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    • 397 negative comments (96.36%)
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Posted by Anonymous

We have been GE customers since 1964,when the self cleaning oven came out.About 3 yrs.ago we updated our kitchen with Cafe stainless steel appliances. Love all of them,but the cafe refrigator is driving us nuts!!!It runs constantly and of course we had a tech look at it and said;it was normal.Our electric bills went up and the General Electric refrigerator we gave our daughter is so quiet and running perfectly. If,it decides to shut off,it not ever more than hour.Please help us.

A faithful customer. Nancy Pistner

We think its a lemon....

Posted by Anonymous

I specifically mentioned that the technician will need a hose for repairs. The customer service rep told me that she is making a note of it. The repair technician came later than the scheduled day and didn't bring the hose. He said that he wasn't told about that. This is so frustrating. I expected better from GE Customer Service.

Posted by SavvySenior

Have tried for 2 months to get GE Profile dishwasher repaired for what I keep telling Customer Service women that it is a HEALTH and SAFETY issue, no one wants to acknowledge that such a dangerous situation exists. Problem: The rubber gasket on circumference of coarse stainless steel filter at bottom of DW has literally MELTED, decomposed, pieces broken off, and a disgusting haze has formed on interior of DW, as well as has gotten on our dishes! Goodness knows what disgusting toxins we have been exposed to.
Gave up on GE (women were only interested in telling me that machine was no longer under warranty, which I already knew, was not looking for GE to repair it free,, just wanted a solution since item no longer exists as in the original, and wanted also for GE to take responsibility and send out a RECALL,, to alert unsuspecting consumers of the danger. NO ONE helped, so I got DW repaired through Sears, and have filed with Consumer Protection Agency, as well as Consumer Reports. I have over 24 photos to support what I am stating, also mailed to the CPA. I don't belong to social media or I would have posted for sure.

Posted by JeninCA

Spent endless time on hold trying to reach a person. Once on hold for 1.5 hours. After a while I just wanted to see how long it would be before someone actually answered. They never did and I had to go.

The repair guy they sent out was a total a*hole. Never responded after he came out to see that after 1 use of the washing machine the motherboard went out. Won't return my call.

Called AGAIN to customer service, wait on hold for another 1/2 hour to be told "that department" is now closed (mind you it's 3:45 in the afternoon in California). Finally got someone who tried to contact this repair guy and shocking.... no reply.

It's been going on for no joke for a month and a half. In a month and a half I've got 1 load of laundry done in my house. I paid $1300 for the machine. WTF.

I have 24 more rental units to purchase washer and dryers for, I can GUARANTEE it won't be GE that gets my business. OR HOME DEPOT for that matter, they won't take it back for exchange or refund, they just keep saying "call GE".

Also everyone I spoke with had major attitude. And I was as polite and kind as I could possibly muster.

Posted by Spec Home Builder

I build spec houses for a living. I have used mostly GE products in the past, but NEVER again. The last house I sold, the range/stove was giving off a noxious chemical smell. Scheduled repair call, repair man agreed, and scheduled another repair call to come back to work on it when it was not hot. GE cancelled the repair call without informing me, and stated they were replacing the range, but never took action. Then they said they were refunding us but we would have to dispose of the range. Spend over 25 hours on hold in the course of 8 months, and still, no refund or replacement. I will never use GE products ever again. Their customer service folks have hung up on me, given me false extensions to call back, and never once followed through with what they said they were going to do. This is the WORST company I have ever worked with. Very unprofessional, and unresponsive. Not to mention, they do not back their products. Good luck to anyone that buys GE.

Posted by Angry customer

Terrible customer service. Near impossible to get a person (not a robot) on the phone. They do not answer questions. It is taking weeks to book an appointment to fix a brand new stove that is leaking gas. Appointments are booked through a 5-8 hour window of time ex:8:00am - 5:00pm or 1:00pm - 5:00 pm. Major inconvenience!

Posted by Deegee

I hate it when customers insist we supply them with GE products. It is so mucky, slow, confused, maddening, aggravating, exasperating and infuriating dealing with any division of GE, starting with the phone system. The people are rude, don't care, in a hurry to send you off to bother someone else, then hung up, hoping you don't try to go through the 12-point automated phone menu a third time and land back on their sad extension! And should you need after sales support, God help your patient soul!

