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    • 154 negative comments (91.12%)
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Posted by paul

I was very disappointed with the cashier and food, no brisket or fried shrimp

Posted by Michelle

I took my son to golden corral 3/10 at 8:30 pm for his birthday dinner and was very disappointed, the food was either very old to the point were it had been sitting so long that it had a film on it or the pan was almost empty. I talk to the manager(Mano Ovalle), she said we don't cook the last to hours and was more interested in looking at her phone than to give me eye contact and gave off a very bad carefree attitude. Our server(Ray) was very attentive and nice and was the best part of our experience. I've never been to a buffet that took so little care into their lines of food. I would love the district manager to call me I haven't found any other way to communicate than this forum.

Posted by Judy sobotta

I'm being bullied by a server his name is Don. I shouldn't have to be scared to come to work . I have work at this Golden corral for 6 years no woman should be talk to like he talk to all the server's no more bulling

Posted by Anonymous

I talked to two ladies Tracy and Tina both of these ladies was extremely rude. I think possibly they need more training and how to talk to people's thank you very much, oh and this was on 112 2018 also their communication is not what it's supposed to be I called two days ago someone was supposed to call me back today I never did get a phone call and then when I did talk to Tina and Tracy they was very rude thank you. Oh don't get me wrong when I come in there to eat and bring a group your waitresses and the people that the cash register are very friendly and very very professional. This is the Golden Corral in North Little Rock Arkansas on Warden Road thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I talked to two ladies Tracy and Tina both of these ladies was extremely rude. I think possibly they need more training and how to talk to people's thank you very much, oh and this was on 112 2018 also their communication is not what it's supposed to be I called two days ago someone was supposed to call me back today I never did get a phone call and then when I did talk to Tina and Tracy they was very rude thank you. Oh don't get me wrong when I come in there to eat and bring a group your waitresses and the people that the cash register are very friendly and very very professional

Posted by Anonymous

The prices are to high for seniors. The food is ok but there are discrepancies. Sometimes the cashier can be rude when I asked about the prices, etc.

Posted by Stomachache

Store#2482 11/13/17 5:56pm. F-0252 SvrCk:127
3 buffes, 2 sodas. All food was DISGUSTING. Hot was cold. Cold was warm. Prime rib super raw. Shrimp and Mac n cheese cold. Terrible meatloaf. Frozen carrot cake with sour frosting with funny aftertaste. Watery ice cream. Need full $50.65 refund! Waitresses confusion as to who serving our table. Finally shows up with watery sodas. The whole place looked old and dirty. Filthy bathrooms. Used tampons in toilets. We got sick stomachs in hotel room. Don’t want voucher because NEVER GOING BACK. Want my MONEY back. Please DO NO CALL. Send me email.
Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I visited the Golden Corral in Corpus Christi texas on 11-10-17 at approximately 12:30 pm we were greeted and everything was ok until I went to the grill house where I waited to get a pork steak and as I was waiting being ignored by the man in the grill who then asked what I wanted and I said a steak . He answere very rudely with a loud tone it�s pork steak and it�s raw which half of them were burned, I was going to tell him something but there was alot of people rather then act stupid I bit my tongue . The man was the grill guy older man and what upset me the most that he did it in front of my daughter and costumers

Posted by Anonymous

I visited the Golden Corral in Corpus Christi texas on 11-10-17 at approximately 12:30 pm we were greeted and everything was ok until I went to the grill house where I waited to get a pork steak and as I was waiting being ignored by the man in the grill who then asked what I wanted and I said a steak . He answere very rudely with a loud tone it’s pork steak and it’s raw which half of them were burned, I was going to tell him something but there was alot of people rather then act stupid I bit my tongue . The man was the grill guy older man and what upset me the most that he did it in front of my daughter and costumers

Posted by Who'smanningthecorral

Please update your website in a timely manner. Very disappointed to drive out of the way for breakfast based on the hours posted only to be told the hours changed last week. Furthermore, your corporate contact number just rings rings.

Posted by Anonymous

Golden Corral Military Highway, Norfolk, Va.This is the second time we have been ignored by waitres. Dirty dishes were not taken away,no water refilled until we were ready to leave.Dirty floor, underaged children allowed at food bar. The first time I reported this same thing to the manager. It appears that nothing has changed. I guess that complaints do not change things.

