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GMC customer service is ranked #318 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.31 out of a possible 200 based upon 148 ratings. This score rates GMC customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


136 Negative Comments out of 148 Total Comments is 91.89%.


12 Positive Comments out of 148 Total Comments is 8.11%.

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    • 38.31 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 136 negative comments (91.89%)
    • 12 positive comments (8.11%)
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Disappointed Owner/Grandmother

After experiencing losing my two oldest daughters in June 2017 I purchased a Certified 2016 Traverse in Dec 2017. The ONLY reason was because I had a 2009 Equinox which was not roomy enough to accommodate my 3 grandchildren I was left to care for. Long story short the SUV had shaking when I first purchased it in Dec and I was promised by the dealership that they would take care of it. Well I took it a total of 3 times now for the same problem and it's still not repaired. 1st time I was told they didn't know what I was talking about. 2nd time, it cost me almost $300 (4 1/2 months after buying it). 3rd time, 2 weeks and it now shakes even worse. I was lied to each time I went there for service. This place is a joke and it's so sad. I really could go off but I have very little energy and strength left in me, and my grandkids get's what little I have. It seems they don't care about your situation, just your money and they will bug the hell out of your to complete a survey sent by Chevy to make them look good!!

Posted by Anonymous

The worst service possible! GMC corporate does not respond when customer is stranded. New 2018 truck and GMC is not ready to take care of customers when emissions system fail. CanÃɢ��t use part from another truck on site. We have to wait 8 days to get part shipped ground! Offered to pay but still will not accommodate us! Stranded with dog in South Dakota!

Posted by Anonymous

2017 Sierra direct injection not covered by warranty.Rip off.38,000 miles and they want $700 to replace injector

Posted by pissed off old bastard

my car was burns 2 QUARTS of oil every 1000 miles . my car is out of warranty because they wait 5 YEARS to tell me this . I`m bring my car to get fixed . but they won`t give me a loner . because it is out of warranty . if they had sent me the letter sooner . I`d be under the warranty . NOW they won`t give me a loaner . CHEVY 112 in Medford n.y. is the dealer that is giving me this problem .

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2017 Acadia. It has a sharp piece of plastic on the steering wheel, and the sunroof rattles. I took it to the dealer and they kept the car for a total of ten days. Igor the car back not repaired and two dents in the top of the car. I have been told that the part for the steering wheel is on back order and that the rattle in the sunroof can't be fixed. I have talked to Gmc service reps and been told that they talked to the dealer and my case is closed. I would like to inform GMC that my case is not closed and if the car is not fixed my lawyer will be talking to GMC

Posted by Javytracker

2015 GMC Sierra, 41250 miles a/c broke today. Blowing only hot air lots of liquid on the under carriage. Came from a/c. Looks like a common problem on the 2015 Sierra's!!! Unhappy cuz I spend lots of money on a brand new truck and all I get is stress!

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible Ableoff kept the military and leasing rebates that were awarded to me. The sale price for 5000 mileage on a new car was reduced by my rebates. The loss by me was $3700, The finance guy lied to me saying that the dent and tire programs would only cost me $2.00. The end result was a cost of $750. Which Ableoff has now droped after my complaint . This company is taking advantage of people.

Posted by Anonymous

Own a 2015 GMC Denali Xl, has 48,000 miles. Needs an air condensor that cost $1000, no long on warranty of course. Part is on back order, don't know when its coming in. Family is driving to LI and Delaware next week with no air conditioner. Not a happy GMC owner. Customer service was friendly but couldn't help me out at all.

Posted by FIXIT

2016 canyon 13,000 mi 4cyl. THOUSANDS OF complaints about acceleration, shifting, vibrations, clunks, in thees trucks and go to dealers and they tell you that is how the truck runs!!!THIS NOT SO !!! SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID YOU CAN FIND OUT A LOT ABOUT THE COMPANY MORALS !!! JUST FROM TALKING TO THE PEOPLE WHO REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY,S GMC, CHEVY, CADDY,

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2012 GMC Acadia Denali with 110,000 miles. We bought it as a certified pre owned 2 years ago. Four days ago I was driving my kids to school and it had rained all night and there were a lot of puddles on the roads. After going through a particularly large puddle and not thinking much about it I had to come to a stop ahead so that I could wait for oncoming traffic to pass before I could turn left onto the next road. As I began the turn left and my car was halfway turned across the center lane my steering wheel completely locked and would not move one tiny bit. I immediately let off the gas but just instinctively kept a tight hold on the steering wheel. My car was now headed directly for the woods on the sie of the road. After about 15 seconds the steering released and I was able to turn the car back onto the road. My heart was in my throat and my legs had turned to jelly. So now after days of reading posts in GMC forums I see that this has happened over and over when driving at a low rate of speed and/or when driving through wet conditions. I cannot fathom that a recall has not been issued on the 2012 Acadia. I am extremely concerned for the safety of my family and now do not want to drive the car at all.

