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Goodwill customer service is ranked #736 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.48 out of a possible 200 based upon 337 ratings. This score rates Goodwill customer service and customer support as Terrible.


330 Negative Comments out of 337 Total Comments is 97.92%.


7 Positive Comments out of 337 Total Comments is 2.08%.

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    • 24.48 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 330 negative comments (97.92%)
    • 7 positive comments (2.08%)
    • 7 employee comments
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Posted by Anonymous

I visited the goodwill on Piedmont Rd. Atlanta GA.and was rudely thrown out of the store for not giving her my book bag when it was clear that many people in the store had their bags with I am wondering what is the stores policy regarding customers' bags...

Posted by Paula Barton

Pam Thomas from Dubuque store is very rude every time I visit this store! I need someone from corporate office to contact me immediately if possible!

Posted by Anonymous

If they cannot guarantee an item works or his functional or not broken at the time you purchase it and cannot provide adequate display to show this condition, then I think they should and equivocally provide a refund of the purchase price.
As it stands today when you buy something there and return it even literally five minutes later, they've got your money and they will not give it back . That, coupled will their 501 C-3 status for nonprofit makes to be a extremely profitable corporation I would say . I don't know of any other retail organization that can get by with that, and the signs are coast to coast with all their new fancy buildings on premium lots that they're putting in .

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know when goodwill stops taking donation, several times i have been turned away from our Ramona ca location for dropping off clothing toys and a few furniture items like brand new. We have been told that they have to much but when you go to the store there is plenty of space. We also been told that the truck will not be there for pick up for several days and they can no longer hold it. I don't understand . I see the commercials on TV telling to donate and then we are refused. We have taken the teams to our local clothing pantry and they welcome them with open arms. When did Goodwill get to be a high end store the refuses to take in items to help others in need? I hope this letter may resolve the issue and go back to helping the people it really needs to. Thank you.

Posted by NWA

After years of donating clothing, tools, small appliances etc... and not really thinking about what Goodwill does with the items, I will no longer donate anything to Goodwill. As it turns out they are a bunch of greedy crooks who get items for free and then sell them in the store or the employees steal them for themselves or sell them online. They are very dishonest at heart and rip off the people who donate items to them.

Posted by jofthejungle

1) I attempted a return to the Goodwill in Medford OR 5 days after my purchase. I was told there was a three 3 day limit in their return policy. Since the clothing items I had purchase did not fit I had no choice but to leave them there with no store credit or return. Then I read on-line there is a 7 day return window.
2) The same store in Medford OR will not refund a cash payment for goods but will only give a store credit. However they will give cash back on a credit card purchase that is returned. This seemed a little backward. Does cash not count?

Posted by Jena

HELP! I bought clothes for my aunt. She didn't like them. Took them back two days later with receipt. The Supervisor told me repeatedly that they do NOT do store credit!? And that if I wanted to return my items I had to shop and exchange them for equal items! I'm in Leesburg Florida and everyone of the online store policys say that they will give store credit on theatores card, so I finally convinced her to put it on my good will store card. She said firmly that she would only do it this one time?! I'm not rich and my practically invalid aunt is SO picky. Shopping for her chould be easier than this, right? I told them that I had no time during the next month to come back and shop and that I had no time that day to shop, I just had enough time to stop in to make an exchange before the exchange deadline. Are returns supposed to be this way?

