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Gigabyte customer service is ranked #222 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.49 out of a possible 200 based upon 28 ratings. This score rates Gigabyte customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


24 Negative Comments out of 28 Total Comments is 85.71%.


4 Positive Comments out of 28 Total Comments is 14.29%.

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    • 44.49 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 24 negative comments (85.71%)
    • 4 positive comments (14.29%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.4 Issue Resolution
    • 3.4 Reachability
    • 2.6 Cancellation
    • 3.0 Friendliness
    • 3.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by lyjaj


Gigabyte repair service and customer service is horrible!! Will never buy a product from them again! Had my laptop for under 90 days when the left hinge broke. I called and explained and was told that it was still covered under warranty. However once I paid to have it shipped to them they said they will not cover the repairs - "We're sorry, but physical damage is not covered under warranty. The hinge and cover are physically damage and needs to be replace." I had to pay $165 for a hinge to be replaced the computer had no damage other then the broken hinge. DO NOT BUY A AORUS (GIGABYTE) COMPUTER !

Posted by ZXRyder

I would not buy from Gigabyte again. Worse customer service and crappy repair ever! Save yourself the trouble, I wouldn't recommend buying anything from them.

Posted by dadarara

Bad customer support Bad RMA service. no empathy. no understanding. ROBOTS. no option to go towards the customer. they use the low cost shipping service. of your shipment gets lost it will be your problem.

Posted by marxtinus

Place a service call about a mini-itx video card that making really loud sound on idle. The videocard is less then 1yrold. Never get a single awnswer from gygabyte. I was only asky them if I can BUY NEW FAN to replace their defective product. I,'ll buy MSI next time... better service...

Posted by CanadianGuy

You need to hound these guys. They will not respond to emails if there is a problem. I'm on month 5 of trying to get my mobo back from warranty work.

I've talked to many different reps and I swear they are mistreated by Gigabyte (They just sound super depressed all the time, Im sure Gigabyte is not whipping anyone).

No a single rep has seemed to have my best interests in mind and have pretty much just told me my problems are mine.

(Canada post admitted to messing up on delivery. All Gigabyte has to do it contact can post for a refund. Its been hell trying to get them to do that. Fingers crossed Tae gets it done.)

Posted by Unhappy Customer

Their customer service is horrendous, basically non-existent. Don't ever dream to get any support whatsoever from them.

Posted by UpsetWithUrProduct

I can not give a proper reply until i have spoken to a sales or complains dept from Gigabyte. I can say this, I have purchased 2 of Gigabytes motherboards. BOTH broken in some form. The First wasnt a big deal, just static in the onboard Audio connection. The second Board which i am FURIOUS about, I finally purchased the board of my dreams, waited over a year to buy, the G1.Sniper 3 (rev. 1.0)

Intel® Z77 Chipset. From day one it gave me trouble. either bios didnt work, or Vid Card didnt work, After 1 week, I reboot, and NOTHING HAPPENS, THE DIGITAL READOUT, JUST SAYS THE SAME #'S OVER AND OVER, THEN REBOOTS OVER AND OVER. tHE SAD THING IS, I still have faith that they will make this right. I'll reply ALL OVER EVERY MESSAGE BOARD AND SALES BOARD ON HOW MY ISSUE is being taken care of. I hope it's a good reply and review to everyone out there. 1 bad board is just a thing, but two in a row, expecially from a board that is usually the average mans weekly salary is OUTRAGEOUS! gET BACK WITH YOU ALL SOON

Eric J. Parker

Posted by edebee

very poor service and when you want to complain then they have done nothing wrong.
Never more a product from Gigabyte for me.

Posted by Upset customer

Awful. Emailed them and havent heard back in days, cannot connect with anyone on the phone. I dont know how this company operates, if anyone had an issue they would never come back after this experience.

My motherboard shorted out despite their surge protection and i have been unable to contact them about it no matter where i turn. Their phone is an automated loop that goes nowhere and only allows you to enter an extension, if you press 0 it takes you to another automation that says to enter their extension or press 0 for help, and then it rings till noones available... Better than friday when i called and it said the phone was disconnected...