Posted by Anthony

Faulkner gmc in Bensalem,pa..Repeat radio problems.Tried contacting service mgr.twice leaving detail problem information.Five days later no call from bob mc garry.I contacted gmc headquarters for help.Bringing vehicle back next week.
I will never recommend this dealership.I have purchased from this dealer many years ago when ms.faulkner would make sure customers were kept happy,what happened ?

Posted by Anonymous

My cargo van bought on jun.27.2016 which is express van vin. And then sliding door handle broken and bought part in Felix in 3330 s figueroa dealer dec,12.2016 and replace it by myself and rear Signal on right side did not work on dec 19.2016 and leave my van in same dealer and could not find problems and I also ordered left side mirror which was missing during driving and that time service manager promised me to refund the price of sliding door as reimbursement when I come back to rechk up rear Signal Light problems.

In the mean time I visited to pick mirror on jan.15.2017 and then your Clark told me this part come it back wharehouse and asked me to comega on next day to it up.

And I came to chk up rear Signal liget on Jan. 19 2017.

And they refused to reimburse sliding door price bcz service manager is come another guy as new manager.

Posted by UnhappyAcadiaOwner

We have leased a GMC Acadia about 1.5 years ago and we have had it not start many times. After being stuck in Georgia for several days now I have been stranded at work and home. We have had it repaired twice. I wonder when enough is enough. I don't feel safe driving it. I feel like I am paying quite a bit of money per month for an unreliable car.

Posted by Carl

Have a GMC Sierra SLE bought brand new in 2011. Vehicle has always been serviced by GMC dealerships. Shortly after the 3 year bumper to bumper warranty was over, got a $400 bill for a new seat belt retractor. Thank you. Now, 2 years later when the 5 year power train warranty is over (vehicle only has 65,000 miles on it) welcome to an engine rebuild! Vehicle has been to dealership 4 times over the past few months. Each time it was an emission related problem. Relocation kit for evap system, charcoal canister replacement, and Im not sure what caused this problem were the last few visits. This time, when the power train warranty expired (4 weeks ago), oil fouled spark plugs. New pistons and rings are required. Service advisor said this is common when vehicle switches between 8 cylinders and 4 cylinders ecomony mode.. I have been a loyal GMC buyer, but now I think FORD and DODGE will be my next vehicles of choice. GMC you unfortunately are loosing a customer and my experience will be told to other car purchasers for their reality check.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2010 Yukon Deinal with 98000 miles on it the engine blew up without any warning this vehicle was alway service at the dealership I called GMC because the SUV was out of wa warranty I could not get any help with my question the customer service at Pontic Master of Augusta told us that if GMC was going to do anything so it wasn't their responsibility but offer $300.00 on engine I feel if you pay $50000.00 or more for a vehicle that you would end up with better service I would never buy another GMC SUV or another vehicle especially if you have to replace a engine with that less of miles

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2012 gmc Serrai truck and keeps blowing left low beam every 2 months

Posted by Anonymous

I am constantly having headlight bulb problems my 2014 gmc is in shop for 4th time sime feb. all I am told is bulbs not good as they used to be I believe it could be something other than that appreciate any advice on this matter thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I have a serious ongoing problem with St James dealership in St Johnsbury Vermont. New truck purchased in July 2016. Still no registration with Temp set to expire in 2 days. We have been in constant contact and provided any and all requested information. We have been lied to and disrespected by the financial director as well as the sales manager. Where else can we turn?

Posted by Anonymous

I've submitted this twice, and it keeps saying unavailable, resubmit
if you want my feedback, please contact me

Posted by Anonymous

On 6/8/16 I purchased a 2009 gmc 1500 from Demontrond at 1400 north I-45 in Houston. I paid 21 k for the truck because it appeared to have been very well taken care of . I tried to pay less but the manager Kevin Moore assured me that this was a very clean truck and although it was 2000 miles over the warranty forever that they push it would serve me well. I drove to Boham tx the next day and on the way the engine light came on then off. I thought it was a glitch so I dismissed it. When I got back to Conroe tx the light came back on . The codes were,PO305 and PO449. That same day that I had the codes checked the Ac quit working. I contacted the salesman and he reminded me that I had bought a used truck out of warranty and offered to sell me a new one and use tthe one of paid cash on as down payment. He also said that his manager told him that he may be able to give me a break if I get it fixed at their dealership. I never received a written estimate for the repairs. To repair the air conditioner which was replacing the compressor I was quoted $1400 to repair the PO 449 code it was going to be 300.00 I was reminded again that I had purchased a used truck that was out of warranty. My name is Randy Watts my phone number is please call me

Posted by schaiss

you guys can continue to make junk and try remove as many as competitors off the market as possible, but i still won't buy your junk, I have own three xterra, nissan, and I just found out they are removed from the market because of regulations, these were the best vehicles I have ever owned. I understand what you guys are trying to do and it will never work with me. Try making vehicles that will last for 8 years with no problems or stand behind your product financially until you do.

