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Gateway Computers customer service is ranked #593 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.36 out of a possible 200 based upon 330 ratings. This score rates Gateway Computers customer service and customer support as Terrible.


309 Negative Comments out of 330 Total Comments is 93.64%.


21 Positive Comments out of 330 Total Comments is 6.36%.

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    • 28.36 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 309 negative comments (93.64%)
    • 21 positive comments (6.36%)
    • 2 employee comments
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Posted by Doris

I thought Customer service was free boy was i wrong than Can fix it but than want me to buy a plan the plan was like 299.00 i could buy a new one for that i have only had this one about a year so much for customer service

Posted by Anonymous

I have a hand me down Gateway M-6843 Laptop. Some of the key board letters are worn off. I'd like to replace that part, the keyboard. I ordered one from Amazon & got the wrong one. I can't find the partthe same keyboard replacement. Can you give me numbers, prices, etc.. to buy one?

Posted by old ugly

computer came with oem windows preinstalled, I had a windows problem and I wanted to buy the recovery disc. after finally finding a contact number and talking to a gateway rep I was told that I don't need the disc and I need to purchase a plan so their support team can fix the computer, "no other way you can do it" he told me. I bought the plan, and then the tech told me I need the recovery disc which needs to be purchased from all I wanted in the first place was the disc. big scam. now waiting for a disc, and im sure its not going to end there. WILL NEVER BUY GATEWAY AGAIN...

Posted by [email protected]

I Have Tried Unsuccesfully To Find E-machine Parts, Like Front Panel Part On D3123 Unit. The Wires Are Broken And I Need Replacements For The Six Wires That Cannot Be Repaired. Call Me And Tell Me Where In Hell I Can Get Them, Or I Will Throw This Machine Away. My Phone Also When I Enter My Serial Number You Cannot Find It. What Gives????

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a retired newspaper editor (NY Daily News, Newsday) with a millennium Gateway desk computer (tower included) that I love. My past articles and half a book are on it and while I have a laptop, I write on my Gateway. Recently, RCN (my bundled provider for internet/phone/TV) installed a digital modem. Since my Gateway is a dial-up computer, I lost internet access--something I need for things like biographical research and, in fact, shifting articles to the laptop for printing. RCN can't help. They're into digital.

Can you suggest a local NYC Gateway/internet expert who could help me retrieve my computer and its records--maybe by adding another digital/ converting machine to its UBS ports? Obviously, I would be happy to pay. I don't want to just download info. I want to write on this machine.

You made such a wonderful computer. Thank you for all the great years of service.


Kathy Larkin

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem with my internet connection. Well after speaking with Gateway's Tech support people ( 5 diferent ones over the course of 2 day' mind you) Last night (Thursday night) My brothers Girlfriend comes in and We're talking about this problem with my LAPTOP, she say turn it on andshow her what the problem is. So I do and she say's let me try something if I didn't Mind. Well she got to where I needed to go. The problem was I had to put the password back in the INTERNET BOX and it Now is working. Now the moral of this stort is Those Gateway Techs Don't reallyknow what they are doing. I think almost anyone could get a job there, All you need to have to know is HOW TO READ (HA HA). This is the second time I have to call their tech support and both timesthe problems I was dealing with those idiots couldn't figure it out. So, if you have to call them all I can say is GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

Posted by GatewayPhobic

This was a gift that was put on layaway, so the limited warranty was even more limited. This gateway computer was defective from the word go! I tried to return it to Walmart,but of course they wouldn't take it back even though it was defective. First,the computer would not go on. Then the plug was burning up. After many calls to Gateway I got a new plugafter a few weeks. Then other issues with the computer,so I sent it to be fixed in Texas. I had to pay 30.00 to mail it. It came back in 6 weeks with a cracked 'replaced screen. They told me my warranty will be up in a month,but I could return it so they can 'look' at it. I would have to pay another 30.00 and wait another 6 weeks. I just had taken my chances. Now the cracked screen that they sent to me had made the whole computer fall apart. The plastic came apart around the screen and then the bottom is coming apart. Also, From the beginning, the sound was defective. I could only hear with ear phones. I hate this company. I've spent so many hours and months with their customer service that seem to know nothing, and it's very hard to hear them with their Indian accents. Never Again Gateway!!! It is one thing to give jobs to other countries, but train these people. God forbid you work online and have to wait 6/12/or more weeks for your computer that comes back broken!

Posted by Anonymous

Hard drive failed after 7 months of gentle use. In calling support they wanted money - I took it in and they found a new way to want money. Under no circumstances should you ever buy their products. Might as well throw your money out the window. And to top it off they have an attitude - likely because they're dealing with upset customers all day long.

