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Graco customer service is ranked #176 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 48.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 25 ratings. This score rates Graco customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


21 Negative Comments out of 25 Total Comments is 84.00%.


4 Positive Comments out of 25 Total Comments is 16.00%.

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  • Graco

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    • 48.80 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 21 negative comments (84.00%)
    • 4 positive comments (16.00%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 3.9 Reachability
    • 2.5 Cancellation
    • 4.7 Friendliness
    • 3.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Valerie I have a brilliant baby ideal product. Can someone please give me a call Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying the customer service phone number for days and am just put on hold. No one answers. I'm trying to find out if there is a longer bottom strap as the clips dig in to my granddaughter 's thighs.

Posted by Anonymous

I used graco products for the past 10 years and while I have run into some problems I felt for the price point of the prodect it was fine. My 3 children only ever used graco seats and strollers. However, 2 years ago I purchased a roomfor2 stroller. At the time it was only available in classic connect. Shortly after I received my purchase it was taken off the market and then almost a year later replaced with click connect. Now I need an infant seat and they no longer make the classic connect. I contacted customer support not expecting a free replacement, simply to purchase a new tray or adaptor for my stroller. I was informed that I must purchase a new stroller, I can not purchase something to adapt my current stroller. All of my children have used graco strollers and carseats I have spent hundreds on their products and their disregard of that doesn't sit well with me. Now that they have forced me into buying a new stroller to fit my seat they have lost me as a customer. I am now researching other strollers and seats. If they want to phase out a seat I'm fine with that. But to not provide an option other than purchasing the same exact product again to a long standing customer is a differnt story. They will not get another cent of my money!

Posted by Anonymous

Told to disregard what the booklet says for which car seats cannot be used for my stroller. The book says not compatible but CS says oh no dont read that buy whatever click connect. Seriously. Upset you have people who apparently cant read amd think its ok for is to spend money on things not compatible

Posted by Anonymous

I am absolutely apaualled by graco customer service.
I contacted them about the brake fault on our Sybil b to be told that they were not aware of any problem what a lie the Internet is full of complaints about it .
Then told by customer service to contact the American part of the company, why when we live in the UK, they can't help because we don't live there and they have never sold that model in USA .

Posted by Brian

LaJobi apparently used to make furniture for Graco, but went out of business. We purchased furniture for our daughter and the rollers on one of the drawers in her dresser were defective. I called Graco and they told me that they have no replacement parts and could provide no support, since LaJobi went out of business. Now I don't know what in the world I am going to do to fix this dresser. Terrible support of their own product. We will never purchase another Graco product and will communicate their failure to our network of parents. They could make some type of effort to resolve this issue, not act to helpless.

Posted by daniel adams

I bought a gracious pro shot after I seen all the ads and thought it would be a good investment, I but many accessories everything that I needed work good.I used it about five times I replaced the battery come to find out it's a circuitboard now they don't have a replacement circuitboard and say they only guarantee it for year so basically I have to throw all this extra money out from all the extras because it can't be used now now to buy another one they want to charge without any real break in price this discussed me it's about me being a guinea pig for them and I thought that I was buying the best what therefore I am not buying the best I don't think that Grayco really cares as long as they sell the product well they sold it to me and I guess I'm one of their suckers because I sure don't reply very fastthey took the money but they won't give me any sort of a break in price I don't I really am losing respect for Grayco I hope others don't fall for the same trap whenever it's a circuitboard and then they tell me that there's not one available it's just discussed me to see might throw my money out the window thanks for nothing Grayco

Posted by Anonymous

good luck getting a replacement harness for the car seat recall. I have been calling all day and cant get through. No voicemail to leave info nothing they just say call back later and hang up. I assume there are millions of other parents having the same headache right now hopefully everyone will actually get one before any tragedies occur god forbid. All I can say is that Graco better get their act together or I see many lawsuits in their future.

Posted by Anonymous

This is a horrible brand! I bought a brand new baby swing for my infant and paid good money for it! I looked up reviews on line and many people had the same problem. And they will not get back to me on it and are very careless! Settle for another brand such as Fisher price ect.!