Posted by Crewdog72

Please pass on to the approporate department. I have a 2008 GMC Acadia we purchased 2 years ago in September. Two weeks ago the transmission went out completely. It will cost me $4000.00 to have it fixed. I researched the 2008 GMC Acadia and this has been a on going problem with this year of Acadia and the Transmission. I'm retired now on a limited income and cannot afford 4000. to repair a transmission. GMC knows that the transmission is a piece of junk and will go out in these vehicles but is a hidden defect which GMC keeps from the buyer. I fell GMC should pay for at least half my repair of my transmission. It is the only fair thing to do. We love this vehicle and plan on buying a newer one down the road. Please take my request in a compassionate review. Phone :

Posted by Unhappy

This GMC Terrain Denali is the first American made car I've had in over 20 years and it's the worst. Now I know why people purchase foreign made cars. This vehicle has less than 50,000 miles and is a piece of $$$$. Also, the customer service I received at Hatfield Buick and GMC in Redlands, CA have the most racist personnel I have ever experienced. In my opinion, the car and custom service rates very low and I will not own another American made car unless it is given to me.

Posted by Anonymous

I own a 2014 GMC Yukon DEnali XL with 50,000 miles. Had some battery issues and the tech discovered that all of the battery cables had to be replaced because on internal corrosion. I have been driving GM products since 1973 and never have this happen with any vehicle. If the Chinese battery cables are being corroded in transport why should have to pay for them. Additional brakes and rotors on the Suburb/Yukons use to be bullet proof for 100-150k miles. I had to have all 4 rotors turned after 50k. I hate to spend 65K on a truck only to discover inferior parts have been used to make an extra dollar for GM. Total BS.

Posted by Anonymous

Today my pops brought my car in for an oil change which should have cost $21.00 .....then seeing sicker on his forehead and trying to rob the ignorant said oh ur windshield wipers won't past however it past when I purchased the vehicle same ones since...oh the interior filter is clogged....oh same one as when I purchased...hilarious and disgusting at the same time oh let's not forget that did an oil change and expressed to my pops how old the oil was and I had it done at GMC in they really change I put less than 5,000 miles on to this date...I will never ever do or recommend that mothers do business with the central avenue ALBANY NY GMC DEALERSHIP....

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Posted by Anonymous

Dear GMC, I was in a car accident this morning with my 2103 GMC Acadia. All of the airbags deployed except the steering wheel. I was hit on the passenger side of my car, but I do believe my car saved my life today. All people present including the police said I have a great car and the damage to my car compared to the Chrysler Van was minimal( but my Acadia did have to be towed) This is my third Acadia and if this one is totaled i will indeed get another one. I got the car because i wanted a safe vehicle and if you ever needed anyone to be a advertisement for GMC Acadia I can say today that my Acadia saved my life in this car crash. Thank-you GMC

Posted by john

I'm very impressed with the gmc
Canyon, and colarado. I bet in blows
Chrysler and Ford away for sales fall 2014.
Way to go gmc.

Posted by Dave Harrell

I have a 2013 GMC Terrain Denali which is great. There is one question and that is in Collision alert there are circumstances where the red light flashes and the audible alarm sounds AND either the brakes are applied for an instant or the transmission is down geared.
usually when following in the left lane and the car in front goes into the left turn lane and stops.
I have asked the dealer service men and it is not suppose to happen. Help!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Just to let you know, I am very happy with my 1994 GMC K1500-5.7 engine. I bought this truck with 64,000 miles on it in 2003. So far I have put one water pump, 2 radiators, 2 starters, i alternator and last week, with 213,000 miles it needed a fuel pump. The motor itself, transmission, rear end, wheel bearings, 4 wheel drive and rear brakes are still original. WELL BUILT TRUCK----THANK YOU


PO BOX 1988

Posted by Anonymous

Both inside front plastic door handles have broken off. I have called customer service and they have told me multiple times that they would get back to me. They have not followed up on those promises.