Posted by Donna

Hi my name is donna valentine my sister works at golden corral in rogers Arkansas she and everyone is is working 9 hours a day with no bresk or lunch witch makes it totly against the law come tomorrow i am gonna call the department of labor and the better business Bureau my number is if any of these people are fired because of your neglect of you not gping by the law u will be taken to court

Posted by Anonymous

Golden Corral in Lansing, Mi. Has nasty dry/burned veggies, dry and paste like pies, cakes, banana pudding. Need to educate employees on maintaining the food. Keeping it fully stock, moist, steamed etc. Wearing earphones is not being professional while on the clock. Using dish towels that were drpped on floor to change out food trays is a he as lth issues. This Golden Corral restaurant gives you all a bad name. Texas Golden Corrals is nothing like this one. Thanks for listening.

Posted by Anonymous

Ate at your restaurant in Lake Elsinore California this morning. I now have severe diarrhea. I would like someone from customer service to call me at 310-493-7300. My name is Barbara

Posted by Anonymous

We so so glad when Golden Corral #2682 opened a restaurant in Lansing Michigan, but we were very disappointed when we ate there. We gave it a second chancee and no improvements.
The first time we went it was 2 p.m. And about 1/3 thirds of the trays on the hot bar were empty. Everything we took was so salty we couldn't eat. They finally put out the fabalous Pot Roast and the Vegetables weren't even cooked they were raw and cold. Yesterday at 1:30 we went back again and again, many of the hot food trays were empty, they still had some of the breakfast items out the sausage was like hockey pucks totally dried out from being in pan so long, the food again was very salty. We went thru four plates before we found some clean ones some even were wet with soap on them. People were waiting in line for fried chicken and they finally put out a 1/2 tray. Again the pot roast this time the beef was barely warm. PLEASE send help to this location as we don't want it to close and we have heard many complaints on this location from other people.
Thank You

Posted by Good leave It Makes my job eas

Went to a golden Corral in Thorten colo. Went to sit down and I was chased away from section in back of store by a server. As I was leaving server informed me quote good your leaving it makes my job easer quote.She spoke little English when she was telling me I couldn't sit in her section. Her English got a whole lot better when she was insulting me. I thought that being a server ment you serve your customers. Told her manager, I was spoken down to as if I worked for her. She said quote. My server did nothing wrong. Unquote. This the most insulting treatment I've ever experienced. When I asked the Mgr. To speak to her supervisor. Her answer was I'm the manager call Corp. Office one of the things that I noticed was as soon as I asked to speak to the Mgr. The server ran straight to cover her butt. To speak to her first how sad. This in itself proves her guilt. The store mgr.wasn't much better by trying to hide the identity of her boss. Cut from the same guilty cloth.

Posted by Russcooper

I'm appalled at the location in Wichita Kansas ( E.Kellogg). My wife and I ate there and it was a miserable experience... I spoke with a manager via phone....You will have to call me to get the rest of this story.... I would hope that my experience is not indicative of the reputation you want out there into the public.

Posted by Xgoldencorral

I worked at the Golden corral in Kokomo Indiana and they worked me like a run away slave I only got 4 hours when asking about my schedule the manager Jina got smart with me and told me she heard by 3 people one person that despises me to work there that I wasn't getting the drink orders right its only a hear say she didn't see it so she took their word for it and cut my hours down to 4 I only got 4 hours this week which was terrible. GOLDEN CORRAL DOESN'T TREAT THEIR EMPLOYEES RIGHT AT ALL PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE AND DONT LET THEM WORK YOU LIKE A SLAVE LIKE THEY DID ME MY FIRST WEEK WAS GOOD HAD 3 DAYS OF TRAINING THEN WAM A 12 HOUR SHIFT ON SATURDAY AND A 4 HOUR SHIFT ON sunday after that I wasnt scheduled for a whole week I tried calling they never answer the phone at all!!! I CALLED EVERY DAY THEN FINALLY WENT UP THERE ON Thursday and looked at the schedule only was scheduled 1 freakin day who wants to keep working for a company who gives them only 4 hours

Posted by nturnleft

My family ate in your restaurant in Springfield, Oh. on Feb. 17,2007 for my grandson's birthday. It was absolutely the worst ! We paid $1 extra for the meal special on weekend. They did not have out one of the extra price offerings so I asked for the $1 back. They said they were not allowed to do that. The steak was gristly, the scallops were the quite small, dirty silverware, and the steak sauce they brought us had a hair on the bottle under the lid. Disgusting!!!! I had heard previous comments from friends about how it had "gone down".

