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Gold's Gym customer service is ranked #828 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 21.31 out of a possible 200 based upon 662 ratings. This score rates Gold's Gym customer service and customer support as Terrible.


652 Negative Comments out of 662 Total Comments is 98.49%.


10 Positive Comments out of 662 Total Comments is 1.51%.

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  • Gold's Gym

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    • 21.31 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 652 negative comments (98.49%)
    • 10 positive comments (1.51%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

7650. Fm 78 i mentioned3 thread mill machines 3 came back a few times. Management refused to put. Signs. They don't care. I am at Location garbage are. Full. Employees. See trash. Still there. Very lazy. Management

Posted by Anonymous

Please contact me im getting over charged i asked for the cooparate # they gave me the ofallon # i will go to the news if i don't get a response

Posted by Anonymous

I will be forwarding this email to the news & record newspaper, if this issue is not resolved at the High Point North Carolina location. The Rush cared about their customers. Customer were never treated or talked rudely. The Gold’s Gym appears as though they do not need customer in their gym or their money. Especially if you are a black member. Black members are yelled at, laughed out, and watched while getting dressed in the bathroom by people who do not even work in the gym. That person makes smart remarks to you and be rude. This starts at 7:56 PM, after an announcement is made that the gym is closed at 7:55PM. A person that does not even work for Gold’s Gym told me I do not care if you do a complaint. Her name was Beth. Black people are being harassed at the High Point North Carolina location on the weekend. The NAACP will be contacted about this harassment! When calling to report the treatment to the manager, no manager on duty. Employees at the High Point North Carolina say if you call the corporate office to make a complaint they do not care. The corporate office will just tell you to deal with the gym you are at. On May 19, 2019 my daughter and I went to the High Point North Carolina location. As soon as we walk through the door, an employee name Terry started yelling at us rudely about the time. I asked him if he was new employee. He said no. I explained to him that is no one should talk to a customer like that. He told me that he is doing his job. I explain him your job does not say be rude and mean to customer. He laughed! I asked for the corporate number? He said I do not have a corporate number. Terry was only going up to the black customers telling them to get off the equipment and get out it was only 7:55 PM. One customer asked him to stop yelling. I called the office the next day to explain how Terry was treating customers, no manager available. On May 20, 2018, I went to the gym just to get steam. Around 7:55 PM an announcement came on saying the gym was closed while I was in bathroom getting dressed. A lady came in the bathroom saying gym is closed. I explained to her it is just 7:55 PM. She said some name of the employee on duty wanted to leave right at 8:00 PM. I explained to her I am dressing. She was making smart remarks. Her name was Beth. She did not even work at the Gold’s Gym. She told me it was OK do a compliant with the corporate office. She had a nasty attitude. I walked out of the gym at 8:01 PM. How can these employees treat customers like this? How can people that do not even work for Gold’s Gym watched them dress in bathroom and talk to us any kind of way? Why do Gold’s Gym have a corporate office, if you do not follow up with your gyms or care what happens to customers paying for your service?

Posted by Anonymous

I think it's a travesty that you all are no longer 24 hours! Had I known that you all were going to change or had changed your hours of operation I would have never signed up for a year, with you all opening up and 4 a.m. Every morning and clothing at 11 every night doesn't allow me to get to work out that I'm used to getting it doesn't allow me to come at 2:30 in the morning like I used to I'm forced to get up at 4 only to have to leave most times by 5:30 in order to be at work at 7! If it all possible I like to know if I could get a refund for my year membership closing at 11 and opening up at 4 it's really not working for me! Today it's Sunday March 18 2018 I'm sitting outside the Gold's Gym that I go to now, no one's here to open up I've been sitting out here for 30 minutes now this is crazy and 7:35 a.m. Something has to change!

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service ha was told to cancel I needed to give30day notice no mention of 30days before last billing date! Went in on 12th was told I would be charged another month this will have 60 days in membership! I paid first and last month when I signed up was able to start next day but because corporate is slow 4days isn't enough notice on 30 day notice now I have 60 days of membership left! What a joke!!!!!!!!

Posted by Lisa

There was a female and male at desk shooting the breeze ( chatting ) with a customer. I stood there for a bit, and had to interject, because I wasn't acknowledged. I asked if either of the two rooms has a class coming up. The male responded by telling me to follow him to look at schedule at the end of the counter. When I did so, the female also followed. They continued their conversation and proceeded to say their goodbyes. I walked away, only to get a good distance for them to say, "Ma'am?" That was unprofessional and too late. I put my ear buds in and waved them off.

