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Frontier Airlines customer service is ranked #433 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.83 out of a possible 200 based upon 83 ratings. This score rates Frontier Airlines customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


77 Negative Comments out of 83 Total Comments is 92.77%.


6 Positive Comments out of 83 Total Comments is 7.23%.

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  • Frontier Airlines

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    • 33.83 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 77 negative comments (92.77%)
    • 6 positive comments (7.23%)
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    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by wxberry

Need to contact someone about a reacuring charge on my credit card. I stopped pay ment, $49.99 for the last 2years. I have had no contact with your company before. Please respond about this problem, master card ending in 5356. Russell Jones

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir/Madam

I travelled Frontier Airlines from Las Vegas to Denver on 30th October, I was very disappointed with your help on board from the staff . I asked one of the staff to help me put my carry on bag to put up above the seats, he said he could not lift the bag . He said I would have to lift the bag and then he could help me with it, the reason I told him was that I had a bad shoulder but he still insisted he couldnât lift it for me . I was very shocked as any other airlines I have travelled have been more than helpful. I hope that I get back a response as I have already emailed twice to Frontier Airlines .

Kind regards

Mrs Isabell Gannon

Posted by Jimmy

My sister and I flew frontier on April 15th due to the death of our sister, the flights were on time but planes over crowded. Going we didn't get charged for our carry on, but on the way back they charged us 90 dollar the girl at the counter was very rude, flight attendants were rude and very pushy will go elsewhere next time I fly.

Posted by Robert386

So we flew into seattle on frontier airlines flight 141 and withing 15 minutes of the plane landing our luggage was locked up and no frontier staff was around. After 45 minutes of waiting around the airport we went home and called the baggage claim number and was told we would have to return to the airport to claim our baggage within 15 minutes of a frontier arrival. The customer service staff are very rude on top of not being helpful at all.

Posted by MWILLS33

Do not get discount den membership, it is completely worthless. Just check the website and you can get better deals. I bought 2 round trip tickets to go to Florida and 4 days later the same flight was 100$ cheaper. Called customer service and they said market fluctuates and the there is nothing they could do.. This will be the last time I FLY this airline. AGAIN DO NOT PURCHASE DISCOUNT DEN YOU WILL AND CAN GET BETTER FLIGHT FROM WEB SITE.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst experience in my 64 years!
This airline should not be allowed to fly. From a bag that ended up at the Amercantile Airline baggage office to the horrible flight attendants and pilot, overseas customer "not help" line to the refund I did not receive, it's the most poorly run airline...and their fares are not cheap!
I hate them!

Posted by Anonymous

7/31/16 My wife and I were to fly direct from St. Louis to Las Vegas on 7/24/16. Due to excessively heavy traffic we arrived at the ticket counter in STL at 2:32 PM our flight was for 3:15 PM. Due to a rule, unknown to me and not readily published, we were not given boarding passes for our flight due to rule that states that you will not process tickets later than 45 prior to gate time. Your ticket agents would not entertain helping us rush thru,l one agent said that she would refund our money and when we asked for a refund it was refused. The same flight on the 25th was over booked and we were later put on and STL, Denver, Las Vegas flight 26 hours after our initial reservation. This not only cost my wife and I an extra night lodging in STL + meals, it nearly cost us our reservations in Las Vegas. A United ticket agent put much more effort into trying to get us on an alternate flight and offered suggestions. Not of this was offered by Frontier Ticket Staff. On the flight to Las Vegas I was not charged for a carry on bag containing medical devices for my wife and I. Return flight: Was to depart Las Vegas on 7/31/16 at 12:40 AM. Flight was delayed for two hours and actually took off 2.5 hours later. At the ticket counter the agent concluded that my carry on bag would not fit "Under the seat in front" of my seat and charged me $45 so I could place it in the overhead bin, where it fit perfectly traveling both ways. Why was I charged one way and not the other. I suggest that Frontier is greedy and does not care in any way about customer service. It will be and "Snowy Day in Hell" before I fly Frontier again. The ticket agent in Las Vegas presented a I can charge you because I can If you want to get home attitude and offered not solutions when challenged.

