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Posted by Anonymous

October 2015, bought a Interstate Marine battery from Gander. They said guaranteed 3 years. Since they are no longer in business here in CO, we took it to Interstate battery. They checked it, and it wasn't any good. They said the warranty was from Gander, not them. Called their corporate office and they can do nothing about it! Good ridance Gander mtn.

Posted by Sickofit

Bought the gander mountain 220 lumen handheld flashlight. Used it once then button to turn it on and off stoped working it would work if i held button in and shut off if i released it. Went and exchanged it for a different one only to have it do the same thing.what a piece of junk. Now the stores are closed so nowhere to return. I for one am glad these stores have closed. They sell junk and then file chapter 11. They should have to honor returns on there crappy products. This company was a joke. Like i said glad they went out of business,now they cant swindle anyone else.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the Gander Mountain store in Henrietta NY today and saw a used Colt 22lr Frontier for sale. The price on the gun was $239. The sign on top of the display stated 40% off lowest price marked on the taground and the fine print states that the "You Pay" price is the price minus the percentage off. This gun did not have the red and yellow discount tag on it--it had the regular tag on it. So per what was stated on the 40% off sign--40% off lowest price on the tag--the gun should have been sold for 40% off the $239 price and stated that to the sales person. I was told the price on the tag was the sale price and that is what it will be sold at. I pointed out what the discount sign said--40% off the lowest price on the tag. I was told to read the fine print and told I had and perhaps he should. He said the price is what is stated on the tag and that was that. Again I pointed out that wasn't what the sign said--I also argued this point with the manager. Both became frustrated with me and asked that I leave "Their store". The manager did say that he told his boss that the sign was misleading. Well I took my time walking out of the store being followed by the two idiots I had been arguing with. I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for them because I was told "sir don't make me call the cops". I told them to call them--they didn't. I still feel that they should have honor the discount as stated on the sign--40% off lowest price. I've bought a lot of stuff at this including one long gun. But after this experience I'm glad they're closings.


I have been a shopper of the local store since it opened. Today I was kicked out of the store for attempting to take a picture of the cashiers ID card so I could have her name. I had nothing to do with the ordeal prior to my pic attempt other than listening to her exchange foul language with a gentleman at the gun register. I was told I could not take a pic of her card and they were calling the police which I gladly invited. Instead they recruited two idiots that were to assist my leaving. I'm still perplexed by the entire situation as I shop here often with my young daughter and did not expect her to be forced to listen to foul language from an employee. I have never posted on anything r any site so it will be interesting for me to see if this is shared. If so I will keep you posted after I visit a lawyer in regards to the rest of the story. In the mean time I will be moving my Gander Mountain account to Bass Pro as well as make sure I never shop in one of Marcus Lemonis stores again Good SAMS or CAMPING WORLD. I'm still in shock that now as a customer you can be thrown out and threatened for attempting to discourage bad behavior by an employee. I guess in 2017 the customer just needs to pay for his items and shut up like it's a privilege to spend your money here.

Posted by Dlafleur

Very upset today as we went to your Coldwater MI store to use our gift cards we got for Christmas 150.00 worth. We were told you were not accepting them. Well you accepted the cash that was spent to purchase them! Won't be frequenting when new owners take over we will buy what we want on amazon no wonder you are going out of business, absolutely no customer service.

Posted by anonymous

Husband tried to return a pair of boots that had fallen apart after being worn 3 times at Eden Prairie MN store on May 17th. They said they couldn't accept any returns. I called the corporate office and they said I could return them to Blaine, MN. Drove all the way to that store on May 20th and they told me they couldn't accept any returns either. When I said I spoke to the corporate office and they told me to go there, the manager said they lied to me and corporate no longer exists. When I asked who told him he couldn't take returns, he wouldn't answer. They just want people in to buy the last of the crap they're selling. Don't do it. It'll just fall apart on you. Cheap China crap they're selling.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 3pair of shorts on may 13th 2017 did not fit took them back next day may 14 th 1100 am...all I needed was the next size from what I bought...had my receipt and was told no ...very rude manager I said to him I just bought them yesterday and I don't want refund just exchange please ...the tags were still on receipt in hand...this happened at the store in lake worth Texas ...he NO you can not exchange I don't care if u have receipt or not ...very sarcastic he turns and says happy Mother's Day chuckles and walks away...I cannot believe I was treated this way after spending 320.00 the day before.

