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Gmail customer service is ranked #873 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 19.03 out of a possible 200 based upon 66 ratings. This score rates Gmail customer service and customer support as Terrible.


64 Negative Comments out of 66 Total Comments is 96.97%.


2 Positive Comments out of 66 Total Comments is 3.03%.

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    • 19.03 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 64 negative comments (96.97%)
    • 2 positive comments (3.03%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.1 Issue Resolution
    • 1.6 Reachability
    • 1.5 Cancellation
    • 1.8 Friendliness
    • 2.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

hate this new G-mail. Its terrible. Is there another email site?? The new gmail is NOT USER FRIENDLY.Drives me crazy!

Posted by Anonymous

I have used gmail for years and until now I could deal with the negative aspects of the site. However, since getting a new computer with Windows 10 I find it almost unbearable. I don't know why that would make a difference, but I couldn't open my email. Created a new one and have a hard time opening it. I have to go through the promo junk. I have tried in the past to get help over the phone and find it impossible to deal with. Planning on changing.

Posted by chris

I opened a gmail account yesterday and today I cannot access my mail, repeated enquiries and attempts resulted in no less than seven different codes,none of which worked...please excuse me gmail is doesn't work...I do not plan contacting gmail again....have opened account with another server.

Posted by Zadran

Hey i khayal but my interent is very weak this is my number okay tanks

Posted by Anonymous

Never have I been so offended in my life. First I was hung up on 3 times. Then I got the rudest woman ever. I explained to her that I forgot my password but the phone number it was connected to was no longer in service. She then tells me that it will cost me $240 to connect it to my new number. I asked "how is that possible since this is a free service?" She then got very nasty with me telling me that it is possible and I do not know what I am talking about. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she told me "no". I told her that she had to and she refused to and then refused to give me her name. She then told me that once I have money I can call back. And I lost it. How do you speak to someone like that? She then threatened me that if I call back she is going to file a report that I was trying to hack someone's account and it would cost me $450 to get that report removed in order for me to use gmail again. It is my own account, how could I be hacking it? I had all the information to prove it was mine but she wouldn't even listen. I demanded to speak with a supervisor again and was denied again. I then asked for her name again and then she told me that she already told me and I need to pay attention. "I was paying attention, you refused to tell me". Then I was told her name was Vincent, "Vincent what?" I asked. "Vincent Bryan", sounds like a fake name to me but whatever. Google should really be ashamed to have these representing them and "providing customer service". One of the biggest companies in the world should at least pretend they care in the slightest about the people who use their services.

Posted by lanefelton

I attempted to call g-mail for lost password support (registered with old phone), the person had a very thick indian accent and I had trouble understanding him, and after asking him to repeat himself he told me why are you wasting my time, do you speak not english and hung up on me.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow. never have had this bad of customer service in my life. The customer service guy couldn't comprehend what I was asking him to do - he didn't even try. Then repeatedly called me dumb for not listening to him (he was repeating the same things over and over all wrong.. not even related to what my question was). He didn't care at all. Hung up on me. I called again. He then ended that conversation with "My name is Adam. Adam D*ckhead. You can write that on your forehead. You're a huge piece of sh*t. You are dumb." How immature!!!!! I've never witnessed anything like it. He as well as the others acting this way should be fired. Come on, google - seriously !? You earn well enough to hire some decent humans to run customer service.

Posted by Angry customer

They do not help at all! They refuse to be informative or even polite. They expect payment even before you tell them what is wrong. Gmail should be boycotted because of how useless, worthless and lying horrible people that run the gmail department. They only want to make money and never do anything to earn it. Google makes trillions of dollars and they refuse to even help the free account clients out. They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. They are the worst company ever!

Posted by Anonymous

I called today as I needed to change my password. When I called the rep I spoke to was very rude and I got the feeling he really didn't care less. After asking me the same questions over and over it came down to his telling me he would have the problem addressed but it would cost me $100. I barely had the chance to tell him I could not afford that he said ok and hung up. Nice service huh.

Posted by HATEBREED97

Several of us are constantly being disconnected by interruption. What's the deal? I pay hard earned money for the "live' service and it is horrible on xbox 360 live, specifically on Black Ops 3.



Posted by Anonymous

A lady called me this evening from She asked me questions then found out i was 65 and hung up on me. So rude and unprofessional. You can bet i wouldn't refer this company. : (

Posted by Anonymous

rude, doesn't speak decipherable english,

Posted by Anonymous

Gmail customer support is useless, they don't speak English. And they wanted me to pay them money for assigning a tech to an issue that is a gmail problem not mine.. why would I pay for that... So dumb. Opening up an outlook account and closing gmail.

