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Frontier Communications customer service is ranked #539 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.09 out of a possible 200 based upon 396 ratings. This score rates Frontier Communications customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


379 Negative Comments out of 396 Total Comments is 95.71%.


17 Positive Comments out of 396 Total Comments is 4.29%.

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    • 30.09 Overall Rating
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    • 379 negative comments (95.71%)
    • 17 positive comments (4.29%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Let's just start by saying I was a customer of Verizon for years before Frontier took over. Level of service has diminished immensely since Frontier took over. I had to move because of Irma having the same services as before (except changed to a private line - cost:$2.67 according to bill breakdown). Can you believe my bill went from $76 to $438(????) Initially, no one could say representative had the audacity to tell me I should be grateful I get a discount (can you believe that). Finally, I asked to speak to a manager who got bill reduced to $300+ because of duplicate billing. I go tired of fighting because I'm a caregiver of dementia/stage 4 kidney disease person and have too much to be concern with. She assured me that it would be around $80 a month. The next month it was $82. Well, this month my bill is $180+ dollars. I called expressing concerns/bill history. The representative felt it was a little high too. I asked to speak to someone else who was checking on the bill. He found that I was being billed for 2 land lines (I had 2 land lines approximately 10 years before retiring, I've been retired 20+ years ????). He was checking on other things, and we got disconnected. I never got a call back. I tried to reach him but was unsuccessful in getting through as I had to leave for an appointment. I'll try again.

Posted by Anonymous

Frontier's statement directing one on how to post a comment really says a lot about the company: "Please use the form below to post your comments regarding your experience with Frontier Communications and the reasons you are contacting their corporate office headquarters. PLEASE AVOID USING PROFANITY."

I am posting one paragraph of the five-page letter I have written to Frontier.

When I say Frontier is the worst company I have ever dealt with, realize I am 74 years old, so that encompasses a LOT of really bad companies. Also realize I am not complaining about the people who answer the phones. As with most there are some a little less competent than average and some more competent than average. The problems I have been experiencing with Frontier are not the fault of individual Customer Service or Technical Support representatives. The responsibility and accountability lie with the higher level management and a corporate attitude that does not include any of its customers.

(Edited to conform to Frontier's expectations of a comment from a customer.)

Posted by NN

I have recently switched from Charter to Frontier and God knows what a horrible mistake as I was fooled by their April Promotion. From day one, it has been nothing but worst customer service ever at every level. The first rep decided to assign me a new phone number instead of porting my existing home number and for two weeks, I was paying for Frontier and Charter as I could cancel my service with Charter since I would have lost my home number which I have had for over 20 years. My issues with Frontier continued and recently I got two monthly statements (over $300 each) while I was told my monthly bill will be $85 before. It seems like this is their standard practice as they intentionally don't send the new customers emails to provide details about the service and monthly fee, so you don't have any record or proof to make your case.

Posted by SAD IN CT

I am so despondent that Frontier took 203.00 out of my bank account AFTER I CANCELLED THEIR INTERNET SERVICE! They owed me $79.05 and took over 200.00 out. My mortgage bounced and I have called 5x since January 23rd and each person says something different. Once guy even said "I don't need this crap" and hung up on me! Does snyone know how I can email someone in a corporate capacity?????????? I cannot find an email address. I do NOT want to email a long saga to some idiotic customer service person. What Frontier has done to me is criminal! I want my 79.00 and my 203.00 yesterday. This is so wrong. I only paid 48.00 a month for internet so why the hell did they take 203.00? I doesn't make any sense. I am tired of crying as I just want my money back. That is half a paycheck for me!

Posted by Mike

Tried to order internet and three business lines for my new pediatric office in east Texas. After approximately 18 hours on the phone and on hold, and speaking to no less than 18 people in your employ, the 1st appointment was missed completely, and the second appointment didn't happen in until late in the day the next day (today) with the tech order for ONE phone line and to tell me that internet was NOT available at my location. Your company has wasted a week of my time and I have lost two, soon to be three days of business due to your company's ineptitude. I am at a loss how you stay in business. Your competitor is going to install service for me, and I will not ever recommend your service, due to the complete ineptitude of your customer service and technical staff. If you knew how angry I am at your company right now.

Posted by lido

What an embarrassment it must be to work for the worst organized/operational company on the planet. The lack of proficiency, process and customer service is breath taking. I have experienced the worst Internet access via their DSL service. If it ever stays connected it is worse than a 1200 baud modem.

