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Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Garmin 500 in 2014 and it lasted 3 years for the back clips perished.I sent it back to Garmin SA in 2017 they gave me a replacement unit which was a GarminEdge 520 .In 2018 after 1 year and 2 months the heart rate and cadence sensor was not working, I spoke to an employee at Garmin and informed me when they swap out a unit it has a 90 days warranty,which makes no sense.I paid R3000 for my Garmin 500 in 2014,and when I swopped my unit out I paid R1735.Now I got a new bill to fix my Garmin 520 of R1535.16 to fix to fix their unit they gave me after 1 year 2 months in total I would have spent R 3270 for a ninety day warranty, how do you justify spending this amount of money for a ninety day warranty, when you can go to the opposition Polar and get a similar device as the Garmin Edge 500 for R3400 plus a 2 year warranty boggles the mind, who is selling inferior products with a 1 year warranty .I hope more clients like myself move away from Garmin

Posted by Anonymous

I am havin a great deal of problems with my Garmin which I bought Christmas 2017 I cannot get a proper reading of my steps I did 18 holes of golf and it only showed 6900 steps whilst my phone said 16000 . This can�t be right Please contact me on yours Carol Lea

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to up date maps today. major problems, could not down load. Was in to chat, then to tech support, then to a man I had trouble understanding due to poor phone connection.
He told me my drivers were not working and all kinds of people getting into my site etc. He then wanted to fix every thing. $$$. that's when I hung up.
Had a neighbor with computer smarts come and look. Could find no problem and down loaded up dated maps. Worst service ever. Garmin your tech service stinks.

Posted by BobbySkot

Received a Virb for Christmas. After following the directions to a "T" - camera would not turn on. Would not charge. Looked for troubleshooting info - It all starts with terrible documentation, right out of the box. If you need/want to troubleshoot a product, you're screwed. If you reach out to them, they don't answer the phone, and the "email" option took over a week to get a response!!!

Posted by Pat

Absolutely worthless. Kimberly was the rudest customer service rep I have ever dealt with. Not familiar with their own products. Stay away from Garmin products.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased Map Update For $52.99 March 28,2017 Item In Order 102789056034 I Needed Help Updating Maps. Called Customer Service.guy Gets Into My Computer Says There Is A Virus And He Did Something That The Update Can Only Be Done On This Computer So I Either Get This Computer Fixed Or Pay Another $52.99 To Update It From Another Computer. I'm Calling My Card Company To Decline. This Guy Said If I Had Told Him There Was A Virus He Would Not Have Designated This Computer. How Would I Know There Was A Virus. My Son Started The Update On His The Day We Purchased The Update But Obviously Didn't Complete. Basically I Got Scammed.

Posted by Breakin Rox in Mexico

It's taken me almost 30 years to come to be able to say that Garmin products today suck.

I've used many Garmin GPSs in my work as a professional exploration geologist in many countries. Up until about 6-8 years ago, I was a champion of their hardware and software.

Today, their products are getting stupid expensive and they're buggy and the software Basecamp is pathetic.

Up until the 64 and Mapsource, things were fine. I bought a Montana a few years ago and found the software ridiculous as the note field, even though now a keyboard was available, was restricted to ?? characters like the 64s. The screen was unreadable with an image loaded, the resolution was poor and the worst of it, the screen delaminated in the second year. The machine was a throw away as there is no fixing them. Garmin was impossible to reach for any repairs of advice. It was a couple of weeks before they got back to me and basically told me to chuck the GPS as repairs exceeded the cost of a new one....Oh yeah, of course the warranty was gone by a few months.

I now pissed away nearly $800 Can on a Monterra. Mystery screen and camera freezing and useless 4 hour battery life, it weighs like a brick and data handling (onboard editing) is from the 1990s. It's Android so apps can be added. I'm now using geology apps that replace most of the functionality of the Garmin software.

This will likely be the last Garmin I ever buy. My Android phone works far better. I just can't drop it like a Garmin. But for all the headaches and daily head scratching as to what the fuggin thing is doing, I'll just buy more phones. It's cheaper. Android phone technology is leaping ahead every year. Garmin seems to be mired in a 1990s headspace.

Goodbye Garmin. It was fun. RIP.

Posted by GW

I hate Garmin. The products are good until they go wrong, then you find our how good a company is, or in Garmins case NOT GOOD

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased Garmin products for at least 17 years,for my sailboat and power boat but I am looking at different manfactures after purchasing a GPS map 78sc and with the unit the poor instruction booklet you supply how cheap.

