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Posted by Din

New ps4 but it was used

Posted by Don

I bought a new ps4 slim last year never really played online stuff untill recently because I never had psn plus, if I had gotten psn plus sooner I would've found out that gamestop sold me a used ps4 but marked it as used and they are denying it. It's odd how the hdd drive which I've only taken out once since owning ps4 has deep screw scratches in plate hold hdd in place among other things like my ps4 cereal number not registered so the only way I could verify I owned the ps4 was by providing my card number to Sony as proof I bought a game. Gamestop is nothing but a lying crooked thief.

Posted by McLovin

Is a question not a comment for anyone who knows the answer. I bought a call of duty infinite warfare/ modern warfare remastered version but they p in a disc that only has infinite warfare. Can I still return it for the correct disc without a warranty?

Posted by Ryanrogers

I just had a terrible experience at your store in hot springs, AR. I bout a new game 5 days ago and it was far from what I was expecting. I went to return it and they said the best I could get was a trade for 35 bucks less then I paid 5 days ago. This is a bad business practice

Posted by Anonymous

Disappointed. I finally found a elite controller. It�s in Fall River store and apparently they are holding it for someone. What happened to first com first serve. They didn�t buy it yet and it�s advertising on line. I buy a lot from GameStop but this kinda pissed me off You have it or not. If it�s bought or money has been put on it then it shouldn�t be available on line.

Posted by Anonymous

Disappointed. I finally found a elite controller. Itâs in Fall River store and apparently they are holding it for someone. What happened to first com first serve. They didnât buy it yet and itâs advertising on line. I buy a lot from GameStop but this kinda pissed me off You have it or not. If itâs bought or money has been put on it then it shouldnât be available on line.

Posted by Samfrog

Hi I brought a headset from your shop November last year and it is broken it says on the box 12 months guarantee.
I don't have the receipt.
Can I return it.

Posted by Fifa1721

Can I return a used game in Less than a week, never played and get my money back?

Posted by GameLover

I used a 20 percent off coupon to buy a preowned Switch game. I hate the game. Can I exchange it for a different Switch game that is originally the same price? Even though I had used a coupon?

Posted by Anonymous

It's ridiculous. I bought a brand new PS4 game, it didn't work because something was wrong with it. I brought it back in the time frame it was suppose to be in along with the correct receipt. Because I took it out of the plastic (No playtime, all papers and codes, nothing was used it was all brand new) they took 10$ off my original 29.99 purchase. Buy from Amazon NOT Gamestop they will rip you off in every way possible.
Cause apparently a 29.99 purchase only equals to about 20$ being returned?

Posted by Anonymous

Your return policy is RIDICULOUS!!!! I will Never buy or shop from GameStop again!!
Horrible customer service. Ripoff prices and terrible return policy! Two thumbs down!!

Posted by Tbone716

I know gamestop has to have strict policies, from people who try to rip them off. But their return policy is a joke! All I can say is, when you make a purchase through hardtop, make sure the item is what you want. Because if not, you could be out of a lot of money. They're just another GREEDY, congomulate, that doesn't stand behind their products.

Posted by Anonymous

You're store return policy is a joke. I bought a sd SanDisk card for my Sega handheld. It came with an adaptor. Unfortunately, these are picky with ad cards. I asked the employee who seemed to know a great deal on these and said it would guarantee to work. I asked him about the return policy and he told me as long as I have my receipt. It did not work and not even a week later, I went to return it with my receipt and the employee gave me a line of crap that they do not accept opened items, after I had asked what their return policy was when I bought it. Now I'm out 40 bucks, not very much, but I have no use for this sd card and I was lied to. This is the last time I shop there for anything You guys are thieves.

Posted by Cj2456

Had my first experience trying to help my son return a game consul to the Folsom Broadstone Game stop. Jeremiah is the manager, what a scam. My son bought a new PS4 and tried to return 20 hours later, they would not refund 100%...said their policy is similar to all others...hello? I checked Best Buy, Frys, Amazon, they all have 100% returns. Just saying, buy from the big boys, save the headache. I'm an attorney and old enough to know how to shop wisely, trying to teach my son the same. Go elsewhere, the same hardware and software is 20% cheasper, that's a fact.

