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Fry's customer service is ranked #263 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 41.48 out of a possible 200 based upon 105 ratings. This score rates Fry's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


94 Negative Comments out of 105 Total Comments is 89.52%.


11 Positive Comments out of 105 Total Comments is 10.48%.

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    • 41.48 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 94 negative comments (89.52%)
    • 11 positive comments (10.48%)
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Posted by Anonymous

According to Fry's Points, I was informed via the computer that I had 45 points to use or they would expire in three days. I tried to get it and it wouldn't work, so the lady at the gas station said to go to Fry's and explain what happened. I did that, but she said I had to have 100 points to get the points. So, I didn't get the 45 points. My question is "why was I notified that I had 45 points to use if I couldn't use them". Thank you. I would appreciate an answer. Judith L. Edwards

Posted by Anonymous

Plano, TX store has employees that have little to no concept of customer service or training in how to even acknowledge the presence of other humans, they are too busy surfing the web or on their cell phones texting and surfing. Morons at the check-out counters, not even sure if there was a store manager, called the customer service number which is a call center and they could not even get anyone to answer the phone at that store location. This store was not crowded or packed with shoppers.

Posted by Keith Shanklin

I had purchase a refrigerator from Fry's and the refrigerator turns out to be a lemon I bought a top-of-the-line refrigerator and I'm getting awful customer service my refrigerator been out for the last month and there's no resolution in sight I am so tired of going out to dinner because I cannot put any food in my refrigerator that will stay more than one day this is cost me a lot of money and grief and not to mention the stress on my family

Posted by VivekK

FRY's has been super disappointing. I bought a TV 1 year ago for Thanksgiving and opened a FRY's credit card. I bought the TV since they mentioned that it was interest free for 18 months. I have been making equal installments every month but recently when i checked the statement, they were charging me interest all along. No one to answer in customer service, nor in credit department. This is taking quite a bit of my time and patience. How can i reach the corporate office? Anyone?

Posted by John

I purchased a laptop with extended warranty I tooked back to cry on southwest 59 and west bellfort Houston they told it was the charger I to buy a new one I called dell and it was under Warranty poor customer service they try to Sale me something under Warranty

Posted by POKESR

Plain and simple, the store policies are made up as they go along to fit fry's mgt policy. And of course there is always lying involved, which is what happened to me, I had to explain my entire story to 5 different people over a period of 3 weeks and they still screwed me....SURPRISE!!

Posted by Akbar

Frys at West Bellport is just a waste of time the manager Eddie Ashford is a very rude person and they are just fake pls don't buy anything from frys because if u do and u want to return back u will watse 3 to 4 hrs

Posted by Anonymous

I come into frys in anthem everyday. I seem to always get Luz as my cashier as I did this morning. She smelt like liquor on her breath and us ALWAYS VERY RUDE.I will never go to her line again and if she is the only cashier I will go somewhere else. You should train her on how to be nice and save her liquor for after work hours. She is pathetic.

Posted by Anonymous

I have spent a lot of money with Frys. I m a part of a Security/Safety Ministry at my church. We use Radios and Ear pieces for communications. I purchased a Radio and Earpiece on Feb 6,2016 for the church. They end up not needing the radio and ear piece. I attempt to take the Radio and Ear piece back for a credit back to my credit card. I was told that I have had them for over 30 days and she could only give me a store credit. I do not want a store credit. Im requesting this be credit back to my credit card. The entire ministry purchase radios from Frys. This was something I did not expected to go thru. The Radio never been open, the ear piece never been open. I also presented the receipt. I,m asking for your help to correct this, Store# 19, 102 East I-20 Arlington, Tx I await your response.

Posted by Disappointed

I bought a Cuisinart TOB-135 Deluxe Convection Toaster Oven Broiler, Brushed Stainless online on 3/3/2016. When I checked the order again, it was reported as "Back Ordered". I called them around 3/14, waited on hold for 20 min only to be told it was still back ordered and that it should be shipped later in the week (expecting shipment on Thursday). Called back today 3/24 and after 18 min on hold, was told it was still on back order. When asked to speak with a manager, I was put back on hold for another 25 minutes only to be told by the same CSR that the manager was busy and that he'd move my order to the front of the pack but that he had no idea when it would be shipped . "May be next Thursday or the following Thursday". One of the worst Customer Service I've experienced.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a laptop from frys electronics in the city of industry. It was giving me problems due to windows 10 and what I was told by an employee at that frys store was a defective hard drive. It was still under warrenty, but I was expected to pay for the shipping to get the thing fixed. On top of that when we werent happy with that, we asked for his manager which he agreed to. It only got worse from there. He refused to help us yet kept claiming he was, to the point where I lost it. I left and flashed him a certain finger. It was quite clear I was unhappy and the manager, yet he gave a very smug comment questioning my maturity. I'm pretty sure that is not how you deal with customers, especially the angry ones. I am very unhappy about the service that was provided because a manager failed to provide and stay proffessional at that even when a customer can't.

