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Go Daddy customer service is ranked #376 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 35.49 out of a possible 200 based upon 121 ratings. This score rates Go Daddy customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


110 Negative Comments out of 121 Total Comments is 90.91%.


11 Positive Comments out of 121 Total Comments is 9.09%.

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    • 35.49 Overall Rating
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    • 110 negative comments (90.91%)
    • 11 positive comments (9.09%)
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Posted by GKS

They provide the worst, worst, worst customer support of ANY company I've ever been involved with in my 40 years of information technology experience. They suck. Find someone else, anyone else.

Posted by Unhappy Ex-Customer

Never Ever use Godaddy....they are dishonest as can be. We cancelled our services with Godaddy in Feb 2016 when the business closed. Never have we been on Auto Renewal, yet somehow they got my personal account information and billed for services we no longer have. When disputed with the Bank, Godaddy reported to Certegy Check Services that we bounced two checks with them....we never issued them a check, nor did we authorize them to take an auto payment from our personal account. I called and spoke to Matt in Payment dept., who told me it was above his pay grade and I should call the Corp. offices. He told me I must not do much business not to know that I should have called GoDaddy for a refund first instead of having the bank reject the payment...he wanted to pass me to another number, he didn't know who could help me, he just wanted to pass me off. I asked him to check with a supervisor for the correct dept. the Manager told him to tell me to call Certegy Check Services and pay the bill....money I don't own GoDaddy...he hung up on me. I then called the Corporate offices ..it tells you to press 0 for all other issues...no one picks up, it just rings and rings. tried several times and the same thing. This Company is a JOKE....Isn't this how a Class Action gets started?

Posted by harvform

I have contacted them 4 times and submitted documents 4 different times. The documents are clear the people looking at them are idiots. I can not get anyone in the verification department to contact me. The customer service department does not have contact with this department except my email. What a joke! They keep rejecting documents that they don't know what they are supossed to look like to begin with. I can not believe these people. I have called corporate.....no answer...left message...what kind of customer service is this? They also have not called me back. I have 6 domains and I can't get customer service. I need to move all of my business from them.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been with GoDaddy for several years with no problems and would highly recommend this company to many of my friends and colleagues, up until yesterday when I spoke with the most vile person I've ever come across in my entire life! His name is Robert. He basically screamed at me and then threatens to cancel my account. I called in because I was not aware my website was taken down for non-payment. Robert said Go Daddy had sent out several e-mails regarding this. The only e-mail I received was on my secondary account and yes, I received several e-mails on this but not on my active website. After being put on hold for 11 minutes(I'm sure on purpose) Robert came back and said he could retrieve my website, however, they would charge me over $100 for this or my other option was to give me the information to rebuild my website for a mere $65.00. What a racket and scam they have going on here. I have kept EVERY piece of correspondence from Go Daddy and I never received any notification that my website was going to be canceled. I asked Robert to resend the e-mails they sent out at which time he said he couldn't because the account was closed???? Robert then preceded to tell me if I would've paid my bill the account wouldn't have been canceled. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said he couldn't transfer the call but preceded to tell me he has a 95% approval rating. He also could not give me a name or phone number to call to speak with someone above him.

Posted by Rosemary

Go Daddy supports internet puppy mills - see the Super Bowl ad that makes fun of shipping to puppies to anyone who'll pay a fee. Disgusting. Go Daddy has no class and no creativity to try this stupid knock-off of the Budweiser puppy Super Bowl commercial.

Posted by Anonymous

Useless customer support and inconsistence software system Godaddy have...

Posted by jolt

This company is a disgrace. Customer service no longer exists. Not the same company they once were.

Posted by tomL

Add me to the bandwagon of people escaping Godaddy, their stupid policies and absurd pricing. On top of everything else, they just stopped email support. WHAT A MESS!

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is atrocious at Godaddy these days. Sad to see a once-great company in such a total decline. and now they have the nerve to raise their prices substantially. Anybody who knows better has already left... wish I did years ago.

Posted by Anonymous

I have emailed you 3 times and called the number and no one answers. Pretty disturbing for a major Company such as yours.

Posted by goodbye godaddy

Godaddy clearly has gotten too big to care about their customers. I called with a simple question about renewing my domain and I ended up transferred 3 times before the final person told me to look it up on their site. Really? Good riddance Godaddy!