Compounding, the lack of responsiveness and networking tools and staff to identify, monitor and remedy network problems is horrific. 7 months and going with no end in site. Never returning a customer call is standard operating procedure. The amount of time spent educating them on their own issues is profound. Without provocation the call center will disconnect your call. This trick has occurred to me at least 18 times in three weeks. What a joke.

Posted by Anonymous

Lost phone land line on Saturday the 3rd of December. Cell phones done work at our house because it's too wooded an area. Drove till my cell phone worked and called frontier communications. Have my 95 year old mother with Alzheimer's and weak and frail. Have had to call 911 severe times because she keeps falling. Was told by their customer service that no one could come out till Friday December 9th. Seven days later! Explained to them and got a snippy representative who told me that if I want him to lie and say they could come out sooner he would. Told him about my mother and he said they'd try to expedite it but probably couldn't. I thought they were legally bound to service it sooner with a medical emergency. He told me he'd been there seven years and doesn't think they have to. Why am I paying for a land line that they're too busy to service!

Posted by AnnoyedBeyondBelief


My name is Sara Pardey and I have tried TWICE now, to set up service with Frontier. The first time, I was charged an $84.00 deposit based on my credit rating. I was told the internet would be hard-wired and NOT Satellite. I required this due to a job opportunity potentially working from home. The date of install came, and I left work early in order to meet up with the tech....whom never came. I spoke with customer service, they called me a half hour before install to let me know that a tech would not be coming and that they do not offer hard-wired internet in my area. I was told by a CSR (GiGi) via chat that those services were available when I signed up for service. I was told on NUMEROUS occasions the connection was hard-wired with any rep I spoke with.

I lost the job opportunity because I was scheduled to test my PC with the company that night, and I was not hooked up.

I waited for my refund of my original deposit to set up service again.

Then, I set up ANOTHER order with Karmen. I was told by her that she would waive my deposit due to the hassle I had dealt with. Keep in mind, I did not ASK for this, it was offered to me. Install was set up for yesterday 11/17, after 4pm. I was told a tech would call me an hour before arrival. I left work early, AGAIN. Only to get home and find no tech was coming. I was told my order had been 'put on hold due to an old order' still lingering in the system. (This confused me since I got a conformation email stating that my 1st order was cancelled). I was told that I would receive a call back after the rep spoke with dispatch. I received a call back, but missed that call. I then went on chat today, and spoke with Kayci, who was extremely slow at responding and not very helpful at all. She told me that my order was on hold because I did not pay a deposit. (Remember Karmen promised it would be waived) I requested a supervisor, Shelly, and explained to her that she could review the chat history with Karmen and see that I was told the deposit would be waived. I told her I understood now that a CSR did not have the authority to waive a deposit, but explained that this was promised to me. After she demeaned me by basically telling me that because I have bad credit, I would have to pay the deposit.

I asked the supervisor, Shelly, to please send a transcript of Karmen and I's conversation to my email. (As it has always been offered to me after ending a chat). She then told me that she could not do that because of "policy". I found that odd. I also found it odd, that all of a sudden after I asked for the chat with Karmen, that the option to save my current chat with Shelly had been disabled. So, I copy and pasted it and saved it.

This is absolutely unacceptable, and unfair. I have been treated like garbage throughout all of this. Every time I call customer service I am told something completely different than the time prior. I have now left work early, with no pay, twice. As well as lost 2 job opportunity's because of this. Another company asked me to test my PC last night, when I SHOULD have been hooked up and ready to go. I was unable to do so.

Posted by Anonymous

Been a Frontier customer for quite a while. E mail service is the worst ever and your so called tech support is terrible-however many different techies you talk to is how many different answers you get! My email says receiving but it never happens and times out and says my POP3 server has failed. They recently raised my rates and the service is terrible. If you cannot fix your problems, I will have to change internet suppliers, or don't you care??

Posted by Terry

They turned off my internet access on 10-20-16 (my bill has been paid on time for about 10 years - as long as we've been their customer). Numerous phone calls and chats. Never the same answer twice. Finally told me I had to be home all day on the 25th. I got a voice mail telling me it was fixed without anyone coming to my house. I had to use a vacation day. It is going to take cable 2 weeks to run to my house but Frontier is about to fired. They don't even try to do the right thing. Its almost like they are playing a game. As for the person who said asking for a supervisor just gets you an extended hold - Absolutely true.

