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Geek Squad customer service is ranked #314 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.45 out of a possible 200 based upon 113 ratings. This score rates Geek Squad customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


103 Negative Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 91.15%.


10 Positive Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 8.85%.

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    • 38.45 Overall Rating
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    • 103 negative comments (91.15%)
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Posted by [email protected]

two hoursago all inbox e mails were erased
on the phone with agent Annette A all were wiped out as we were retrieving from trash

no inbox
no trash

the connection to supervisor did not happen
i phoned back another half hour and i get someone else who finally connects me to someone who tells me all is gone
cannot get my e mails back

to buy security??????????????


They Suck Do Not Recommend Geek Squad Or Best Buy They Do Not Stand Behind The Products They Have. Our Product Is Less Then 6 Months Old, And Have Protection Plan And Can Not Get Anyone To Figure Out Our Problem

Posted by TEngelke

Our mobile phone developed several faults so we took it to the Geek Squad and asked for the full inclusive repair and was talked down to a medium repair costing less. The pohone return after nealy a month faulty with one of the original faults. Back for 2nd repair. When it returned it had no Sim & SD card holders. Also the log of the 2nd repair showed it was an exchanged phone. Back for 3rd repair. In the meantime the company did not contact us either by phone call, text, nor e-mail. We had to call the company each time incurring costs as the phone number is not a free number. Each of the repairs shows that the phone was 'tested' before sending back to the store. How can they have tested it if it still has the same fault as before the repair and without the SIM card holder? We logged complaints on line as well as in the store and as of 2 months of the phone being repair we have heard nothing from the company. Stay away as the company does not appear to be offereing value for money nor the understanding that their incompentance in not doing their job correctly costs the consumer in more that just wasted time. The reps of the company can only apploigise but this is not what the consumer wants or needs. In this case we want our phone back to working order as paid for 2 months ago.

Posted by Sympatico

God Almighty, where do I start? Geek Squad help line puts you in a never ending loop of menu choices. In the 20 +times I have tried to locate my laptop which I left for repair, I have never been able to reach a tech assistant. 5 of those times I was on hold for an hour before I gave up. I call the Best Buy Store and there is no answer, I call the GeekSquad number at that store and there is no answer . I log into the It says is my computer is on the way to me, because I asked for home delivery but that last status report was on Setember 22 and it's now October 12.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a new HP envy computer from Best buy in Nanaimo B.C.
A salesperson convinced me that I should purchase a monthly support contract from Geek Squad for $14.95/month for 6 months.
The support I received was to have an agent take control of my computer to resolve an issue I had with one of my programs. When I was told to restart my computer to resolve the problem my Windows 10 operating system crashed and I lost a number of paid programs which I had to either reinstall or repurchase because they were only available as downloads.
This has cost me over $300 dollars. I contacted Geek Squad to cancel my 6-month contract and refund me for the months I had already paid. They refused both requests and charged me an additional fee for cancelling the contract prematurely.
I do not believe it is right to be charged for service that was not only not provided but left me in a condition that was worse than the one I was in before requesting their help.
I would not recommend The Geek Squad support to anyone.

Posted by Frustrated

Trying to talk to someone in tech support who speaks English is a struggle these days. I asked the gentleman with a strong East Indian accent if I could speak with someone in the U.S. I was then told he was 'not allowed' to transfer calls.

Posted by Anonymous

Van number almost killed me and my family on Merritt Parkway in Ct on February 6,2016 at 1:45 pm, exit 31. He did not stop when merging onto roadway. Was talking on phone and completely distracted,(or just a complete a..hole. Not supposed to be on the parkway anyway. Geek squad sucks and my entire family reunion will be made aware.

Posted by Roy Joseph

I was told my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo would arrive at carphone warehouse on the 4/1/2016 but I went to collect it and they said they havent heard back from the driver and that my delivery would arrive on the 5/1/16... Not good Enough Geek squad... I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.. Poor service.

Posted by AtlanticOcean17

My Experience with Geek Squad

Son's IPhone 5C not working for the second time in the last two months, he took it into the Geek Squad to see what could be done, it was determined that it could not be fixed in store and was told to call the Geek Squad.