Posted by WebDevCo

I registered a .Plumbing gTLD. and they failed at everything, costing me thousands.
Payment was recieved, processed and the domain was entered into my account. Name-servers, sub domains and email addresses were set-up and used.
I called several times during the day for other domains and this was also Assured to me as registered with me as the legal owner. I took that check to the bank and cashed it. I got agreements with clients, print media, magnets. I called them and sealed deals. I posted and shared my domain and plans across the internet, even in the reseller forum.

I've spent thousands with them and on this, with the assurance that the domain was mine and the clients I'd already attained would be making payment. Today the domain was removed from my account. I was told another person registered it at the exact moment I did. They failed to update their records and accurately provide domains and take payments.

There were multiple failures across the board. No explanation was given as to how the owner was determined. Not only has my business suffered financial loss, but a loss of consumer confidence. Already, several lost clients refer to this as a 'fraud' I attempted. They've spread the word that I try to get payment for domains I don't even own.

This isn't just going to be OK. My family has suggested lawsuits and non-sense. It seems apparent that there is no way I can keep the domain. All advertising will be a loss to me and a gain to whoever got it.

I requested what I think is reasonable considering the circumstances and the assurances I received:
That they replace this with another gTLD of my choice that is in the landrush phase.

But they refused! I was told- "That's tough. Do whatever you need to do"

Posted by NotHappyCustomer

Absolutely worst customer support ever.
First of all, the phone number posted does never work!!!! Every time I call, it plays a recorded message saying that the person I am contacting is not accepting a call at this time. Well, whoever over there is not accepting any call 24/7!!!!!!

Trying to fix the issue via email, and the technicians are only suggesting very basic things and not really being proactive. It's like a joke to them. They are not really offering any real suggestion or solution.

For god's sake, this is for my work!!! My income depends on this!!!

Posted by ebarrett

worst service ever they told me the problem i was having, didnt happen like im making it up just to speak with them, they offered to transfer me to a team that can build my site for me *for a fee haha, worst company ever i will never use them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Yetman

The worst service I have from this company, no matter how many times I reported to them about the problem of the mail account, but no answer...

even I sent the report to their service support mail, what I got is the returned mail....

we paid for the mail account,

Posted by GoDaddy sux

Absolute worst customer service ever! This is the stuff movies should be made of if it didnt hurt our business. Domain services, Dory, told us that her boss "was AWOL" and no one was allowed to have his voicemail. Spoke to Trey at customer service, he told me he "spoke to the department of the office that handles certain situations and he could not help me". I asked for his supervisor and he told me no. This after two hours on hold! Spoke to Greg at Office of CEO, he would not stop yelling at us on the phone to even hear our questions. If you value your business, do not ever get involved with these idiots at GoDaddy, they are criminals who will only take your money and nothing else.

