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Ford customer service is ranked #507 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 487 ratings. This score rates Ford customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


463 Negative Comments out of 487 Total Comments is 95.07%.


24 Positive Comments out of 487 Total Comments is 4.93%.

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    • 31.13 Overall Rating
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    • 463 negative comments (95.07%)
    • 24 positive comments (4.93%)
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Posted by Jim

Taka Recall. 2010 Ford Ranger. Been more than a year since I was first notified. Received another update that has no resolve date. Have not had full us of this truck for about 2 years because of the air bag fault. Warned not to have passenger on front fault side. Truck has only 2 seats. Therefore, I cannot use the fault side seat. Ford is not addressing this in a timely manner. This is what happens when manufactures cut safety lines with cheap foreign products that endanger customers.

Posted by tepeismail

I am loyal Ford customer since 2010, currently I own a 2014 Fiesta titanium, 1.6 powertshift, it has only 32,000 km on it and had to change transmission clutch 2 times already and now it needs to be replaced again. I asked Ford Otosan to invesitgate this car, something wrong with it.
However Ford Otosan Customer Relations did not even care about dissatisfaction, she just told me that I have extended guarantee service, they will cover %80 and I will cover %20 of the repair fee. I tried to explain her that it is my right already becasue I paid fee for guarantee extantion. I tried to explain her that my concern; something wrong with this car, I need another car whihc is similiar to it. I am not asking brand new 2017 car, I am simply saying this car has a problem and they just cant fix it. Customer service did not even care what I was explaning and just kept repeating that I have to %20. And what then, I will have same problem 4th time or more until I sell it. It was clear that she did not care about losing a loyal customer.

Posted by ismail tepe

I am loyal Ford customer since 2010, currently I own a 2014 Fiesta titanium, 1.6 powertshift, it has only 32,000 km on it and had to change transmission clutch 2 times already and now it needs to be replaced again. I asked Ford Otosan ( Turkey) to invesitgate this car, something wrong with it. I know Ford, ( I am ford guy and actually I event met you once ), people at Ford Car shop knows me very well.
However Ford Otosan Customer Relations did not even care about dissatisfaction, she just told me that I have extended guarantee service, they will cover %80 and I will cover %20 of the repair fee. I tried to explain her that it is my right already becasue I paid fee for guarantee extantion. I tried to explain her that my concern; something wrong with this car, I need another car whihc is similiar to it. I am not asking brand new 2017 car, I am simply saying this car has a problem and they just cant fix it. Customer service did not even care what I was explaning and just kept repeating that I have to %20. And what then, I will have same problem 4th time or more until I sell it. It was clear that she did not care about losing a loyal customer.

Posted by Basil


In Small Claims Court in Alhambra, California, June 24, 2016, in my lawsuit against Ford Motor Company for fraudulent misrepresentation, Ford made the tacit admission that the Ford Extended Service Plan brochure contains three or more false claims.
Ford's argument in its defense, and affirmed by Judge Michael Small in his unequivocal opinion, was that my failed shock absorber wasn't a covered part, "BECAUSE SHOCK ABSORBERS ARE NOT LISTED AS COVERED, THEY ARE EXCLUDED FROM COVERAGE." Therein lies the problem.
The court accepted Ford's argument against the plain language in its own ESP brochure. And it is that argument that forms the basis for my complaint against Ford's Extended Service Plans. According to Ford's own Website, Ford has sold 35 million of these fraudulent plans.
1. The court's decision is final, not subject to reversal or appeal, that only listed parts are covered, so that the shock absorber, not a listed part, wasn't covered by my plan. Here is issue number one: There are fewer than 300 covered parts listed in the brochure. But the brochure claims that "500 plus" parts are covered. Since a part must be listed to be covered and there are fewer than 300 parts listed, the claim of "500 plus" parts covered is a false claim. False Claim number 1.
2. The brochure claims that the list of covered parts is a "partial list." It has been established that since a part must be listed to be covered, the listed parts covered must be a complete list. The claim that the list of covered parts is a "partial list" is a false claim. False Claim number 2.
3. The brochure lists "the only components not covered." Since all parts not listed are also not covered, the list of "components not covered" should include hundreds of components. It doesn't. The claim that only the components listed as not covered are non-covered parts is a false claim. False Claim number 3.
4. Finally, many of the parts listed as covered are, in fact, not covered. They are not covered because in those instances not even a single component part is listed as covered. If any of those component parts, none of which are covered, were to fail, then Ford could deny coverage based on the now established, must-be- listed rule. Much the same as with the not listed therefore "EXCLUDED" shock absorber, a component part of "covered" front suspension, which was, in fact, only covered until a non-covered component, the shock absorber in this instance, failed. This court ruling has legitimized Ford's potential rejection of coverage for dozens of listed "covered" parts, in absolute contradiction of the plain meanings of the unambiguous text drafted by Ford in its own brochure.

