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GameStop customer service is ranked #544 out of the 941 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.06 out of a possible 200 based upon 622 ratings. This score rates GameStop customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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29 Positive Comments out of 622 Total Comments is 4.66%.

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Posted by lex

I hate this return policy, I want my money back for a ps3 I bought, and it doesn't work now but I can't get a refund because it's past 30 days

Posted by Return

I would like to return a headset but I don't have the receipt but I have evrything els can I still return or exchange it's frome last Xmas pleas respond sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Aqua Teen

I placed an preorder on a collectible back in August with an expected release date of September. I contacted them about it and they told me the end of October. Since I ordered this collectible online rather than in store, I was forced to go back and forth with the customer service online via email which took them five days to respond to a simple question of where is my order. Now, I called to see where is my order but it took 30 minutes to get one person to talk to me. Now, I got a lady who was extremely vague about my order and apparently hard of hearing since I had to yell my replies back to her which made me feel uncomfortable. So now, I have no freaking clue of when my order will arrive due to emails taking forever and vague customer service that takes an eternity to respond. This is going to be the last time I will preorder something online from Gamestop.

Posted by Beresponsible

What is wrong with parents nowadays, does no one teach responsibility anymore? All I see is a bunch of people who opened new products and didn't like them, threw out the receipt before the 7 day window expired or threw out a box in the same window. Didn't your parents teach you better than that? When a return policy says you need a receipt and the initial packaging hold on to it until the return policy expires, its not rocket science its in the return policy. And play a game console in the store before you buy a new one if you think you might not like it. If you open a brand new product and dont like it that is the game companies fault, dont expect the store to take the hit for a brand new product becoming used once you open it and use it. With all the youtube videos and online reviews nowadays there is no excuse for paying hundreds of dollars for a system you dont like. When it comes to games buy a used copy if you think you might need to return it bc you might not like it, they will do that bc it doesn't cost them anything when you return it, unlike buying a new game and returning it slightly used. And lady with the son who turned in there system for 12 bucks, your son is lying and either pocketed or spent all the money, be a good parent, get to the bottom of it and teach him a lesson, dont take it out on gamestop.

Posted by customer

I bought a Nintendo switch played for 3 days didn't like it and have receipt and they won't let me exchange for a differnt consol or store credit what aholes i paid more then 500 on the purchase and wasnt satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a xbox 360 refurbished 250 GB and found out that its not backwards compatibile...why

Posted by Lucas

Have controller with L analog stick that isn't responsive when pressed in, had it for a while, can I trade it in for another one or do I have to buy another controller?

Posted by DeadluGamerx1

So I bought advanced warfare and it was scratched so I have to return it to the same store or can it be another store?

Posted by Buca

Bought a game for my son. He played once and didn't like it. I told him to return it for a different game. Same paged items and not damaged. He was refused because they said it wasn't in it wrapper still. Doesn't make sense to have a 30 day return policy with receipt yet don't take it back. Anyone ha e guidance on this?

Posted by DoNk3y

I work at GameStop and have a extremely hard time seeing us buying a console from a 12 year old.. Your son was lying because we only accept items with a valid driver's license... Better look farther into that ma'am :-)

Posted by Jose

Can u use the money that was refunded back to u to buy a different game ?

Posted by DanGanGalaxy

So, does GameStop straight up give you their money back for console returns? A local gamestore in my area (at least for used items) lets you return things in exchange for a gift card to their store alone with as much money on it as the item you returned. My friend got me a game for my birthday from GameStop, but when I returned it, the same thing happened.

Posted by Brilliant Gamer Kid

Are all of you so-called gamers illiterate or merely stupid? The vast majority of posts on this page have little to do with what one experienced while returning an item to GameStop. You do realize that this website is not affiliated with GameStop, don't you? Musings about whether or not GameStop will accept your return are not helpful to the users of this site. You are contributing nothing new. Please report the details of your return experience at GameStop.
And apologies to the person whose 16 year old sold his game system for $12. That sucks. Your notion that someone should have called you before purchasing the system from your son is embarrassingly naive, however. With shallow genetic soil like that, it is no surprise your son was taken so easily.

