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80 Positive Comments out of 571 Total Comments is 14.01%.

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    • 491 negative comments (85.99%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I am not a subscriber and you keep sending me messages !

Please kindly delete these to:

Thank you and Best Wishes !

Posted by Eugene

Why Does Your Site Freeze And Not Allow Me To Rent, Buy, Or Even Shop For Games To Review...

Posted by Anonymous

DO NOT USE GAMEFLY!!! i cannot stress this enough. They will scam you from your money! I got charged 4 dif charges on my card from a free trial i never started then obviously getting ahold of anyone is just not gonna happen the support phone number or email is a joke. Its not even bad customer service ... customer service isnt even there! Do not use gamefly

Posted by Mikeq88

After a full week(7 days) waiting for my first game to get here I decided to cancel bc it hadn't shown up. Tried to contact customer service but no luck. I'd strongly recommend never using their services.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a game Monday or Tuesday & I tried playing it today but its not working. The game is Call Of Duty Advance Warfare for the Xbox One

Posted by Will

I was Charged $46.47 For games that I returned over 3 weeks ago trying to reach billing support phone number provided by gamefly does not work. I am really pissed off

Posted by June

having trouble with my account keeps telling me to contact customer service every time I want to add a game to my Q. I would but game fly is up until 5 pm now its 9 pm.

Posted by Ryan Silva

Hi, I called before 5 on Wednesday March 4th and your technical supports keeps hanging up on me. I have been waiting for a game sence the 25 of last month and I always get the game fast but not this time please email or call me back at

Posted by nooneknows

Yes i tried to open an account with them and they say someone used my address and when i contacted them on the chat line they can't do anything about it. Then i call customer service and they fix the problem then they wouldn't except my bank information and so forth they say it suppose to be a month free but yet they want to charge my bank account to hold the funds so how is it free. They are a bunch of liers .

Posted by loki1944

Absolute scam from D2D to gamefly. Gamefly still shows games that run fine on today's hardware as "under review" years later. What a dishonest company. They should have reimbursed everybody they lied to. It's insulting and disrespectful to the consumer.

Posted by AlexanderNewiger

Please contact me about a erroneous charge. It's $10 that was charged to my account but I canceled my service 10 seconds after ordering it. I am attempting to correct it using gamefly support but will call credit card company if I am not dealt with promptly.
Alexander Newiger

Posted by Spiderjesus2099

Gamefly customer service is the biggest piece of crap in the world. Every time I have a problem I just give up because I'm tired of the back and fourth conversations and them not even making an attempt to help me, and then they'll talk about revoking my membership when i start using words like "goddamn" in my replies because I'm getting fed up. I got dozens upon dozens of emails from them where they just keep switching me from representative to representative and none of them have read any of the previous emails, so I have to retell my story every time.

Posted by Anonymous

I thought I was signing up for a free 30day trial membership kinda like Netflix where they put a 3 to 4 day hold on your account then they release it....that's not the case I was charged and then had 2 other minor charges taking out why I don't know....I'm going to contact my attorney to see if they were negligent in any way for charging my account for a 30day free trial

Posted by Anonymous

Its a scam i emailed called and no response how can i say yes to a trial and not talk to a person.thanx but no thanx!

Official company reply

Please email [email protected] with your email address with any question or issue. We will reach out to assist you.

GameFly Support 12/4/14 2:31PM

Posted by JusAhKiss

So I was offered a free 3 day trial and was charged the monthly fee anyways. I am calling the better business Bureau first thing Monday morning as well as my attorney. This is outrageous and it's also considered theft in my state and I am planning on prosecuting them for taking funds from my account.

Posted by skatardrummer

So horribly frustrated with gamefly. It takes 2-3 weeks to get a new game when returning one. They get the one back in 3-4 days, then they say they've sent a new one, but I suspect the don't actually send it the same day since it takes another 7-14 days.

Also, they won't take my card. My bank has verified it is an issue on Gamefly's end and that the authorizations are going through, but Gamefly refuses to look into it, they just blame my bank. My bank offered to do a three way call with them to help and to provide them with the authorization numbers, but Gamefly refuses. Horrible company. Horrible customer service.

Posted by godmonkey

Still mad about lost direct2drive software. I hate this company because they made me lose faith in digital games purchasing. I have certainly not bought anything from them since.

Official company reply

We're sorry for your experience. Please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

GameFly Support 10/29/14 7:13AM

Posted by Crowryl

I was charged, or attempted to be charged, almost two weeks early of a month, and was told it did not matter if my last payment was paid, my registration date was the billing date for each month. If I am paying for a monthly service, I want an entire month of service before I am charged again. No one from the GF team would even bother to help me but "type" up the same two-three paragraphs and tell me that my billing date doesn't matter, it would always be the day I registered in a month.