Posted by maria

ford customer service is the worse.I had my lease car on repairs for a month, the car ;a ford e
xplorer 2015, did go in reverse the promise me to give a month of credit $660, they promise to send me that money within a month ; but they didn't .I call them leave messages and I don't get any response they are the worse .I am very angry

Posted by Anonymous

Good afternoon
I have had Ford powerstroke since 1994.I love the product. I bought a 2017 f250 at Sames Ford Corpus tx. They sent me to an after market shoplace to have a gooseneck installed. They paid for it. During Thanksgiving my wife and I pulled our fifth wheel camper to the family house . On the way back home the gooseneck hitch came loose. We made it home and had that gooseneck replaced with the right one.This cost us $1945.00. Called the dealership and they said I chose it and it wasn't their problem.I said yall wrote the PO so you must of thought it was the right thing to do.Im not from Corpus. Anyway thought I'd let you know.

Posted by Scott

Ordered 2017 Ford F150 Lariat on October 23rd, order number 10231. Lost my 2015 F150 on October 21st and need the new unit here before end of year, like Ford's letter received last week. Ford rep had dealer change to stock order, number so to get order. Build was scheduled for December 19th. Now Ford is saying won't do stock order until 01/02/2017. We will lose money from insurance settlement to tax plus other money set aside for the NEW F150 to tax. FORD SEEMS TO BE BREACHING A CONTRACT WITH ME SINCE THEY HAD ALREADY GIVEN US THE BUILD DATE - 12/29/2016. I NEED THE NEW TRUCK BY 12/30/2016! Dealer - Jeddeloh Ford has done everything possible including contacting his Ford Rrp and relying on that persons wnd otjets a t Fords for their word.

Posted by Pastor Diane Simon

Brought a 2016 250 red truck having had a chance to enjoy driving its a work truck have a rental from ford don't want the truck ljessica is trying to force a truck on us that's been in the shop over a week I know ford honors satisfying there customer I'm not satisfied I have been getting all my vehicles from ford love your vehicle and also bring others to tell them how wonderful ford is my name is pastor Diane my congregation is now interested help me please when this message reach made my first payment already on a truck I do t have

Posted by JB

I Took My Car To Ford Please If You Are Reading This Dont Take Your Car There, The Service Men And Women Have No Idea What To Do Neither Do The Technicans, I Went In To Get My Car Fixed For Slow Speeds When Pushing On The Break I Just Knew The Dealership Could Fix It But Oh No Instead I Left With The Same Problem Plus A Check Engine Light Which Was Not On When I Took My Car In, I Paid $1500 Dollars For Nothing The Very Same Day My Car Is Doing The Same Thin, I Have Been Up To This Dealership With The Same Issues As Before I Came In, When I Call The Dealer Or Take My Car Back Up To Them The First Thing Out Their Mouth Is Sir We Just Don't Know, It Could Be This Or That But They Are Supposed To Be The Professionals, I Am So Mad Right Now, I Can't Get Any Help, I Am Not Sure What To Do, I Need My Car Fixed Or My Money Back, I Will Make Sure With Every Breath In My Body That Any And Everybody That I Know Not To Go To Ford Any Ford In That Matter Not Just This Ford But All Locations Because If This Is How You Treat Your Customers It's Sad, This Is Supposed To Be A Family Owned Business Hahahahaha, No Way. This Company Give You The Run Around Like Somebody Has $1500.00 Dollars To Just Throw Away.

Posted by shuberhuber

Former Fan of Ford Trucks/SUVs

I am very sorry to say that after 20 years of being an owner and advocate of Ford trucks and SUVs, I may not buy another one. I am so disappointed with the quality of my 2014 Explorer and Ford's unwillingness to stand behind their product. My first grievance relates to the paint along the front edge of the hood which is blistering/bubbling as if there is rust forming beneath it. I am not talking one or two spots either. This is along just about the entire edge of my hood. Unfortunately, I did not notice the issue until I was at 38,000 miles and the warranty had expired. I am finding tons of posts regarding this same issue. This is clearly a manufacturing issue, but Ford will not do anything about it. The customer service rep I spoke with said that all they could do was, "Identify several dealers that could provide an estimate to fix the damage." WOW! Thanks for absolutely nothing!!!