Posted by Anonymous

Good people at customer service but they could not give any sort compensation. Final decision was: buy a new one

Posted by Karim

I live in the UAE and there is no customer service for the middle east client>? did I miss something?
Map download for example are available for US addresses only? common Garmin, you are selling a global product, you need to upgrade your customer support immediately and include 1) Toll Free number 2) online chat 3) quicker reply to email support (not 3 working days!!!

Posted by What does this mean

I purchased a garmin and it gave me wrong directions twice . I brought it back and purchased a new one and it did the same thing .

Posted by Termite guy

The maps are terrible the updates are 3 years old in some Connecticut towns. It had me taking a right hand turn onto a street from the interstate. The route planner is terrible actually Beyond terrible. if the vehicle is turned off when you arrive at your stop or powered off then there is no power to the GPS. it will, when turned back on, Route you not to the stop that you are supposed to go to next but the one after that skipping stops. It is by far the biggest waste of money I have spent in a long time

Posted by Garmin Approach G3

I bought a Garmin Approach G3 to help me judge approach shots to the green.

Somehow I cracked the screen and the device got locked up with no response to screen touches.

I contacted Garmin support via their web site and submitted the problem. So far so good.

Eventually I received an email response suggesting using the screen to unlock the device, this despite me saying the problem was that the screen was not responding. After more email dialogue I was told that the item would need to be repaired/replaced and directing me to their web site to get a RMA number (needed in order to mail in a defective device). Unfortunately the link given in the email took me to the web site where it asked what the problem was - exactly where I had been when the dialogue was initiated.
I started this process in May 2016 and now in August. every time they email me and say i need it repaired/replaced they send the same link which takes me around the usual loop back to where I started. I have emailed pointing out that the instructions just take me in a loop but no response. Have tried phoning but told that there was a 25 minute wait.

I give up. I will never buy another Garmin product and advise everyone to steer clear of them

Posted by Kevinleary

Very Disappointed in my GARMIN 6008 Chartplotter.

Bought this unit brand new and had it professionally installed. Initially it worked nicely, but after I arrived on the Irish west coast the unit began to freeze and loose satellites. The unit was shipped with outdated or defective software and the GARMIN support staff, in a most inefficient way has conveyed that new software is needed, and this cannot be updated with an SD card, even one purchased by GARMIN. One must obtain a Windows computer, secure a wifi connection, remove the unit, plug in a jump cable, and try to upgrade. This was quite impossible if one is cruising in remote regions. GARMIN support has tried to help, but have led me down many dead ends to try to fix a product that should never been shipped in the first place to a cruising customer.

Posted by Mark

I paid for an addon to enable my garmin satellite navigation system to be used as a hgv satnav at the beginning of may still not received said addon was offered a proper hgv satnav as compensation in mid June and even this has not appeared so will never buy or recommend garmin products

Posted by gatorcat

Garmin does not care about its customers. I called and emailed tech support for help re-installing chart data onto a data card after my data card was stolen. All they do is give excuses and state that their database does not have information on my system any longer and they no longer store information on products past a few years, because it is not worth it for them. That is literally what I was told.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased A dezl 770 because I drive a heavy truck (tandem trailers) this machine is a total fraud. While in Canada the unit had to re-route me Because my usual route was closed, right into down towm Montreal. The disclaimer that appears on the screen is just a ruse the machine has no Idea of road closings or specific truck routes!! This has happened multiple times. Up dates are current purchased a memory card that the unit say I do not have(yes it is specific to the unit)! Bottom line I got taken by Garmin. if you drive a truck stay away from this one.

Posted by DT

I have a GPS watch which is supposed to be waterproof to 10m. It went on the fritz in the rain, not even submerged. The watch is only 1 year old. I contacted Garmin by email and they say it will be up to 72 hours response. They use most of the 72 hours before responding. They did not read the issue and offered standard troubleshooting, which I couldn't even do because the screen is not showing any data. After about 4 emails, adding 72 hours each time for their response, they offered to exchange a refurbished watch for $59 + + +. Now, I'm glad they are doing anything, even though this $200 watch only lasted 1 year, but they made it an extremely frustrating process. I expected way more from Garmin. I've owned any used many of their products to run, navigate in my car and in an airplane, and track fitness. This was a terrible customer service experience.

