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Forever 21 customer service is ranked #878 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.96 out of a possible 200 based upon 51 ratings. This score rates Forever 21 customer service and customer support as Terrible.


50 Negative Comments out of 51 Total Comments is 98.04%.


1 Positive Comment out of 51 Total Comments is 1.96%.

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    • 18.96 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 50 negative comments (98.04%)
    • 1 positive comments (1.96%)
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I shop frequently at Forever 21, in store & online. Not anymore after I purchased multiple swimsuits online. Never stating they were final sale.
I was not sure of the sizes, since most clothing runs differently depending on the style & the material. I ordered 2 of the same. When I went back to the store with tags & security liners in place. I was told they were final sale & could not return them.
Lesson to not shop in stores that cannot back up their own merchandise!

Posted by Midori

I bought 2 swinsuits at forever 21 website. It was my first and my last time. I took to the store to return, both with the protection liner, and all tags, and all receipts and they told me that swim wear are final sale. In any moment or even in the receipt show that. It is the worst shopping experience I ever had. It should at least have a screen pop up saying and explaining that it is a final sale. For me, it is just a way to get the customer's money and have no consideration or respect towards the customer. Horrible customer service

Posted by Screenname

I am TRYING to return a blouse I ordered that just isn't worth $35. I keep reading that I need to include a "return form" filled out with a code. Yet I cannot find this form anywhere. I could return to the store, but I simply don't have time. (Which is why I ordered online)
I have the invoice & the tags on it. Anyone know where to find this return form?

Posted by Anonymous

I have been on the phone with two of your representatives and both were rude, were not interested in getting me in contact with a manager. Also, they both hung up on me. Since the calls are recorded I am pretty sure you can trace them back and get proof of this. I do not appreciated the way I was treated and also the fact that no one would get me in contact with a manager or supervisor that could help me with my problem. They both were so focused on other issues that I did not have other than to listen and help me with exactly what I needed. This is unacceptable and definitely not good, great, but HORRIBLE customer service and very disappointing to me as I am a forever 21 customer. This experience makes me never want to order from you all again!!!!!!

This is the info that I had to email over to them. Absolute worst ever. Issue still has not been resolved!

Posted by Fernando98

I bought clothes online and the next day my order was canceled and they send me a email saying I was going to get full refund then I checked my account and says that I use debit and credit to buy the same stuff and I send and email and they say it should get authorized again in 24 hrs up to 7 days and then it says we are unable to authorized a canceled other once it's canceled so they just steal my money not once twice the price it was so instead of being 97 it cost my 194 wow great job Forever 21 not buying online again.

Posted by Anonymous

I made a purchase in the Tempe AZ store and attempted to return the cheap garbage 4 items a hair bun, a cheap bunny shaped hair brush, a compact mirror, a a horribly cheap fan shaped makeup brush. I attempted to return the items in the Chandler store and it was refused due to the tags being off and opened. You cant know a product's quality without trying it out. I have called forever21 November 21,25, and 29th was told a member of management would contact me in 24-48 hours about my refund and complaint and I did not receive a call.

Posted by Neveragain

Horrible! Clothing is cheap crap and when you try to return they threaten you with discarding your items by a certain date unless you pay for the postage back. I only missed the return by 7 DAYS! Wow. Just send it back so i can at least donate it. The worst nasty customer service ever in all my years. I work in an all girls high school and will be posting both emails from this disgusting company as well as sending it all to bbb and consumer affairs. If anything I hope at least stop 592 girls from shopping here. Will be posting copies on facebook as well. Hope it stops thousands by the time i am done.

Posted by Hairy123

Am I able to exchange rings Becuase I got the wrong ring size??

Posted by Ganiga

I was just trying to exchange my body suit that I havent try on. I purchased with 10% discount card that I have. They said becos I got 10% discout so they can't do the exchange for me. Wtf? I'm pissed I was just want to exchange not refund. You just lost another regular customer F FOREVER 21 Thailand CENTRAL WORLD. Btw staffs here mostly rude. Thumps down and I won't shop with you again.