Posted by Anonymous

Soma power box was not working on a Friday so I called to get a tech and of course the soonest they can send a tech out was the next Tuesday. Tuesday comes and goes no call nothing so I call and oh they tell me we have to reschedule even though I sat there for hours after calling and calling and then telling me Oh yeah he has your ticket so we will move you to Wednesday... Wednesday it comes and goes not one phone call the only calls made were for me again to customer service customer service calls the dispatch and the dispatch promises me he will be there Wednesday night guess what Wednesday night comes and goes no phone call someone calls me on Thursday oh my gosh it's the dispatcher I see you need a tech unfortunately we can't make it today how about Friday afternoon... I am so pissed I will now pay the $10 a month extra to go to Xfinity

Posted by Anonymous

My experience began on September 9, 2016 when I called Frontier Communications to inform them that my internet service had gone out. I was assured that the internet would be restored by September 15, 2016. Why it would take six days to restore service was beyond my comprehension. I was told I would receive a phone call within 24 to 48 hours informing me when the service technician would be dispatched. That call never came. When September 15 arrived, there was still no internet. I called once again. I was told that the technician had come, had not made the repair, but had closed the ticket. So a new ticket was created. Once again, I was told the problem would be repaired within a week. Astonishing! And, once again, I was told I would receive a phone call within 24 to 48 hours informing me when the service technician would be dispatched. Yes, you guessed right - that call never came. A couple days later I called to check the status of the ticket, and the representative told me that the new ticket indicated the internet would be repaired by September 29, 2016. I shared my incredulity with the representative, and he suggested expediting the ticket (an escalation, I believe). Hallelujah!

Well, today is September 25, 2016. Still no internet. Still no return phone calls. I have called at least eight times and have spoken to numerous customer service representatives and supervisors, among them Toni, Tracy, Eddie, Kelly, and Rowan. All of them had assured me that I "probably" would have internet service restored by September 29, 2016. I find the word "probably" quite disturbing.

I am a musician, and I'm wondering how many gigs and how much income I have lost since September 9, because I have not been able to receive email. I suspect one would agree that nearly three weeks of waiting for internet service to be restored is totally unacceptable.

Posted by [email protected]

I have been in business as a management executive for 30 years, and I have never seen a poorer company to deal with as Frontier. Every time I call I get promises, but nothing ever happens. My lawyers indicate I should sue, but I would like to just end the relationship without damaging my credit rating.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced worse than dealing with health insurance basically like to buy customer service spoke to someone in corporate and don't ever use this company they're horrible and have no regard for their customers the only upside is I don't have to work for them

Posted by Mad lady

I have been dealing with frontier since April regarding the poor and bad services they are providing and have had nothing but headaches I don't know how there still in business they should be shut down with the service they are providing how can a company charge for services that don't work right I have spoken to 3 customer service reps no Help what so ever and 2 Supervisors and still no help I have canceled my services with them I am just going to report them to the better business service maybe they can shut them down.not going to pay them a dime'

Posted by Xjagwant some?

It's all been said over and over again. The "Suits" at Frontier don't give a damn that their organization is poorly run because they get their fat checks and year end bonus without fail. Remember, we are just paying customers without any consumer protection, Federal oversight, or Regulatory agencies willing to take a stand for us. But remember this, we did kick the British out of this country twice in our history. Will history repeat itself ?

Posted by Anonymous

We've been trying sense Aug. 11th to get the Internet set up. We called a week Pryor to that to have it set up. They never showed on the 11th. We called they could not find our order number in the computer. They then said we had to pay a 35 dollar set up charge. Which they failed to tell us about the first 2 times we spoke to them which by the way was 2 hours long on the phone. They then promised to send them on Sat the 13th from 10-1....never showed. We called back they gave us the run around for another 2 hours on the phone said that they bumped it up and the technition would be there sat and he would call us first.'s Sunday the 14th...still no internet..back on the phone with customer service it's going on 45 min now....come on is this how you run a buissness?? This is poor customers service... very unprofessional I cannot believe this company is still in buissness...I'm asking for a refund for sure I want no part of this frontier company!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

We are new customers to Frontier Communications. Having recently purchased a home in Republic, WA, it was necessary to have a on site phone as my mother who is 97 yrs. old lives with us. I called into the Order Dept. and was told that the earlies possible date for service was 8/9/16. We are moving into the property 7/20/16 and needed service then for my mother's health care if needed. The home sits in a canyon and there is no cellphone service unless we drive 5 miles up the road towards the town of Republic. That time frame if an emergency happened is the time that my mother's health risk could be critical or even deadly. I was transferred to the Customer Care center and spoke with Nicole Klamer who worked diligently to just get us dial tone to the residence. I believe that she went above and beyond to help us. We had to take the internet off the original order to do that but just having the land line was the most important aspect at this time. We made arrangements to contact me again later in the week for the internet portion of the bill to be added. This was entirely acceptable to us. You have a very valued employee who listened to the immediate problem and helped to make us feel more comfortable, not only for us but for my mother also.