Posted by Mad customer

I visit this goodwill daily, since I work directly across the street from it. I normally have 1 item I search for and go until I find it. Sometimes I find it within days, other times it can take months. One item I was looking for was in a cart being out out on the sales floor. I went to reach in the cart to get it, but was told no by the worker. I was told I had to wait until he put it on the rack. I had never seen that or heard that but said ok. I kind of went in the same direction as him. Closer to the back of the store another lady grabbed the item from the cart. He didn't tell her no. In fact it ended up being his wife or girlfriend. I watched their interaction after that. He said he would see her when he got home, kissed her goodbye. Things like that, that let me know she was not just another customer. I kind of felt a little put off. Knowing I go daily to be able to find things I am looking for and this working is holding nice items to give to his wife/girlfriend. I didn't say anything. I am friendly with all the front of the store workers, not so much the back of house employees. I did ask the cashier his name and how long he had been there. He has been there 7 years. So fast forward to yesterday. Again I was there looking for a specific style bag. Again same guy comes out with a cart. I saw a brand new pair of shoes that caught my eye. My kid would have loved them and low and behold THE BAG. This time I followed him. Again the same lady was there and he literally picked the shoes and bag up while still rolling the cart and handed them to get as he went rolling by. I was mad this time. He is keeping certain things in the back of the store and telling her to come and handing them to her. I have noticed at this location I do not find the same things I can at other stores. Well we know why now. They never make it to the sales floor. Oh the prices on these items were ridiculous. Had it made it to the sales floor we would have paid triple. The Bag would have been behind the counter $20 or more. She paid $1.00. PISSED customer

Posted by Anonymous

Ask cashier what the manager name and she hesitate so I ask her again, then she said Miss Diana. And while I was writing down the manager name the cashier walk to the office to tell the manager that I ash she name and on her way out the door she closed it by her choice or by manager choice, so I when and nock on the door and I ask her name was Diana and she said yes then I ask to see her name tag because of the way cashier hesitated when ask her name so she shows me her name tag and as I was walking away she slam the door

Posted by Anonymous

Bought bed frame ended up with missing parts. Returned it store manager said it wasn't suppose to be put on floor because they knew it had missing parts. The employee number that was on it wasn employee in the hospital. My son asked for cash back since it was their mistake. They said they couldn't because of store policy. So I feel this is shady practice beings it was their fault. I will no longer shop at Goodwill or donate. I have posted on Facebook to let everyone know of this ripoff.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I purchased a board game from the local goodwill in Jacksonville, Fl. It was taped shut so I did not open it to check for all parts assuming it was there because it was sealed. When I got home found out it was missing a major component to play the game, without it it was useless and could not be played. On my next visit I brought it back with receipt and was told no refunds no mattet what. I did not want a refund but merely store credit because I shop there almost every week. The manager would not relent so I am very disappointed in your customer service. I shop and donate itens but now don't feel I ever want to go back there under the circumstances!

Posted by Julie

I had an extremely bad experience at the drop off location at 1635 W Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN. It was the donation site closest to my location. I called prior to driving there and asked if they took donations at that location, I had an old desk in good condition, bags of clothing, old shovels, an old chainsaw that worked, older tools... the usual stuff you would bring to a Goodwill store. When I called I was told they were not a store but yes they took donations. We drove up and were treated so rudely....almost with contempt. The employee said I'm going to tell you right now if we can't sell it I'm not taking it. He wiped his finger across the dust in the desk, then wiped his hands off in disgust and said no, they would not take the items and walked off. I called another location, the Goodwill store at Fountain Square in Indianapolis, and told them what I had, they said yes they would take our items. We went directly to that stores donation center. They were courteous and friendly and took every item we had...I am confused and disturbed by the treatment we received at the W Michigan St location.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a brand new Goodwill mattress, their brand. Home for a week and is a piece of crap.Sagging after one week. Never buy, Goodwill sucks big time

Posted by Anonymous

The goodwill I visited 3/12/18 told me today that they do not do returns. I pointed out the return policy that I saw for Goodwill online and they told me they didn't care what it said online they don't do returns even for store credit.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been shopping Good Will in your Twin Cities locations for many years. I have also been donating all my items to Good Will for many years. I am very disappointed in how every location seems to have different policies on various things. I was donating bags, because I was told that by donating bags, you can get a 25% off coupon. I just went into one of your MN locations yesterday and donated some bags and received that coupon. Today I went into another location and they told me that they were not giving out 25% coupons anymore, as bags really were not a donation. I told them the location I had gone to the previous day did take them. The woman said, well they are not supposed to. So I left with my bags. How can a policy change that quickly and why aren't all stores consistent with this policy? I have had other experiences too that vary from store to store. I would think that when there is a policy in effect, it should be the same for every Goodwill store. Otherwise it can get very confusing and frustrating. I am about ready to quit donating to Goodwill, as well as quit going to your stores. I don't like it when one rule applies to one store and not all of them.