Posted by traverpen

Garmin Customer Service is not timely, or forthcoming with information. If you want information you have to hound them. Do not expect to be notified if your return is back-ordered unless you ask. If your product is back-ordered expect to get multiple different dates as you wait. But you will only get a new date if you ask. Also if you are disconnected while on the phone, do not expect a call back, even if they have your information. I would not buy a product from them unless it was through a retailer like REI to whom I could return it to instead of dealing with their return process. At some point you realize that they hope you just forget that their product broke so they don't have to fulfill their warranty.

Posted by RWS

I have purchased a new Garmin Nuvi 765 and also a Lifetime map card and can't get it to go on correctly and now Garmin wants me to pay $35 dollars if Satisfied. But,,,,, you have to fill out a credit card payment before they will tell you what to do. I will pass on to everyone on Facebook any help any other complainer. This company just plain "STINKS to high heaven!
Roger (Plattsmouth Nebraska)
Hope others read this before they buy one

Posted by Val

You launched the Approach S20 watch with minimum user manual, on your support pages it is not listed. Having tried contacting via telephone but abandoned due to ridiculous waiting time. I had an automated response to my email but guess what I didn't receive a reply within 3 working days. So the watch is going back to American Golf and I will find another manufacturer to make a purchase with. Useless customer service.

Posted by Emails are using standard replie

I have sent four emails in total to Garmin, all with the same question: How and when does the watch record the "high intensity minutes". The watch clearly lists the "moderate" and "Vigorous" activities within this category and seems to count these based on heart rate. But which heart rate? The watch didn't count any of my exercise minutes, and I wanted to know what criteria had been entered into the watch for minutes to be accumulated. I got no answer. Worse yet, I got cited parts of the manual (even though I stated repeatedly that I was familiar with it) and my actual question got ignored. Replies were patronising ("In order to achieve credit towards your weekly goal you must complete moderately intense activities such as a brisk walk. This elevates your heart rate which the vivosmart HRcan detect." as an example. I made very clear during previous emails that I train regularly and mentioned that I was training towards my known heart rate zones etc. so the person on the other hand should have known that I am aware that my heart rate rises when I start a brisk walk!)
So overall the emails were replied to quickly, but the content looked a lot like an array of standard answers of their customer handbook. I was treated like somebody who barely knows how to operate a microwave, even thought I explained my level of expertise and should have received a different type of answer altogether. I am still raving and have decided to return the watch as it is useless to me without knowing how it functions, see above.
I wish Garmin would treat their customers like thinking, logical individuals.

Posted by Emma

Purchased a Garmin vivosmart HR had it 2 weeks max and was very inaccurate counted walking upstairs when you were walking around a supermarket, Yet when you did go up a flight of stairs it didn't count these. garmin replaced at my expense of recorded delivery & packaging, Had new device 1 day work in an office on the ground floor and within a couple of hours it had registered walking up 19 flights of stairs. Called Garmin customer service who was very rude and said there was nothing they could do about this and they can have discrepancies and not all are accurate!!! Asked to be put through to a customer service manager and he refused saying there was no need. Shocking customer services.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a brand new garmin gpsmaps 64s unit and was unable to load the topo map. went to their support page and NOTHING WORKED! it asked me to choose from a list of products but there was no list, after typing my info several times i gave up. taking the unit back. now i tried garmin products years ago with similar problems but thought by now they would have the bugs worked out but hell no.

Add your review!

Posted by Gerry McNamara

Recently I have cause to contact Garmin customer service, initially I have some difficulty with getting feedback, but I must say that Garmin came up trumps. They resolved my issue, and couldn't do enough to help me. Well done Garmin and the team, excellent customer service.

Posted by Framore

I have had 4 different Garmin devices. All have been great. One of the devices, I miss placed my charger. I looked and looked. Could not find. So I ordered two new chargers. One for office and the other for home and travel. And that arrived before my watch ran out of it's last bit of stored energy. Guess what I then, found my miss placed charger. So I have three, I am very happy. To have three chargers is actually more convenient than I would anticipated. The Garmin express / garmin connect can work on several different computers, as well as a smart phone. So regardless you can access info easily. My Garmin GPS devices have been great. The life time update I purchased with my most recent device option is wonderful since it covers all of the North American Continent not just U.S.A. So I am a very happy consumer. I think that the Vivoactive is a sharp looking watch. And since I can change the face design by simply downloading the look I want the watch is perfect for any number of outfits and functions. I can honestly say that have gotten more compliments on my Vivoactive than any other watch that I have ever had. Since the Vivoactive has blue tooth functionality with my smart phone, I can be in a meeting with my phone silenced, and still see who is calling me. It is great. I am hoping that an indoor ski machine function will be available soon. An outdoor ski is in beta form, so hopefully an indoor ski function will be available soon. Since ski machines are fabulous calorie burners, it would be great to get that reinforcement to be included with all the other available functions. I love my Garmin products. I try to take care of them and not abuse them. As a result, they certainly have been a asset to me.