Posted by om

The store send me a promo code and I bought a Sony Receiver 1040 with the promo code. Next day someone calls me and tells me that they only have one unit left and it is a floor model, but in good shape and I should come in and check it out.

So I go the the store. And Sales manager says they dont have the unit anymore. Calls other store and says no one has it and since it was their mistake, she will replace the unit with an equivalent other unit for same price.

We walk to the specific department and then get handed over from one sales person to the other. After 30 mins they tell me they can give me Sony receiver 860 which is a lower model but a newer version. So I agree to it. I walk up to the payment counter and they ask me to pay MSRP for the unit. Amazon and Bestbuy has the unit for 100$ cheaper.

I go back to the front desk trying to talk to the manager who "promised: similar model for same price". They tell me sho left for the day. Ya right!

Never going to that store again. Bait and Switch not once but twice.

Posted by Rick

I went to get gas st frys on first and grant in Tucson on 11/14. I pulled up to the pump just as my phone rang, it was my mom. Well, I haven't heard from her in a while and soon was involved in a lively discussion with her for ten minutes. After her call I got in my vehicle without pumping the ten bucks in gas I purchased. I drove away and very soon realized I forgot to pump my gas and went back to the station and told the woman working there what happened. She looked at me like I was stupid and told me I was a scamming dumb ass. I don't need some underpaid worker telling me I'm a dumbass. I explained I made a mistake and again she called me a scammer and actually told me to never come to that station again. I spend hundreds of dollars a month at this Frys and I couldn't believe what she was telling. After a few attempts to get this worked out she still did not believe me, called me a scammer again, and made me pay another ten bucks for gas. I felt bad about myself because if this awful women. She had no customer skills at all and insulted on top of it. I'm appalled someone like this works dealing with customers. I'm out ten bucks because of a misguided workers ignorance. She is an old woman with glasses and heavy make up. I need to refunded the extra ten bucks I spent because of her.

Posted by ralph

They continue to advertise a stereo turntable that they never deliver. Send you an email stating they don't know when it will be back in stock but then run another ad with an expected delivery date for the same product and they haven't even delivered the back orders yet. Very deceptive and still waiting

Posted by Ryan cobb

I bought a brand new Boss radio from your store 3 weeks ago. It never worked properly. I called the install and he wasn't here twice when I had time to come. The sound was horrible. From cd's, dvd's, iPhone aux, and radio. Volume jumped up and down and it had nothing but static almost. Also, the very 2nd CD I ever put in there got stuck! It's still stuck! You guys have my cd too now! I also realized that the model I bought, which is almost identical to another Boss, didn't have hands free. That's another thing I was looking for. When I 1st shopped here, you guys beat Amazon by $2 already. That was great. However y'all offered a $60 install fee with the purchase. Best Buy had it for $12 more, but with free instant installation. So like good business people, you guys offered me free install. I just had to buy an adapter for my antenna. (Like $14.99. No biggie. Now that nothing works, a cd is stuck, and It wasn't what I was looking for in the 1st place. (Wanted a wireless hands free stereo). Which it said it was on the wall. Now, they won't give me a refund. They say I have to pay for labor and install now. Labor and install that was not done correctly. Labor and install that I had to work my schedule around to even have it looked at. Btw. The guy that specializes in my car/radio type isn't here again. So of course I have the same number of reasons to return and get my money back as I do fingers and toes. & I will not pay for an install or job that was not done right! That is not how business works. Not at all! I do need a few things from your store even today. So some of the money was going back into Fry's, probably a lot. Now I'm not sure I'll ever spend a single dime here again. & im not leaving the store or the radio I paid for in an associates hand until I get a full refund for the worst sounding radio I don't want and for the free install I was promised and then charged for when it was done incorrectly. Please respond ASAP. You can email or call me at . But I'm here until this gets resolved. Thank you for listening to the issue I had at your Plano, tx store. I hope you guys can resolve it.