December 7th myself, husband and son went into Best Buy to see what to do with phone (screen not working cannot open anything or swipe to close) (screen not cracked and phone in top physical condition no marks or anything on phone) Was advised that there wasn't anything that could be done in store and told to call the Geek Squad and request rapid service. Was told what might happen is that a credit card would be requested to cover security cost of phone and a chit would be emailed to me to take to Best Buy to get a replacement phone, I was advised that Best Buy didn't have any IPhone 5C in stock so a gift card would be issued to go towards a new phone. Unusable phone would be returned in the box couriered to me by Geek Squad and once they received the phone and saw that no physical damage was done my credit card would be reimbursed the $460 that was used as the security deposit. This sounded so simple to me and also sounded like the easiest solution.
FIRST TRIP TO BEST BUY (45 minutes in store getting information) (Also want to mention that we live outside the city a 40 minute drive)(Staff at Mobile Center at Best Buy excellent)

December 7 came home and called the Geek Squad and relayed the information to the agent as to what was happening with the phone and also told her what I was told in at the Best Buy store about the chit emailed, she said yes that Rapid Service could be done and that is what would happen. I gave her all the information regarding the phone and gave her my credit card information. She was inputting the information but it would not go thru and it was discovered that there was a service update being done and alot of the agents were having problems putting in credit card information. The agent took my information and told me she would call me back once everything was up and running to get my email and give me a WO number and when UPS would be coming. (ON PHONE 45 MINUTES WITH GEEK SQUAD AGENT) Went to bed without hearing back from her.

December 8 called Geek Squad again to inquire as to what was being done with my claim. Got Jessica this time and once I told her the situation and what was told would happen she just kept repeating very script like that the phone would be picked up and a refurbished phone would be sent to me. I told her that I had the warranty that said my son would not be without a phone for 10 - 15 business days. Again tried to tell her what was told to me the night before, she did not seem interested and just kept saying the same thing to me as if she was reading from a script. I got very frustrated and said that ALL Geek Squad Agents and Best Buy should get on the same page as this was a totally different story that she was telling me from the story the agent the night before told me. She wasn't interested in helping me. I got very frustrated and hung up....without ever raising my voice...I would also like to mention this was the first time I had EVER hung up on a service person but I didn't want to get angry at her.

Later that day went online to chat with an agent as the Geek Squad`s message said I could make my claim online. I typed up the situation but unfortunately for me I was talking with an agent that just dealt with issuing warranty plans, she did offer to transfer me to the phone centre but I told her I just wasn't ready to go back there.

At suppertime I called the phone line again to inquire about my claim. This time I got Lori as my agent. Gave her all the required information and was informed that I had PPE warranty coverage and just to take the phone into Best Buys and I would be issued a new phone.


My husband and I went back to Best Buy (another 40 minute drive from home in 2 days) to do what the agent Lori told me to do. Went to the Mobile Centre and was greeted by Connor. I had all the paperwork I had received from Best Buys regarding the warranties and phones. Connor looked up on the computer and discovered we had been paying into a Total Plan $14.94 on two phones (my two sons` phones both IPhone 5C) and then we had been paying $6.89 on all three phones (I have an IPhone 4) I had put the Total Plan on my sons phones but said I would keep the PPE on my phone because I was an adult and didn`t use my phone as much as the boys. So now we discover that the two PPE plans had never been cancelled on the two IPhone 4`s that we NO LONGER had so we have been paying double on these plans for the last two years. Connor called to get that plan cancelled since we didn`t have those phones any longer, Connor was informed by the Geek Squad that because it was a 3 year plan that they could not be cancelled. So I am still paying $6.89 three times a month and on two phones that we no longer have! After seeing that Connor was having the same luck as I had dealing with the Geek Squad I asked him if he wouldn`t mind calling from the desk and explain the situation and he gladly did. This time we got agent Tom once again explaining the situation to yet another agent and giving all the required information I told Tom what I was told the very first time I called the Geek Squad about the emailed chit and the gift card. He said he couldn`t believe I was told that once again it was a different story. He did confirm that the call centre was having an update done on the 7th, not that I ever questioned that. So rapid service was requested again where a phone would be couriered to me and a box for me to put the useless phone in to come back to them. I was advised that my credit card would be charged $460 as a security charge until the useless phone got back to them and then my credit card would be credited back. After going all thru that when Tom went to put the claim in he noticed that my credit card was charged $460 but the claim was not processed as far as sending a phone out and the box to return the useless phone in. Also my husband discussed the issue of being double charged for our warranty coverage and how frustrating this all was that even paying $50 a month wasn`t getting us a phone or a solution. Tom did not want to put the claim in again because he didn`t want our credit card charged again so he informed me that someone would call me back the following day. Best Buy employee Connor was awesome and was always willing to confirm with agent what was going on and talk with Tom in between myself and my husband talking this problem over with Tom...Agent Tom was very polite to deal with but still could not give us an solution to the issue and we once again left without a phone or the problem being resolved. Tom said he would look into the matter and would get back to me on December 9 to rectify this problem.