Posted by Fed up employee

Wow. The majority of people on here are griping about policies clearly stated on their receipts, all because they expect special treatment. Why? Get over yourselves and take your heads out of your cracks first and you might realize that YOU'RE NOT ENTITLED TO EXCEPTIONS TO THEIR POLICIES!

Posted by Anonymous

Okay, so I've been saving up for a xbox one since I started my job, so I bought one that was pre-owned, to save money. I start it up and go to put an adaptable xbox360 game in, and guess what, the slot where the disk goes in was covered slightly by the casing of the xbox one I flip it over to see that it's broken. I hope they'll replace it, otherwise they're loosing money.

Posted by Gerakiloz

I bought gta v yesterday and it was defective, i returned it and got another copy of it and it was also defective, can I still return it and get a refund ?

Posted by toutlaw

My 16 year old son went to gamestop last night, without my permission or me present, and sold his Xbox one, controller and 2 games. He just informed me of this and said they only gave him $12!!!!!! How can they let a minor do this without even trying to call his guardian? I think it's absolulty insanity they take advantage of a child not understanding what there policy is on trade in for cash. I'm fixin to go up there and give them a piece of my mind. This could be classified as stealing on there part because I would have never taken $12.

Posted by Anonymous

If it hasn't been 15 days yet and you have the receipt will they give u ur money back.

Posted by MR PS4

I Bought A Game At Game Stop And When I Got Home To Play It It Did'nt Work Because It Had Scratches Can I Still Trade It In For The Same Game Just A New Disc

Posted by help

i had super mash bros wii u and lost it i want to know how to get another one through my warrenty

Posted by HELP ME

I bought a game and it was broken (I did not brake it) anyway I was wondering what f I can return the game without a receipt

Posted by Anyomous

I bought a ps3 a couple moths ago and a month after I got it it started to glitch up and randomly shut down and it would go crazy and the screen would turn different colors. Also it would not save any information on my game. I wanted to know if I could get a full refund on my console and all my games. I kept the receipt and still have it. And I have all the cords. I also bought some games on the PlayStation store so I was also wondering if I could get my money back for those too because like all the others items it is totally defected.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a headset, threw away the box cause "how often does it not work?" Next day im about to use it and it doesn't work. Now I am not even sure I can return it without the BOX.

Posted by Anonymous

Im a collector and reseller of collectibles such a collecting figures, especial edition game consoles and rare games.
and in my line of business i purchase a lot at retail stores such as GameStop and some times I have to return items I'm not see value increase in the future.
and this company is one of the most dishonest retail stores i have encounter in all my years in the business.
they make up the dumbest excuses not to honor they return policy.
one time I need to return a Nintendo New 3DS XL Hyrule Gold Edition brand new that I purchase in a store in New Jersey.
the system was brand new factory sealed and the employee ho sold me the system informs me that if the item is not open I can returned at any game stop around united states.
well I take the 3DS system to the game stop in Jackson heights Queens in New York. and this employe told me that he was instructed by the manager to not take returns from any other gamestop.
so I ask polite to have a word whit this manager because I was told I can return this merchandise at any gamestop in the country as long I have the receipt and the merchandise was unopened.
so this guy name Jonathan shows up whit this attitude like he owns the dam place.
I explained him the situation and he start whit the dam excuses like you pass the 7 days of the return period!
and I point the back of the receipt were clearly state brand new unopened merchandise can be returned for a full refund between 30 day of the original day of purchase.
he replays It says merchandise not game systems,
I ask him so what you call this?
he say well not merchandise.
at this point I was ready to snap but I control myself and I ask this suppose manager can I get the number from you district manager?
he say I don't have that information at this time sir but let me see what can I do to help you out.
and when I ask him why this store won't fallow the return police like other stores?
why you won't take returns from other gamestop stores?
he star babling about people purchasing merchandise on stores in New Jersey whit fake credit cards and fake money and returned to that store.
I just laugh at his face and say thats the best you can come out whit? I was gone purchase some games whit the credit of the return but since you are a poor excuse of a manager and mis inform your costumers and employees I just take my money you name and the corporate number so I can call them and let them know what kind of manager they have working at this store,

Posted by Anonymous

I jus bought a brand new PS4 it ain't even been 30 days and I still have my receipt Andy hey won't let me take it back ain't nun wrong with it I opened it and it wasn't the one I thought it would be what can I do to get my money back it's jus been sitting here in the box


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