Posted by Anonymous

I keep trying to reach appliance repair but am told it is not available (call back later). I seek information as to how I can restore water flow in the water dispenser when pressed in the in-door dispenser of my GE refrigerator.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased ge dryer in 1969 and it is still working today. Never been repaired and still doing great. Thpught you might want to use this info someway. Fixing to move and plan on purchasing new one.

Posted by No GE again

We purchased a GE stove from Sears. It had a 30 day guarantee. During the first month, we were gone much of the time and did not use it until near the end of the 30 day guarantee. The "bake" start button did not work. Once it took me 13 tries to start the oven. I can just picture that all this pushing will cause the panel where the button is to tear and be an expensive repair. We went back to Sears and asked if they would replace it. Nope! It was one week after the 30 days were up and Sears said they would not do a thing. Never buying an appliance from Sears or a GE appliance again.

Posted by TNEB


that has display showing not registered Why? how to resolve ?

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to phone to to receive support for a trip but the operator said that number doesn't exist. How may contact you by phone ?

Posted by jackeldon

Because I need service on a weekend, I was offered one Saturday in the entire year (which doesn't work for my schedule). Also, the customer service rep could not notate that I called within the one year mark for my manufacturer's warranty. Terrible customer service and a bad appliance. I have been a loyal GE customer for years - not anymore. Disgusted.


THE WORST SERVICE ON THE PLANET! It has been over 3 weeks and still no idea as to when I will get a final fix on a Monogram refrigerator. How does GE think that people can live without a refrigerator for weeks and months on end?

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased insurance on my appliance in July, 2016. In August, 2016, I callled GE for a repair person to fix my ice maker and the stopped up tube in the door that dispenses water. When the repairman arrived, he said that he would order a new door b/c the tube was frozen and was not repairable.

When that door arrived, Pilot Shipping dumped the door in my driveway in a box that was torn apart and taped to a flat. Then, Pilot finally picked it up. When the second door was delivered, the repairman installed it and did repair the water dispenser tube but said the door was not compatible with the ice maker so he ordered another door. Several weeks passed, and TWO DOORS arrived. The repairman returned, but neither one of these was compatible. After speaking with another repairman, he said he would order an adapter to make the ice maker dispense properly. When that part arrived, another repairman arrived and installed the part. He also worked with the ice maker and said it should be delivering ice by nightfall. That was the first week of January!!! No ice yet!

I contacted an agent at Assurance Sokutions after no one ever contacted me about scheduling another repair. When the GE representative called after the repairman had installed the part and had supposedly repaired the ice maker, I told her that we STILL had no functioning ice maker.

After not hearing from anyone for about three weeks, I stayed on the line for 35 minutes yesterday, waiting to talk to an agent at Assurance Solutions. She finally answered and said she could schedule me another repairman, but they were backed up. Feeling as if I should be placed in the front of the line since I have been waiting SINCE AUGUST, I asked to be connected with a supervisor. I held on until my phone read ONE HOUR AND FIVE MINUTES!! I hung up.

I am currently AGAIN HOLDING ON. I have waited and am convinced that they must have my number flagged as "don't answer this one."

Is this any way to treat a customer who paid $3,600.00 for your appliance? I have tried to talk to your customer service people, but they tell me that they are no longer responsible for the account; Assurance Solutions is responsible!! Really??! The GE representative sold me the policy. I am tired of being treated like a ping pon ball. When is someone going to be responsible for my refridgerator? Do I need to ask for legal help? I am tired of dealing with this. My husband has been fighting Stage IV cancer for THREE YEARS, and I am sick of buying ice ever 2 - 3 days.

Sandra I. McMahsn

Posted by Frank

Two month old dishwasher died. Called for service and a curt, rude woman gave me a day, but the time was 8 to 5, no smaller window. No one showed. No one called. The entire day was wasted. I called to check the status, they had no record of my confirmation number. They had no record of my phone number. I don't believe there ever was an appointment. Service is non-existant and it appears product quality isn't too good, either. Never will buy GE again. Also going with a local service company.