On 3-2-18 I bought every Bids bear they had for an older lady for her birthday,she didn't like them. Due to her mental state,I don't think she realized anything to begin with.. I want to return the bears and just have my money put background in my debit card,NOT STORE CREDIT...What l am I gonna do with 40.00 worth of damned BEARS!!

But im sure people whose WORK FOR GOODWILL can get REFUNDS, and not have to take "STORE CREDIT".... ""TRUTH""....

Posted by Forreal

The new manager in the natchitoches Louisiana store is out of control she actually is rude the prices have double customer service is for the lack of expression horrible. The store is no longer Goodwill but a Macy outlet my donation will no longer go to this charity

Posted by Greedypeoplesuck

Sale Items (clothes) cannot be returned for store credit?? Why not when you are only going to get the same amount as credit that you paid anyway. I don't see the logic behind this policy because the clothes are not any different than what is in store just the color tag was on sale. This is why I love Savers. You get a discount coupon when you donate. Goodwill gives back NOTHING! Goodwill is trying to imitate Savers by having these "color code" sales and then they screw you by stating you can't return them. Wow, I agree ---GREEDY!! San Pedro/RPV - Los Angeles County

Posted by Grayson4

Goodwill in mt pleasant sc is a joke the staff and some of the employees are so rude.I have shopped at this store since it opened but now Iam disgusted with this place the customer service is terrible clothing and wares are pathetic. Store is poorly managed cant tell who the manager is lady walking around in heels and no uniform. Whats going on goodwill?

Posted by An Ex-Loyal Customer

I once was one of Goodwill's most loyal customers; however, after the return policy was changed, I stopped shopping there. I purchased all of my family's clothes and would only return them if they did not fit after they tried them on at home. Dragging my whole family shopping with me is not an option. Being unable to exchange anything is too risky and no longer a good deal if something is wrong.

Shame on you Goodwill for being greedy and self-serving. You do not care about your customers and your business will suffer.

Posted by Anonymous

Shopped at your store pm Nellis Vegas your employee was so rude im om the store 3 times a week i ask her name she ask mine said sje would lool at the receipt after i leave the store she has no vustomer service skills telling other employees how rude iwas a mam walked out with a bag of clothes stolen her name is Cassandra please call after she is spoken too

Posted by nomoregoodwill

I'm done shopping at Goodwill. They are the worst charity I've ever encountered. I will never donate another sock, shirt or skirt to them ever again. Sick and tired of seeing 2.99 price tags on Dollar Tree items, 3.99 on microwave-trashed plasticware, cracked plates and burned teflon pans -- they are selling free magazines for .99 and a can of Campbell's tomato soup for 1.99! Something is very wrong with this charity. They should be investigated. This is fraud

Posted by princess K

Goodwill needs a new name Badwill for PROFIT Only. I used to be a regular customer but not anymore. Prices are sometimes higher than in the store and refund policy is ridiculous. Case in point....I looked at an item with original store sticker $1.99---Goodwill sticker 2.99. I asked them why I couldn't get it for $1.99. Response-we need to make money too. Really!!!!
How much is the CEO making? Never round up your purchase---it's a joke!