Official company reply

We'd like to assist you in a resolution. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. We hope to hear from you soon.

GameFly Support

GameFly Support 10/20/14 7:06AM

Posted by Anonymous

I understand your company is a business and you protect yourself. I Also protect myself. I made a loadable card, just to do business with GF. I received a 2nd and final notice about my account, in the same day! Also, between those emails. I responded that this would be handled. Sorry, I didn't handle it in a hour. If GF wants to cancel my account, go ahead. I'll do my part tomorrow. If GF can't wait, bye!

Official company reply

We are sorry for the hassle and would like to help you out! Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post, so we can make it right!

GameFly Support

GameFly Support 10/16/14 7:27AM

Posted by kristine

My membership has been cancelled for 6weeks or more but you have charged my debit card without my knowledge I called my debit card company and had them cancel transaction hopefully I get my money back with no problems.

Official company reply

Hi Kristine, we are sorry for your experience. If you haven't spoken with a Rep already, please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post so that we can help you out.

GameFly Support 9/30/14 2:38PM

Posted by chelleigh23

I was a loyal customer of Gamefly on and off for a number of years (since like 2008) and was totally satisfied with their service...

...until recently.

Admittedly, there were a lot of shipping issues. For about two months straight, every game I would send back would take forever to get back to Gamefly or otherwise never show up and I'd have to file a "shipping issue." They ended up suspending my account because of it; meanwhile, I filed a complaint with USPS because I'd never had this issue before and couldn't understand why it was happening. Turns out, the mail carrier was stealing the games from our outgoing mail! USPS apologized and said all was taken care of and the next week, we had a new mail carrier. I figured all was fine and dandy.

I contacted Gamefly then to let them know what had happened with USPS and that I was willing to replace the games that were stolen (more than generous, IMO, since it wasn't my fault but it happened on my watch). They refused to take my money for the games and instead said "we cannot and will not consider to reinstate your account until after the games have been returned to us."

What?! I tried up and down to explain to them that this is out of my control. They're not likely to see those games again, if they haven't already, since it's been determined what happened and USPS apparently never was able to recover the stolen property. Unfortunate, but why would Gamefly decide that means I can't do business with them any more?! It's completely ridiculous. I'm extremely upset about it. There's no other competent game rental services around so this basically means I'm SOL. Though, frankly, from the way their chat rep (Crystal) acted toward me, I wouldn't want to bother with them again anyway. She was totally unhelpful and didn't even seem to read my replies to her messages before spitting out another cookie-cutter answer.

Bottom line, I'm very disappointed and don't know that I would deal with Gamefly again if offered the chance. I certainly would warn anyone who asked me not to get involved with them... issue resolution/logical thought are not something that's valued in their company, apparently.

Official company reply

We are sorry to read about your situation with GameFly and would like to help by further reviewing your account. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post so that we can have further review your account and reach out to you directly.

GameFly Support 9/5/14 10:38AM

Posted by Chirimorin

Do NOT buy from GameFly.
GameFly is unaware of the European refund law (the one giving you a 14 day period to cancel your online purchase) and they will simply refuse a refund.
I am fully aware on how this law works, including the special rules for digital content. GameFly is NOT allowed to refuse my refund just because they think they can overrule the European consumer protection laws with their terms of service. (If they can overrule the law, why are there consumer protection laws in the first place?)

Sadly I doubt I can do anything in the direction of sueing them because I cannot afford a lawyer. I guess my money is gone and the bad guys win. I just hope more people realize the illegal practices of this company.

Official company reply

We are sorry to read about your issue. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

GameFly Support 9/5/14 10:39AM

Posted by Fedup

GAMEFLY equals USELESS and CLUELESS! 6 years and they get worse every year. I wish a Co. would pop up and destroy them at a lower price while showing them how to do it with happy customers. HIGH PRICES / LOW SERVICE!

They used to have some people that (with some careful coaxing) would fix the issues they cause with SLOW SHIPPING and NOT SHIPPING a damn game or other things they screwed up.

I swear CHAT is based out of India now. You can't get them on the phone like years ago. Their brainless drones that you are forced to talk to are best at copying and pasting in canned useless responses like (I'm sorry for your experience, we do apologize for the inconvenience. Is there anything else we can NOT help you with?) That's their favorite one. They do nothing!


