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GNC customer service is ranked #135 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 52.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 35 ratings. This score rates GNC customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


29 Negative Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 82.86%.


6 Positive Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 17.14%.

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  • GNC

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 52.94 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 29 negative comments (82.86%)
    • 6 positive comments (17.14%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.4 Issue Resolution
    • 3.8 Reachability
    • 3.4 Cancellation
    • 4.0 Friendliness
    • 4.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Salesmen is too annoying, you say you okay they will not leave you alone to shop. Whatever you pick up they will say l would get this instead. Please give the customer some space they will ask for help


I Play Outlaw Poker And Loose Lot Of Games!! I Loose Some Times 5-30 Games!
I See That You Make It To Your Advantage But The Lose Of Almost Every Game Is Really
Not Fir To Those That Are Playing To Loose That Many Hands In That Way!! So I Am Not
Going To Play Your Game Any More!! I Would Like For My Account To Be Removed!!

Posted by Anonymous

I just received an Email wanting me to complete a short survey re my contacting you. The survey required JavaScript which I don't know a damn thing about except that JavaScript keeps popping up every time I turn around. Sorry, but I won't be able to complete your survey under these circumstances.

Posted by [email protected]

My elderly friend went to the WRETOWN Store on Route 9. I wIted for her outside. She went in to purchase cq10-120 tabs. It had a sale price in front so she picked up 2. She had her GNC gold card. At the register they range up 27. Each instead of the sale price. She showed the clerk the shelf.He supposedly called the manager on his cell. The manager said it was a mistake and she needed to pay the 54 dollars. When she said not true, the clerk told her to get out. Keep going and don't come back. He also said it was a corporate Store. This is unacceptable. I know the shelf price is what she should have paid legally in NJ. Even if only for one bottle. To throw out a customer is horrible service

Posted by Anonymous

consultant:KL This is what I wrote to the GNC corporate office pertaining to my bad experience yesterday......When I first walked in the consultant was on the phone dealing with personal business it sounded like. When she finally got off the phone she didn't even acknowledge me with a hello. I told her I needed to return something and her first response was "how many pills did you take out of here?" Automatically assuming that I've already opened it and took pills. She then asked "why are you returning it?"... I told her that it does not work for me. I almost felt like I was being investigated for the money that I spent! She then takes out the receipt and looks at it very carefully for a period of time and told me that if it was a debit she can't do it....????? ... by now I am extremely confused on why this woman is torturing me about money that I spent and want back! She then sees the transaction was made on a credit card and asked me for my card... when I gave her my credit card she saw that the name on the card was Willie Brooks and automatically ASSUMED that the card could not have been mine being that I am a woman....with a name like Willie she says assumingly of course...."if you don't have an ID then I can't do anything for you." So of course I have my ID. It just seems like she tried to make every excuse not to accommodate me with my return and I even mentioned a different product and got no help from her whatsoever! This woman is a horrible example for a GNC consultant and I definitely would never recommend this store to anyone as long as she is there. I absolutely 100% felt completely discriminated by this woman. And yes I am a woman of color.

Posted by Anonymous

We live in ashtabula county and drove to the Ashtabula mall to purchase items at your store. The website said you were open but when we arrived at 6:30 the gates were closed and no explanation. We are very disappointed that our time was wasted.

Posted by Anonymous

This companyear GNC really socks. I purchased last month and gold membership for a year. To get some items more chipped. And you know what? I just was told that I need to pay the whole price because the gold membership, is not good any more. Whence I have 11 more months to go. This is a ignore ripoff

Posted by Anonymous

I try to return a product that I bought by error and had the receipt but they wouldn't fund me! Natomas Ca. bad service all the time but is the closes one to my house!

Posted by Ac

Long story..many attributes. Overall summary and icing on the cake; Lady told my husband to come back when he had more money and no distractions.(our kids)

Posted by deb

Regarding the location at Audelia Road and Centennial in Richardson. First of all, one day I went by your store at this location and went to the door and it was closed. A man opened the door and told me it would be 15 minutes before I could come in. That is so ridiculous. He's totally lost my business. In a pinch today, I decided because I'm looking for a specific item to call the store. When I called and asked for the specific item, he told me it was not in stock or rather that it was not a carried item. He did not offer to assist in ordering or anything in fact he was really rude. My business will continue to be at Vitamin Shoppe. Thank you very much.