Posted by Jay B

I was one of the first ones in the store but could not get service in the gun dept...maybe because I am female? Guys that came in after me were offered assistance. After 25 minutes, I left and so did my money! This has happened before and I complained to the manager. Obviously, they did not care.

Posted by Micheleg

Just bought a pair of Merrell Moab vent hikers for women. When I bought them I asked the salesperson for the return policy. He told me I could use them as I saw fit for 90 days, then I could return them. Website says they must be unused. When I called the store they said I could wear them around my house but if they got dirty or unsellable they can't be returned. So I said that I couldn't even try them out outside. She said you could but you can't get them dirty. I don't understand this at all. How do I know if they will work while I'm working if I can't wear them at work? I need an definite answer so I can wear them or return them. Also I think all the salespeople need to one the same page.

Posted by Anonymous

ordered striker ice jacket on 1/27/17 read review on jacket tried to order larger size 1 day later had to go thru customer service manager to get it ordered.(charges were pending) on my account-received email from them today 2/4/17saying my original order was cancelled.they just waited until charge dropped off (7 days) so they did not cancel the order the credit company just let it drop off due to them not processing the order.they have used $20. dollars in rewards towards this purchase(not refunded).order was supposed to be changed and delivered its not going to happen.Alicia manager at customer service was supposed to expedite this order.Because they let the charge pending just sit on my credit card instead of filling the revised order a new billing cycle interest charge has been added to my card and now there is insufficient funds to purchase jacket-would have went thru the first time it was ordered so I assume fault for the order not going thru the second time. HOWEVER that does not clear them of lying about taking care of the could have been done and was not.GANDER MOUNTAIN CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by TomBartho

I opened a Gander Mountain MasterCard a little over a year ago with plans to buy a gun safe or a GPS. After earning over $200 I shopped for a safe. I found a great price on one at a local store that Gander Mountain did not carry so bought it and planned on getting the GPS. They had a limited selection but I liked the Garmin Oregon 600T they had clearance priced at $399.94. I found the same exact model on sale at Cabela’s and another online retailer for $250 with free shipping. I called Gander Mt to price match and place my order. They first verified it being the identical item and the price then told me they could not price match. I spoke with a supervisor who told me the same thing and told me the best he could do is take $20 off. What good are $200 worth of credit if you are paying $130 plus tax more for the identical item. I sent letters to both the corporate office and sales office 3 weeks ago with printouts of both ads for comparison. No reply. I have no choice other than buying the GPS and basically losing $130 of my credit or buy other items. Either way, once I make my purchase I will close my account and never shop there again.

Posted by TomBartho

I opened a Gander Mountain MasterCard a little over a year ago with plans to buy a gun safe or a GPS. After earning over $200 I shopped for a safe. I found a great price on one at a local store that Gander Mountain did not carry so bought it and planned on getting the GPS. They had a limited selection but I liked the Garmin Oregon 600T they had clearance priced at $399.94. I found the same exact model on sale at Cabela's and another online retailer for $250 with free shipping. I called Gander Mt to price match and place my order. They first verified it being the identical item and the price then told me they could not price match. I spoke with a supervisor who told me the same thing and told me the best he could do is take $20 off. What good are $200 worth of credit if you are paying $130 plus tax more for the identical item. I sent letters to both the corporate office and sales office 3 weeks ago with printouts of both ads for comparison. No reply. I have no choice other than buying the GPS and basically losing $130 of my credit or buy other items. Either way, once I make my purchase I will close my account and never shop there again.

Posted by Rebecca

I went to your Coldwater Mi store to purchase a hunting rifle. As I waited for over an hour to be helped, others walked up and were helped before us. When my father asked one of the sales people when we would be helped the man was extremely rude.

Posted by Paloode

Ordered a gun. Found it online for $177.00 cheaper with free shipping. Wouldn't price match it. Said it has to be a "brick and mortar" store. They also charged me $40.00 shipping. When I ordered the gun they said nothing about charging me for shipping. Emailed them about it and they pretty much blew me off. Done with this store.