Official company reply

We are sorry to read about your frustrations with GameFly and would like to help provide a resolution. All our Reps are located in the US. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post so that we can have Supervisor reach out to you directly.

GameFly Support 8/11/14 8:08AM

Posted by Anonymous

On June 9, 2014, I to take advantage of a sale that they had going on. My address and not yet been updated for my credit card billing address as I moved a year previously. When I tried to update my address, the system refused to allow it. Multiple attempts at trying to correct the address for their system put my credit card on a 24-hour hold and I could no longer take advantage of the sale. I emailed the company 3 times and the only response I got back was that the rationale for their turning them my credit card was because of the wrong address and multiple attempts. It was a stupid answer is all I was time to do was correct the address. Now almost 2 months later still attempting to correct the address they have on file, the system will not allow you to change the address of an existing credit card they have on file. They claim to have high security measures, however will not allow the customer to correct their own information. Despite attempts at calling and emailing, they will not respond and I have been a customer for several years buying many downloads and rentals from them.

Official company reply

We'd like to assist you in this as soon as possible. Please e-mail [email protected] and let us know the e-mail address linked to your account.

We look forward to assisting you.

GameFly Support

GameFly Support 7/22/14 7:22AM

Posted by wtfbbq

the only 'help' I got was telling me to restart my PC and router.

anyone else get the error "IdentityError

The download byte size did not match the manifest byte size. " ?

Official company reply

Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. We will then be able to help you out!

GameFly Support 7/13/14 11:31AM

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Posted by dsjcustomer

Used this number. Reached a representative, and took care of what I needed to do right away. Thanks for the information. :)

Posted by Anonymous

I signed up for a free trial and because of my own forgetfulness, didn't cancel for 4 months. Seeing the most recent charge on my account reminded me while I was seated at a computer for once and I finally cancelled the subscription. I called to see if maybe the most recent charge could be removed since I hadn't used the account once during those 4 months and the man I spoke to was very nice and explained gamefly would refund me 2 months' of charges. He also took the time to explain that since the most recent charge was already approved by my bank, though it is still pending, that the charge could not be deleted and would end up posting. He also explained the amount of time the refund would take to post. I have no review about the actual service since I never used it, but customer support is nice and efficient.

Posted by ChronologicalClockwork

I know it's terrible, but how else am I suppose to get games? I've got little money for all the things I want to try and buying bad games and wasting your money with no refund is terrible way to go about life. I'm glad Gamefly exists, sure they screw up sometimes by sending the wrong game but NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!

I get games three days after shipping one back. Which is pretty fast. Probably because there's a gamefly in the next state pretty close to me. But if something gets lost DO NOT BLAME GAMEFLY! BLAME YOUR MAIL PEOPLE. Mine suck.

Posted by secave

I was charged for the free trial promotion they were offering. I emailed customer support saying I'd cancel and minutes later i was refunded and the account was switched to the free trial. I decided to try it out and got my first game within 3days, they also relieved it within 3days when i sent it back. So far I'd recommend gamefly.

Posted by Goalieboy96

I was unable to cancel my membership in time due to internet accessibility, and they understood, refunded me, and were prompt and courteous. They told me to simply return the game that they had sent out. I always received games from them as soon as they were available. Never took them more than three days to ship, and they responded within 48 hours of my complaint. They're great, if I had the money to pay for membership, I would. Totally recommend.

Posted by True_assassin717

I've been with gamefly for 5 years now and I've only had one problem which one of the games they sent me got lost in the mail but they immediately shipped the game to me again. Other than that small problem I have had 0 problems with Gamefly and I am a happy customer of their's

Posted by Shalograve

I have been a subscriber to Gamefly since around 2004 and experience with Gamefly has been mostly positive. Reading through the negative comments has prompted me to write this positive review.

The first 15 negative comments that I read mention everything from Gamefly sending a dead rodent instead of a game and accusing Gamefly of stealing their credit card information. Any intelligent person should be able to suss out that these are either fringe cases or outright lies. Gamefly could not remain a viable business for over 11 years if they took everyone's credit card info, mailed them a dead rat, and wished them the best of luck getting their money back.

Others were claiming that turnover (time from mailing to receiving)was taking two weeks. Gamefly will never admit to "throttling" your usage, but being a subscriber for as long as I have; certain trends begin to stick out. I have experienced long turnover at a time when I was sending back three games a month. It doesn't take an MBA to recognize that most subscribers are paying $18.00/mo. to lease products worth $35.00 [my guess at avg. value of game and postage] and that the service would "throttle" the heavy-users to entice them to upgrade their level of service. In my experience; if I play a game for a week or two and send it back on a Friday, I will receive the next game five days later.