The second major issue I have is part corrupt dealer and part inept Ford. With only 46,000 miles on my car, the front PTU went bad. The symptoms started with the car making a rattling noise under light acceleration when traveling between 30 - 40 mph. It degenerated to the point where it was making a clunking sound when turning at slow speeds. I took the car in to Purvis Ford (Fredericksburg, VA) to get it checked out. Their diagnosis was a broken PTU, but they said the cause was uneven tire wear, and as result the repair was not covered under the drivetrain warranty. The tires were the original ones that came with the vehicle and still had tread life. The tires were well maintained and showed absolutely no signs of uneven wear. The quoted cost was approximately $1200 for four new tires and $1600 for a new PTU. Convinced that they were full of s*** and simply looking to make a tire sale and avoid a warranty repair, I took it to Battlefield Ford (Manassas, VA) for a second opinion. Battlefield replaced the PTU under warranty with no questions asked. Needless to say, I will stay clear of Purvis Ford in the future. I spoke to the service manager at Battlefield who acknowledged that the PTUs are known to have issues. He said he did not believe the uneven tires caused the failure, but did acknowledge that uneven tires in an AWD vehicle could cause the PTUs to work harder and possibly fail prematurely. Confused that I had never be advised of such a seemingly critical issue, I checked the owners' manual. Nowhere does it mention such a low tolerance for variations in tire circumference. In fact, on page 376 it says, "The two front tires or two rear tires should generally be replaced as a pair." This seems to indicate FAR less sensitivity than was being communicated by the dealers, so I contacted Ford to get the official performance specification. The customer rep I spoke with was unable to reference any specification in terms of tread wear or circumference variation between tires, so I am not sure what to make of this. If there really is an issue with uneven tires causing PTU failures in AWD vehicles, I see that as a major issue. 1) Why would the PTU not be designed for a 100% duty cycle? Seems like a design flaw if an AWD vehicle is not AWD capable all of the time. 2) If the PTU can't handle a 100% duty cycle, why isn't there a warning light on the dash to indicate the rated duty cycle is being exceeded rather than letting it run till it fails with no warning? 3) Why wouldn't the AWD sensor work off of speed variations rather than simply speed differences? If your tires are rotating at different but consistent speeds, shouldn't the sensor be smart enough to realize that wouldn't constitute slipping? Ford quality seems to be going downhill and Ford is not be standing behind their inferior products. I'm very disappointed.

Posted by Lloyda23

My car is under warranty and when it broke down the AA got me a hire car and told me that Ford would take over the hire after two days. My car was not even looked at for the first 3 weeks. During this time I took several calls from the car hire company who told me that Ford had not taken on the hire. Each time I go to the garage, CE Days of Haverfordwest. After 3 weeks I am told Ford tried to contact you and you did not respond, therefore they cancelled the order. The hire company then charged me. Now after nearly 2 months, they hope to put a new gearbox in my car next week and they hope that will fix the car. In the mean time the hire company have taken the car back as there is money still owed on it. My car continues to sit in the garage and I continue to pay my lease company £350 per month for an 18 month old car that I cannot access. I also continue to deal with a garage that is no help. Andrea Lloyd

Posted by Jane

My husband and I were spoken to very rudely in a dealership at All Kingston Ford in Kingston New York 12401, by Ira Weiner, a
Sales Person.

We were demeaned in a cafe type seating area verbally on the dealership floor, in a loud and angry tone by this salesman, if
there is retraining by Ford, I would suggest Ira Weiner be sent to be taught how to be civil, courteous and how to be discreet
when dealing with customers.

Posted by Stenesha

Angry Ford Vehicle owner,
My power steering goes out each year, displaying on my dashboard to "service advancetrac" and service power steering. I have been having this issue for 3 years now. It is very difficult to turn the steering wheel. The first time this issue occurred, I paid Metro ford ( located on 6455 S Western which is where I take my vehicle for service), five hundred dollars to repair my vehicle.
The second time this happened, I bought the car back, I was told this time the problem is much more severe and I will have to have my entire power steering unit replaced, which could cost between $2,000 - $3,000. I could not afford it. I drove around an entire year with a dysfunctional steering wheel. I received a letter in the mail stating to bring my vehicle in for a inspection, so I did. The inspection was complete and I was told, they also had reset the car (which solved the power steering issue).
This is now the third time this is happening, I called in and made an appointment to bring my vehile in for a resetting and also explained the situation. The rep I spoke with was very understanding and booked my appointment. When the car arrived I waited, they never got a chance to get to my vehicle that day so I was told come in the next day. I bought the car again, just to be they could look at it on that practicular they so me now made another appointment for sure this time. I had to explain the issue of power steering problem. I am being told again the problem is much more severe and I will have to have my entire power steering unit replaced, which could cost between $2k - $3k all over again. I explained this is a ongoing issue to several reps in the service department. They never attempted to reset the car, they were dismissve of my situation, and just keep insisting I pay $2K-$3k. Please accuse any typos or run on sentences. I am frustrated as I type this. Sorry!!!
I have been told by a rep. there, they do not reset vehicles there, but I have documents stating that the vehicle was reset. The reps continue to dish out prices reassuring me my power steering unit needs to be replaced, but when I ask did anyone attempt to reset the car, I was told NO, I am so frustrated I have to keep dealing with this, let alone have to deal with a dishonest company, trying squeeze more and more money out of me each yearr. Its unfortunate, I loved Ford cars until now.

