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Posted by Donelda

I have been trying to reach a person about my refrigerator. My landlord purchased it at Lowe's this past August. The freezer door is coming apart. Lowe's said it's not a normal problem and I need to reach the Corp. Office. It does not seal, it Frost's up, and runs hot.what am I suppose to do?

Posted by joel

I have a problem with your AC control pannels. I assume they are made out of country as the computer controls for Jeep . Jeep had constant failures on these modules. And it would seem that Fridgedaire also has problem with the control pannel on their window Ac s I have found 10 people locally in covington 5,000 pop. who have had to repeatedly replace these electronic controls.My background is in quality control but now I am a manager on Linked-in . I have had to replace my electronic board twice in two yeaqrs and others are having similar short lifes for this part. It costs about 90.00 a pop. I may run an add on Linked-in to start a class action suit against you. Sincerely ; J.P. Goodwin Esq.

Posted by [email protected]

To whom it may concern:

Our Frigidaire model #FGHS2631PF4A, is the worst refrigerator we have ever owned! We have owned it less than a year and have had constant problems with the ice dispenser. We already have had a service call and replaced the ice storage bin.
You obviously have very poor quality control!

Linda and Larry Wagner

Sent from my iPhone

Posted by Anonymous

Will Never Buy Any Of Your Products Again Tried To Get In Touch For 2 Straight Days Now And All Customer Service Was In A Meeting On How To Serve The Clirnt Me When I Say We Wont Be Recommending Any Of Your Products To Any Of Our Friends On Facebook Twitter Or Instagram,not To Mention Real Time Friends.thanks For Absolutely Nothing

Posted by Debbire L

BUYER BEWARE FRIGIDAIRE DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS: In May 2014 I purchases a Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Model FGHC2331PH. In December 2017 I noticed rust on the back of the unit near the ice maker. When researched on line I found Frigidaire has known about this problem since 2015. The unit does not have sufficient insulation. There is a repair kit available however it can only be purchased and installed by a Frigidaire authorized repair person. I contacted Frigidaire customer service and exchanged e mails with Elizabeth G. Initially she requested pictures and additional information. She led me to believe Frigidaire would take care of the problem and I needed to provide dates I would be available so a technician could diagnose and repair the appliance. She later rescinded her offer and indicated my appliance is out if warranty and Frigidaire will not take care of this known problem. Frigidaire being aware of this problem should take care of it no questions asked. Bottom line do not purchase any Frigidaire appliances as they do not stand behind their products even when they know there is a problem.

Replies are non existent

Posted by Darryl

I have a model PLEB27T9FCC Frigidaire double oven. The upper oven is overheating. I have replaced the temperature probe and it still has the same problem. The lower oven is fine. Iâve replaced the control(display board. Now, when I set the temp at 350, the digital display shows 288 and the temp rises to over 475.
Can you please tell me what would still be causing the issue and what is still causing it and what do I do next.
Thank you,

Posted by Anonymous

The window AC units (28000btu )are a problem., I install those as part of my job, and every other one I buy is broken. Not kidding, 1/2 are broke. So you guys at fridgidaur quality control need to address this problem. Ive also had issues with the 25000 btu as well, but the 28000 btu model is a dice roll. Not easy putting them in them in and taking them out and returning to Walmart either. The people in 100 degree heat arenât happy about it either.

Posted by giggles

I bought a Frigidaire refrigerator, brand new out of the box. It never worked right from day one. Ice cream would not freeze and ice cubes remained "wet". After close to 10 service calls, they replaced the condenser. Now, less than a year later, the same issue came back. Again the customer service department does not want to help me. I try to speak to a manager and they just hang up on me. DO NOT BUY A FRIGIDAIRE. WORST BRAND on the market.

Posted by Craig Stevenson

Stove Explodes Frigidaire Removes Offensive Words

like EXPLOSION (substituted for sparked)

like FIRE (omitted)

as in the report I sent to

like a country road needing a stop sign no one hears you until there are 3 deaths!