Posted by not impressed

the store in gastonia nc is so horrible. I'm letting all my 200 + friends on social media know to avoid it like the plague. My wife asked one of many Hispanics working there for some more food and she rolled her eyes at her an walked off.the manager was from what we found out later "dating" one of the Hispanic workers there an did not even come out to see what we (the paying customers that keep your business going) were having an issue with.The servers had to attempt to apologize but we had enough.I will never set foot or spend a dime in an establishment that can't even hire for one legal's or at least have the common courtesy of attempting to have one ounce of customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Today {March 10} @ 8:10 p.m. my son wanted to go to golden coral in #0682Flowood, MS for his birthday! I paid for 2 buffets which cost me $36.58! The food there was Terrible, plus it was lukewarm, not HOT! I spoke with the manager that was on duty that nite & he told me that he apologize & he would check the temperature of the food & on my next visit there, he would give me a free meal! {Not once did he check the temperature} It's a shame you spend all this money just to get terrible food! I will never eat @ golden coral again! I hate that my son birthday was ruined!

Posted by lgemmel

I have to say that your new Golden Coral Resturant located in Poughkeepsie New York is awful.

When I went with my family the rug was stain with food and there was nothing left. The time of day was late afternoon and when we ask if the food was going to be refilled they told me no..

Now the food that we had was so greasy dripping with grease. The meat was so dry you could not even chew it.

I was trying not to listen to other people that went there and bad mouthed the place cause everybody has a different opinion but I have to say that they were right.

I will never go back hope that you can fix whatever is going on cause the couple of other ones that I have been to were good and we enjoyed them. So when I heard that we were going to have one here I was happy, but not now.

Sorry for the negative comment but you need to do something cause all the comments are on Yelp and you can read them.

Linda Gemmel

Posted by amanda

I went to your austell. Ga location and applied doe a job that i had before and the older gentelmen that was hiring would not shake my hand or look ar my resume he said quote un quote that resume means nothing and walked off saying you need to feel out a application and i was asking who to r

Turn it in and walked off i was a golden corral member for 6 years and am ashamed of the people you are hiring to take care of the staff and customers..please contact me a long time golden corral customer and crew trainer for many years.. Thanks Amanda Nicole Brown also my aunt had the same rude experience

Posted by Baldnhollywood

My wife and I just ate at your restaurant in Ohio and we both got sick. After looking at the silverware we found old food stuck to it. Never again. 33 dollars to get sick. That's awful. U can reach me at We would like a refund. We r not going to eat there ever again. My wife has to work at 4pm today, don't think she is going to make it, thanks.

Posted by texas tornado

I live in Branson,Missouri. DO NOT EAT at the Golden Corral here. I have gotten food poisoning and the restaurant is always dirty and what food they keep supplied is always cold. We have give the restaurant a couple of chances and each time it is worse. We always go about 5:00 to avoid the dinner rush and thinking the food will be fresh and hot. That is so far from the truth. The busier it gets the worse it gets. We are a tourist town so they do not care.

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Posted by Anonymous

I'm currently at the Golden Corral off of Airline in Corpus Christi. My waitress was named Liz and she works the weekends only. Very much impressed with this lady

Posted by Anonymous

Golden corral in Alexandria was great. Great food, service, and hospitality. Marcus was awesome. He was checking all of his tables and with a courtesy smile. He was awesome