Posted by Dennis

Terrible customer service. Bought a tree stand in the morning, after assembling it, realized it was too heavy, big and bulky. It had to be taken apart to transport and re assembled in the woods. Tried to return later in the day and to buy the lighter more expensive one but the manager refused to take it back and return my money. I left the product there and will never go back. A very cheesy store.

Posted by Anonymous

While we were talking with one employee in the Albany, Ga store about a gun he called another employee over to finish assisting us in what can only be described as rude and belittling manner. He and the employee exchanged words in front on us and the first employee continued to be unnecessarily rude to the other employee. Then a customer told the first employee that he needed an attitude adjustment and that he shouldn't be talking to people like in that manner. The first employee was even hateful toward the customer. The first employee, in my opinion, was in the wrong. I believe he was in some sort of management position and he was definitely out of line. Guess that's what happens when you put a jerk in a management position. I got out of there before things got too far out of hand. Not exactly the store you want to be in when someone gets disgruntle.

Posted by Anonymous

Watertown NY Worst customer service ever will not be back will not bother with the long story. customer service person told me she was just there for the pay check after being very rude to me. I will give up hunting before I go back to that store.

Posted by Anonymous

I told my wyfe to get her guns at Gander store they have good price did not check Bass Pro shop same gun $150.00 cheaper try to get on the costumer complaint they ask receipt number don't have it since paid with credit card and it don't have that on email receipt they send that said go to Bass Pro Shop done with Gander and matching price

Posted by Anonymous

We was just at your store in Marion, IL so my Husband could get some sights for his gun & one of your workers in the firearms depatment named Brad called my Husband a Woman. My Husband & I were very insulted by this remark. My Husband loved shopping at your store & would like to continue to shop there. I think this employees should have the comon courtesy to call people folks instead of Ma'am or Sir when he can't tell the difference.

Posted by Anonymous

On 9/3 I called your automated line to pay my bill. Your system would not acknowledge my acc.information .This went on for 3 tries, after each attempt, was transfered to cust. service which had the correct information. They would not wave the 9 dollar service fee which I asked them to do cause of the aggravtion that I incurred. So I would be switched back to the automated system and once again the system did not have my correct info. Finally I was connected to service rep. Bernice she showed the type of compassion and concern that a customer appreciate. Thank you for serv. reps. Like Bernice. For her sevice I give her a 10+ Yours Robert Mclellan

Posted by Anonymous

Gander mountain in texarkana is absolutely the worst store for customer service. Ive tried 3 days in a row to get information on some shotguns i wanted to purchase only to be put on hold. The shortest time being 10 minutes. After i got tired of being on hold today i thought I would speak to a manager about it. Gues what??!! Yep, on hold again. No wonder the parking lot is empty. I intended on buying a 12, 20, and 410 shotguns and just wanted to see if they had them in stock.

Posted by Figurgrl

Purchased eye shields and found them in line for $10.00 cheaper. Had paid with a debit card. Would not honor the better price that was online through Amazon, then instead of crediting my debit card I was given cash... Thanks for the added trip to the bank :-(. Since when does a large company like Gander Mountain not have the capabilities of just recrediting my debit. FAIL!!!! Not to mention had just dropped over $900.00 the week before. And u can't credit me the simple $10.00 difference. Poor customer service

Posted by annie40g57

I shop your store and because of clearance sale several times this last couple months...There is a gentleman named Brent...Doesn't wear a vest but a badge...Before I seen badge I ask his name...I was furious the was he was talking and treating his employees...That day I heard sales clerks talking about quitting as I heard also couple had already walked out..there was only one manager answering calls to check out..From feeling I got from sales assoc.things were tense and seemed to be about Store Manager...If you've had excessive employee turnover I can say without doubt it's because of Brent..He talks down to everyone even Customers from my observation..Was going by bout7.15 few days ago and people were waiting outside..Stopped to ask about sale since there was several waiting and was told person that was suppose to open hadn't showed up.Guess what that person was Brent..Other Manager was off they said..and ONE came in later...I Worked retail 35 years and notice things when I'm in store..Narcisstic is what I would call him from observing him. Know you probably don't care but someone should be aware of how he talks and acts toward employees and customers

Posted by Anonymous

How can your registers be down every Saturday morning? This is frustrating and probably my last trip here. Then to have one of your workers thinking it's funny really is very upsetting!