Posted by Bevy50

I bought a GE dishwasher from home Depot in may of 2013. After 2 years theotor had to be replaced. Good thing I took out a warranty. 1 year later the motor that was put in is now no good. Never buy GE. They stink

Posted by Mallen

I would NEVER buy another GE product based on the service they do not provide if you were ever to need repairs. It doesn't matter if the unit is under warranty or our of warranty. When you make an appointment, good luck trying to reach a HUMAN to verify your appointment or to confirm it if they don't show up. No way to bypass the phone tree to speak to a person.
I can't think of a worse experience with a $2500 refrigerator.

Posted by Done with GE

Incredibly rude and condescending. It was like I was bothering her with my broken washer. Never able to answer a question. Continued to read from her script and never accomplished anything. What a waste of money for GE to have a service center that can't help. No managers were available to further discuss the problems. I have spent more time on hold with different service call centers than doing laundry on my 8 month old washer. Same problem, 8 visits from different services, rebuilt most of the machine and still no ability to get the thing working. GE not only has crappy product but they have the worst customer service. Overall pretty embarrassing for a company to be this inept. Last GE products

Posted by FindSomeoneElseToCall

My GE appliances are good, but the service is terrible. Finally cancelled my service call after 3 cancellations from GE - at the last minute - when I had already made plans to be home for the entire afternoon. Service reps are curt and rude and simply tell you when the new appointment will be. How about a "would that be convenient for you"?

Posted by NoMoreGE

Shockingly bad customer service. The eight year old refer failed and the repair person broken the unit. weeks of phone calls,GE replaced the refer - a very high-end model. After Fast forward 26 months. The freeze fan is bad, making noise, and is generally annoying. The fan is not visible or accessible and is NOT covered under warranty. So... I get to pay 10% of the cost of the high-end refer to fix the problem. After being told there a a five minute wait time, I waited 46 minutes, and was rudely told "it is out of warranty". not asking for free but 10% of the cost of new is usury.

Posted by Anonymous

A compliment to GE. Our 45 year old GE upright frost free freezer just "died" !It was purchased in 1971 and has lived in 3 different houses. model number is CAF 16CLB. Thought you would like to know. Needless to say, we were very pleased with your product! Barbara McComb

Posted by Anonymous

Had a tech coming for a recall 11 yrs after purchase and I received a call 20 min into my window that tech couldn't make it. I had taken off work so lost 3 hrs of pay too. Called costomer service they didn't care said nothing for them to do but reschedule....I will never buy another GE appliances again.

Posted by cos

Brand New General Electric Refrigerator. Door drawers just cracked. Isn't this things supposed to last YEARS? Yes they are. Called GE support line...and all they can do is sell me another one for $55 each! Two cracked.GE is not the company we used to know years back. Their equipment have NO QUALITY. They aren't durable. Terrible customer service. Not to say my brand new refrigerator had to replace a bad motor already. Wish he company had the decency to replace my cracked drawers AT NO COST... unbelievable. I prefer to spend $1,000 on another brand refrigerator than to give these jerks $50 for an unfair bad quality part. If you are thinking of buying GE equipment, RE-THINK... go with the other competitive brands!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had the worst experience with GE. I purchased a Dishwasher for my new renovated kitchen. We had it installed and would not turn on. So contact GE. I received rude customer service. I was sworn at and hung up on, needless to say was treated badly to try and get my new dishwasher out of the box. They sent an appliance company to repair, but came with no parts. A week later Repair company called said GE would not send them the part. So it has not been three weeks and continue to call GE's customer relations, no call back just able to leave messages. I finally spoke with someone today, they placed me on hold for over 30 mins. Then said they have to call me back, still not resolve. At this point I am very upset customer and very disappointed in GE as a company, especially how they treat their customers with an issue. I was going to buy another set of GE appliances for my new construction home. I will no longer buy GE, due to the way I was treated and how long it takes to resolve an issue. I hope to have this resolve before Thanksgiving, but not holding my breath.
I will be telling everyone never to buy a GE appliance.

Add your review!

Posted by JayBird

Can't speak to appliance issues, but had a problem with an LED flood bought from Walmart. Didn't have the receipt, but called the lighting 800#. Very impressed. Two new bulbs were sent in 2 days.