No one was injured so sweep it under the rug


I have pictures proving the explosion and proving there was a fire.

The supervisor at Frigidaire 'admitted' that the words were changed simply saying "We are not allowed to use those words in our report." WTF?

Posted by Craig Stevenson

Date of Purchase: March 22, 2017

Date of Incident: Sept 23, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Date I started writing this report: Oct 2, 2017

Today's Date: Oct 9, 2017

To tell you I am upset is an understatement.


After my son returned from Afghanistan with injuries suffered when his vehicle was blown off the road by an IED. I moved him, his wife, and his two children into my other home located at 37 Boulder Rock, Palm Coast, FL 32137. He was given an 80% disability which was then upgraded to 100%. He also has PTSD because this happened 3 times. Please understand my son is a combat Marine who "knows" the difference between a spark and what he described as an AK-47 rifle shot.


On Sept. 23rd my son was cooking spaghetti on a Frigidaire range 6 months old, which I purchased on March 22, 2017 from Lowes in Palm Coast. He was boiling approx 1 gal of water and was walking back and forth from the kitchen when there was an explosion. (not a spark or pop as I was told the service record indicated) My son dropped to the floor. The pan along with the water was blown off the stove and hot water went everywhere. The kettle was found 2 feet from the stove on the floor. He shut off the circuit breaker to the stove and called me.

His 5 month old baby was 15 feet away with his wife. His 4 year old was playing in the living room 10 feet away. There is no wall between the kitchen stove and the living room. It is an open floor-space home with only a counter between kitchen and living room. This could have been a disaster but fortunately no one was injured, because no one was in front of the stove.

I called Lowes service dept and told them what happened. They told me they couldn't do anything until a serviceman came out. They gave me G & M Appliance Repairs number and helped scheduled a serviceman to come out Wednesday between 9-5, because they said they were quite busy after the hurricane Irma. A nice serviceman came out named William and after looking at the damage and examining the stove he said he wouldn't use it again and that a Safety Report needed to be filed. The element exploded from inside outward. A large amount of white soapy cream covered the bottom steel cone as well as the stove top. The serviceman said he would let his boss know.

After a couple days I called Lowes to see why nothing happened and was told by Lowes that they haven't heard from the service company yet. I called G & M and spoke to Janice, who told me they were waiting on Lowes. When I called Lowes I was told it was turned over to G&M and they needed to do the paper work. After 2 more days of pleading to get something done I finally was told by G&M that Lowes said it was repairable and that Lowes would not give authorization to replace the stove because it "sparked". . Which was not cause to have the stove replaced. I was told to contact Lowes again, if i felt it needed replaced..which I did, and was told by Alyssa to contact Frigidaire because of the discrepancy in the way it was worded because Frigidaire will NOT allow the word explosion used in the report. The report was changed and now said the stoves top element "sparked" and so it was considered repairable. I asked her who told her it sparked and she replied G&M. So I called them and spoke to Janice again who read me the report which said it exploded and caught fire. I then called back lowes who now agreed that the report said it exploded and caught fire, but, could not use that wording in their report to Frigidaire. Both Lowes AND the service company agreed that the report from the service tech wrote 'exploded' but I was being told that since the word exploded caouldn't be used it was changed to 'sparked'. Frigidaire said they could not replace the unit all because a burner sparked !

Then I called Lowes back and spoke first to Roxanne explaining the incident, and was then connected to her supervisor Laurette 888-775-6937 who I again explained what happened. She told me that they were not allowed to write the word explosion or fire and that a spark did not justify replacement. I then called Frigidaire again at 800 374-4432 and after waiting 43 minutes was connected to Amanda ext.7756. All this person would say was the service report said 'sparked' so it was company policy that if it was repairable that nothing further could be done. She listened to what happened but said its repairable unless the field serviceman says it is not. I told her what the serviceman said and her reply was that since it wasn't written down that way, there was nothing she could do. After running in circles for a week I told them to repair it ASAP and that I would write a safety report and ASKED to whom I should mail it. She said she didnt know and that I should contact the seller. Back n forth passing the blame while since the day it blew up my sons family are still using hot plates. What ever happened to good service?

