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Full Tilt Poker customer service is ranked #922 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 15.03 out of a possible 200 based upon 31 ratings. This score rates Full Tilt Poker customer service and customer support as Terrible.


30 Negative Comments out of 31 Total Comments is 96.77%.


1 Positive Comment out of 31 Total Comments is 3.23%.

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  • Full Tilt Poker

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 15.03 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 30 negative comments (96.77%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.23%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
    • 1.1 Reachability
    • 1.2 Cancellation
    • 1.4 Friendliness
    • 1.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by RushUber

Why do the employees at Full Tilt Poker refuse to help a customer? Over last several days I have tried to attain help from employees at full tilt, emailing back forth back and forth has Not worked, Yet they refuse to call, when they themselves asked for my phone number.....Truly never had to deal with type of Incompetence! All I wanted to know is how to log back in after downloading updated version of full tilt.

Posted by pottytrap

my fulltilt account was merged to pokerstars my balance of $25 or so was there played a game log in today my balance is 1 cent.No contact or support info on the "new site". I have enjoyed playing for years with a small amount and it has just been taken away by some greed infected whom i intend on finding .

Posted by Anonymous

Why won't you people let me into a site i have been visiting for more than a decade??? the whole stars acount stuff is unreasonable bullstuff. It recognised my e mail but won't accept my password??? It wont even let me reset a new password. Why did you do this to me????? You guys are evil JERKS for ruining the best poker site. I hope you burn in H E double tooth picks !!!! PS are we adults, or are we in grade school??? "No profanity?" WOW!!!

Posted by mdillen

on 5/17/16 I had a full tilt update notice which I ran and after that I have an error message 404,after messing around trying to get the site it finally let me in but its no longer full tilt it's like im in poker stars.I cannot access my full tilt cashier site nor the games I've played for years.my poker login name is mdillen.

Posted by ZAREKK

I cannot log on to my account on my MAC or I pad. My screen name

Posted by feehan19831

I opened an account, made a £50 deposit and then it restricted my account asking for ID and documents!! I would not have registered if I knew I would have to follow this procedure as I wanted to play tonight!

How do I get a refund?

Posted by crazbu11

This site are robbers!! I have them my Drivers license, my health card number, credit card statements and still they ask for MORE to PROVE its my account. They will not release funds nor will they ever i'm sure. They have a picture of my face with these documents and still say its not good enough. This site steals from the working man and I will nevr evr play poker online again. THEIVES!!!!

Posted by Anon

Recently deposited my first $10 with Full Tilt without any dramas, a short time later they suspended my account and demanded id documents. After numerous emails they refused to give any explanation why I was not asked for these documents prior to the deposit, their customer service is impossible to deal with and refuses to give me a reasonable answer, at least I have only lost $10, I strongly urge people to avoid this company.

Posted by katsouri888

Hi ive tried to start playing....but my emai l address of is an issue...can you assist me please...i have updated my details....but i cant remember my old passwords and username

Posted by corytheking

tried to take money out and you stole 75 dollars from me this is bull and there is no way to get ahold of you

Posted by Anonymous

Full tilt have 200 plus dollars of my money which I cannot access because of security issues. I have forwarded identity documents as requested. They were happy to bank them but not let me play. No phone contacts no help . all I want is to be able to play. I'm verypissed off. I want my money back or I want to play poker. I would defiantly not recommend them for customer services.

Posted by jase-one-69

Your game is corrupt iv spent nearly �£20 and not even won a single hand im good at poker and know its impossable to lose that many times in a row without winning a single hand i want my miney back or my credit put back to the game this has taken the p**s enough and im very angry about the whole thing, you are oviasly just mugging me off by giving me rubbish hands all the time, i want my money back,..

Posted by georgeplaing

unable to take my money out. unable to reach you by email or telephone.......\you were shut down before for scamming people,...i suppose you are still the same scamming lot. i should have known better... shame on you. you are just a lot of scum ....with no ethics, and no consideration for anyone.....how the do you sleep at night...

Posted by focu

The worst poker site in the world. These stupid idiots are not only known cheats and thieves but they also are now the found out partners of Pokerstars. They support rats and also don't give a foc about anybody but themselves. What we need is public outcry, because they have cheated so many people and still have their site up and running. I say "to hell with you"".

Posted by suec48

Never have i recieved the run around like i did at Full tilt poker customer service or lack there of.so much bull,no service at all.DISGUSTING

Posted by louisgim

disgusting customer service. They take at least 72 hours to reply to you no matter what your issue is. They do not show any care to your situation and aren't willing to apologize for anything they do wrong. I have been unable to deposit any money on my account for over a month because full tilt have gone into my account and changed my personal details. I have already sent them copies of my passport and drivers licence in the past year yet they still will not sort out my issue. After speaking with their customer service team I now feel obliged to punch any full tilt representative in the face just to get some revenge for this awful customer service

Posted by Bigpaparich777

dearest full tilt, my name is Richard Hughes it has become apparent that after spending countless dollars on your website..it is not for poker players. but instead it is like walking through a mine-field with cement boots..... i am soooo tired of the outrageous bad beats i have experience on your site that i can no long deal with such unrealistic outcomes! Even though i have graduated to a "diamond status....... i hope this helps you to plan for a better software program that will, if not eliminate, but reduce such a laughable . if not out right disturbing outcomes to most of your hands..........my friends and i are all in agreeance that we will take our money elsewhere !....thank-you for listening, sincerely Richard Hughes

Posted by Anonymous

this full tilt game is a joke.. i will no longer play on your site any more.. here is my hand number .. im wondering how a pair of duces lose agianst a ace of clubs and a 7 of clubs..your site is a joke...this is why your players are going to other sites to play.. the cards are dealt wrong. hopefully enough compaints will get your web site band..

Posted by Anonymous

can u get a hold of me regarding my [email protected]

Posted by metalman1

I never seen such suck outs in all my life! if there was a way to lose its a fulltilt. the frickin name fits never again will I put a frickin cent in on your site. I might as well take it and burn it or through it out the window. your predetermined hands, knowing full well that you know I what to play and will reload gives the suckout a whole new meaning. remember this! never again and there is a world wide web out there that I do plan on informing!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I just seen to know why I'm still in the process of losing to each of the hand I played I always go'm losing it as the kings brelland a two pair every time I lose 90 percent of the time you can take the advantage send m m an email and explain why I would also like to win from time to time at his flat began to be ok but normally lose its exaggerate

Posted by Allymam

Take your phone number off the website number is just for looks take the number off your email cannot work for everything you need to have a number for people to talk to you about accounts

Posted by lurch240

Worst site in da world they fkrd me out of cash aswell. They withdrew the money and asked me to prove to them who iam and never answer back through email! well im coming after them for what they do its called FRAUD. Good luck in court.

Posted by Anonymous

Exactly the same just happened to me.... why take the deposit then submit an id check. how the hell do u actually get in contact with them????????

Posted by Zaf

Crooks! Is there any other way to describe Full Tilt? I am a pensioner on limited funds for recreation, joined tonight deposited £200 which was debited from my account immediately, I know £200 might not be much to most but its a hell of alot for me, within 5 minutes they suspended my account asking for documents. Does common sense not dictate verify the identity first before accepting the deposit then sitting on it locking it up. How many others have had this done to them, all it takes is common sense verify then allow deposit,why would you not warn people that you would do this as soon as they deposited their money! it least they would have the option of giving you their money...

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Why all of a sudden there are only 2 or three tables in the 5/10 and 25/50?
I play-Texas Holdem,no limit,ring game

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