Posted by Gayle

I just purchased a domain for a company that I am starting. The company name.com was unavailable. I tried a number of different possible domain names but they were either to long or had the possibility to create some confusion among potential customers. I was so pleased when the sale rep just added my state CT to the company name and I was able to get the company name and the .com domain like I wanted. I even sent an email to his supervisor. What I didn't realize until 3 days later is that he spelled the name of the company wrong. He left out the word "in" (name purposely with held until I contact executive company office - which the initial customer rep and his supervisor Chris. F refused to provide for me. He said they didn't have that information!) out of the company name so of course the name was available. But who wants a word missing from their company name when trying to get people to go to their website? I don't! What makes matters worse is that I paid out nearly $200 in marketing materials (business cards and magnets, car magnets, shirts for staff, notecards, pads,...) which are now all useless to me. Because their systems were down on the day I placed my order, Joe, the sales rep was unable to set up my account or email for me. If he had been able to do this I would have seen the mistake immediately. There is, in fact, another company with the exact same name that I was told I could have. Upon reporting this to a first line rep at least I received an apology. However, when I was transferred to Chris F. he was down right rude, accused me of being at fault because I did not verify the domain name in the confirmation email, he said people often misspell their company names (guess GoDaddy thinks a lot of its customers) and that's just how it is. He did not even apologize. I asked if my conversation with Joe wasn't recorded to show that I kept saying the name the way I wanted it. He replied, maybe it was, and maybe not but it doesn't matter. It's not like we're going to track it down. I asked to speak with his manager and he said he wasn't there. I asked him to leave a message and have his manager, Chris N., call me back on Monday. He said he could take a message but couldn't guarantee that the call would be returned because he usually doesn't return customer calls "at his level." I then asked for the owner's name and address but apparently they do not provide this to the staff and supervisors because he did not know how I could contact someone in upper management. I am a health care professional as well as a business person so I always try to aim for a win-win situation whenever possible, however, Chris F., talked down to me because I was a female and thought he could keep giving me the runaround. Additionally, when I changed the domain name, he told me that the special which they were running when I purchased the incorrectly typed domain name was no longer in effect and it was going to cost me an additional $69.95! Boy, what --lls! (rhymes with walls). I will pursue this until I reach someone who understands that a little good will is worth more this day and age than being right (even though they weren't right either), so I am not writing the name of my company or my domain name. Chris F. and Chris N., you need to be busted back down to the rank and file. Perhaps there you will learn a couple of the first rules of customer service. 1) Apologize for the problem whether it was your fault or not; 2) Tell the customer you want to try to work with them to get to the bottom of the issue. Lastly, remember to thank the customer for purchasing from your company. You failed at all of these! Mr. Parsons, I don't image you have time to read comments from your customers, but if someone knows an address where I can write to him please post it here or email me at (somebody please check to see if I spelled my name right - you know how we customers are with our spelling!).

Posted by mnorrins

For many years I managed to avoid ever talking to anyone at GD. I just never had a reason to contact them. Then today... all my domains stopped working - so I called GD. I was told my account was suspended - when I asked why I was told that I violated their terms of service - when I asked how I did that, she could not offer a response. Many phone calls later, and repeated attempts to speak to someone who actually 1) knew what they were talking about and 2) had the power to do something about it, they reinstated my account and apologized for the mistake. OUCH. Moving my domains - I don't expect much from my domain registrar, but I expect more than this.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible service. Purchased the dream web design. The interface where you submit all of your info is ridiculous. It fails to load repeatedly, and is awkward and difficult to use. Promised a two week once all of my materials were submitted. Submitted everything in 2 days. A month passes with no communication from go daddy staff. Call expecting a nearly completed design, only to be told NOTHING had been started. They were waiting to see if I was going to submit anything else! Right on the design page it says they will contact you if they have questions! Worst communication ever. Cancelled on the spot, which they are obviously used to. All responses to criticism are met with rudeness and excuses. They are completely incapable of taking responsibility for anything that was promised at the time of purchase. Never use this company!!!!

Posted by Cristian

Don't even think of hosting your site's here. I just ended my 3 year account and switched to a competitor of theirs.
I can't understand how I stayed so long with them my sites where offline every other day.
They never solve anything. Their support is an email template used every single time.
Response time is about 12 hours and is always: It's working now.

Posted by Anonymous

I Had an account for 1 year with godaddy and we cancelled over 5 months ago. Then I get an email about autorenewal and that my credit card had expired but that they had info with mc and visa that they could get my new experation date and automatically charge my credit card. There is nothing on the autorenewal to cancel, so I called customer service, billing, and they needed a password to cancel which we did not have. They had my account #, name, domain name and they had sent me the email which I had forwarded to them but still would not let me cancel. I was on the phone a long time and the rep would not let me talk to anyone else and I had the worst customer service. I will never have another account with go daddy.

Posted by lisa

Do NOT use Go Daddy for anything. They retain your credit card (Payment) information on file even when you are not renewing with them until you cancel all accounts out. A domain name that expires in 2014 entitles them to keep your payment information of file until the domain name expires. If you cancel it early to remove your payment information they WILL NOT refund you any money. Any one else with these issues or have had these issues let me know I am filing a class action suit.

Posted by Catahoula

I have been with GoDaddy since 2006. I have had minimal problems and find their customer service excellent and consistent.

Most of the time their product knowledge is fine. MOst of the time they have resolved my issues on first call. I wrote the president once, complaining about an issue that was not properly resolved and they then took care of it. But that was a rare situation.

I think they are a great example of excellent customer service.