Posted by Absolutely Terrible Customer Ser

Absolutly terrible customer service. I waited over an hour just to speak to a representative with no avail. I finally quit, and called the next day and they picked up the phone only yo tell me that my warranty was expired by one day and that they couldn't help me. Absolutely terrible.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely terrible. Took slightly more than whole month after consulting both eSupport and a rep for my RMA to get approved, and i'm still waiting for a replacement. I would not recommend Gigabyte products to anyone.

Posted by Nick

Absolutely terrible. I had an issue with severe data loss that could have been very easily avoided with clearer instructions from Gigabyte. I received no apology, but instead received an excuse blaming a third party (despite Gigabyte being the ones who actually write the documentation). I'll definitely avoid Gigabyte products in the future and warn others of their support.

Posted by Anonymous

These people after only having the motherboard for 2 months it stopped working because of manufacturing problem maybe they should go and learn how to make them work before creating them

Posted by Jarin

Bought a Gigabyte GTX 980 (GV-N980G1 GAMING-4GD) video card in May 2015 - came with a $20 rebate. Submitted the necessary paperwork including copy of the receipt from NCIX by end of May and received notification shortly there after that it was received and that receiving the rebate would take the usual 6-8 weeks. I received a few emails from them confirming this and it looked like everything was fine. So I started waiting. After the 8 weeks was up and no rebate received, I logged into the online rebate center to check the status. Behold a "DECLINED" status due to ineligible receipt (the photocopied and then printed version was hard to read apparently). I proceeded to contact the rebate center to find out how to submit a new copy of the receipt, but was then told that it was beyond their 30-day period of accepting the rebate request and there was nothing they could do for me. Yet I never received the one single email notification they say they sent out to advise me that it was declined.
I asked to speak to a supervisor, but was told there isn't one to speak of because this is my fault for not logging into their system on a daily basis during the 8 week waiting period to check the status. They told me to contact Gigabyte to file a complaint, because they are only the rebate processing center, and processed the rebate in accordance with their terms and conditions. After that the rep on the phone went into the usual broken record repetition process of reading her KB article of dealing with an upset customer: "Sir, I understand you're upset and frustrated. If only you had logged in to check the status..."

There are so many problems with this:
1) You should be able to submit your rebate online, rather than having to print it all out and deal with quality issues of printing out copies of receipts.
2) they should be contacting their customers in more ways than attempting to send one single email out - so many things can go wrong with email - server issues that fail to deliver, junk mail capture, or even human error of accidentally deleting an email before reading it. They should be placing a phone call and sending multiple emails. Maybe even sending out a response letter.
2) The 30 day limit is far too short to purchase the product, submit the paperwork (via snail mail), get a response back if there's an issue, and then resubmit the paper work.

Overall this crappy rebate handling process of Gigabyte is enough to make me look at other manufactures products. In the past I've always bought EVGA products and their rebate and warranty process is great. I'm sorry I spent my money with a crappy company like Gigabyte - NEVER AGAIN and I warn you all to stay away too!

Posted by bazbsg

I have a problem with the network getting an IP address from the DHCP on the router. I explained to them that I tried three different routers. I also explained to them that all other devices on my network work just fine with all three routers. Finally I told them this used to work but now it doesn't. Their solution is that if it used to work it can't be their hardware or software. I should call the router manufacturer (TPLink), Microsoft or the retailer (Amazon) for tech support.

Posted by Irish

I bought a Gigabyte 8801GM-D2H from Tiger Direct on July 10, 2014. It has a 3 years warranty. This board was still under their claimed 3 year on MB. On July 5,2015 the bios went corrupt. I contacted Gigabyte and filled out necessary paperwork for RMA. Oh what a surprise they informed me that it was out of warranty. I tried several times with Tiger Direct but they failed to respond. It was a great board while it lasted. Sorry to say it was my first time buying a Gigabyte product and it is for sure my last. They won't help me so I went back to the BEST manufacture: ASUS.

Posted by Dave H

Have a problem with their unreliable products, I explained the situation to them and told them what is what and what I and others have tried to do the fix my problem. The reply from the utter clowns was "Ours works OK on our PC, Bye"

Posted by hategigabyte

I purchased a backlit mechanical keyboard that arrived without a functioning backlight. They are making me pay to ship the keyboard to them. I am struggling to understand why I should have to pay for the shipping when they never gave me a working product in the first place.