Posted by Bonus Buck Happy

On Nov. 25th, I purchased 7 - $25 Golden Corral Gift cards (Christmas gifts) because I would receive a $5 Bonus Bucks card for each one. What a Deal! I got the $25 gift card in a week, but no $5 Bonus Buck cards which are only good from Jan. 1 - Feb. 8. I called their gift card support number 3 times over the next 3 weeks with no help. I got generic emails from them, but no answers. I emailed them 4 times and got 1 response that was computer generated. Finally, I discovered this website and the corporate phone number. On Dec. 27, I called the corporate office at about 9:30 a.m. EST and told a very helpful, kind lady about my dilemma with the 7 - $5 Bonus Bucks Cards. I explained all that I had done to get the issue resolved to no avail. She apologized that my order had not been complete and for the lack of fulfillment. She said she would send out the 7 Bonus BuckS cards through UPS that day. I was very hopeful. Today is Dec. 29 and I received the 7 cards, a very nice letter, and 2 - $5 Gift Cards FREE. Thanks to this website, my issue with Golden Corral has a happy ending for me. THANK YOU

Posted by Anonymous

Margie c is a very good waitress we will be back if she there

Posted by Jobob

The mansfeild Ohio Golden Corral is better than any I've seen and dined The manager is a woman not sure of her name I have spoke to her on occasion She keeps everything looking good and in order I believe she needs to be acknowledged as an exceptional manager you always see her on the floor helping out checking everything and working she sure has my seal of approval and should have yours also!

Posted by Lorey

My husband and I are visting from out of state, we decide to eat somewhere. I have severe food allergies. So this desion is complicated and scary for me. We decide to go to Golden Corrale on Power Road. In Mesa AZ The restaurant is very clean and well stocked. I ask a lady behind the food counter if the salad oil has any other kind of oil besides olive. Ed the manager came with the can and showed me that it is pure. He asked why, I told him about my allergies. That wonderful man prepared me a plate of food that was safe for me to eat! We went back the next day. Please, please send recognition to this very kind man. Thank you, Lorey Sakt Lake City, UT

Posted by Bloomington21

My husband and I had dinner at Golden
Coral, last week. The food was good, the steaks were a little tough, but oh
The reason I am writing is because of
A waitress that was on her game, that
Night. Her card says "Jacklyn". She was
Awesome, she took our dirty plates, fast and came back and checked on us,
About 5 times. She asked if we needed
Refills, and made us feel like we were
The only customers there, in a very
Busy atmosphere. The restaurant was
Packed, but her friendly smile and
For impeccable service. The food was
Good, the steaks were tough but they
Still tasted good. The large shrimp was
Lovely. So with the service from Jacklyn, our visit was "Great"....
Thank you Golden Coral, we will be back.
(Hope we are lucky enough to get Jacklyn, again....)=)
Thanks, Sincerely,
Lynne & J.

Posted by DBelford

We just had our first Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral, and I wanted to compliment your staff not only on the excellent quality of the food but also on the superior service we received. Even though the parking lot was full and the line appeared long, there was virtually no waiting because of the highly organized staff and use of walkie talkies. The staff all greeted us with "Happy Thanksgiving," and everyone wore a smile. This might well become our new Thanksgiving tradition. Happy Thanksgiving to all the staff at the Air Depot Blvd., Midwest City, OK Golden Corral!

Posted by Hootieturtle

After visiting Golden Coral in Ocala Fl for the second time in two weeks, I want to say the food was delicious, except The breakfast bar was disappointing, pancakes and French toast were dry and hard.. My major complaint is all the windows are filthy .who ever cleans them does a poor job,All of them need to be cleaned.
Makes me wonder what the kitchen looks like, Hope its not dirty like the windows.We like this place but please clean it up.

Posted by Ileana

Ileana was a very great help with offering specials and having a great personality for very young lady she do good with service.

Posted by Anonymous

Was sad to see your employee dumping a plastic bag of mac and cheese into used pan on area table, sure made me feel like nothing is Served Safe or homemade.

Posted by Cbaxter

Went to the Evansville In location for my birthday. Being diabetic its hard to find diabetic friendly items on a menu. I want to thanks Golden Corral for having diabetic friendly foods on the buffet. Not only was it delicious, I left full and was able to enjoy myself. Keep up the good work!

Posted by deinse johnson

We stop going to golden corral, because of our services. Then we meet a lady. She invited us back.We go only when she works only on Sunday, Monday,& Wedesday. She gives everyone good services. Your Golden Corral is blessed with her working there. We took her card to get her name. We would like to thank you Deidra for all you do for your custmors and the place you work, thank you Denise. We would have never come back to eat here of not for this lady.