Posted by Shaneke Daley

On July 6th I Purchased several items at the GNC store by Fordham Rd New York. One of the items was Perfomix. I return from from vacation back to Jamaica yesterday July 17 and this morning July 18th I decided I would start back on my dietary regime. I proceed to open the the bottle of performix only to notice that there was NOT 60 capsules in the bottle but far less. Now I paid $85 dollars for this item and was not provided with the amount that ought to be in it. The customer care number does not work for me from in JA. So I need to be contacted by GNC to have this rectified. My contact number is on my account.

Posted by Anonymous

Your store at Northgate in hixson,tenn will not answer phone.I called 1st time rang 9 minutes 54 seconds.second time 5.38 .That is absolutely unacceptable as I am there daily.never ever swamped.Supervision is in strong order.

Posted by Tumiy

The store in West valley city ut on 2885 so 5600 w opens late. The sign says 10am and I am sitting in front of the store waiting and it's 1030 am. It would be nice if you guys could get someone responsible to manage the store.

Posted by Anonymous

West chase store nine eagles I was not treated well by your manager at this store he was very rude didnt even try to help me with questions I had I know people have every day life situations in there personal lifes seems he brang his to the store monday 4/16/16 not only did you lose a customer but I will never do business there again

Posted by Ron

I went to the GNC location few times at trinity mall, n I met a guy name AATA there twice, In first meeting I end up leaving the product there n jus came out with bad mood . n today me n my cousin bought the product there but the experience was so bad. this guy doesnt know how to talk with customer, he had big attitude n ll treat you like a boss. n he use high tone if you ask him few question or any deal, which cant be liked. my cousin said, he made mistake to come here with me. It was his first visit to this location. I never recommend to someone to go there. I dunno wats gnc's hiring procedure but i think that job is not these kind of people

Posted by Anonymous

Everytime i shop at Gnc merrionette pk.Il.consultant,martin spsn 888 tries to see my pin number while i type on key pad .store 06507 surely this is wrong,and i am certain of what i have experienced 3 times with him. Thanks..

Posted by Discouraged

Don't buy anything from GNC on line. I ordered a product,didn't like it so I cancelled it. I received many phone calls until I finally hung up. I now receive phone calls from all over the country. The caller ID says "UNKNOWN NAME". I complained last week the only way I could, on line. I still haven't heard anything from GNC. This wasn't worth it, I will never do this again and I am asking everyone else to follow my lead.

Posted by Doyal

Terrible customer service. Purchased a box of Quest Bars only to discover that every bar in the box was opened (never sealed at the factory). The clerk wouldn't take them back because I didn't have a receipt and he couldn't locate them in my Gold Card purchase history. Going to find another source for protein bars and daily vitamins.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow-what a joke GNC is. Can't reach anyone to voice concerns, rude employees, going to find a new place to shop for the family.

Posted by buffalopup

Treacherous business practice. Clerk ordered wrong item by mistake/or not and charged us the wrong amount. Checked the price listed in the store again before leaving, and realized she had made a mistake. Went back to the counter to change and correct the transaction. For some reason she could not cancel the order and refused to refund our money. What kind of crap is this? Now I'm put through the hoops to get my money back because she didn't order the right item, or pay attention.

Posted by O'Briant

I purchased 2 bottles (and drank them both), and threw the bottles away, due to the 100% guarantee. 1 bottle was bought on Jan. 21, 2015 and 1 bottle was bought on Jan 26, 2015. The product was for QCarbo Grape (Item number: 00726066. Both were $37.99 each, and with tax the cost was $40.55 each. Bringin the total to $81.10. The back of the receipt clearly states:

At GNC, we expect you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied, return your purchase to any GNC store with your sales receipt and a valid photo I.D. wihtin 30 days from the date of purchased for a full returned or exchange.

