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Posted by steve

I have had a very unpleasant encounter and I would probably feel better if I could vent it out....

I purchased a TV on Boxing Day Dec.26 at the Future Shop on 3828 Highway.7 Markham Ont. Right after I completed my payment, my daughter called me that she bought one for me already and I immediately went for the Customer Service and requested for a refund (I was the only customer at the counter and no one behind me) but was told that I have to come back after Dec.28 and that the unit needs to be picked up from the Store. Fine, I respect their policy. Given that without this unreasonable policy, thereíll be a 3-win situation
Store can have this hot item sold quick and easy
Employees at the back didnít have to move the unit to the loading dock for Customer to pick-up
Customer will not have to take it home then bring it back again for refund

In the morning of Dec.29, I brought the TV (wrapped/strapped/unopened) back for a refund. I was first in line but was stalled by the Manager (I guess) and explicitly hold back my receipt and let other customers behind me go first. The manager instructed an associate from the TV department to open up the box checking for damages. The associate did query his supervisor that is it necessary to check into the box since itís wrapped and unopened, but was told that the unit might be damaged during transportation. I questioned why I was not asked to check the unit upfront but now responsible for damages but not answered.

Despite refund was in order,
My question is:-There is no notice posted to alert customers to open up wrapped box and check if the brand new item is in good shape before bringing it home. What if the unit was already damaged in the course of the shopís warehousing, transportation .... which the customer is not aware of but responsible for? Obviously the Manager was NOT going to process my refund and hold me liable if the unit was damaged. I believe this is totally ridiculous and unacceptable.

I emailed them twice but till now nobody care to give me an explanation.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to find out if any of my nearby FutureShop stores has the Macbook Air in stock. I called three different stores, using the phone numbers provided by the location detector. No answer at any of the stores. Not just one try but three tries at all three stores over the course of maybe 2 hours. There appear to be NO live bodies at Future Shop stores in the Toronto area, at least none that are willing to answer the phone. You should really fire all the people who might be responsible for customer service at those stores and replace them with someone who cares. Future Shop service sucks.

Posted by stuart

I bought a samsung camera for my daughter. the charge cord was missing. they gave me a cord kit. used the camera for the first time on holidays and the shutter stuck and made it unuseable. returned to future shop for a exchange but could as i didnt bring the cord kit. went back again and was told i could exchange but they didnt have one. went back again and they couldnt still exchange as they didnt have one, i bought another different model and was told they would credit me the broken one, didnt happen, now told they will only send out to get it fixed at my cost, five strikes and this customer is gone for good

Posted by irritated

I purchased an item from Futureshop.ca and, after 12 business days, it still has not arrived. I've spoken several times with different customer service reps without any resolution, all I get is "we are looking into this, and someone will get back to you' No one has ever called me or tried to solve the problem. They have put all the blame on Canada Post. Canada Post has not even received the item from FS!!! Their last advise has been that it will take 6 business days for the complain with Canada Post to go through!

Posted by dondj

Beware making any online purchases with Futureshop. I ordered a top of the line CyberpowerPC computer for $1799.99 and received a Much lower end $599.99 computer instead. After pointing out this mistake they offered $200 off on my purchase, then called back saying that was a mistake and they would only give me $50 off! I immediately shipped this wrong computer back to them. They have recieved the $600 computer 10 days ago and still have not released the $1900 I paid to them. I was told it would still be 5 or 10 business days before I would get my money back, before I could re-order the computer and start the merry go round all over again! It has now been more than a month from my initial order with no refund. I do not recommend using Futureshop online shopping. Futureshop online shopping was one of the worst shopping experiences ever.

Posted by chris

I think futureshop really should change your credit card company. Their charge is unreasonable. I have already pay off my balance and there is 1 dollar extra in my account, they still charge me interest. This " chase" company sucks. I bought $1800 computer in futureshop last year and i know it's 2- year, no interest, equal payment plan. But when i phone the customer service (877)862-1214, they told me i dont have to make a payment every month, i can pay it anytime in this two years. But i received an e-mail said because of i did not make a payment every month, they canceled my membership. And they deny this problem when i call back comfirm. You know what reason they give me?? They said they dont have my contact information, that is because they and futureshop are two different companys!!! This is so funny, dont you think? I would never buy stuff from futureshop and i will told all my friends dont go to futureshop. Maybe this is not a problem for futureshop, but you guys use the wrong credit company. Also, the "chase" cardmember service is no patient and very badly attitude to buyer. I talk to my friend, they also told me dont go to futureshop. All i want suggest futureshop is to change another credit company. Cause this one lie to customer and be afraid to pay their own responsiblity.Thanks.

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