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Posted by unhappy_customer

I bought a lid for my F&P washer thing that was the issue when it stopped in the middle of the wash, after looking going through the error code it was not. Called if the lid can be returned but the CS rep was rude and said no and just hung up. What a shame will not be buying this brand again.

Posted by disgruntled

I need my Fisher & Paykel oven door repaired, called the Service centre in the first week of Sept 2016. The only communication I've had from the technician is a slip of paper in my letterbox saying he'd not received all the parts ordered.
Despite repeated calls to the service centre and promises that the technician will update me on the status and timing of my repair its now the second week of November and still the technician hasn't contacted me, nor has the service centre called me back as promised.
The last call to the service centre was met with a vague excuse of "the technician might be on holidays".
Poorest service ever, their website also needs a complaints link, based on this experience I will never again buy one of their appliances!!!


bought a brand new f&p fan forced oven installed by electrician 3days ago. fan keeps running even when oven is turned off for over 1 hour. turned off safety switch. tried again and again fan ran on even though oven off. rang to find out what can do as I do not want a repaired oven (could have bought one on ebay) and has not worked correctly since day 1. Service/repair 12 days at the earliest and the repair man works until 5pm but will not make an appointment at 4pm which is the earliest I can get home from work...they don't work on Saturdays. I should not have to have a brand new oven repaired. Very backwards in regards to people working hours ...they do not provide customer service...I still don't have a working oven. DONT BUY FISHER AND PAYKEL.

Posted by Treacy

I arranged for my F&P double draw D/W to be serviced under warranty as bottom draw not draining properly. I lovely lady said she could get someone to my place within 48 hours! I was impressed. I waited home from between 12 and 5 as was stated to me. I was home during this whole period and at 1.36pm I received an email saying that the tech had been and no-one home. I then called and next lady was hepful and kept me on hold to find out what was happening. The phone line then dropped out. She did not call me back and half hour later another email came through with a re-scheduled visit which was another 2 weeks later. I called again and next man I spoke to did not give a hoot!!! He sounded totally bored on the phone and had no explanation for the now 2 week wait for a service man to arrive. Totally discusting service and just not acceptable in 2016.

Posted by Upset

I bought a dryer from Fisher n Paykel 2 months ago. It has now started showing error and does not dry the clothes. I called the customer service team for repair. They were highly uncooperative and advised me that the technician can come for repair after 20 days with no weekend service available. I can't take a day off from the office. I can't use the dryer because of their slow and poor customer service. If I knew I would have never purchased their product.

Posted by Anonymous

My fridge is playing up, shock horror not even out of warranty as yet do you think i can get it fixed in a hurry no way, first part ordered wrong part, we only service your area 2 days a week what a joke, its only been a month without a fridge yeah no problem who needs a fridge, what shocking customer service no service not a happy customer at the moment

Posted by HW

My fridge has broken ( Totally gone ) The ice machine had stopped 2 weeks ago so I booked a repair time for the 6th April 2016 - The fridge totally stopped on the 28th April rang service and they advised could get someone out that afternoon ( So daughter took shft of work to help out) Tech arrived charged $190.00 advised my daughter " Not sure if this will fix it but I can not wait around to see " and left. Well the fridge is still not working at all can they can not come out for another 5 days ( sending same tech ) Taking day of work Beter be fixed this time ( We advised tech of 4 problems and none have been fixed ) No FRIDGE NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER

Posted by FP

I bought a Fisher & Paykel white refrigerator model E522B. Within a year, paint wore off all around door handle with normal use and only mild cleaning. Poor quality. Poor support from customer service. They offered to SELL us new doors. They wouldn't even provide us touch up paint. I'd never buy another product from this company!

Posted by aarnold1

[COMPLAINT] POOR SERVICE! I had a scheduled repair / service on my washing machine today. The service was supposed to occur between 7am and 12pm. at 12:45pm I rang customer service. They advised that there were many people off sick and the technician was running late. (my reply is why didn't someone ring me to let me know they would be late?) He would be at my house in 30 to 60 minutes. at 3:45 I rang to speak to someone to find out what was going on. I spoke to Daniel who then advised that the technician had tried contacting me but couldn't reach us. he double checked my details and everything they had was correct. He advised they could come back tomorrow as the technician went home. I advised I couldn't wait any more than what I had done today. i asked to speak to a supervisor, her name was tanya. Tanya then said the same. I said this wasn't good enough that I had taken this much time off and she agreed. She asked what I wanted and I suggested Fisher and Paykel should pay for the repairs. She said they couldn't do this, but that something should be done. I asked what and she said she couldn't make that decision now and she would be back on Thursday to let me know. Fisher and Paykel you need to seriously pick up your customer service game. This is not appropriate.

Posted by NigelPeaches

We have a F&P washing machine. Water pump failed after 6 years. Cost of repair by official dealer would be greater than the actual current value of the washing machine. I searched YouTube and subsequently was able to service the water pump myself for $0 (just 20 minutes of my time and some lubricant I have in the garage).

Posted by Anonymous

If you purchase a Fisher & Paykel dishwasher you are out of your mind. If you don't run it like when you go on an extended vacation the pump motor freezes up because it is located in the bottom of the washer bin and stays submerged. That causes the control board to short circuit and destroy itself. Cost to repair $480. I have had to repair two pump motors and the circuit board. Very poor design.

Posted by PK

After spending over $5,000 on a self-cleaning 6 burner oven, it has been over 2 months of broken promises. He left yesterday telling us he would have to saw off the entire stovetop to fix the over and could not guarantee if it would be fixed after that and it would cost a small fortune. He already charged us to replace the heating element and that did not work. When he left yesterday, he failed to put all of the screws back.

I am so angry! Customer service puts you on hold for an average of 25 minutes and tells you they are sorry. THIS COMPANY DOES NOT BACK UP THEIR PRODUCTS!

Posted by Anonymous

After trying to get the F and P repairman out to my home for over 2 weeks, he finally showed up. Took my check for $900.00 and said he would be back. Abo 1 mon he showed on a Saturday-woked for less than 1 hour and said he had to take his kids to the beach! I now have to light my BQ with a Match, as he did not install the igniter (in his Possession! Now he will NOT return my phone calls!the check for $900.00 has been cashed.Repairer Michael

Posted by Fatboy46

I wrote to Laurence Mawhinney about my unpleasant encounter with Fisher & Paykel customer service, via LinkedIn. I received NO response. Linked In "refunded one email". I guess that reveals the true corporate attitude to customers. To make an oven that cannot maintain the proper temperature as SET then to blame the user and tell me to adjust the settings to "my region" is ludicrous. If an over bakes at 380+ when set to 350.. that is a huge FAILURE in design. To NOT repair it in a timely manner or replace it is another huge FAILURE in corporate relations and reputation.

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