Posted by timsf

I recently took over a lease for 2016 Ford Mustang, in August. Since then I am trying to register the car, i have been to DMV three times already by following Ford's directions, still no registration because they did not sent proper paperwork to DMV. Meantime when I called and tried to explain the situation to Ford, they were very rude, once talked to a manager she did not even want to listen and she was even meaner. Ford send paperwork directly to Sacramento, Sacramento says they did not get some part of documents, I call Ford they say they do everything perfect in a very condescending tone, after taking all those rudeness i managed to talk to the right person she did call Sacramento and understood their package had missing parts. two weeks after I came to DMV today and still paperwork is not seen in Sacramento, now I don't want to talk to those people even though I cannot drive my car even I am paying every month regularly, without registration. No help from Ford, never Ford again for sure

Posted by Anonymous

Love the look of the new Bronco. I hope I can afford it when you come out with it, would love to be one of the first one to have it!

Posted by Raul

Reporting a Life threatening Glitch in Air Bag Quality and Safety of New Ford Figo and other sub standard parts-FW
When all my concerns were not handled by customer care and dealership I thought escalating it to the execs will help -

But no way - they are acting as they dont care of any their customers.

Need a big help. I am from India and bought a FORD FIGO in December. It has issue while the car is tilting toward the left side. While driving it goes towards left hand side even after 3-5 meters. Due which I met with an accident too, now its been 3 months my car is with the agency and still there are gaps. My car was severely hit and they themselves terms this as a major accident, still no airbags open and they gave some crap that please read out technical document and your case doesn't fit here.

I was offended by this but I thought its still, ok, let my car get repaired, now even after 3 months that car puling on left side is still on and the agency is not able to repair it ford is suggesting that as agency has checked all and seems ok and only mind is freaking out. Even I had made videos how my car is moving toward left still they never involved any Ford Engg. nor tested by their own means only the words from agency is they listen. What are my best ways to counter their lie and prove them wrong. Unfortunately we dont have lemon law in India. Please help.

Posted by Lebo

Took my car,fiesta to ford pretoria at aurinia dealership with a tow truck cos my car could not start, apparently problem was diesel pumb, but to my surprise was not replaced and only blown the dirt away, had to pay their expensive labour, hardly two days after the service im experiencing the same problem. Now I have to hire tow truck again with my expense......continue

Posted by Anonymous

What is up with the 2011 f -150, the rpm goes up to 4 or 5 and the miles per hour jump to 70 miles per hour, and the back wheels locked up, and it is very unsafe on the freeway and with your grandkids, it was been in the shop so many times, very upset when you can not trust your vehicle

Posted by Unhappy

I bought a 2013 Ford Flex for my wife for approximately $37,000.00 and had it service by Ken Grody in Buena Park California. I notice the clear coat coming off of the driverside roof and alert the tech. he replied that my wife's flex was out of warranty of 2800 miles. I's called corporate to rectified the problem and open a case the number is 10354994. They moved it to Mike the service manager for the dealership. He looked at it and said that it didn't have corrosion on it, so they will not cover it. Call back Corporate and they stated that they couldn't do anything else for me????? I've work for an Aerospace company for over 29 years and if we have deliver an aircraft and the low cost paint would start coming of it, in the first few years of life, we will lose a customer. I've been buying Ford since I remember and this will change my way thinking of ever buying another FORD. We as a corporation rely on resolving through customer service and Ford failed for me.

Posted by Robobudge

I am angry! I went against my better judgement and took a risk and bought a 2015 Ford Fusion.I have 8600 miles on it. It is now in Peoria ford shop for a cracked block and head. They want to replace my block and my head which basically requires a rebuild of my motor. My problem with this is I paid for a new car with a new motor not a new car with a rebuilt motor. I ask Ford to either replace the motor with a new motor or a new car, or just give me my money back. All I get is what they cannot do. I spoke with the gm of Peoria ford and he tells me his hands are tied. I speak with Ford relations and they tell me its up to the dealership to recommend the appropriate fix. Either way I am paying for a car that I will no longer he happy with if they rebuild it. If so it will be my first and last Ford. I will let everyone I know not to purchase a Ford. Its about their pocketbook and not about the customer's wishes.

