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GoPhone customer service is ranked #146 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 51.45 out of a possible 200 based upon 212 ratings. This score rates GoPhone customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


175 Negative Comments out of 212 Total Comments is 82.55%.


37 Positive Comments out of 212 Total Comments is 17.45%.

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    • 51.45 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 175 negative comments (82.55%)
    • 37 positive comments (17.45%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 3.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by admin

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Posted by bamaboy

I am so disappointed with [email protected] customer service I had a lady from [email protected] customer service to I am a new customer. She called me a liar and holler at Mr only reason I choose [email protected] because a customer service from [email protected] customer service told me if I go with [email protected] I will get the first Mont free but they lied my number

Posted by Anonymous

Built in customer punishment. Get the monthly 2 GB plan for $25. You have 3 months to refill. Go over one month and then refill. Now try to connect. It will take about an hour on tech support. They don't know how to fix it - activation signals, turn off, wait, turn on etc. Finally they talk to someone else -THEY HAVE TO CHANGE TO A CHEAPER PLAN, THEN IT WILL WORK AGAIN, THEN THEY CHANGE BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PLAN. Ask them to do this and you will save 45 minute. It is a shame that AT&T uses such a low life tactic, but they do. BTW medium long wait on hold. BTW call and ask for tech support. 10 minute wait filled with annoying ads is usual. I am looking for an alternative to the GoPhone. Not worth it.

Posted by Jane Doe


Correction to "error in my comments".

The first "rep" told me it is "90" days since the last top up before they cut off your service.

Then, when I called again (after being left hanging & then disconnected because the rep couldn't answer my question), the next rep told me that I was misinformed by the last rep I spoke with and that the cut off date if "60 days"...not 90 days.



I went attempted to put $ on my account on in late August 2016. I hadn't used the phone only since Aug 2, 2016, and had a brand new #. System wouldn't let me do it. I called customer service. They could not come up with a valid reason as to why my service was suspended and THEY GAVE MY BRAND NEW # TO SOMEONE ELSE. THEY DID NOT SEND ANY MESSAGES TO MY PHONE TO ALERT ME OF THEIR INTENTIONS....NOTHING!!! And, when I spoke to the first customer service person...they kept "beating around the bush" and could not give me any valid answers. Especially, when I asked how many days to you wait, after the last "top up", before you suspend the service? The first person I talked to could not give me an answer, & then, put me on hold for so long, the phone call dropped. I called back again & the next person told me it is 90 days. They still could not give me any proper answers. I called back again & the next person told me "the last rep you spoke to did not give you the correct is 90 days."

This turned into a nightmare. I want my phone# back! What you did is illegal!
I will be contacting the office of the CEO.

I firmly believe, that there was some computer glitch & that no one has my phone #, as everytime I call does not have a proper message. Something is terribly wrong.



Posted by Lbutler63

Im sick and tired of adding 45.00 to my phone every month to be sent messages from att on slowing my service ..the very next week ..i would like to think 45.00 would last month to month ..but no ..once again.att had slowed me dwn everytime n every month .i dnt do much on my ph at all .abd i changed from bet 10 for this very reason ..if i cant get some result from this gonna change ph service again ..maybe ill find a better pkan n better service n a company that want slow me down n for 45.00 you woyld think it would last

Posted by [email protected]

Today I was denied service at our local Portsmouth, OH ATT store. I presented a passport card as an ID, but the clerk said he could not sell me a replacement phone because my driver's license was expired. I told him he was discriminating against me and that he was breaking the law. I was so upset, no phone, no service, inexcusable!

My question is how can your associates be so poorly trained, has common sense just disappeared? How do you plan to make this up to me and keep me as a customer? I've spent thousands and been a loyal ATT for many years. I will not let this rest, there is no excuse for that policy or his behavior.


Tony Thompson

Posted by

I wish to filed a complaint please forward me the form I think it's wrong to shut off service day before and should not loss data all ready earn that was tool over try be put on hold no one come back or say I'm broking up this Att I want to talk to the CEO before coming please public larry jordan

Posted by Dumb Donkey

I will definitely never subscribe to any AT&T service ever again. I called to cancel my AT&T monthly GO phone plan 2 days before my current service period ended, because their wireless service is getting worse in my area. I was told my GO phone service will be cancelled, but the charge of the next month service is already processing today, and it cannot be refunded since it is on Autopay. I don't know what kind of company will charge customer for service they will not provide, i guess only AT&T do, not to mention I am under no contract with these company.

Posted by Anonymous

I just returned from living in East Africa. I had cheaper and better service there than with AT&T - seriously. I will be changing my cell service to one several friends have suggested. I will not buy anymore products from AT&T.