Ryan Cobb

Posted by aloewishes211

this is really a terrible chain/store. I went to the one in alpharetta Ga and it was empty,the guy at the front did not look up/greet me, no one wanted to help since it was not their department so I decided I will not spend my money there and as I left the girl at the front did not look up or say a word. I then called to speak with the MOD and advise that his/her whole staff is asleeep,but I was on hold for 5 min before I hung up. I dont understand why no one answered the store is empty. Anyway, glad I did not spend money there and I will not return

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried for several days to reach customer service regarding Chromebook's and no one ever ever picked up the phone. Reachability for Fry's is very very poor. Please have one of our associates call Fry's in the City Of Industrys, Oxard and up north no one will pick up.

Posted by Add review

Went shopping at frys on 67 and Indian school on 8/5/15 the exit door alarm went off and my cart full of groceries got locked for no apparent reason, I felt embarrassed and also my daughter. Security employees had to the the lock off with his device.its not going to happen again, because I'll never shop again in frys again. Hello Wal-Mart.

Posted by Anonymous

The cashier wants a "promo code" or rings up twice the sales price, of course the cashier has the code an will provide it. the message is, "we have the secret code to reduce the price by half, an we can give it to you". I just want to buy my item and leave, frys already has my email an send me nothing. I leave my intended purchase, find the manager, state my complaint and leave. Shirley better marketing is in order, as this is just irritating and time consuming of your employees and customers. poor, poor, poor

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to reach out to who is responsible for the intended Fry's Market Place to be built in Gladden Farms area in Marana, Arizona (Tangerine & Lon Adams) with service to Gladden Farms, Red Rock and Old Town Marana community residence.

Our community has been waiting 10 years now and we would like an update to the plans, etc.

I would like to know who I can contact that knows information on this. Thank you.


Karen Essif

Posted by Xyrix

My experience with costumer service has been good and well taken care of. My complaint is the warranty. I purchase a Laptop almost 3 years now and have purchased the extended warranty. I have now returned the same laptop with the same problem now for the 7th time spanning over 2 years. The warranty expires in August and customer service has called corporate and corporate will not do a exchange. They are going to repair and want for the warranty to expire.

Posted by Anonymous

Beware from buying on Fry's online. If your package gets lost, and the shipper admits that you never received the package, and that the shipper has even refunded and notified Fry's, you would think that you would get a speeded refund to your account. Right? Think again. I and still waiting for my refund after a month. I have called Fry's 1-800 customer service number and I get the run around story that it is being review by some claims manager but they will not give me the name of the manager so that I may speak to that person and ask for a status of where we are with my refund. I am not an arrogant or rude person but when it comes to truly bad customer service, Fry's SUCKS!. I've already paid for the product as my credit card account was billed for it and I paid the bill. All I ask is being treated fairly and have my account credited with the amount I paid. Truly a horrible company.

Posted by Anonymous

I am happy to say that my problem at the Manhattan Beach, California Fry's store with the ever so arrogant Hiriam Vasquezz, has been resolved.

After calling and actually getting they called the store and went to bat for me.

I was put in touch with the manager, Tanya Smith, who quite pleasantly gave me a refund for the defective motherboard.

I guess it's true that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Gygabyte brand motherboard and an Intel CPU combo that was on sale.
After getting home I opened the boxes and was ready to build my new computer.
I opened the socket cover on the board to install the CPU only to discover that some of the pins were bent.
I put it back in the box and went to the Manhattan Beach, California store where I purchased it. After waiting in the return line for 20 minutes the "associate" opened the box and agreed that the pins were bent and told me that it was considered damaged and couldn't take it back.
I protested and she then conferred with her rather arrogant manager, Hiriam Vasquezz, who, basically told me to get lost.
The box was intact and had all manuals, cables and software and not so much as a single scratch on the board, just some bent pins under the CPU cover.

What a bunch of crap! Does this mean that to purchase something at Fry's you need to bring your own box cutter and dissect and inspect the merchandise before taking it to the check-out counter?

I have purchased items there before that had obviously been opened and resealed or re-taped. They worked so I kept them. This either was one of those or was a factory defect, either way they should have taken the board back.

I even said that I didn't need a refund, just an exchange or even store credit, but El Jefe Hiriam Vasquezz gave me the bum's rush. His attitude may have been because he had to work on Memorial Day, which it was.

I will get this appalling lack of customer service rectified one way or another. I'll email headquarters daily if I have to and stop payment on my credit card.

