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Google customer service is ranked #804 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.22 out of a possible 200 based upon 1136 ratings. This score rates Google customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,113 Negative Comments out of 1,136 Total Comments is 97.98%.


23 Positive Comments out of 1,136 Total Comments is 2.02%.

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  • Google

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 22.22 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,113 negative comments (97.98%)
    • 23 positive comments (2.02%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 1.9 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 2.9 Friendliness
    • 2.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Mochaed

Did absolutely nothing to fix my issue and repeated themselves and asked the same question over and over again

Posted by Anonymous

How does gmail not recognise my device, Ive been using this computer for over a year, and why cant we contact you via email, your a massive INTERNET company with no email.

Posted by Anonymous

Iâm over the edge of sanity with Google anonymous calls all day from foreign speakers scamming for easy pray. I canât use my internet with out google ads blocking me. This harassment caused by google releasing private information to the whole world is going to cause great havoc ðð¿ââï¸

Posted by Michelette

Your Maya Angelo Google Cartoon Of April 4, 2018 Is The Best I've Ever Seen From You!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to enroll in the Instant Ink Program. and it does not seem that I am succeeding.I want to enroll in the $2.99 A MONTH PLAN .I have a HP Envy 4520 Printer Serial No. .Please enroll me.Let me Know if you need more information

Posted by Dale

Let me tell you about my experiences with Google Customer Service.
First, I send in my Pixel XL in exchange for $410 towards buying a Pixel 2 XL. Google loses my Pixel XL, claims I sent them a broken HTC, and tries to give me $35. After much kicking and screaming, they finally give me the extra $375.......but in Google store credit instead of putting it on my charge account that I used to buy my new was promised.
Then as a glutton for punishment I buy a Google WiFi router. I have it for less than 2 months and it dies. I contact customer service and after the usual troubleshooting stuff, I'm told to send in the purchase information, serial numbers, and what not. I think "wow that was easy. Maybe my first experience was just a fluke" 2 days have passed and nothing from Google. A multi BILLION dollar company dragging their feet to replace a $100 router that probably cost them $5 to make.
Worst customer service EVER. Do your self a favor and stay away from Google electronic products. They aren't bad products but God help you if you have a problem need help from Customer Service.

Posted by [email protected]

My Google Voice phone number worked flawlessly until just before Christmas. Now I don't get many of the calls people are placing to it. They don't show up on the list of calls received. If I search around, I can find them listed as "missed call." Since I let ALL the calls to that number go to voice mail, wouldn't ALL my calls to it be "missed calls"? There's apparently no one you can speak to at Google about the Voice service and there seems to be no way to get this resolved. I don't know what to do at this point.

Posted by Madison

Hi lm trying to recover my email account:
But each time it send me a text to my phone with a variation code an then sends a second code to an email that is no longer available. Please can you help,as in expecting an email ithat is important

Thanking you kindly

Posted by Anonymous

I keep getting a message that says I've reached my limit for sending emails. I have not, do not. Please allow me to send emails immediately.

Posted by ?

Have tried numerous times to get my email but to no avail. I have an account but my password is not correct even my prior password. I want to make sure someone else is no using my email address. So please cancel my account.

Posted by Anonymous

I can not get to my email or login

Posted by L.

Google failed to provide support for a faulty Nexus5X phone that is under warranty.
(the famous boot load problem).
Their final resolution was: Good luck trying to get it fixed.
The phone was still under the extended-power warranty.

Posted by Greg Holton

I am getting very tired of creating NEW Google Passwords. Your software is flawed! Google keeps asking me to verify my password. I have verified it numerous times but it still ask me to verify it over and over again! Enough is enough. Privide me with a 1-800 number to your customer support or I am seriously considering removing ALL of my Google Apps and software on my iPhone and Computer. You have ZERO excuse for not calling, texting, or email me. If I fail to hear from a Customer Support manager by Noon Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017 I will make good on my promise to get rid of all my Google Accounts. Your Company is just too intrusive for my liking. Sincerely. R. Greg

Posted by Buddfox

Tried to establish a business email. Copied and pasted the html code to my website. The result, other features on my website no longer function, I still have not established a business email, and their process goes round and around and round. If you phone in your given a code that lasts for 40 minutes, your then placed on hold for 40 minutes to ring again for another 40 minutes. They are a monoploy, they exist to collect your data then sell it on to multinationals, advertising companies, governments even. Your are not a part of their business model: "We want information" .