Posted by Anonymous

The Worst Company Ever! I Can't Believe Verizon Sold Us Out To These Jerks! No Phone Service, No Internet, No Tv - Cannot Contact A Person On The Phone....what A Mess. You Hold For 30 Minutes And No One Picks Up The Line!! We Gave Up And Switched To Time Warner - Not Going To Pay The Bills These Jerks Keep Sending Us!!

Posted by Anonymous

How are you guys even in business 3 weeks and three times you guys have cancelled on us and have not even set up or account you came over told holes in your walls and have not fixed or internet yet you guys are the worst internet service I have ever seen in my entire life

Posted by Merkaba

Both phone & internet were cutting out anywhere from a few minutes up to 10 days. The problem continued for 2 months without being repaired. The customer service people didn't seem to care if it was working or not. The service persons would arrive 2 to 3 days late and not do anything. After numerous phone calls and lack of repairs we closed our account and switched carriers. Although the FCC stats that after 2 days of no service the contract is nullified, after 10 days of no service Frontier insists that I owe them money for service not provided. I have found over 3,500 similar cases online without much looking. Looks like they are in for another class action lawsuit. I suggest save yourself the frustration of dealing with this company and use a different carrier.

Posted by dvdine

You've managed too mess up each of my services (tv phone Internet ) to the point where I've had to find alternate providers for all three. How can you call yourselves a Communications company when you can't even keep a service working. None of them. after more than 20 plus hours on the phone trying to work with you people I've given up you can't even get my internet turned back on after inadvertently turning it off and closing my account. Your customer service is non-existent you might as well shut it down. I've given up at this point you've lost a good customer who paid his bill every month and it wasn't a small one mind you.You're a disgrace of a company. I will go out of my way to tell everyone I know to stay away from Frontier Communications.That shouldn't be hard because most of them know it already I have many friends and family members in the area.

Posted by Anonymous

Re: Wm Turnbull

Have called customer service 3 times with reference to one issue. When Frontier took over Verizon Customer landlines my Caller ID was disconnected yet I was being billed 12.50 a month for April and May. After 3 attempts to correct the issue I was told $25.00 would be credited to my account and the Caller ID would be activated at a monthly cost of $8.95 per month. I received my bill today, not only does the 12.50 for Caller ID appear but so does the $8.95. and the $25.00 was not applied. I called again today 6/14/16. I am to be credited for the two months at 12.50 +tax for a total of $27.80. That's fine. However the charge of $12.50 which is on my bill for the 6/10 billing period should also be deducted. I should only be billed one charge for caller ID and that is the $8.95. The customer rep told me to pay $45.04 on my bill. However, I still believe I am entitled to another credit of $12.50 for this same billing period of 6/10. My acct A phone call will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Wm. C. Turnbull

Posted by Mrs Cooper

So, my internet didn't allow us 2 watch a thing without the constant stops to download & the landline has been full of static since the caterpillars showed up, I finally called 2day & spoke 2 Kevin, he said he put the service order in & a technician could be here by the morning... within an hour I received a call from the technician who was just a few towns away, by the time I got home from work my phone is static free & my Internet is flowing smoothly so far, thankful to them & the great service I received 2day & thinking I'll call much sooner next time I get the static....makes me wonder if it was those caterpillars??

Posted by pakins51167

After switching from Verizon FIOS to Frontier, we experienced an internet service outage that lasted a week. We tried to call in, waited on hold for an hour, only to be hung up on when it finally connected to a person. After another hour long wait, we spoke to a service rep who walked us through several different versions of "unplug it and plug it back in and see what happens". Nothing worked. Tech then determined that it wasn't the modem and that they would send out a mobile tech, with first available appointment 4 days out!