Posted by Anonymous

The movie room at the gold’s Dundalk has been broken for over 2 weeks... this occurs on a regular basis.. it crazy that it takes so long to get things fixed at this gym.... also they seem to run out of paper towels also on a regular basis.. machines are broken for weeks.. sad ... pathetic .. all the money Gold’s makes a can’t keep things working... I’m one of many that complained to the front desk but that falls on deaf ear..

Posted by Anonymous

I am just letting you know Elizabeth as of November 26th 2017 would like to cancel my gym membership at Gold's Gym in Exeter PA

Posted by Anonymous

just try to get someone live in customer service, is a real joke. you have corporate numbers, 800 numbers but they are worthless
is there a number where we can talk with someone, ????!!!

Posted by Dale Turner

My PATH does not work consistently for me. Particularly the check in. I went to the gym yesterday, Wednesday, November 15 and My PATH does not show I attended. This has happened numerous times. I have emailed you several times and you have never answered.

Posted by Anonymous

Some workers at golds gym etc in Woodbridge treat the costumers badly and rudely especially rusty

Posted by Anonymous

I called the Customer Service Number- I was asked to enter my zip code, which I did. After several seconds the request was repeated. No way to speak to someone about my question. Please have someone call me . Thank you. Steve Adelsman.

Posted by Customer service

I am member one off u gym chantilly va 20151 your Associates an able to coming open door 6Am in the morning . Today is Monday me and other people waiting behind the door for More then Two hours nobody's show or respond we call Emergency phone number on the the door no one show up . This is countinue every two weeks . Company have to finish this problem other wise we Chang our members ship . Thanks Zulmay cakha member

Posted by Anonymous

A member at Evans Rd, we are experiencing employees no show at 5am l called to express my concern when l mentioned that l am considering canceling my membership the young lady sorry and slamed the phone in my ear GREAT HOSPITALITY to Golds Gym

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed with how I've been treated no communication between staff an members I paid half wife membership she got hurt can no longer train they are trying to keep it won't transfer to my acount why what's going on very unprofessional been a golds member for over twenty years very rude personnel Simi Valley golds very disappointed need help

Posted by Anonymous

gym in WEST Covina has no hot water since yesterday, this is bologna paying way to much, can't even shower, bull they said they ordered part, and it wont be to later this week.... I showered yesterday no hot water, today samething... Pacific time here, that's my num...

Posted by Hectrosa

I go to the Gold's gym in Brownsville, TX on Sunrise Blvd. I show up at least 20-30 minutes before the spinning class begins so I can get a bike and then proceed to do some free weights to get pump up for the class. I understand they stated there is policy in the gym but if you are at the gym how do you want someone to stand by a bike for spinning class and not get energized before the class. Your staff Arturo had removed my things from the bike and the member had a great body and gave her my bike. I believe that is unfair because I get there on time to get a bike for myself so I can work out but like I don't look like the member he escorted all the way from the front to the class and knowing and seeing the class is full 10 minutes prior before class started he removed my things from the bike to give it to her. When I entered my things were gone and on the front desk. I did advised him that was not right and the policy is first come first serve. Not because you work there you have the ability to change what you want in order for your personal benefits. When I called to ask for the staff's name the front desk staff named Priscilla answered and she was very rude with me and had a attitude stating we have a policy and hanged up. I would like this matter address not be looking for anything free but to be fair all of us as members are there to loose weight or keep our health in good condition but not to use our employment for our personal benefits.

Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to cancel my Gold's gym membership for several months and due to working out of town quite a bit and having 3 kids I've been unable to get in to the gym to give a copy of my ID. I called my location and spoke with Lori in New Braunfels, Texas who was extremely rude and would not allow me to fax or email. Do I have any other options to fax or e-mail my driver's license in order to place a cancellation for my membership?

Posted by Lady254

I was trying to resolve an issue with a charge on my account. It has been at least a month and no follow up has been done to help me resolve the charge. Also all messages let during the time the store manager has not called me back. The fitness coach that I originally spoke with was very rude. This has been going on since April 7th and today is the 28th of the month. I really want this to be over.

Posted by Nora Orosco

Im calling this number never answer,,, I canceled my membership one year ago and gold gym still taking out money from my account,,, my name is Nora Orosco and I use to go at green plaza in Rockville MD their phone number I don't appreciate this because MD don't do anything I send my stamens to twice with no response I called just the answering machine I need to someone take care this case this bank account will be close soon because I'm working in Florida please call me and let me know about your reluts thanks

Posted by Anonymous

The general manager at Golds Gym in Thousand Oaks presented himself in a completely unprofessional manner! Please give me a call when is most convenient . My name is Laurie Mower

Posted by Anonymous

Haven't used my membership since May of 2015. I kept getting the run around about cancelation. Why do they keep charging my account. I have sent several emails with no reply's. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Poor policies on cancelation, but great policies on taking your money with no regards.