As of right now 5:40 PM Nova Scotia time I have not heard from anyone from the Geek Squad. My situation is still the same and I am very tired of being given the run around and many different stories as to what would be done. This is the very first claim we have ever put in on our warranty and let me tell you this matter has not been a pleasure or been dealt with quickly. I am sorry to say I will NEVER recommend the Geek Squad to anyone as I feel they have not handled this situation at all and I am still frustrated and without a phone or a solution to the situation AND as well as a charge of $460 on my credit card for NOTHING being done!!!!!!! Not to mention being charged double for warranty as far as I am considered is worth NOTHING....

Posted by missconcierge

I've had geek squad since I purchased my new dell on 11/10/2015. I was sold 2 years of geek squad top service. I've called on the suad 4 times. personnel very nice,polite, useless. I spent too much time waiting for an agent to work with me and after 4 tries, none of my problems have been resolved. it has not been from lack of effort by your techs but more by lack of ability, experience .
I was spoiied by having Dell concierge for the past three years. very little wait time and almost 100% satisfaction with their techs.

Posted by LiamClark

I would like first to point out that Geek Squad reps are NOT IN AMERICA. I have on a few occasions hired the remote assistance technicians and paid top dollar, only to speak to people with broken accents whom were very difficult to understand. I even had to disconnect the call a few times and call back in to try and get someone that could understand me and someone whom I could understand.

DO NOT hire geek squad remote services. I've hired them to give my computer on a couple of occasions and they've always made it worse.

The best thing to do is to find a remote service that is based in the United States that actually answers the phone when you call. Be sure to check out their reviews too. If you check out geek squad reviews, you'll notice a ridiculous amount of horrible reviews for the geek squad all over the internet. I've never seen worse reviews.

The most recent one, I hired geek squad to fix and Outlook email issue that I had had for a few weeks. Apparently, the company that I hired, was able to go in and check out the fact that geek squad did not repair a virus problem from a few months before that let to the eventual collapse of my outlook files. To make things worse, geek squad never did the cleanup on the file system on windows, so the other company I hired was able to go in and make it faster and remove a bunch of junk files that could have caused me issues down the road.

Moral of the story, don't trust anyone that works here. I cant imagine that they would be able to do anything good for your computer, as the reviews that are positive, almost seem to be written by the Geek Squad company themselves. As others have mentioned: Buyer beware!

Posted by Connelly

There seems to be no process for complaining to Geek Squad rather than this format.
On the phone there is no one to complain to or you get hung up on.

Posted by Anonymous

My computer went in for repair to the service center. I was notified that it could be fixed with the repair estimate to be $240.94 with authorization. For five days now I have been attempting to give authorization. Rather than being able to do this on the computer a phone call is required for authorization. It is ever so frustrating to accomplish this. It is a circuitous process and one needs to say on the phone and get solicited for business forever. When time is of the essence this is frustrating. Greek squad effects a captive audience. I have yet to authorize repair. It has been 5 days.
Very counter productive process garnering nothing but bad faith. It is a scam process.

Posted by E.T

I've been waiting a month for my computer to be fixed, which is not an issue as these things take time. The real problem is that over the last week I've place 20 calls to my Geek Squad percent and they have yet to answer the phone. I've tried calling the best buy store instead and they took my information and promised a return call that hasn't occurred in a week. I have no problem with the time required to fix my computer it's the ignorance of customer that is the real issue.

Posted by Lost Customer

We have had protection plans and tech support plans since we boutght our first laptop back in 2009. We bought a second laptop about 2 years ago and we still have the first one. We have always purchased both plans and renewed them when asked if we wanted to because we have had good luck with both plans until this week. Found out that our protection plan expired as of May 2015 and if we didn't renew it by the end of May, we no longer have the option of even purchasing a protection plan now!!! Not only that, but we were NEVER contacted that our protection plan was about to expire!!! Has Geek Squad sold out to where I have not heard anything good about them recently? I think so!!! Plus the closest Best Buy is 150 miles one way from where we live. Thank goodness we have finally found someone local that can help us. And I am sure when the time comes, I will go there to buy next time!!! Geek Squad has lost me as a customer!!!

Posted by Disgruntled

Here's my response to a Geek Squad customer satisfaction survey:

I brought a gaming tower in because it was stuck in the dreaded Microsoft automatic repair loop. It would not boot. Apparently the "geeks" at Geek Squad have no idea what

this commonly discussed problem even means. Although I specifically and explicitly instructed two different agents NOT to wipe out the drive but rather just call me if they

couldn't break out of the auto repair loop.
Wiping the drive and reinstalling the Windows 8 operating system without contacting me was their brilliant solution to getting it to boot. I received a nice, shiny, blank

machine and the Geek Squad seemed so proud to be able to "fix" my machine.
What a bunch of heavy handed, incompetent monkeys. If I'd wanted my machine wiped clean I would have done it myself or asked my 8 year old to do it.