Posted by Kataya

I am really upset with Gmail right now. I have never needed a question answered before so I did not know how absolutely rude the customer service people are. I have been hung up on four times and disconnected before anyone answered 3 times. They refuse to help at all unless you give them your credit card number and rudely hang up on you if you say you are not willing to pay them to answer a question. I have never had such awful customer service!I have called 3 different numbers for them and they have all hung up on me when I say I cannot pay them.

Posted by kylie

The support guy in nz was absolutely terrible. not only was he unhelpful he was rude and literally swore at me. so discusted!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

This is the second time that I've been, and personal iinformation have been asked and when it get to the year I graduated, I was hung up on, and that is true decrimination, and I will be reporting this toThe Better Business Bureau, and my lawyer. You should know it's against law to discriminate against someone's age among other things.

Posted by manoj

Myname is manoj and my email id is is without information blocked by google my all email are there i am facing a biggest problem my contact no is

Posted by [email protected] chr

I spoke to aol and they told me my account is being hacked I spoke to Yahoo and same thing,my account are Christine that has been closed down soon as I found out please close my accounts you can contact me at [email protected] or 518-702-4226 please contact me asap they change my security ? I want to close my account asp.I just found this out.I was thinking it was me in till I was on the phone with aol and they told me I was hacked,and someone's on my pof accounts,someone is one my facebook account changing my postcodes.I've been have to making new account up because some ones been playing with my mine life. Please help me.

Posted by Anonymous

Every week, my account is temporarily locked down for security reasons. It's become a joke. No other email account I have does this but gmail and I've had enough. Their help sites are full of crap and good luck on trying to contact customer service. Any other company that does something like this would be investigated, fined or shutdown but how Google and their gmail manages to stay active is a mystery to me. They don't stand by their product, they don't help you and it's almost akin to a scam email.

Posted by tom

After several years happy use, my emails--all to friends and mostly jokes or links to articles and websites--started bouncing back to me....not from my friends' mailboxes but because Gmail itself. This happened with mailings to as few as ten addressees. Impossible to contact Google itself in any meaningful way. Went online and found out that a huge number of other clients are having the same problem and no one has a solution. Using 'Groups' would help to some extent if you have fixed lists, but if you tailor your addressees differently for each email according to its contents, there's no hope: the volunteer netizens who respond intermittently on Gmail's behalf make it clear that Google has developed new parameters for what qualifies as Spam, and it is not about to change them again, and (in words to this effect), Screw all you people whose emails are wrongly classified as Spam, you're collateral damage, and we won't tell you what the parameters are because that would make it easier for real Spammers to avoid blocking. Well, screw almighty Google.

Posted by Anonymous

You have been harassing us for months with your offers. We are calling the North Dakota State Attorney General with our complaint. Please call me so you can stop this harassment.

Posted by M

I canceled a subscription to a google email domain I had and it's been impossible to check all my other free gmail accounts ever since.
I literally can't access my emails and I have at least 3 gmail accounts which are not related to that domain.
I called customer support and they said the only thing I can do is to pay to restore the domain otherwise I will never be able to access my emails again.
This is outrageous and I am never going to use gmail ever again.
To all potential customers out there, please don't buy a gmail domain unless you want this to happen to you too!

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to ask for help because my voice search won't work and you wanted me to buy for help to fix it. It's your system you should not ask for any payments to fix it. I didn't brake it, it just shut down on me. I'm very unhappy with your service.

Posted by bobkatt

Its a nightmare. Keeps asking me to go through a 2 step verification process, sends me a code, I type in the code and am told Verification Failed. Now and again, it works, but only for a short while - then I'm asked to go through the whole procedure again - have now done so 27 times. All the while this ghastly malfunction is costing me time and money.

Posted by [email protected]

My son forgot his password two months ago. Since then we have been trying to retrieve it. I complete the questions but every time it tells me it does not correspond with their details. He can't play clash of clans now and nobody can assist. Supercell tells me to speak to gmail. But their is no gmail customer service in south Africa. What can I do?

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Posted by Anonymous

Over the last several years, I have had extreme difficulties logging in to my Gmail account when overseas (I am based in the USA). Problems seem to be coming from the fact that I use a laptop (not my usual desktop .. too big to travel), and that our cell phones have new sims for use in Europe. Also, I use a "3" sim dongle for internet access in the UK. Your security has made me use my password unexpectedly so many times that its current form is now just a blur. This trip, I finally set up a new account to use in Europe, since I know I can get my accounts fused once back in the USA. I love security, but why can't I just change a forgotten password without worrying about geographically restricted sims. Someone missed the boat, I think.

Posted by faaque812

Been with Gmail since it started, no spam, (maybe 1/yr). Easy to use, slight learning curve for new people, but best mail box i have seem.

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