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Food Lion customer service is ranked #285 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.27 out of a possible 200 based upon 30 ratings. This score rates Food Lion customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


28 Negative Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 93.33%.


2 Positive Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 6.67%.

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  • Food Lion

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    • 40.27 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 28 negative comments (93.33%)
    • 2 positive comments (6.67%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 4.1 Reachability
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    • 2.8 Friendliness
    • 3.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Joanne Fitchett

Hello I visited the Food lion on lankford highway in Cape Charles VA today and bought a package of lamb shoulders,they were reduced.When I open the package the smell was horrible. I took it back but was only given the 4.01 with tax back.After reading your return policy it should have been double the refund.I didn't want to debate the issues as I have several. Second problem I came in to shop on the first day of the quarter back sale and no catalina were coming out. No one knew what I was talking about. Today the coupon machine was not printing the bar code on the coupons and I was told your not doing it anymore. It sad that there is no one to answer question correctly. 30 food lion items no catalina.

Posted by Unsafe driver

Driver cab# 3779 on may 14 2017 was speeding through windsor va, tailgating cars and switching lane to lane in 45mph and 35mph zone. Very unsafe. He was headed in direction of disputana va

Posted by Food Lion Return and Refund

I am very disappointed of Food Lion Return Policy. I couldn't return spoiled meat because I didn't have a receipt. I took the meat out of the freezer to cook but it was spoiled. it was stored in the freezer for about a week by then I had discard the receipt into the garbage so, when I went to the store I didn't have a receipt. the manager refused to exchange and/or refund my purchase. Food Lion symbol was attached to the price sticker on the meat package. Food Lion have lost a customer

Posted by AverageCustomer81

I hear you on that Food Lion is extremely racist,also towards poor people.I'm a white male but they follow me around every single time I go in there to shop.I would shop groceries elsewhere but I don't have a car and they are the only grocery in walking distance.The lines are also always jammed,poor customer service,and very poor management.It's a shame.

Posted by Missy

Contacted Food Lion 3x and still waiting. Told to wait 48hrs for email reply but nothing. If this is how Custoner Service works, no wonder I stopped shopping there years ago. Weis Corporate office has Manager contact me within hours, no waiting 48hrs and still NEVER a response. Good thing you don't need customers, I'm tired of trying to get response.

Posted by Anonymous

Visited Food Lion on Burton Street in Mayodan this morning. Was there at 7:00. Too bad Michelle wasn't there to unlock the door. I know her name because three vendors were standing outside laughing and guessing how late she would be, so this is not a rare occurrence. Rushed up muttering something about being "caught behind a school bus".

Here's the thing: School is in session 180 days a year, and she should be used to it. She did not apologize for her tardiness. There are only two grocers in Madison/Mayodan and it seems as if F/L is getting really sloppy. There is no excuse for a grown woman NOT to be on time to OPEN your store. There is no excuse for tardiness. If you tolerate mediocrity in small things, you will tolerate them in large things. I think it must be time for the news to investigate your meat department again.

Posted by Disappointed Customer

The Food Lion on W Atlantic in South Hill has some of the rudest and disgusting employees assembled. First of all the employees park their vehicles in the parking area closest to the store, many times while walking past you will hear conversations that aren't appropriate. There is one particular female employee who is a bit heavy who doesn't wear a bra. Honestly, that's not pleasant to look at. The attitude of the employees in general is poor, especially the deli department, they act as if it is an inconvenience to service you. The vast amount of cashiers don't speak or if they do, they don't look at you. While they are scanning your items they have conversations with one another sometimes 2 or more isles apart. (No Respect)

Posted by Anonymous

I'm wanting to find out about the coupons being given @ checkout..I'm Janet Duvall Victoria VA.ive been shopping in our Food Lion since opening.Im in there constantly each week .spend a lot..friends family saying they are receiving 4.50$ or more from purchases daughter just got 9.50$ for 125.$ ..well my problem is each purchase I've been making some times I got nothing and spend 80$ or more...I just spent 125.$ a few days ago and got 1.50$.coupon.T that I'd why I'm writing ...just bringing it to someone's attention.if you are able to see my purchases you will see how much I spend there.thsnk you.