To make matters worse, I insisted on speaking to the Marquette store manager and she proceeded to tell me that it was my fault because I declined the disk backup service.

Excuse me but when you bring in a machine to see if a boot problem can be repaired you do NOT expect some clown to wipe out the whole disk. As it turns out, I had enough

backups to recover everything that I needed but it took me over 10 hours to get my machine back to the way I had it before a Geek Squad monkey blew it away.

EXTREMELY unprofessional to have a manager who obviously doesn't know the difference between a boot sector and a ski boot come and claim that it was all my fault. The only

thing she had to offer was waiving the $50 data recovery fee to try to recover everything that they had lost. She informed me that I would still have to wait up to 3 weeks

AND pay for the amount of data recovered.

Are you people SERIOUS?! If I had the time I'd take Geek Squad to court but as it stands, I'll just have to settle with posting my experience to every anti-Best Buy board

that I can find and filing a compliant with the Better Business Bureau.

Don't knock yourself out trying to reach me, I've seen and heard everything that I ever want to hear from Best Buy and/or Geek Squad.

Epic fail.

Posted by worst warranty

Bought a cell S4 and made the mistake of getting the geek warranty.
When the phone was only 6 weeks old I cracked the screen so I called for my warranty
Their Reference 34419246
August 6, called with a new Samsung 4 with a cracked screen. Told that a pending charge on my visa of $339 would have a replacement sent out right away. Also told that $68 would be charged. I was never told that the warranty did not cover the cost of repair. I can have the screen replaced locally for $65!!!! Checked my visa and the 339 was taken out immediately.
A phone arrived a few days later and it was an old re-furbished phone. Again I was never told that replacements were OLD phones!!!
Loaded everything in and found out that the signal strength was very poor in many locations. If I stayed where I was and put the sim card in my old S3 the signal was full strength.
August 17. Called back and was to a replacement would be sent when this phone was received back.
August 20. Called back and was told nothing was done to send me the replacement shipping material. I was told someone would contact me the next day for sure after they checked the depot to see if my "new" phone had been received.
August 21. Nothing
August 24 called back and told again that the return carton would be shipped out. Also told that because of all the problems that the full 339 would be returned. I was told to wait for a call back. I called back when I got a message but my old S3 put the call on hold and by the time I noticed no one was there.
August 26 Called again but before we could complete arrangements the line went dead. I called back and was told that I was causing the problems because I did not return a call from a message that was sent. I never received a message!! Finally made arrangements for another package to be sent so I could return the OLD defective phone. Again had to give my visa number.
Checked my visa and 339 was returned. Wow.
BUT then $113 was taken out and another 113 is pending.
I am paying $14/month so that Geek squad can cause me as many problems as they possibly can.
How can I get out of this endless garbage treatment????
August 31 Still no phone

Posted by Memphis

I have found the Geek Squad to be very unorganized and lack customer service. My laptop arrived at their service facility on a Tuesday morning, it was repaired in a few hours, was never tested, then sat there for 2 business days, it was finally shipped back to my home with a signature only UPS delivery. Upon arrival I discovered the power cord was missing. I went to the store who said they would contract the service center. Unfortunately the service center never responded to them. I contacted the service center and was told I need to escalate within the store Best Buy management. After two weeks of back and forth I am done with them and will communicate my disappointment via social media. I also found that when troubleshooting via the phone, if you get disconnected you do not get a return call, you need to start from the beginning. This happened twice to me.

Posted by sudzers

I purchased our cell phone protection plan through Best buy�s Geek Squad, at first when this process was handled in house, all was good. However, when they transferred this service to their online/phone customer service department, OMG, problems beyond problems occurred and reoccurred. My son broke his phone, I had to have it replaced, it took well over three hours of my time just to verify our plan and have a refurbished phone sent to our house. Then, they sent it to a wrong address, and it took another 1 ½ hours to get that matter straightened out. We finally received the new phone, and all was good until I decided to cancel our cell phone insurance. I have placed five separate calls over a three month period because their employees can�t figure out how to cancel the service, On top of the bad service, I have received bills from them over this last three month period with late fees because their employees didn�t do their job, and now I have been informed they will not refund the late fee charges???? On top of all this whole mess, when you call their customer service, just reaching the right person is a hassle; you are made to wait 20-40 minutes to speak with anyone, IF THAT EVEN OCCURS, MOST OFTEN THEY WILL HANG UP ON YOU AND YOU HAVE TO BEGIN THE PROCESS ALL OVER AGAIN. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT USE GEEK SQUAD! Their service is so poor I can�t even rate it.