Posted by Anonymous

The rep had a terrible attitude! I bought a stroller and one of the wheels keeps going flat. She wouldn't help me without the model number which I wasn't able to locate on the product. I had to look it up online even though she works there because she just sat there in silence when I told her I was having trouble locating it! Then she told me it would be months before she could get the replacement out to me! I told her, very nicely, that I was disappointed in the product as I have to fill the tire with air everyday.She didn't even offer an apology. I will not be purchasing any more Graco products!

Posted by Erin W.

I have been waiting on a stroller tray for my travel system for 3 monts. Can not use the stroller without it. They sent out a different colored one never received it. Sent out another one still not here. Horrible customer service saying for me to ship back stroller find a box myself box it up and then wait an estimate of 6-8 weeks for refund. My stroller part was an "estimate" of 6-8 weeks and its been 15! Im a single mom whos a student and doesnt have the luxury of buying a new one while I wait. Lady actually said to keep the carseat so I can carry my child around in that until I get a new carseat. Horrible customer service doesnt begin to express my feelings and they are owned by Rubbermaid which is a billion dollar corporation

Posted by Anonymous

Unbelievable poor service. Ordered an extra base for my graco car seat from the 800 number located on the product. Needed asap and was told 5-7 days. Was billed that day (Dec27th) and 3 weeks go by. I called and the first person I spoke to said it was shipped on the 27th..I was given a fed-ex number (graco is not able to send tracking numbers by e-mail when orders ship..huh? their system can't do it..?)) Obviously the tracking number i was given was not good..spoke to the second customer service person who said fed-ex lost it..huh? they didn't ( GRACO NEVER SHIPPED IT) after all this time on hold..i asked for a supervisor (Jen) zero personality and still couldn't answer my qustions,,just the run around...i run a company and seriously would not have one of these people working for me..poor employees..poor attitudes..poor reflection on the company..period.

Posted by Mom of ximone

Called today to ask about a support clip for my graco quattro pack n play.model number1780633,manufacturing date:09/07/2011.The person who is karen was not very helpful,she did not give me any suggestions or options.She just said "unfortunately support clipd does not come with that model."Nothing else,whatsoever.I paid a lot of money in this system to have this service!?!Don't buy this product,The Graco pack n play yard travel system with cuddle's not worth it!

Posted by Concerned Grandma

Tried calling several times to follow-up on parts that should have been sent a month ago. Recording always states that representatives are in training and to call back ??? hours later to reach a representative!!! This is unacceptable.

Posted by debranealman

back tires shredded, and front end locked up. I don't know what good it does typing this cause nothing will be done to fix it. I used this stroller that my daughter got for a baby shower gift. It is a graco stroller and car seat combo with jungle design. I was shocked when it was only the fouth or fifth time using it. That the front end was locking up and the back tires were shedding rubber off the tires. Personally I think this brand is a waste of money. And we don't have much at all. Thanks for your time. THis will only gonna get throwed away.

Posted by -In a tither in KS

I bought a MyRide65 Car seat two months ago and after a month the crotch strap button started sticking. Myself, nor my Father or my Brother could press the damn thing hard enough to release the straps. It got to the point I had to manually let out the shoulder straps everytime as far as they would go to get my son in & out of the seat.

After a nimwitted back and forth.. over several days and several emails. I'm supposed to be checking my USPS snail mail for a fedex label to return my carseat... telling me I'll be getting a refund check after they receive my malfunctioning one. A refund that, I might add, will take up to three weeks.

So what is is my son supposed to ride in for three weeks?

They told me.. Quoting "You are going to be refunded so you can go out today if you like and purchase a new seat."

Or they could change the refund request into a replacement request.. quoting again "The return process for a refund or a replacement seat takes up to 3 weeks. We can change it to a replacement if you prefer. Once the seat is dropped off at Fed Ed let us know and when it can be tracked we can order the replacement seat. We can not guarantee color or pattern of the replacement seat."