Hey Frontier! You have a big customer relations problem! I will probably never hear from someone in Customer Relations but have provided my email in the remote case someone at Frontier cares. Sadly disappointed and angry customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Frontier, on your baggage webpage link you state: Economy fares include a free personal item. But the website does not clarify what a 'free personal item' is. What are considered free personal items? I fly one-way DEN to DCA with you, Frontier, 4 August 2016. I will bring one item to carry on, my backpack. Is a backpack considered or treated as a free personal item? I clicked on the question: Do I have to pay to bring a carry-on bag? And Frontier's answer as "Last Modified on 09/01/2015 11:16 am EDT" is: 'Economy fares include a free personal item (must be stowed under the seat in front of you). Carry-on baggage is not included. You may purchase carry-on baggage at the time of booking. If youâve already purchased your ticket, you may add carry-on baggage in the My Trip section on, or when you check in online within 24 hours of departure.'
Please answer this question as soon as possible so I know whether to pay ahead of time or not.
Frontier's reachability is OK for automated system, but I need to speak to a live customer service person who can answer my question or supply a list of 'free personal items.'
Respectfully submitted

Posted by Carolyn

Worst Customer support I have ever encountered with a major corporation

Posted by Anonymous

I was issued a travel voucher for $200 on 26 April due to a cancelled flight from Denver to Orlando. Unfortunately my email containing the confirmation number cannot be retrieved and need your assistance retrieving this informatiion as I would like to book a flight now. Thank you, Betty Howell.

Posted by jon

Pricing is horrible; basically a bait and switch a la carte pyramid. You pay extra for seat selection?? Are you kidding? Charge for carry on bag. Next thing they will probably add a pay toilet with chip card readers. Absolutely terrible management. CEO should be strung up.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been getting the round around for months! I am a frequent flyer with Frontier.

I took a flight in early March 2016, and my check-in bag was inspected.

I had a new pair of shoes in my bag- and only 1 shoe was returned.

I am out 90$, and I would like to make a claim - but no one on the phone, and no one on email

will respond to my plea!

It's frustrating to loose personal items. It's more frustrating to deal with Frontier customer service....



Posted by cash

booked a flight from philly to punta cana, frontier put my luggage on the wrong plane. had to buy clothes and things until my bags showed up 3 days later. filled out all the forms and sent them to the correct people. 4 months later still no refund on the 136 dollars I spent and getting the run around. horrible service and communication.

Posted by [email protected]

On January 13th, 2016 I tried to order tickets from Rockford Ohare to Punta Gorda, Florida. I wanted tickets for February 20th for two adults. Somehow they gave us tickets for January 20th, 2016. I put the charge on my paypal acct for $148.00..After they took my money they would not change the date. I have talked to Cheapo several times. Finally three weeks ago they told me I would be getting a refund on April 13th. When I didn't get it I called again and they told me I had already been refunded to my chase credit card. No they didn't.First how would they know my credit card number, number two of course they didn't send anything. How would they know. If I had a Chase card? This time they told me I needed to contact you. I want my refund. I didn't even get an itinerary from the wrong date. I got nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

I booked a Rount trip flight more than a month ahead to Orlando, Florida on my return flight they told me they over booked the flight, we lost our money because the option was to fly 4 days later,hoping there was space available, since we had to get back to work we ended up purchasing 3 seperate ticket from another Airline for the next day. They told us there was nothing to be done. My word of advise to everyone planing to travel, Pleeeese DO NOT deal with Frontiers, they are worthless and incompetent.