The only real issue I have is with their pricing on dedicated servers - after a couple years it is cheaper to get a new server than continue with the current one - but to do that, one has to migrate the contents. In my case that is complicated. I would think they would lower old servers costs.

But even this is not enough to make me downgrade their ratings.

Posted by Commander64

After finding out Go Daddy used a method actor for the Super Bowl commercial, it convinces me that they are as fake a product as the commercial was. I doubt Danica is even a race car driver now, just some hot actor. Fake and crappy is how I see GD now. All they had to do is go into the bowels of their data center and find a REAL geek...but no, fake is as fake is.

Go Daddy is a fraud and a sham. Very disappointing.

Ubergeek (1983)

Posted by scam

This company is a rip off even though i cancled my stuff along time ago with Go Daddy they keep on taking money out of my business account! I have had it they have costed me too much don't go with this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am filing with the better business and attorney general office!!!!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

The negative posts regarding go daddy really confuse me. I am not an employee of go daddy nor am I an avid online review poster. That said, I have been with go daddy for many years. I am a business owner ten-times over and have personally built many, many, websites using the go daddy web builder. Not only have I never encountered a problem with go daddy's tech support, it has been my objective to mirror their excellent call center response times and handling of my technical web-building issues in my own call center. I cannot help but wonder why these reviewers experiences differ so vastly from my own - competitor bashing? Maybe some - but certainly not all. Um... I've never had a single problem with go daddy's customer support.

Posted by Thenewbreed

Unbelievable how many negative comments there are.

A lot of them seem to be about people who don't know their own secure information. Why would you think that ANY company (read: Bank, internet company, online service where you purchase things, investment company, ISP, and on and on) would let you into an account without proper validation of the information that YOU created? If you get a rude rep because you don't know your own info, it's YOUR OWN FAULT that you can't validate, and I bet YOU are the one getting all mad because you forgot or were too irresponsible to write it down or record it somewhere.

As for website issues, a company with literally millions of customers and thousands of servers is bound to have some hiccups once in awhile. At least you can reach them by phone any time and all the reps I ever talked to were very nice.

Those guys probably get really tired of hearing people say they are a "webmaster" but don't have any clue how to use an FTP client. They probably get really tired of people calling because their account got locked for using the wrong password 5 or 6 times...i.e., making the same dumb mistake multiple times. They probably get really tired of people that don't know the difference between "it is a coding issue on your site" and "it must be the provider, I couldn't possibly have made a mistake."

Every time I've called I've gotten outstanding, no-nonsense support from professionals who seem to know what they are doing. I doubt they got as big as they did by hiring idiots or not training them well.

Are you upset about refunds? Most registrars won't refund you past a few days for a domain name, because they actually pay the registry a fee for the domain name you register, and the registry won't refund their money past a few days. That's business folks, take it or leave it. Other products, I've had no issue with being refunded the remaining time I had left on it. Why would you think a company is going to give you back your money on something you actually set up and used for 6 months? I believe they do have a satisfaction guarantee on most things for 30 days. A lot of the negative reviews I just read were people trying to get refunded for stuff they used for months. Some of them were because they got their account suspended because they were using domains for spamming people, or they set an idiotic password like "Password1" and someone hacked their account. In that case...serves you right if you're too dumb to use secure passwords, or use one password for ALL your different places you log in.

If you're not savvy enough to navigate menus on a website, fer goodness sake go and take a class on using the BASICS of the internet!

If you want to make a site, and don't know anything about it, call them and tell them that...drop the stuffyass pride and ask for help..most people will be willing to help you if you don't call them all ranting and raving that "your stuff is too hard to use!" or whatever.

There's a great support site at http://support.godaddy.com. If you know how to use a simple search field, usually you can find your own answers without waiting on hold for 5 to 20 minutes (as someone said, at least you CAN call them and not wait 3-4 days for email support like with most companies).

The naivety of people astounds me. Can't set up an email? Check the help site. Call. Want to move emails from one account to another? I had that done just last week, without losing anything. Call them and ask. I saw one guy claiming that he couldn't get that done. That was probably because the email he wanted to move was in an account he had no access to. Why would you think any company would just move an email and contents to another account if you can't authorize them to do so with your personal information? Is that insanity? Hell yes. Some people are stupid and don't think before calling support. I think those guys and gals do a heck of a good job, because just like most places they probably have to put up with jerks all day long and they do the best they can with what they've got, and far better than most any company out there.