Many others are upset that they don't get the new release game on the day of release. Again, it wouldn't be a viable business if Gamefly purchased a copy of the latest game for everyone that wanted it.

Not to say that I have never received the latest game(once I got a game before the day before its release date); but, for the most part, Gamefly is a good service for people that want to play games in the back catalog. It is not for people that only want to play the newest, most-popular games.

I feel that Gamefly is a good value and I highly recommend it.

Posted by Chamba

Ok, minutes after posting a negative comment here, they responded to my email and called me twice.. And now I am just waiting if it works. that's if it does. At the moment they did respond and fix the problem.

Posted by steveo

posting this because i couldn't find it anywhere else game fly was fast on the call to verify my purchase of a PC download game it didn't take more than 10 min for them to call and the costumer service was friendly as well.

Posted by notavideomama

Our credit card was hacked and we received 2 GF products in the mail. I could not find the phone number on the GF website, but was grateful to find it here. Unlike some of the other comments I read, I was able to reach customer service quickly. The CSR was helpful and efficient.

Posted by Arkansaswoman777

I have been a member of gamefly for almost a year and i love it. I have no problems whatsoever. I usually receive my games in about 2 to 3 days depending on when i send them back in. In my opinion gamefly is the best.

Posted by Hellos :D

Gamefly to me has been amazing never had a problem at all with them their customer supports good and the games come to me very quickly i love gamefly! Its better because i go through games pretty fast and i hated having to sell them back and getting ripped off by gamestop! Gamefly for me is a dream come true.

Posted by megalodon

its been at least 4 or 5 days allready ive still have not recieve any games i called i even talked to the manager him and his amployees are strait ass#@%$ talking to me with desrespect i hope i recieve it tommorrow or i will call again,,,,22 dollars aint a little,,, 2 off my friends waited for a whole month they never recieve the game or there money back,,,ya the thief

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a bunch of games from D2D a few years ago but was never fond of the extra Activation codes you had to put in to play their games, so I decided to stick with Steam for the rest of digital purchases. When I found out that D2D was going out of business and GameFly was taking over, I was a little distraught and wondered how I would play my old games.

A few days ago I decided to try to login to my D2D account on GameFly and thankfully all my account information and previous bought games were listed in my history, just like it did for D2D.

I felt like playing TQ + IT again, go to download the games and install them and D2D's activation screen came up... Checking GameFly's site, it appears they are still transitioning a lot of games into their game client. Most of my purchases seem to be already in their client but unfortunately the game I wanted to play was not.

All I had to do was READ their support page on getting D2D games we want to play now to work. Unfortunately I had to e-mail them for a new Activation key.

To my surprise, I got an e-mail response later on the same day with both activation keys and was able to install and play those games just fine over the weekend.

I'm still not very fond of having another game client installed on my computer to play a few older games I bought from D2D but I understand how things change and how stressful it can be for another company to take over the one you've been used to.

Overall, it was easy to follow instructions on their site (if you know how to read) and a nice and quick response from their e-mail support.

Posted by MoonBeam

In the 4 years I have been a member, I always get my new games promptly. The only times that I did turned out to be a post office error.

I had no problems reaching customer service at the number posted above.

It is very easy to cancel on their site. They will even hold it so the next time you sign up you still have your game history.

Posted by Effy91810

I have been a member for three months and I love it.... I have no complaints I receive texts every time they ship or have received my games.. Anytime I send a game back I make sure its on a Monday so in that case I have my other game by wednesday or Thursday I have love it I have no problems......

For everyone's info I'm not a paid actor..... People need to read what they are getting themselves into before signing up..... So far for my self it has been a good expirience....

Posted by Ldjg2002

Ordered mass effect 3 (8/3/2012 at around 1:15pm)

Was stung myself by the whole having to wait after ordering to download, so eventually found myself here reading the negative comments.(in an attempt to see how long this usually takes)

This prompted me to send them an e-mail straight away basically telling them I was going to block any cash coming from my account to them. 15mins later I get a reply, and im downloading + code + pre order code.

I dont know if I would have been waiting days or not as some others have said.

I can only say in this instance that they responded quickly, and the service was very good. (would still prefer insta download)

For sure im not saying this is always the case, and they may well be as bad as made out.

In this instance however I have to give them a positive review.

Posted by Spunky1989

I love Gamefly and have been a customer since 2005 and I plan on staying never had a single problem with their customer support nor their shipping or anything for that matter..