Posted by Anonymous

Food was great. Loved the breakfast especially. My server Angela was the best ever! She always goes out of her way to please us.

Posted by janetdp

The Golden Corral in Fort Gratiot / Port Huron MI is really well run.
Ask to sit in Rickey's section as he is an amazing and personable server.

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Posted by Anonymous

I just got taken off the schedule because my 1yr old son is super sick . Fever. Throwing up . & pooping ..... this is so ridiculous why take me off because my son is sick ....

Posted by plop.lcom

the gm at golden corral in tanger outlet, north Charleston, SC is a mess, no organization, does not know how to manage and I see you are losing something and she has had a rating 0f 60 twice....what happens the 3rd time

Posted by Elkins

Why does your Bay County Fl.Store treat it's employees so badly ? I am going to call the better business bureau and the work force. I watched your employees being abused verbally for nothing they were working hard. There is a crackerbarell opening up right down the road be careful.....

Posted by Anonymous

I am a current employee an the Golden Corral in Sumter SC. This is my second time around working for Golden Corral. I really love my job. The management team at this location needs serious evaluation. They arent fair. 3 members of management are immediate family. All of my fellow servers are great at their job. It's not fair for some servers gonna be 5 to 7 shifts and others servers are left with one or two shifts. We all have families and lives to support. Why not make the shifts equally spread? I don't think it's fair fornthe GM's wife to take shifts from servers that were there prior to their arrival. We all had 4 to 5 shifts each. The days are being cut from select servers and slowly the GM's wife is picking them up, as if no one is noticing. We no longer have employee meetings. These were very important, as they gave employees the opportunity to voice concerns. The latest issue is how they have the servers competing with the In Moment surveys. I understand it is a requirement, but management has told us, whomever gets the most mentions for the week, can make their own schedule, taking anyone's shift that they want. They said it was corporates idea. It may be, but it certainty causes a lot of tension among the servers. I have worked under 3 different GM's during my time working at Golden Corral and never have any of them been as unfair and nonchalant as the current GM.

Posted by aprilp

I recently did an interview at your Gulfport ms restaurant, Brent was the manager. He told me I was hired . I couldn't find my ss card so I ordered one and Brent told me I have a job in a couple of days I received it 3 days to be exact . I called up there a couple times of day, and not during the busy hours after lunch and dinner rush . No reason for a manager not to be available, I called for 4 days. The girl answering the phone was rude, kept laughing playing on the phone. Saying well this is a manager ma'am what do u need, I asked her her name she refused . I called the next day no-one answered for hours. Hours. When I called yesterday a manager answered was so rude to me. I told him what happened with the girl that he probably personally knows considering how her behavior is and her not caring about her job. He didn't apologize, he did t care, all he said was we've moved on and hung up in my face. This is wrong i was so excited to work there. I'm intelligent and beautiful, I was disrespected and dismissed like trash. It's not fair I never even got a chance to prove myself. I would have done a hundred percent better than that girl on the phone. Brent offered me 8 an hour instead of 750, He left the day he hired me or so someone told me.

Posted by Anonymous

Work for golden corrally in yuma az. We have a server that is always in the same section, great section, and he is completely horrible at doing any sidework. Everyone has to carry the load while working in a slower section making far less money. Very discouraging for many of the servers. No use in telling management. Any issues fall on deaf ears. No support.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, my name is robert lee darby i worked for Golden Corral in Grand Rapids,Michigan they sold the business i need my 2014 tax return or a copy. I cant get it my tax papers because roskam bakery sold the company can you help me.

Posted by Anonymous

I was an employee at the algonquin il location. The restaurant is disscussdingly dirty, the drain pipes for the sinks are not connected and those that are do not drain, the floors are dirty, food is left out in the back hall open, bathrooms are dirty and smell, the sanitizer system for washing dishes does not work. Management does not work together nor do they know what they are doing to run the facility. They have lost thier temper and fired employees for no reason. Many people get sick after or during thier meal and I stopped eating there and felt better. I have pictures of the kitchen with missing pipes, garbage in the hall way with food around and just showing how filthy the facility is. Many employees have quit over the management. The GM they had there was fired because he was actually doing his job and turning the buisness around and the existing managers didn't like the orders he was giving them.I had requested to have the plumbing fixed and the HVAC fixed but they wont


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