Posted by Hnburton15

I hate this I accidentally purchased the wrong game for the wrong game system and they said they can't exchange it the game for the PS4 version if the package wasn't open. How the hell was I suppose to know it was a PSVita game if I don't open the package. They told to go to my local game stop to get a refund.

Posted by Asm

Hi, I made a purchase for the site, a Wiithat came with two games, batman and mario, but when I opened it I saw that it is missing one, the batman game just came to the cover, I already sent an email with photos but nobody me replied, would you like to know what happened?

Posted by Learn how to spell

I sincerely cannot comprehend how all of you can be complaining and whining about the refund policies and such when you cant even spell the word correctly. I am thoroughly convinced that the majority of you must not have completed basic education by the looks of these posts. How can you try to complain, let alone try to inform people in a correct way to avoid the mishaps you have had to experience if you cannot even use proper grammar. Before you try to go on a tangent and argue all the reasons why you don't have to adhere to the policies and expectations, please do yourself a favor and make sure you spelled at least HALF of your BS complaints correctly, because trying to read these comments that you illiterate children have left here was ridiculous. I'm surprised any of you even have jobs to find the means to pay for these things, cause I can guarantee you would not be working anywhere near me with your kindergarten level IQ's

Posted by SAM B

Do Not Try To Call They Never Answer The Phone. Just Chalk It Up To A Loss .

Posted by SAM B

Do Not Try To Call They Never Answer. Save Your Time And Energy. Just Chalk It Up To A Loss.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been sitting on hold for over an hour for the second time in 3 days after I discovered a fraudulent Gamestop charge on my paypal account the day after Thanksgiving. I submitted a dispute claim with PayPal and had it denied for some reason and am now attempting to take it up with Gamestop. I've emailed them twice and received no response. Given the number of "Gamestop customer service sucks" references I've found online, I'm not very hopeful. I guess I'm posting this in hopes that you'll think twice before shopping there. I certainly never will give them $.

Posted by Ronbo

Had I read the dozens upon dozens of complaints across the Internet that exist concerning dealings with GameStop I would have been more careful in dealing with them. Instead of doing research first, I made the mistake of placing an order with them. Now I am in the same predicament that hundreds of others have found themselves in.

On Thanksgiving Day I ordered a PS4 Pro online from GameStop. Never have used this company before, I did so because of a special deal they were running. After completing the order, I saw a better deal on BestBuy's online site.

I tried to cancel the order from GameStop. Thing is, there is no way to cancel an order. From what I found out later, the company makes it absolutely impossible for customers to cancel and order once placed from them. There is no email link to write customer support anywhere on their site. There is a toll-free customer support line which I will talk more about in a moment. The only other way to contact tier-one support is via an app that one must download on their mobile device and then select FEEDBACK. GameStop makes it as difficult as possible to reach customer support.

I did send support a ticket via their app, and on Thanksgiving day I received a reply saying my order could not be stopped. Now, think about this. Nobody works the warehouse on Thanksgiving day. There is no way my order could have been packaged and processed --- especially since GameStop explicitly states that it takes one day for order processing.

So, let's talk about their toll-free number. I called four times during Thanksgiving day to reach someone. On each call, I was on hold for 70 minutes until I finally hung up each time.

Now, one could say that an expected surge in call volume would be expected during a holiday weekend. I would normally agree with that. However, if you take a moment to Google "cannot get through on GameStop phone support," you will find a multitude of threads from various gaming forums where angry customers talk about this specific issue. It seems like, at any given time, GameStop will keep people on hold for well over 30 minutes -- no matter what time of year you call. There are customers who speak of having to keep their speakerphone running for well over 30 minutes while they continue doing their own business.

I finally get through to GameStop support the day after Thanksgiving. On this particular call, I was on hold for 75 minutes before an operator answered. The operator was rude. Even though my order was listed as still being "open," the day after a holiday, the operator told me that my order was already packaged and being processed for delivery.

As I sit here and write this complaint, now 3 days later, my order is still listed as being "open." It has not been shipped. I have not been provided with a tracking number. This is a simple case of GameStop not wanting to stop the order and making the customer go through the process of returning the item.

If anyone thinks that my complaint is unfounded, I invite you to Google "GameStop complaints." You will be amazed just how many other customers experienced the same issue where within an hour of placing an order with the company, GameStop refused to cancel the order. In fact, complaints across the Internet cite rude and uncooperative customer support.