Posted by Mike G

I have been with Gamefly for 3 years. I buy games when don't want to return them.For the first time I have had consistent shipping problems. I was shipped 2 games and never recieved them. 10 days later they find their way back to Gamefly. Two more games are shipped 1 of the same title as the previous 2 and the next in my Q.7 days go by and it is reported as lost.Another 2 games are shipped and 1 of the previous 2 games makes it's way back to Gamefly. Then on 2/15/12 I recieve two disc of the same game and the next day I recieve another one.This is about another 10 days after they shipped them. I go online to chat with a rep to let them know and I find out that Gamefly has closed my account due to too many games being lost during shipment which is rediculous seeing as 3 games made it back to them without ever reaching my address and another 3 make it to my address 2 of which are the same title, more than 10 days after being shipped to me. So aside for paying for a month worth 3 games and only having 1. They cancel my account after they say they are going to comp me a month for my troubles.I'm a reasonsble dude but this is total bull. I hate to Rate this company after 3 years of excellnce and 1 month of bad shipping,and bad luck and them just going the easy route and using they're get out jail free disclaimer when you sign up that says they can cancel your membership whenever they want.

Posted by kitanaorenishii

When you start a free trial with gamefly, say you choose to take out two games, they will hold your 20.00 bucks until you cancel your membership, when you cancel they will continue to hold the 20 bucks until all games are received from you. When you call gamefly press 4 not 5, I called them and this was explained to me by one of their customer service reps. like any company you will deal with there are good reps and not so good reps so remain calm and think clear, dont let your emotions get the best of you or they will make you look stupid. Believe me, after seeing the comments on here I immediately freaked out but i did my research and called them and it was all handled just fine

Posted by Anonymous

Gamefly charged my card when I told them to cancel my account and they still charged me for the games .I spoke with someone regarding my account and my money was returned. Thanks Gamefly:)

Posted by Dodgie

Gamefly has been nothing but good to me. It takes about a day for them to receive a game I ship back and about two days for them to send me one. I have been enjoying it thus far.

One thing I have an issue with is the gamer que thing. I keep putting games in and put the ones I want the most in my top ten then put ones I want to play later after the top ten. Well I keep getting games past 10 on my gamer que and it is starting to get frustrating.

I check the website daily and every game I list is ALWAYS either available or high in terms of availability yet I keep getting messages about games not being available when they ship them yet their website shows otherwise.

Gamefly, you can be a great service but please don't lie to your customers about availability and please keep your website more accurate. I've been waiting months for games in my top 10. I just decided to delete everything past 10 and will wait for my next game. I know my top 10 are always available, I hate getting screwed around with.

Posted by Kaiser

My only beef with Gamefly is, the games you want are almost all the time not open to rent or buy but still have a good selection of games to pick, and after renting from redbox for games i notice i could spend $60 a month for the one game from redbox and it would be cheaper to go with Gamefly with more selection so once i get a chance i will sign up with gamefly again, they also have a reward program for long time customers =)

Posted by MotherOf1CA

I have had GameFly for several months now & haven't had a problem thus far. My membership IS $24.95 & I AM ONLY charged $24.95! I receive ALL games from my Q in ample time & once i did receive a game that did not read & I called & they sent me out a new game in PERFECT condition. Personally my family & I LOVE GAMEFLY & WILL continue our membership. I suggest you people that are complaining about the "FREE TRIAL" read ALL of the fine print BEFORE you all go signing up for things you haven't FULLY looked into.

Posted by Debra

I have had gamefly for a few months and had no problems. I send a game in and get one 2 days later. BUT.... I pay 24.99 a month. maybe because i leave in Cali and they are based here!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

Obviously you people don't know how to read any terms of agreement. It clearly states that your credit card will be charged for verification of account. It also clearly states that the money will be returned to your account. If you had a business would you like giving people free trials then all of a sudden, hey look, they stole my game. Come on people! Get some damn business sense before you aimlessly sign up for monthly subscriptions. And as far as customer support goes the number is 1 888 986 6400 business hours are from 12pm to 4pm. There are laws and regulations about business and customer transactions, so stop thinking they're stealing your money. Also, learn how to type!

Posted by Anonymous

You people need to read the FAQ section on GameFly. I bet half of you wouldn't be so angry if you read it. It explains the 1$ and 20$ charges. Quoted straight from GameFly FAQ, "we perform a temporary authorization against the credit card you provided upon registration. We do not receive any funds from the authorization. The temporary authorization could take 2 to 5 business days to clear depending on your financial institution." Do some research before you blow up on them.


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