Posted by never again feeling abused

Since buying my Ford Edge I have been very disappointed with the company and how they treat their customers. They hire outside help to sell their cars in tent sales, they being Parkway Ford of Sturgis MI. and dont honor the agreements made by these people. The price at time of sale didnt match the loan when we received the papers from the loan company, we took that as our mistake for not being more careful to watch everything they did, but then the warranty they said we had is not there and no one knows anything about it. The car door latch started acting up and we had to take it in to find the problem, later they charged us 562.33 to fix it, this being only after owning it for 3 months. When we go out to check the car its battery is dead oops, so unprofessional. This only seems to get worse as we go, if you take your car for an oil change at Walmart at least they clean the floor before giving it back, not this dealership. When does Ford start holding their dealerships up to a higher standard and dont higher outside help they are truly unprofessional and frauds.

Posted by Anonymous

Today29/07/2016 my car Cmax went into your garage for a full service+MOT and electronic vehicle health check. All tests were checked and completed. At end I was also advised that my car needed an Aircon service, a fuel additive treatment service and a brake fluid change. I agreed that they do all of the work they advised. I paid the bill of £380 and took the car out of the garage. On the way home I could feel that the brakes wasn't quite right. I was guessing that it might be cos of fluid change (trapped air) so I continued to drive hoping that it would correct itself. However everytime I pushed on the brake pedal it slipped slower to the floor. Until eventually I was pushing down on the brake pedal but the car didnt stop. I was so scared and started to panic. I knew I could slow the car down by going into 1st gear and eventually I was able to stop the car with the hand brake and pulled over.
The thing is when I rang the garage they insisted I bring the car straight back to the garage. I was already in shock and was terrified that I would crash. It took me 30mins( with my hazards lights on)to get the car back to the garage. I had been through hell and back but when I got back to the garage everyone was very busy. I had to insist that someone look at my car. I wasn't happy and waited another hour before the car was looked at. The technician eventually told me that the fault was something to do with air +dust. But I feel that it was due to negligence as the brake fluid was low even though it had just been changed. I believe that one of your technicians(Angelos Stylianou/staff was careless in their procedure. Their carelessness and unskilled training nearly cost me my death. This was very dangerous and I hope it doesn't happen to any other customer.
I am driving my family to Reading in 2wks time. I fear that the brakes will fail. So to put my mind at ease I would like to get the brakes double checked(free of charge) by another garage (not Enfield).

Posted by Fws

Customer services
That's what they call it ya right a person to fine any reason to get you off the phone they be broke if thay actually do something.

Posted by disappointed

Let me begin by saying that for close to 3 years I felt that no one could match or better the outstanding service i have been receiving at Advantage Ford. That is until this June when I brought our Escape in for its 48'000 km service.
I dropped the vehicle off with Sean Chowanetz at 8.45 a.m. and proceeded to the customer lounge to wait for a shuttle. Living a short 8 minutes away I'm usually home within half an hour. Not on this day. It was 10.25 a.m by the time I was dropped off. Being in the dealership's vicinity around 3 p.m. I stopped by expecting the vehicle to be ready for pickup. Sean was nowhere to be found so someone at the service desk went to investigate. Turned out it would be another 2 hours. Sean's call came at 5.39 p.m with him commenting that he had tried calling once before (not true as I have call display). I asked him to dispatch a shuttle. When no one showed up after an hour I called him back; again I had to leave a message. When it was not returned within 15 minutes I called the service desk.At first they couldn't locate the work order. They dispatched a driver. Turned out Sean had never left a message to have me picked up! I find out from the driver that him and and his colleague had been waiting around for an hour...after telling him I would never have had such an experience if Debbie Koenen had looked after me he informed me that she had quit. What a shock! I wish she had been promoted to service manager instead. Talk about the service manager: when Justin Swinton noticed how upset I was he tried to do some damage control by withdrawing charges for cleaning the break pads. I was finally home by 7.30 p.m. Upon reviewing my invoice I noticed a $50.- charge for performing a battery service. The battery had been replaced on my previous visit at 39'600 km!!! All in all a very disappointing experience. By the way, unlike previous invoices this one did not have a colourful neon sticker which is supposed to encourage customers to leave a comment.....

Posted by Anonymous

Let me start by saying this is the first Ford product I have owned and am completely satisfied with it. It is a Ford E350 converted to a Class C Motor Home by Pleasure Way and has about 88,000 miles on it trouble free.

On, or about, May 21 I went to Preston Ford in Burton, OH to fix a leaking rear air shock valve. They checked the van over and recommended a tail pipe fix and front break job. I told them to go ahead and while they were at it go ahead and do an oil and filter change. It took several days for them to locate the correct valve for the air shocks and I must say the parts dept. went out of their way to locate the correct valve. On May 26th they performed all the work and I picked up the van.

