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Foot Locker customer service is ranked #664 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.55 out of a possible 200 based upon 23 ratings. This score rates Foot Locker customer service and customer support as Terrible.


22 Negative Comments out of 23 Total Comments is 95.65%.


1 Positive Comment out of 23 Total Comments is 4.35%.

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    • 26.55 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 22 negative comments (95.65%)
    • 1 positive comments (4.35%)
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    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Dj Pompeygb

So my 2 yr old daughter bday was may 19th, On may 6th I went to footlocker to purchase some jordans for her, unfortunately, they did not carry that particular sneaker so I had to order it online through them.. I paid for expisited shipping to ensure I get the sneakers by her bday. Unfortunately, it did not come until the 21st, now im mad, but i kept my cool and decided to keep it, when i open the box, It was a size 9 in men, not 9 toddler, I dont know how they messed that up, now I have to go back to the store for a return. I goes back and they tell me hey bcause its a online order they have to send it back to the company b4 i can be issue a refund. At that loint, I did not care, they took it back n said it's a 5-7 business day wait. Ok no problem.. 2 wks went by, I called foot locker, they couldnt find my faccount bcause the store policy delete the transaction after 14 days.. Wtf.. so i decided to ask for a superviser, nowwwwwwe is when she is able to find my name using my phone number. Smh. So I politely told her my issue, she told me she see a check issued on for may 30th and I should receive it in 3 buddiness days, I said ok.. then she asked me why didnt they give me my 140.00 back since i paid with cash in the store, I said, u know what, great question, the proposal was there but im guessing he did not know it was possible to do that so he casually brushed me off in regards to my refund concerns. N e ways, that make a long story short, its now june 15, and I still have not seen my check or refund as if yet.. appearantly, foot locker is notorious for this, deff lost my viote, will not purchase from them again not even for a emergency. Theres other sneaker stores around, save the headache ppl follow my blog I did a wholse special on how these mega companies i.e. footlocker, constantly take advantage of individuals like myself and ohers smh.. no more

Posted by Anonymous

My son went to return his jacket & the clerk told me she couldn't do it
Then she said she can give me $50 n credit
He lost his receipt
He wanted to change the jacket for shoes

Posted by mommasaunders

horrible, expected my refund back right away since it was taken from my bank account. Still haven't seen it 2 days later. They take the money out right away, so why can't they refund it right away? Will definitely find other places to shop from now on!

Posted by Anonymous

i had a layaway i didnt want it anymore so i went to get a refund i have not recieved my money back yet but yet when put the layaway up that day yall took my money right off my card but i have called my bank an my money not even pending i want my money back an i will never shop with footlocker ever again they really have bad business really 135$

Posted by Anonymous

30 days and still waiting. Ridiculous. Never again.

Posted by We're my money

I bought some Jordan's for my brother for he's birthday just to realize he doesn't like Jordan's went to return them the next day for a refund I paid 150 in cash and 40 with my debit card and I tought I was gonna get my refund in cash and he said since you paid 40 with you debit card I'mma give you 40$ back to your card I was like alright just to realize he gave me my whole dam 190$ refund in my card I was were my money he said oh its in your card I was like why you said only 40$ why did you do all of it so I check my bank still no money he told me is takes 2 days to get your money back it's being dam days weres my dam money stealing poeples money and stuff what kinda service is that but when I paid for the dam shoes you guys took my dam money so dam fast that's B's man 190$ I haven't seeing a dam dollar back and I've always bought all my shoes thier but now i feel like Footlocker is a herrible place man

Posted by Mad as Hell

Okay so I am never shopping at Footlocker again! I returned two pair of Jordan's due to them being too small for my son. I tried to just go a size up but they didn't have the size up. They called FootAction and I was able to go their after believing that since I paid with a debit card my return would go right back on the original card. Needless to say, when I got home I never see a credit. What if I didn't have 250.00 to purchase those other shoes? Debit should be treated as cash. I was getting ready to call the bank but then I checked the return policy and got a huge awakening. Why wouldn't this be told to the customer upfront. Bad business for sure.