Posted by Catherine

Geek Squad delivered one of the of the worst customer service experiences I've had. I worked in the customer service field for quite a while, and understand how you are supposed to handle customers. These representatives were the poorest at customer service that I have ever seen. A similar, only worse, experience was had by a relative.

I approached Geek Squad with some hardware problems with the two year old MacBook Pro that I had purchased from them. I treat the machine like glass, and the hardware issues had developed from regular (and careful) use. The clutch cover on the back of the machine had cracked, and a screw was bolting repeatedly from the case. I was protected under the "Geek Squad Protection Plan". I read through all the terms and conditions, which said they would replace components that impacted the normal functioning of the computer. Both of these problems would impact normal functioning, and the screen was getting dust underneath it from the cracked clutch cover. The representative informed me that the plan would not cover what he deemed to be "cosmetic" despite me explaining why it did indeed impact functioning, and pointing out in the plan where it said the machine's parts and labour would be covered to restore the machine to factory level functioning. The representative was sarcastic and accusatory, suggesting that there was no way to tell if I had dropped the machine (which I had not), and that he couldn't do anything about it (even the loose screw). I told him I had been a patron of the company for many years and that this was very poor service. He said my patronage was of no concern. He finally said that despite my protection plan, it would cost over 200 dollars and several weeks repair time to replace the 15 dollar plastic part. I left the store, upset, and another store representative saw me visibly upset and asked if there was anything he could do. I explained why I was upset and he proceeded to walk away and do nothing to retain my patronage.

I took the machine to Apple, and several representatives treated me with respect and saw to me needs right away. I was not accused of dropping the otherwise completely damage-free system. The representative took care of the screw bolting problem immediately, and said the clutch cover could be replaced for 50 dollars in five days, rather than Best Buy's 200 dollars in several weeks (even with a supposed protection plan). The apple representatives were respectful, demonstrated that my patronage was valued, and were quick and cost-effective. I will never use the terrible service at Best Buy again.

In addition, a relative bought a new Asus from best buy that had a screen defect. She took it in a few months later and explained the situation. They refused to replace the machine, suggested it was her fault, and asked why she had not come in sooner. When she explained that she had been in the hospital for several weeks, they still were suspicious of her and did nothing to help her with the faulty machine that they had sold her until we went to the head office of the company and complained at length. Horrible service.

Posted by Ken


Dear Geek Squad:

Please see my prior horrible experience.

The tech came today, THE F***ING PART WAS WRONG!!!!!!

I spent 2 Fridays waiting, then half of a Saturday and the part was wrong????

He had the nerve to ask me for payment!

I hope BB goes the way of Good guys and Circuit city. With your horrible service why would anyone come back?
Good Afternoon Ken,

Thank you for choosing Geek Squad. We apologize for the delayed response as we understand time is valuable.

I sincerely apologize that you have experienced such frustration with the repair of your refrigerator. I assure you this is not the type of experience we want our customers to have when dealing with Geek Squad. We value the experience you have with us on the phone, in the store, online and otherwise.

I am sorry there was a delay in the shipping of this unit and I apologize your appointment date was changed to 6/20/2015.

Please know that I am creating and submitting a complaint on your behalf. These complaints go through internal review and are used to improve our client experience going forward. We appreciate you taking the time to pass on your experience with us. When a customer gives us feedback of any kind, we then look for trends to help us identify areas for improvement in our clients experience. We hope you will still allow us the opportunity to continue to serve you in the future.

Please feel free to e-mail us back or contact us via phone at 1-800-433-5778 for further assistance. It is our goal to retain you as a satisfied customer.

Geek Squad
Dear Best Buy:

I am extremely disappointed with the level of service that I have experienced today from your Geek Squad Appliance repair service. Case ID for a complaint by the supervisor is 160850183.

I had a wonderful scheduling agent on my initial call for repair for my Samsung refrigerator. He was so pleasant. I took the day off and had your technician to the house to assess my problem. Kwokman the tech was great and efficient. We booked an appointment for me the next Friday, he said that the part should come in 3-4 days and the Friday would give us some cushion time. I agreed to the time and scheduled myself off work on that day.

I received a message today saying that the part would arrive until Friday EOD and they rescheduled my appointment fro Saturday 12-4. They said if I needed a different time to call the 800 number, which I did.