Well over half the negative comments I read were the user's own fault and not the fault of Go Daddy. A lot of them had very sketchy details about what went on and looked like attempts to badmouth Go Daddy because they didn't get their way because of a refund policy, lack of proper info to access an account, or just plain idiocy from someone who should go to internet school...not to mention people who don't like the racy Superbowl ads, which in my opnion should have been moderated out of these reports as they have nothing to do with whether a person got good support or not. Whatever Go Daddy is doing, it's working, and recently I read they are steering away from the perception of sexism in their advertising, with the advent of a new CEO on board and other key big-hitters coming in from different well-recognized internet giants. If they are attracting that kind of leadership they are a force to be reckoned with.

Think Think Think people. If you don't know something don't be afraid to ask.

That said, I have had a bad experience with trying to get privacy removed from a domain, and it was an issue with them and not with me, something was stuck and they handled the email support very poorly. But that was their Domains by Proxy division, not Go Daddy themselves, and shame on them for not paying attention to someone who is savvy and does know how things work, and 4 days to remove privacy was unacceptable. The reps I talked to on the phone however were very nice and did what they could.

I recommend them 100% though, there is no better support out there. The few people that post negative reviews (and remember, people are FAR more prone to post a poor review than a good one) probably represent one in a million happy customers. I'm not saying that there aren't legitimate beefs, I'm just saying that's a pretty good testament to the masses who are pleased and won't come and post it here because they are busy people getting on with their day to day lives.

Posted by Anonymous

Goods: Customer Service sometimes cares about you!

Bad: Long Hours= RUDE SOB staff.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't know why everyone is giving Go-Daddy poor ratings. (2.5 seems a bit low to me.) I did wait a bit to get a rep, but once I got him he was very professional and polite even though what I was doing was making sure my dozen or so domains didn't renew.

My experience was positive--in fact very positive. They did a good job for me on this call.

Posted by jleonard

In these days when many major corporations (Dell Computer, most notably) relegate their support to India -- who are next to impossible to understand and we waste our time by putting on hold for hours, I have to say that GoDaddy deserves a LOT OF CREDIT for being an ALL-AMERICAN company.

I don't care what others might say about GoDaddy, but when I call them up for assistance, it is certainly a more pleasurable experience than other companies who outsource overseas.

Posted by Steve D

As a web developer, I have dealt with dozens of hosting companies. Godaddy has been the very best and friendliest customer service for all domain, email, and hosting issues.

At times I am put on hold as they try to remedy the problem immediately, unlike other companies that usually just submit a ticket.

Considering there are literally millions of customers wordwide, waiting 5-20 minutes is extremely fast.

Note: I read a negative comment about an iFrame virus attack. That is NOT Godaddy's fault. Speak to your web developer about website security issues.

Posted by darrylfiss.com

WOW, very efficient! Less than one minute and i'm re-uped for two more years!! Great!

Posted by spreng

I have been using GoDaddy for over ten years, and have nothing but good experiences with them.

Posted by Lori123

I have to say I was concerned because Godaddy is so cheap and usually you get what you pay for. I have called to find out why I couldn't buy a domain that had expired registration, for support with a free web site and a question about a paid web site. I was very impressed with their customer service, I figured that with the free web site they would tell me to get lost but they didn't they answered the question and their tech support is not rude. You will find that when you call to buy something the wait time is not over 3 minutes but when you call for a problem with a web site you need to have around 10 - 20 minutes to wait depending on time of day. Anyway the fact that they help out w/ free web sites makes me want to buy more things from them and transfer my other domains that are w/ more expensive companies.

Posted by ChuckLez

Support rep was very friendly and knowledgeable. I was having issues getting their email forward setup to goto a different host. Even though overall it did not work (It was because of the hosting company, not with GoDaddy), the person stayed with me and exhausted all possible solutions that would of been with them. The person never talked down to me once (i was very knowledgeable in the situation).

Posted by Anonymous

Further to the previous note re how rude the "service" guy was. I called back with the right last four, dealt with a prince of a young guy named Zach and got all the help I wanted in three minutes. Zach needs to be running the customer service department.

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