I called lowes back Monday Oct 2, 2017 again speaking with Janice at G&M and was told she was waiting for my call to confirm I wanted it repaired.. I told her that since I was being told it could not be replaced, only repaired, and cooking on portable stove tops for another month was out of the question. That of course I wanted it repaired. Janice said she would order the parts and have it repaired. That was a week ago and the stove is still sitting there not being used until the serviceman says its OK.

This has been the worst (by far) service I have ever received.

To have the person at G&M tell me that she was waiting to see if I wanted to keep the stove was demeaning. It was her serviceman that told us not to use it and that he recommends replacement.

Lowes telling me that words like explosion and fire could not be written down was outrageous.

I spent several hundred dollars on a stove that exploded.

I asked about the liability of having further incidents on a repaired stove and was told that they are not liable for safety issues... What?

Being bounced back and forth between Lowes and G&M while each blams the other is ridiculous.

G&M saying they were waiting to see if Lowes would replace it and Lowes saying a spark or pop didnt justify replacing and that its G&M fault for not repairing it needs to be resolved.

The stove needs to be either replaced or fixed and if fixed a written service work order that specifies that its now safe to use. I would like this done ASAP.

G&M said I should file a Safety Report, but no one gave me any further information.. Loews said I should contact Frigidaire, which I did and after 3 different people was connected to Amanda, a supervisor.. ext 7756. Everyone just kept passing the buck.!

NO ONE told me how to file a report or to whom I could send it !

Here it is Monday Oct 9 and G&M says there is nothing they can do, they are still waiting on parts.

Why did I purchase a 2 year service contact ? Never again.

If a Lowes representative didnt lie by telling me it wasnt them who changed the wording, this would not have occurred. By the time Frigidaire got the service report the words were changed on purpose so Lowes could wash their hands. TERRIBLE..PEOPLE your employees. Polite but hard as nails and my guess is it came down from corperate.


Craig Stevenson

Alison Ballentine

I have a service agreement that I paid $139 for ..... why?

I checked these model numbers against recalls but could not find this exact model

But this doesnt mean enough physical damage ws done to issue a recall, well here is my complaint.

Fire hazard forces recall of certain Frigidaire, Kenmore electric ranges

Hazard: Depending on the model, the surface heating elements can: 1) turn on spontaneously without being switched on; 2) fail to turn off after being switched off; or, 3) heat to different temperatures than selected. This poses a fire and burn hazard to consumers.

While my exact model was not mentioned, I want this report to go to the proper authorities.

Posted by MEEMAH

We had purchased a Frigidaire air conditioner three years ago During the height of the summer while my husband and i were sick, it died!
I contacted Frigidaire and was told that they would replace the unit. By the time they got around to actually doing something, there were no units left.
I was then told that they were going to buy back the unit. I sent them all the paperwork that they had requested but they are still telling me that we did not send everything. I sent everything that they asked for and have signed receipts that they received everything.
Now they don't even return phone calls.

Posted by Reviews

Purchased Frigidaire Gallery Model 6/14/14. Immediately upon arrival had problems. Door had small dent, no problem, replaced. Then, the noise in icemaker. No problem can live with that I said. Then, dripping started from the downspout of icemaker. Called repair service (on warranty), said it was when kitchen is warm and the air in icemaker is cold this will occur. We were having a heat wave. To spare you my other problems, now three years later, I notice mildew on the pull out freezer sealant. Upon investigating it I noticed the sealants on the French doors are coming apart and literally condensation occurring, water beading down on the right-side French door. To remedy the problem, I place paper towels and where the revolving flap is for the French door closing, I plug the top and bottom holes with paper towels. It seems to stop some of the moisture that runs down that flap. I'm so disappointed since I previously had a side-by-side Whirlpool/Kenmore for 16 years. Any suggestions? Who do you call? I don't feel I should be having these problems so soon in the game!!