Posted by Angryatforever

I returned items to Forever 21 today and not only was the, supposed manager, unbelievably rude in the handling of my returns, I about freaked when she gave me a store card instead of $88 in cash. Needless to say, I am pissed. Apparently all the years I have shopped there I have used my debit card so never knew that the company is stealing from us. Not cool. I'm fighting this, what crap!!!!!!!!

Posted by LG

NEVER buy anything from this company; either online or in their stores. They will not refund your money if the item doesn't fit or is not to your liking. I bought several gifts online for my daughter and she was unable to return them at a local store. They also only give you 28 days to return merchandise by mail. This does not work out if you are giving Christmas gifts for family or friends who live out of town. This company has very poor business practices and customer service. I will never shop there again. I had no idea...

Posted by Danielle

Be aware store does not give refunds even with a receipt- they will only give store credits.

Posted by Anonymous

This girl Michelle on the Customer Service Line, sucks! She told me that she cant help me with my issue regarding on the shipment because she doesn't have the capability to do so? Wtfff. what kind of customer service is that

Posted by Anonymous

you guys are a bunch of crooks. this is america. I paid cash, you should give cash back. you lost ANOTHER CUSTOMER!!!!

Posted by Gina

horrible customer service, store looks so disorganized, was told over phone would receive a credit on a item purchased on-line I sent pictures of the worn piece of rag 10 times they kept telling they couldn't open the e-mail which was a lie, the stores are so disorganized that you cant find anything, rude customer service both in store and on-line don't shop at this store or on-line, because if you return something you will not get credit back just a bad attitude!

Posted by Leen again????

Sorry guys I just wanted to fix my mistake I meant the receipt wasn't there when I checked in the plastic bag. *wasn't

Posted by Leen

Hey I bought a T-shirt from forever 21 and they didn't give me the receipt. I thought the receipt was in the plastic bag but when I came back home and I wanted to re-check if the receipt was there,The receipt was in there so I tried the top again and I noticed that the top wasn't nice at all and it wasn't my size. so I want to return my top but I don't have the receipt but the tag is still there. And I haven't where it yet. Do you think they will let me change to another top without the receipt but the tag is still there???

Posted by Anonymous

Nice to have been told ahead of time that they only give store credits or exchanges, what a crock of crap. I WOULDN'T HAVE made the purchase. Never Ever shopping at Forever 21 again. That means FOREVER!!!!!

Posted by Solakola

Order number for which I never received the package because as opposed to walking inside the place of business and leaving it with a person, they left it on the street in a busy neighborhood right next to a huge transit center so obviously it was stolen. I contacted F21 who told me it's been more than 30 days so therefore they can't help me and to call UPS, I called UPS and they say per their contract with F21 all missing packages have to be handled by the shipper, I called back F21 who told me I am out of money and luck and that they can't do anything for me. I called back to speak to a supervisor, Hani placed me on hold for 3-5 minutes and then just hung up on me! I called back again only to have Monica berate me about how it's my fault and I dropped the ball. I take full responsibility for my part but I placed 5 other orders online with other retailers, none of which I had issues with receiving except for F21. Something is obviously not right with you either. I've been a customer for 10+ years and spend thousands of dollars here, I don't deserve this level of disrespect and disregard. After all this time $63.01 is a drop in the bucket for them but a considerable amount of money for me. To tell me that I have absolutely ZERO recourse with them, that they won't re-ship the available items nor even give 1/2 a refund or store credit is just unbelievable customer service practice. The only thing worse than the quality is the customer service, never shopping here again and beware!

Posted by Anonymous

Do not order online from this store!! If you have to return an item by mail it ships back to California and for those of us in Michigan the cost to return is almost as much as the order! I figured I could just return it to the store here - mope - not if you just want your money refunded. Worthless return policy, may as well not even have one.

Posted by Arnetta221

Forever 21 is the worst store i have ever been to . My 10 year old granddaughter had the worst experience of her life about racist acts against another person for no reason it took me back to the 1950's got "damn I said . I tried to explain to her why white people will lie right in your face know its a lie and die with it.She changed the price three times and it came up to $68.90, and then after we caught her in a lie the price was $33.39 The first thing she(my granddaughter was not helped for service at all just plainly ignored no kind of professionalism was showed by JILLIAN the rep( at the south side Pittsburgh store) was a lair and cheater of the prices that were tagged on cloths she was racist to my 10 year old granddaughter that had money to spend i will never step a foot in another store of yours we know Americans will always be the same as the past Americans were and it shows in their children she was taught to hate .The manager Alexis should be fired for hiring such a negative person. But one thing for certain two things for sure we will never be back to any of your facilities. We have four dollars credit on the gift card and we don't even want that back . We still took it just to show courtesy, even though Jillian didn't show it to us.Keep it real Arnetta Holt an Makhya never again i have learned my lesson stick with your own kind moms white and dads black thanks Jillian for you kind my first ever

(Southside works)the worst place ever!!