Posted by Unhappy Customer

I purchased a pair of shoes at a Kids Foot Locker in the mall yesterday with my debit card and walked around the mall and found the same shoes at Finishline for $15 cheaper. I decided to return the shoes to get a better deal and ran into two huge issues that have led me to vow to NEVER shop at Footlocker again. First issue... I was told I could return my purchase at any Footlocker and I was conveniently next to Footlocker when I discovered the cheaper shoes at Finishline and went in to return the shoes. (I had purchased 20 minutes before at Kids Locker) The manager came out and told me it HAD to be at the original store I bought it from. Major store chains always accept returns no matter where your original purchase is from. This makes no sense! Especially since they all come from the same inventory. My issue with that is when I was originally shopping for shoes at Kids Locker, I wanted a shoe they didn't have in stock, but the employee checked the inventory and told me they only had my size at the regular Footlocker across the mall. I could order the shoes, pay for them then and there and pick them up at Footlocker... so why doesn't that convenience apply to returns??? I had to walk all the way to the other side to get to Kids Footlocker again and here is where I discovered my second issue. I made my return which was on a debit card and expected to receive my money immediately so that I could make my new purchase at Finishline, only to find that it would take 2 cycles to show up in my account. That is just something you can't expect customers to be okay with. They take the money immediately yet expect you to wait that long to get it back. I refuse to hand over anymore money to Footlocker when they have such horrible policies and procedures and there is much better competition like Finishline and Champs.

Posted by Beltz

Footlocker has supposedly put in place a policy that makes it impossible to return any shoe that's labeled a Quick Stirike (anything with QS) in the item description.

I recieved a pair of the new KD 10 Anniversary as a gift and crazingly enough, my wife knew how much I wanted them so she bought the same pair without my knowledge.

I tried to return the pair I purchased via debit and the only thing they could give me was a' Return Merchandice' card for the value of the shoes.

Complete Trash. If quick strikes are excluded from normal returns, etc. we should be NOTIFIED AT THE register and not after the fact. I've dropped $3200 at various footlockers over the last few years and for them to inact policy like this WITHOUT ANY SORT OF NOTIFICATION ABOUT QUICK STRIKES IS BOTH NEGLIGENT AND COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. Footlocker owes me the ability to return the item and QUITE HONESTLY REQUIRE THAT ANYONE PURCHASING A QUICK STRIKE RELEASE acknowledge that they cannot return, exchange or refund their purchase.

100% Grade AAA BULLcrap

Posted by Mad As Hell

Purchased my son a pair of Nike shoes with my debit card and then we went to Finish Line and went crazy over the Nike Presto. I bought them and returned the other shoes to Footlocker. The guy told me 7-10 days for a return issued. Its a damn debit card and I can see the money was pulled from my account. Guess what Footlocker you won't get my business anymore.

Posted by JoeP

I had the same customer experience at footlocker in Fairlane Towne center in Detroit Michigan, I brought back a size 10.5 Jordan XXX in all black which was a gift and they did not fit. Both managers said that they appeared to have been worn! I proceeded to remove my current size 11.5 Jordan XXX in all red that I currently had on to show both managers how my foot looked like that of a 400lb hooker's crammed into a stiletto to which they both replied "oh I see what you mean. I guess you should have tried it on" wtf? The 10.5 was the only pair left unless I ordered online, and who wants to wait a week for shoes like that? regardless they hadn't ever been worn let alone worn as a pair, I couldn't even get the first one on! Long story longer, they refused my return, and on the way out.. with my 8yr old son mind you, I overheard the male manager to the female manager (both Afro American) "white boy tryna pull one over on us" ... seriously? Not only do they have crappy customer service skills as to where The customer is never right, they also discriminate

Posted by Never Shop Footlocker

Footlocker has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with in my life and I have been living for quite some time. I was hung up on several times and every time I called back I had to wait at least 30 minutes before I spoke to a rep just for them to hang up in face cause they screwed up my order. Kimber had the nerve to offer a ten dollar credit. I do not want your credit. You need to hire new staff cause it is apparent that footlockershe core values are not being met. Footlocker is a joke and will never order or recommend anyone to place any orders with Footlocker

Posted by Anonymous

I own a restaurant, if my customer is dissatisfied and I issue a refund on the credit card they get it back the next day you say 1 to 2 billing cycles that's 1 to 2 months are you kidding me, what kind of return policy is that people need that money now not one to two months later I will never step foot in footlocker again, I purchased a $225 sweatsuit for my son that he didn't like and we returned it so now you're telling me I have to wait two months for my $225

Posted by Anonymous

I am a footlocker vip customers I try to get help from footlocker customer service in New Jersey and S customer value I got the worst customer service ever they hang up on me over five times I try to get help as a as a customer I will never in my life buy another pair shoes from Footlocker ever in my life I spend thousands of dollars on it but it's a custom-I was treated like trashThe last person that I spoke her name was our user and she seem to be like you don't give a damn about your company so they should check the employers who don't care about the VIP costomer