Posted by Anonymous

I was in our Albany store on Sat. the 2nd. of July, at 2:00. HAd my purchases at the register. Had taken a t-shirt off sale rack. Of course there was not a tag, the cashier did not act very nice about, she just said this shirt is not on sale for 7.97 with 25% off. I said well it was hanging with the others. Instead of her offering to find outhe price she rudely said it is a different material. She was so rude I got upset with her, she rudely turned to a couple in line me, and said somebody is losing their patience on this holiday weekend. My daughter went back to find another shirt. There was not another just like it. She proceeded to say it was not on sale. I proceeded to say it is. Then a guy walked up and said she gets it for $5.97. I said I thought so, the customer is always right. She rung us up and looked at me and said, "You need to go home and take a nap." I almost came unglued. I have never seen a cashier act like this before, and I probably will not darken your door again. This is a shame because my 11 yr. old grandson loves your store. I admit she made me mad and I wasn't nice after her last comment, but I don't like being talked to by anybody in this way. Oh by the way, we looked for our receipt in the car, it wasn't there. We went back, and she did not have it. She wrote her name on a piece for returning and signed it Debbie.

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Posted by Barbonic

Visited store 320 in Knoxville today. Gentleman named Tony Gribble was most informative and helpful. a positive person for your company.

Posted by Anonymous

Jessie was very willing to find answers to questions about mini thirty.very helpful & customer oriented.

Posted by Griff

I am very disappointed in the operation of the range and academy at the Wichita store. Since I became a member this past spring, the range had been closed many days or should have been closed due to 90+ degree temps. This caused My classes to be postponed. It seems there is a problem with management or moral as indicated by a high turnover rate. I really enjoyed the classes presented by Chris and Mike but it sounds like those classes are at risk. Please look into this store. I really enjoy the store, but I may have to begin shopping at Cabelas.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to gander mountain utica mi today had two very helpful employees one by the name of jon the other i unfortionatly did not get his name i do spend quite a bit on hunting and sporting goods ny last three visits made me feel like i was in a mom and pop shop with everthing i could want when i spend my money these day i like to spend it with helpful people and thats what i get there today on gander mountain is my first stop will get the bulk of my sporting goods budget if not all good customer service trumps the few dollars i may save online

Posted by Anonymous

Samantha at gandermountain in st.augustine shoe department has the best customer service i have ever received from any gandermountain employ.

Posted by Anonymous

Went in to purchase a reel for my boyfriend. I was not sure what ome,but I could describe it. Joseph Jackson had the knowledge to know exactly what I was talking about. He was very friendly and informative. Also sold me things I didn't know needed, but he knew it would be in my boyfriends best interest. he also offered to string my reel as well as offer discount if I apply for a credit card.

Posted by Ronbrown

Store 411 Employee Jana B: Jana was fabulous!!! She went above and beyond good service when we found two pair of shoes that were not priced, not only did she find the price but helped us find specific shirts for my husband. We bought both pair of shoes and four shirts. We will definitely visit this store again when we are in town visiting our daughter. On another note the older man that was the MOD that day was not pleasant and did not seem to like anyone or his job that day. Thankfully we did not have any interaction with him, just noticed from afar.

Posted by CW

Had a wonderful shopping experience at River City Store! Erin and Paige were polite, professional and helped me find perfect products! Thank you Erin and Paige!

Posted by cfryer1996

I was shopping today at my Gander Mountain, Mt. Juiet Tennessee, 37122, for a couple of specific items.
1. S & W, .40 M & P Shield Holster by Blackhawk
2. Sunglasses, without polarization, WITH bifocal lenses (2.5)
Sales Associate, Lance Crawford

Posted by Anonymous

Kingston store will like to say how appreciate I was from the service person tori Duncan she was very knowledgeable and very helpful and I will see her next for my next purchase

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a handgun from Mitch, in your Roanoke, Va. store. He was very helpful, professional and friendly. I got everything I needed and will certainly return to this store again. Bill M.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a new customer to your store location in Middletown New York. I am very pleased with the attention I received. I was introduced to a James Nichols who spent time showing me sale items, I made a few purchases. and now a returning customer. Thank You Gander Mountain for being in my area.