The next day the valve leaked. I took it back in and they fixed it. Everything OK and I was happy with my experience with Ford service.

A few days later I left with the vehicle and drove about 25 miles and both front breaks over heated and started smoking. When I stopped I could not touch either of the front wheel rims they were so hot. I called Preston Ford and explained the problem and that I was afraid to drive it back to the dealer and asked that they send out a tow truck; which they did.

After checking the vehicle over they said that both calipers were defective, and here is where my problems start. Why did they not recognize the calipers were bad when they did the break job? They charged me for the tow job when the problem was theirs for doing the break job incorrectly to start with. They also wanted to put back the burnt break shoes on the front wheels which I refused. This experience with Preston Ford cost me $945.88 to tear back into the front breaks and replace the defective calipers that they should have recognized as defective when they did the original job. At this point I would not recommend Preston Ford as a reputable point of service.

Add your review!

Posted by BkullKastleBoxing

Corey Walters at Freedom Ford in Ebensburg, Pa was fantastic at uncovering what we wanted, presenting us with our options and working to meet our budget! Tim Aurandt, Sales Manager helped us hammer out the best deal and Travis Stormer, Finance Manager did a great job explaining our warranty & finance options. Once the deal was completed, Corey took the time to connect my wife's phone to the bluetooth system and explain each and every function of the vehicle. They were all great and made the experience pleasant. I would not hesitate to recommend Freedom Ford to anyone!

Posted by Nptw

My name is Jack a rush I just purchased a 2016 Ford Mustang GT with a 5.0 engine I am very satisfied with my purchase the car has plenty of power and the AC works great and the backup camera for extra safety feature I think this car it is one of the best cars I've ever had thank you Ford 4 building such awesome car

Posted by Anonymous

I'm writing this thank you comment to recognize Tyree Alexander, Assistant Service Manager at the Jerry's Ford Auto, for his outstanding customer service he provided to my recent experience on my Explorer mechanic repair. I was impressed with his sincerity, attention, and dedication to ensure I have been informed to my ultimate satisfaction. I'm writing this satisfaction comment in comparison with Sheehee Ford at Franconia, VA where I have had three mechanical repairs performed on my Explorer. There was a noteable difference in customer and mech repair services. I definitely will go to Ford Jerry's Auto for future services to include buying a new vichecle(s).

Again, I want to thank Mr. Tyree Alexander for his outstanding customer service and will definitely seek his service in the future.


Chun Learn

Posted by elliot

Just bought my first car!! My dream car a Ford Explorer. I was so excited. I have had the car a total of 30 days. I want to say first a big thanks to Cody Willey for the excellent sales experience. However, I am very disappointed to find out that the front windows have a factory flaw that has not been recalled. I know it is not a safety issue, but I was looking forward to having a Ford because of the care that they put into the making of their cars. I am sad that my first investment was in a car that Ford doesn't want to acknowledge has an issue. Thank you Joe Deleon for refunding my money to fix a problem that can't be fixed. I know it is something small, but it is quite annoying that every time I roll down my windows they are going to stutter. Please recall these vehicles and fix this issue.

Posted by Jayson Albany

I would like to give recognition for excellent service that I received from Finance & Insurance Consultant Candice Vetter & Sales person Pieter van Rooyen. Ford Alberton, Job Well done!!! Keep up the good work...

Posted by Anonymous

My sister owns a 2005 Ford F-150 truck that has over 400,000 miles on it. The motor or transmission have never been changed. This is " Ford Tough", especially since she works construction and has often pulled a huge trailer loaded with scaffolding. Ford should use this in their commercials to prove how good their products are. Nothing lasts forever but nobody expects this kind of mileage from any vehicle. They should contact her.

Posted by Beautiful Nightmare

Adam at Paso Robles Ford in Paso Robles, CAlifornia is the best. Calls when says. Car has been on time. One small issue with car but they made right ASAP and called me to tell me the situation. Adam's customer service skills are above and beyond. Before Adam was hired we had someone there that treated us like we were stupid and talked to us worse!

However, my mom has a HUGE issue with Perry Ford in San Luis Obispo and her new 2014 Ford Focus. I now take it into Adam. Still not resolved and I need it to be. Hoping Adam and Ford can work this out.