The day before our scheduled tech visit, I got a robo-call saying our service had been repaired. WAN indicator was still red, so not sure how they figured they fixed it, but bottom line, it was still unresponsive. Worse, they canceled our trouble ticket when they 'fixed' out problem, so we had to reschedule for another 3 days out (total of 7 days since we reported the problem).

The next day, which was our original scheduled visit, we saw a mobile tech at the end of our street and flagged him down. He was kind enough to look at our modem and noticed that the address ID of the box didn't match what was in their file, so he replaced the box and updated the ID. Still didn't fix the problem. he gave us his phone number to text or call if it still didn't work, but no answer when we tried it.

Next day, same story. we flagged down a tech and he said that he just came from a customer down the street with a similar problem and he couldn't fix it for them either. he called his office, checked something on the box, and left, again leaving a number that we called and texted WITH NO RESPONSE!

Finally, on Monday, with no call from either the customer center or one of the two techs who visited our house, the service came back on. Only way we noticed it was that one of the kids noticed that Netflix came back up.

i understand that technical difficulties can and do occur, but the absolute lack of concern when I spoke to the representatives of this company is inexcusable. To a person, their attitude was "I could care less if you do or don't have service, and I care less whether you remain a Frontier customer or not". Unbelievable.

Today I got my bill for $138, and called in to see why they expected me to pay for a months' worth of service that I didn't even come close to getting, and got more of the same. Total offered - $30 in bill credit. After spending hours on the phone on hold waiting to talk to somebody, weeks without internet or landline and indescribable frustration at the lack of concern and accountability.

Time Warner Cable is the only other service provider in my area. Online reviews tell me that they are probably more of the same, but I'm going to find out.

Frontier. Wish Verizon had never left.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I switched to Frontier due to the outrageous billing from Comcast and their inability to want to help. I have to say, I have seen a lot of negative comments regarding Frontier, but every time I have had to call customer service so far, they have been very helpful and friendly. Granted, the original individual who gave me the information regarding setting up my service could have used a refresher course, which is why I have had to call customer service several times, but I have have been satisfied with the service I have received since.

Posted by BAM

people are just hating a good company. let keep it real who like to see anyone on top? exacly.. NO ONE..

Posted by Arete

All the bad things said about Frontier are true generally, BUT there is at least one outstandingly friendly and enthusiastic employee there in Customer Service who did not read from a script and whose inflection could be understood. After many calls previously, I landed with Eric in Tech Support. He sounded energetic and tried to do the right thing. He would tell me if he did not know something but said he would stick with me through all the waits and transfers which he did for over an hour. He tried hard and did not BS. One of the supervisors we spoke with did not like that and said the customers should never be on a conference line, and asked for his name and supervisor name. Who did she think she was speaking on an open line with me like that. Do your discipline thing on your own dime thank you. I think Eric should get a "gold star" employee service award. I hope they did not fire him for providing excellent customer service, but if they did know that wherever he lands it must be better than working for Frontier. Yikes. This outfit must have had their training in a third world country.

Posted by Anonymous

This if for tech#265 Eric. I really appreciate his help to get my computer fixed after a virus hit. He and others helped, but he was the one who did all the final corrections. Thanks to all of you. The security was added to my lap top, but what about my desk top.

Posted by Happy Single Mom

I started new service mid December. After hip surgery I finally was able to review the bill and found some errors or unexpectedly high charges. Before paying March bill, I called up and customer service was really nice. The gal reviewed my charges and found a few more errors and was able to credit back $80 some dollars and remove some of the services I didn't need. The internet has been working great!! My kids are much more secure on the DSL wifi and our IP address is even off the grid (to the average person anyway). Thanks Frontier! Don't lose your good service folks in the Carolina's! Getting hooked up takes patience, but was worth the wait! Thanks!

Posted by Publius

The transfer of phone service from ATT to Frontier has been quite a disaster.

The Frontier service reps I've contacted (after long waits) have been very courteous and have tried to fix my billing problems. But their computers haven't succeeded.

I have to give the reps a very positive recommendation; I have to give the management a big zero.