I spoke to Frankie and tried to explain my dilemma. I took the day off burning 8 hours of vacation, now I am being told your tech would not come. I asked if the shipment could be placed on expedited status? NO Could we move the service window to Saturday 8-12? NO. Could I get a smaller arrival window since BB was the one to inconvenience me? NO. She apologized but it seemed rehearsed and disingenuous. I asked to speak to a supervisor, "they won't be able to help you".

Of course she was right. Agent Ramona stated exactly the answers I got from Frankie, NO, NO, NO. She stated she would file a complaint internally on my behalf. She stated she did not have access to email to send me information on how to file my own complaint. I cannot imagine a company like BB would not have email addresses for their employees; perhaps if she was honest and told me they were not allowed to email customers directly, I would have believed her; instead she lied.

So in summary. 1) I am out 8 hours of vacation $70x8+ $150. 2) I need to stay home for at least 4 hours on Saturday, burning valuable weekend time. 3) Best Buy tells me they apologize but there is nothing they can do to help me be "whole".

Who is the customer? I do have a choice of retail and repair services. We had an oral contract that if I agree to pay the $99.99 for the service call and the $79.99 for the part, BB would come at the designated time and repair my appliance. BB has violated our oral contract. I also have loss of wages as a result. Lost time as a result.

If I do not receive a better response from BB, I will file a complaint the CA Department of Consumer Affairs and BBB. I will also go on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google.

Ken Shigematsu
San Bruno, CA

Posted by jameskingsley

“Cheat Squad” would be a more appropriate company name. Seems the company’s business model to “sell the $200 protection plan” and don’t worry about the fall out if your skill set is subpar for making in house repairs…. A simple task of installing a new hard drive on the HP laptop left for repair resulted in four missing screws on the underside. Plus the keyboard was not intact (hard to guess what spare parts may have ended up on the work table) and eight keys on the keyboard would not function. Upon return to the store to report the condition I was told “we are not authorized to open the case” …The case had to be opened to install the hard drive… Turns out, they lied to me and I never needed a new hard drive in the first place. They claimed I needed a new hard drive because they are not qualified to remove the malware or viruses that were on there in the first place. I had to find another company to get it cleaned up and fixed. I ended up finding SafePCFix based out of SoCal. They were able to log in and fix it remotely in a few hours. They sent me the screws that geek squad lost for my laptop.

These poor young geek squad employees are being fed and fattened up on a corporate line of mumbo jumbo that covers up ineptness and a fraudulent business model… eventually the result will be the end of any integrity for the Geek Squad brand and their own employment….Needless to say when I checked in with SafePCFix they were friendly, helpful, respectful, knowledgeable, quick to diagnose the issue and reasonably priced…now that is a great business model. I have no problem with a referral…Buyer Beware at Best Buy and Geek Squad Agents….

Posted by Ron

My kids purchased a Geek Squad full coverage plan for me when they purchased a GoPro camera for me. I subsequently lost the camera while motorcycling when the Gopro mount broke. Geeks would not replace it because I didn't have the old one to turn in. When I asked if I replaced it if the coverage was transferable I was told they would if Gopro warranted it in some way. Gopro were excellent to deal with and arranged a 40% discount on a replacement camera. Then when I called Geeks to transfer the warranty they said that the previous agent was wrong and that the warranty was not transferable to a replacement? I would not waste another nickel on any sort of warranty from these shysters. It isn't worth the paper they print it on!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Dell laptop one year ago from best buy major now needs to be repaired .I sent it to be fixed at geek squad big mistake one month later they inform me they cannot fix it.nredless to say i will not do business with the ignorant idiots anymore .

Posted by JH

I am a regular customer of Best Buy, Route 22 in Union, NJ. I buy my electronic devices there and also transact with Geek Squad there.
My Mac Pro was sent out for repair. Today I got a voice mail to call the local Geek Squad regarding the repair.

I made multiple phone calls only to be transferred to an extension that nobody answers, nobody gives you instructions it gets disconnected.

Tonight was frustrating. Every time I called between 7:25pm - 7:45 pm, I informed the lady who initially picks up the phone how many times I have called already. On my fourth call, I calmly told her "this is already my 4th call and no one seems to be answering ..." I hardly finished and this lady who is supposed to be a phone receptionist had the asinine attitude and started ranting on me. She did not even bother to listen to what I was saying, and in a very rude and annoyed-sounding tone she went on with her rant talking down on me saying that I should just wait and if nobody answers it is because they are busy with other customers. . .(Shocks. . .it is as if I am supposed to know that. This is not an immigration line. . . stop such egregious mentality)

Bottom line is, I feel that the person answering the phone is very disrespectful to the customer. She does not sound like she is there to serve. And, she has the nerve to speak down to the customer, as if it is the customer's fault that nobody is picking up the phones, or nobody is telling the caller the situation for the caller to understand.