Posted by Kimandrous

Went to your store in Reno. The one on Silverado. They started writing their price's on the actual product which is very dumb and looks tacky. Every time I go up to the register with a product to. Purchase. the person running the register puts in what ever price they want always overcharging of course. When asked why they did tat that always say the same thing. I marketed the price on thoughts myself and it's supposed to be a different price always 2 to 3 dollars more expensive then the prices hand wrote in Sharpie on the product. There are no smudges and no room for a larger number its so obviously has not been change. It would be one thing if it was even mentioned by the cashier that this price is different it's just charged different not a word about it. Most people might not notice it. Doesn't that fall under bait and switch you'll never see me on your story again I will be reporting you guys to the Better Business Bureau. you guys already have high prices for a thrift store but just change price at that the register is a rip-off not even mention illegal.

Posted by Anonymous

Good will is not for the community yes they hire people with disabilities but so do other corporations the people who work there work hard for there pay check it also is used to cover up there profits and how they run there businessalso to look good help the neighborhood ya right all clothes that are donated are tax write off for the people who give but good will dont pay taxes its a nonprofit organization but wait they dont wash the clothes before selling them, price for a shirt 10 to 12 dollars pants the same so basically u run a business on enterprise and and make free money its easier to cover everything up because u involve local mental health places to work with u so everyone will think u are doing a good thing not true! You live off of others misfortunes a d make money shame on u the people in the community that need a place to buy cheap clothes are not helpped if the clothes are free why are the prices so high today goodwill is not for the low income person but for the average middle class oh u have to pay rent light and employees so do other stores and there new clothes are clean and the same price I need more clarity!! and what's up with the new goodwill card save money ya after u send about 500 dollar u get enough point to buy one item just keeping it real

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Posted by Anonymous

I want to highly commend Jonathan the manager at the Carbondale, Illinois store. He is very polite and courteous everytime you see him. He does his best to resolve issues for all the customers. He is an asset to your business. I will gladly donate and shop at that store.

Posted by Rachel

Just wanted to let you know, when I was visiting Greenwood, SC store an employee was the very best. She was so helpful to me when I was looking for an item. Her name was Angie and she has beautiful red hair. She seemed a little shy but was friendly.

Posted by Anonymous

As I was shopping and looking around I experienced great outstanding customer service. Maria Avila was extremely helpful in helping me find the right items I was looking for. She is just the best most helpful employee I've met.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent quote and customer service from Chris at the Macon Goodwill Auto Center.

He listened, followed up and quoted in a very professional and thorough manner!

Posted by Anonymous

I live and Aberdeen NC, And I love Good Will I am a regular. The reason for me e-mailing you is to let you no you have a awesome worker on your hands I dont see why he has not been promoted I tried to get him to come to my store but he's satisfied and I told him I would put him as a key holder and work on him to become an assistance manager at Dollar General he said that he is waiting to get a manager position at Good Will Industries that he has been trying for the past 4 years so im going out my way because I believe that this young man I have saw work the cashier the door hanging and he does something and the back I hope you are proud because as a customer I am proud. I see him doing multiple jobs and he always smile thats a sign he enjoys Good Will Industries. He makes the customers keep coming back The person I am speaking of is Matthew Prince at Good Will and Abrdeen NC And Katina is a awesome manager as well and abrdeen NC I hope you put this into action because he is being notice by some one.

Posted by Anonymous

Keishon at the Tulare, CA location was very polite and well mannered and very helpful. He is the epitome of good customer service!

Posted by Blarbonymous

I have nothing negative to say about Goodwill. Their products are priced reasonably and most Goodwill stores that I have experienced are very clean and pleasant.

The staff is friendly and helpful. I once purchased a nightstand from a Goodwill in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the worker helped me load the large (and heavy) item into my small car. It was certainly a challenge, but the worker was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to help me.

Great work, Goodwill!

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Posted by FireBugg

Goodwill is a good company to work for but lately the types of people thats been hired are rude and not professional at all the store that i have been in for several years is filthy and full of dust. The customer service is awful. Nasty bathrooms and no one seems to care.I have donated to the Bensawyer location for years but will never visit or donate to this store again.