Posted by lovely

racist people all over all the locations of food lion.they never hire hispanic people there but sell latino soon as hispanics go in they are talking through their microphones and looking at you in mean ways and dont even say hello welcome to food lion unless your white or winston salem and north carolina.shame shame and to return back products they tell you you need a receipt or cant return.

Posted by Anonymous

The store manager in the goose creek sc store is running customers away by voicing his political opinion and how much donald trump is a best one. I don't shop to hear his opinion on either. Many that shop in there are minorities blacks, Hispanics to name a few. So if your sales are dropping that is the reason why. Transfer him where he will be happy on an island. Thanks.

Posted by Mocha2879

Food Lion in Garner NC on 5th Ave is a joke. My daughter had been working there since June of this year. I had to pick her up today because they falsely accused her of stealing when she was given a "On Me Sticker" to get something to eat 3 months ago. I asked to see the surveillance footage of her stealing and they stated they could not show it to me. My child's story never changed that she was given the sticker by an employee and they stated it was for an item of her choosing. I am confused how you can fire someone 3 months later for a situation and then can't show the evidence to prove your accusation. I am one of those parents that if you are wrong I believe in disciplining the child but if they are right I am going to go to back for them. I believe my child when she stated she did not steal, she enjoyed working there even with the rudeness and attitudes of fellow employees. She enjoys interaction with the customers. This location is filled with rude and racist employees and has been since I started shopping here in 2013. The Store managers are rude and they have perverted male employees that will stare and make sexist comments towards women that come in and out of the store. My daughter has never been accused of stealing from any of the previous 5 jobs she has held over the past 5 years. She has always been commended for her excellent customer service skills and her professionalism. I was called to pick her up by a Loss Prevention Agent who called me being rude and spoke to me like I was retarded when I came to the store to pick her up. I called the corporate office in Salisbury NC and everyone there acted as if the didn't know who the store's General Manager was. I will not shop at any of their locations ever again! Monthly I spend at least 600 in CASH on food and personal items since 2013. They will have "Smooth"(a store manager) follow you around the store like you are going to steal something. Then you have the other managers and employees that are more worried about their weave, make-up and false eyelashes that it annoys them to help you locate one item. I am going to post this on the BBB website and Facebook. Food Lion does not care about what goes on in their facilities or how their Managers treat their employees. The disrespect and humiliation they showed my child today was disgraceful. If they only wanted her to work the summer they could have made that known from the beginning and not falsely accuse her of stealing in order to let her go!

Posted by Pissed customer

Why is it that everytime i go in food lion on limpcomb rd. The front end associate Debby says we arent hiring then i come in and shes giving somebody that lives with her a job its a conflict of interest and im becoming real pissed that my child cant get a job or other people but shes quick to hire her friends and this is store 1194 something needs to be done

Posted by Anonymous

Food Lion Raleigh North Carolina behind Auto Zone. I was on my lunch break going thru self checkout and I noticed a Food Lion Employee watching me really close like im going take something.Terrible, make sure you watch every customer not just Minorities, lost my business for goodm Makes for a very uncomfortable shopping experience.

Posted by Sampson

Of late the quality of the sirloin steak has gone down hill to the point of it being not edible. Produce has also changed over the past year and not much better than Walmart. Have had some problems with clerks packing groceries incorrectly, like putting heavy items on vegetables. Also they are not friendly at all. Tall manager is very friendly. Other managers not friendly at all.

Posted by Anonymous

the kannapolis on Cannon is the worst place ever G-Shock especially if you are disabled.they don't care about their customers.they were driving last as you struggle to empty your cart glad to help.I had a cashier tell me she can help me because she's pregnant and to her that is a disability.she needs to use birth control and get some manners.I was hurt emptying the mobile cart while the fatassed cashier stood there watching. when I called over the manager he stood there and did nothing.if you are disabled handicapped or otherwise don't shop at the Kannapolis Cannon Boulevard store. I have had to go back the physical therapy because I twisted my back emptying the grocery Cart.I have never wished harm on another human being but those two I hope rot in hell. I'm a shop at the Winecoff School Road store.they will bend over backwards to help their customers. that is owed to their managerand customer service. the Cannon Boulevard store needs to teach their people courtesy and get rid of those who can't be bothered. that store will lose a lot of customers if they don't change. they already lost me and everyone I know.