Posted by Tired on wasting money

I was nice enough to give a decent review about my gophone before. Now since I only use it as an emergency phone it infuriates me that it never tells me when my service date will end never giving me an idea of when to go get a gophone card. Worst of all is I still had $13 left on it and it would not let me call, that is a gigantic waste of money right there! I'm very disappointed in gophone please change your policies so no one else will lose certain amounts of money like I did. Or at least change your policies for when our service end date goes up at least still keep the amount of money I had and add it back when I get another card. Otherwise I'm still very disappointed gophone I want my $13 back!

Posted by Janet Evans

I ordered gofone gf55x from ideal world on 27 July.nothing wrong with phone except am unable to use it as the charger plug fell to bits first time I charged the phone! Have contacted Ideal World on several occasions and they said they would send a new one. Almost a month later ......still waiting. Can you help?

Posted by No screen name

Stood in line for 15 mi utes a d the. Would not take my order becau because I wAs going to order 10 foot long club subs I would have to call on my order of he could not do it then he would sure mess up my order I had people working I sure will go where they want my business it happen on glondia,il.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been w/ AT&T for years paying nearly double before switching to the $45/mth GO Ph pay as you go rate. During the many yrs prior I almost never went over 1.5 GB of data usage. Now, after 1/2 the math is up AT&T GO is telling me I'm already over 1.5 GB of data. I think it's a scam. They could not tell me why after 6 years of not going over in the first math I went over 1.5 with this GO AT&T crap. I KNEW they couldn't just let me pay 1/2 the amount and get the same service. Such liars and scammers they are! AT&T ranks among the worst all time companies ever in my life of 57 years. I'm done with their conniving, misleading, under-handed practices. They are a pig company with heavy red lip stick that's almost completely worn off.

Posted by broadway393

i have called at&t go phone 3 times & was hung up on 3 times this made me very upset,after 41 years of loyalty and my parents life long loyalty.i will now suspend both my cell phone & home [landline]. the govt. was right to break the up in the past & should do so again.

Posted by DannoTheManno

Been wrestling with them for past 7 months. They constantly tell you something, and then when that event should happen, it doesn't because of a glitch in their software, or some other lame excuse. They don't very givingly refund your money caused by the glitch. And sometimes just hang the phone up on you, if they get into a corner that you are correct with your conversation, they just hang up, and waste your time and money, instead of trying to fix the problem.

Unfortunately I'm being held to AT&t because of their coverage, but Verizon just put up a new tower really close, so there is a light at the end of my tunnel.

Posted by Donbob1000

Horrible experience. Tried to setup auto bill for a $5/mo. discount. Charge won't go through. After hours of robo-menus and circular transfers I find out that a AT&T claims I have an outstanding disputed charge - that my credit card company has no record of. I can either lose my phone number or pay the disputed charge right now. End of discussion, the agent hung up on me. Don't know what to do except file a complaint with the FCC. I don't like being held hostage and having my time wasted. Wish there were an another alternative.


Turned out to be an inconvenience. Purchased the sim and refill at the airport in vegas. Then activated the phone but when i tried adding the $$ the system does not recognize the number that I had just activated.

Online and thru the number directly provided in their kit - 611.

VERY DISAPPOINTED. Will not recommend to tourists as even the live chat support cannot remedy the situation.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the worse cm service I ever had... I bought a new go phone got old one disconnected,,, it took me 32 mins to get new phone activated w a rep who told me I would continue being on autopay this was untrue looked at credit card statement no 5.oo credit for being on autopay because she never enrolled me.. That was on mar 19, 2015 when I activated new phone called today and they enrolled me again at least I hope but couldn't give me the 5.00 credit this call took over 1 hr talked to 3 reps no one could help terrible cm service. I have no idea still if I am enrolled or not hard to understand the reps English.. Going back to US cellular...

Posted by OneCloudyDay

I got this GoPhone last week, and I used up my plan minutes really fast. I then purchased $15 of plan credit and submitted it. Everything was fine. Then, as my last plan minute ticked off I began on my $15 added credit. The problem is that now, every time I place a call that ticks off of that $15, at the end of the call I receive this really annoying and fairly long text message telling me that I am being charged $0.10 per minute for my calls because my plan's minutes have all been used up. On all of the AT&T web pages and phone help lines there is no help for how I can stop these annoying messages from hounding me. Sometimes I am going from one call to another call, and sometimes keying in a phone number where I got a recording about a number having been changed, and that stupid little message will pop up in the middle of my keying, and I will be interrupted and the incorrect number keyed in, missing digits, etc., and then I forget the number that I just got from that recording or voice mail that I had just checked. You would think a big conglomerate like AT&T would be more customer friendly and offer more options than this. It is my opinion that they are just hounding their pay as you go customers (beyond plan minutes, that is), so that we will buy the higher priced plans. For me, I do not always need this many minutes on a cell phone, but this is both hunting season and holiday season, and I spend considerable more time on a cell phone these months. AT&T is just plain rude.

