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    • 26.60 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 9 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I was put on hold for 45 minutes and then got hung up. This is totally unacceptable . It is worse than calling Social Security Office. You all are so bad at customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely not help at all.

Posted by ARRRGH!!

We built a home in 1999, had a GENIE screwdrive Intellicode installed. NEVER had an issue with it... until now...May 2016.
We did the research, started trouble shooting, contacted CS and that started the revelation of Genies' horrid customer service. We discovered the Motor is failing,,after EVERY trouble shooting scenerio and even a coupler( that we ordered & didn't need)...The hours my Husband was on the phone, sending numerous sized photos that CS insisted they were 'too large'.They insisted every # we sent them( in photos)was not the 'number' they needed. We even sent a copy of the county recorders info of ownership-- because they said they couldn't send our replacement( as per Lifetime warranty) unless they had valid home ownership. Must have spent 10 hours going back & forth,a few days on and off trying to get answers- it was so ridiculous- we are totally happy to PURCHASE the motor, yet they still refused to us line after line" its policy, we can't do that', " we dont make those any more''- Then we got a Tech to speak with my husband and go through all the motions- disconnecting the unit, running the motor, taking more pictures- the tech says" thats' not our motor" !!!- Well it has red & white GENIE plastic cowl w/ Genie intellicode on it..and all the docs that came w/ it say 'Genie'...are they NOW trying to say-'its a knock off"- is Home Depot involved in this??- OMG!- As of this writing- my husband is still on the phone w the Tech(?) ..UN freakin believable!- if they stand by their Company name- one would think they would 'right' the situation, and send us a replacement motor that is intended for our model-& be done. Good deed, happy customer.- how hard is that?

Posted by Bharti

Terrible service: I ordered a Genie on 22 May at 10.15 pm. I received the message that I was upgraded to Meru Flexi, but the driver allotted to me refused to pick me up and went away. I called the customer care and to my surprise they said "ok" but now no Genie is available so they can send me Meru and I will have to pay for "Meru Fare". I told them it was not my fault if even after the confirmation from Genie side, if cab is not available, they should either upgrade me to Meru or should provide me alternative cab.
I tried calling customer care 10 times with no assistance.
I was standing on the road for 45 minutes with no help from even their supervisor. It was damn harassing and being a gal it was so unsafe for me to stand on the road.
Terrible and pathetic service and Poor customer service. Meru used to be a professional name but not now. I would recommend everyone not to use it never!!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know who the engineers were that designed the cover for garage door key pad. We live in a condo unit and three out of four condo garages that are connected key pad cover are broken. My daughter has a genie and it is broken. What is up?

Posted by Bennette

Worst Cab Service in Bangalore...Never on time, very less cabs and very bad customer service

Posted by reecha

Cab no. KA53B4709

I hired a genie can on 7th May from Brigade Metropolis Garudacharpalya till Kalasipalyam Bus stand. The cab driver did not give me the receipt and they told i will get it by mail. Its almost 7 days passed...I am calling them everyday to send the receipt in mail...they always tell the same thing that i will get by End of the Day. Also, One more mistake they have done is they have the record of 100 rs. Bill on my name. But I paid 322 Rs. I got 2 mails from them but the receipt was of 100 rs. I need that receipt urgently but they are not even bothering abt that.

Everytime I customer care agent will pick up the phone and again the same story i have to tell and again they will promise to send it by EOD.

Very Bad Service

Posted by ltalkers

I had a poor experience with Genie's customer service. After being on hold for ten minutes, I spoke to someone and explained my problem, "My garage door will close, but it won't open." I went through all these tests and was advised to buy a new sequencer board, which I did. I installed it and it still didn't work. I then called a local repair company and the problem was simply that the limit wire had come off. The repairman said that should have been the first thing the Genie customer service rep suggested, although it was never brought up. So now I'm down $150 when it was a simple fix. I won't be shopping Genie in the future and will advise others to do the same.

Posted by sd

Initially they committed to send the cab but on actual time, the cab was not available. Terrible service..

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