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service by Brad Ware at the Knoxville, Tn. store.
I had to exchange a defective product and he was very helpful and professional.

Posted by Kevin

I made a purchase at your Myrtle Beach store a few days ago. Upon checking out, the cashier, Associate Sandra Crum addressed me with the information of how to save and get a Gander Mountain credit card. Due to her, I did so. Sandra's professional approach was pleasant with the attitude to promote the business and help the customer. Great people skills, she is exactly what any business would want in an employee that has to deal directly with the public. Look forward to shopping there again.
Kevin H.

Posted by Anonymous

Just visited the Roanoke, Va. Gander Mountain store. I was very pleased with the patience and expertise of the sales person by the name of Kyle. Though he was helping several other customers at the same time, he still took the time to make sure to explain the hiking boot differences in detail. It is unusual in today's stores to find a salesman like Kyle. He deserves a pat on the back by corporate management.

Posted by [email protected]

Purchased a rifle in Kingston, NY store and was helped out by Nick B. Pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. Great experience....I'll be back and I hope Nick will be there to help me. The whole team behind the counter worked together to assist myself and subsequent customers as i waited for transaction to be complete. Kuddos guys

Posted by Anonymous

Sales person (Levi) was friendly and knowledgeable of the product.Management was also very helpful.

Posted by hughcifier

Hello; I was in Your West Mifflin Pa. store on 8/6/15 First time handgun buyer at 63, need for shaky neighborhood. Your employee Cameron was the best person i have ever dealt with. talked me through entire process,which could be daunting for someone never fired a handgun. This man is a definite plus for Your company, and I will look for him on any future purchases.

Posted by Henry

June 7th my wife and I went to your Joliet, IL store to purchase a hand gun. We were assisted by, according to receipt, employee . I have never felt so welcome and at ease as I was yesterday. He answered all questions, never tried to sell me anything I did not want and came from behind the counter to help me find the accessories I wanted.

I have never been big on your store but because of him I will be back for future purchases.

Thank you

Henry Young

Posted by Anonymous

I recently made a purchase at Gander Mountain in Pensacola, FL. I worked with a sales rep in the Firearm Section named Jarrod. I was there on Friday 5/22/15 and again on Saturday and he was by far the most friendly and helpful rep I have ever dealt with. I shopped 4 competitors but returned to Gander Mountain to make my purchase from Jarrod (unsure if last name)

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the lakeville mn store this afternoon and was very impressed by the cashier named brittany. There was a line about 15 customers deep and many of them were grumbling about the wait. I work in retail and so i mentioned that i felt bad for her...her response was that she felt bad for the customers that had to wait...come to find out, it was her first day on the job but she was handling herself like a seasoned employee! She was so positive and helped make my trip to the store enjoyable.

Posted by Anonymous

Andrew in shoe department was very helpful and informative. Made me want to shop there again.

Posted by Gopack 1969

My wife and I were shopping at the Store # 425 on Saturday and Sandra Templeton was assisting us in buying shoes for myself. I wanted to say how helpful, patient, and pleasant she was to work with. She was SO much help in getting the right shoes for me, and saving me some money as well. Her product knowledge was impressive to say the least, and we really enjoyed her company as well. Not one time was she pushy, only patient, and very nice. Gander Mt. is fortunate to have such a wonderful sales person. We look forward to working with her again.

Posted by Anonymous

Visited the new store in Waco, Tx and was helped by Tammy Rodgers. She was very nice and helpful. Stores need more like her!!

Posted by Anonymous

I called for some advice on fixing a gun which I had bought from a friend and the gunsmith proceeded to explain in good detail what I needed to do which was already in the directions but it did not work for me. (8 minutes). I ended up having to go to the store and he again took the time to show me how it was done and he did it in seconds and then made me do the take down several times before he would let me go. 15 minutes. Never charged me and gave me other good advice. I have had mostly always good help at Gander. Maybe a little slow during busy times but that happens. Keep up the good work

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Posted by will

worked at Saginaw mi. store gun counter, its all about signing up credit cards, and pro plans (product insurance plans)im a patriot nra member, and corporate wont let you wear a nra tie tack pin?


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