Some customers are even complaining that GameStop makes it impossible to return shipped orders as they put no return address on the package. That's something I cannot confirm as of yet, but will be watching for as I plan to refuse my shipment.

It just amazes me that this company is still in existence and has been allowed to treat customers in this manner.

I will be posting negative reviews on the Internet as well as updating them with any additional issues I experience with this company. I will also be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Once my charge hits the credit card, I will be putting a stop to payment. I am not even going to allow the company to collect a dime off of me. They will get their package back one way or another, but I won't be paying for it.

Posted by gbrennan

i ordered ps4 vr package online and it took 3 days for gamestop to cancel my order because they didnt have it in stock .3 days is unaccepatable

Posted by lex

I hate this return policy, I want my money back for a ps3 I bought, and it doesn't work now but I can't get a refund because it's past 30 days

Posted by Return

I would like to return a headset but I don't have the receipt but I have evrything els can I still return or exchange it's frome last Xmas pleas respond sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Aqua Teen

I placed an preorder on a collectible back in August with an expected release date of September. I contacted them about it and they told me the end of October. Since I ordered this collectible online rather than in store, I was forced to go back and forth with the customer service online via email which took them five days to respond to a simple question of where is my order. Now, I called to see where is my order but it took 30 minutes to get one person to talk to me. Now, I got a lady who was extremely vague about my order and apparently hard of hearing since I had to yell my replies back to her which made me feel uncomfortable. So now, I have no freaking clue of when my order will arrive due to emails taking forever and vague customer service that takes an eternity to respond. This is going to be the last time I will preorder something online from Gamestop.

Add your review!

Posted by Reno

Just found this site, or I would have posted sooner. Last Dec. 25th I purchased a game, online, which GameStop had oversold keys to. I was told that not only would I receive a complete refund, but I would also receive the game, for free, when they got more keys. It took nearly a month, I'm sure it was due to the holidays, but I got both all my money back, plus the game for free. I couldn't be more happy with their Customer Service.

Posted by Awesome guy

Gamestop has by far the BEST COSTERMER SERVICE. The workers are awesome and really good at their job. SHOUT OUT TO MS.Rylee from 3 days ago [I think] This Kirby game is awesome and the crystal game on it you mentioned is as you said a favorite.Rylee is an awesome worker she maid me think I have to buy something just so I could find this website. Chances are you don't know who I am much less remeber but who csres! I will be back gamestop and I will promote you,so you guys should reall consider thanking Ms. 408401 Rylee. Pensicola FL needs more workers like her. Farewell and be blessed! Oh if there's any phycho's who wanna track me down for my ending remark please reconsider.

Posted by loribansemer

don't we have enough problems with young people having skewed views let's have a commercial where elves Steel video games and a reindeer like yeah what I'm out of here seriously time to find somebody new in the advertising department.but on a good note I got a great deal on a3ds and the guy was really cool 27th Street Milwaukeedidn't get a chance to take my survey pass it on

Posted by BrandyBelle

While I see that many of you on here have had terrible experiences with GameStop at several different locations this is lamentable. My local Gamestop, Berryvill AR is awesome! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help you in anyway that they can. I have had nothing but wonderful service from this team. I have two boys and a girl and the store manager has a daughter the same age as mine and she is always ready to help me make selections that fun and appropriate for my kids!

Posted by DKF-17

Gamestop better not do this thing again I got all excited for Second Suns release today just to find out that only people who preordered it had it released for them.Sucks a release date should be a released date not a pre ordered pick up day.

Posted by IactuallyLikeGamestop

PS4 I had bought would not eject the DVD that was inside. After consulting Sony's website for manually ejecting a disk and trying that solution myself (with no success), I decided to take the console back to GameStop. I had purchased a one year warranty for the console through Gamestop. Then PS4 was replaced and the associate, Matt, managed to get the disk out for me. Serious kudos to Matt and the staff at the Gamestop at the south Glenstone location in Springfield, MO.