Hope this matter gets the attention and is fixed by the customer service department.

Thank you.


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Posted by Elizabeth B.

Hello! I am writing this review because of an unexpectedly positive experience with the Geek Squad group at the Best Buy store #1143 in Oro Valley, Arizona. My computer shorted out in a power outage, and because of the complex nature of the problem, I had to return repeatedly to the Geek Squad desk (over the course of 3 days); I was assisted each time by technician, Shawn Cooke. He was consistently kind, patient and able to explain things to me in real-life-language. I will definitely return for service support in the future. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

I wish to give Highest compliments to one of your Geek Squad employees

who was both extremely courteous and very helpful in solving my problem today.

Her name is Antonetta She is the best!

Posted by ?

i visited geek squad my today with my appointment. while waiting i realized i had left my purse in my car. i asked the young lady,Breanna if she would watch my computer suitcase. she did and she also said she would let the techies was there even tho early...i have found having geek squad is wonderful. your techies are the reason as a senior i will have you till I die.

Posted by Anonymous

Car stereo died so in need of tunes. Visited Norman store on Fri w/o vehicle but still wanted to talk stereos. Manager in a foot cast was super helpful! Returned next day at opening thinking I might have a chance at an install. Shot down hard by tech that barely acknowledged me. He did although, send me on down the road (literally) to another Best Buy.
It is at that particular store (Moore) that I was blown away. Never once heard no or we can't. Having been in the service industry for many years I appreciate above and beyond. That is exactly what I got. Caroline was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and funny. Chad is a master at his craft period. I left there with a stereo and 2 new speakers installed.
Not sure if those two will read this but if someone that matters (upper management or corporate) does,they should be commended and rewarded. Customer service is becoming a lost art. Numbers are crunched so much that the person that comes in the door suffers.

Posted by More than satisfied customer

The Geek Squad ROCKS!!! I infected my PC downloading coupons! OMG! Couldn't get anything, pictures, documents, etc. My son-in-law, (who works with computers) couldn't help! Geek Squad removed the virus, and got all my priceless info back for me! Thank-you Chris, George, Mikey and all you Geeks at Store 774. It took a few of them to resolve the problem, but their persistence prevailed! So glad I purchased the Geek Squad Plan!!

Posted by alison

Geek Squad is the best. We have had them come do a number of different projects on our home and they are professional, courteous, knowledgeable, efficient, creative, thorough and overall fabulous. I sing their praises to all of our neighbors and friends and hope that this is a serivce BB plans to continue.

Posted by mary Patnode

The geek squad had set up a T.V inside of our sunroom and also Sonos that we really love and the tech Matthew Johnson was so polite and made everything very clear to us and while he was here he felt like family to us. He is a great person.
The geek squad was here again and hooked up an HD box and also hooked up another sonos box for our speakers in out living room and we are soooo happy with it. The techs that were here was soooo very nice and got the job done so fast and operating 100%. Because of the great service and products we receive is the reason that we keep shopping at best buy. It just gives us the entertainment and the piece of mind we are looking for. The techs that came here were Craig and Rob and soooo very nice.

Posted by Virtuouswoman

I have used Geek Squad (Best Buy)Woodbridge, VA twice. The technician was very knowledgeable in answering ALL my questions w/out hesitation, professional, and definitely on schedule.

Posted by Great Support

I purchased a new LED TV in December 2010. The delivery and installation was both timely and very smooth. The internet service installation was excellent. I received a tip from the installers to look into the universal remote. I took their advice and am it has made my viewing experience very touble free. Worth the investment. I would definitely recommend Best Buy to anyone looking to invest in HD LED upgrade.

Posted by KSnyder

Geek squad is awesome!!! :) They fixed my problems and answered all my questions.

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Posted by anonymous ex employee

As an ex employee of the Geek Squad for over six years, I've seen it all from the rare pleasant to deal with customer to the irate ape who thinks that he is the most important man on Earth because he spent $500 years ago.

I managed to get out while I still could, and any agent reading this, I urge you to do the same! From an employee standpoint, BBY/GS was a nightmare. Everything from dealing with ignorant management who has no idea what you *really* do there, no concept of how much money you actually make them, but still rides your butt day in and day out because your precinct missed budget with nothing but tech support customers, or CSI was in the toilet because STAR and Nova make a line take 20 minutes when you're understaffed as it is. All the way to the never ending stream of people who come in already upset because either something's broken or they just can't figure it out and expect you to do something about it for free and on the spot.