Posted by Anonymous

Your airlines a joke so is you're customer service your agent John acted like he couldn't hear me decaf saying hello Sir are you still there hello Sir are you still there I could hear him and I know you could hear me but he was acting like he did it I guess he had to stay on the line with me for certain amount of time before he hung up your customer service could use some real something my father's dying and your agent is no hope he told me that they didn't fly to Texas and then I asked him where do they fly I need told me Dallas and I said what Dallas is in Texas I need is like oh and your agents no I mean probably everybody in the freaking world knows were Dallas is

Posted by Anonymous

To whom this may concern.
my husband took a flight from Madison Wisconsinmy LAX and I purchase the ticket online and when he went to board the plane they would not let him take his baggage his guitar and one carry on bag and had to leave it at the airport when I purchase the ticket if there was no mention of extra charge for his carry on bag and guitar he had to leave it in Wisconsin and had his daughter pick it up at the airport his guitar .is how he makes a living and is fires frontier airlines they would not let him carry on his guitar r 1 jerry on bag that was lesson 50 parents and my complaint is our shoulda been told that it was extra money to bring is 1 carry on bag and guitar now we have a trying to get the guitar mailed to us and that again were running into the same problem dad we don't have the money for shipping when a shoulda been a carry on with the airlines I'm very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

Most incredibly incompetent management second only to no management at all. Totally unresponsive staff and no live person to assist! Go greyhound before front and rear airlines!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My Husband and I each filled out an in flight application for the Frontier Master card. It was a Promotion to receive 40,000 miles each for opening up the Frontier MasterCard for just $1.00 and pay the yearly renewal fee of $26.00.. we put down all our private personnel info and Never was contacted. I kept getting the run around on what happened to the applications.. The flight attendants have our personal information because nothing was turned in.....

Posted by [email protected]

I want to tell you how absolutely disgusted I am with your Dulles ground crew and your telepne customer service. last Sunday as you are aware flt 1173 was continuously delayed and finally cancelled. You service people were absolutly rude and were nearly impossible to coomunicate with. They were helpful only when they had no other choice. The next morning when the make up flight was delayed there was no one to tell us what was going on. The desk and gate crew showed up hours after they should have been there while leavibg a plane full of passengers waitng to check their luggage. The voucher thay gave us was only good till January and we pissed when questioned about it; These are only the highlights and I dont have time to give the complete twenty four hours of misery.

if you care to talk about this please contact me at

Clarence Mesa

I am forced to do the return flight on your airline next week. That will be the end Of my Frontier experiences.

Posted by tina

So I booked my flight to go home to my country of origin. I had a national passport from my country that was expired. On the day of the flight I was denied a boarding pass because of my passport. I had 5 other form of valid ID to verify my identity (green card, ssc, state id, birth certificate, marriage certificate). When I contacted customer Service for a refund they told me it's a Tsa regulation, and a immigration regulations in my home country. So I went a head and contacted both agency. Tsa only need any two form of valid Id to verify identity, and of course the cosulate in my home country clearly states they will never denied their nationals from returning home regardless of valid or expired passport. So frontier just lied to rip me off.
Desperately need to get home, so I contacted AA and asked what are there rules in this matter, and of course AA went ahead and did their research then allowed me to book my flight...
Oh! How could I forget the incompetent workers of frontier told me if I had documentation from Tsa, and the consulate of my home country that will allow me to board then I MAY be able to board. What BS!!!!! They should know Tsa regulations inside out, why do I need to provide their dumb ass with Tsa info???? Like seriously????
Still waiting for my refund, I'll be calling everyday until I get it. I don't need no credit for future use. I need my money back ...
I was denied boarding then return my money !!!


Posted by Jaxreese23


Last week we flew to vegas using frontier. I usually have no problens sleeping but both ways I was unable to sleep due to the uncomfortable chairs that do not recline! I understand you try to provide lower prices by lowering the quality but my back is still in pain! When we got off the plane we discovered that your airline had ruined my boyfriends BRAND NEW suitcase! We were unable to even pull out the handle! Imagine after a 5 hour flight your back is aching and having to carry your suitcase by the other handle rather than wheeling it. The suitcase is also all scuffed up! I look forward to hearing from you in regards to how you would like to reimburse us. Thanks in advance.