Posted by morbius4510

I would like to give huge props to a Manager for gamestop in our small town of Hornell New York 14843. I am not sure of the stores number but a young Manager there by the name of Chris I have no clue of his last name is amazing and a awesome manager. I have been in this store many times and by far he has been the best manager in these stores as I have been to other locations when outside of town. This guy is awesome at knowing his stuff he knows the ins and outs of the gaming world. He has helped me out many times with information and I would just love to get this kid some recognition and I call him kid because I am a middle aged gentleman. I believe those that do a amazing job should always be recognized and pat on the back and this young man more then deserves it. Thanks


very friendly, very knowledgeable and always so welcoming when you first come into the store. There is a huge variety of games and great guide books to games.

Posted by godhelpyou

today i went to gamestop to buy the DLC for black ops 2,uprising before and after i received my DLC the man at the desk christopher made my day he was hilarious and funny full of energy we talked for 10mins today was amazing thanks to christopher

Posted by Mike

Gamestop good customer service, knowledge of their merchandise, and overall very trustable in new and pre-owned games.

Posted by Anonymous

Had a GREAT experince calling gamestop to cancle an online order. They answered after about 19 min. and I was off the phone with them a couple of min. later. Loved how fast they answered and how helpful the person I was talking to was. Would do it again.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to extend my deepest appreciation to Tony of store 561 in the Deerbrook Mall location in Illinois. His service was beyond outstanding. In fact another customer commented to me prior to Tony assisting myself and my daughter what greta hands I was in. This guy is the perfect representative that goes far beyond the call of duty. He is knowledgable,friendly and patient beyond belief. I also noted he treated other customers like royalty and had the same demeanor on the phone. I am now a loyal life long customer.

Dean A.Frankel

Posted by Heather 0020

I love my local gamestop. Knowledgable people that make sure I'm fully aware of the great deals and new products. I have never, ever had a bad experience in my store. I can be one of those customers with lots and lots of questions regarding their merchandise, and they are always so patient and informative, answering every silly question of mine in a very professional way. I LOVE GAMESTOP!!!!

Posted by nyejohn66

I recently git a ps3. i wanted to get the new naruto generation game. went to a store nearby and they said the don't have any in stock. i asked when the will get another shipment. they said within one week, the clerk said that when they get the gasme in, they will call. 8 days later i got a call. i came in and got my game. not hard, they were very friendly.

Posted by Anonymous

Everyone seems to hate GameStop so much...but the truth is, if you go into the store, you usually don't have these kinds of problems. Granted, some of the employees inside the stores can be terrible, but you won't have nearly as many problems if you have a GameStop near you that you visit. I live a few miles from a location with amazingly nice employees and perfect customer service, and I've never had anything bad to say. If the customer service on the phone or online suck, I suggest going into the store and nicely asking for help. It will feel a lot more satisfying getting answers face-to-face and will probably be a lot more helpful. No one at GameStop wants to deal with angry people, though, so, if you're rude to them, they'll be rude to you.

Posted by Notagamer

Great Service; very helpful and understanding

Posted by No Limits16

The gamestop in my town which is washington mo is actually fun to go to. great service, they are very knowledgeable, and they don't go crazy if you don't want to sign up for something. the only thing i have a problem with is that its 20 to 40 miles to another gamestop and being such a small town my store runs out of certain titles that i can't get. other than that its a great place to go.

Posted by Anonymous

About a week or so ago, my son and I came into Game Stop #6566 - Woodruff Rd, Greenville SC. We had a wonderful visit! Eric Gamble was our salesperson and he was AwEsOmE...and he had on the baddest watch ever!! Please know that he made our experience great...he was personable and professional. I was very tired from working all day but I had promised my son that I would bring him to Gamestop, Eric made the time there pleasant. Thanks You Rock!!!

Posted by ajbateman

My favorite of stores i've ever shopped at, and it's BECAUSE of the customer service. (Cobourg, Ont.)

Posted by Anonymous

I have been shopping at GameStop for years, and I have had very few issues with them. The few I have had were resolved in a very reasonable manner, and time frame. There are 4 stores near me (south-west Ohio), and I have always received great customer service, benefited greatly from the employees knowledge.

Posted by JSIcey

I dont agree with anyone here. I have been going to gamestop for the past 7 years and ive only had a few problems. They are always really nice, they know what they are talking about and rarely mess anything up. I dont know where you people live, but where ever it is it must be a pretty crappy place.