Posted by disgusted

I have tried for a week to get through to someone who could speak (and understand) English. After only ten and a half months my NV76R notebook computer is falling apart and no one at Gateway (or their offshore reps) is interested in repairing it despite the warranty. I am sending off a letter to their CEO at their Irvine address but figure that will be circular filed as well. Like most American computer manufacturers these days, they are not at all interested in maintaining their product once they have sold it. Apparently they hope that the use of people who do not understand English (or computers) as phone technical reps will dissuade 99% of those seeking help. Unfortunately, they're right.

Posted by Anonymous

Gateway laptop is the worst junk I ever bought and on top of that they have no customer support unless you pay them $130. for one time support, after 3 month from purchase it. Can you believe it? Well you better believe it. Now I donâ??t know how reach the company to try to explain what the problem is, because they wonâ??t give me any information on how to contact them without paying for it. They donâ??t have Spanish speaking personnel either. Over all, they are very cruel impossible people.

Posted by francisco neris

Iím very disappointment with gateway warranties & customer technical support, they really make a full out of me.

Posted by Mikesels

They have ZERO interest in retaining their customers. They have ZERO chance (Gateway or Acer) of my doing business with them again. 14 months, and now my computer is a doorstop. Not acceptable. Non boot situation, "missing or corrupt files." Neither they or Microsoft will even talk to me. Screw them both.

Posted by campingnights

only want to see if my computer has downgrade disk with win 7 drivers. cant even ask these putz, no customer service at all.

Posted by Anonymous

You may have just lost a customer: me. Your website says to call the 949 number, but nobody answers. A recording says to call 800 number, but I want information on BUYING your product. Guess not. I cannot see that thing you want me to verify.

Posted by Politely Annoyed

Several points up front: I understand the people answering the phone don't make policy. I have also never yelled at a customer, or (a note to one "former employee" who left comments) deliberately damaged a product or tried to claim an accident was the manufacturer's fault. I also work in customer service, albeit not for Gateway.

That said: When I called with a warranty issue (a green glow spreading from one side of a Monitor) the CS rep didn't question it, or that it was still under warranty. What makes the experience unacceptable was the News that 1) I had to ship the monitor AT MY EXPENSE to the warranty service center in Texas; and 2) It would be at least 2 weeks before I got it back.

I have to call Shenanigans here. A few other choice words as well, but swearing indicates you have no argument and just makes you look like an idiot. NO ONE I know can afford having their computer down for two or more weeks, so whatever spin you want to put on it, Acer/Gateway effectively told me I had to buy another Monitor if I wanted to keep using my PC. SeaGate, at least last time I needed it, sends out a refurbished equivalent drive. AT&T sends out a Refurbished Phone. In both cases you have 2-3 weeks to return the bad one in the box provided with the label provided, or get your card charged. They do NOT tell you to do without until they decide to get to it.

I thanked the gentleman on the phone for his time, and explained I would be getting another Monitor since the Gateway/Acer warranty was clearly useless and only there as window dressing as the decision makers at the Company had no intention of honoring it. I also informed him it would absolutely NOT be a Gateway/Acer, nor would any product I buy in the future. If your product does not have a warranty, just say so. DO NOT lie to me in this manner.

Posted by Anonymous

I need to talk to someone about my All-n-One that is under warranty and needs to be fixed. YOu seem too busy to answer at the Cooperate # of

If I do not hear from someone VERY SOON, I plan to contact the Arkansas Attorney General's Office, the FTC and the FCC.

Posted by night_owl4jc

It really sucks that you can never actually communicate with them and that I can not get any documents even the user manuals are impossible to find for older cmoputers. Many other manufacturers have their user manuals readily available. And trying to contact gateway/emachines/acer is just a joke.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Gateway NE52210u last NOV. It ran slow right out of the box. It came with 4gb of ram. It said it has 2 memory slots. IT DOES NOT!!! I sent it in so they could see for there self's. They sent it back with a reply saying it only has 1 memory slot which I already knew. And they also re-installed windows which wiped-out all of my info. I called and talk to Acer Repair Center and this so called lady said it did have a 2nd memory slot on the other side of the motherboard under the keyboard. I took it apart and you guessed it NO memory slot. Gateway computers hooking up with Acer sucks!!
Not only will they screw you, If you send your piece of crap computer in to them they will screw it up worse and flat out lie to you.

Posted by Anonymous

I have mailed my Gateway computer three times to them for repair. I just got it back, same issue immediately, the computer won't connect to the internet. I called and because the computer is no longer under warranty, there is NO WAY that you can talk to anyone live. Never buying a Gateway ever again

Posted by Anonymous

NO customer service what so ever! My laptop stopped charging as soon as the warranty was up. I was told I needed to contact Gateway to find out if the charging port was part of the mother board or separate. It is totally ridiculous that customers cannot even ask a question. I will spread the word as fast as I can to NOT BUY GATEWAY!