Posted by Auntb

My step son works for Goodwill in Corinth, MS. He told me that he as an employee couldnt buy stuff at the store because he works there. I think thats pretty low down and sorry. Just because someone works at a place shouldnt mean they cant shop there. Thats the most retarded thing ive ever heard. Infact employees who qork there should be able to buy from there plus get employee discounts. Plus its a public store he can ahop there if he wants to. Its a public place.

Posted by Andrea Henry

My is Andrea Henry and I work for goodwill and Elizabeth manning is my manger and she is very unprofessional to be a manager she talks about coworker and customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I feel l was discriminated against. The store in Odessa has a now hiring sign by the street. I applied several
Weeks ago and never heard from them. Well I was in there today, the sign was still there. When I walked in the manager was right there so I asked him about a job, and told him I had applied a while back and was still looking for enployment. I am white. He told me that he was hiring cashiers but that they need to be bilingual.
Well standing right beside him was a white woman. Well before I left the store I asked her if she was bilingual and she told me no.I am well qualified to work there and I found it offensive. Laurie

Posted by Anonymous

I work with someone at the chino hills store he been harassing me he wants me to transfer I can't I live close and his name is Morris he lies and makes up stores can you transfer him he lives in Riverside

Posted by Christa

So I use to work at the goodwill in Sanford fl 32771 on highway 46, I quit back in May 2015 because I found a better job that paid more. And yes I have been coming in and checking up and saying hi to some of my co-workers and I've honestly been hearing that things have gotten bad since Michelle Smiley left and then Rick who isnt the general manager but was in charge and is still in charge there . He's had a few people walk out or quit on him because of the way things in that place are getting and the other day I went to drop 2 pairs of shoes off and happened to look in the back room/where house area and it was a disaster, I've never seen it that bad even when the first of the year came around we still had room to breathe that to me was crazy... And I believe it's because Rick won't stop ordering more stuff to be shipped to the store and that is a safety hazard for both the employees and the customers because we all know that the customers try to walk through the back as well.. My suggestion is to have the CEO walk through that place unannounced and see how much of a mess it is and how bad Rick is really doing... When I found out Michelle was leaving that's when I started to look for a better job because in my opinion Michelle Smiley leaving is probably what made that place fall apart. and I didn't want to stick around and watch it... She held it together no matter what anyone says and she did her best to stay positive everyday that she worked I saw her come in most of the time hyper with a smile on her face and ready to start the day and yes she worked most everyday and almost every shift she worked was a 12 hour shift or longer but she went for something better in the company because she had her boss' Anna and Rick on her all of the time to make sales and do better even tho she was making sales and I'll tell you right now she did better in the 2 years she worked at that store and she never not once ever had one of her employees walk out or quit on her I'm not saying that she needs to be brought back to the store because I completely understand why she left but I do think that you need to find someone like her to take over that store because Rick being in charge just isn't cutting it and the co-workers that I consider family are falling apart because it would seem as tho Rick cares more about keeping the place a mess then having everyone still work as a team and keeping the place clean..

Thank you
Christa Faint

Posted by Anonymous

Worked at st Robert for 2\5 years the abuse and treatment horrible. Vickie would say horrible things to me in front of other staff and was I a lead. The day it was minus 12 and opener vickie left message I had to unload the whole st Louis truck and I did with no winter proper clothing. I'm was so cold had to have Kim help me close the trailer. Kim heard my shoulder bone break. Workmen comp no ex rays put in sling and physical therapy. After 6 months in sling Vicki at me for production got my own doctor. Being antique and bargain shopper and know what's worth I put out full carts and good price . I know value and had things put on line. Wrote a statement about kim and Anita fixing pricing and buying it. Anita gets fired for stealing a deposit which she said would pay and spent money on attorney. Deposit found at bank not my friend she could sue the bank and you. You say not profit organization know better.


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