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General Motors customer service is ranked #595 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.19 out of a possible 200 based upon 59 ratings. This score rates General Motors customer service and customer support as Terrible.


57 Negative Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 96.61%.


2 Positive Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 3.39%.

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    • 28.19 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 57 negative comments (96.61%)
    • 2 positive comments (3.39%)
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Jfatondone

Seacost Chevy Ocean NJ
The worst exsperience I ever had in a dealership after being a valued customer for years

Posted by tleaf71

GM customer service is the absolute worst. I spent in excess of $40k on a 2017 truck that sits crooked. I inquired about it when I purchased it and was told the parking lot must be crooked, inquired at the first oil change and was told it was because it had a full tank of fuel and finally inquired again to be told the engineers are working on it, but there is currently no fix. They have no idea when there will be a fix and are not willing to do anything for me until a bulletin is issued. What a bunch of crap. I have been told I am not the only one complaining but there is nothing that they are willing to do.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 2012 Traverse in June 2017. I drove it almost 1 month. It died on me & I had to have it towed back to the dealer. They put an alternator on it. It died on me again today. I had it serviced on 6-27-17. Had to have a new battery. Why didn't the service check it out before I drove it home. Something had to have been wrong for it to die within 3 days. I'm very disappointed in Chevrolet service & honesty.

Posted by tbigerton

I bought a 2011 Chevrolet equinox 2 weeks after I bought it i noticed my muffler was getting louder and there was a squeezing noise so I took it back to the dealership and it needs a new muffler and a new belt well the belt whatever but if my suv only had around 62000 miles why does my muffler need replaced well the guy that looked at it said there is no reason it should be replaced this early so he was going to talk to GM and his boss well 2 months later I hear back that they are going to do nothing for me so now this is my problem after spending over 18,000 dollars on a car they can't help fix something that should have been fixed before I even bought the car I will never in my life buy a gm car or suv or truck from them again and I can't believe how horrible there customer service is just because it's a used car they don't wanna help well tell me why I spent that extra 3000 on an extended warranty oh that's right just to spend money I guess my suggestion to everyone trying to get help from gm just don't they aren't going to help anyways they are useless and pointless they get paid to not help their customers and to not make customer service no.1

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2013 Terrain, I had to be toed at least 12 times to a GMC garage the motor has been overhauled 2 times, I am so disappointed in this car I am afraid to drive it,the garage is making a bundle on repare work, I really don't know what to do, who do I call to discuss this problem with?

Posted by Lois Cobble

I recently filled out a servey on the purchase of my new Cadillac. A lady call me about the comment I had made and we had a very nice conversation. She had given me a telephone no. For customer service and I failed to write it down, and she also gave me her first name. Is there any way I can find out who I talked to?

My name is Lois Cobble

Posted by N/A

I am a 100% GMC & Chevy person. I contacted 3 dealership service departments with the few simple questions, well i believed it would of been simple for the Techs. 1) On the 2013 Chevy Impala LT 4dr sedan, Is the rear end suppose to sit lower then the front of car? Nobody could find the answer "hmmm????" (2) Side view of this vehicle on 100% level concrete, measured from concrete to "CENTER" most outer edge of rear fender mine measured 28 1/8 inches, front measured "IDENTICALLY" measured out at 29 1/2 inches, big difference their folks. Is this normal or not? I don't know because nobody has or could not find the answer to this. Car drives great, but looks horrible with the rear squatting like this. (3) People are these Tech's really educated. Simple answer's over the phone but not the cost in fuel to drive 45 minutes or longer to these 3 dealerships and $65.00 to $95.00 to look at the car and say yes this is normal no your struts are bad or something. Just asking for a little help here, and I don't take pribe in talking bad about Tech's because nobody is perfect. Thanks

Regular Army "Retired & Disabled"

Posted by [email protected]

I own a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada. I just want to talk to someone who knows why an air bag light stays on when the car has not been hit. Paid 300 to a dealership who knows nothing about cars that age. My car is in mint condition. I don't need to trade it in. I just need for the light to be off. If you cannot speak to someone who knows about electronics, why call GM. This has been a terrific car. They tell me it would cost 2,000 to repair and have to replace entire computer system. Also said car was worth 1,2000. I have tires on it that cost more than that.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased new 2016 Chevy suburban LT Z with 22 inch rims One of the rooms paint is chipping off the inside I was told it not covered under warranty It was only one week old

Posted by Anonymous

As a General motors customer for over 40 years,i would say that they only hit to mark about half the time. My latest experience is so upsetting i could have strangled someone. My dealer is not at fault, i think they felt shameful of my situation. After buying a 50 k truck i had to take it back after two hours. Left turn signal not working. After two hours they told me i couldn't have it back and gave me a cheaper loner. WHAT I'M I SUPPOSE TO THINK ABOUT THE QUALITY OF THIS VEHICLE. MAYBE IT IS A LEMON.