Posted by b3803

I recently purchased two dresses from Forever 21 to take home and try for options to wear to an event. Neither worked, and when I went to return them, I was told they only allow store credit or exchange -- they do not give refunds. WHAT? I don't understand a business today not offering a refund to customers, especially when you return an item less than a week after purchase, with the receipt, and tags still on the garment. I was so annoyed by this, and the fact that it's not mentioned by EVERY person at the checkout counter before you buy, that I called the customer service department. If you're going to have a return policy this ridiculous, you should be able to tell every customer the exact reason why, but no one who works there seems to know.

The guy I spoke to in customer service, got snarky and said, "Why don't you look at it this way, if you have a business..." and I interrupted and said, "My family does own a business, and we let customers return things and get their money back." I was definitely not happy, but when the guy got an attitude with me, it didn't help. He then said, "Maybe you should ask about returns before you check out." Way to show your service to the customer. And why would I ask? Every other store I go to lets me return things and get my money back! Maybe what should actually happen, is that your employees be mandated to tell every consumer that checks out, what a horrible policy they have on returns. More to the point, I was also about to buy jewelry, which is not always an item stores take back, so I asked the girl at checkout if jewelry was returnable, and she said, "No, jewelry is final sale." But she never thought to inform me of the return policy on clothes? I also discovered they'll refund you if you buy online, but not in the store? That makes zero sense, and is so dishonest of a company to work this way. Nevermind being a ridiculous policy. If you can't tell me why you won't give me my money back when I've returned a perfectly good item to you, why would I want to use your nonsense store credit or shop with you again? I won't.

Posted by Taraambitious

The lines in Forever 21 are absolutely ridiculous the Sunday before Christmas!

Posted by Anonymous

I had an awful experience with Forever 21 from everything starting from attitude of people attending calls at the Gurgaon centre. I had ordered a good amount of stuff from forever online. Its been 3 months I haven't received my order and when I tried calling all the people I spoke to Ms. Neha to many others kept telling different stories and promised me to get back through mail. I haven't even recieved a refund. Customers trust u tats why shop online from your brand. Henceforth I will never ever recommended this brand to any customers of mine. Really atleast have courtesy to get back to your customers and refund money if u can't deliver stuff. I am going to take this up in customer court and put a case for sure. Pathetic service

Posted by Anonymous

I bought two dresses for an upcoming Christmas party. I did not have time to try them on, had picked out the two online and ran into a store to pick them up over a lunch break I had during a long work week. I wanted to take them home, try them on with the shoes I had and see which one I liked better and return the one that didn't work. I attempted to return the dress, obviously unworn, with tags and the receipt and was told that they only do store credit or exchanges for returns and that was a standard policy with the company. Even though I had everything else with me, tags, original receipt, had only tried the dress on, they would not let me get my money back. I kind of get this if every cashier is telling EVERY customer this when they check out, but that is definitely NOT the case. When I can return an unworn item with everything in tact at probably 90% of every other retailer I shop at, how would I have known that was the case? I rarely shop at Forever 21. The reason I chose them for a holiday dress is because I was going to spend money on something that I wouldn't be wearing that often, so I didn't want to spend a TON of money. I will never shop at Forever 21 again, ever for this reason alone. After speaking with store managers and them not helping me out at all even though I would never have known that was the return policy unless I had gone online and read over their website, which no customer should have to do every time they want to buy something, I am convinced more than ever, how cheap and crappy their store is based on this fact alone.

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Posted by cat

Cat was very nice friendly help me pick out a whole outfit. Cat was wearing a nice outfit so I knew to go to her for advice because it look like she had good taste in clothes. Cat makes me want to come back.

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