Posted by johnlaz1

i came across a bisexual young man in San Antonio. i caught his liking because he would make friendly gestures. I decided to to take him up on the invitation. He immediately bought me a shirt. i soon reciprocated and he loved it. He said he broke up with his girl friend. (big wale up call ( hes bisexual) i ignored it. he had me hook line and sinker. i was just frustrated bc he worked three jobsand wondered how he was to juggle a girlfriend and me. We continued texting and i basically said i can only imagine how your girlfriend is going to feel once she finds out. i would feel sorry for her. Well after not hearing from him and basically rejecting him, he suddenly says youre going to make me wish to do something I'm going to regret. I should have taken the threat more seriously but gave him the benefit of the doubt. I felt bad so i tried to make it up to him. I should of just went on with my life but he soon did a 180 and stalked me by chance in Port Aransas Tx.
He was the first peron i saw when i arrived. i saw him again later that nite. i forgot where i parked and saw him. He saw me and went into a ugly mood. he soon followed me to my car with his buddy and when i turned on the lights he was there practically in front of the car. well two weeks later i decide to do a police and incident report with Golds Gym. He was making hand gestures hitting his fist at me from a distance when i glanced over. An employee told me to do an incident report and i did so. Previously the manager made no reference to an incident report when she called me to her office. but i told hèr my side of the story. She basically played judge and jury. she favored him cause hes white. soon i found myself expelled and my membership terminated. I didnt stalk anyone nor did i thteaten anyone.
I sneaked in one day when the front desk let me in by mistake. So i called the police to see the reason for membership terminatiom and the police report said stalking and harassing their employees. ( go figure)
I had an incident report against me for offering chinese food to an employee ( is that ridiculous? The company allowed it. These employees, both managers and employees are very rude.
they approach you w/o gym uniform and tell u to get off machines w/o explanation. and accuse you of leaving eeights and equipment lying around. (reall 9000 memmbers)and im the one their going to pick on in a rude manner just bc they dont have an intercom system. oh golly what does it cost but $50 for a bull horn ( hello)
well i guess the manager didnt like me approaching her like that. so she had it out for me. to get my membership terminated. Beautiful (sarcastic remark )she did it and came out smelling like roses. well i the innocent customer, with a stalker lost.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Paula and i am extremely disappointed in your customer service at your Lagrange NY lication and with your custimer servuce as well. I took a week with several phone calls to speak to someone about a membership for my son for his birthday and i was contantly blown off not called back etc. I did finally reach someone after 5 failed attemps. I also emailed your company with these same issues and never recieved a responce.
All i was trying to do was something nice for my son who grew out of the weights he was using in his local gym and to wanted to expand his abilities which your facility could accommidate. I am truly disappointed in all aspects of your facility.Customer service should always be number one. I will find somewhere else for him to go and its unfortunate it will not be your place...

Posted by Anonymous

I need to talk to someone about how rude and unprofesional crissy at golds in ofallon il. i fear her and she has my private information i am really worried about this. you need someone to check this gym out, she never wants to hear any problems and she is a smartass, sorry for that word, but she truly does not know how to talk to people unless its a man.

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Posted by rmburrell

I wanted to cancel my membership with Gold's Gym because I received a letter in the mail stating that in the next month my dues would be going up. I was prepared for showdown and a lot of the run around. I called my local gym and they gave me the corporate number to call. After a few minutes on hold, an extremely pleasant young woman answered and after giving her some information she asked how could she help me. I explained that I wanted to cancel my membership. She said she was sorry to hear that and wanted to know if there was anything she could do. I said no and then gave me the last payment date that my bank would be drafted along with the date I could continue to use the facilities. She then thanked me and said have a wonderful day! I was stunned! No fight! No hassle! No shaming! I did complete my contract with Gold's Gym but it wasn't anything like I had experienced before with gym memberships. If I decide to go back to a gym it will definitely be at that gym!

Posted by Bryan davis

Being going to golds gym for years best gym in TN always pleasant n clean environment for bodybuilding r just being fit all kinds of new machines great classes n trainers great supplements shakes n supplys staff is always willing to help with any questions u have prices r great

Posted by Nuria Olmo

From day one that we applied for membership.. We never had absolutely no complaints what so ever Workers, weights, bathroom/shower's never a problem!