Posted by Anonymous

I haven't had trouble with them until the middle of last year and now I ordered two copies of two worlds two off their site and one copy of two worlds. Well the two worlds has been shipped but nothing about two worlds two. I paid for over night shipping so if I don't get them by next week I plan on filling charges because it's BS to pay extra money and not get what they charge you for.

Posted by tigermnm3132

I have been a customer of GameStop for years now. I have had noting but pleasant experiences with them. Although I have never dealt with them on-line, their employees at the stores are very friendly and knowledgeable, and help out in any way they can. I love this place and rarely purchase things to satisfy my gaming needs from any other store.

Posted by xraydog4574

idk about u guys but here in bend my gamestop has incredible service the answer the phone right away thare always nice and the always have thare pre orders and online orders in time

Posted by Anonymous

i love gamestop always great service live here in PHX,AZ all of you who cry bout trade ins it can be fixed DONT DO IT go to ebau or something the company is for making money i go there a lot and know the reps it helps to talk to them and be nice one rep exchanged my broken controller that i had way past the exchange date but he knew me from always going in thats great service

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Posted by ROCKMYSOX525

i currently work at a gamestop as a tenured employee in the south florida region, and therefore choose to remain stating this in reference to an email my store recieved by my dm last week, stating that at the beginning of our shifts, we must call and/or text at least 3 to 5 friends and family mumbers while under supervision of a manager EXPRESSING IDEVICE TRADE POROMOS...i have to say its a good concept but we are not being paid to prostelytize like a cult plus we dont get paid commission.. also walking behing a conter is the best idea, unless you are a store with a lot of traffic; as my location is, and whenever i see customers on the phone a flyer or let them know about our trade promos, they dont want to be bothered...i am a top seller in the company and usually my numbers alone carry my whole district sometimes, but i digress. the point im trying to make is that sometimes i believe we need to be a slight bit less aggressive and overzealous, and do our best to make our valued customers happy, so they keep coming back to buy our fiNe products... im using a friends email, again to rewmain anonymous for fear of termination...that you for taking the time to read this.

Posted by Gamehalt

I've been shopping at Gamestop for 8 years now. I've even worked for them at one point for about 7 months.

I've always loved Gamestop, I've spent thousands of dollars over the past 8 years shopping there. I never had a problem at all until the store I frequent starting letting employees who were knowledgeable about games go,and hiring people who knew nothing about games. The assistant manager they hired never owned a system. I was upset that the people I liked and who knew their stuff were gone.

What really set me off though was the manager and a game advisor banned me from pre ordering because I canceled two of my pre orders. One day, I canceled my circle pad pro, the next day I canceled Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, because I had read a review on IGN that said it was terrible. After I canceled, not wanting the employees reserve numbers to go down, I pre ordered Diablo 3. I was then told that I can't pre order anymore because in the 8 years I have been a customer I have only canceled 6 times, because I know how important reserve numbers are to employees.

I plan to cancel my pre order for Diablo 3 tomorrow and never return. Customer loyalty means nothing anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

Many of the issues I have read from disgruntles customers are corporate issues and should not be taken out on the employees of the company. The reason you need to go to the same store you reserved your game at is an inventory issue. If 200 customers reserve a game at one location, that store will receive 200 copies plus some for those who haven't reserved it. By the logic of going to any Gamestop to pick up your game, then any one location would have to have enough inventory to cover every reserve for all 6,000 Gamestops. How does that make sense?
With regards to the return policy, would you want to buy a "new" game that someone already played and then returned as new? No that would be unethical. Most stores will even bend that rule if you want to exchange it for something else, however storming into a store and demanding that we return a brand new product because you did not like it and expect us to sell the product as new is unethical. We always tell customers to save receipts so that if their is an issue with lost reserves or lost money there is some form of documentation proving your case. Any issues beyond 30 days, our systems do not allow us employees to look up these transactions so unfortunately the corporate office needs to be called. You might be on hold for a while but someone always does answer and they/us in the store will try and accommodate you customers. There are over 6,000 locations with only one customer support center. Unless you would like them to outsource the center to India or Japan, then a wait is needed to speak to someone. All of our warranties and return policies are on the back of the receipt, and we have them all located on the counters of our stores. Reading these before making purchases will reduce any further confusion and frustration.


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