Posted by HKD

I am in the midst of an issue with my washer which is less than 4 years old and required a 200.00 plus repair. The customer service help has been quite responsive and polite, so no matter the outcome, they have been pleasant to deal with.

Posted by Woody Knouse

We purchased our GE washing machine in June of 2015. In July of 2016 it started leaking and making a horrible noise. The machine was just out of warranty so we figured we would be stuck with a large repair bill ($500). But I decided to call GE and see what could be done. We talked to the most friendly helpful GE representative that took all our information and presented it to their customer care department. We then got the great news that although the warranty had expired GE was willing to step up and honor their product!! They sent out one of their certified repairmen and he immediately diagnosed the problem and ordered the correct part. Within a few days it was repaired and didn't cost us a dime. We will forever be loyal GE customers! Thank you GE!!

Posted by Bev S

Tom and Ed were our service guys and were very knowledgeable and friendly and took care our problems with our GE Profile microwave and Profile wall oven. Tom had to come out twice and he was really experienced over 25 years and knew what he was doing.

Posted by Lee

I have purchased GE appliances in all our homes, this is the 3rd appliance package so, obviously I'm happy with GE 'stuff'.

However, we have had some repair issues; we had a noise problem with the fridge that was repaired under warranty. Then, one month out of warranty the one gas burner quit working but it was something I could live with. Now the microwave stays on when the door is closed, probably the control panel.....expensive repair. Needless to say, I was not happy I would have to pay service, labor and parts just 3 months out of warranty.

I called for the service appointment, explained my dissatisfaction with GE, the representative suggested I call GE consumer advocates and guess what?! Because the warranty just expired they will cover the part. My trust in GE is restored!! Yipee

Posted by schach

Good service on defective microwave oven...interior paint deteriorated in less than two years of light a result, arcing...

Replacement voucher cheerfully supplied by GE,

Posted by Emma

I had a fabulous conversation with both scheduling and customer relations, especially a kind lady by the name of Heather. I purchased a new stove and refrigerator from a local appliance dealer and both were delivered with defects. The retailer had NO good answers for us but GE did. They will be here on Thursday next week to remedy the situation, with it being handled by a certified GE technician. My wait time on the phone was about a minute Nothing but kudos for GE today.

Posted by SatisfiedCustomer

We stay in an apartment where all the products like refrigerator, washing machine, stove are all GE products (atleast 6 years old). We haven't faced any issues so far. We bought a GE single serve blender. Within 1 year, the base got a small crack and started leaking. When I called the customer care, the representative took the name, address, model number, date of purchase and I recieved the new spare in just 1 week. I got the base replaced 3 times in 1 year. Now its more than a year and this time when the base broke, they didn't have the spare and asked to get a complete replacement from Walmart. We just got it replaced. I really appreciate the service provided by GE. I don't think any company would pay this much of importance to customer for even smaller products. The shipping charges were also taken care by GE itself. We are so satisfied with the product too that I decided to buy our next product also from GE.

Posted by Anonymous

I give GE 10 Stars for their customer service! I have NEVER been so impressed with a company's customer service! I had to change my delivery date and address 3 times. They honored my rebate even when I thought I would have had to fight for it. They were on time for delivery and they called 30 minutes before (which is better than the other company we ordered from). There was something wrong with my fridge and they offered to replace it or repair it (out of the 7 day window). I opted for repair because I knew it was an easy fix (and the repair worked), the repair was scheduled Friday, but they called Thursday and asked if they could come a day early! WOW is all I have to say! Everyone time I talked to someone on the phone, the service I received was GREAT! Thank you GE!! In a day-in-age when good service is hard to come by, you have it together!

Posted by Joe

I found GE repair man and customer service to be excellent. Their reps were friendly and accessible. I have all GE kitchen appliances and will only call GE service to repair. Every time I called customer service to resolve my problem they were very friendly and eager to solve my problem. The only problem I found was you could not get a service man out in a timely manor. It took 3 to four days to get a service man out. This caused me initially call a local repair shop which was a disaster. Using Ge is worth the wait to get it fixed right. They have the equipment and knowledge to fix it right the first time!