Posted by Anonymous

My company recently purchased a truck from Ryan Ford in Sealy, Tx. The salesman Mr. Travis Hance was very helpful and made the complete experience very pleasant. Travis was knowledgeable on all the trucks I looked at and was able to explain the features and benefits so I felt like I was making an informed decision. Travis supported my request and never let me know (if) he got frustrated during the buying process. Travis is the type of salesperson customers like to do business with and will support. Thank you. Russell

Posted by drake2k

Had some problems with My Ford Touch updates, issue resolved very quickly by competent and very friendly customer support representatives.

Posted by reo

This has some to do with customer service but more to do with Ford not doing the right thing. My family and I have owned fords all our lives, but that is seriously in jeopardy because I own a 2004 f150 that I paid a arm and a leg for, that is having some serious issues with the cam sensors and actulators. This issue started at 20,000 miles. When I took it in for a scheduled maintenance inspection, the dealership said the clicking noise was normal for that model,(no it wasn't normal), it should have been a recall. I am seriously disappointed in Ford, why don't you guys stand by your work, this isn't something I done, when a person that doesn't have a lot of money to start with pays what I did for the pickup, you expect a lot, now I am going to be stuck with a bill I SHOULDN'T INHERIT.

Posted by Ron Rounds

I have purchased two Escapes from Ford of Kirkland in Washington state. We recently received a recall notice on our 2003 Ford Escape. In the beginning when I first took the Escape in for the recall they did not have the replacement parts but disconnected the cruise control to avoid situations until the replacement parts came in. I will have to say I had to call back on numerous occassions to see if the replacement part was in and to schedule to bring the Escape in for the replacement. But I will definitely have to say without doubt the Service department at Ford of Kirkland is excellent. The service tech that helped me was Jim Cox. After I picked up the Escape I was having issues with lack of air to the engine and without hesitation he fixed the issue. I want to thank Jim Cox personally and Ford of Kirkland for making the service to my Escape exceptional

Thank you very much

Ron Rounds

Posted by Tonya and Jim

Purchased an Prem. Extended Warranty for 2006 Merc. Mariner to continue coverage to 100K miles. Livermore Ford Dealer wrote up the new warranty as 72 months & 60K miles.
My wife agreed, signed and paid for the new warranty. The next day Livermore Ford had a clerk write a letter saying that Ford only has a 60 month & 60K miles Prem. Extended Warranty. Our signed contract is being changed! If the shoe was on the other foot and my wife and I wanted to change the contract could we just write a letter stating that these are the new terms? I don't think so. The really bad part of this is that Livermore Ford management including Customer Relations Mgr. has not contacted us directly. They leave a clerk and a maintenance service advisor to call and tell us that there is no 72 month & 60K miles warranty. Livermore Ford located in northern Calif. has NO professionalism or courtesy to their customers. Their is one exception; when they are taking your money!
I have asked Ford Customer Relations to contact Livermore Ford to stand-up, have management work to offer a resolution and apologies for their taking ownership of this issue. Thank you to Ford Customer Relations for their sensitivity and contacting this high handed Livermore Ford Dealer ship.

Posted by flashkash21

Recently bought a F150 from Dutch's Ford in Mt. Sterling, KY. It was the best buying experience that I have ever had. I have owned two GMC trucks and 3 Hyundai's, purchasing them, I felt like I was doing them a favor. I was really impressed that even the owner, Dutch, was totally involved with my purchase. Randy Chapman took alot of time in explaining the new truck's awesome bluetooth and sound system. They all just seemed to want to make sure I was happy with my new vehicle.

Posted by Dave Pither

I purchased a Ford Kuga Titanimum in February this year from the Ford garage in Taunton. When my wife and i went in we were looking to purchase a used vehicle and to part exchange my Audi A5. We were dealt with by a Sales Executive Adam Bennett. He managed to source a Kuga from another Ford outlet and we had an extended test drive. As we wanted all of the gizmo's we asked Adam to shop around. He came back with such a good deal that we decided to go for a brand new one. The customer service was fantastic and the follow up has been brillant. I would advise anyone in the Taunton area to pay Adam a visit and get a great deal. Well done Ford, we will definately be purchasing from you in the future. Dave Pither.

Posted by Nicole

I have driven a Ford for many years. I owned a 2002 Mustang, and LOVED it I only got rid of it because I had children, however I drove it for over 6 years, never having any problems. I then purched a 2008 Ford Fusion and again LOVE my car. The only problem is that I lived in FL and the heat warped my dash :( but very satisfied with both my cars.

Posted by Captain Bizarro

Bought a 2012 Ford Focus in mid 2011. Took delivery and found that I was less than happy with the transmission shifting smoothness and the slight shudder during idling. Called the service department at Schultz Ford (Wexford, PA) and they took my car in immediately. I have since found out that these are inherent annoyances which smooth out over time. The service department checked my car over completely even though they knew this, just in case. Kudo's for extra effort instead of extra arguing. We (family) are very happy with the car at this time (Jan 12).