Posted by Anonymous

Why are the customers forced to recieve updates that they don't want? Does it matter to you that mostly we don't need or want them. The last 3 times its taken me hours to undo what google has done to my computer, and now I'm pretty sure I won't be using google much longer. Thank you google so much,and believe me I'll be rating you.

Posted by Anonymous

can we just get some damn support please its not like google cant afford to pay people and create jobs .. they have more money than some world governments

Posted by Anonymous

Google photos just cost me a fortune in data. This is unacceptable and

Google needs to be transparent about this issue. I see fromÂ? that my problem is also that of many.

Please respond.

Posted by Anonymous

So I can't log in to my old gmail account. [email protected] and I can't type in my number because it's under my old phone number. Is there any way for me to get my gmail back and reset it

Posted by Anonymous

I can't access my account and i can't receive my back code for i nedd ur help my number

Posted by Anonymous

I can't access my account and i can't receive my back code for i nedd ur help

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get into my account and I do not know what is going on. They say they have my email address and then it isn't me. They have wrong phone number for me and I cannot put my new one in. Help!

Posted by Bowmans Oak Hill Bed and Breakfa

We have a review on your site that I Have reported as off subject. Only because there doesn't seem to be an appropriate section.
It was from a Michael E. he and his wife stayed in our vintage 1973 compleatly restored,
Argosy travel trailer they seemed to have a great 2 night stay @$175 per night plus tax however he states our rate of $400 per night was high considering. I would have to agree if that were the case. We have raised the rate to $185 per night. Would it be possBle to edit that inaccurate statement from his review? I did email him when I first saw the review with no responce.

Posted by Jwallace

Totally rude and sarcastic wa s asking a simple question about my son playing with his phone and getting locked out of it totally. Didn't do anything to help. Told me to wait 24 hours duh already knew that. What if I dnt want to so frustrating. Even more frustrating when they give attitude. They suck.

Posted by Serita Stevens

My notes and comments on my contacts keep disappearing and I am not sure what is going on. They are there one moment and gone the next AND NO I DID NOT ERASE THEM! Also one moment the correct calendar for the correct email comes up and the next it tells me that the I have been logged out of the correct email and it will not open the calendar!!

Please tell me what to do. I have lost many notes on the contacts and everything is saved on your cloud. It was all there at 2:15 pm today 5/26/17 and at 2:30 pm 5/26/17 half of the comments had disappeared. What is going on please??

Now filling out your form my regular email seems to have disappeared!!

Posted by Anonymous

I can't get into my oranil Google account I don't rember the pass word n I thought I used my name but it says can't find your account and my name is Lynn Melvin please help) thank u Lynn melvin

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Posted by Maukas

Very nice and helpful customer service. Service was quick and easy. I don't have anything to complain.

Posted by jdog3526

I just talked to a person with google tech support and he was very helpful and stuck with me to try and help figure out my problem. Very patient, too. I was very impressed!