Posted by Anonymous

Don't buy this brand. I have been in my house for 3 years and I am on my 2nd fridge and my 2nd microwave just stopped working. Of course the warranty expired and now I am looking at having to purchase or repair it. So unless you want to replace an appliance yearly stay away. These are by no means cheap appliances and but are crap...

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased a Fridgedaire Refrigerator in November of 2016 the refrigerator began to make loud popping noises on May 29, 2017 by the morning of May 30 there was water leaking from the refrigerator as everything in the freezer had defrosted on May 30, 2017 we called Fridgedaire for the refrigerator to be serviced after a service person did not show we called Lowes for help on June 6, 2017 the repairman did not come until about two and a half weeks from our first call.

After looking at the refrigerator it was determined that it needed a new compressor, after many more calls to Lowes and Fridgedaire the repairman returned June 24, 2017 to replace the compressor. While trying to fix the problem he broke our freon tubing releasing freon throughout the house, he then notified us that the refrigerator was unrepairable and would have to be replaced.

He was to notify Fridgedaire after notifying them he called us back today June 28, 2017 to let us know that Fridgedaire is requiring him to repair, he explained that in order to repair it there is a repair kit however it will add a casing on back which would be held together by screws and will stick out further from the wall.

Fridgedaire has no other recourse but to repair it in this manner. We spoke again to Lowes who transferred us to Fridgedaire, we spoke a customer service provider who would only offer us that repair. She transfered us to her Corporate office Ms. Takira Cox who assured us that Fridgedaire will no longer help us to resolve this unless we accept the unacceptable repair they have offered.

We bought a brand new refrigerator and are not willing to have a patchwork job sitting further out from our wall than the one we bought. Ms Cox also stated that the repairs are in the back of the refrigerator so what is the big deal. We want a replacement refrigerator. Please help us.

Posted by ladybug

STAY AWAY from Frigidaire appliances. I bought the Gallery Range, 4th repair to replace controlpanel[lemon law]. Its junk, trying to get my money back. They have no repairmen in our area[Northern NJ], told me to call one in PA, they were furious Frigidaire is giving out their name. One hour drive to our house, said no way. Frigidaire has 3 Class action law suits against them---Refrigerator, microwave, dryer---Time to be run out of business for selling junk. Their customer service is even worse.

Posted by cooper

Just something I wanted to say about Frigidaire Crappy REFRIGERATORS!!!!!! I bought mine brand new 6/2014. As per my picture's with extended warranty.... now we paid I think over a grand for it. With everything or close, now they say that the cracks on the inside cabinet and ice maker bin that is broke is cosmetic and not covered under warranty. I am just throwing a warring out to people to not buy their crappy appliances if they are not going to cover this kind of stuff after throwing good money away like this i sure the hell wont support them anymore

Posted by Jrob

New fridge was in home when purchased. Thermostat failed and door frame bent according to tech sent out be Frigidaire. He said it was unrepairable. Frigidaire won't accept their own techs report

Posted by Brian Zajdel

A Frigidaire fridge raider model FGHS2655 PF4 that has had to be repaired over eight times this thing is worse than the Samsung fridge I bought I would like to know who I could contact about this because going through the local purchasing agent and the repair people they have no clue how to fix this

Posted by none

My recall - what is the story - you talk a good story but no follow up--
It has been almost a month now and NOTHING - followed your instructions - sending pictures and you indicate 7 days after approval------NO RECALL should take this long without hearing from you on the status----We did a better job on communicating with our customers BEFORE there were computers. Oh yes - you send an automatic message that indicates that someone will respond in 2 days or less----well that has run out too. As a CUSTOMER what am I to think about buying from you again?
Allen R. Andrews
Mill Hall, PA 17751---------this should allow you to track my RECALL REFUND and ADVISE

Posted by Frigid0

Worse experience I have had with ANY purchase I have made. Can only reach a Cust.serv.rep. No corporate number. They read to you from a service manual. DUH! I have been calling since I purchased this refrigerator & now they say to call a repairman because no longer under warranty. Surely they waited until it was too late. Email was useless. Refrigerator is no good. Would never recommend product. Will file complaint with Consumer Affairs.