Posted by stowler1

This is good as of november 2011. I was helped right away although i did have to go up one level because i did not think i should have to pay for owners manual for 2011that car bought from ford. I diid not have to get mad and was helped to my final goal. Kudos to ford

Posted by ChevyC3

I recently brought my 2004 Mustang GT to the service center at All Star Ford in Prairieville, La, and Iím very excited to finally find someone I can trust to work on my vehicle. My past experiences with someone else working on my vehicles have not been pleasant. About a year ago, I had brought my vehicle in for service at another dealership, and as usual, the problem wasn't fixed and snowballed into additional problems that didn't exist when I brought the car in. After several attempts to resolve the issues with this dealership, I decided to look somewhere else. Upon a recommendation, I gave the All Star Ford group in Prairieville, Louisiana a try. They were very professional and tentative to my needs and concerns. They were able to diagnose the problem and do the repairs the same day. Most important, the repairs were done right the first time. Mr. David Dore and his staff were outstanding in resolving this issue. They actually found a shop towel left in the rear end!!! Since this initial repair, I have used them several times and have received the same consistent quality customer service and repairs. They have taken care of the warranty work and the rental vehicle when needed and have removed as much anxiety from me as possible. I even had them replace my tires. They did a fantastic job with this also and even beat the price from the Goodyear dealer Iíve been using since 1991!! I recently brought my Mustang in due to a leak that turned out to be a cracked intake. As usual, they provided outstanding service at a great price and had my vehicle ready when promised. Mr. David Dore and the staff at All Star Ford in Prairieville, Louisiana has earned my trust and loyalty!

Posted by Rog

On May 7, 2011 I purchased a NEW 2011 Escape from Gurnee Ford,Il. Upon returning home to Tennessee I noticed the right rear wheel coccked out when I made my first pit stop. I thought the caster/chamber was out as I did not observed this upon inspecting vehcile before purchase. I took the escape to Crossville Ford, TN. The tech told me that they found the ball joint had not been secured before leaving factory. As parts had to be ordered thay gave me a ride home as the "vehicle was unsafe to drive". I am a "Ford Guy" owning over twelve and currently owning a 2007 Mustng Gt. But how can something like this slip buy factory inspectors and the pep person at Gurnee Ford.
The Crossville tech also added to thank the Lord I made it back as the ball joint could have come off at any time, certainly causing an accident.

Posted by Sheron

I purchased a used Ford Taurus with 12,000 miles on it with a Ford warranty up to 75,000 miles and sure enough after the warranty expired at 76,300 a spring broke in the engine. I took it to my independent mechanic and they gave me an estimate of $2,600 to repair it and advised me not to drive it. In desperation I called the closest Ford house which was Bob Tomes in McKinney, TX and they said they would have to look at it before giving me an estimate. I had to hire a wrecker to haul it there and they confirmed the problem and had a similar quote but offered to call Ford and see what they would do anything. They called me back and offered to fix it for $500 and Ford covered the remainder of the cost.

Posted by mschaer

I leased a Ford Fusion through our credit union and took delivery last week. I would like to compliment the Griffin Dealership in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A special thanks to Brian Mauer Who delivered the car to the credit union and stayed to make sure I was familiar with the vehicle. This type of customer service is a delighful suprise. The Fusion SEL is beautiful and the ride is great. This type of service and great car will keep me from returning to the Camry. Mary Schaer

Posted by Old_guy

I have always received good service from the Ford folks. Last winter it got really cold here and my 2008 F150 would not start. I called their roadside assistance number and they sent out a towtruck, the service manager stayed late just so that they could get it in that evening and they called me the next morning to come get it. Cost - 00.00.

Posted by HimeyHimron

Wilson Ford in Oregon is an A+ dealer IMHO. The staff was friendly and straightforward in spite of the fact the agreed upon price did not give them a large margin to work with. The customer service for the SYNC system took me one call and less than 2 minutes to get in touch with a live person who answered all of my questions. The 2010 Fusion SEL is an excellent vehicle - Keep it up Ford!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Called to get a sales brochure on the 2010 Mustang. By far some of the ABOSLUTE best service I have ever received in my 62 years on this planet!

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Posted by Anonymous

i have had problems with my freestyle cvt, i have had to have the throttle body replaced at 50,000 miles a new cvt trans one year later, they replaced it with a rebuild twice, 4 months later the awd malfunction light comes on and you can feel it slip out of awd. now they say its the awd pump and it's not covered under warrenty because its external. all of the above cost me over 8,000 dollars. this freestyle is junk and ford needs to test their products in the lab not on the customers wallet. i work for ford but will never buy another


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