Posted by Anonymous

Techal 188 (Maiska) was agreat help I thank her for her kind and friendly service

Posted by Larisa

I would like to thank Jessie, Chris and Mark(tech id246) from tech support for the wonderful job and a great service.Thanks again guys
Larisa S

Posted by Miss Marie

I first got Frontier Internet service in November 2013. The folks at the call center made it easy to order and the gentleman who came to install it was fabulous. All my questions and concerns were addressed and taken care of. Upon receiving the first bill there was confusion due to first trying to order over internet and then I finally called to order. I called the billing office and they immediately removed the double charges on my account. I have paid online each month and have had no problems. Today I called to cancel service as I am moving. The lady I spoke with was extra nice and helped me with all my questions and with making this change. As soon as I am settled I will be checking back in with Frontier to get the phone and internet bundle. Thank you Frontier for having employees who are extremely nice and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you for the quick repair! Phone went out on Sunday and they scheduled us for Tues repair. He came when temp outside was 3 degrees! It had been very windy, and during the wind, the line was cut on a sharp piece of our gutter. I appreciate the repairman being out in such awful weather to take care of us!

Posted by ardenbret

Andre Humbert, Medina Oh. I want to say thanks to Frontier Telephone Communication repair man, for the exellent job he did repairing our phone.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow! A real human answered the phone on my first try - that's VERY unusual and very much appreciated! She was extremely helpful and it was so nice to talk with someone without having to push 10 buttons and eventually getting someone with whom I needed a translator! Good experience this time around!

Posted by Anonymous

well every seems to have a problem with frontier. well i am happy with there service and had a problem with my bill,they took care of it gave me credit. and the Lady who took care of the problem was nice also.

Posted by AttentionRetention

I love it! Frontier has been around for years. In the 80's & 90's they were a long distance provider at up to $9 a minute. Local calls were up to $9, billed by a company called OAN, Operator Assistance Network, owned by GM. Anyway Frontier local service is not that bad. While the company is imploding from the recent acquisitions, I am getting Internet & Phone that always works for less than $40. I complained to the right person. However Frontier stock is down 75% this year alone and I would look for major changes soon, probably for the worse!

Posted by nancy nurse

I would like to mention a heroic pilot on a flight from Harrisburg PA to MCO. His actions were so amazing and chivalrous! When a harried passenger left her purse in her rental, he sprinted to retrieve it and still get the flight in on time. Because of his actions, 2 immuno-compromised patients in WPB received their IgG infusions this am, and a child with Asperger's was tucked in by his mommy last night. Thanks you Frontier pilot extraordinaire!

Posted by belly

I alays found there customer service very nice . Just today I asked if they could replace my telephone ire from the pole to my NIC that is 20 + yrs . And thee gonna do it free of charge in 3 days. I am very pleaed with frontier probly cause I am a rural folk and atelite and dial up is all I can get. So to get 1.5 mb down and a 32 ping is a upgrade compare to satelite an for 30 dollars less. All you people who complain must not had satelite internet an live in the country!

Posted by CustomerServiceRep689

If you people would actually do some research on your own, you could find adequate numbers for Frontier. Sure, its not an absolutely amazing service, but you could be stuck with Comcast or Cox Cable.... The best customer service numbers to use are:
1-877-600-1511 for FiOS Services
1-877-462-8188 for DSL Services
and 1-888-502-3190 for Billing

If you'd be smart enough to ask the underpaid, overworked technicians you do speak to, they'd be more than happy to give you the direct numbers...use some common sense. I just feel sorry for the support/techs that have to put up with your ignorance.

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Posted by anonymous

I used to work for Frontier and I find it's interesting that this company is continually terminating good and dedicated employees on a weekly/monthly basis, yet they can keep their Fort Wayne Call center director who was recently arrested for domestic abuse against his wife. Obviously they have no morals since they find this is acceptable behavior....hmm

Posted by Frontierrep

Please forgive the bluntness of the last review from one of our reps, we get chewed out by customers when mistakes happen, some people take it out elsewhere, like the internet. We do what we can with the materials we have. We understand that certain issues need to be resolved, but imagine this for a second, we are still working on fixing the antiquated tech that verizon left behind, creating so many improvements to keep up with the demand. Our newer Bonded DSL/VDSL technology we have been working on can get speeds up to 25mbps (Businesses up to 40mbps.) For those not capable of DSL we've released satellite.

About the Lifeline re-certification, FCC does not mandate a communications company to notify a customer that their lifeline credits are ending, we send out the applications to be sent, received, and processed before the yearly deadline the state has for us (each state has a set date in which re-certification occurs.

These applications can be found online at under discount programs, as well.

Many issues can be resolved. It is all reliant upon the knowledge of the representative, unfortunately. But that is the case with any communications company.

We do notify when you are on a term, if it is set to renew, or if it is coming to an end.