Posted by felicia

as an employee of food lion I have a question about the return policy and double money back guarantee.i understand that a customer can return a product with or without a receipt and get double of what they paid..what if they've used EBT card and have no receipt? also I was told that one of our managers was asked if we as an employee buys something and needs to return it then we may have a problem..she said she would tell us "really? and take money outta our pockets?"..that doesn't seem right or maybe we should stop shopping there just in case that problem arises...

Posted by jp12345

Yes my name is Johnny have been shopping at your store 2594 for 5 years now and I just wanted to let you all know y'all need to get rid of the management y'all have 1 the store manager is very rude and really lazy number 2 the assistant manager y'all have her name is Ashley I found out she's feeling in for the other assistant manager everytime I come in the store I see her cussing out her employees saying like the F bomb I have even videotaped her talking to her employees like their dogs and cussing them out like there nothing I just don't understand how somebody could still have a job talking to their employees like that I have been a loyal customer to yall but I just don't want to shop there anymore and i will let friends and family no not to as well.

Posted by lucy

there is no customer service. i have to look through the whole store to find char su myself. (a tiny little bag)at least i know where to look next time.

Posted by Anonymous

On Sunday while shopping at food lion at 2316 in Greensboro NC I slipped and fell after coming out of the restroom about 2pm. I told a employee that was near by that something needs to be cleaned up there or in the restroom. MINUTES later the employee and a female assistant manager spoke with me . I was told that another assistant manager would do a incident report with me. He came and went to the office and he could not get on the computer because he was locked out. because of no password. He took my ppersonal information and said he would call me when the manager gets in so I could come back and fill it out. I didn't get a call Sunday or Monday and I went to the store on Tuesday and asked to speak to the manager. The female assistant manager called for Someone at4:23 and I waited until 4:50 and no one came or called me that that night. It appears that I am not a priority so I need to talk to someone concerned how things are being handled.

Posted by ferrettlover

I'm a food Lion customer that would like to address an issue of concern. We go out of our way to go to another good lion store because your store in Middle river seems to have no control on the youths that like to ride their bikes in the store. We stopped by yesterday because our Aunt wanted to go into this store it just up the street from her. While there a out 9 youths of different ages came riding through the parking lot again on this day Sunday 8-16-15 in the afternoon. They stopped at the main entrance blocking it while on their bikes having joking around with each other some got off dropped their bikes so people would have to through them. One of the bikes almost hit a pregnant woman which I noticed she had to grab the door way to prevent herself from falling. A couple of the older boys through it was funny. Then they decided to ride their bikes into the store around the isles and to the bathrooms! Leaving their bikes everywhere. Then they proceeded to ride back out side and around your parking lot doing wheelies and racing in front of the cars and your customers. We did notice some of your customers left after seeing this. When I spoke to an employee about this problem asking why this is let to continue I was told the store can't do anything about this and complain ing would hurt their ratings. We seen no signs posted on something like this or bike racks either. Unfortunately someone will get hurt or rubbed one day, or a youth will get hit by a car while on your lot. All you have to do is so review the camera film of this date to see for yourself. In the mean I have been waiting on line to speak with some about this matter for over an hour now. My next step is I putting this into our local town news paper to alert the people of your problem at this store. This one store already had one killing in the store years ago over an affair with one of your employees! Now just waiting for something terrible to happen again! Unbelievable!

Thank you for your time

Mollie Golden.

Posted by Blue Ridge customer

Letter to corporate office re: Blue Ridge, Georgia, store

I am in and out of our local Food Lion almost every day. Today (Monday) I went in around 5:30 p.m. and went to the produce department to pick up a few okra pods to go in my crowder peas which I picked up in the frozen food department. Instead of finding okra pods to buy by the pound (the way I have bought them in the past), the only option was a package (more than I needed to go in my peas). So I opened a package and got what I needed. Incidentally, I never buy a pig in a poke. I want to see what I am paying for.

Then, I went to check out at the till. When the cashier came to the okra, she could not find a code.. She called several other people. They could not find one, though they all remembered there being one in the past. The manager was called. He checked and said there was no way of pricing it because there was no code. Someone outside the local store had changed the way the product was sold.

Finally after a 10 minute delay, he worked out a price. He was very professional. He said there had been numerous complaints about a new system that had come down from jackasses (my words) from the district or home office.