Posted by Dawna

Google customer service was absolutely amazing. After my child spent thousands of dollars on in app purchases, they refunded almost all of it. They did this without blame or hesitation. I called customer service at midnight, they were easy to reach, and available 24/7

Posted by Saikat Sengupta

Impressive services I must say. The designers of Dedicated are excellent in giving their best in providing excellent design for the website

Posted by Faithy

I'm faith I had this super nice girl Jessica help me and they fixed all my problems with Google play store I can't thank her enough

Posted by grace

Hi, my name is Grace, I live in Suriname

Im very found of the google. But lately I have been an target of various hacking issues. I believe that the person that is hacking me, can even clone the google accounts, or other sites, because he is one of your clients, he pays, but not even with his own money. He hacks in companies, and even in banks. He even cloned Firefox. It might be possible that he sells your other services or products, even without Google knowing. He might be reading this mail right now. As mentioned before, I live in Suriname and our provider is Telesur, and the guy worked their a couple of years ago. He has 1000 accounts and his real name is Robert Brohim, he does what he wants and no one can even ketch him, because he has al those fancy tools.
I just wanted to warn you, I don't even know what privacy is, but I respect google. And I believe that others may be target of this person, even those living abroad. I have several accounts on google. I cannot have access to one of them. This isn't the first time, he even hacked yahoo and hotmail.He even hacked Skype, which is his source.
In conclusion, this guy is dangerous, even for the cyber world. Maybe it is to late for me, but may be Google can help others, who are being threaten by this person or group of people who support him.
You don't have to believe me, but I do believe that Google can trace this person's IP address or accounts or follow all transections carefully.

I hope that this site is safe!

Thank you for your attention,


Posted by KMM

Complaint: You sure do make it difficult to find out where to pass on a compliment about one of your employees. Still not sure this is correct place. Compliment: For 7 years I have been trying to get all electronic map makers to stop placing a name on our driveway. It is a private drive but it was being indiscriminately labeled. I recently spotted one of the Google Map cars in Webster, Texas and stopped and talked to the driver - Ryan Gonzoles. What a nice guy - and he listened! He promised me he would fix the problem but it would take about a month! Well, he fixed it! How about that - someone that did what they said. Thank you Ryan, you are a STAR! Google - hang on to Ryan - he's good for your PR.

Posted by Emilynn

Fantastic service! Requested for a return call from Google regarding accidental purchase of games. Customer service agent called me within 1 min. Thumbs up to David!!! Patient and efficient service provided by him!!

Posted by Anonymous Impressed! in Cape Town, South Africa, had trouble logging into my gmail account, immediate response: operator phoned within 1 minute of query..outstanding service. Thank-you.

Posted by Happy_Googler

Google rocks! People that complain about minor email tech issues are complainers. What's great about Google is that when something goes wrong (something goes wrong everywhere people, if it hasn't it will soon) they will bend over backwards to make it right, that's great customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

My phone service information recovery specialist,"Miny," was very helpful and took charge of the situation unroll it was resolved!this n k you Miny!

Posted by Anonymous

I called google support to confirm a special exception regarding replacing a Nexus 5 cracked screen--one that is my own fault. Typically, a warranty would not cover such a situation. To be honest, when I made the call, I was just hoping to get some hope that yes, my cracked screen could be fix. I was already aware that I didn't have the information required to check my warranty, but I just wanted to know if such an "special exception" was true.

My customer service experience was nothing but pleasant. Even though I did not have the information regarding which google account ordered my phone (because it was my brother's account) in order to confirm a one-year warranty, they were nothing but friendly and continued to try to help me. I spoke with Jose, who quickly transferred me to the appropriate department who dealt with warranties. I do not remember the name of the representative I talked to, but she was also nothing but nice and helpful. They could have easily told me that unless I could provide the correct google account that made the purchase, they couldn't do anything. Instead, they stuck it through with a customer who clearly wasn't sure what she was doing and couldn't even provide all the needed information and gave me other options to confirm the warranty.

I opted to just make it easier for all of us and wait for my brother to call, but I'm very glad that I was not rudely turned away when I wasn't able to provide the needed information.