Posted by Anonymous

I think I picked the flat out worse pay as you provider there is get a refill the refill card plainly says 90 days expiration well less than 30DAYS I get a text telling me to add time one little problem I still had a lot of time left the very next day all my minutes are gone that plus I got charged 10 minutes for a call that that I never got .

Then try to contact customer service what a big joke that is !!!! they can take there phone and there service

Posted by VETaCUSERv

I have been using my prepaid 2 years ago for a year.
I'm just a nobody.
I have been unemployed for a year.
With luck I finally got a full time job again.
Only to find out, turns out my prepaid phone isn't working.
Everything I tried comes with a "warning service not available."
I did some research and turns out after a while say 6 months, your phone SIM card gets removed for not being used.
I find this not very fair.
I paid 60 bucks for this prepaid phone.
Like everyone else.
I understand but i have a lot of my accounts locked in with this prepaid phone.
Not being able to access this phone had made things difficult.
If anything please do something about it so i can access my phone.
For example, last week some of my accounts were hacked.
I found out by email that someone in china has been hacking into my accounts taking my private info or using them, and this "PrePaid Phone" is my security to accessing them.
And yes, "Why didn't you just did something about it differently earliar." (blah blah blah) I get it.
But I would just like to complain as a consumer that I dislike this erasing numbers not used and make it at least to a year and a half.
You Must UNDERSTAND I'm Just a Angry Ranting Consumer who is Angry with Your BAD Service. For one, I will Tell Everyone i See to NEVER get a prepaid phone and make sure you guys Get Shut Down BECAUSE YOUR BAD Customer Service.

Posted by Anonymous

The site listed above is the FCC public comments. The docket is number is WT 13-193. You can post your public comments.

AT&T-Leap Wireless purchase public comments

Posted by Jerry Tipton

The GoPhone pay as you go was to be cancelled, when I switched to rate plan. the 60.00 dollar amount is a debit on my credit card each month. calls were blocked on Dec 2nd.incoming and outgoing. until money was added to pay as you go account that I was told was cancelled.

Posted by Anonymous

Today my charges increased from 10$ a minute to 25%, and my account balance mysteriously dropped from $27 to $19. AT&T "support" says it's because of roaming charges, as I live near the border with Mexico. so they blocked the international roaming, and now ALL MY OPUTWARD CALLS ARE BLOCKED.

thanks for nothing, AT&T!! I will drop you asap.

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Posted by GO PHONE

Thank-you For The Service Bob A.provided At My Home .i Rate Him A "10".please Let His Im Supervisor Charles R. Johnson Know. Louis F. Caliguri Att Customer.

Posted by Anonymous

must be my lucky day. able to talk to a nice rep and helped me with my request. friendly attitude and got it done right the first time. no complain at all.

Posted by ladydi15

The online site was a nightmare with no way to reach customer service. Thank you for the info on how to get thru!!!
I couldn't reach anyone to help me with my GoPhone issue until i found this site that advised to call the ATT number and immediately keep hitting 0. I hit 0 twice and was transferred to a live person! Everything went well and i even got my credit that i was looking for and it happened immediately. PLUS they GAVE me a free month's worth of texting!! I am very happy with the service once i found out how to get thru to them.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to compliment Michelle in customer service...I indavertantly missed my renewal date, lost the minutes (a large amount) and she did her best to get them credited...she called when she completed the task and was willing to go the extra mile...
she can't be the only one working there that's capable...or is she?

Posted by Anonymous

I had run out of minutes, but still had about 12 days left before the end of my plan. A very nice young man helped me out (wish I could remember his name). He gave me my options and we solved my problem promptly. :)

Posted by Anonymous

i want to thank marissa for hepling my brother put his minutes on his phone she took the time tobe very helpful may god bless you 9-26-2012

canyon texas

Posted by MD1955

I found the answer on this site: keep hitting 0 (zero) on the prompts to the automated questions. When the recorded voice says they need to know what you need help with, you've made it to the operator option.
Then you WILL get a very patient, helpful PERSON to talk to. (This is AT&T go phone by the way)
Thanks for the help!

Posted by Anonymous

I was just on the phone with Tom at AT&T spent less than 5 minutes on wait and 3 minutes to refill the phone. I was lucky they (AT&T) were going to recycle my number.

Thanks Tom

Posted by Anonymous

I had a delightful experience resolving my issue with Mark (Marc?) and previously with a woman whose name I don't recall. Both were friendly and tech smart! You know, like human beings working together. As customers, I think we often bring our own frustrations to the representatives and make matters seem worse tan they are. We, however, laughed a bit, shared a bit and all is well. I am happy with Att&T Go Phone for several years now as I rarely need it. Yet, I do agree~~c'mon corporations, your websites are ridiculous, a big ole ad, the robots can't "help",and your people are good: so where do you think your best investment lies, eh?