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased a brand new frigidaire Gallery 27.86 French Door refrigerator from Lowes in May, 2016. Since this purchase I have more than a few problems. Presently I am again waiting for a repairman. Yes, this is under warranty.
The first time this unit broke down we lost an entire fridge of food and freezer of items on a very hot Saturday. Upon contacting frigidaire on the 800 phone number, I was informed that I could have it repaired 10 days LATER . Frigidaire has no one doing repairs on the week end. The customer service person told me she was sad that we lost all of our food but it was unfortunate..Really would one of your corporate employees be treated in this fashion?
Several repairs have been made on a NEW fridge..I think that we should be contacted by your firm . Have we received a lemon? Why does the customer service department have No one available on a week end for repairs? Why does a brand new fridge need a new mother board and 2 new ice makers?

Posted by Levin

The corporate executives hide behind hundreds of low-paid customer service drones, who parrot nonsense, which leads to erosion of the brand, which undermines their huge marketing department and multi-million dollar advertising budget. Ingenious. They undermine the well-meaning employees, as well. Consumer abuse is an inevitable byproduct.

The drones hide the corporate legal department, as well. Instead of quickly referring easily resolvable problems up the ladder to the big shots who establish "corporate policy" for most consumer problems, they stonewall and delay because they have no authority and must parrot "company policy". This, despite the fact that some problems fall outside of the "most" category which the drones are paid to not understand (or care) that the unusual problems can be handled by the policy makers who are in hiding from consumers.

Like too many huge corporations, this one demonstrates a dysfunctional corporate culture.because they have no authority and must parrot "company policy". This, despite the fact that some problems fall outside of the "most" category which the drones are paid to not understand (or care) that the unusual problems can be handled by the policy makers who are in hiding from consumers.

Like too many huge corporations, this one demonstrates a dysfunctional corporate culture.

Posted by Ke

I will never tell anyone to purchase on of your products. I bought a refrigerator in August 2016 and the handle broke. I have tried to get it repaired and after the second appointment I told I have to pay for the repair. It was never implied I would be responsible for any cost. This has pissed me off. I want my refrigerator repaired.

Posted by Anonymous

Danny in the Bronx, New York, I'm not going to add anything new to Frigidaire's negative review, which in my case involves a washer/dryer combo unit. But what I will add is, just don't do it. Stay clear of Frigidaire products and most importantly stay away from their extended service contracts. If you do you will come to regret it. Don't become a Frigidaire victim like me. Whether you take my word or not. You've been warn.

Posted by Zellaw

In 2010, I completely redid my entire kitchen with Frigidaire appliances. Today, I don't know why I so foolishly thought they were a good reputable company. They suck! The fridge at less the 3 yrs started beeping kept getting louder & louder. I googled to see what the problem was Oh, nothing but the mother board going out in my refrigerator. Less then 3 years, and a week of living out of coolers for daily necessities. I had to buy a new refrigerator. It was not a Frigidaire.
At that same time, I also bought a Frigidaire freestanding range with smooth cooktop. The screws holding the handle in the door of the range back out of the door over time. We can reach to get something out of the stove and that damn handle comes off causing someone to get burned because of the malfunctioning design on those screws & handle. I did contact Frigidaire and after much frustration and aggravation over the phone call the customer service gal did send me the parts at no charge. But she did not want to. It wasn't like I made her sorry ass pay for the parts. No, Frigidaire did have great products at one time, but like all the other appliance companies out there. None of them are as good as the ones from 20 years ago. Too many parts being imported from overseas. China does not give a damn about us except how to get more of our money into their pockets. Buyer Beware!!

Add your review!