Posted by Anonymous

I own a 2009 Saturn Aura. The right low beam went out. I found that a simple replacement can't be done by the owner and requires REMOVING THE BUMPER AND COSTS OVER $300 AT THE DEALER. this is a serious safely issue, not to mention very stupid. Who ever signed off on this design should be in jail. I want satisafaction

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2008 Silverado 6.0 vortex max with 132,000 miles with broken motor mount on drivers side. I have noticed from numerous comments on Internet this is a common problem with vehicles. Does GM have a recall or can offer discounted rates to fix at dealership.

Posted by Anonymous

I will start. Out by saying I love GM cars and trucks. I currently own a 2013 GMC Terrain Denali. I am very happy with it in all respects (acceleration, easy access, technology, HP, Gas mileage etc.. Consumer Reports testing shows the V6 is sluggish with the current drive train. I do not see that with my vehicle . Also I have achieved a remarkable 31.5 mpg on a a long trip.. I have always trusted the folks at Consumer Reports for their views but year after year they don't have very much to say a bout the GMC or the Chevy Equinox for that matter. I thought I would let you know how I feel about it.
Ben Cometa

Posted by Anonymous

you suck at customer service, what do you mean closing the office on a saturday during Normal business hours. I called why before closing time wanting to talk to someone and your office was closed already.

Posted by rosy02

I bought a 2014 Buick encore from power Buick GMC Salem Or.

on 07/ 16/ 2014.

Almost from day one noise coming from brakes. Returned to dealer

was told they lubed the E brake but still noisy.

At my first oil change I told service dept. that breaks were still noisy.

At my second oil change I told service dept. that breaks were still noisy.

Well now a year and a half later breaks are still noisy.

When a new passenger ask what the hell was that noise I just tell that�s advertisement

for Buick. Your add says ââ?¬Å?IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE BUICKââ?¬Â? and I say that is because it not !!!!

Do you think the CEO would put up with this crap?

At this point I am trying to sell it and I really don�t care if Buick fixes the problem or not i

will never buy another GM product again......

Patrick F. Moore

Posted by Anonymous

Why has G M Gone to this AFM engine which people are having oil consumption issues, and why wont they do the right thing to fix their problems. G.M. your hurting yourself The people bailed you out once this is your last chance. Now make it right and stand proud this is still America. People are going to stop buying GM products and you will go Broke. Its all over the internet you know that now make it right.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2011 CTS I purchased on 2013. Like all my cars I purchased a bumper to number warranty. About 4 Months ago it started running very rough, according to the service dept. they cannot find a problem. Therefore there is nothing to fix. This morning I had the General manager on the phone and he told me that issue is a characteristic of the 2011, calling it normal and nothing to fix. I contacted a Attorney and was told to get that on paper, so when I called him back to put it paper he played stupid. I am an honest man and expect to deal with the same. Looking to hear from corporate.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear G.M Rep,
I have a 2003 Avalanche that does reduced engine power which will only let vehicle go about 20mph. I have had it in and out of TeamOne in Charlotte, MI not once has problem been fixed, I have fixed all things they think could be going wrong. I have been trying to fix this since Feb.they have year warranty I'm at the end of what I can do with this vehicle it's not reliable I can't take on highway ect...Please please help. Joy Haney

Posted by jamie

I thought I would share my personal story. I have a 2004 GM Saturn Vue Red Line. Just last week, my vehicle had smoke fumes appearing from the steering column. As you can imagine, it is a scary situation. On 10/2/15, I took it to our local GM dealership in Schoolcraft, MI. I explained what I was experiencing with the vehicle however I received a call late Friday from the dealership stating they were unable to duplicate scenario. On 10/5/2015, I started my car to head to work and ½ of my dashboard was burnt out. I decided I could address this issue as soon as possible HOWEVER after about 2 miles down the road the smoke fumes started and sparks started to appear behind the dashboard. Luckily, I was ¼ of a mile away from my normal mechanic. Immediately, I drove there since I was scared to death of a firing starting.

They were able to duplicate the smoke fumes and sparks. They said this would have been very dangerous to continue to drive the vehicle in the current state. The diagnosis was smoke from the column area. Determined wiper switch failing causing smoke. They had to replace the wiper switch/control assembly. In addition, they had to replace the cluster lamps.

As soon as I saw the recall this afternoon, I reached out to GM customer service at 800-462-8782 to explain that I just had this issue with my vehicle. I was told my vehicle year wasn't part of the recall and unfortunately I would be able to request a reimbursement.

What can I do? I believe there are other models with this same issue which haven't been addressed. I would like to receive reimbursement since this is a known issue.

Posted by Anonymous

October 1, 2015

Mary Barra

Chief Executive Officer

General Motors

Ms. Barra,

At General Motors, you pride yourselves on ensuring an exceptional ownership experience.

As a Senior Citizen, recently we purchased two (2) New General Motors vehicles, one for my Wife of 45 years and one for me. A 2014 Suburban and a 2012 Malibu from Cable Dahmer, 555 West 103rd street Kansas City Missouri 64114. Now considering to purchase a New Corvette for a Fun car.