Posted by Foot Locker are Robbing people

I purchased w/CASH a pair of grade school Jordans for my godson in person @ Northgate(Seattle) FTL Lowell (store manager) took my $ and ordered the shoe online because it was not in stock, shoe NEVER CAME as Lowells system confirmed so I was told I had a CREDIT for the amnt. Few months later I go in for a specific shoe and was told you cannot use credit on a Jordan which is INSANE it was NOT a promotional sale I paid FULL PRICE FOR A JORDAN to begin with!! Called the customer service/corporate office lady I spome with was RUDE & couldnt locate my proof of purchase so she says, hung up from her called right back got another rep she IMMEDIATELY located proof of purchase apologized about my previous conversation and claim to have been issuing me a full REFUND check and told me to expect it within 14 days... Its been over 1 month and NOTHING, and I will be filing a grievance and if that doesnt work maybe even a small lawsuit just because I feel as if Foot Locker are STEALING from loyal customers the rep pulled up my rewards history and saw all my receipts where I buy 3 pairs of shoes a month and they will NOT take my money and LIE to me

Posted by Ria

I order a pair of air max from for my upcoming vacation. The sneakers arrived with a dent in the toe area of the right sneaker. I called the customer service number, I spoke to someone by the name of Shane he was very rude and matter of fact about the situation. He informed my that the warehouse have too many orders to inspect every package. Shane response was very arrogant and rude, I ask to speak to a customer service rep manger. I was then transferred to David ext: 4757, I could not believe David was even worst. His response was "what do you want me to do" I was beyond shocked and at that point frustrated was an understatement. Who trains the customer service at Needless to say, Im going on vacation without my new sneakers. I'm so unhappy with the service I received and honestly I am not sure if I will ever deal with footlocker again. The last thing a customer wants to deal with after the company messed up is a rude customer rep. Footlocker do yourself a favor and hire staff and management who genuinely care about customer satisfaction.

Posted by Nikki

Hello this past Saturday the all star 5s or the silver collaboration 5s had realeased . I was told for now on every Jordan would be first come first served . As I was leaving an employee at Footlocker Easton in Columbus, Ohio overheard my conversation his name was Malcolm I am not sure of his last name. He offered to get me them on the side so I would not have to wait in line . It sounded like a very good idea because I was sure the Jordan's were going to sell out . He purchased the shoes for me Saturday morning and have them to me at the mall when I met him there at about 7:30am . He over charged me and did not give me a recite . When I questioned him about the recite he told me he could not give me a recite because it had his name on it and I asked what's wrong with that because I didn't see a problem with it. He told me he could get fired and I wouldn't be able to exchange the shoes or anything because he was an employee and if someone were to find out he could get fired. Now I didn't know any of that or I would not have took the offer! So I could not receive a recite and he just left it at that. I later that day found out that he owned a shoe selling page on Instagram where he does that all the time customers give him the money ahead of the release date and he gives them the shoes the same day and others were outraged by the no recite policy he was holding! So I am so outraged by this young man and his behavior .

Posted by Anonymous

The guy at the store would not give me a refund for the shoes that were purchased as a present. I had the receipt with me. Told me I had to make an exchange today or would only be able to use $24 of the $65 dollar purchase of the shoe. He kept my original receipt and told me I could not return the shoes for any reason. On top of it, they did not have the shoes I wanted and I spent $45. I know, I should have never agreed to this.

Posted by annoyed

Very unsatisfied with the return process associated with foot locker. Will never ever shop there again!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is seth pagan. And I'm trying to File a complaint about a raffle done. There was a raffle conducted then they put the sneaker back till April 3 then to march 20th. I find it not fair that you cannot fill out a raffle when they pushed the sneaker back two times. It's not fair to people to not let them do a raffle. Two footlockers told me the same thing. Roosevelt mall footlocker and Philadelphia mills told me that I can not sine up for the raffle. If a sneaker got pushed back you should be able to do a raffle when they release it. All because a sneaker got pushed back does not mean you can't do a raffle they should keep the raffles that were done the first time and also start new ones. I spend too much money at footlocker to be treated like this.

Posted by Sneaker head

Greenwood Footlocker customer service stinks!...What happened to Rhia and Nicole no one helps like they did.Get better help in that store they no nothing.

Posted by dukes close

worst company to deal with have been waiting 6 weeks for refund on the net they confirmed they had received shoes back 6 weeks ago as sent wrong colour uk don't want to know as accounts department in Holland don't buy from them

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Posted by Tamika

I received excellent customer service from Aleah at the store located in the mall at Belmont and city ave in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the time that i walked in the door, she made sure her full attention was on me. When they didnt have the sneaker that i wanted, she called all around until she reached a store that had the Kobe 9 in stock. Thank you, Aleah. It's good to know that there are still caring customer service representatives who take pride in their work.

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