I am writing to tell you these jackasses need to be removed. Any business that does not put customers first . . . that create conditions whereby customers are inconvenienced, embarrassed and delayed ought . . . will soon be out of business, and rightly so. There is no excuse for such people. They produce nothing. They are parasites. Let the local people make the local decisions.

Again, the manger bent over backward to find a solution. to a problem that was created by inept, stupid management outside the store.

I believe I am due an apology and the assurance that that created this problem have been removed.

Posted by Anonymous

i have been shopping in your stores for years .I have and or some complaints.All these instants have happened in the last few months inCharlotte N.C. 1.worker blowing nose in deli dept. 2.worker coughing(cashier)in hands then handing food with out using hand cleaner.3.asking me what certain vegetables are. Are these people trained?

Posted by hungry

Blue ridge, Ga
Worst customer service,we were having snow and we went in to get lunch meat because we live 16miles out of town.the store manager told us no one was working that could slice meat.I recognized the cashier as one of the deli employees and ask her if she could get it for us,she looked over as the manager walked up when he saw us talking to her and said no I have to work the register today,he looked at her with approval.We ask for corporate's phone number a total of 3times and the manager refused to give it to us.he said we were in the middle of a snow event and we would just have to understand and he was not going to give us any phone number.this was at 11:00 and the cashier said they were closing at 5:00 .this took place 2-12-14. We always shopped at that store but NO MORE and we will tell everyone we know about the lack of customer service

Posted by mrbill

In late August 2013 we bought fresh, preformed, prepacked ground chuck patties at Food Lion, Irmo,SC. Both packages were rancid. We returned them for refund. Two weeks into September we bought the same items at Food Lion in Sunset Beach, NC. Both packages were beyond rancid. We retunred these and bought elsewhere. I have writeen two letters of complaint; one to "Food Lion Customer Relations" and a second to Ms Beth Newlands-Campbell, President of Food Lion. I have never gotten a response. I have been a Food Lion shopper for 30 years but I will never enter their stores again. I suggest if you fread this comment, you,too, find another chain. Anyone but Food Lion.

Posted by pissed off

The Food lion in Mt.Airy, MD needs to get it together.The customer service desk is a joke they stand while you wait on them to decide if they want to help you or not. The Managers walk around like they dont have to speak or ask you if you need help. Its the most unfriendliest place I have ever shopped. Won't be telling friends to shop there, thats for sure.

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Posted by LMys

I had an amazing experience at my local neighborhood food lion. On saturday's I like to order wings so I can watch football with my family. One Saturday I got off later than usual and I arrived to food lion during closing hours of the deli. There was a cook in the deli named Kevin that was cleaning up . when I asked if they were closed he stated that they were closing in a couple mins. I noticed that there were no wings cooked wings left. he stayed late and make me a large order of wings. I appreciate the customer service experience I only get my wings there and i felt appreciated as a customer. great person.

Posted by SYBIL

Me And My Family And Friends Really Love Going To Foodlion In Tabor City,n.c.# Have A Worker Name, grayson Gore, he Is One Of The Best Workers,he Greets You With A Big Pretty Smile And He Is Ready To Help You When You Enter The Store And Until You Leave The Store .most Of Us Are Seniors And His Help Is Sure Appreciated .but He Is Nice To Everyone Young Or Old Don't Matter To Him.we Wanted To Tell Foodlion What A Good Worker They Have,name "grayson Gore ".you Don't Find Many Workers Like Him .thanks For Hiring Him .

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Posted by Thatquietgirl

Horrible place to work for, unless you are a snitch... Dept mangers throw people under the bus when they screw up. So unless you'll play the drama part and not take up for yourself you will get screwed with hours and lied on if the dept manger wants to cover his or her ass to keep their job. Most can't even pass a drug test to save their life. And will sleep with who ever to keep them quiet. If you don't conform and say I'm gonna report you'll lose hours big time. I used to love working for food lion now it's just a drama fest worst then a high school drama club on stage

Posted by Anonymous

The Virginia governor has declared a state of emergency however food lion is making its employee s work till 6 to close

The snow is coming down hard and fast. The roads are already wet. Why cant they close to let employees get home safe. . If you would like to call me. I have a georgia number but I live in Woodbridge Va.


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