Posted by Stephan

Speaking here only about my experience with Google Business. It is my top one call centre for their quality. The agents are going beyond what you can expect from them. Costs only $5/months for an all in package

Posted by happygooglecustomer

I have to say that my experience with Google customer service has been nothing but friendly and helpful! I had a problem with my brand new Nexus 5. Called the support line, got through immediately. I spoke to Katie who was very helpful in taking me through possible fixes for my issue. When this didn't resolve the problem, she authorised a replacement for me. My next problem came up when the return courier service didn't send me a confirmation email. I called up again, and once again got put through immediately. I spoke to Danielle, who endeavoured to fix the problem. She put me through to Jose from the shipping department who gave my issue priority status. He also credited my $10 google play credit for my inconvenience. Each time I received a friendly follow up email from the representative that I spoke to. Everyone was efficient and friendly. I'm very happy with the customer service I received.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the best customer service from a lady named Courtney near Sacramento.
I called your phone return system and promptly had a call from her. She was patient,
knowledgable and very helpful. I was very impressed with her, she never gave up on
me and helped me with my new phone apps and wi-fi issues. I really appreciate all she
did for me(especially after terrible service from Tracfone). You should be very proud to
have an employee like her. Please let her know I emailed you,

Than you,
Renee Hilton

Posted by mjpado

I have purchased three (3) Nexus 10 tablets and three (3) Nexus 4 phones for myself and family and I can say ALL where in EXCELLENT working order. I thought I had an issue with one of my Nexus 4 phones, there was a rattling near the top of the phone. Not a bad rattle but noticable when I placed it on a hard surface. So initially I freaked out thinking there was something loose or broken in my phone. What I found out later that day was, in most phones with that type of camera in it, they do not use magnets for the focus mechanism. It just rests in the phone. So there is a "rattle" of minor magnitude, actually insignificant. The iPhone 5, Lumina 920 and other high end phones do the same thing. Also all three of my N4's do it. So I am satisfied with build quality. However in haste I called Google Customer Services to get an RMA before doing that research. While telling them of my problem the agent was attentive and helpful. The agents resolution was to send me a new phone and return the "broken" one. They were very courtious and willing to resolve my issue. I couldn't have been more relieved. All being said, I immediately received by e-mail the instructions for my return. I could have requested the new phone to be sent and it would have arrived in 3-5 business days, very acceptable. I couldn't have asked for any more of Google to help resolve my situation. Professional, courtious, willing. Thank you Google.

Posted by becka

I recently shopped at Best Buy, store 459. Google has an employee located there and his name is Mike. He was extremely helpful and I did buy a chromebook with his help. Mike was an added benefit to my shopping experience and I wanted to give him an A+ for outstanding service!

Posted by Siegeengine

Had a problem with my order. My fault. Had good email communication with the order support dept. Was able to converse with the same person throughout the resolution of my problem. Was kept informed on what was happening.
Couldn't have wished for better.
Thanks Google.

Posted by Anonymous

I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to find a way of telling Google how cool their doodles and games on them are. I've always enjoyed them and sometimes they are the only thing that makes me smile that day. When I saw the very cool Star Trek one today, I decided that I should at least make an effort to let google's staff know that their hard work is appreciated and from the ratings board here may be some times neglected?

Posted by Anonymous

My wallet had an old address registered - I realised as soon as I had ordered and corrected it. Google didn't action correction and tried to deliver to old address. I managed to speak to Google and was told it would be sorted - no update on my order yet

Posted by Anonymous

I called the 650 number and got a live person ans she was helpful!

Posted by Anonymous

google is great They keep the spam out of my inbox

Posted by 1cash

I personaly think goggle rocks and i rate them on a all around scale, you see we want what we want when we want it, but as soon as rhey say okay at a [email protected]?! Yea now goggle cives more 4 free so be freely patient before they become accuratley costy. dont run your well dry

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Posted by James

I see there are many bad reviews. However most of these comments consist of the same issue, through 1 of our support teams. There are many more teams than just the 1. I'm Google Wallet and Offers support. I must say, we NEVER have calls waiting for either team. We provide amazing service on my verticals. Also I know our other verticals are awesome as well. Yes there was a large call volume for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus devices, but that has slowed down a lot. You can't base the overall customer service based on 1 team. That would be like me hating the NFL because the 49ers aren't that good. There is more to customer service than one team..


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