The company will impose their expectations on you based on some magical number a cubicle jocky in Minnesota who barely knows how to turn on a computer pulled out of his brown eye. And they expect you to do it twice as fast, with half as many people. I've pulled the solo closing shift followed by the 6am turnaround shift. I've done the one man nine hour shift. I've had the PCRs because moron customers who got mad because it wasn't done on time decided that their $300 laptop is the biggest purchase in BBY's history. I know your pain!

This has turned into a rant, but let me end it on a note to both the customer, and the employee.

To the customer: They know you're upset that something's not working. You don't need to take it out on them. Keep in mind that they are human beings before employees of a company, and they should be treated as such. No matter how mad you are at your product. They are overworked and underpaid and likely don't even get a "good job" when they deserve a raise and a paid vacation. And though a lot of them are under-qualified, there are a vast many who are being held back by the company, and as much as they really want to help you, the restrictions imposed by the boss limit what they can do without getting fired. And yeah, they are humans too, they have horrible days at work. A lot of horrible days at work. Take the stress of your computer not working, multiply that by 20 computers not working, add 4+ managers riding their chops to hit impossible budgets, and add in long hours and low pay, and the constant promise and seldom (read: once in 6 years) delivered bonuses. Tack on overpriced healthcare plans eroding the already low check if they are even lucky enough to get the option, a discount once the saving grace of working there all but revoked so the man can turn a bigger profit off of them too, and most importantly, top it all off with you yelling at them the first time you meet them. That's how the day in a life of a Geek Squad Agent goes. So try to be nice.

To the employee: the grass truly is greener on the other side. You don't get paid enough to be treated like a child and stressed to the point of sleeplessness and alcoholism. If you're stuck there for a while, roll with it, but let the stress come off with your cheap clip on tie. Keep doing what you do for you, don't do it for them. Don't let big blue get you down, you are better than them!

Posted by MCagentMARTIN

customers of geeksquad we try .....we really do ....ya really have to understand we are only able to coach you over the phone or help you with a recent purchase of a PLAN base on YOUR knowledge ...we can try all day with different steps but at the end of the day we are only able to see what you tell us ....i mean dont get us wrong we can remote in to your pc but only with a purchase or with a purchase plan not everything is free ....basic and i do mean basic steps are provided but once again you have to know some thing about pc's for us to give you steps on your pc .....for example if you call in with a wifi issue with your laptop and i ask you to see if your pc wifi button is lit and you as a client over the phone cant find that button am i suppose to give you detailed steps just look at the top of your key board i cant reach thru the phone cord and point it out .....thats why we offer an in home appt, and the reason for the price range 129.99-299.99 the 129.99 is the base rate for any client with out an purchase of plan...the reason for that is for us driving to your house and a 30 day back up with service to come back out FOR FREE to fix the original issue....but really client we are here to help just try to know your product dont buy products u cant operate atleast have some education on product.......KNOWLEDGE IS POWER dont forget

Posted by MC Agent Houston

Agreed with previous posting - there are so many demands for free service. It's very difficult to maintain a good attitude but we (mostly) manage to do it, despite the number of people who call who expect free service - remember, the number you call is a first-line technician. We diagnoise the issue (if possible over the phone) - we cannot repair it! For repairs, we will offer services from Geek Squad and that does cost money. (Unless it's something very simple, of course, then we'll go ahead and help out)

Posted by AGENT K.

i agree with mc agent! we are all not the same person and don't know what the previous agent said and we are not the same people.... and we also have rules and regulation we have to follow just as you all have to at your jobs! we do know what we are doing because before we are hired we have to have some kind of computer knowledge as well as be trained by geeksquad again....we understand your fustration but thier is only so much we can to. and other things are just not possible to explain threw the phone! try to have a better attitude and everything will run smoother. to get respect, you have to give. we are only humans and we deserve the up most just as the client does... come on and think about it. and maybe the vicious cycle can end!

Posted by MC Agent

I work for the geeksquad customer service and i could not tell you how much we try and help our customers over the phone we have to follow our company policy and alot of you customers expect everything to be free! we honestly do try our best to help you all but alot of you think just cause your the customer that you can talk to us like animals. Thats where you are all wrong we deserve the same respect that we give our customers so next time you call a customer sevice line try and be nice because most likely the person you get is not the person that caused you to get mad things would go so smooth if everyone could grow up and be respectful you would not have any problems if you would just be nice and get the point


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