Posted by charles

My laptop has been with them nearly a month now and the repair has not been completed and i highly doubt whether it has started. The delay just continues, without a definite date and they don't even know when they will get the part. what a joke!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service I have dealt with. Upon calling to figure out an issue with a rebate I was told to "more carefully read the entirety of the terms and conditions." I will never use this company again.

Posted by Steviej

Unresponsive Customer Support!!! Totally Useless!!!

Posted by dio

The customer support is a joke. I agree completely with Pedro-NF.
I live in Germany. I bought a Motherboard last January, which quictly turned out to be defective (began with random reboots and deteriorated until it would not even POST). I returned it to my dealer which forwarded it to Gigabyte RMA center in Europe. I got it back after one month, still defective. I got no explanation and the customer support claimed that it was repaired. I trusted them and started looking at other components (even though that I had already eliminated all likely culprits). I bought a UPS and changed my CPU. The bare bones system still would not start plus I actually found signs of physical damage on the MB ("microfractures"). I sent pictures to the customer support and they said to send it back. I did (on my expense) but to no avail as they returned it a month later STILL DEFECTIVE! At this point I bought a new MB in order to be able to work. I started questioning their professionalism but they would not budge. They denied giving me a refund and claimed that something else was causing the problem even though I had described all the steps I had taken in great detail. They really do not read the messages and most probably have no idea what they are talking about as can be attested from their broken english responses. After ONE YEAR of this back and forth, I got a code to send it back a third time and I recently received a substitute MB, used and in a box of an older MB model! They still refuse to refund me or compensate me for the costs incurred by their incompetence.
I cannot think of a worst way to treat customers. Avoid!

Posted by stanulg1952

That is the correct contact number. However, Gigabyte USA is a less-than-reliable company. Their motherboards aren't very good quality. I bought one, and I regret doing so.

Gary Stanullwich

Posted by Pedro-NF

Gigabyte's "technical" support is as bad as it gets. In over 10 years, I have never been able to get a single issue solved by contacting the support staff. The first reply usually seems like they haven't even bothered to read your initial message. Then you insist, contacting them again, and people writing in a broken English and clearly not technically skilled for the job will keep giving you unprofessional and even discourteous replies, always trying to blame the issue you are describing on some other company if the problem is with a component or device that is not working properly with the Gigabyte motherboard, or literally telling the customer he is an ignorant technically. The problem never gets to be forwarded to the appropriate personnel to be investigated and fixed. A class action suit is long overdue to end the hoax that is Gigabyte's support.

Add your review!

Posted by Eric

I've purchased gigabyte products, namely their motherboards, for a few years. they're my go-to choice for value, performance, and features. The aesthetics are great too but its a bonus. I've haven't had to deal with their customer support side yet so I don't have an opinion on that but that also means that they do have good quality products. Sure, I understand that occasionally motherboards or other products are bad from the beginning but I don't consider those. They're more or less flukes. I haven't had any from Gigabyte but I've had bad boards from Asrock, MSI and Foxconn (Though Foxconn isn't very good to begin with) but I don't judge a company based on a fluke.

Posted by badorsey

I sent my motherboard to GIGABYTE for them to repair because there was problems with the years in the BIOS. They successfully fixed my motherboard for 10 days without any problems. I am a happy GIGABYTE customer after they fixed my motherboard.

Posted by PC_GURU_1980

My Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2V motherboard malfunctioned and shorted out my RAM. It left burn marks on both the memory sockets and the DIMMs themselves. With all the burn marks on the motherboard, I didn't think that Gigabyte would replace or repair it. I figured I'd get an excuse that voided the warranty. Considering the board was manufactured in 2010, it was now 5 years old. However I purchased the board from a local store on discount in 2013. I applied for an RMA and received it. I shipped the board to Gigabyte and within two days they diagnosed the issue and began repairing it, no questions asked. Within one week, Gigabyte had the board repaired and sent back to my house via UPS. Upon receipt of the mobo, I fully tested it, and it worked perfectly. I had very low expectations that they would honor their warranty, but they repaired it quickly and charged me nothing. I am actually very happy with their customer service. 5/5

Posted by You

Very great customer service. I had to return a motherboard which stopped working. Submitted a ticket on the website and they quickly responded. I sent the motherboard to them and they identified the problem in a matter of days (It was a corrupted bios, btw) and are in the process of repairing it. Very good service!

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