Page 3 of the bill has your products, and any term that is on that product (i.e. DP Nationwide Unlimited 2010 Term 12/02/2011 - 12/01/2013)

Page 4 under "IMPORTANT CUSTOMER INFORMATION" Let's you know anything, if anything that will change on the bill. Such as "Your Digital Phone agreement will renew on 12/01/2013"

We don't hid these things, it just isn't common for most people to read their bills. If you ever have questions or concerns, you can always contact us. We're happy to help.

Posted by Phonegirl

I am an employee of Frontier I have worked there for a few short months and I must say that frontier is dedicated to their customers you will get many companies that could care less if you stay or go but Frontier will bend over back wards to get customers to stay, by giving better product, better pice offers, and so much of a discount a month. All mthe problems these customers mare complaining about will come with any company, phones go out, internet connections have problems, its all about patience, and yes when you call biting someones head of that has no idea to what your situation is you might not mget the best response back, yes we are customer service but we are not dogs u can just talk to anyway you please, if I called every company that I have problems with and bite their head offs I am sure I would be short of utilities. Most companies would say well then just cancel your service if your not happy, but not frontier. And yes when you have an agreement with ANY company and you try and cancel YOUR AGREED CONTRACT ANY COMPANY IS GOING TO CHARGE YOU WHATS CALLED AN ETF (early terminatio fee) it is not frontier trying to scam you, but frontier is a business and any business does this, look at the small print on all services you sign up for, my favorite is when someone tries to cancel and then say "I never agreed to any term, or signed anything" oh really so when you called in to get service you never said yes to anything we talked about obviously you did otherwise you wouldnt have service in the first place, what I love even more is when I call out the email address that we physically send to you and you have to send back in order for us to even start your serivce contract, if you didnt agree to it, you would not have service. I love my customers and I love people and I do know frontier is not perfect it is without flaws but I will say for the short time frotier has been running, they are doing something right, and also that they are working everyday to try and build from their mistakes. To the comment about nexflixs saying we are the worst internet serivce around, what competitor is going to rave about anothers products, so thaat comment was pig headed. For you being an employee, you should be ashamed, Im sure you were loving the commision check that frontier dished out to you and that you so willingly didnt turn down did you? So next time you bite the hand that feeds you show a little class. To anyone that this offends I must say I do apologize I am a very clam and nice person infact most people that know me will never guess that this comment even came from me but I just need to defend my company that I do love. And to the unhappy customers I am sorry you have grown so fed up with frontier but all I have to say if you are that uneasy pleased good luck at another company. I can understand there are some real reasons to be ticked off, like the missed commitment dates, trust me I hate those phone calls as much as you hated wasting your whole day at home, I will agree that is one thing frontier needs to work on so much, but also I must say that when there are problem tickets in the area those always come before an install, Im sorry but a phone line down or a pole down in a major intersection that could cause harm to human life is a little more important then wheter or not you get internet installed, just saying. I know a call would be nice and honstly I agree just call the customer and say hey we are not going to make it today that is something dispatch should be doing they know what jobs are scheduled and what jobs need to be done and the techs schedules its almost ridiculous, so trust me as an employee it ticks me off just as much I feel your frustration, but I gaurentee frontier will always make it worth your wild hell I have even gone as far as waiving all install fee and giving someone two free months, and yes we do credit you for your phone or internet service bein out, BUT YOU MUST REPORT IT!!!! You can not expect to call in and tell us your phon has been out for a month and this is the first time you are calling to report it, do you think we actually are going to take the whole month off when we have no record of this, it is sad that we can not take your word for it but people lie, Im sorry there are so many dishonest people in the world that it has ruined it for all the honest people out there. So for all the dedicated frontier customers thank you for your patience with our company and we love you for sticking by us!!! Also if you ever have any problems with billing just call it will get straigtened out and there are just some charges like taxes we cannot waive lol...

Posted by jimbob29876

I actually work for Frontier customer service-and a lot of what you guys say here is justified, they definitely have some problems. For what it is worth though, I have seen no evidence of the dishonesty or outright lying that some on here accuse Frontier of-the problem is the antiquated equipment and the absolute disaster of old, cobbled together computer programs Frontier uses. It is often incredibly difficult to wade through an account and find out what the customer was told, or get their issue handled correctly. The computer programs, forms, policies, and processes are a disaster. But, with some exceptions Im sure, most Frontier employees you speak to arent there to cheat you or lie to you; just try and remember it might not be their fault things are screwed up.