Posted by Anonymous

Many thanks toShondra Williams a very knowlegeable person with lots of patience who help me get my number ported over to my GoPhone, after three days wasting my time she was kind enough to call me back each day to follow the progress of porting my number and complete it !!!


A bunch

Posted by Anonymous

Latori Henderson just set me right up and fixed all my issues. Great number and directions

Posted by Chaundra Gitskin

Each and every time I called with a million questions your agents where beyond courteous. They were all patient and considerate not always easy. I am uneasy and uncomfortable with technology. Your representatives, I feel went above and beyond, I am more than satisfied. Some of the names that I remember are Kendall, Felicia, and, Felicia. I know you have a large number of reps. Perhaps you can find them via my incoming calls. They deserve at least a pat on the back, or an atta boy. Thank you all so much!
Chaundra Gitskin

Posted by Anonymous

the phone number was great. tried everything on my Go phone to speak to a live person, my issue was sold in 5 min. thanks

Posted by gharaldson

Wonderful customer service experience. After reading all of the negative comments here I just had to post. I followed the instructions at the top of this page and hit "0" as soon as the recording started. I kept hitting "0" until I was transferred to an agent. "Chris" (a female) was very helpful. She is American and spoke perfect English. She answered all of my questions about my new gophone. Please follow the instructions above and your service experience might be much better. By the way, it is 10am Sunday morning, even though above they do not list Sunday hours. Great job ATT.... maybe you should get rid of the recordings.

Posted by sarhrip

Called this number, kept pressing 0 and got a real person named David!!! yeah!! and he helped me with everything and I am now a happy camper! I LOVE AT&T Go Phone and the tech service!!!

Posted by jbert

I was finnally conected to a real person about my go phone account. I had not been able to refill my account on the day it was due on my phone. The account had $80 balance and I had purchased a refill of $25 the day before. They, after warning me this would be the last time, credited me old balance.
I waited for the result to type the final line while waiting for a responce on hold.
I wish corportations would have a beter understanting of the power of positive advertising. I am thankful for sites like this and am giving ATT go phone a positive on this manner.

Posted by Anonymous

My AT&T GoPhone is totally satisfactory. I enjoy using it's cheap features and I have had no problem with it. Every time I talk to Customer Service, they help me fix my problems. Thanks AT&T!

Posted by Deepanjana

Thanks!! It really helped..was really annoying talking to the recorded voice, but dialing zero was tha trick.n a really nice lady helped me and answered my query!!

Posted by Rachel

Thanks so much, Anon 4/12!! Got through on the first try and talked to a very nice woman, Gayle (sp?). Had my phone unlocked in no time. Tried through 611 and when I did get through, the guy just said "no" to my question and hung up.

Posted by Anonymous

Took a while but thanks, worked just fine.

Posted by Anonymous

I was having trouble porting my number into the AT&T GoPhone service. They sent two SIM cards, and apparently the instructions told me to install the wrong card. I was going around and around the automated system without it being able to help me.

After calling the number listed here (which is for contract service rather than GoPhone), I quickly reached a very nice customer service person who transferred me to GoPhone. There, I talked to Debbie, who was kind and did a great job figuring out what the problem was, asking me for the numbers on both SIM cards. She was thorough, helpful, and effective, and although I was really frustrated at first, I feel so much better about switching to AT&T now. Thank you, Debbie!

Posted by Anonymous

I been a at&t customer for 25yrs and was having a great deal of problems with my credit card[ will in florida part-time and i'm also on protect id from a purse being stolen. They suspected fraud; but every time we called they said it was alright/but they kept rejecting it in the. it turns out I was locked out because of trying too many times'the point is i was getting pretty fed up with Gophone customer service and this young man turned it all the way around Kevin Mcdonald was patience beyond belief.He called me back when we dropped,he talked with amex when they could not override problem. he deserves at least a commendation

Posted by WMOKC

Jane Weller just helped me and I would like to thank you for the very helpful and friendly customer service that was provided to me. Thank you for not only fixing my problem but doing it in a friendly manner and prompt amount of time.




Posted by LH

The best deal is as follows (for those of you who want a phone for 1) emergencies or 2) some personal calls, but don't yammer on forever! Buy one year of GoPhone service for $100.00; get the 25 cents/minute option. This works out at $8 & change a month - no contract or hidden charges. And you can carry forward your unused $$ (up to a max. balance of $500). You can't beat that anywhere. I find it hard to use up anywhere close to my annual minutes and always carry forward from the previous year. I think a lot of you who are complaining are going about it all wrong - it's not as good for the short term.

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Posted by Jim Allen

I am a AT$t Customer Service Rep, and I am So happy that you are all happy with our service, I am Jim ALlen, and I can help you out with all your concerns regarding your AT&T Gophone.


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