Posted by J rocco

In brevity I had a issue to the paint flaking off of the inside of my microwave,
called customer assistance, advised them that I no longer had my purchase receipt. By some fortune I had registered that appliance and that gave them something to refer back to for my purchase date. With this in mind I could not return it to the place of purchase. With that in mind I was offered by the G.E. rep in essance a rebate for to front the money for a new Micro and they would rebate back to me the purchase price.
I prior had a issue with a front loader Duet washer, after talking with a rep Of G.E they agreed to provide the part if I paid the labor to install, ($60.00). At this point G.E. has been and will be my choice of product.
I have had noting but positive feedback for this company. Stove J Rocco

Posted by Anonymous

On Feb. 3, 2011 while cooking dinner on a GE Profile range, smoke began to come from the back of the unit and all cooking facilities (over, range top, etc.) stopped working. I looked at the back of the device and discovered that the connection between the power cord and the connecting block on the back of the range had caught fire and burned the wiring on the unit severing the electrical connection.

On Feb. 4, 2011 I called GE customer service and reported the problems. I could not have received a more congenial or cooperative response. They inquired whether there had been any more damage or injuries (there were none) and they offered to repair the unit at no cost. They also arranged for a repairman to come out and work on the unit within 5 hours of the call. It was superlative customer service.

When the GE repairman (Technician #390) arrived within 3 hours the treatment could not have been more different. The first remarks from the repairman were that I did not need to replace the burned out connector block and I could fix the problem myself by cutting the terminals off of all the wires and splicing them together. I told him I did not want to do that and I asked for the oven to be repaired.

He then said that I had to pay for the new GE power cord because “it did not come with the unit”. I told him that the GE oven had caused the damage and it resulted in the GE cord being burned off. He argued with me continually that GE was not responsible because they had not installed the oven. He said that although it was all GE equipment the installation service had connected it incorrectly so GE was not responsible. I told him AI had a contact at GE Customer Relations and asked him if he wanted me to call him. He said that he did not want me to call and he stopped arguing that I had to pay for the parts.

He then could not identify the parts that needed to be replaced so he made several calls to the GE service center. I told him the parts must be listed somewhere on the files he was searching on his laptop computer. He eventually found the units and part numbers and he suggested that he could “overnight them” to get them and quickly make the repairs. But then he changed his mind and decided he would return on Feb. 9th to do the work.

I told him it would be inconvenient to be without the use of the range for that long and so he suggested that I fix the oven myself. He told me I could cut the terminal off the burned wires, strip the damaged insulation off the power cord and splice them together to be able to use the range. He advised me to be sure to connect the white “neutral” wire up correctly and he advised me to be sure to wrap the spliced wires carefully.

He then left my house without having done one minute of work on the damaged unit.

When I spliced the wire together like he told me to do, I plugged in the unit to see if it would work. Then I tried to place the metal cover on the back of the over and the connection sparked so brightly it lit up my kitchen.

I immediately called GE Customer Relations, told them about my experience and asked for another technician to make the repairs on the scheduled date of 2/9/11. The representative was very understanding and he said that the technicians had been trained to advise customers to never work on the appliances. He said another technician would come to my house on the scheduled date and finish the repair.

On Feb. 9, 2011 Technician #309 Showed up at my house and I sent him away. I called GE Customer Relations again and the re-scheduled the repair appointment for Feb. 11, in the afternoon.

From my perspective General Electric displayed the best and the worst customer service I have ever seen within the space a few days.

Posted by [email protected]

It is always a pleasure to inform a company that their products have performed well. Over 60 years ago, my in-laws bought both a chest freezer and a refrigerator that have continued to perform well. On April 9th they both will be picked up & recycled by Mid-American Utilities. Both are still in great working order & have never required a service call. In addition, I had to change a light bulb in my bedroom fixture last week (first time in over 25 years) & when checking to see what bulb to use to replace it, found the one I removed was a 52 watt GE energy saving bulb! What a tribute to your company!

Posted by razpick

i had a washer that failed after 2.5 yrs. The repairs would have cost more than what I paid for the machine . I see all the negative comments, but I must say, to date, my experience has been positive(except for the broken washer) - they are sending me a replacement motor, computer board and pump free, no questions asked. While I still have to pay the tech service fee, it is better than buying a new washer - I have not yet received the part, so we shall see. but so far I am very surprise at the customer service I received.


Very helpful. My problem is solved.

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