I took both bottles and drank them as the direction told me to, and like a good person, I threw the bottles away. I was told by my Pain doctor that my results on my test came back positive, now I'm out of any type of pain medicine for a rupture disc. I still have my reciepts and took them to the store and they told me I had to have the bottles in order to get a refund. Like I said, I didn't think that throwing away the bottles would be a problem The receipt does not tell me to return the bottles, so that they can scan a bar code. GNC has a specific Item number to this product on the receipt. Please, this is $80. This is alot of money. I was told to bring the receipt in when I came, not the bottles, wasted my gas to get there. Please help. I need my money back! Shawn O'Briant - Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. Phone:

Posted by BrosBeforeHos!

The Manager at the Lake Saint Louis,MO GNC is rude,disrespectful and unprofessional my wife walked in here one time and he didn't even bother to help her and started saying very disrespectful things to her in front of my 2 young daughters when she told him that she buys her supplements from another store and proceeded to say to her "Get the hell out of my store" and started using profanity so fire this idiot please and his name Dan Walsh

Posted by BrosBeforeHos!

The Manager at the Lake Saint Louis,MO GNC is a disrespectful and unprofessional my wife walked in here one time and he didn't even bother to help her and started saying very disrespectful things to her in front of my 2 young daughters when she told him that she buys her supplements from another store and proceeded to say to her "Get the hell out of my store" and started using profanity so fire this idiot please and his name Dan Walsh

Posted by Anonymous

Gnc is so lame. Who keeps a receipt anymore. It's in the system. I can't believe I wasn't allowed to return biotin gummies which were 24.99 and the second was half off. I should have declined this in the first place because they sounded way too expensive. But I was desperate because my hair is falling out like crazy. I found plain biotin much cheaper on amazon. When I wanted to return the biotin, they would only offer 15$. Lame.Lame. lame. I will never shop there or recommend any of my patients there.

Posted by Anonymous

You bought the items on a bogo, meaning buy one get one half off...

No company is going to let you buy one at full price, get one half off, and then immediately return the full priced one. Sounds like you got caught trying to rip off GNC. Also, most companies retain the original receipts now during returns, again, to prevent return fraud. I shop at GNC often, and was always given a replacement receipt. Also, I you have a membership with them, the entire transaction is recorded in their system.

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Posted by Anonymous

I would like to praise Steven at latrobe gnc gor his continued excellent service. This young man is not only exceedingly courteous, but also extremely knowledgeable about the products he sells. He deserves accolades from your company for the exemplary service he provides. This is a bright young man with an even brighter future. NO! Im not a friend or relative, just a regular amy lawrence-pro member

Posted by Pulane

I had an opportunity to use GNC Total Lean Shake Banana flavour. My concern is its taste extremely sweet which overpowers the pleasant taste.It made it difficult for me to comply and finish the portion . Can something be done with making it less sweeter.Maybe I can try it again to manage my weight loss programme as the main supplement. Regards. Pulane

Posted by Anonymous

I recently visited the GNC store in King of Prussia, as I walked into the store. I was immediately greeted by Allie, she was so polite, knowledgeable and provided fantastic customer service. Customers are so quick to right bad experiences and we over look the good that employees. That truly care and are passionate about what they do. Allie is one of those employees. I am in the hospitality industry and have high expections, when it comes to service. Very impressed please let her know. Thanks

Posted by Cassie b

I was in a local GNC here in my home town of Yakima Washington. The location was on 40th off of Lincoln Ave, across from a Fred Meyers store. I went in curious about some products I researched online for my hormonal issues. The clerk that catered to me was amazing she new the ends and outs if every single product I was curious about. She new everything about interactions and how best to use, what to ecspect, and how long to use. Well I called to let a manager know what a great employee they had. Well she was intact the manage . Her name is Unique. So I will leave this as a remark. If you live in Yakima Washington and need advice or any questions about the products carried at GNC just ask Unique.she won't stear you wrong. Thanks so much. you are unique.

