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Fujitsu customer service is ranked #246 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 42.69 out of a possible 200 based upon 7 ratings. This score rates Fujitsu customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


6 Negative Comments out of 7 Total Comments is 85.71%.


1 Positive Comment out of 7 Total Comments is 14.29%.

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  • Fujitsu

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    • 42.69 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 6 negative comments (85.71%)
    • 1 positive comments (14.29%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 3.0 Issue Resolution
    • 3.3 Reachability
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    • 2.8 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Kim

Firstly will never recommend this company. Bought 2 air cons May 29th. The promotion stated money back guarantee within 4 to 8 weeks once certain Serial numbers were lodged. Lodged them on 1stJune, I unfortunately gave them the incorrect serial number which they notified me on the 12th July over a month later, which was then rectified on the 14th July and still today being 14th September nothing. I have complained and chased but to no avail. I was told today however that it was all my fault and that I am lucky to be getting the money back at all because it could have been completely cancelled because I made an error!!!!!!! Fujitsu you should be disgusted because I am.

Posted by Bangladeshi

I bought a Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Series A, Model - AH544 on 09th May, 2015 with 1(one) year warranty. It was working fine until 7th August 2016. From 08th August, 2016 the Battery stopped working. I brought the PC to the shop from where I bought it to find out the problem. They told me that the battery must be replaced for which I have to pay a handful of money. The funny thing is that the warranty is ended just before 3 months (approx) of the incident.

Now I am not sure of what to think. Am I unlucky? or the product is made in such a way that it will stop working very soon after the end of warranty period?

I work directly with Japanese people in one of JICA's project in Bangladesh. I know how cautious they are about the quality of their job/product. As Fujitsu is a Japanese Company, I expected same attitude/quality from them too. But it hurt me to buy a bad quality product from a Japanese Company.

Now i shall have to buy a new battery for this laptop, which I shall do; but I can't say that this incident will not affect my impression about Fujitsu in the event of buying any product in future.

Posted by Dennis

I have a Fujitsu WYVO portable mass storage device which has worked very well on my windows 7 machine. I have tried to use it to transfer the data from my windows seven machine to a new windows 10 machine. Windows 10 will not open it or recognize it.Support is nonexistent. I finally got a snotty person I think was in India who wanted to access my machine to solve the problem. I said no so his answer was "too bad" we can fix it is you want to pay for it. Very disappointed with Fujitsu, their support and their people skills.

Posted by LD

Very bad customer service, the guy who answered the phone call wasn't clear about his question, i asked him to repeat it nicely but he just yelled at me.

Posted by harvey

While my wife was cleaning one of our Fujitsu split unit A/C, one of the vertical louver clips popped off and we cannot find. I called Fujitsu parts and spoke with Linda who told me that i'd have to call my contractor to get the clip. She was kind enough to give me the #'s of two contractors, First one didn't answer, Second one had no clue, but said he would fax something over for me to look at.(never did) I called back Fujitsu, this time trying to reach the service department, all i got was voice mail.
All i need is a clip! Can anyone help? Customer service?

Posted by FushitsuSucks

TOO BAD, SO MAD! I have had a Fujitsu AH531 laptop since Nov of last year.(less than 5 Months) I have since had the WORST customer service out of any company I have ever dealt with. It all started on the day of purchase. I was swindled into the Fujitsu by Fry's ( who is now #2 on my list) and there crack team of now-it-nothings. I wanted a Sony but I was pushed into a deal for the fush*tsu (Frys was going to charge me $175 to take it back when I tried to return the laptop.)I purchased the laptop and a printer.
I called to register my Brand New laptop and have them walk me through their process so I could become more familiar with their computers. The tech raced through it and told me to skip a step that later ended up crashing the hard drive. I should of known from the start that they were shady when the computer told me one thing and the tech told me another. Within the first month I was dealing with the laptop not running right. I had Windows 7 on my last computer and was happy and familiar with how it ran. The laptop would have all kinds of errors and not save certain docs and oh yeah would SHUT OFF randomly.
Besides no battery life, the mouse pad is completely awkward and does not respond like it should.
When the hard drive crashed just after 2 months I called and requested a new hard drive. They told me to send them mine first and then they would send me one back. I was reassured it would be sent overnight as soon as they received my hard drive. I told them that I did not want to send it first cause I do not want to be without a hard drive because the computer plays a big part of my life. WORK & SCHOOL!! At least 6-10 hours a day. So it was imperative that I get a hard drive quick. Fush*tsu made me send mine first. I sent it on a Tuesday and was told I would get a new one by Friday. IT never happen. I called Friday and the automated voice said that they were in a meeting. The whole company was in a meeting? So Saturday there was no one to help and Sunday they were closed. I called Monday and was told that they had not sent one because there were out of stock of the hard drives!!! I almost fell over. I couldn't believe they took mine first and then didn't even have the courtesy to call me or email me that they were out of stock. What kind of computer company doesn't have hard drives in stock? they finally sent one the following week. I had to borrow a laptop from my neighbor just to write two papers that were due. That is not all.
The new hard drive ended up crashing and I wanted them to replace the computer.They wouldn't!! I had to send in my whole laptop. This time they would "evaluate" it and send me a check for the cost of the laptop. another empty promise. They said that they found nothing wrong and sent back the same computer. No help, Just Wasted Time!! I would NEVER recommend any thing from this bottom of the barrel Podunk company with the customer service rating in the negatives.
I don't usually take time to write a about bad service, but I must make an effort to warn people that Fujitsu had no place in today' market and should be shut down or purchased by a company that knows how to stand behind its product and treat the customer with respect or at least have the courtesy to let them know that this TERRIBLE product will not work properly and they will not stand behind it. Worst than that they have atrocious customer service
They will take your money once and don't care if you never come back.

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Posted by waldo

overall I have been totally satisfied with the high mfg. quality and support. both for lower cost consumer laptops and the new convertible tablet models.

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