Posted by Anonymous

Immediately after the warranty was up my laptop stopped charging. I was told it was the port that was bad & that I needed to contact Gateway to find out if the port was part of the mother board or if it was separate. It is totally ridiculous that no one can even ask them a damn question about the products they make. They have absolutely no customer service at this company. I will spread the word where I work, on facebook & everywhere I can think of so that hopefully it will prevent more people from getting totally ripped off. DO NOT BUY GATEWAY!

Posted by MARAH

My husband and child gifted me Gateway for mother's day present.
Just because of mother's day present, I still survive to keep it. No matter since the day I opened the package and start using it already have so many issue and trouble. I wanted to return, have to pay open package fee at $ 70, too much! I have been trying to fix in many ways, but remain so slow even still so much space on it, with any virus and malware software still get attacked, keyboard keep jumping, strange noise when log off/on, cursor freeze most of time and so on and so on.
I spent too much money, energy and time already for this crap! Just for a respect I keep it on my desk or else in the garbage bin! One lesson and that's it!

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased 3 Gateway Desktop and was looking into purchasing several more, But because of their customer support, and not being able to call them and a live person or being pushed to a third party to have you pay for support
even if you pc is still under warranty and you have the proof of purchase you can never get anywhere these people
I will NEVER purchase another GATEWAY and I would advise anyone who even has a slight thought of buying one. To run as fast as you can
Gateway used to be a good product but after having 3 in a roll be bad then not even get to talk to a person. I am done with them...........

Posted by Sinistertoo

Gateway. What can I say that everyone else already hasn't said. The Gateway phone nembers transfer you to a pack of incompetent non English computer idiots. After countless hours on the line with every technician you could pawn me off on they managed to destroy my computer. Now I have a nice black screen with no operating system. I now have to purchase a new pc after spending $400 dollars to Gateways scam artists for an antivirus and tech support that I will not need since you destroyed my pc. I alsp purchase Windows 8 and Office 2013. Lucke me $650 dollars for Gateway to kill my pc. You owe me a new pc. Your technical support should learn the English language and practice learning pc technology. I expect a response and a new pc. Trust me you have not heard the last of me yet not by far. You wasted 10 days of my life and I want them back. Get back to me and you will have to wait for a response when I get into work due to not having a functional pc anymore. Thanks for nothing. You are a worthless company who should go out of business and be forced to move to India with your tech center. Bring hamburgers with you.

Posted by Anonymous

In march of 2013 I purched a Gateway desk model sx 2110G at walmart with extend warrant it stop operating when I turn it on a no signel appears on the monoter I would like to know where I can have it repaired since it is still under warrenty

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Posted by Earth Tech

January, 2013, USA. I used the number and it works. I got a guy in India that was polite and helpful. I needed an RMA for a warranty repair on a customer laptop. After discussing my diagnostic efforts, it was agreed the unit should be sent back for warranty service. A case number was created, and I will complete the RMA on a call back. Everything was as it should be. (Except seeing Gateway export JOBS! :o( South Dakota with the cow hide my butt!)

Posted by Crystalann88

I had a wonderful experience calling Gateway!! I recently had my laptop stolen and was in need of the serial number. I was quickly assisted by Loraine in the Texas location. She was sooo helpful. She was able to retrieve not only the serial number for my gateway but also for my Acer. Thank you soo much for easing my stress, and keep doing a great job!!

Posted by stough6

My first desktop was a gateway used and since then I have purchased 2 laptops E475's. They were leased returns and work great. I have used the gateway support site to install drivers and look up info on my laptops and have never had a problem. Most of the posts with negative feedback appear to be persons with absolutely no knowledge of computers. Maybe they should take a general class so they know what they are doing. Additionally, if you don't take care of your computer it will die.

Posted by Anonymous

havent had any major problems yet. Had it for almost 2 months now.

Posted by sparky

I'v have had a gateway for 6 years and I love it !I find most people screw up their computers They should take a course on how to run the things

Posted by Bette

I spoke with Bill in customer service about an issue with my new notebook. I couldn't turn it off. He was very nice and was able to instruct me as we solved the problem. Thank you!!
Bette Failor

Posted by David

I bought a Gateway NV series laptop and had an issue with wireless intenet connectivity. I tried several ways in getting the issue fixed, but not sucessfull. Finally I contacted Gateway technical support thru online chat. I got assistance from an Awesome guy named Sandeep. He hardly took 2 mins to resolve the issue and I got attracted with his amazing customer handling skills too. Made me so happy. Thank you so much Sandeep. God bless

Posted by Andrew

All around great experience.