Cassie b

Posted by Rocko

Twice in the past week I have visited the Downtown Seattle store only to find their system down. It seems to be an ongoing problem. I would hope that they remedy this continual problem and reward the poor gentleman, Morgan, who is always there and is so professional. I wish him well and would like to continue to shop there but my frustration with their computers is wearing thin.

Posted by Jennie of Roseville

I had the worst experience from the Roseville Galleria GNC store, but the Arden GNC turned it to a good one. This is how everything went,I checked online and saw the GNC Burn 60 for $9.99 deal of the day. I went to Arden and learned that they do not price match your online gnc deal. That was all understandable and it's company policy. Then I got home, decided to order couple online, and it wasn't letting me check out at all. So I called 1800 and found out that there are some supplements that are restricted to be shipped in CA. So I was about to give up, then saw online that there was a coupon that I can get the $9.99 deal IN STORE! printed that coupon and called GALLERIA GNC. This is around 730pm CA time (incase you need to know who the employee is) August 12 Monday is when all this happened. The employee that answered guaranteed there are still burn 60 available, without even checking! I know, becoz te moment she answered the phone, I asked what time they close and if its available, and she answered without leaving the phone (im pretty sure she didn't check becoz I got to the store and the burn60 shelf is right by the entrance door). We rode the bike for 13miles before getting to the mall (not becoz we don't drive, but we decided to exercise. So we got to galleria at 840, realized its gone! I asked if she can check arden since I was there earlier and they have one, she answered with "I checked up to 75miles and non is available), all I want is for her to call arden and tell them the situation so they will accommodate my coupon the next day. Since all of whats happening is worst already as customer service. She didn't want to call since she is almost closing the store(One young lady, who seems really nice, but my complain is she didn't even try to help) She wrote down the company number to complain. Really?? That was the solution?
All this for the $9.99 product?? Becoz I experienced buying $70 item and it doesn't work and im not a returner even policy says 30days money back guarantee. I do not write this long of a complain, but your customer service needs some re-training to be done. GNC needs to hire people that wanted their job, like the other 2 guys from Arden. Do not hire young kids who doesn't care but to ring and doesn't know anything about the product.
I was at arden the next day decided to stop by and make sure they are out, guess what! they have 1! THAT JUST RUINED MY DAY! I was so upset, that I have to talk to the guys. And they let me use the coupon and accommodate me for the item. Guy named Nate and His manager. White guy really tall and bulky (forgot his name) Im sure they will remember me coz they feel horrible for my experience in general.
I work retail, and believe me, the company will do EVERYTHING to have a happy customer. GNC seems to not care about customer service. I would never go to any GNC except the arden one. I am a gold member too! I was close to swearing not to buy anymore from GNC, protest it and spread bad comments, but I guess the arden store made me gave it another chance.
I hope this serves as a heads up to managers that hires your employees. Make sure they know what a customer service means. Specially when someone is sweaty and appears to be so tired and frustrated just to get to your store, you just don't shuuu them away. $$ is money, but customer comments can get GNC loose couple customers.
Please commend the arden team specially the two employee that turned it to a better experience.

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Posted by Heidi McDonald

I would like to speak to someone about my employment. I enjoyed my job at the gnc warehouse in leetsdale pa. I was wrongfully terminated from my position this week due to another employees actions that were completely out of my control. I was terminated because SHE brought drugs to work. She admittedly made a statement saying it had nothing to do with me. I was only her ride to and from work. I offered to take a drug test, an have my bags searched. I had no idea she brought, or even possessed the substance. She stated she only told me she "dropped it" which I stated was incorrect. If she did in fact say that to me I must of misheard her words! I was an excellent employee and did not deserve to be terminated weeks before my sons birthday/daughters memorial and christmas time. I would love to have my job back, and I have been told that is not an option. I plan to outwardly publicly speak about my circumstance with this company as a single mother terminated for something I had nothing to do with! If thats how a company treats their employers, imagine how they treat/package/ store expensive product and clients. I would very much so appreciate my job back that is rightfully earned by myself.


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