. He messed up the entire right side. Friends came over and asked "What the hell happened? Who cut your hair? Several said he missed a lot on your right side, there are uneven areas everywhere. Told them I got it done at Great Clips but a new person. Honestly it was a mess. I went to work the next day and had at least 20 people within 2 hours ask me "Who cut your hair" I have sent at least 25-30 people over to Great Clips but I will probably NEVER go back and will never refer people to Great Clips. It's sad because I own an very expensive condo 2 blocks from GC's in Downtown St. Pete. It's Sunday and I have an appointment on Monday somewhere else to fix the bad haircut. I was happy with GC's and tipped really good until this happened. Not going to refer anyone there any longer. Horrible....

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Posted by Anonymous

Yvonne at Great clips spring shadows location has once again son a great job with my hair! She is very talented and always listens to what the costumer wants! Thanks again Yvonne. Margie Murphy

Posted by Meryl Street

The first time I went to get my hair cut at Great Clips, Gardner, KS was in October 2016. The manager (I forgot her name) she did a great job and was very personable. Yesterday, January 11, 2017, Naheny cut my hair and did a very good job too. It was fast, in and out both times. Both women had a good "can do" attitude that knows how to work with customers. They both were polite, courteous and efficient. They both were dressed to be in a customer service job. Both wore their hair attractive for a business career.

Posted by Anonymous

I am extremely pleased with the service I received at Great Clips on Boulder Hwy. Rhonda is extremely professional, courteous, and does an excellent job cutting my hair just the way I like it. I look forward to seeing her every 3-4 weeks. Mary Lou

Posted by cmcnally60

I just came from the Garnder MA location and Nikky did a wonderful job! I would highly recommend her. She did everthing i asked her to do and she did an excellent job! Thank-you Great Clips!

Posted by Marilyn

Marilyn from Huebner commons, San Antonio Texas was a really nice person. I had a very nice hair cut. She should be appreciated for this kind of great service. I really like the way of approach and the way she did the hair cut 10/10.

Posted by Tim

I went in to a Great Clips in Knoxville Tennessee, University Commons to be exact. There was a young lady names Kimberly who cut my hair.This was the best experience I have ever had. Kimberly was very professional and friendly. I told her how I wanted my hair cut and she listed to what I had to say.This is by far the best haircut I have ever had.During our consultation she never interrupted me and when I was done talking repeated every word back to me before citing my hair. I have never felt more comfortable getting my hair cut. I will definitely be returning here and I hope that Kimberly is working the day that I do.....i love my hair. Kimberly thanks so much for taking your time and listening to me and for the awesome haircut that you gave to me....your friendliness and uplifting attitude is going to take you far!

Posted by Anonymous

I came inot to the one on faxed road and this girl name elke cut my hair she was so good in like my hair ...elke I will be back again thank u much .

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Posted by cupcake

Assistant Manager was condescending and yelling at me throughout the salon.I couldnt get away from her until I was out the door.Full waiting room of clients watching. And thats after I quit.She came at me twice in a row that way...only thing I said was I quit.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a licensed barber in the state of Connecticut I was hired by Great Clips in Newtown Ct as far as I knew everything was working out fine. I was told to make myself comfortable because I was going to be there for awhile.the very next day I was called and terminated because I wasn't a fit for Great Clips. Well in Connecticut by law if you terminate an employee you are required to give them their final paycheck no later than the next business day after termination. So I gave them the benefit of the doubt that my money would be direct deposited but we are now a week and a day later and no pay. DO NOT GO TO WORK for Great Clips. Oh yeah another thing is the uneducated u precessional so called manager told me that I needed to slow down my cuts. I was also told that my black work pants were unacceptable while she stood there in crazy printed yoga pants with open toed sandals on. Talk about not being professional. I feel sorry for the owner of this particular store for leaving his business in her hands. I will make it clear to every person I know and that's a lot of people to NEVER go to Great Clips!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I went for a job interview on July 11th for the Great Clips in Murrieta California on murrietta Hot Springs Road. My appointment was at 1:30 and i got there at 115 and let them know I was here for my 1:30 interview they told me the manager was next door having lunch and should be back shortly. I looked out the window at the patio next door there was a restaurant and the salon manager and the regional manager said they're having lunch the stylist called her and let her know that I was waiting for the interview I SAT there for an additional 55 minutes while they had lunch knowing I was sitting in the lobby. I went back from my interview didn't even take 5 minutes, we were interrupted 3 times in that five minutes and she said they would be contacting me. I was so upset at the time I got home I had made up my mind I wasn't going to accept the job. I had worked at a great clips in earlier years and managed it that wasn't under the same regionals jurisdiction. I don't know if this regional manager,the way she looked she looked tired and she looked worn out. Like she just didn't even enjoy her job any more. I wish I would have known this and they did not waste my valuable time. I will not recommend any of this owners or regional great clips to anyone I will actually tell them to run!

Posted by Anonymous

I worked in the beltline Calgary this is the dirtiest shop I've ever worked at never does anyone clean there unless they are told head office people are coming that day! I tried to get them to have a staff meeting because when they want to TALK to you they leave notes in the back room I've taken pictures of the notes they say its not needs trust me staff meetings are necessary for the good of all the products on shelvesvare outdated to the point they have expired the only time that put necessary products up for sale is AGAIN when the head office comes there one day a year they pride themselves on doing their own thing and actually verbalizing it out loud to other staff members how they don't follow great clip rules

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for great clips in beloit wisconsin.No licensed manager for over a year .and acting manager was not even worried about it. She said owner doesn't care wow. I wonder if all stylists are licensed.I quit because I was not going to risk my license.The way two of the girls cut they probably dont have a license..

Posted by Tinker

I use to work for great clips in n.c. and was an assist manager. I love the job and the customers and it is really disturbing to hear from other stylist that are working for great clips now can barley tolerate the job.when you have a good working environment then the stylist are happy and the customers are happy and return for another hair cut. Recently I visited a great clips in n.c. had my hair cut the girl did a very good cut on my hair but while she was cutting my hair I watched the stylist across the room in the mirror, I would like to know when great clips started training you comb the hair one time cut around the neck line never touching the comb again till he takes one section and I mean a small section on the very top of the lady's head cuts it then goes to each side in front clips it around the face and doesn't even touch the crown the interior of the lady's hair leaves a curl on one of her sides in the back doesn't bother to cut tells her she's done let me tell you this guy needs to go back to school and learn to cut hair he didn't even check his cut. You know when you walk into a place of business you can tell when people like their jobs, you know the owner, askme one time why there was such a high turn over in stylist sometimes its the management, you can care about your stylist and still have a great business . When will you as a company realize that when actually care about your employees and quit treating them like they are nothing that the stylist will stay because she loves her job and do the best job for you, most people go above and beyond when they are happy at their job and from what I've heard from stylist and managers now things will be good then the GM's come in start micromanaging and the termal begins, and also when people see the same stylist day after day they are more confident in the store, do you not realize people look at that and say oh you lost another one what's going on you can't keep stylist and you look at the customer and try to come up with some lame excuse. Just to let you know I left the company in good standing and was told I could have a job if I wanted it back at any time. This is a real concern because you do have some good stylist, but your not going to keep them long and your not going to see a big return in customers when the managers and stylist are not treated right.


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