So, be sure to open every box and inspect the item at Fry's before you make the purchase.

Posted by John Lee

I was trying to return an item with a receipt but refused returned from the store.the refusal reason was that I need to return the item where I bought it at so I didn't buy at the store so they cannot take it back.I asked to see where is written on the receipt or policy nothing was mentioned, even with that rational request the individual who he claim he is the store manager, Brian Nguyen insisted he can't except our return. He is very rude, need to retrian your employee he made us feel like we were some kind of criminal instead of a valuable customer. I am a loyal Frys customer, but with this negative incidents I'm having doubts. Please reply back to me to tell if I'm wrong where does your store indicated that if I purchased something at on store I need to returned it back at that store. If that the cased that is very inconvenience to your customers.

Add your review!

Posted by Rj

Combs frys thank you Rj u rock such a kind person austina loved her birthday surprise it's not every day u run in to a kind and helpful person with a happy attitude that is a stranger that lives 2 make some one's day very pleasant thankyou erika may

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted let you know. I come in to Fry's twice a week. And buy meat & cheese's for my husband. You have a wonderful employee, Becky is so helpful. And she's always smiling.

Posted by Claire Davis

I shopped Fry's store 84 Highway in San Tan Heights, Arizona yesterday. I avoid shopping there and any Fry's and haven't in 4 years. I go there for a random item I can't get else where or when I'm close and to lazy to go somewhere else. Nothing has changed except the employees manage to look more miserable than at Wal- Mart, the atmosphere is more draconian and oppressive than the last time and there is even less people per department to help.

What did make me fall over though was that THE store manager was actually ringing the cash register. A change since I rarely if ever see them in the store on their floor.

Although my interaction was pleasant and polite what irked me was that she did not accept my one pathetic competitor's coupon for $2.75.

Really? I mean seriously? I had not been aware that the coupon policy changed. She informed me so.... politely. She did not, however, apologize. She neither used the good judgment of a manager in providing exceptional service nor exercised the part of the coupon policy that said, "they reserve the right to change it at any time". Uhmmm...ever here of "Customers first"? I believe that had been Fry's mantra for the longest time.

I took my competitor's coupon which was $2.75 off of any purchase of 3 12 packs of Coca Cola product (Fry's had them at 3 for $12.00) and went to Safeway. Safeway had their Coke at the same price. Although Safeway DOES NOT accept coupons like this when I spoke to the manager about my experience at Fry's and explained why I now shop at Safeway regularly and always will he graciously accepted my coupon on Fry's behalf!!! NOW THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Posted by Anonymous

I sent a complaint letter to Frys; I did not expect any response whatsoever. The store manager replied and apologized, then replaced my dirty, used and incomplete GPS with a new 2014 model at no cost. He seems sincere about winning back consumer confidence. In the same amount of time we spend complaining here, we could remedy the situation by contacting the store and explaining the problem.

Posted by [email protected]

in Your Fry's food store on Tatum Rd and Shea in Phoenix, As.. I would like to pass on information to you..

You Produce Manager Jerry has been doing a great job in setting displays and making sure all who work for him are personable and excellent assistance.. He has been doing an excellent job for you in that store.. All displays are well done and stay filled.. Any questions his staff is there to answer..

Posted by ??

Exchanged Franklin Spanish/English translator for a new one. Original purchase
would not activate( Model DBE-15). Reception at exchange desk was cordial and I was encouraged to get a new one from the rack.

Posted by Linda

Twice I have been to Fry's in Palo Alto with serious emergencies. Each time they helped me in the best way possible, applying highly technical expertise, as well as human concern for my plight.
I can only say THANKS!

Posted by TeriH

Great quality products! Employees are friendly. Terry Niggs, an employee in the produce dept is A+. He keeps the produce dept looking great!

Posted by jeff

i'm usually as critical as the next guy but my experience on early Sunday morning Feb. 27th was very good. i was laptop shopping. the sales people couldn't have been more helpful and everyone in the store was friendly. of course it was early on a sunday so maybe that's the key

Posted by TheK

I've bought several things from fry's and have always found their staff to be very knowledgeable and helpful. The prices are always nice and low and the employees seem to even enjoy helping you out. They really go the extra mile for their customers.

Posted by Taed

I have bought many things from Fry's over the years, and have returned a number of those. Say what you want about Fry's, but their return process is painless and what it should be. They have even been able to get me a receipt for an item that I purchased years earlier (which I needed for a warranty issue).

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