Posted by Anonymous

Strong comments for Golds Gym Montgomery, AL. I want to pass on kudos for Jeff Young, GM and Chris the Asst. My wife and I love the gym. I'm 55, she's 40. We do classes, cardio, free weights and machines. The staff is friendly, helpful, and the place is CLEAN! Locker rooms are immaculate. 28 April 2016.
Thank You
John Anderson, Lt Col, USAF (Ret), 25 Years, PHD.

Posted by Pastor Jeff

I have been going to Gold's Gym in Killeen, Texas since 2009 and have watch three different managers come through with no improvements of the facility until the current new manager, Justin. He has accomplished more in the last 2 months that all of the other three put together. The hot water tub in the pool area is clean and perfect for that much needed and refreshing relax time after a work out. The pool has gone from a disgusting dirty area to a clean and enjoyable place to do my laps. The hot sauna has been renovated and is clean and well kept. Many of the old and worn pieces of equipment on the gym floor have been repaired or replaced. Customer service has gotten much better under Justin's oversight. Kudo's to Justin.

Posted by Anonymous

Today is February 29, 2016. Last week I went to Golds Gym located at Bandera Trails in San Antonio, Texas and I talked to a Hispanic salesperson (woman) about trying to get a family member a membership at Golds Gym. She looked at my file and she immediately said that I could Not do it. She explained to me why; but it made no sense to me. I left the club disappointed but i did not give up. I went to Golds Gym at Bandera Pointe (San Antonio, Texas) and talked to the salesperson there who was most informative and helped me with my dilemma.I got my family member a membership and we were quite pleased with the resourceful and informative person at this location. I did not get the salesperson's name at the Bandera Pointe location but we appreciate intelligent and helpful people like her. If it had not been for her my son and I were going to cancel our membership.But we did Not. Mr Martinez

Posted by Anonymous

Beware the sales guys are sharks!!!thought I was signing up for 2 months for personal trainer but they signed me up for a whole freaking year!!! $589.00 a month!!!

Posted by Kat

I am an Asheville,NC. resident & have been a member of The Rush for many years. It has recently been bought by Gold's Gym.
I am writing to express a great interest in the amazing employees who have been a part of my gym experience during these years. They provide a strong community in which Asheville thrives.
In regard to this,I am requesting that coporate maintains positive relationship& the best interest of employees in mind. They are a valuable part of our entire gym experience here.
Thank you,Kat Cortellucci

Posted by Anonymous

Love the staff at Gold's Gym, Merrifield. The front-desk staff members are pleasant and helpful and this location has an impressive array of Group-X classes and instructors. I'm starting to check out other classes at Ballston, Va. and Four Corners (Falls Church, Va.) but Merrifield's my anchor. I'm in excellent shape and, at age 57, that's an achievement. Down to YOU, GG! Keep cookin' that winning formula. -Barbara Bryant; one of your biggest cheerleaders.

Posted by acee

Friendly helpful staff. I would rate the customer service I've recieved as way above average.

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Posted by KingLewis

I thought about getting a membership with Gold's Gym. The Gym wasn't ready. I tried applying for 3 positions and met the qualifications 100%. After calling and being told the positions weren't available. They were reposted and still haven't been filled. Why do they they keep reposting their jobs if they don't want to hire certain people who meet the qualifications 100%? This company won't be around for long.

Posted by Anonymous

You guys fire a wonderful manager for some she has no control over. She wasn't at work and you keep the girl that brought her lil baby to work a d put the child in a box behind front desk and leave desk unattended. But she still working there. Come on man. On top of that you have photos videos of incident.instead of figuring should call child services. Golds gym Montgomery Alabama

Posted by krmsmommy

I was an employee with Golds Gym. From the time I started til the time I left it was horrible. From my first day of training the girls did not want to train me. Any questions I had they always just said "ill show you later" but never did. I was an opener which meant I had to be there to open the gym at 4:45, but I always had to wait on the other girl to come in around the same time to turn the computers on so I could clock in, (because they would not give me the passwords to logon), which meant I was clocking in 15 minutes late every morning because everytime I asked about passwords I was told "ill show you later". I got written up for that and for not being able to make it to work because my car wouldn't start and no one would wake up at 4:30am to help me and because I didn't have someone to watch my daughter one morning at 4am I got fired with my 1yr old sitting in my lap. And guess what my so called SUPERVISER said to me... "Do you know how hard it is getting a 4 month old up and ready at 4am?" UMMM YES I DO BECASUE I HAVE A CHILD MYSELF DUMB ASS!! I will NEVER recommend GOLDS GYM to anyone, not for a job not for a gym. And I would never give them another dime! They are so money hungry they don't care about their members at all.


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