It's a hassle, but we really do have to maintain our cars properly if we want them to run well. At Cable Dahmer, we are just a number on a computer printout. Truth is, Cable Dahmer is truly more concerned with keeping "corporate" happy than their customers, and it shows.

This week, went into the Cable Dahmer service department for repair and a safety recall. Cable Dahmer service made multiple mistakes. Returned three (3) times that day to correct their errors. That is a shame.

Please help me.

Thank you

Mitch Witmer

Posted by jim

As a GM retiree I try and support my company but...every time I try to buy or lease a GM vehicle I feel I get the bum rush...I feel relief when I leave a dealer...I know the dealers have to make money but I think that they falsely advertise just to get u in the door and then gang up on you to pressure you to buy...I seen a advertisement recently for a lease on a 2015 equinox for $89.00 a month...went in...well even with a $1000.00 down the lowest they said they could get was $ up...left... And will continue to buy Chryslers....

Posted by Disgusted with mess

I purchased a chrysler and it csyght afire .i have been tryihg to find out information about my case a possible loner car because i don't have transportation. They refuse to give me a loner but did not to tke my payments. The representive was very rude and unprofessional when speaking to me. Made me feel as though my plight did not matter. The rep Pam Brown will not return my calls nor will not speak to me, i have used different lines and she still will not return calls. This has left a bad taste in my mouth. I will never buy another GM again. The car butnt up from front to back damaged my property on the inside. Burned my daughters car and another vehicle not to mention my home all due to faulty wiring in the hood next to the tire. Thank GOD i did not loose my lufe

Posted by Unhappy Cruze Owner

I am writing this complaint, as I am very disappointed the way my whole purchase and ownership experience. I have discovered that the level of service, warranty period in Mexico is appalling and the warranty contract is ineffective, full of exclusions and far too short. I feel that a profit motivation has ruled the decision making process and customer service is nonexistent.
Firstly at the purchase of a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LT, in Oaxaca Mexico, one major significant item was not offered (choice of warranty periods) and when we became aware of this item we were told it was too late. Then on the first trip we hit a pothole and damaged two tires no problem we have warranty but even though the dealership gave us the vehicle with three tires with a maximum of 21 PSI, 2 at 18. We paid for this as no one was responsible, We noticed on the side mirror at the outset what we perceived to be polish dust. Upon the initial washing we became aware that it was actually a defect. We drove to the dealership only to be told "we will sort it out" however after repeated complaints we were told
:"it was never written down and you now are out of warranty". GM in their infinite wisdom agreed and refused to change them (now both exhibit serious deterioration. Managers looking the at the mirrors have said off the record that it is definitely a flaw but I guess in this experience it will be up to us to solve it.
Other items which were not on the warranty. Replace the brake disk and the pads at 30,000 KM. (As a former Rally racer this is absurd) the air conditioning works poorly to say the least even I had to pay to change to replace all the filters which I was advised would solve the problem (it did not). There is a power surge from the gearbox at gear change still unresolved but "we are out of warranty".
I worked at GM and this is something I never saw from a quality perspective. I am also a second generation GM owner as my father lived and breathed GM and owned GM cars for approximately for fifty years. At this point Big Brother and its profits have lost a customer and I will never consider a GM product again. I can assure you I will expound my experiences to prospective buyers as well. I have never favored "Lemon Laws" but I now realize that they have a place and are needed to protect customers.

Thank you for reading


Posted by Mr.Berry

I am an owner of a 2013 Cadillac XTS. This vehicle is the third Cadillac car/truck I have owned. I am reaching out to you regarding case. I�ve leased the car in November of 2012, during this time I have had a serious safety issue and major concern. The brakes have failed on 4 different times. I have taken it to the shop, different reasonings why, but no complete/real answer. At this time I do not feel safe and confident driving the vehicle. The dealership which has it now, doesn�t want to keep the car, stating it may not sell after. I am trying to get in contact with the sale manager at Crown Cadillac in Watchung NJ. As i will guess they would want me to take the vehicle to New Jersey to turn in, not sure what difference it would make. As stated the car isn�t safe for my family, myself and possibly causing a crash on the road. After a week, they reached back to me, stating their is nothing they can or will do for me and have anise day. Customer service for a loyal buyer, I think not. I will never purchase and/or lease a cadillac vehicle again.

Posted by Anonymous

Athens Chevrolet In Athens, ga Needs To Be Evaluated, They Are Rude And Very Unprofessional, I Will Never Buy Another Gm Product Because Of The Way They Have Treated Me Since Day One Of Purchasing My Cruze

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Posted by Anonymous

Denise Baker about the purse thing. Build a compartment between the front seats and close it with an arm rest.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to say thank you and all your workers for making a fine vechile, I have a 1995 gmc safari m 4.3 ltr by Christmas 2013 I will have over 500,000. miles with a original motor and transmission I just changed my rear at 480,115 miles my vechile does not use or burn oil rides like a dream my mechanic wants to know when I will buy a new vechile I say maybe after 650,000 miles but I think it willo be longer than that again thank you

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