Posted by FTR Employee

I don't know if you are interested in this but it’s worth a try. I work for a major well known utility company and I feel ethically compelled to inform someone that there are practices within my corporation that are being done without the consideration for the consumer. My employment there has extended well over 3 years now and I have been turning a blind eye to what they call customer service. I believe that I have the duty to expose some of these inner workings to the public. I work for Frontier Communications.
I do not want to be named nor am I going to divulge any names of my fellow employees. I will give detail in some of the misinformation given to customer, issues with systems that cause billing problems, and a few other known issues that upper management overlook. The biggest issue we are experiencing right now is appalling. The ‘blackout period’ and the result of it is causing chaos. Recently there were a few groups of the employees that were force fed training on the new Frontier’s systems. It was crammed in an eight day course. The majority of the time the training systems were down, a handful of subject learning material & systems were over looked-stating we’ll get how to do it on the floor. Anxiety and panic swept the call center, worried faces riddled with anger and frustration stood out everywhere. All accept the higher management. They kept saying, ‘don’t worry you guys will be ok’ or ‘we have to get this call volume down’. But the statement that never failed was, ‘don’t forget that you need to offer a wide array of services on every call. That’s your job.’ Regardless if a customer is calling in because she/he cannot afford their services as it is we are required to up sale them.
I was employed with Verizon prior to the acquisition to Frontier. It was an exciting day for us because we felt like the iron hand was being lifted. But to our dismay the same type of mentality still existed. Also the changes FTR made caused a lot of panic as well. We are trained for sales 1st rather than customer service even though the values are People, Product, and Profit. Customer may call in with an major issue even at times irritate and frustrated-we are excepted to entice them to purchase an additional product that may or may not work. I will enlighten you on that subject-our ‘network congestion’ issue with HSI has caused a tremendous volume of calls to the call centers and tech support. There were periods were the handling time for these departments exceeded 30 minutes and even at times close to an hour. Numerous customers within the 13 states acquired have experienced an issue that was coined ‘network congestion’. These issues caused a great deal of frustrated customers calling in about their HSI service dropping. Some of them experience up and down periods over a few months. I even witnessed some customers that were out for weeks at a time.
How do you sell a product that is not reliable? Netflix made the comment that Frontier has one of the worst HSI service in the nation. Some of us here feel guilty when we sell certain products because we know it may or may not work sometimes. The newest greatest selling tool we have for HSI now is we have to still sell it even though it may or may not be available in their area. Customers call in livid and frustrated because they were told they can get a service and now they are being told their area is not available for that upgrade to HSI quite yet.
Another odd situation we have going on right now is our new phone systems are voice over IP. We are the phone company right? Then why are we using that type of system? Numerous issues are going on-dropped calls, noise one the line, unable to fully understand what the customer is saying & vice versa, and the total system freezing up while on a call. There are some of us who just have been sitting around because we are unable to access anything. One rep became concerned because their training for the phone systems consisted of a learning document they were given minutes before they actually used the new phone systems. A coach was made aware of her concerned and his comment to it was more or less ‘well then you need to ask if you need help’. That reply was heard from a few different reps and they were taken back. Why can’t we get the training we need to navigate through all of the madness? Call volume. How are we going to be able to handle issues like repair and collections, write orders properly, and steer through a calling system that just doesn’t seem to be working correctly? Apparently it doesn’t matter as long as we up sale our customers.
One of the last issues I’m going to share with you is a critical issue that a new rep has brought to our attention and higher management as well. When an appointment, regardless of what the nature of it is-repair, new install, or anything else-is not fulfilled the customer is NOT called back to inform their appointment will not be made or efforts to reschedule it. Management and other departments know about this and still no efforts have been made to fix this. I have seen this on my end as well. What do you say to a customer who asks, ’why didn’t anyone call?’ There’s no real honest why to answer that properly.
I don’t know what’s going to happen with the pending lawsuit that Frontier has from the 1.50 surcharge for HSI service but I do know that a lot of us here don’t agree with the charge and how it was handled. We were given a document on what to say when the customer calls in and disputes the charges. It was like a paragraph more or less stating we are imposing this surcharge and there’s nothing we can do to waive it.
I now realize I have a made a poor choice in my career. I have great empathy for the customer and I’m fed up with how they are treated as well as the employees.

Thank you for listening,


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