Posted by anonymous

I contacted their support to see were they really that horrible. They're not bad at all. The woman answered my question..she did not understand at first but i explained and she hit my question dead on the mark. I was satisfied with the support i received from Gateway.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a DX4300-22 and when I called the offices in Orange County on the 949 area code number I got to a customer service person immediately who answered my question.

I guess I got lucky.

Posted by Anonymous

Really great once I got a live person. This site rules

Posted by light at the end of the tunnel

I had a problem understanding if an order for a recovery dish had been made correctly on the interntet parts order line for Gateway.
After trying several differnt numbers listed for support and service,I finely got through on the direct line to the company. The problem was cleared up in a very timely matter and very efficiently.
May I suggest this number should be offered more readly by your support representives who do not understand the issues at hand, instead of saying sorry and hanging up, leaving unsolved issues and fustrated customers.

Posted by Anonymous

"Talk to tech" is the only way to go... It worked great.

Posted by Anonymous

I just used the online "talk to a tech" and asked about recovery disks which don't come with the netbook (and I don't have a dvd external burner) and they are sending me the disks for free. Can't get better than that.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Gateway netbook last week and called for information and got through immediately and talked to an English speaking man and he was very helpful and nice. I also have a GAteway laptop (for about 1 year) and have called about that one and again, have been very pleased.

Posted by ABS

Thank you for posting this telephone number! I have been talking to a REAL person and not to someone outside of USA (if you know what I mean). I am in warrantee and their system says I'm out. That is bogus! This guy is really helping me out here.

Thanks again! By the way - just found out that the last time I had this in for repair for a new hard drive 6 months ago, I went to Best Buy where geek squad has their setup and thought I was dealing with them per my warrantee - they never told me that I could have shipped the laptop to gateway and got the repairs for free. They're out to make a profit (Gateway told me). So beware. I'm having to ship my laptop back to Gateway (NEVER dealing with Geek Squad again) for repair, but it's better than paying Geek Squad as we - being the consumer - assuming they will repair on behalf of the warrantee(ripoffs).

Posted by Anonymous

Very helpful once I was able to get a live person.

Posted by ww

Excellent help

Posted by Anonymous

Good customer service.All issues I had were resolved.I thought my HDD fried a few times but they do get some quick ways to resolve it.Don't talk to the lady agents.They just like to poack you up.Talk to the men.They mostly sit with you.Even if they don't they atleast provide the entire procedure clearly.NEVER ASK FOR A MANAGER..My cousin asked twice.Agents were better than the managers..

Posted by Anonymous

They are the best support i've ever had, I have met a guy from technical support named Peter, he was good and he helped out with true heart and i am very much happy that i purchased the best product now....Thanks...


Posted by juki

I love my gateway. I'm on my second one and have never had any trouble with it. When I had my first one the customer service was always there for me. This was my first computer, I was a real newby. They were very patient and explain everything so I could understand. When that one went belly up I bought a Dell, bad choice. Went back to a Gateway and I am very happy I did

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Posted by turdfiace


I used to work for these people, also as Level II Tech Support. but it was by choice that I left because I was offered more pay. And I must say, you customers suck. They cant say it but I'll say it, for those that try their best and have a brain. Keep doing what you are doing. But as for you customers that have no brain keep downloading porn / games that are 'freeware'. that the screen cracked..yet there was a fist imprint on the screen and you guys said that it just appeared (yeah Im sure it just magically decided to have a imprint of your fist, and yes this did happen), or that there was soda on the motherboard, or whatever that you retards are implying that its our fault. Or for pins that are bent (because you stupid retard forgot to plug it in correctly / had it against something). we are all not born yesterday, when you call in, we know if your an idiot or not. But thats just not for Acer call center this goes for all. We cant say it, but as your mumbling about how you got butt hurt because you screwed up your computer. we are wondering there are so many jobs in this world and 80% of customer service employment is for people that cannot use their other brain. I know cory, hes a good employee, and does everything he can to keep the name up. But you guys, ohhhh, realize that almost all case (not just PCs but most other issues from other Manufactueres) almost all errors are from the user, not from the computer. Get a grip, you guys are losers. You guys suck...*whew, this made me feel so much better*

Posted by Cory P

Hello, my name is Cory, I am a part of the Level 2 technical support group for Gateway and eMachines. Unfortunately, I do not see a way to contact anyone here individually and offer assitance, so I would like to offer an email address to contact me so that I may be able to arrange for myself or someone in our Level 2 Technical Support Group, or our Corporate Customer Care Group can attempt to resolve your issue.

I would like to offer anyone that would like further assistance a chance to contact us at [email protected] (Please leave a phone number if possible). Please be aware that this is not a normal means of communication for our organization, and while I check this email daily, it was not originally meant for public email, I'll apologize in advance for any delay, or inability to return anyones message.


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