Posted by Carey

I have had nothing but great experience with Garmin.After I purchased my50lm I dropped it and shattered the screen. I contacted Garmin to find out how much a replacement screen would cost,since I hadn't purchased the extended warranty. They told me to ship it to them and they would replace it for me. I told them it was my mistake not the products fault. They still insisted I send it to them,which I did. In less than a week I received a replacement at no cost. Can,t beat that. Very satisfied. Carey

Posted by Anonymous

I have had my Garmin 1300LM for several years. At one point I couldn't get the maps to update so I called support. They walked me through the whole process and I successfully updated my maps. Recently I tried to update maps and didn't have enough memory so I had to by an 8 gig san disk. Couldn't get Garmin to recognize it. Again I called Tech support and they walked me through the process. Everything is working great! Couldn't be happier with the Garmin and the support I have received over the years. I am in my middle 70's and the support personal were very, very patient with me.

Posted by Anonymous

Emailed a question and received the answer I needed quickly.

Posted by Gordon2020

You wont believe this but on July 19th 2013, a Garmin representative contacted me by telephone (a real person in a real conversation) and they paid for the call.
For the first time during this adventure, i felt someone from Garmin was interested.
I still stand firm on my opinion of Garmin and their Customer Service however this gent was pleasant.

Posted by Anonymous

Garmin one of the best customer services i have had to deal with.
I have used them a number of times and have offered solutions and change my device within 5days of fault.

Posted by Burt

I just got off with The Garmin Team here in Austraila and their service was top notch.

I'm a very happy customer and they help me with my problem and replace the unit.

I give Anna and Rodney 10 out of 10

Thank you

Posted by KimJ

I have received the most excellent care from Garmin KZN when I handed in a Garmin navigator to have its screen fixed. Such a professinal team and so helpful and now a repaired GPS!

The number of the center is



Posted by chucky-chief

My Garmin Oregon 400T malfunctioned. An email to Garmin support was quickly responded to by Kris Ta in their customer support unit after hours. The next morning I followed up with support and also received a follow up call from Kris. The same day the unit was in the mail for a replacement unit. I am very pleased with the excellent customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I called Garmin service for help updating my 1450. I was helped through the entire procedure by Emily in Kansas City and can say I don't think I have ever been treated with more patience and knowledge of what to do. She was easy to understand and took the time to walk me through the procedure. Garmin should be happy they have and employee this good at her job. She even asked after finishing if there was anything else whe could help with. I downloaded the new map and am quite happy with the product.

Posted by Bob Mueller

I like the fact that when you call Garmin you speak to an American in America.

When was the last time that you called for support with any other company and spoke to am American?

Posted by ericthered44

Due to a failure of my 1st Garmin 3790LMT, Garmin exchanged the unit. Once the new unit arrived, it shows that it is a LMT, however I was unable to apply map updates. The new unit also included Europe, while the original did not. I called support, waited 30 min to speak to someone and I asked why the delay. There was an updated released 3 days ago, and whenever that happens, the way can be long. Ok, so here is what the rep did once I explained what was up. 1st removed the old unit. 2nd applied the Lifetime Map and Traffic (LMT) to the new unit. 3rd had me log back in and see if I could get the lifetime updater to say that the unit could be updated. It did. All is well.

Posted by Jack

I don't know why everyone is having problems with Garmin customer service. My GPS Map 276C is 8 years old and still working. On numerous occasions, I have called Garmin for technical assistance. Sometimes I get right thru; other times I have to wait a while. But every time I have call with a problem, the technician has been polite and, above all, helpful enough to solve my problem. I hope it continues.

Posted by tom22222

Unbelieveable! Got through in under a minute. Rep set up an exchange. Now let see how long that takes.

Posted by Murph

I received a Garmin for a christmas present. I was dissapointed with the quality of the product. The product appears to have some design flaws that casued the band to tear.
However, my customer experience with Garmin was nothing but outstanding. The entire process to getting my watch replaced was above my expectations.