Jacqueline Reese
Joseph Maynard

Posted by REFUND ME

THIS WAS AN UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE AND FRONTIER AIRLINE SHOULD DO THE REFUND THE DAY AFTER CHARGE WAS MADE SO THE FRONTIER Airlines ASSOCIATE assured me they would REFUND my $ on the 15th and today on the 18th �¢ï¿½ï¿½ They told me I had to call the bank

I will also file a complaint with VISA - BECAUSE THERE ARE RULES

Posted by fund me

These charges are not authorized charges

The Airlines assured me they would refund my $ on the 15th and today on the 18th ââ?¬â?? They told me I had to call the bank
I spoke to today

AND AGENT ID 874646 I spoke to on the 15th who told me the Airline would refund I 48 hours

I will also file a complaint with VISA

Posted by Anonymous

I flew from SFO to Denver last 17th of August at 10:10 AM I dont have any complaint with that flight but the connecting flight at 5:10 is what hurt me the most emotionally until now it keeps lingering in my brain, Flight F9 422 Denver /Atlanta .Your service is bias, I was seated in 22A the flight stewardess kept passing by asking the two ladies beside me on my rt. side if they need anything, twice but never even look at me and ask me if I needed something as if I was not there, the lady next to me on 22B ask me if I need something and she said she will ask it for me I felt bad though I kept my calm and said I am fine they ask all of the guys in front of us, I was thinking maybe they don't see me so I stick my face the second time but still the same, the stewardess were all older maybe on their 50's or 60's I know they have been in the buss. for a long time so they know better my name is Elvira Colson tel 6785880822, then I learned I even pay more than the two ladies they got the promo ticket but they are treated better.I will never fly frontier anymore after this experience.I hope all your stewardess be fair to everybody.

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Posted by Anonymous

Great service from Phila to Ft Myers Fl. Keep up the excellent service.

Posted by TrekbikerMike

My brother, sister, two daughters and I flew Frontier from Wilmington to Chicago Midway on Mon. 7/15 and returned Weds. 7/17. I made the reservation online & printed boarding passes. I found Frontier's website to be easy to navigate in making the reservations and made seat selections. The online check-in and printing of the boarding passes was very easy. The aircraft (Airbus 320) that Frontier flies to Wilmington are nice planes. The staff onboard and at the gate were outgoing, friendly and even had a sense of humor. The planes to and from Chicago Midway were both full which is good since service to Wilmington just started 7/1/13. The flight to Chicago was on-time but the return flight was delayed due to a crew issue. Eventhough there was a delayed departure returning, the reason was explained, the plane boarded as soon as possible and the Pilot made up flight time on the return into Wilmington. My family and I were very pleased with Frontier, the staff and planes we flew on. I've been a Delta frequent flier for years, but am now also a Frontier frequent flier. I'm thrilled to have Frontier flying to Wilmington with direct service to locations like Tamps, Florida where I go every Feb. Hopefully Frontier will continue to fly to Wilmington for years. Welcome to Delaware Frontier!!!

Posted by Sandy

I was flying from Orange County, CA with my husband on June 26, 2012, and needed a little help checking a bag. My experience in K.C., Mo. had not been a good one a week prior (also Frontier), so I wasn't too excited about asking again. Our agent, and I think he is station mgr. (Rick Chambers) was SO nice, and so helpful! He had the best attitude, and I saw it time and time again with passengers when he showed up again at the gate. Kudos for hiring such a great guy. Wish they were all like him.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank Cherie TCB Denver for her great service for a rather complicated problem in rebooking a flight.
She's a keeper.

Posted by Anonymous

Washington-National Airport: because of weather-related delays - my friend's mother had to make alternate travel arrangements:
1) Frontier easily re-arranged a new seat for my friend's mother to her satisfation; and
2) through the bustle at the agent's desk - I forgot my wallet - Mr. NGONGA found it and saved it for me; and tried to locate me. Mr. Ngonga was excited when I finally came to ask about a lost wallet. Mr. Ngonga had secured it and properly asked me to identify myself to claim the wallet. Moreover, it was the enthusiasm that Mr. Ngonga shared in my relief that my wallet was safe and returned to me. Mr. Ngonga made a terrific, positive impression upon me and for that - I will think about flying Frontier Airlines when I am making my plans. Thank you Mr. Ngonga.

Posted by marjhat


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