Posted by Brandon Burns

I have had nothing but positive experiences w GMC and there support. They have great follow up and I will continue to buy GM

Posted by Anonymous

Unlike most of the people on this site, I actually had a good experience with corporate GM, but not the dealership. I purchased a 2011 Chevy Malibu that appeared to have all the features I wanted. Come to find out, this car just had the buttons for them but not the actual features (although they were listed on the sticker inside the car). When the dealership knew I was upset, they really didn't care and only tried to half solve the issue (mind you 2 weeks later and only after threatening them with disputing the car loan). Corporate GM did their part in keeping in contact with me via phone and email. I had to even be forwarded to a level above their customer service because the dealership was not returning calls and leaving ME bully type voicemails because they were upset I contacted corporate (as if I cared they were upset!). Luckily, the rep was able to contact the dealership and my issue was resolved to my satisfaction. If corporate wasn't involved, I wouldn't have had the happy ending I have now. Corporate even threw in a 2 year service plan for my trouble. If it wasn't for corporate standing by my side, I would never have bought a Chevy again and would have gotten rid of this one asap.
The only negative really with the reps is that you can't just call them up and they will answer, you usually have to leave a voicemail. But they do tend to call you back in a reasonable amount of time. If you email, you can count on them not getting it until late so if it's important, leave a voicemail or call the general line and a different rep can check the updates and let you know what is going on.

Posted by Rick

We are from Matlock, Manitoba, Canada and were on our way to the Hay Day Grass Drags in North Branch, Minn on Sept 7 & 8th. On our way to our hotel in Lino Lakes, Minn we had trouble with our 2009 GMC Sierrra truck with the wheel bearings overheating and starting to leak oil on the front passenger side. We managed to make it to our hotel in Lino Lakes, Minn. When we got there we asked the front personnel at the Hampton Inn Hotel if there was a GM dealer in the area. The fellow there said that his father dealt with Wilcox Chevrolet in Forest Lake, Minn and said that they were very good. We phoned them and spoke to a fellow by the name of Scott and he said that he could get us in on Saturday morning. He recommended Dan's Towing to pick up the truck for safety reasons. Dan's Towing came with a flatbed and loaded the truck and took it to Wilcox. The next morning we took a taxi to Forest Lake and met with Tom Hayes. He was just excellent and eased our minds. He got us in just after 8:00 am. The mechanic was great and had us on the road within an hour and even washed the truck. We asked how much the cost was and it was covered under warranty - even the tow truck. We were totally surprised. Wow - what customer service. These two fellows deserve a pat on the back for their great service and helping a visitor out in a time of need. Because of them our little holiday was not spoiled. Itís nice to know that there are still some great people around to help you out. A Big Thank You to Wilcox & their staff.

Posted by willie

A big Thankyou to customer service rep Dan for his lead to resolve my 2005 H2 Sut Hummer air suspenion ordeal. Kuddos to Rick Wheeler(service director)and Brian (the technician) at WestPoint GMC who fixed my problem without that high price from the Beck and Masten GMC dealer that I purchased the vechicle from, quoted me. That truck had suspenion issues at the time of purchase and they passed it off on me. Put that Beck and Masten dealer on the WALL OF SHAME!!!!
Willie Allen - Katy, Texas

Posted by Coat of many colors

This is a follow up to my previous comments concerning the 2012 GMC Sierra with two paint colors. After much consternation and tempers flairing the Dealership/GMC is replacing my vehicle. Too bad that it took so much time and effort. They could have had a very happy customer by resolving this quickly. Now, I am only satisfied. However, they did do what was right and I got to give credit where it is due. The Dealership is the one that eventually stepped up and did the right thing. So I wanted to pass along the news.

Posted by Anonymous

Great customer service from Vermillion GMC in Tilton (Danville) Illinois. Service rep Bobbi stayed over and worked hard to get our vehicle checked for quick problem check, and then arranged for a rental vehicle so we could get to our evening destination. Also Svc Manager Donnie Powell went to buy gas to check the fuel sensor which was in a recent GMC service alert. Would recommend this as a customer oriented dealership. Al White

Posted by Anonymous

Lets think about some things shall we?

Each dealership where you get your service done IS NOT OWNED BY GENERAL MOTORS. The dealer is owned by person or family, and has the license to sell GM branded vehicles. There are a lot of terrible dealers, for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Benz, Nissan. They all have dealerships that are terrible when it comes to customer service. But this is not on the shoulder of the Product or Company, this is on the shoulder of the dealership. Holy moly.

I have a GMC, and I love it. Hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned. Been plowing six winters with it, and not a problem other than stuff that falls under normal maintenance.

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