Thanks Garmin.

Posted by Nuvi 550

My Garmin Nuvi 550 had a warrantee issue with the battery connection. We contacted Garmin by phone, and they connected us with Ray-Tech in Quebec. We shipped the unit on a Monday PM by expedited post and a replacement unit was back in our hands by Friday. That is remarkable service considering that the unit has travelled back and forth 8,000km each way across the county.

Posted by unknown

And why do you not call 800-800-1020?
Garmin supports all its units, even long after the warranty has expired with free online (e-mail) and free phone support.
If you drop something, then it's your own fault. I have used Garmin units for years, and a 2 inch drop has not even put a scratch on any of them.
I read a lot of stuff in forums like this one, and I think it is time you take responsibility, starting with honesty.
So, shut up, if you screwed the device up, and pay up. Unless you're not man/woman enough to admit your wrong doing. Then keep being a complainer, like those in the stores at customer service counters, who believe if they complain long and loud enough they get a freebie.
If a device is defective, call them up, send them an e-mail. I have yet to encounter an unfriendly agent, that is unwilling to help. That does not mean they will give you a new unit if you dropped it. That is not helping, that is enabling - what we try to avoid with our kids, right?
Go to TomTom, Magellan, or any other company, and see how loong they support their devices with free online and phone support. Apple - ranked #1 supposedly - stops supporting any unit that is over 5 years old with repairs; and there is no free phone or e-mail support for a computer from them that is out of warranty (with AppleCare up to 3 years). Garmin supports my Garmin GPS III. You can check when that thing came out.

Posted by Peter

Having previously posted an unhappy experience I am happy to have to post an excellent experience. I used the email system and got help from associate Aaron S who was very patient in telling me the troubleshooting steps (not covered in the manual, by the way) and then when it was apparent that the factory had to get involved told me how to go about it. Upshot was that the factory replaced the unit (although probably out of warranty).

Totally different from my past experiences with Garmin.

Posted by Merry Christmas

I purchased a Garmin GPS from Target in Charlottesville, VA several mos ago. I did not save my receipt because I have heard great things about your product and never thought I'd need it. My Mom was put in Westminster Canterbury Nursing Home and needed to know how to get there in Lynchburg, VA. So I bought a Garmin UPS and loved it. It has come in use maybe 3-4 times that I needed it. I was invited to my neices house for Thanksgiving and keyed her address in on 11/23/11 and it worked fine. On Thanksgiving morning when leaving I plugged the car charger up to it and the GPS would not come on at all with or without the charger. All I want from Santa for Christmas is another Garmin GPS. It is hard to tell where I might need to go next. I sure hope you can help me.


Posted by Anonymous

On an internet search for help, I got "Just Answer" but they wanted $30 to give me any help. I bailed out of that rip-off and then hit this site that had the Garmin 800-800-1020 number. I called that, got a very nice lady immediately, and she spent 45 minutes helping me with my problem. I ended up getting an RMA number for an exchange of hardware. She even determined the manufacturing date from the serial number and gave me coverage under the one-year warrantee even though the Auto GPS was not registered. After reading so many complaints about Garmin I was prepared for the worst; instead I got the best. Their service, patience, and knowledge was comparable with the best I have ever experienced (i.e., Apple). I never found that 800-800-1020 support number on the Garmin site, but it sure worked for me. Maybe Garmin is actually getting better. BTW, I called first thing in the morning.

Posted by ET

I was shocked when I sought technical support on line for my Garmin Nuvi and got JustAnswer. It would cost me $38. to help me fix my problem. I called 800-800-1020 (after pick up, dial 1 to speak to a live person). I got right to a customer service associate and she fixed my problem immediately. I am satisfied with the service I received on the phone - but I was really mad when I got JustAnswer. ET

Posted by Anonymous

Call answered quickly. Proposed solution worked fine.

Posted by Billk

I must have contacted a different company. I have never had anything less than excellent service whenever I have called Garmin Tech for service issues.The other day Dezirae Reberry Assoc # 6949 settled my problem in a manner that was above and beyond what I thought they might do.

I have always felt their customer service was some of the best I have ever experienced.

Posted by cattlemanbuck

I was having trouble updating the map on my automotive gps. I found the technician I spoke to be very patient, courteous, and helpful. My problem was solved in less than three minutes.

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