Posted by yajaira

First I would like to say thank you to Ms.Eukephia for outstanding customer service, for helping us with our issue, regarding our refrigerator purchase less than a year ago. Your customer service is highly appreciated.

Posted by Anonymous

The young lady that helped me knew what she was doing!!! God bless!

Posted by appliancedisaster

Had to make 8 phone calls for simple request, on hold over 20 mins 3 different times. Multiple numbers made getting the correct department very difficult. Awful phone systems to navigate, but actual reps were friendly, VERY scripted but pleasant.

Posted by Anonymous

I had an issue with new refrigerator and after several discussions with the customer service department they did agree to do the right thing. The customer service team was friendly and helpful.

Posted by wbroan

Our dehumidifier stopped collecting water in the bucket so we contacted Frigidaire Customer Service by email. We received a quick response and as the unit is not serviceable, an offer to buy back the original. As we no longer had the receipt, we were advised to send back the letter offering the buy back, and the original serial/model number off the back of the unit. A refund was received within 10 days of the initial inquiry. Excellent service and a good way to keep your customers coming back. By the way, we have again purchased a new Frigidaire dehumidifier.

Posted by smenz

Extremely pleased with customer service support reply regarding water bath canning on 11 year old glass cook top range. AAA+ assistance.

Posted by inspectorgadjet

We recently had a microwave go bad after 6 months. I called their customer service dept. and they handled it right away. They got back with me even sooner than they said, they were courteos and helpful. We had a new mic the next day.

Posted by Winanna

I received prompt, courteous, efficient and knowledgeable customer service from the telephone number 706-860-4110.

The person who helped me told me I could order the parts needed myself and get them together with instructions on how to uninstall and install: Freezer and refrigerator door gaskets.

She offered to call me tomorrow morning for the order because I was getting another call as we were talking.

Posted by John

I had a much much better experience dealing with Chris - see employee posting tab.

Answered immediately and resolved our issue regarding the warranty on our Frigidaire gallery microwave.

Excellent customer care.

John Galvin

Posted by Annonomus

I called Frigidare and spoke with a rep about my Dehumidifier. LAD704DUL. It will not drain in to the hose. I had a 25 foot garden hose connected to it. The rep stated that the hose was to long. i could not believe them, how could the hose be to long. So i got a shorter hose, still having the same issue. The next rep asked me what diameter the hose was, i said a regular garden hose, she said i needed one with 1/2 in diameter. Ok this is enough, why wont this stupid thing work? I tried what the rep told me and it worked. I called back to find out why this worked. I was informed that the dehumidifer just drips the moisture into the bucket, or the hose. There is no pressure. Because the hose was too long, the water couls not reach the incline and it was backing up into the bucket. I asked, why with the hose shorter would it still go into the bucket? The rep stated that the hose being a smaller diameter, makes a damn effect, to where the water hits the small opening and stops it from going out of the hose. I tried this with both style hoses and it worked on the 1/2. Man i was so frustrated i was about to junk the unit. I am glad that i was able to talk to the great people at Frigidiare. Saved me a lot of hassle. I looked on line and people were having similar issues. If they could just understand the unit like i did, they would save themselves a lot of time. Great Job Frigidaire. I hope to have many more years with your applainces.

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Posted by ChrisPolk

Good Afternoon,

I am reaching out to you all of you on behalf of Electrolux Major Appliances. I apologize for the inconvenience and concerns you have experienced u=product or customer service wise.

I would like to further assist you but in order to do so, will you please email me directly at [email protected] with your unit's model/serial information, personal name, address, phone number and date of purchase of the unit? When you send the email please make sure to have "HELP CENTER" somewhere in the subject line for tracking purposes.

This way I can create a footprint in our system when the account is created. You will have proof of our correspondence and if you ever need to reference it in the future you will have a reference number.

Thank you in advance for supplying me the information needed. Please include any other pertinent information concerning this unit. I look forward to further resolving this matter.

Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
Electrolux Major Appliances


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