What the ? -- So if I get a replacement pink car seat in three weeks sorry bout your luck....

I'll just wait for my refund check in the mail from Graco and spend money I don't have right now with another company that has better service for their customers.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for letting me vent!

-In a tither in KS

Posted by Anonymous

they suck and can never get a hold of them!!! i had a problem for a few months now and the issue is still not resolved!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a product from them, I did not use it immediately, called to check to see if it had any recalls. The lady I spoke with was rude and unhelpful. The only thing she would say is that I could go purchase a new one. Nah..not from Graco I won't!

Posted by niksim

My son is 9wks old & i had taken him out in his graco travel system. While pushing it the 2 wheels on the left fell off. I then had to push it home with the wheels missing. i took it back to babies r us & they said that they had to send it back to Graco & i would have to accept the outcome. That gave me great confidence that it was going to get sorted. Surprise Surprise it came back that i couldnt have my money back. Graco are so unhelpful when they sell faulty products

Posted by mommyx5

We got a new, never opened, Graco high chair. When I opened the box, the plastic parts were all scuffed up, one of the metal legs bent and scratches all over the metal.

Graco has not responded to any emails, nor can I reach them by phone. I paid 119.99 for the chair, but I bought it online and would have to spend another insane amount of money out of pocket just to send it back which would be non refundable.

I just feel like I paid a lot of money for something I could get at a garage sale for 10.00.

Posted by Bryn

I don't know what is going on with Graco. We bought a Graco Touch Free Diaper Pail about a year ago and cannot find the carbon filters to replace. We have tried everything. Even trying to contact Graco directly. There was no response to an email sent and their customer service phone number doesn't allow you to talk to a representative. It only states that they have a high volume of calls and to try their website... ha!
Makes me concerned to buy anything else from their company.

Add your review!

Posted by rproffra

I contacted Graco via email about some spare parts for my child's carseat. I had tried to purchase them online and it kept telling me they were not in stock. I just wanted to see when they would be in stock again. I received an email within the time frame they stated and was informed that the parts had already been shipped free of charge and they were sorry for the inconvenience I had with their website. I was very pleased as I had not expected that response at all. The extend-a-fit car seat we have is amazing and now that I know how awesome their customer service is I definitely will have no problem buying from them again.

Posted by Jocelyn

I just received great customer service and felt I should review them. Glad I came here as I see they don't have the best rating but they are obviously trying to work on that. I was in search of a replacement seat cover for our high chair and I couldn't find it online so I contacted Graco and reached a very friendly person. He realized that section of the site was not correct and offered the cover at no charge for my troubles. However, there weren't any in stock. He checked for stock every few days and after a while sent a whole new chair because it wasn't coming in. He was so friendly and helpful and made it clear they were trying to be better for their Canadian customers. I was very pleased with my customer care. Good job Graco. We love your products and service.

Posted by cjandjaiden

I had a swing die on me less than thirty days after purchase. I called Graco customer service, and NO QUESTIONS ASKED, they shipped me not just one, but two new motor assemblies for the swing!! I am beyond thrilled and impressed with their service. It was so fast and efficient, and I didnt even need to cough up receipts or go through any of that (that wouldve been quite a hassle). THANK YOU GRACO!

Posted by Lil Mama Roth

I had ordered rear wheels for my Graco single stroller which was purchased 4yrs prior. Customer service was very helpful. I only needed one wheel, but the representative offered a 2nd wheel (so the rear wheels will match) at no additional cost.
The color of the wheels ordered were on back order (still awaiting their arrival 2mos later) and when I contacted Graco regarding issue, they offered to send 2 rear wheels that were in stock for my stroller model at no additional cost. I received all the hardware and wheels 6 days later and am very satisfied with the service received from Graco.
I love that Graco products can all be used together (infant car seat booster works with other Graco infant car seats as well as strollers) this is a great feature when your children are not close in age or traveling with someone who also has Graco products.
I only use Graco products. They are worth the investment being that they are very durable, low maintenance (which is great for parents who are on a budget) and last the test of time as well as toddlers!

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